Weekend Links – August 2/3

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Lynne Naylor

* Outre – My fave gallery/art shop

* Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet made into an animated feature film by director of The Lion King.

* D-Listed naturally has a unique take on the Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber punch-up.

* The Brit M.P. lobbying for astrology to have a wider application.

* The School Of Doodle.

* From my archives; The Ten Astrological Varieties Of Infidelity

* Do You Need A Signature Look?Β  Id Magazine.

* I Didn’t Have A Home Growing Up – I Had A House – Danielle Campoamor

* The new Haruki Murakami novelΒ  – remember his beautiful “once the storm is over“?


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122 thoughts on “Weekend Links – August 2/3

  1. yesterday my computer had 3 keys stop working out of nowhere UGH I am having to use a screen keyboard for o and l and . ugh My tablet freaked too but I go that fixed this morning. 2 weeks ago I drowned our phones but they survived after a week of drying out . Why am I having my own mercury retrograde???

    • Hey @Catfish
      I had the same thought the other day. Been mired in an admin swamp of note (albeit one of my own making). I checked the scheduler twice as was suddenly convinced I was having my own private mercury retro – nothing and I mean NOTHING would go my way in the cyber /admin realm.
      I’m still walking knew deep in treacle but I am certainly moving forward. Just slowly. Very slowly.

      • Holy fuq
        Scratch that.
        Treacle swamp.
        Or should that be quicksand or a black hole?
        Honestly I know not what this be but fun it ain’t. Post card from my own personal Mercury Retrograde Hell.
        **disappears into black slimy hole never to be seen again****
        earth burp

          • Lol
            I’m ok…
            Broke through at 4am
            finally felt released from that psychic swamp. Love that Sophia Amoruso quote at the end of the daily email today.
            How are you doing?

  2. Hehehe, I was expecting perhaps a different sort of collection of doodles in the School of Doodle. πŸ™‚
    Looks like an interesting bunch of women involved

  3. Not related to a link but this afternoon had my first in forever acupuncture session from my nice little Toro German massage patient. She has an office in Palm Springs.

    Yeah, you kinda come more alive, no? Loved it. And then she rubs your back with this Chinese mixture of mint and cinnamon cream…lovely.

    Like how she came in and “turned the knobs” (my phrase πŸ™‚ )…but tweaked and turned the needles…Then a whole new heap of sensations and unblocking.

    She works with the pulse and evidently I need to go back on the paleo diet which I was contemplating anyhow. Carbs and me, well, it ‘s just too love/ hate and I know it. I need more sleep, my lower intestine is dehydrated.

    She said I’m an introvert. Really? You’d never know it by my posts here πŸ˜‰ x

    • I luv acupuncture! It gives me respite from my Uranian influences and Leonine Merc/Uran conjunctivitis. Its the time l feel most Kat-like

      • She had me stick out my tongue. She asked me how regular I am….

        Regular what? 😯

        Jimeney Christ,, when I went face down, thought any second she gonna skewer me with one of them needles just like a shishkabob…


        • Mercury/Ur….oh dude, no wonder your posts are so entertaining.

          And ohhh, yeah, them needles make the kitty kat long and lean muscles twitch eh?

          • Acupncture is fanbloodytastic. For (too) many years l only knew about being a Cancer. Then since subscribn hear all the stuff that didnt ring true has been revealed bcos of the other planet placements /house positions and natal trines, etc has concurred with the KrazyKat l am.
            I think advertisers would have many who are merc/uran conjunct/trine.
            I’m still waiting for Dee Madigan to give me a job. I know, maybe l should contact her. Pi said she’d help

              • haha

                Have Leo Uranus in 3rd trine Sun-Mercury…

                What is that song?

                “Come on to my house, to my house…” ha

                In fact, one of my most fave patients is my Leo male…a bit older than me….50’sish…we laugh and laugh.

      • Hah! I suffer from leonine merc/uran conjuntivitis too (in 10th house). Acupuncture has saved my hide on a number of occasions. Love it – it is swift and extremely effective.

