Balancing Eggs At The Vernal Equinox

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Vernal Equinox Egg

Hi Mystic,

I just wanted to send these pictures onto you. This is how I spent my Vernal Equinox/Dark Moon today. Was meant to be marking university papers but synchronicity took hold of me and I got into a more Ostara state of being. Apparently you can balance an egg on one end when the time is exact at the Vernal Equinox, so I gave it a crack (to coin a phrase) and up it went and stayed up for exactly two hours after. Amazing! The thing is too, the egg was laid by one of my favourite chickens whom I found by the side of the road on my way to a meditation group one evening. So yes, synchronicity and magic abounds. Don’t you think?

Yours in a Geminian and egged on state of mind.

PS I had this other random thought too. You should maybe consider getting peeps to do a Zap Map. I am doing one myself right now where I am looking at my life events in correlation with each hit of the Zap Zone. Pluto has been in my 7th house and Uranus in my 10th and guess where all the major changes in my life have been occurring? I kid you not it’s worth a crack (sorry egg pun again – can’t help myself).
Happy Ostara!I have to say also that when the egg balances it is the most amazing sensation – you feel the earth energy move through you via the egg. Incredible.I forgot to add on more bit, which I think is quite beautiful – typical Gemini writing faster than the brain can go …

Ruby likes to hide her eggs. She never lays them in the chook house and goes out into the garden and I have not been able to find them! So the lovely synchronis thing is I found these eggs like a hunt two days before Ostara.

WOW i never knew that egg balancing on the Equinox (Sun at Zero Libra or Sun at Zero Aries) was for real. Or what the point was of egg balancing. But i get it. Of course, the Spring Equinox IS Ostara, an ancient fertility festival named after Ostara/Oestre – the Goddess of the Dawn.  It was about eggs, bunnies and bonking way before it became a Christian commemoration/chocolate bender.

AND YES to the ZAP MAP – we will get this happening next week for sure. If any of you artistic souls want to create one and send it to me, it would be beyond AMAZING.

See also Orphic Egg.   What do you people think? How cool is this?  And yes the Equinox – Autumn or Spring – is a fabulous time for a Psychic Reset. You feel it deep inside, it’s kind of cellular. I mean, are we not all 95% Dark or Quantum Matter? Don’t even the scientists admit that?

Equinox Egg 2

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17 thoughts on “Balancing Eggs At The Vernal Equinox

  1. This balancing egg is speaking to me! Deeply grateful to Ms Goddess of the Dawn who took the time to find Libra’s balance via a chicken.

  2. The exorcism i did also included cleaning my rose quartz, crystal quartz and Flourite eggs last night in Himalayan salt and spring water.
    The Cosmic Egg. So many cultures talk about the egg. Such a beautiful shape. And new age sex toy!
    What a serendipitous story about the chicken trying to cross the road and rescued by you.
    Love that chook 🙂

  3. Ooh, ZZ map sounds like a cracking idea.
    Quick Q (apologies if I’ve not been listening attentively at the back of the class)- have the various ZZ ‘hits’ all been at different degrees? I’m trying to figure out where uranus has been as it seems to be dancing back and forth between 8th & 9th, and Pluto is perilously close to my 15 deg moon; I seem to recall that that is where the last ‘hit’ will be? Erk.

  4. Yes please to a downloadable zap map with dates and places to scribble in details of what happened and extra space for reflections.

      • Yeah. I know. Thats why l WANT to do it. I don’t follow convention (when my Virg placements are’nt watchn). Aqua Moon /Uranus & Sun 1H= means “I gotta be me” (in all of 38.8% my glory)

            • The tropics. As the earth tilts SH to Sun so in Nov its directly overhead somewhere in Nth Australia. Goes to Capricorn line. Eg Darwin has slightly shorter day on Cap Solstice. Then as earth then tilts back Darwin’s day, for example, gets a bit longer. As well Equinoxes for tropic zones are not equal day and night. But differences are not that great, but still technically/marginally different.

              • Equinoxes part l was wrong. Too much thinking. Tropics having 2 longest daze is right. I blame asteroid Deludedude.

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