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 mystic, had to send this to you.

after being dragged to the depths of my shadow over and over (and over!!!) again… …i finally had some auspicious message from my guides this morning when i went for a run at the beach , finding Ganesha washed up for me.

thanks for your ongoing inspiration and fearlessness…i think it might be rubbing off. much love, mary ,double cap/scorpio moon

WOW i fuqing love this. I honestly believe that synchronicity is magic. Time and time again it comes through. A Tarot card on the street. A certain song coming on the taxi radio. A number that continually catches your eye. A fully formed sentence that just arrives in your mind already and it’s, you know, the truth. I think that if you ask for a sign or an omen, you often get it.

Especially if you’re open and not fixing too hard on something – especially during a week like this one, with Messenger God Mercury opposite Uranus/square Pluto and Venus activating Neptune. Ganesha – remover of obstacles & lord of success – on the beach is a beauty though.


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49 thoughts on “Epic Synchronicity

  1. oh wow, just went up to get a bottle of plonk, (its night in uk!) and was driving home with one headlight which has been out about 3 weeks, been going thru massive clearing, today i cranked out the guitar and a bunch of songs i wrote many years ago, quite abstract but really strong, today as i sung them i really understood them, as they relate to my truth, which i am ready(almost) to shout from the rooftops…and i have this dream/ promise to myself, to get back on stage within the next couple of years, and am terrified, with no band just my stubby fingers to accompany me, anyway i was thinking ‘f**ck it, i have these songs I’m just going to let it be about the voice and the intention and that will be my healing to speak, so i did this little speech in the car of what i would say to an open mike audience about how i just need to sing, and its not about the technique but about being heard, and damn, that headlight burst into 1000% as soon as i said that, lit up the little country land i was going down like the blaze….shivers up my spine and i howled with laughter…go the universe!!

  2. There’s alot of syncronicity about!

    Full Moon night, I sold my guitar.

    I got it three years ago from a man in Kentish Town, who started chatting to me in the local pawnbrokers, which was my final hope for something affordable. He said he had one for me at home, gathering dust, & it was special because it belonged to his old friend from The Only Ones. (best known for Another Girl, Another Planet.)

    Pleased as punch, went round to see his guitar, and took him a painting in return.

    3 years on, money dwindling this month… Advertised it for sale with its original provenance mentioned.

    A man ‘Jim’ turns up to view the guitar, plays particularly beautifully, and inspects it very closely. He plays Another Girl, Another Planet mind-blowingly well.

    Because he wrote it.

    For his amusement, The Only Ones guitarist turns up at my house, to buy his mythed guitar! & he made the myth true.

    ! Triple Gemini, Scorp Mars. Jupiter Uranus. Pleasure in giving a shock !?

  3. Beach Ganesh! This happened to me once. It was such an intense, crazy moment. My sister was visiting me in California and we were going to the beach to catch the sunset. I was in a dead-end job working for a woman that was just a new-age mess (spiritual bypass anyone), and really trying to figure out what was next. Totally broke.

    Ganesh flew out of a wave and pretty much landed feet from my feet. Within two weeks, I had quit the old job after being thrown under the bus by said boss, and gotten a new job with the most bad-ass, amazing, mentor and boss imaginable. A return to my original career path and interest. Remover of obstacles, indeed.

  4. Just visiting my kids in Sydney and have had the sorest ankle anyway was walking around and took a back street and there was a Physio office! Went straight in and he strapped my foot up said that it was ok and that it would get better. Thank goodness I found him!

  5. SO, true. Signs are everywhere. I am visiting my family this week. Meant to be here for only a week but my Dad wanted me to stay while he was away. Well… synchronicity was definitely at play.

    In December 2009 I was shopping in a nearby town. I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts to get coffee. While leaving and with my window down a heard the voice of a lady, who did not speak English very well calling for help. I looked over to see an elderly lady walking with a cane. She wanted a ride to pick up a gift for her daughter. So, I took her to a local Marshalls. We both shopped. When we were leaving and at the cash register she handed me one of her bags. She bought me a beautiful globe with an Angel looking over a mother and daughter. I lost it as tears started falling down my face. She hugged me. I drover her home and apparently gave to her my cell phone number. Ummmm.. she called me last week. That was 5 years ago… very strange to get that call when I was home and close by.

    Also, a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time reached out to me. She didn’t know I was in town. Very strange.

    I am very open to everything I see. Maybe too much. But as I have said on this site since 2009 everything has been a major life transformation for me based on the trust in God and the signs he has brought to me that changed my life.

  6. Isn’t there an Indian thing where statues of Ganesh are sent out to sea. I saw an article recently, somewhere that had drifts of ganesha statues intact and broken washed up on beach, describing the practice. Maybe this is part of that 🙂
    A nice find

  7. Synchronicity always 😀
    Ganesh always!!!

    Ooh is my ghost story appropriate for this thread? Pisces moon (=me total lush) says yes.

