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Isabel Chiara

F.a.q. – what is the difference between the Daily Mystic e-mails and the Daily Horoscopes?

The Daily Mystic e-mail is sent out to all subscribers and can also be read on the site (the link is in the menu, below “Join”) – it is like the astral weather report du jour…need to knows applicable to everyone.

The Daily Horoscopes are for your Sun + Rising Sign & they cover the day in question but also roam far ahead and sometimes back. Eg: if an Eclipse next year seems pertinent, it will be in your Daily Horoscopes today.  Unlike the Weekly Horoscopes, they’re more likely to include funky asteroids – Prometheus, Circe, Eros, Psyche, Sappho and more.

Anyway the Weekly Horoscopes are now posted for August 30 and here is Gemini/Gemini Rising fyi.

 Gemini/Gemini Rising
September is creative beyond belief. Your ruler Mercury is in Muse mode and domestic demands could easily prompt a necessity-led reinvention. You are also a fortnight off from Mars in your House of Love, his first foray here since late 2012. It will soon be a brilliant time to take a more pro-active role in partnerships and the pursuit of romance. Don’t let a hangover from older, darker days dim your incandescent prospects now. Do consider a ban on secrets, lies.


Image: Isabel Chiara


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I am OMGodding at the Weeklies that are my life at the moment!
Am so wanting my Spring return to work after winter hibernation
and MUST sort the home issues beforehand as they ARE interfering with
my equilibrium not to mention my nerves.
‘Goddess Grant Me Patience’……faster than quick please.


May the Force be with you, Pegasus.

Tales from the Crypt


Tales from the Crypt

Intended to be for S


You have been a little quiet of late Katman. Hope your doing better now.


Yes. I have been.

Woke up early. Sleep outa kilter. Doing much processing.

Thanks for asking.

Hows you going?


For the first time in a very long time, I haven’t felt suicidal. It’s been absent from my thoughts for two weeks. Myself I am always wanting to sleep. The therapy didn’t work but the medication has helped (finally).


That is fantastic S … must be such a relief to be free of these persistant feelings. Probably a bit strange too if you are used to them in your psychic landscape. I hope things continue to improve for you hun xxx


Glad you are feeling like ‘stepping off’.

“ah, but l was so much older then, l’m younger than that now” Dylan (“my back pages”).

Sometimes l hit myself on my head with my honesty.

TFC. What ya reckn of name?


I forgot *aren’t* feeling like that

Tales from the Crypt

I wished l had re-read Augusts better. More fully! An idiot am l!


Are you recycling a previous name Katman?


I wish his little blue avatar was wrapped in embalming cloths 🙂

Tales from the Crypt

You don’t like it? I didnt choose it nor do l wish to learn how to change it.

And if l did change it would that be good for you?

Tales from the Crypt

That reads a bit antsy. Didnt mean it that way. No offence ontended.


hmmm, maybe my comment didn’t read well. It was a silly riff on your crypt joke. Thought it’d be cute 🙁


sorta like Mr Bump but you know, from the crypt – My Mummy? T’was a joke. I don’t hate your avatar or wish you were dead or anything….

Tales from the Crypt

No worries. Read it wrong. These things happen. Funny now l see it. Sometimes l dont get the joke. I can admit that

iris aquacat

The Daily Horoscopes are BRILLIANT! I had no idea they were so in depth…do yourself a favour and up your subscription. So worth the coupla bucks extra. Seriously.


No love news for Leos? 🙁

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