Da Weekend Dailies & Sleep Paralysis

Dr Suess

This is such a bitch of a Dark Moon for many of us – i just posted extended Daily Horoscopes for the weekend, for extra oomph.

Also, how weird is this – someone in the comments said they had sleep paralysis this week. I had it. Two people at my Pilates class had it. Then an ex from a 1000 years ago emailed to ask if i knew anything about it. I get that five people are not a swarm or even a trend but still – any of you guys?  You’re conscious but it’s a twilight kind of consciousness and it’s like you can’t pull out of your dream and just wake up.

I feel like it’s Plutonic and the dreams it tends to come with are always quite the Pluto – your own personal little psychic underworld – experience.   In ancient days they thought it was an actual demon. The word “nightmare” comes from night (obviously) and the Norse “mara”.  A.k.a a kind of incubus.

Now they say it’s purely biological – a quirk of our cognitive wiring – but nobody has (I don’t think) a big official explanation for it. Or aliens – as the new demons – get the blame for it.

I love how this sufferer has turned into a business – Sleep Terror Nightwear

Do any of you get this? Lately? Under stress? Or during a time of psychological churn?  It feels like Pluto but maybe Uranian/Aquarius types are more prone to it?

The Greek God of Sleep was called Hypnos – Roman equivalent Somnius.  As in “hypnosis” and “insomnia.”

They’re both asteroids – Hypnos is number 14827 and Somnium 3258 – you can throw them into your chart via Astrodienst Extended Chart Options. Hypnos is currently at 20 Libra (on the North Node) and Somnium is at 14 Virgo, on Venus.



Image: Dr Seuss – Oh! The Places You’ll Go

Ancient Greek God Hypnos

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Multiple pisces here. I’ve had asleep paralysis since mid August. Waking up frantically thinking about…..nothing important but thinking at the speed of light anyway. Have just been able to sleep a whole night since last Thursday. Pluto has been hovering back and forth over my descendant for years but I don’t think that’s the cause. And can you believe it – on a romantic/naughty weekend with my husband in a motel last night and the fuqing evacuate alarm goes off at 4.30 am. It’s like someone upstairs is saying you have a lot happening that needs your full attention. Take… Read more »


Twice! First time I woke up dreaming that these little people (little, black, mischievous) were urging me to ‘come and play, come and play’, I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. Yelled NO, and fully woke up already half way out of my bed taking the biggest breath as my nose was blocked and I had had my mouth closed. Second time I was meditating, an hour, vipassana style, I lay down at the end to sing ‘loka somasta sukeno bhavantu’, (may all beings be happy) and a predator being like the one from the movie descended on me intent on rape.… Read more »


Where peeps identify themselves as Anon and such…

“oh we cannot speak our truth for then others will not think us nice…Oh we must have fluffy white clouds and such..

And other such bull..

Have seen it more than once that where people are not real..which Pluto is demanding right now…things do not last.

Just saying.

Mystic please be mindful for the sake of your blog and energy..because you are SO AWESOME..x

And I would hate to see some manipulative liars influence your blog


Again very condescending, rude and rather nasty Sweetpea. Am quite sure Mystic can handle the ‘manipulative iiars’ herself. What on earth is making you so angry? Your diet? Read your language: ‘Hate, liars, manipulative, delusional, bull,eat it’ etc. This is not the language of love, let alone unconditional love, the highest attainment that all spiritual teachings ask of us. Words are powerful, they are symbols to be used with care. Yes i am challeging you on this ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Our greatest teacher is ourselves what we discover personally not paradigms of others. Sweetie, i do not ‘tell you… Read more »

another anon

“manipulative liars” 😯 Look into the mirror why don’t you. What has become of you Sweetpea?? Such arrogance. The sweetness has left you.

As Pegs said, Mystic is quite capable of looking after her own blog. Didn’t you unsubscribe and say you were leaving. Why are you still here for? To enlighten us? We’re all on our own paths, we don’t need you to guide us or tell us we’re doing it wrong.
And your music sucks so don’t inflict on us please.

another anon

Ok. That was a bit mean and unnecessary. So I apologise but gee.. can’t you just be nice like you use to be Sweetpea?