    Aries lover (who may be done and who cares, me, but not the point), has a gold rush miner- civil war reenactment fixation. If anyone looks the part of 1860, it’s him. (Stoopid 20s boys beard trend actually works, whatevs). I live in a gold rush brothel. Anyway. It’s Saturday morning and my AC is broken, it’s sticky and languid with fans and me lounging in red kimono, the (red) curtains are drawn and the light is perfect, he picks up my guitar and starts to play. The locked French doors to my kids room slowly swing open. He is playing (the ONE song he knows 100%) THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. My house is all of a sudden FILLED with presence. His voice rings off the walls. It is the most resonant performance I have heard in my entire life. The ghosts are HAPPY. SN is on his (chart ruler?) mercury. It is PERFECT. Beyond perfect.
    Apparently when you are in the magick stream, there is nothing but synchronicity. This I believe completely

    • Oh yes, I adore ghost stories! Have a theory that sometimes they manifest when there is something in the present atmosphere that they resonate with eg handsome man strumming on his guitar…very Venusian too

    • I bet you looked super hot! Why’s Aries over? Not trying to start an LZ fit, just wondering how he could let a chance with super hot you go. He must be crazy.

      • Eh, it might not be. It’s been intense though and a break I think is inevitable. Total SN relationship. But what is really getting to me is that he’s EXACTLY my ex-husband, from look and clothes and mannerisms and ideas to astro. I think I’m gonna write to mystic as it’s beyond wtf.

        • I know what you mean. There’s this Leo about who is so much like my ex husband, I just don’t want to go there. Plus, he’s depressed and I get to be the depressed one in a relationship 😉

          Sometimes it sucks to meet someone who makes you realize you have to work on your own shit or backslide. Onwards!

          • It’s not so much negative as it is comfortable. Like, I spent 13 years of my life doing this comfortable. It’s not evolutionary. It doesn’t drive me to better myself at all. If anything, I’ve become lazier.
            Mostly tho I think I’m massively overthinking it all. Need to just let it be what it is, whatever it is. 😉
            “I’m the depressed one!” I love that. 🙂

  8. Cool on the Ganesha sign. When I am in Hawaii, I see the Honu (sea turtle) image all over the place in odd ways. My full moon synchronicity story: I have been feeling change in my bones. I am calm about it. (Calm for me anyway.) It may be work advancement as I am recently taking a more active role in new areas or it may be downsizing. The office is at a turning point and I do not know which way it will go. I am an absolute Billy Idol freak so when I heard “White Wedding” three times in the car within a 24 hour period on different radio stations, it caught my attention. It was even played on one station that quite surprised me, as if specifically for my ears. I find the focus of that song to be the words “start again”. Continue to transition with what comes at you. Always, you can (and should) start again. Don’t give up, don’t settle. “If there’s something left in this world, Start Again.” So, that is my mantra – Start Again. Even if it just means every morning.

  9. Last night I was standing in my office looking out the window and talking on the phone when I saw a sea eagle (a smallish one) flying around on the breezes past my window with a small swallow riding on his wing.

    Wow 🙂

  10. Since I’d been giving the MM tarot a few goes. The more you use it the more clear the message and the synchronicity is amazing. Kept getting an Earth sign lover was incoming and here arrives the Cap lover as predicted. I thought I’d broken the tarot because it kept showing the same card. Cap incoming and boy is he worth the waiting for.

      • He wanted to be exclusive from the first night together. So loyal and passionate and loves to please me. Finally caught a keeper. Got some emotional wounds but I can lick them better. His got loyal and honest with me.

        • good luck with this sweetness, and although you are enjoying the intimacy and intertwine, remember self-love and care come 1st. lotsa xx

          • His all about me being satisfied and checking with me what more I need. It’s a first to experience this selflessness. We are both about making each other happy and it really works. From the first moment it’s been like this. No faults and no complaints.

    • Awwww yisssss!!!!!!
      Cheers to nodal return, s!!!!
      And a big fuq yes *droooooooool* to cap lover.
      *fist pumps the sky in jubilation for you*!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx

        • My nodal return began with a cap’s bed. I am convinced, a month and a half later, that he was not human but a god walking the earth, American Gods style. CONVINCED. The amount of healing that it precipitated… Well S, may it be that for you x1000000 (said in dr evil voice if you want 😉 ). You deserve all of that and more!!! MWAH

  11. ganesha…always

    om gam ganapataye namaha

    always always…….ganesha protects my home……altars everywhere..

    you have no idea what i’ve been through….americans have no respite, no safe haven, almost all of you, any of you, …..you have no idea what that’s like……….

  12. Ganesha washing up on the beach has to be one of the most auspicious pieces of flotsam ever!! I’d take that as a sign and well and truly dance with it. Great story, thanks for sharing with us.

  13. fantastic!

    I gave myself a tarot reading immediately after the full moon and received a clear answer to my specific question and the resonance of the cards was astonishing. I do believe they are magic, so I don’t read them in a big spread very often, last time might have been a year ago, but it was worth it – both readings were super meaningful.

    Then took a celebratory dip in the winter ocean to honour the Pisces energy <3

  14. To Mary, double cap/moon in scorpio:

    Ganesh washing up on the beach? Brilliant. It gives me chills. Stay awesome, spiritual twin sister. Namaste, Drowning Capricorn (Double Cap, Moon in Scorpio)

  15. I love a good message from the Goddess. Owls everywhere, including on the monthly scopes so looks like change and transition is on the way. But that washing up on the beach takes the ultimate cake!

    • Yes owls! Omg I bought my Leo Flatmate a scarf with owls..saw fashion model ad with an owl in hand AND it’s my totem animal…but yes synch times it is. Wild! Wonderful!

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