Weekend Links August 16/17

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* Scorpio Kelly Cutrone says Sex & The City Ruined The World – Sydney Morning Herald.

* Intelligent People Tend To Stay Up Later – The Fox Is Black – this makes me akin to Einstein.

* People, forget about the ponchoΒ  and enter the competition to Design A Shawl For Stevie Nicks.

* Rookie Magazine – No Scientific Study Was Too Big For Me To Translate Into A Beauty Routine

* Oliver Grunewald’s Unbelievable Photos Of Volcanoes At Night – Beautiful Decay.

*Β  If you are not familiar with the awesome Pagan scholar, proto-feminist and genius Hypatia, read this Smithsonian article. We all ought to know her story and honor her memory.

* Jane Austen – Game Theorist – Amazon.

* Scorpioland – Yes, there is a site just for Scorpios but they don’t seem to be demanding any astral DNA testing.

* Quartz – Police In Ferguson May Look Like Soldiers But Their Tactics Wouldn’t Pass US Army Muster – this is actually a really fascinating, dry and informative take on the whole deal.

* Daphne Guinness/David La Chapelle/Tony Visconti – Evening In Space – this is beyond fabulous, James Cameron should totally be incorporating some of these elements into the next Avatar movies.


Image: Via Emily Jane Lewis Moodboard

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165 thoughts on “Weekend Links August 16/17

  1. Ah yes, Scorpioland… Sure, I’ve been. Didn’t stay for long, probably not visiting again. It’s… oh, I don’t know. Not my cup of tea.

    • Is it to do a bit with “…I wouldn’t wanna join a club that’d have me as a member” kinda thing? Because that’s how i would feel if there was a Crabland.
      (Sorry FtKatCave, but that’s my fave Groucho saying also)

      • Ive been on Scorpioland. It doesnt do Astrology with the verve n succinctness of MM.

        Another fave is “A Man who sees thru a Woman is Missinga Lot”

        I’m watchn “Good Will Hunting” and RW says “I teach this shit, l didn’t say l know it”. I say things like that to my students

        • Katmandu, I’ve been on the road for 9 hours of the last 24 & I saw so many splitties out for a drive! And then, at my hotel, I went downstairs for a cosmo & the bartender said, “Are you in town for the soccer tournament?” And I was like, “The what?” (because I was in town for work), & then all these kids in soccer uniforms went running thru the lobby lol! A very Katman trippy trip! Hope you are well πŸ™‚

          • 9 hours! I hope you went somewhere.
            From which state to which state? Work? I hope it passes and you can live again.
            Once you talk about somethn you then see those things lotz of times.

            ATM l’m being Jung-erised by a collective known as Dreamweaver 6.0.

            Here in Oz one child is knocked over every 12 minutes. He’s getting mighty sick of it.

            • Right: you see it then, awake and/or asleep πŸ˜‰ I saw Dreamweaver 6.0 in action down there. Impressive! Very good interps, Father Jung is pleased I’m sure.

      • Haha “I wouldn’t join a club that would have me”

        Also, “Hey lady, what’s first rule of fight club?”

        I’m not sure she’s a Scorpio, & in that case, I don’t feel good about her running Scorpioland. Pimping? Anyway, it sounds like an amusement park, & we are not amusing. Unless we mean to be.

        Hi πŸ˜‰

  2. Love these links! I wish I had more visual flair, I would totally design a shawl for Stevie Nicks.

  3. Oh Yeah!
    Über fabulosity from the way-out trio David, Daph and Tony! A visual feast for the eyes this morning. Nice choice Mystic (*runs off to watch it again….and again).

    • It’s awesome!!
      I would not be a member of the #2:15andcountingclub if I hadn’t needed to watch it 3x. *running!

    • I dont how to function well if l stay up late. Dips me lid ifya can do it. My crab eyes need care. I look like a Picasso if lm too tired.

      • Oh I look like crap and have been functioning sub-par for 2 years based on lack of sleep. More complex than I care to discuss and probably nullifies any alleged intellectual advantage bestowed by my night owl habits… Changing now though. 11 hrs sleep last night, feel like a slightly newer woman

      • Yeah Kat eyes need rest. The older I get the more rest I need. I do take medication at night which helps me sleep. One of the medications is to help improve brain function. Would be nice to think while asleep healthy neurons are being made.

  4. Labradorite!!! It comes from up North over here! The Inuit people called it “firestone” believing that northern lights (aurora borealis) were trapped inside.

    One story tells of how all the stars in the sky once lived on earth, embedded in the rocks. One day, a “Mighty Being” pounded the rocks with a huge hammer. Freeing the stars, they flew up into the heavens leaving only a few still in the rocks — seen now as the flash of color in labradorite.