        • oh – and my leonine mars and uranus are playmates too….i’ve only just now realised why in those work psyche tests i come up as a loose cannon…and probably why i work alone…

          • My Uranus is in 1H 2deg before cusp and Merc is 2deg aft cusp in 2H. I can work with other ppl but if its stupid l will say something Pythonesque or if lm forced onto a comittee l fall asleep. I ve been in trouble for it but there aint anything they can do about. Bcos if l got referred to didtrict office l will tell em it is reminecent of Franco’s Spain. Baffled they will be and l just walk out the door.

              • Mars n Uranus playmates – trine? sextile? I dont know what my Moon opposite the conjunct Merc/Uran means

                • I just read Leonine. So all 3 conjunct. How does that affect your Katakanessedness?

                  • i need constantchange and adventure. Can’t stand being tied down. Limited patience.

                    • Me too. My Aqua conjuncts opposite my Leo conjuncts would prob be a clue. My fav musicians do the same!

                • they’re conjunct….and whoa, i don’t know what the moon opposite merc/uran actually means – I’m pretty new to all this deciphering too…learning though. Finally, things about myself are making sense.

  4. So excited about Murakami’s new book! I didn’t even know it was coming. Now, to find a spare minute to read!

  5. Good grief! I have done the Pluto infidility, though did not cheat but left husband. HUGE mistake!!!!

              • no – not Catfish – but I am Kataka. – jeez, there seems to be a plethora of us here at the moment.

                • And you did Pluto? What sign was the Reset? Mine was 5x Scorp + Asc; fitting as it was Pluto event.

                    • Did ya read article in wkend links about infidelities by planet. Under a Pluto influence you meet a “Reset” person; someone who just overwhelms your life. Its like youve replaced your blood with soda water! Their presence just invades you. Mine was coupled with some Uranian influence. The Pluto / Uranus influence prob impacted on my Aquarius and Scorp placements. I know l’ll give femmes a laff for sayn this but l can sense a water sign femme – they ring my bells.

              • I am Kataka sun!!! Mine started 5 1/2 years ago and ended after a 2 years! He was a Scorpio sun too! Uranus was in my 7th house! Beyond my control I came to believe that we had major past life karma…..I think we killed each other and this time around we did not. Nuts, yes, but I felt it in my bones. Grateful it is long over.. Current love Torro and I have different pasts and still are peas in a pod deep in love

                • Ive never understood past lives thing. My Aquarius logic and Aries SN goes, WTF?

                    • Katz goin well. Ive got nuthn to Crow about. All da astro lately said l might get ‘somethn’ hapn; nil to report. I gotta play long game in 3 stanzas. Sort then reclude then bell ringing.

                      Howsit goin your end?

                    • Yeah this love us Crabs are supposed to be getting is attaching itself to the lovely Prowln. I did have a sweet little girl ask me “Was I this pretty everyday.” She is a little Crab too and I think needs to get her eyes checked. Been non smoking cigs since I left Camp Crazy. Love poems and lyrics float through my mind, but no actual love on the scene. I’d love me some love right about now.

    • Catfish
      Now you’re freakin me out!
      I just read that post and identified so much with the Pluto one too. It struck me as the most compelling and relevant by far.

      Fuq I hate this fain fog.

      I am not cheating on anyone but myself tho…
      Frowns…*that’s the biggest cheat of them all”
      oh dear.
      How are the MR symptoms going?

      • Tablet good, phones fine, but computer is still not working for certain keys Having to use a screen keyboard for O L . and 9 Very annoying!

        • Lol it’s crazy, my new laptop won’t connect with the new, upgraded wifi and I get not wifi in my bedroom now but ethernet on desktop computer is fine.
          Mercury retro mini series over here..

    • I can’t think of mine as a mistake- I WANTED to leave my husband prior anyway- but omg the lightness and relief I feel now that the Pluto relationship from hell (kinda redundant, that) is over… Amazing.

      • Yes very true!!! I wanted to leave as well before. I needed that huge catalyst to make it happen and get me to the home I am at now. Better than I have ever been.

  6. Spooky. I bought the Prophet yesterday and just saw it referenced. Must read immediately!

  7. That Brit MP is very brave indeed. Out of the 658 comments at the end of the article, 99% of people are totally derisive of him…not really a surprise. I recall that 40 years ago acupuncture was ridiculed and it took a few more decades for it to be accepted by mainstream medicos…

    • I had a small win in promotin astro. There is 2 senior students l had chat (yes, l know) with other day and l said to one of them (Aries) “who is ya fav actress” aft 1st tellin him about trines, etc… 1st woman Jul 24 Leo. 2nd woman Jul 24- thats right same day! 3rd woman Sagg. 4th woman Aries. He was gobsmacked and says he is goin to check it out.