Fuqin hell no….



Lord we just all transformin’ and know that no matter what I say I know that and love you…

From the bottom of my heart x

Please forgive me too..

I never said “Eat It” before but dang it felt kinda good.

Thank you reaching out love…That says a lot about you

another anon

no worries luv.

It’s all good. 🙂

Sparkling Leo

Funny you should talk about sleep. Night before last just couldn’t sleep, and last night got some but sort of sleep where I dread closing my eyes. My mind is rearranging my life script on its own, and dreams are very strange in a kind of thick mundane sort of way. Like I was in trouble, called my brother on a cell phone and party going on on the other end and I had to whistle into cell phone to get him to say anything. This has zero to do with any waking reality of who my brother is. Lots… Read more »


In TCM, some practitioners treat dream paralysis as Liver Qi Stagnation which leads to Fire which harasses the Heart and creating Heart heat. So sleep (Heart) is disrupted… can manifest as a heavy weight on the chest too.

Also it is seen as Phlegm Fire misting the mind or obstructing the mental orifices. It happens in times of stress mostly. Comes and goes, no real rhythm.

Some handy advice is to not get too hot while sleeping. If your body gets over-heated then you’ll be more prone to bringing on an episode.


Interesting! A


Article today in Mail Online about dreams & nightmares. It said dreams are more bizarre the longer you sleep, more frequent with PMT.

Yes stress was mentioned, so the correlation is certainly there with TCM.


Countless examples over the years starting at the end of my teens I think and I don’t attribute most of them to dreaming but parallel realities or out of body roaming with some in body consciousness which is of course why the body isn’t able to move or at least that sounds logical to me. Most of them are unpleasant and dark and have terrified me on occasion but I have managed to slay or evade each and every one of them and I trust they’re not looking over my shoulder now going… ya think?! It’s definitely not a challenge… Read more »


Having a read of some of Stuart WIlde’s books or a browse via Amazon could be of interest to you about this.
He says there are definitely ghouls around and he sure knew stuff!
Hard to believe but but but so much evidence, so many stories.


Ah Pegs… forgot to sign off.. yes there are and I’ve read a bit of his stuf many years agof.

Centaurus x


In TCM they believed that we could be taken over by “spirits” or “demons” and had ways and techniques of dealing with this. But a lot of this knowledge was eventually lost during Mao´s Cultural Revolution, as a lot of the old texts dealing with this were destroyed. So now only those practitioners who are adventurous enough are researching it again.


Yes I think I loosely recall… Po or Hun might be relevant or bringing one’s own self back into the body if it’s too far out.. not sure what spirit that one is but the point on the top of the head is fab.

Studied TCM myself but it was a long time ago and I’m sketchy. I still regularly partake of it’s benefits. 🙂


One of his books is called “God’s Gladiators’ even though he was fully into the Goddess.


Haven’t read that one however…


Hey, I’ve been thinking about these experiences all day. And you know, for me some of them actually have been quite sexy but still otherworldly. I used to suffer terrible migraines and took ergotamine for them, once I was able to still myself from the pain – rather, remove myself- would often go into deeply hallucinogenic states (this started from late childhood till the end of my teens). Anyway, many of these “paralysis dreams” were highly erotic. I was often in the infirmary at school having these dreams and would come to really worried about what people may have witnessed… Read more »


I think it’s just what came to mind first and had the strongest memories around it but now that you mention it I realise I’d forgotten…erotic but uncomfortable/weird or a polarised sensory type thing.

I think these dreams fall into two camps eg the wet dream type thing which is more of a dream and the entity which is, imo an unquantifiable thing irrespective of what might documented conclusions are out there in science.

I had a wow moment when I read your post, and thanks for adding another element to the mix to reflect on.



I am living the nightmare at the mo. When is the bubble going to burst, or the abscess!


Ask the oracle-do the tarot on Myst’s guidance choices?