    It’s good for concentration, and heavy mental work.

  5. Mystic, have you seen the movie Agora by Spanish film maker Alejandro Amenabar? It’s a biopic of Hypatia played by Rachel Weisz.

  6. I put this down as its my first dream l’ve experienced for months.

    I had a dream (not that l’m going all MLK onya Sonya) but l did and l recall it.
    I was walking down a laneway that connects Nth Terrace to Rundle Mall in Adelaide. There was a circular nylon brush on the ground; l thought it might be useful. Anyway a Sth Mediterranean man, about 26 1/2 years old, took it. I thought ok.

    I then turned east along Rundle Mall. I stopped at fruit stall and asked for some nectarines. As he shuffled for some ready to eat ones, he said “where are going with those chisels?” bcos l had just swiped and diced a flying beetle. I said “l was going from filling in for the German teacher (as in the the subject; not a person. Sheesh) and now l to teach my wood class.

    Anways he found some and said they cook good and l was think “hey, you eat these fresh!”. So l looked in his tray and found they were too green or well developed in their senesence. Anyway l got 4 of em and he said $19.80. ” you must be joking?”. He revised the price down to $4….. I walked off….

    • Dream characters can often be aspects of self. The guy who grabbed the brush might be a foreign aspect of you that you perhaps don’t recognise or are acknowledging differently in retrospect. Think back to that age. You weren’t annoyed or feeling ripped off.. just ok, so it was ok that he grabbed it.

      The chisels would likely relate to skill either existing, cultivating, dormant or active. One thing that stood out is that you sliced and diced a bug (beetle) so what’s bugging you that you dealt with in that manner or you would like to deal with it in that manner. If this immediately means something different to you go with that.

      The fruit and the chisels/skills are closely intertwined so this may be talking about what you do and how it bears fruit. The green fruit may be things like allowing time for ripening of outcomes/rewards/acknowledgement (you said to the guy did you see…) and the price may be a reflection on what you are prepared to commit of self to nurture the fruit into becoming ripe or whether you feel that the price is too high for what it’s worth? Interestingly though, the low price wasn’t appealing either.

      Too ripe v green might be about what has served it’s usefulness v what needs to be nurtured into being. I got a flash of 8 of Pentacles in my mind.

      The number 4 also came up twice. Dream weaving is something very personal to the psyche.. but it can be a lot of fun as well as enlightening.

      • I teach tech subjects (wood metal automotive…). No surprise; lm Venus/Mars in Virgo. Im goin to be drinkn 3 coffees dis am digestn all this (my spelln is AquaMoon). Where’d/How’d you learn your Dream stuff?

        • Dreams like to be explored, they only create an illusion of giving off immediate meaning but the real meaning lies on the journey to it if that makes sense. The weaving process itself reveals the nature of the dream. It’s like the door and the key at the same time. This is subconscious terrain so it’s all symbolic and that makes it personal. It’s the quest to know oneself that inspires the journey, well any journey for that matter.
          Have been recording and reflecting on dreams for some decades now so it’s just time at the wheel to use automotive speak.
          The other thing that you might like to consider in the weaving is the foreign aspect or the diverse aspect, you have a Mediterranean and German influence. Ultimately you’ll get the aha moment when you get it, like you just told yourself a secret.
          Dreams respond well to dialogue, particularly voice discussion but will also give over some gold if you write it down… auto/semi-detached style as that can be another way to hook into the thread.


          • Ive written in my diary MM said to keep. It will be in my mind. Tanks alot for your input. M appreciated.

          • LOVE YOU, CENTAURUS!

            Also Katman, the number 4 is the number of building fixed structures, a stable base. So call me old fashioned already, despite the Uranus action in my chart, but there’s a lot about your connection to women latent in this dream, but interestingly, no actual women. You are preparing the ground to meet someone? Your “advisors” about this have all been men, either in psyche or in company.

            • Yes definitely preparin. 1 Sort old life out inc house. 2 Reclude (l wanna go for ride on my Jup line in Nth Am) 3 meet ‘that’ femme.
              26.5- dunno ( was tempted by a girl l worked with at that age- do you admit that type of stuff on a forum?) lt didn’t go far.

    • Love the new name Katman. Those Tigers two on the trot.

      To dream that you buy or sell fruit indicates that your efforts are being wasted in a fruitless endeavor. To see fruit in your dream signifies growth, abundance and financial gain. They also symbolize lust and sexuality. In particular, green fruit in your dream denotes your hastiness and disappointed efforts. You need to work harder and longer in order to achieve your goals. If the fruit is ripe, then it represents fertility and conception. You desire a child or you are ready to have a child.

