Revenge Of The Ultra Rad

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Marlene Dietrich

Revenge of the Ultra Rad – the Mini Series – is in development. Key cast members t.b.a. but most likely include YOU.

A Supermoon/Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Lilith in Leo squaring Saturn and enhanced by Uranus = individuate or rot.

Arm yourself with the Weekly Horoscopes from August 9 – they are posted here – but fyi voila Leo/Leo-Rising + our Ramzilla

You crave popularity and the validation of the masses – hence the fame-whoring – but your baseline is individualist. You don’t care what the shrink thinks. You are above boring crap standards of normality. Grandiose visions motivate you more than tedious realistic goals. The Full Moon is a flashpoint – you’re inspired and high on potential. Is another person getting it? To actualize alone? Or with a kindred soul? You can’t dilute the dream and you know it.

FINALLY a whiff on the wind that does not smell like burning bridges or the psychic equivalent of napalm. It’s opportunity; pure, raw and simple. Boss planet Mars in synch with Pluto and Neptune makes for instinctive relevance. You naturally know what to shun and what to pursue. Prize creativity and the new deal you’re trying to build in your life over possibly outdated group loyalties or even trends that peaked already. Nowness & your natural audacity rule.


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15 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Ultra Rad

  1. Yes fuq tedious realistic goals.
    Totally embracing having a grandiose vision ON the Full Moon flashpoint.
    Not doing it alone – doing a healing exchange with my kindred spirit – an amazing Aries warrior woman.

    I need my clarity & mojo back! I think I have been in detox the last few weeks.

  2. I’ve spent most of this year learning to cope with my career ended and my future being with my disabled daughter having finished school. In the meantime, I’ve been scheming very slowly to launch my business in making clothing for the young adult with disabilities – there is just NOTHING out there for them. Plenty for the old, plenty for the young, just not much for the in-betweeners who struggle to look decent and/or dress themselves. Still in launch mode really, but it’s chugging along nicely.

    I think I’ve been doing the individuate bit this year a lot. I’ve been talking about for about 3 years!

  3. A supermoon full moon in my 12th where my Lilith lives (& hence opposite the Leo transit lineup in my 6th)? Doesn’t sound like any show I’d add to my netflix list.

    You know what really pisses me off, though? These “documentaries” that have no narrative/speaking bits! Just a series of images of people doing shit, no rhyme or reason, no point that I can discern. What exactly is being documented in these films? That there’s another hour I’ll never get back? Next!

    • Maybe it depends on who created it.
      Sometimes the (say) director wants the viewer to form their own impressions and connections. But yes, it would be polite to introduce it as such, if it’s not being viewed in a specifically arty context.

      Having said that you could probably still discern a bit, without being told what to see, if you wanted to 🙂 who are the people, are they western? What are they actually doing? Are they inside or outside? Busy, calm, detached, wealthy, homeless? You know. That sorta thing 🙂 xxxx

  4. Individuate…Explains why after 4 years of having really long hair, I went in yesterday and chopped it off. My hairstylist says “are you sure you want to do this? Long hair is really ‘in’ right now.” That sealed the deal for me! Also interesting that while fashion is currently all about loose and flowing pieces, I am gravitating toward sleek, body fitting and more structured looks.

  5. Definately feeling the vibe already.
    All this leo is in my 12th house, sleeping tons and deeply with long dreams.
    Today thinking more about myself, possible dreams or journeys to take.

  6. Ah with a Leo Rising I am so getting this. Looking at my career in the future and thinking where I work now is just to small thinking for me. lol

  7. Oh. My 7th House is Leo, Virgo Chiron stranded there. I only just cleaned my inner circle of negative chi. I hope it doesn’t flood back in, I am trying very hard to individuate, and to recall who I was before all these people washed out my soul, so I can be that person, more often. I get, ‘you seem lost’ a lot, these days.

    …How do you prepossess and make it stick, Mystic lovelies?:)

    With Aqua sun and saturn in the 12th, individuating feels Sisyphean, sometimes. Lucky I have a few loving beacons of love and light in my life to help.

    • Good question! No clue 🙂

      Had some horrific feelings come up yesterday around my childhood. I’m almost 40 years old and I still can’t believe how bad it was. It’s a hard fight to remember twho we came here as and be that – no matter the astro.

      • It felt very Chiron to me. My Chiron is 8th house Aries. Maybe there’s some Chiron action going on right now?

        • Uranus is activating 16 degrees-ish of Aries, the self individuating planet-o-rama. Which degree is your Chiron, 12HV?

          I also have Chiron in Aries, and it’s conjunct Mercury. It’s not so much the past memories, as I’ve done these and laid them to rest, then of course done them again, then years later whoah here we go again. So i observe my Aries style fq-u rage over it and go, Well, Where Does That Leave YOU NOW? What am i doing to forge ahead? How am i truly individuating, regardless of the horror? I just don’t want to sit in horror or trauma. Of course, that takes layers, and you do need for Aries self’s sake, to get in there frankly and acknowledge how it really was, and how it felt. Primal Scream…heheh, as a Piscean, right? But with all my Mars squares believe me, i did and then i realised how that Primal Scream rang out through the years in some of my behaviour. I know if pushed i can call on it any time, but now (from Uranus transiting opposite Uranus) i know my real individuated peace comes with Leaving All that Sh!t behind. Like, if you want to be real Arien about it all, it ain’t my shiz, but the war wounds are and i need to progress from being a soldier to a warrior, or maybe beyond that now, to a True Individual, looking at Mars as God of Motivation and Energy, busting loose from the limitations of even my own wounded making.

          Of course, it’s a work in progress. Wouldn’t it be lovely not to have flashbacks? Stress, particularly when one must step up and prove oneself, triggers. But my Myst Tarot tells me it’s time to clear the psychic slate. Keeps coming up in different houses, but of course in 12H all the time of late. Uranus breaks up the jigsaw and even changes the shape of the pieces.

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