In the mid 80s, when the whole alien abductions thang was hitting the news, I wasn’t paying that much attention because it was all happening over in USA. Down in Oz, we were bemused, discarding it as another weird hysteria from the land of nutsos. I say that with love. My best friends are nutsos. So, around that time, I had a series of “dreams” (for lack of a better word) over 2 nights where I, by chance, uncovered a community of aliens. They spotted me…..big chase…all felt hyper-real… wake up. Next night’s dream takes off where the previous night’s… Read more »


Island Girl, may i suggest to you reading Stuart Wilde’s body of work as well.
Note to self: re-read all his stuff.
If we give any fred to dark forces, they are certainly surfacing now. Time to put our Warrior Women outfits on.
Not easy lighting the lamp while others are drawing the sword. x


Surprised you like Stuart Wilde, he was corrupted a long time ago, information is no longer trustworthy via his ‘vehicle’.


agree with you. Wasn’t he outed as a charlatan? I mean, why is he no longer around doing spiritual work?


He’s dead.


Because he’s dead.


oops sorry V, hadn’t refreshed the page

Tales from the Crypt

Fred, the Dark Force Warrior. I like it. I’d give him cred.

(had to have a dig at that typo).


Knew he was full of shit since day one


Think that’s why I took issue with Pegasus a long time ago when she told me to “pick up lamp”..

Later actually apologized for having reacted..

But don’t ever tell an Aries what to do luv..

Esp when you (or other PIAB’s don’t know whjat the hell your talking about..)

Delusional indeed…


It’s just a broken alibi

The Cars…


we may not know what we’re talking about but we know what we like? 😯


haha love you guys actually…so much

Was just feeling the biatch vibe but you know us Aries we get over it quite soon..

Esp since you acknowledged us ..Love you Calypso…x


lol 🙂 It’s like your Sun shines over at my Libra Merc/Jupe, who responds but with a little twist in the form of a square from my Cap Mars 🙂 You know I love you too Sweets x


Sweetpea I can see that you are just NOT respected for your incredible knowledge, spiritual insight and stunning humility.


Thank you sweets…i don’t feel Calypso was being condescending as she has an Aries daughter

But at the end of the day…life experience, such and fuq…lol

I really don’t give a fuq

I live what is in my heart , every day…

It might not jibe with what is out there eventually but thank you. You give me confidence and strength.


Definitely a case Liver Heat Rising


Sarcasm fail….


haha.. I sensed the sarcasm. Clearly some peeps are so deranged they saw it as a flattery


Yes well that really talks more about your sincerity than mine, doesn’t it?

And so many “Anons”



Sweetpea, Saying someone’s ‘full of shit’ isn’t so ‘spiritual’. Issuing ultimatums isn’t either ‘don’t tell any Aries what to do, luv’, is combative language i.e.: drawing the sword. One can draw the sword or light the lamp and hopefully have the wisdom to differentiate between them. ‘Don’t know what the hell you are talking about”. How loving, how soft and gentle, so spiritual. ‘Delusional’? That’s so rude to say about myself and PIAB’s here. It’s making value judgements, very unspiritual. The Ascended Master’s all have their roots in the Theosophical Society via Madame Blavastsky & her cronies. Also known as… Read more »


Brilliantly put, Pegasus.xx


If you yourself had not been drawing the sword you would have not told me what to do in the first place(which you sought to do on other occasions in the past)…

Stuart Wilde IS or Was full of shit…

Talk about “falling for it”..


Pluto now direct square my Aries Medusa…10

Eat it


“Eat it”? Yuck. You aren’t enjoyable to be around SP. Self quarantine time?


LOL!! Fred just happens to be my husband’s name. I’d give him cred too… Fred the Dark Force Warrior … sending shivers down me spine. Maybe Pegs didn’t do a typo after all 😉


whoa! why is this all the way down here – this is meant for TFC!