      • Ta SuperS. Musings over Muesli (sounds like a sbook with film and songwriters album to follow)

        What about the nylon brush, swatting/slicing the beetle, exhorbitant price.

        • Porridge with raspberry, apple and almond.
          To see a brush in your dream symbolizes your desire to “brush” away problems or something in your life that needs to be cleaned up. Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration.

          If you lose or can’t find your brush, then suggests that you are unable to sort out your problems.

          • To see a beetle in your dream indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised. Generally something is bugging you.

            I think the pricing actually refers to years.

            • To see a price of something in your dream represents the value you are placing on yourself, your time and your abilities. If the price is high, then it indicates that you value yourself highly. If the price is low, then you are undervaluing yourself or taking somebody else for granted. The dream also relates to your self esteem.
              What were your first feelings after your dream? That is usually a great place to start with the interpretation.

    • Not knowing how old you actually are KatMan, I would look to the younger man in your dream and the circular symbol..It could mean infinity, it could mean a pattern that goes in circles…like the Wheel of Karma…Karma being energy patterns that keep us stuck.

      Get off that wheel and you have infinity.

      Slicing the beetle can mean that you are breaking things down to be better able to assimilate/digest.

      Someone once told me we don’t get things “all in one big bunch”, but are like beads we put on a string”

      $19.80 may have been too high a price for something that you find outdated… thoughts and beliefs? And so you got a bargain just to give it a last go to make sure.

      That the fruits were either too green or well developed could mean that you are in the middle, balancing things/thoughts, ideas/concepts.

    • A Katakan never pays too much, and always looks for dollar value. If this is conflated with age as a chronological number, then it is the value of the experience that number affords, either by age (26 1/2) or year (1980). Katakans never forget significant numbers, whether they be dates or prices.

      • Gulp. 1980 was year l got married. Now in last stage. Signing some finalizing stuff in Oct. Im not goin to say why-too hard in such a public forum. My Phoenix reading says much good planet matchn up. Mars Saturn stuff for getn sheissen done.

        Yes. I have ideals. As a Kat man, women always figure much, l feel better in the company of them than men. Its like l can say what l feel (Key Kat word) and you/they understand. MM says l gotta stay focussed on da long game. But l struggle with the concept. I’d love to be partnered now. Ive only got 3 yang placements (Aquamoon & Merc/Uran cjunct Leo) & Uranus in Leo needs a partner. Funny how you picked up on the femme subject. You can see sprinkled thru my posts references to femme singers and actors that l like. There’s no prospects on the scene atm. Im in a smaller town in NSW. But probably shiftn to a bigger pop centre in Oct/Nov.

        You are very insightful. The other posters have givn me bits but yours have knocked my socks off. Its been big changes these past few years. Lost a good permanent job. Marriage that l didnt think would end. Subscribn here and findn weather forecast for coming things has helped much.
        To All: Foregive my dominance of posts but Leo Merc/Uran needs an audience.

      • Ha-ha-HAA! that is hilarious m, and so true – no we don’t pay too much nor forget significant numbers. skarab.

        • And crabs least likely to divorce; that has been hard. Loyalty and devotion being key kore kat kapabilities

          • I’m sorry to hear that, Katman. It must’ve been very hard. I cannot imagine how that must even feel – especially as it seems that you were married for such a long time. But is it true that Kats are the least likely to divorce? Or is that just an assumption based on astro descriptions of the devoted Kat? scarab.

  7. Wow. You guys are amazing.
    Reading what l wrote seems like lm a nutter. As in the Jelly Bowl hit “you might be right, l may be crazy, l just might that lunatic your looking for” (Billy Joel- my 27th fave male singer.)

    • That reminds me of a dream I had recently. Driving in a whale of a car with these guys. I was thinking “no wonder these guys can’t find anything on the radio. There is no good music being made anymore.” So many musical styles in the one car, I just didn’t care what was on the radio as I was enjoying the ride.

    • No, you are not a nutter. Sometimes we need objective feed back. Gives us supin’ to think about x.

      • It sure has. You and SuperS have givn me food for thought; so to speak. Are you Oz or Uz?

          • PF is my 5th fave band. Supertramp, Midnight Oil, U2 (& those over there) Strolling Bones come before.

            “Can you tell a green field……”

              • I love lines from songs.
                “Shelter me from the powder and the finger, cover me with the thoughts that pulled trigger.
                Just think of me as one you never figure…”
                So evocative

                • That is very evocative and I won’t pretend I know who it is or google as a cheat…(who is it?)