  8. Stark synchronicities staring from a computer screen~

    I Had A House too, and often refer to my childhood self as ‘a kind, feral child’. Thursday, in an attempt to bypass lawyers, I met with my estranged brother and he complained in front of my mother who suffers from mild dementia and I am her caregiver, my Saturn conj her Moon) that she “shipped him off to the aunties every chance she could” … at least he had that. My childhood vacations were spent with other families, those of my neighborhood friends. Recently, my mother has chosen to legally remove my brother from her will, and I am stuck in the middle trying to mediate a non-relationship.

    Now backing up10 years ago when my father passed on, and what the value of his holdings were, and what my brother is entitled to from that lot. My father was a poor, but was a recognized poet, who studied under the Beat writers of the day. Wealth was not his forte…He left me a large collection of audio tapes of his writings, a instruction tape, and a book, The Prophet by Kalil Gibran. He wants me to publish his work and I still have not, I have no idea how to do so…

    This is my legacy

    • I was just talking to my mother about writing a book thing. Her suggestion was first find an editor, someone whom you can relate to and who gets it. Someone with experience in poetry and perhaps who is familiar with your father’s work or his era?
      I don’t know where you are , but for example if I had absolutely no idea where to start. I would begin with a writing association such as the NSW writers centre, or a university literature department with a strong history or well known academics, or maybe even cold call a publisher or two, ensuring first that they publish poetry and know the deal.

      Others with actual publishing industry experience may have better idea.

      As far as mediating complex family stuff, perhaps you could go to Legal Aid or Relationships Australia both of which offer very good mediation services and may be able to reduce your burden and clarify the details, put into writing etc.

      Hope the sun comes out for you soon. Xxx

        • Anonymous and Pi, than you for acknowledging my predicament. It really helps to feel heard.
          I’m in the US, but will see if I can find similar entities to start with. Perhaps the local University…I was talking with a friend today about my father’s work which is in audio format for the most part. I see that there are computer audio to text translators to do the text work. I will start with that (and somehow involve my mother) and if nothing else put his work on a blog.

          My father did have some nationally recognized work, he was published in The National Library of Poetry, “second place in the editor’s choice award Best Poems of the 90’s”, and self published a book of short stories, of which I own about 400 copies.
          As for my brother, I hope some resolution has been seen, with that, only time will tell.

          Thank You Both xox,

          • It is really therapeutic to feel heard. That feeling of being supported by a community on this site has helped me massively. I don’t know what I’d do in your situation but it does sound challenging :-/

      • WoW Cosmic Fleece! Brilliant! My father studied under Lawrence Ferlinghetti at The University of San Francisco. This could be a great match, Thank You. x


  9. I just realised that my mother’s mars-Pluto conjunction makes a sandwich to my Leo Saturn.

    Her hectic unpredictable moods and filthy rages – which she totally rationalises away with her multi Gemini – not to mention what I call the aspergers aqua syndrome with EQ of below 10 – I am thinking this is a humungous component of why my Saturn in Leo is so fuqing fuqed up for me.
    Her toro moon, the only part of her that might soothe the savage beast, is out in the cold and squaring her Leo mars-Pluto- something else stellium.
    Her own Saturn in late gemini is is 6 degrees off my ascendant .
    Ugh? Is this why I can’t fuqing unravel this relationship or find any joy in the connection whatsoever?
    Any astro input appreciated.
    X pi

    • My flippancy ‘re aspergers is not intended to offend anyone reading this who faces this for real in their own lives. But it’s the only way I can find to describe what I experience with these people in my life

      • Pi,
        I’d say it the Saturn influence…on your ASC, she leans on you, you stabilize her? She sees you as a rock?
        My Mom is Gem also, Libra Asc, Aqua Moon (all that AIR!) conj my Saturn. She is *the most* cynical person I have ever known. Our relationship seems ass backward, esp in a astro-sense. I cannot recall as a kid hearing “I love you” or getting hugs. I intentionally started the tradition of expressing feelings in this relationship.