Tales from the Crypt

Dunno; why its down here. Just read this chain. Please can we lighten up. Lets have a laugh about misunderstandings. Would we behave this way in real life situs? Posts miss that ‘whole body’ thing about communication as well as time factors. (lm just practising some NNLib things – for me this is hard schiessen gemacht). In my sloth lounge mode l will think new name. Im glad Scotland didn’t leave UK. Otherwise we would have to change our flag. In the dictionary Australia means land of contradictions. Contradiction #1: we are an independent country with our Head of State… Read more »


Haha! My French dentist once said to me as he switches on the drill: “Hate ze Eenglish. Always hate ze Eenglish!”
Somni is bang on my Pluto AND Hypnos is bang on my Asc. I CAN NOT SLEEP!


I have enjoyed Stuart Wildes books, I would still re read them, I don’t know about the corrupted part?
There are some original and resonant ideas in there.

Same as I think there are real gems of insight within Lobsang Rampas books, though he was an Englishman whom claimed to be an incarnation of a Tibetan monk.


Ronnie, just read about your Staffy being unwell but rallied after sun & cuddles…phew!
Wishing you peace of mind and more precious moments. x


Thanks Pegasus, I will investigate. It’s always good to read about new people and ideas. I know he’s not new, but I’ve not read his work. Doesn’t matter to me what people may think about him – it’s what you personally find useful that is impt. Even if it’s only a couple of ideas.


I experienced sleep paralysis a lot as a teenager – it was very upsetting and made me anxious for a long time until I understood it better. When it started I thought I was under the weight of a suffocating demon who was trying to possess me.

This feeling was explored to great dramatic effect in ‘Giants of the Frost’ – a fantasy thriller by Australian-based writer Kim Wilkins.


Fascinating topic and the comments… But once again I find I’m having entirely different experience. Sleeping so deeply and having dreams which feel positive, and remembering them. Last night I was finding money. Like, just going about my day and noticing notes of different denominations lying like fallen leaves that everyone else seemed to pass by, and picking them up and putting them in my pocket… No emotion was attached to it whatsoever, just a disbelief that I was the only one getting the luck of picking them up. Weird but good. I suspect sleep disturbances are a symptom of… Read more »


Twin fishing love that because lately my dreams are for the most part positive, healing…growth inspiring from the depth… BUT…(and I don’t mean to be a forward biatch…) but what we are talking about here are beyond dreams…they are more than lucid… This is being AWAKE and experiencing another dimension at the same time… It feels like fuq.,. But how are we ever going “to be awake” if we don’t traverse these other realms. It’s a sign of “enlightenment” quite frankly.. Many years ago, upon reading Seth, had an experience (like what Maleficent stated) whereupon I could not get into… Read more »


On a lighter note… Wanted to come back and add that had gotten The Tower card for the 10th house when I did Mystic’s tarot… (mentioned doing the tarot somewhere..soz) But it has to do with the therapist (Aries April 17th all I know…I think?…don’t know her other deets..with us seven months ), but she had hooked up or got “in the hooks” of the Mars in Aries ex receptionist who got fired a few weeks ago..ZZ karma happenstance 🙂 Pisces doc is outta town…Detroit (Rock City…go doc 😉 ) Some kinda school football reunion thing.. And then onto London,… Read more »


this one is ROUGH for me. I’m a pisces with ASC Cap… and I’m super sensitive to energies. pulled cards this morning, and all I kept seeing was “balance”, over and over and over.

time for a long shower.

Molly Blue Dawn

A folklorist, David Hufford, has written a book about this phenomenon and various cultural interpretations of it:

He connects it to a lot of other dream lore and folklore.


Yes! I have had this when about fifteen years old but woke up to seeing a clawed hand over my face and could not move or scream-bloody scary! Have had many other worldly experiences since though tbh. Very interesting to read others experiences,thanks for this post Mystic.


I had a 4 year period of almost bi-weekly sleep paralysis (usually at 3:00am or 3:33am, I really know how to spook myself) and in those last two years many lucid dreams, astral projections and psychic dreams. Then it completely dropped off. I actually kind of miss it. I thought for sure it would be Pluto on my Neptune but it wasn’t. It does however line up almost exactly with Neptune’s transit of my 3rd house! So no sleep paralysis but the night before last I woke up in mid-process of tearing all the rings off my right hand. Even… Read more »


I don’t think I get sleep paralysis as is described here.