                  Midnight Oiil..in the 80″s I had their cassette. Loved some Oz music, like them, Natalie B., Icehouse for sure…abso fave.

                  Some of those bands changed my 20’s-30’s American girl perspective in who I thought I was.

                  They empowered me quite frankly.

                  Specially Natalie B’s “Torn”

                  Geesh, how did she get inside my heart and head.

                  • Neil Young’s “Powderfinger” such a good song that one of Oz’s best band named themselves that.

                    • Should have said Natalie I…as im Imruglia…Neil Young..He was the reason I wore overalls, lace up boots and asked for a harmonica for xmas when I was 15…Will have to look into those lyrics K…thanks..!

                    • He pips Bob in my mind. We both AquaMoons and trine Suns. His songs are the matrix of my life. As 15 yo old hearing “Like a Hurricane” was a marker in my life. Kate Bush had similar impact; she also AquaMoon.

                • Ah I just had a drop everything and bliss out to powderfinger moment. Thanks katdude πŸ™‚

                  • Onya hdq. Music is the most accessible esp with evocative lyrics. Glad you listened.

  8. Yesterday, later in the day, after all the intensity, came back to Polynesian music and a fave…(after several months)

    Looked up the lyrics but is basically about a fragrant flower (woman…of course πŸ˜‰ ..

    Then I YouTubed for Tahitian dancing and gave that a go. I mean literally, for about two minutes…lol

    Acupuncture treatment this morning was very different than the first one. More painful, more intense but it was okay. Gotta unblock that stuck energy.

    At rising, noticed my sternum was sore this morning and so rubbed it ever so gingerly. It was connected to the rib and vert on the back side and so the needle did quite sting and dance a bit.

    Around the diaphragm area/sternum we keep a lot of stuff. Reason why when something is distasteful on whatever level we feel like barfing..

    For reals..

    Pisces Doc’s wife just recently said that they are going to Hawaii in October..

    Aw gee…I cried when I came home from Hawaii…My bathroom is still decorated in Polynesian…

    And, can mouth all the words even tho I have no idea how to speak Polynesian… πŸ™‚



    • Not sure how that extra “all” got in there…Wasn’t trying to emphasize to that extreme…

      • Hey, know why I escaped to the Islands…

        Trans Toro Moon on my Veenie/Lilith ..

        Square natal Uranus of course which means I travelled alone

        lol πŸ˜‰

        Remember a couple of drinks back then… Kauai 2008..

        The Wiki Wacki, Blue WhoooWhooWhooWhoo Hawaii..

        Hung out with the locals and sang karaoke. Still sorting which parts were respectable but did get a Christmas Card from one of the men I met in the bar…We did kiss and sorta make out…Took him back to my room..

        Hey, Cap Moon is NOT ALWAYS a prude..

  9. That article on the heavily armed, poorly trained US police is so scary.
    I read that they are sent on to do training in Israel, so witness a lot of extreme policing strategies (on Palestinians), a cruelty learned and disseminated globally, funded by the US.

    In the US the FBI infiltrated and consciously flooded and addicted communities to drugs, so drug money could be created. Money that can bypass congressional laws on how government funds are used so as to fund all kinds of nastiness.

    This situation in Ferguson seens the byproduct of many years of systematic abuse of communities that were targeted as fundraising ventures.
    The relationship to the Middle East being highlighted is interesting and awful to see how this is all playing out with Zap Zone as the background.

    Blessings on those in Ferguson who are fighting for freedom and justice through that young boy’s sad death! Thanks for posting that MM, really good link.

    • Sphinx,

      And any others, please don’t get too pissed with me, but it’s like when I hear the talk radio guy and think he is alarmist..

      We all need to calm the fuq down..


      This is Karma being played out that must be played out and humanity will find it’s way.

      There is a divine plan to heal the mess and always has been. They knew beforehand, before even Atlantis destroyed itself. We are not talking about ETs here, but Gods…Gods of dimensional realities…They don’t have bodies or spaced ships. We must have faith in their wisdom and intelligence…

      Like I was told one time “we can’t have you go off unsupervised” so have faith we are being supervised by a higher power that cherishes us.

      It’s okay of course to be afraid and sorry I am so stern but I wish for your peace of mind.

      Now listen to Midnight Oil ‘s Drums of Heaven and rock..

      • Thanks Sweetpea, but I am tranquila. Gods and goddesses will always talk in our earholes, but it doesn’t preclude the use of the mind, surely? Mercury chart ruled here, I enjoy understanding the way objectives are achieved and why on this planet. The end result will be what it is.