        When I inquired with a fellow astro friend about the dynamic of my Saturn on her Moon, he replied “you wouldn’t let her love you”. (Ironically, at the time he was my lover and the same Aqua moon as Mom, conjunct my Saturn; windup there was he wouldn’t let me love him.)

        Unraveling the family astro is fascinating…I’ll give it more thought, but without charts, Im kinda feelin my way in the dark.


        • hi 11anon.. yes the absence of affection! sigh. loving warmth, it never came naturally (/at all) to my family, i think a moon in Cap signature too maybe. self-taught in caring, that’s me (/us). any idiot can heat up a bowl of soup but it’s the (sorry, everyone) chicken soup for the soul that we’re talking about here eh
          yes it is fascinating. part of me says OH GOD i could NOT be fuqed with analysing the astro of what I see as failure but part of me absolutely must understand.

      • Pi, you are such a loving, kind and giving Soul here on this blog…

        I wrote you a long post and it went up in smoke…then a second…wasn’t meant to be either…lost it also…

        Agreeing with what others say here and leaving this link as it has much to do with Saturn and The Dweller on the Threshold….

        Those are old Theosophical terms but they still hold true…

        Teacher said “there is a reason”….we don’t see what our minds and emo’s create…comes a time when we do and that is what makes a Master…

        Of reality. x


        • One could say that this reality is enough of an eye opener to get the point but it takes deeper levels to see ~this~ for what it is and enable a person to help others out of the quagmire of illusion.

          For this we have inner teachers who help us. They do not help us all the time for always our individuality is respected, but they do back off when our ego gets in the way of wisdom and we must learn for ourselves, the hard way…because well, we chose the hard way! lol….Like someone said sometime ago, humanity likes drama and as my teacher quoted…

          “All the world’s a stage”…

          Fitting for Jupiter into Leo…lets see how big this drama gets eh? Sometimes I think the drama is fun…sometimes, uh, not so much. x

        • thanks, SP, that’s a nice thing to say…
          I will definitely have a look at that link. you must have trodden similar turf?
          much to ponder. x

    • Dude, your Saturn between her Scorpio co-ruler conjunction? In fiery Leo? Serious “contents under pressure” situation. Some kind of alchemy to work… A diamond for you there.

      • so… wait a million years maybe… πŸ™‚

        I was going to write more but was feeling not-right about sharing lots of things about my feelings about the relationship. So, pasting into journal instead..

        thanks Scorpy inc X

    • My dad is Pluto-Saturn on my Leo Saturn and I can only hang out with him for short periods before wanting to tear my hair out. It is, regardless of anything else, a hard hard conjunction. Put mars in the mix as an outlet for that frustration, and square her moon?Yikes. I’m so sorry you bear the brunt of her fury. πŸ™ πŸ™
      So aqua sun and gem stellium might serve to cut all of that off at the neck, repress it, deny it… I wonder if she scares herself? Is she like that with others? The Saturn-AC conjunct might send her totally lo-Saturn. Inadequacy, lack of self-love, all of that, triggered maybe not so much by you but by her self-reflection regarding her treatment of you? She sounds like a mess, honestly, and bless you for trying to make the relationship work. A lesser person might have said “fuq it” and cut her off completely.

      • gosh, HDQ, I think you’ve hit a few good notes there.

        Yes, so she is a 5-planet gemini, incl Sun.
        Aqua Asc, solar and chart rulers Merc /Uranus are exact conjunct in Gemini, 4th house (Sun, Saturn, Venus in 5th Gemini).
        In fact, that conjunction from 22-29 Gemini is on my own asc I guess. Squaring my sun πŸ™

        I think you might have a v good point with all the air not allowing her to really properly own her emotional processes, nor embody them to allow real processing maybe

        Pretty sure she carries a lot of guilt about her now adult offspring. I have tried to get her to talk about some *incredibly* important things to do with early childhood, I asked her how come she’d never chatted about this with us before – was it just too much to bear thinking about? she admitted yes it probably was. and then, as usual, (sigh) that was the only day I’ve been able to get her in a place where we can both talk about it and i’ll have to front up and begin the process again.