What does happen sometimes is waking up completely depersonalized and unable to breathe. Like I am not there, I’ve never seen the room before in my life, I don’t have a life, I am looking at my wall like what’s this?, and then all of a sudden I remember to take a breath.

That’s scary too. No idea what it’s called. It accompanies depression. I haven’t had it for awhile, fortunately.


Yeah, like you’re an observer in your own body/life. Ive had it associated with depression too.


I get something like that too, sometimes I’ll be woken up by a phonecall or knock on the door and I don’t let myself immediately answer these days because in the past I have and not known who my mum was etc, not understood anything being said. Who am I again? I think it might be Sleep Inertia, usually goes away after a few minutes and something to eat but oooh scary


Regarding this, have two charts I kept in astrodienst…one is called “Paralysis” and the other “Sleep Thing”. If I have time this weekend will take a closer look and share. Interesting tho that in two instances, ten years apart, the same thing was growling at me. In the first instance I was on my stomach, completely coherent, eyes wide open looking at the clock. Something was laying on top of me growling in my ear. With all my might I began to rock my hips ever so slightly to get it off of me. I got my pillow and slept… Read more »


Wow, I ddin’t know it was that rare, I don’t think I can even give a number how many times I have had sleep paralysis, at least a few times a year or maybe like once a year, not that often but kind of something that just happens every once in a while. Either I get trapped while someone is hovering over me trying to do something to me like stabbing me and twisting or they are pinching me but for some reason my senses are heightened so I basically feel as much pain as possible, as they slowly dig… Read more »


I’m with you- always had it and did not know it wasn’t common.


Wow. Just checked my husband’s chart as he sometimes gets sleep paralysis – though I didn’t know it had a name until I read this post. He has the most amazing and complicated dreams of anyone I know. But he occassionaly also has these dreams where he is paralysed and is in the presence of a terrifying entity. So in order to wake himself up he screams and screams. More often than not, I have to quietly hold or shake him to wake him – as his screaming tends to wake me up first….not easy as I sleep v heavily… Read more »


So crazy! I haven’t had sleep paralysis this past week, but my dreams have been mega Plutonic and strange. Not *bad*, per se, but definitely touching on muck that hasn’t been dredged up in awhile, or sexual, but not necessarily sexy, things like that. My husband, too, has had a WHALE of a time getting to sleep this past week. He is prone to sleep issues (the ails of a churning mind), but it’s usually not a string of bad nights, like he’s had pretty much every night for the past three or four. Lol, I have Hypnos rising! Hahahaha,… Read more »


Yes…..add me to the list..felt like I was fighting to come back dimension, by dimension……extremely vivid


Yes, yes and yes. I can report myself and two others (we were omg-ing about it just this evening). Then to read about it here. What a curious thing.


Honestly, have been feeling like a horse. Asleep at the sink, asleep at the wheel, at work etc. What is this? Last night I was so tired I just lay down on the couch and woke up three hours later, then I moved to the bed with the intention of at least getting my teeth cleaned and face washed (I have a few outer planets in Virgo – like hello) and no, snoozed again for another two hours. It was four before I actually got my pjs on and officially retired. This isn’t me. I have a routine but the… Read more »


Reading this is freaking me out a bit – last night I dreamt was being held down. I was lying on my back (I never sleep on my back!) and shouted “go!” which woke me up, I had to work hard to pull myself out of it, then walked around house checking for people!

12th house virgo

Only happened to me once when I was 8. Another me came to kill me and I was conscious of myself lying and unable to scream or move. It rained in the dream, a storm outside, and I remember being so confused when I woke up that it hadn’t rained. It was hyper real. Times are tense. I was incredibly painfully emotional yesterday. So, I guess that’s bad dreams if you consider I dream awake. I called in sick to work to deal with it. I was brought to my knees by a crushing sense of abandonment that isn’t really… Read more »


Chiron opp Venus hitting anything?