        • To understand the gods, your higher self, you will feel like you are dying in order to do so…’

          That’s all I’m going to say.

          There is no end result…perhaps that is a clue.

          • Dear Sweet P, wanting to ask if you have had any friends do some clearing for you lately? All of us that do energy work or body work need help clearing out baggage we pick up along the way some of the time.
            You have a strong spiritual consciousness & I think you are very compassionate. Lately I have noticed a shift in your tone that I hadn’t associated with you before? Just hope you are getting the support you need energetically. It’s easy when we are open, sunny and Neptunian for energies to slip behind the rocks of our consciousness, I know I have been caught out so.

            • that’s a good point sphinx, i know for me at least sometimes i have had a bit of a moment of clarity that tells me, ‘hey! this is -not- me doing the thinking here! so I can weed out the … weeds that have sneaked into my secret garden, xxx Pi

      • Oh yeah, sure.. the Gods will sort it out. So sit back and do nothing. What a load of rubbish!!

        • ~I hear the drums of heaven too..~

          Midnight Oil…

          Figure the rest out for yourselves…

          Christ said “don’t throw pearls before swine’..

      • Sweatpea,

        And other god/drug/drink (all same) heads, please don’t get too pissed with me, but when a genuinely concerned person writes in this blog to share her/his concern and information and gets smacked down with some delusional new age fantasy….

        We all need to say enough is enough with living in a state of delusion.

        People have created this mess – some by greed, and others by by turning a blind eye or immersing themselves in drugs and/or gods. But people will have to suffer it, people will have to understand it and people will have to try and resolve it together. Not gods.

        What we are facing is the human condition – which only humans can resolve. So don’t try to wash away someone’s real concerns with your shot of drug/gods induced delusion. We need to wake up to the facts so that we can resolve them.

        It’s ok to be afraid and sorry if I am so stern but I wish for us to be truthful, strong and courageous.

        Now listen to the people that are crying out and be part of the solution.

        • Huh? You know nothing of where I’m coming from..

          And now, I need to get some rest because I have A REAL FUQIN HUMAN BEING…

          DRAWN OUTTA HEAVEN…(Midnight Oil)

          My granddaughter to attend to tomorrow.

          You guys crack me up trying to impose some sorta craze on me..

          But then that is what desperate peeps do, no?

          • ~Remember it’s true..

            I hear the drums of heaven….~

            It’s in your own hearts idiots…

            ~By the time you make up your minds..if ever you do…~

            guess you didn’t get that part eh?

            • Once again, your arrogance astounds me.

              You’re as bad as VE. So blind to what you are doing. Shame your “gods” don’t tell you what you really need to hear????

              • Was going to mention VE
                but now i’m involved….so glad to be me after reading their minds spin.

              • Wow this interrogation continues. Get over it!! Geeezz…

                Most of the discussion here are a community effort of the learning mind. Not trying to beat someone down because of an opinion.

                False facts is being ignorant!!

                What is your sign? Anon or Go Look In the Mirror?

          • Sweetpea YOU are the reason i have stopped posting lately. Too rude, too insulting, too quick to take offence, take everything out of context with your replies to peace loving peeps here.
            Jumped down my throat once too often.
            I feel no love coming from you as i do with many other’s here.

            • Pegasus, on a totally unrelated note, I want to tell you I love your new avatar- you are beautiful! πŸ™‚

        • SP’s post seem like shoving ‘spirituality’ down other’s throats in a very angry condescending way.

          ‘Figure out the rest for yourselves’ what on earth does that mean??
          ‘Pearls before swine’? How rude!
          ‘Dying in order to understand your higher self or the gods’?
          That’s just dangerous nonsense to pass on.

          • Hey, I know peeps have wanted to get back at me for speaking my truth yonks ago.

            I only said my piece to you in the past because you imposed or projected your own Sagg like truth onto me where I had not asked for it.

            Easy to turn it around when you think you found a weak link.

            Isn’t the first time.

            I’ve noticed others who have skirted on my coat tails and then turned when I did not give the recognition they thought they deserved for following me.

            I never asked anyone to follow me..I have always just been myself.

    • Sphinx, I just read a post on FB that an Anonymous internet collective have hacked Ferguson’s local govt web site and systems, shutting them down and posted the names and address of the police chief, and his wife, and the names of the police who are arresting journalists on the scene!! YAY if it is true!!

      What it said is that now the police chief et al are now feeling FEAR which they didn’t feel at all before.
      They shot the young man with impunity, they monstered the protesters thinking they had all the power and now the tables are turned I hope!!