        I don’t know if she scares herself so much as just doesn’t understand why people respond to her in the way that they do.

        anyway, thank you… mucho insight XX

    • yes, dear Pi, all those Saturn contacts sound like they could be very difficult. It could play out in different ways in different relationships. Saturn has it’s benefits – the time structure thing can translate as dependability, a solid base, some other good thing? I had a Saturn-Moon contact relationship that has it’s good aspects however, there were also limits to my emotional expression. It’s potential to be tough is high. I hope it helps to have seen this x

      • any insight is good insight Calypso… Mystic was making a good point about saturn things pinging up right now! sun is also on my natal saturn too at the moment, probably ‘helping’, lol x

    • The Leo is Saturn in Leo also, born the same day as his mother, (and exact same day as Schappelle Corby) and with merc near his Saturn always found it difficult to express his Leo-ness. A lot lot lot of pressure from parents to mould him into something that he was not while they were alive.
      Also another dear friend, Aries, aries moon and venus same year 1977 escaped his family as soon as he could, though he does love them, but they were very cold..

      Seems to be a bit of a thread with the Firesnakes, who are really strong characters

      • yes escaping the family seems to be the trick. well it feels like pure liberation is the solution, from here, right now at least! hiii Uranus opposite my 4th house…
        seriously there is such a thing as too Much saturn. Fuq off, saturn. I am sure your lovely fire sign & snake friends feel the same ..

    • I think a lot of this might be coming up for me as I have been doing some stuff on liver, I found a divine local multi-talented health / healer person, he looks preppy and cute but there is a lot going on skills wise I think with him, so, finally I can follow the Tarot’s constant exhortations to get my shit together with health, nutrition and wellbeing. thanks Tarot! thanks Mystic! Total Life Management Systems inc lol xx

  10. I am squeeeing so hard over the cap right now. I don’t know how to act. Like, am I allowed to be happy about this, or am I supposed to play it cool? Dating is my Achilles heel for sure- I’m either overly enthusiastic or overly cold to hide the fact that I’m overly enthusiastic. Playing it cool has never been an option. That’s Pluto and NN in the 5th house for you. But the third (and final Phoenix portion) hit of my Pluto square is a minute off and my nodal return was a few days ago, so this is the evolution, right? So am I supposed to date or at least talk to other guys too to hedge my bets, or is it ok to be kinda thrilled (no zombie tho- I feel not even a touch of the virus) about this? Because clearly he is like a gift to women from the gods and should be appreciated as such, not just by me…
    How does it all work?????

    • hdq….”like a gift to the gods”….

      Please girl, my Cap Moon has often reminded myself that I am Her Serene Highness…

      Not that I had to do that often, people are intimidated in my presence…I don’t mean to..

      I would say something about love going on with your evolution with Pluto sq Pluto conjunct NN in 5th.

      But you can’t really do something that isn’t natural for long so just be yourself. Pluto requires it. Maybe this transit sorts some of those things for you. I know it was intense for me.

      If that Cappy don’t like your enthusiasm then he got a stick up his ass… πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks, babe. πŸ™‚ He’s your opposite- cap sun and Aries moon. On my SN. 😯

        I think it’s mostly a case of me not feeling worthy. That is the evolution: believing that I deserve something good, you know? Confidence.

        Plus yeah those transits. Your NN is libra too, right? Mystic says it’s a big deal, the nodal return. So here’s to evolution! πŸ™‚

        Plus there ARE plenty of other men. Tinder is the bizniss.

    • omg – I just realised something MASSIVE about my Pluto square! end of the marriage. duh, never realised it before because was so busy watching Saturn! Anyway, good to know. Sorry to bust in on your bloom de amour darling HDQ. As you were. Enjoy, you are worth it πŸ™‚
      ps. when is your Uranus opp? I went off on online dating world when that was happening for me.