No have never had the sleep paralysis. I’m having a different kind of paralysis tho, like a deer in headlights. After many years of not meeting any man who inspired more than a meh from me, I just met this guy who has knocked me over, blown me across the room and thru a window! And I don’t kno what to think or trust or say. Total deer in headlights. Our astro synastry is off da charts and dude is intense in thought and looks and intelligence, and me I’m just speechless. Can’t move. So take it slow I think… Read more »


What am I talking about “after many years” like this has happened to me before. This has never happened to me before! Like one day I come out of a peaceful sleep and find myself in a different house on another planet. Where the f am I?? Stranger in a strange land! Everything in technicolor here and I’m hungry and all the plants are so gorgeous but which ones are safe to eat? Are some hallucinogens? Am I allergic to some of them like so many plants back home? Whoa whoa whoa Time Out, for real.


Yeah, I have suffered with sleep paralysis. It usually happens when I am really tired and/or very stressed. When I first dreamt it, I was a Russian doll being hammered into shape on a table with my real limbs in cuffs. Very frightening. I’ve learnt NOT to take naps when I am extremely tired if I can help it. I absolutely can’t move at all when it happens so unlike the commenter above there’s no way for me to turn towards it. So I just stay still, remind myself it will stop & keep breathing.


Hypnos and NN are on my Libra Sun right now.

When I dream of confrontation I always struggle dream paralysis – I didn’t know it was a thing.Hah!

Edgar Cayce wrote a lot about dreams. Lucid dreaming was big in the 70s and 80s.

Most religious traditions have prayers for transition: returning and leaving home, upon waking and going to sleep. Points of entry for mischievous entities? Hoochie juice can induce paralysis in extreme quantity. I see paralysis and encroaching zombies as low Neptune. The terror and loss of control as Pluto.

Sweet dreams!!!!



I never have problems sleeping, until this week when I do sleep my dreams have been super vivid, super intense, and contain hauntings of people from my past so I fail to feel rested.
No surprise when referencing my chart, I am currently experiencing a Somnium transit (in my natal chart 24 degrees virgo exact my moon at 12 degrees earlier this week) no wonder all I wanted to do was stay up and scrub my floors all night.


I’ve had this happen on and off since I was 16 and just about to leave home. Thought it was aliens/demons the first time and tried via coffee to not sleep for 3 days which of course didn’t help any. Still get it when I’m over-tired and though I know all the rational explanations for it, the sense of a being trying to invade my mind, the roaring in my ears, and the occassional hallucination means it still scares me. None lately though and fingers crossed, none tonight! It’s the roaring I don’t understand. If that’s supposed to be my… Read more »


That dream where I’m trying to get back to my body but I can’t and I’m desperately trying to move my arms and legs because it is the only way I can wake up and then I wake up screaming “help!”


When i was 14 i woke up and I felt that i had risen above my body and I was looking down at it. I felt so scared and kept willing myself back down to my body. As i came down into my body my whole body started to get pins and needles all over my body then i woke up. I was so aware of what happened. I wasn’t sick or anything like that i was completely well. I am now in my 50s and still remember it quite vividly. Scarey stuff


I had an experience like that at the age of 23 or so. I know for sure it was an out of body experience. I could see myself laying there.

moved on

Oh I’ve had that.


I’m a triple Aquarius (Sun, Mercury, Venus, none conjunctions) and have had sleep paralysis for as long as i can remember. Feels like a demon presence to me which must be due to my long-gone Catholic days. I just recite a couple Our Fathers or Hail Marys or whatever I can remember and it does the trick. Still feels horrible every time. It’s gotten less frequent as I’ve gotten older, I can go a couple months w/out an episode, but it still happens. just a fact of life at this point. I think I inherited it from my dad who… Read more »


Hypno & Somni add to my Cancer stellium. Clearly the sleeping state is important for me? It’s another trance state & I fall into trance as easy as breathing for better or worse (mainly better I hope!). I am waiting to meet my friend who will help me channel a book. I know it is coming. Hypno conjunct Mercury /2nd. Somni conjunct Venus/Saturn / 1st. And I usually sleep very well! Planes, trains & automobiles alike. As for the Ancients & every culture on the planet – I see no reason to throw out their viewpoint. Ultimately we are all… Read more »


An interesting book ‘The Mind Parasites’ by Colin Wilson, Sphinx. Read it aeons ago and it impressed me, that theory.


