Because It’s Eclipse Season…

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Yana Mosaluk

Because it’s the Eclipse Season soon – the Monthly Horoscopes for October are now posted.

And hey, if you’re getting the schizz with this Dark Moon, remember that (a) it ends soon and will be replaced by epic Jupiter-Uranus innovation/fuq-convention/pattern-breaking energy and (b) do your Dark Moon protocol – declutter/clean/sort OR just go have an Alchemy Bath/go to bed with your journal to scrawl stream of consciousness stuff that WILL (cos it’s the Dark Moon) prove super accurate or cathartic.


Image: Yana Mosaluk -for A Calendar of Tales project by Neil Gaiman

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63 thoughts on “Because It’s Eclipse Season…

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  2. It’s possible i am in Pisces denial mode, but feeling more capably of dealing with life than I have been for the past 2+ years. Hey maybe all this navel gazing is paying off. Or, maybe anything is better than the place I’ve been in. TBC… Pi

  3. Looking forward to a new moon. I’ve been depressed, worried and unmotivated. Same old casual work an lack of work shizz, need regular work to stop worrying. I feel like I’ve got nothing to live for and can’t seem to drag myself out of the sludge. Possibly I need to dive into the bottom of it?

    • Don’t give up. I routinely get *so* depressed and worried about work and money stuff

      [Sun in 10th. I was the little girl with straight As who fantasized about my future career highlight reel instead of my future husband. Until I dropped out of high school months before graduation then dicked around getting a liberal arts degree.]

      This weekend I took a nose dive into the sludge and swam laps. In the weeks leading up to it I had stopped feeling because I was scared, and then because I wasn’t feeling I got cut off from my intuition. I inevitably exploded. Took three days off and did absolutely nothing but completely surrender to that dark, angry, survival-driven place that I was pushing down for several weeks. Felt deep unexpected anger towards at my dad. My abusive exes. Capitalism. THE MAN.

      I felt it, I raged, I cried, I thought I was hopeless, and then I sort of…felt this sense of peacefulness and okayness because no stone was left unturned. And then I felt like no matter what everything was gonna be okay because I can throw most of these rocks that were accumulating out, I don’t need them anymore. I don’t get to choose the world or my family but I do get to choose the rocks if I’m brave enough to keep examining them as they pile up.

      Make space for something new. You’ve done amazing things and accomplished many goals before, you will do it again. <3 And don't be afraid to lean on your friends…if I could tell my stubborn younger self one thing it would be that doing this does not make you weak, quite the opposite.

    • My theory is hang out in the sludge for a bit. If something deep is going on for you (maybe?) that you can’t quite grasp, in my ltd experience trying t fight and struggle out of it tends to result in harsh self judgement (“I should not be feeling this way”) and certain things in our hearts and minds aren’t ‘cooked’ properly.

      I’m sorry you’re feeling like that. Things will look up eventually. Try to do the things that balance or boost you as often as you feel capable. X

    • Bring it close to you like an honored house guest, spend due time with it, and then ask it to leave politely. Sometimes it works.

    • Gemyogi…

      A little late in responding but I feel the same way. This Dark Moon just throws me to the juice. Without any work right now I too am unmotivated.. drives me crazy because until I know have money coming in I feel helpless.

      Just sharing similar traits occurring right now. I do believe things will shift soon. Everything that Mystic has sent to us is in line with what I see. We just have to hang on.

      Peace to you! xo!!

  4. I’m just bunkering down in October with my 10 week bootcamp program. The Leo liked to make desserts … a LOT of desserts. So I put on a few kilos which I’m not thrilled about.

    It will also be a relief to get uni out of the way and focus on work plus looking for a new abode, which is the Next Big Thing on this crab’s agenda. I dislike moving but I am looking forward to finding a stable base as this one has been up in the air for awhile. Plus I get to move in with new Libra housemate (who is awesome) and will hopefully get to take the existing doctor housemate with me as she’s awesome too.

    Starting to feel a shift to a lighter, more positive place after the dark moon’s glum energy.

  5. Laboratory Chic. Hmm, sounds challenging for Leo’s.

    Eclipse on my Eris in the 11th. I’m bringing “avenger goddess” energy back in just as I am meant to be controlling it at a molecular level?
    Sounds like my social suicidal tendencies are coming into focus *sigh*. πŸ™‚ .

  6. 0_0 Solar eclipse exact on my natal moon at the end of 1st house. Something to do with my health or appearance? Have had a few little health glitches lately…

    Lunar eclipse 2 degrees away from natal merc in 7th.

    Action incoming!

    • Mine as well except it’s at the tail end of the 4th house. The Sun and Venus are conjuncting it too, with a trine from Neptune. Mercury then goes direct the next day and Pluto starts to pick up speed. Astro a la whammo I think. Fair to say some big things are coming but I’d liken them to a total restoration or rebirth, that’s Scorpio to a tee.

      Fortune favours the brave!

  7. I plan on re reading those Oct scopes a few time to grasp it all as I am natal retro Merc plus a couple of other planets….suits me

    Received our strike print on Friday and we spent time yesterday fixing a few things ready to go into production with our first run of hemp and organic cotton cushions – outrageously bold reversible AND retro hahahah can’t help it!

    This is not an ad

    it’s just me getting exciting and feeling a bit like the 20 something me when I started my tshirt label knowing my style, skills, ethics, hardwork and joy for life was going into every single one!

  8. Thank you so much for the post on sleep paralysis, my dream was practically textbook. I am in an all female garage band and my ladies and i had one of our best gigs this week, using music and lady bonding as ward against these strange energies, which we all feel intensely. An old lover, the one i can’t seem to get over no matter where i am in my life, chose now to fuq with my heart again. Coincidence? i think not. My ladies and art and music and just plain age keep me strong, as well as my scorpio rising….