      • Totally, it’s like the acute Saturn crisis overwhelms the rumble of Pluto in the background. That sounds like perfect divorce weather. xxxx
        Ps not until 2020 or so, I think. I can’t even comprehend that far into the future. πŸ˜‰

    • nah, be kinda thrilled, if you’re not experiencing the Zomb. Yay! Zombie remedies are there to delay, detach, distract, if you’re so caught up you can’t live properly.
      no reason you can’t still flirt with others though, after all it’s all about sexual market value isn’t it (am being a sarcastic ass ok, via pua shite)
      I think I felt something similar (the awesome), well not quite similar as he is very attached, but in the sense of how I managed my feelings, I was ridiculously proud of myself – super haute / hawt lol.
      mmmm capricorns, so delicious when tenderised by pluto

  11. Got randomn message from an ex from 20 years ago. We are friends on facebook. He asked for a photo of my boobs!!!!!!!!!!!

    I handled it calmy calling him out on being drunk. It continued into memories. I kept trying to remind him he had his chance and screwed it up. He apologized but started remembering our sex. GEEZ So I reminded him he cheated on me. More apology and more remember this time……

    I am done with this crap

    • Oh dear…lol…Can’t blame you for being done.

      Jesus, googled my ex Pisces…There the Leo Moon Mars was smiling like an idiot…

      Did the Saturn in Leo transit teach him NOTHING???!!


      Personally, so glad I never took up Facebook. 8th house Moon has certain paranoia’s. He already found me and came on my doorstep in 2003….

      No wonder I took up drinking again…

      It was like the ink (healing) was barely dry on the page…

      But I HAVE to let it go and I have…Jesus, what a road tho.

      Good luck doll…x Glad you got the sweet Toro?

      • So grateful for Torro!!! He has scorpio moon and is paranoid of all internet activity. He has never been online except to look at things I show him.

        Yea, facebook is nuts, I delete everything after a short time. I have deleted my page for over a year at a time before and been inactive for months at a time. Still, I have old friends far away that I do like seeing how they are.

        No idea what is up with this guy and I ignored the last message. We have my mars and his venus conjunct in Taurus, but we haven’t dated in 20 years and haven’t seen each other in 19.

  12. Any thoughts on the astro signature of this? Shortly after midnight (N.Y. time) on Aug 2, Toledo, Ohio, had to ban water to a half-million people– no drinking (people & other animals), no bathing/washing with it (not even laundry or dishes), and no boiling it either (as boiling would up the concentration of toxins in the water)!

    I have friends & family in that area, & the stories & pics they’ve shared with me really illustrate how unprecedented this water crisis is. The National Guard has arrived there with water & food rations, and stores in a 60-80 mile radius of Toledo have put limits on how much water people can buy (to hopefully get water to more people). All restaurants & many businesses in Toledo remain closed while officials continue testing the water…. Even the Toledo Zoo– ranked best zoo in the country– has been closed in an effort to reserve their water supply for the animals. Like I said, unprecedented!

    • I am procrastinating sleep (no surprise there) so did a chart, but realised maybe more relevant to to look at transits to Ohio’s (?) chart ..?
      I chose 2 aug 2014, 12.15am, toledo ohio

      That article you linked to, it sounds like it is a spike in levels of an algae that happens to be toxic to animals (incl. humans). It’s not completely unheard of in water supplies. Sometimes conditions are ripe for an algal bloom to happen – nutrients, warmth, a nice water body to multiply in. etc. And the usual water treatment and disinfection measures are outgunned by the li’l bastards and the complexity of water reticulation systems, etc etc. Either way, yes a county water supply company must exercise uber-caution for its population

      Anyway I was looking at the astro, things like health and infrastructure (6th house), populations (11th house) or communities / information (3rd house), shock (uranus),

      i guess the biggest thing i saw was a cardinal cross with Pluto (near MC) opp venus (IC in Cancer) and Uranus (12th house, hidden, Aries) opp moon (Libra, 6th house – health)

      Moon and Venus squaring but in mutual reception – they’re on each other’s side..

      Chiron in Pisces trine Saturn in scorp , Mars in Scorp on DSC trine Neptune in pisces, :
      Fix the Fuqing Water, ASAP Plskthx

      Mars on scorp DSC opp Taurus Asc, someone’s been fuqing with the Landscape (water catchment)?