Sounds fun Pegs! Will check it out.


Hypnogogic. The name of a cassette tape i was given by a Psychic, a brain wave thing. Anyways this paralysis whilst going under into dreamtime is so weird and very very scary, hence the ‘nightmare’ label. Have hd it maybe 4 times ever, that’s 4 times too many!! One experience i had was the true ‘out of body’ experience that was so real i couldn’t believe it was a ‘dream’ until 3 people involved swore i didn’t knock on their door in the early hours of the morning. Neptune conjunct Moon mid-heaven is responsible. My night movies are mostly enjoyable,… Read more »


For the last week or so I have been having the distinct feeling that I was either in a scene of a very old movie that was being filmed very long ago OR that I was in a scene of a sitcom. I thought it may have been due to having emergency surgery a few weeks ago and being on pain killers for about four days but ….. maybe not?!


Yes. Sleep paralysis, in the same bloody recurring nightmare have had on and off for 5 years. Sometimes I can lucid dream but in this one I wake up in my real house. Try and turn on the lights but they’re all broken. People trying to break in, I trying to call cops but can’t speak. It’s frightening but been having a good hard think about it and think I’m finally getting to the bottom of the “people ” trying to break into my house. They’re part of me, of course, the saboteur in me. Pluto Pluto Pluto…. How great… Read more »


Yes, i have had that one too. Go to turn the lights on and none of them come on.

These are all similar experiences we have had.


It’s also why i got a Daisy Dog at start of winter to sleep with me as protection.

Lou Amos

What is a daisy dog?


Umm, the ether just took my reply so again.. Yes! Im curious too, what is a daisy dog? I first started having sleep paralysis and the broken lights nightmare in late teens. First time I went to live OS I had an awful recurring night mare where I would wake up in my bed with a “man” in my room. I couldn’t move or make noise, he would then proceed to slither all over me..terrifying. Eventually I would force myself up to turn on the light which would be broken then back stuck with the “man” over and over again.… Read more »


Guys, Pegasus’s Daisy dog is a real staffy/pitbulls cross! 🙂 I can attest that I also don’t have these dreams anymore since sleeping with my dog near me, these last nearly 10 years. Before, I would have the sensation of sleep paralysis, not see anything or anyone but be scared and pray til it would stop. I was reading a real life ghost stories forum, and a large percentage of the readers seemed to have these type experiences, with variations. One woman wrote that having her dog sleep near her stopped this happening also, she thought having the warm body… Read more »


Yes, because they absorb it. That is their service to humanity.

We really should be more careful about the crap we project onto our pets.

I say that lovingly really.

Had a girlfriend whose cat was just the most horrid tempered..

She cornered the Kataka daughter and daughter said “she wouldn’t let me out”..so funny


oh, that makes me so sad as explains why my beloved feline started acting out all craze when my ex was losing his. in fact we were all breaking down at the time so I couldn’t even save him <3 breaking 🙁


An American Staffordshire pure bred
and divine in bed, just so cuddly, so adoring. Alas she is only with me part-time as she is shared. My buffer zone from the Demented Virgo Neighbour who’s cat screams, yowls and ‘calls’ due to absorbing his mental illnesses
(or possession by demons), the professional psychic said the cat is absorbing his stuff.
What i project onto Daisy Dog is love, care, discipline and the best diet money can afford.


I have suffered from sleep paralysis for years, being brought up a christian, I honestly thought it was a demon. When I got older I noticed that I always had it the night after a big night out. I came across some info one day that laid down all the symptoms I had in a matter of fact science-y way. The awake but not awake feeling, the deafening roar (like an enraged demon in my ears) and the inability to wake myself up. I had tried a lot of things, green string tied around my finger before going to bed,… Read more »


This really speaks to me! I get the awful super loud roar of noise too! The more I fight the paralysis/”demon”, the louder it gets but it eventually relents and I get to wake up. I’ve always felt too scared in the moment to try anything other than fight through. The adrenaline rush I get tends to make me panic and I sometimes feel physical pain too which all together turns me into a mess, hehe. I just end up regressing to prayer that is no longer in line with my beliefs in the waking world, tbh. Anyway, I’ll see… Read more »


OOha, i have heard the ‘noise’ like a roar or thunder.
A mini electric storm in my brain!
There was one time where a hand clasped mine through the sheet.
It’s really quite freaky re-living it.