  9. This has been an epic dark moon.

    In hospital all weekend with a chance/threat of preterm labour (12 wks too soon). It’s forcing me to rest, I have no choice.

    I wrote out a list of fears, of what I wanted to have happen, and a list of things I am grateful for. It was the only thing to settle my mind and soul.

    Looking for the big bright silver lining and for this stage to pass with baby still incubating inside of me!

    I welcome eclipse season (Aries sun, Virgo rising) as I know it’ll be beneficial! I’m holding on!

    • Oh, that is frightening. Now it’s time to just put your feet up and relax as much as possible. Hard for an Aries! But rest rest rest….Maybe a good time to give the binaurals a go, no matter what your mind is doing they will take you elsewhere x

  10. Have any of you experienced a Solar Eclipse conjunct your natal Mercury? The upcoming eclipse in Scorpio will do just that (within two degrees of arc) in my sixth house. There’s not a ton of information online about this configuration and I’d love to get the perspective of the wonderful people here.

  11. Oh, Mystic! This picture reminds me of a somewhat over-the-top piece of costume jewelry I had in my youth — a lion’s head ring, with mouth open and fangs bared and two red cut-glass eyes. I wonder what happened to it? Maybe a raven needed it.

  12. Things are definitely starting to move fast. Just not in the direction I would like. A few days ago I described my new job, just like the old job, but more work in another section of the same department, so now I wasn’t in a rut, I had two ruts.
    The next day, we were unexpectedly given 48 hours notice, we were laid off before the project was complete. My next assignment is also cancelled. There will be no work there ever again, the entire department has been laid off and the jobs outsourced.

    • I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun.

      Maybe Pluto going direct is clearing out the old so that the eclipses can bring in the new for you in your career. Do either of the upcoming eclipses form aspects with key elements of your chart?

      Sending you lots of support.

      • That’s a good question. I looked at some charts, nothing stands out until the Solar eclipse, which is exact opposite my natal Mercury. I was surprised to see Venus is exact conjunct this eclipse. Eclipse plus Venus opposition Mercury ought to mean something to me, I suppose.

          • Well that shouldn’t be difficult, I could hardly have found a more antiquated, less stylish, and less lucrative job. I sometimes described my old job title as “scrivener” and I was not joking.

            • I have Mercury conjunct South Node at my MC, exactly opposite Neptune. That is quite a vertical axis, don’t you think?

              Anyway, that is probably why I contemptuously described my job as a “scrivener,” which is quite the opposite of being a writer. A scrivener spends all his time copying down what others have written.

            • Maybe it’s good placement of Neptune for a writer that has a hard time figuring out what to write about. LOL.

    • Charles I am really sorry to hear this, I had been through an unstable time this year with work and wish you a smooth transition into something that is a better fit!

      I hope this is the sound of a window opening

    • This happend to me just the other day. Dark forces at work. Dark work forces you out. I had a lot of fun with colleagues on last 2 daze. I sharpenend my black humour up. As YofFenix says a window might be opning somewhere. My window is little jammed. But l reckon it’ll come loose soon enough. Pluto has just gone thru my 6H. Dunno when it started there but lve been a teacher for 14 years and this Uranian finds it a strange job. Also got natal Pluto in 2H. Nebulous, but so real, are the influence of da outer 3.

      Hope you get gd news soon

    • Must admit I am always a bit surprised when I hear about people such as yrself who seem articulate intelligent worldly etc but working in what *sounds like* some shit-eating job that could probably be done by highly trained monkeys. Charles you can do better and now is that time. X pi

      • Well that is why this is so galling. They are outsourcing my job to people with no experience and they don’t even know who they are going to hire.

        They DO think any trained monkey can do my old job. So that means they think I am a nothing but a trained monkey.

        This is even more irritating for the Taurus type who tends to derive his identity from his work.

        • And you’re Leo rising aren’t you? Insult to injury.what I said wasn’t meant to demean you. Ftr. But that you have sounded so massively bored and frustrated by the sheer sisyphean situ. hitting the tolerance barrier for a Toro, that means something. So, you know. maybe deriving a shiny new Jupiter- enhanced identity from somewhere. Ah well Saturn opposition has to count for something . Hey my job ended when I had sat opp sun too.It’s a thing.

  13. Thanks for the early Oct warning! Ugh. More holding patterns for Libras and in our birthday season too. sigh. It feels like I’ve been on hold for years. I guess what’s a few more years?

    Looking forward to future libra!

    • It does feel like us Libras are having to deal with a lot over the past few years: Saturn transit, Zap Zone, the Grand Cardinal Cross when Jupiter was in Cancer, Mars Retro, Eclipses, blugh..

      At least we’ll get a bit of help from Jupiter in Leo, though. Lots of long, friendly sextile action!
      And next year’s loose fire trine (Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter) can surely help out, too. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t read that nearly so pessimisticaly for Libra – guess I’m just a cock eyed optimist….or stupid but Read the dailies – we’re due a rennaisance – and about fuqing time too!!!!!! I know it’s been a shite few years but onward!!!! Xx

      • Couldn’t agree more! It’s been rough to be a libra, a never ending holding pattern. I think we are having the worst of it. The eclipse is in the seventh? New and old relationships? Should be interesting.

      • sorry about that. I’m trying to keep my chin up but just averaged a bunch of other oct scopes that are making a huge deal out of the lunar eclipse.

      • Hear hear on the shite…I think the past few years have done their darnedest to kill me. I’ve got about half my planets in the 4th house,which has made this dark moon super intense too, I think. As in, impending nervous breakdown intense. :/

        Basically I need a holiday.
        From life.

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