      • Adorable V thx for replying with this. Interesting progression! Was reading that some reports are stating people not from Ferguson were throwing
        Cocktails perhaps hoping to incite the police to show their cards.

        Anyway I realise now I should have commented on the Ferguson link on the other page & kept all the heightened emo there. Instead I dragged it here: sorry about that folks.

      • πŸ™‚ Now the authority feels fear: this is how Anonymous levels the playing field. Now the powers have an idea of how it feels to be Black & living in Ferguson, vulnerable & under watch. At the least, police & lawmakers are now subject to an accountability that they were not before; at most, authority has a good opportunity to begin to understand where its citizens are coming from & to get their shit together just because living under fear is Unacceptable for any human. The latter is the long game & its positive outcome is uncertain. Accountability will do for now.

        • Because really: the balance of power has not been right in Ferguson for yonks, if ever. How is it that the police force is overwhelmingly white when majority of Ferguson is black? Don’t those black kids aspire to be cops like the white ones? Not when the cops have been more like overseers (instead of civil government) for generations. Ferguson, time to get it together. Get to work.

          Saturn in Scorpio approves this message.

      • I’ve never been crazy about anarchists but I’m so happy anonymous exists. I love it when they put fear into a system that puts fear into the rest of us every day.

  10. So much We v Me, Us v Them on the macro & micro levels. Leo-Scorpio tension coupled with the zap zone vibe? So much intense focus on our differences. It’s part of the process.

      • Ooh, is that your new moniker Calypso? πŸ™‚
        I like this:

        Apocaloptimist – Def. A person who knows it’s all going to shit but still thinks it will turn out ok.

        • no! not me πŸ™‚ although I do recall using this word once to describe one of my, ahem, more intense incursions into blogland. Atmosphere felt similar to it does now…. πŸ˜‰

    • OMG how true this is. Really really intense combative energy all the way down the line.

      Landlords in serial screaming matches of unparalleled ferocity (having flashes to childhood as I listen)…

      And even I succumbed. Someone I detest ignored my clear indications to back off… and I exploded. Lost it. Yelling. Incoherent fury. The whole enchilada. It was mortifying- I didn’t think I had it in me anymore.

      I think you’re right, the fixed signs squaring off.. the benefics vs. the malefics. Interesting arrangement.

      • I am Leo Scorp Moon, but a mutable axis, I feel pretty good right now! DP remind me of your astro?

        • Hi Sphinx, I am Aries (eight placements) with Leo rising and Scorp moon. Seems we both have strong fixed placements amongst a lot of other ones (cardinal in my case).

          Thing is, I’ve been feeling good as well! Things are finally, finally on the up after a few years of… difficulties.

          One thing I have noticed, though: some very old stuff is coming up for clearing. Nasty, uncomfortable stuff. Which is great in the abstract- the final dragons at the golden door?- but not fun to look at.

          • Another Leo flavoured Scorpy Moon! What house is your Luna? Mine is the 6th. I have Merc/Venus/Sat in Cancer, so quite cardinal when push comes to shove too. πŸ™‚ My Asc is Gem/Mars Virg/Nn in Sagg, provides the mutability factor tho.

            The last 8 months has been tough. I was about to embark on the most amazing project with a friend last year (a childcare for kids with disabilities) when she passed away. It’s been hard to pull back from, the lovely concept & my dear friend’s death. But I am finally feeling more in the flow of the Tao at last.. it feels good, I missed it.

            • Oh, that sounds devastating! I’m glad you’ve come to a place of healing with this. What a blow.

              Wow, it sounds like you have a nice mix of elements/modalities. My Luna’s in the 4th, which I think is its natural home. It’s true that ‘home is where the heart is’ for me, but I also have this packed 9th house with Mars in Sag trining, that gives intense wanderlust.
              What I can say is that the key to my sanity is the private sanctuary I call home.

              How does 6th house manifest for you? Like moon in Virgo?

              • Thanks DM. And I was curious because I met another Leo w/ water moon in the 6th to exact same degree & she does alt. healing, similar modality too. 6th is all about the healing process, hypochondria etc. & I am very sensitive to my environment.
                4th House being about family & home I guess both are Yin placements, in any case I adore being home these days too.
                My Jup. in 9th/Sagg NN has caused me enough trouble I prefer to be an armchair traveller for the moment, hope I can travel again one day tho.

  11. Why just Ferguson? This is waiting to happen anywhere. Most ppl doing a good job. Doctors bury their mistakes. Architects can’t. Teachers mistakes leave school. Parents mistakes go to school. Judges jail some they shouldn’t and free some they shouldn’t.