Sweet Dreams 🙂


I had this a lot in the past, would go through spells of it almost nightly, more so in my twenties. ‘Demon’…I’m not so sure…but I defo had the sense some other entity was involved, so I can see where that comes from. Haven’t had it for ages tho. I always thought it happened when I was…not my best.


I don’t think you are on to something here Mystic. Just finished up at the hairdressers- friday arvo there is usually noise and bubbles. Today it was soo quiet. I was yawning the whole time, ghe owner walked out at 3 for a sleep and the staff (both liitle party people) were headed home for a sleep. I overheard one ralking with hipster dude who is was also staying in for an early bed time. So its 5 pm and i now have my jamies on waiting for the dark to arrive so i can put myself to bed (the… Read more »


Sorry for the spelling and the first line should read i do think you are on to something


My friend Ryan gets sleep paralysis. Wakes up and senses a dark energy/sees a creature near him and cannot move. My neighbor was just telling me yesterday that he had a similar experience camping once, thought a bear was outside the tent and tried to shout to scare him off and couldn’t make a sound.

My friend sent me this article about the Hmong tribe and sleep paralysis a few years ago:

I’ve been having intense dreams lately. And occasional waking paranoia/sense of danger. No sleep paralysis.


Yes, it is not a pleasant experience, that entity.
Sleep paralysis is horrid, it is scientifically explained
but that doesn’t change the weirdness of it.
I sleep with a protective dog to keep the bogey man away.


Plutonic Colonic. Definitely had that this week. I managed to sleep but… in real life I had this random experience where I got offered a job a lot of people wanted and I wasn’t really going for it. Then every night I had escalating dreams people from my past were trying to kill me. It started with a girl from primary school totally hating on me in a store where she was working and I was a customer. The next night my classroom english teacher was trying to kill me in my own home. But then some major power shifts… Read more »

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

I have had sleep paralysis a few times in the past and as far as I can remember, each occasion was when I was taking a nap during the day, one of those naps when you just go – “I’m wiped. I need to lie down…” and you just go off to sleep with a thud. I think that each time I was lying on my back, as opposed to lying on my side as I do when I sleep at night. This added to the feeling of being ‘held down’ when I could not move. It’s important to just… Read more »


Pretty much same for me – napping during the day, and occasionally in the night. I usually can’t move and freak out and I’m aware of some sort of presence in the room too?

I’m a pisces/pisces rising, I’ve always put the presence down to my imagination so I can fall back asleep without freaking myself out even more.


I feel a presence in the room too. I am pisces moon and pisces rising.

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

Amazing that we’re all Pisces rising!

I too feel a presence but I take note that I’m dreaming at the same time. Once I dreamed that a person who was, in reality, in the other room of the house, was holding me down. So I think I was just getting used to having a housemate and was perhaps feeling a bit constricted.

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

(That is me above in the comment on the top, too – I don’t know why the avatar pic has suddenly changed!)


Not just the Pisces.
I woke up screaming at the entity
that appeared and i don’t scare easily.


I just looked up my somnium. Its conjunct my pluto and opposite my moon in the 12th houseand aspects neptune as well. I have heaps of insomnia amd sleep parlysis. Almost debilitating. Thanks mystic for shedding some understanding on this for me.


Ok, this helps a bit in making sense…. I don’t scare easily but the nightmares are scarey!!


I had sleep paralysis this week too! I’ve only ever had it once before and that time it was a bad/scary experience. I felt a male presence, with very dark, rapey energy. I couldn’t move. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest. But this time, I felt like it was a female presence with angelic energy! I felt warmth over my ears and top of my head and a surge of love went through me when I tried to wake up. It was incredible. I’m a Scorpio with Taurus rising and typically very open to these kinds of… Read more »


Somnium #3258

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