      Leo Sun-Jupe-Merc in 4th house squaring the Toro asc / Mars Dsc: something but my powers of amateur astro is failing me.. it’s late here

      don’t ingest the stuff, stick with mineral water etc, if it rains, collect the water and use that for your pets. unless there is hideous air pollution there (smelters, brown coal-fired power plants) or something

      • further thought,
        Saturn is infrastructure. Saturn is in scorpio, scorp is underground and hidden stuff.
        the Leo 4th house Stellium, 4th house being security, the home, sun jupes merc = comms blowout,
        all squaring Saturn applying (loosely)
        it will get worse before it gets better?
        Source of toxic algae is in an underground part of the system?

        Venus on the IC kataka and moon in the 6th, they want this out, Saturn in Scorp (trine Venus) knows it, talking to Chiron in Pisces,

        ok that’s enough backwards correlation πŸ™‚

        • “It will get worse before it gets better”– yes, I was just musing on that this a.m. via text with a Toledoan friend who said fuq this madness, packed up her family & is spending the weekend in a camper somewhere far from the city. See, as far as the monstrous algae bloom in western Lake Erie is concerned, scientists anticipated a bad scenario sometime in September, not now. So I wondered, is this the worse of it, or is Toledo looking at more/prolonged water hell?

          Judging by your astro analysis, my guess is that this won’t resolve any time soon.

          I know a woman with horses who isn’t in Toledo proper (obviously), but is still hooked into the Toledo water supply, so she’s scrambling for water… Hospitals, nursing homes… Just nuts.

      • Wow: awesome astro analysis, Pi! Yes, they do have indications that it’s an algae bloom. Highly toxic! The earthy astro squaring watery stuff + Uranus sounds like the real deal.

        I have thousands of gallons of clean rain water nestled underground (how Scorpio is that lol), & am currently trying to arrange an envoy of such to a poor neighborhood in Toledo. Road trip water-bearers πŸ˜€ Mars transit says Do Something! Wish me luck x

        • Very best of luck Scorp Inc. Trust you to have a water contingency stash.
          Your emergency experience in the face of the increasingly freaskish elements of nature is coming into play!!

      • ok, the more I think about this, the more interesting it gets.
        Applying astro to environmental problems.
        Let’s go with the surfeit of nutrients as the cause of the problem: assuming that the astro chart i did this for is not half-assed (huh):
        the moon in 6th house (nutrition) 4th house stellium (feeding? too much food?)
        the hidden aspects of,
        4th house planets + venus IC
        Uranus in 12th Aries,
        Scorpio mars and saturn
        Maybe a pulse of nutrients from an underground water source e.g. an aquifer or groundwater that feeds into the catchment area, or a busted pipe has become an inlet (less likely but Mars is on the desc? or mars on the desc = human induced?)
        Toro rising, it’s landscape-based
        maybe someone spilt a tank of fertiliser.
        or their storage tanks underground are leaking

        OH fuq that’s enough speculation Pi.

        • Yeah: nobody really has the full picture yet of where when how why. News saying that algae’s in the water, but that’s not saying a lot, I think. Field (fertilizer) run off has been implicated as helping the algae along in the lake, but like you say, with the astro, that may only be part of the story…

          • Yeah, I mean this is just me pi talking crap at 1am and my ultra lame astro knowledge so you know, just shots in the dark really x

    • This is so crazy! My toledoan friends (I grew up there, never dreamed that we were drinking Lake Erie water- ewww) are so freaked out and scared. No showering or laundry even is what I gather. Amazing. Though, honestly, they are all arch-conservatives and I’m (speculating, but 99% convinced) sure when the Detroit water story hit they were all “fuq ’em, that’s what they deserve” because, you know, black, poor = subhuman, clearly. So there’s that.

      • Ugh that sounds so harsh, especially in light of horses, hospitals, etc. I guess what I’m thinking is how it’s a Valuable Lesson in Life about how we really are all in this together. Today, surplus, tomorrow crisis, for anybody.
        Plus environmentalism is good, mmkay? I totally agree that it’s probably been a long time coming. I remember that every spring, the breakwater at the end of the street would be completely covered in dead fish who would then rot and stink for a month. All I ever heard was “hey, it’s much cleaner than it used to be. Everything is fine”. Cleaner, yes. Remotely clean? Not a (toxic algae) bloomin’ chance. But these things are Not Talked About, buncha liberal hippie shit, you know?
        Even (I think it was last week) the beach at one of the parks was closed down due to (I think) the algae, and people were like ew, but whatever, lalala. :/