    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Aquarian Moonlighters Guild of the World, on msg, on song

    • Right, it’s not just Ferguson, it’s everywhere– even here, on this blog. And internally, within each of us. Annihilating facades & asserting truths. There’s so much of both.

      I watched The Diving Bell & The Butterfly last night, what a struggle to behold! The real victory came when he could finally communicate again with others, when he could connect with them again. It’s a sickening thought to be alive & unable to share what’s in your head & heart.

      So we can connect with people & even though some of what comes out is ugly, we are blessed to be heard at all. We all have that need, all have that in common. We people have lots in common. Details & discord need hammered out in the name of progress. When we dig down to the most basic heart of matters, people are committed to connecting & evolving. Which I find beautiful.

      • Wow Scorporation.. exactly. When the voice decides to start revealing itself for the first time, yes, it might not be received very well.. HOWEVER, if people are conscious they will realize the impact of the voice, look back and possibly say, “Y’know what.. I wish I hadn’t said that because I know so much more now”.

        Communication is so important for any type of connection.

        • There was a poignant part in the film wherein an old friend comes to visit the main character after he can no longer speak & the main guy feels like such a douche because he hadn’t spoken to that guy in forever & feels regret– and now he can’t even say sorry to him. He’s just there, unable to connect with this friend who has also been through an ordeal, & he feels his friend’s pain & his own, but he can’t communicate a thing.

          All of us speak without knowing the full story on one level or another, you know? None of us know everything, but all of us are still talking lol. If we speak on false info or change our minds on a stand we took, in light of new info, it’s cool to say, “You know what? I have new info, & my perspective has changed,” or whatever. We need to keep connected, we are highly social creatures. It’s our lifeline.

          x VE

          • Scorporation xo!! Yes. We all have to take what you said into consideration “all of us” and admit we learned something new that might change our stance and strengthen the connection. I still haven’t learned anything new from that blog topic but I know in time something will show up that will make me say “a-ha”…

            Just saying…

          • Funny, I hesitated over watching that again the other day, perhaps pertinent to a feeling of paralysis in the face of overwhelming odds that is a common thread atm in the public world.

            On a deeper level I guess you could say we are all connected. Nucleons or atoms at base, all part of the atomic fabric. Perhaps we need to see our separateness before we embrace our connectedness.

    • Yeah well Katman, peace is the desired result, I know, and I personally live in peace but that is mainly because my parents had the foresight (?) and luck to come to the country I live in, and peace is the way of life here.

      But sometimes you have to fight the oppressors back (might be all the Aries speaking). My grandfather was in the resistance during the war in my country of birth,and eventually lost his life. An honourable, amazing man.

      There is another really moving piece of footage I just saw by a Japanese news crew of an English -speaking girl (she looks about 20, could be Jewish or Muslim in appearance) standing in front of two young Israeli soldiers with deadly rifles who are shooting to kill Palestinian young kids throwing rocks by slingshot. In the background there is more shooting by other soldiers.

      Over and over again She is yelling STOP what are you doing?? They are just kids.
      They pause, nonplussed. One seems to point the gun at her and she backs off silently. The Japanese news crew are talking in the background but I can’t understand what they are saying. All the hairs stood up on my arms, and I cried.

      • I do what l can. I have Aries SN. I have been a fighter. I am tryn to channel Libra. It wouldn’t help to antagonise these volatilities ppl are feeling. We Aussies/Dutch can’t even investigate our dead with dignity bcos someone wants to invade another’s land. I have my thoughts on who is right/wrong in the various international/intranational strifes. As l’ve said l don’t want to add to it.
        I wanta make myself a better person; not others.

        • Yes certainly, there is wisdom in what you are saying but you are also able to have a choice in how you carry out your life, because of where you live.
          Maybe because of where I came from and I knew what can happen to your relatives and loved ones, from a very young age, in the back of my mind I feel like one has always got to be prepared…

      • I’ve just read both of your comments, and I feel like crying because i think you are both lovely people for speaking from your hearts – and you both make sense to me. I share your SN too, Katman – I have Airies SN. And I share Veronica’s history, in that my parents too, lived through a war and i have seen the scars (grandfather lost his life to it too). For most people who have not been oppressed or experienced conflict first hand or via their family, find it hard to understand the powerful emotions and the totally negative power that can engulf a society in conflict – one thing is imagining it and another is experiencing it. Peace is sometimes hard to achieve even when both sides want it. And when other countries/entities have vested interests that your country/society remains in conflict – which seems to be the case with most conflicts around the planet – what do you do?. I can understand the frustration you’re going through Veronica – I guess we must all do what we feel is right – and act from our hearts when the time comes to act. And talk about it if it hurts you or write quotes of peace if that is your heart’s desire. Love to you both. skarab.

  12. Sheesh. So much angst.

    I think the take away abstract of this site is that we can, and should, do the haute of whatever planet/sign/house we are dealt.

    Hearing ppl go for the negative is hard to read. I appreciate things ppl have said to me. But guys back off the vitriol. Words on a page dont always convey the intention and nuance of what someone is tryn to say.

    • πŸ™‚ Vitriol?? Am Aries sun, merc, scorp moon, virgo mars. I can do Vitriol. But nothing I’ve said here is. Thanks Skarab for a balanced overview btw.
      No one person is completely right(or wrong)obviously. I’m not going to apologise if you find my life observations angst-ridden Katman, there enough other people that can relate.

      I’m merely speaking my opinion, and if I don’t choose to do so in a joke-y, pun-y manner, it’s because that is not how I express myself.

      • I was not referring to you Veronica. Let me state clearly; l was not referring to you. There has been some vitriol on the Ferguson discussion.
        As you can see by my posts l’m am not interested in inflaming the situation regarding that subject other than we should all try and understand, more fully, each and everyone’s position. You have some firmly held positions and that’s fine.
        I feel no need to apologise to you as l was not referring to you in what l said. You will notice on one posts l said ppl get things wrongs bcos they are only words on an electronic screen or page.
        However I apologise for any misunderstandings. Read all my posts, on the matter, and you will see a consistency

        • It is disappointing that you don’t accept that you could’ve been wrong on what l said. Put another way could’ve at least inquired instead of accused.
          300+ posts and you took it that l was referring to you??? Again, so its clear, l saw nothing wrong in what you said. Bcos l didn’t specify who don’t jump to the delusion l meant you.

        • Actually mate, I don’t have a problem with what you posted just above. You actually seemed to sound quite sensible in what you wrote there about not wanting to inflame the situation.

          There was at least one post of yours that was directly in response to mine, and it’s quite reasonable to suppose that there could have been a continuation in that vein.
          I can accept we have different opinions *shrugs* and if you say that what you wrote was not directed at me I have no reason to believe otherwise.

          • I appreciate your reply. My posts should’ve been on the Ferguson page; that would’ve made it yet more clearer.

            I accept your words of kindness.

            I’m not backwards in coming forth. Good thing/ bad thing; dunno. You have 3 Virgs? So do l.
            I hate to offend. Also l can’t lay much claim to the puns and humour; it comes out before l think it. I put it down to the placement of my Sheissenhead in the Out House.

            • I don’t mind a heated debate, and not easily offended.
              The Leo says I am aggressive but if someone comes back strong with a decent opinion so be it!

              Not just Aries merc and mars pluto Uranus in Virgo about 1 degree apart from each other in 12th

              Have memories of my uncles thumping on tables and calling each other fools and later going to lunch.

              • Thats good then. Lunch?…only joking.

                I got some placement that says l’m a “get what ya see person”. I cant hide my persona. Sun in 1H ..maybe.
                If l post something and l intend it for someone l will address it to them by their handle.

                Glad we had this chat.

  13. So JLaw & Chris Martin.. they are actually not so bad together astrologically.
    He has Moon in Leo on her stellium in Leo, in her 7th house CONJ her Venus /Jupiter. Whaddya reckon?

    • Are they together? Is this the same CM that was recently consciously uncoupling? πŸ™‚

      Beautiful aspects. Is her Sun in that stellium?

      • Yes I read that in the newspaper this morning. Gwyneth is dating Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk.

      • Actually her Sun is 20 deg off her Venus (18 off his Moon). Her Lilith is on his Neptune, which sounds dodgy/dreamy for him.

        His Mars is conj. her Asc. in Aqua, which is loosely opposite her Venus in Leo.

        Her Mars is on his Lilith in Taurus.. interesting.

        His Sun is exact his DC in Pisces. They both have 7th House Suns?

        • That Mars-Lillith connection sounds HOT. Like, off the charts sex, amplified by Mars opp. Venus.

          But also a bit of…. not objectifying, exactly, but seeing the other through an archetype. The Neptune doesn’t help that at all.

          I would imagine they have great chemistry and are comfortable with each other, but I don’t see it lasting, as S said. Does a 7th house Sun mean self-definition through relationship? He’s probably eager to start a new one.

          Also, I imagine there’s a bit of an age gap there- not always a hindrance, but can often spell problems once the heat’s worn off.