R.i.p. Robin Williams – Genius Neptunian


God how sad is this?   Robin Williams was SUCH a gifted and versatile performer. He was an epic comedian who also pulled off sensationally poignant roles such as the shrink in Good Will Hunting or the besieged-by-the-occult suburban Dad in the surreal Jumanji.

He was also haunted by lower Neptunian issues – drugs, addiction, alcohol – and apparently succumbed after decades clean. With, bizarrely enough, Jupiter on his Leo midheaven – the classic full-on public profile enhancement. There will definitely now be a massive media outpouring of validation for his talents and love from his fans.

Williams was a Sun-Cancerian with Moon in Pisces on the North Node in the 5th – classic for people driven by fate to be artistic, to be game changers in the creative realms. Luna as his Muse but also a Neptune in square to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter – in old school astrological parlance, an “afflicted” Neptune. You generally don’t fuq about with that. You can’t just dabble. You’re either 12 Stepping or ostentatiously clean, serene & toxin free or your ON it.  Uranus square Pluto aka the Zap Zone was aggravating his natal Neptune T-square big time.

He was (apparently) Scorpio Rising so Pluto ruled, with a lot going beneath that light, Mercurial exterior of his.  Thoughts?


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102 thoughts on “R.i.p. Robin Williams – Genius Neptunian

  1. I keep thinking about the Pluto opposition to his sun – the feeling that forces outside of you are opposing you.

    • Plus the concurrent full moon exactly on his natal pluto with saturn squaring the show from scorpio…. I can’t help but think if only he had held on a few more days and let the worst of the storm pass, if only he had known….. 🙁

  2. He was a ray of light in the world, an up-lifter. A voice of wisdom and compassion. All that heavy lifting in a world which is at times cold & harsh world must have been spiritually hard yakka. No doubt your demons helped you to be so creative, but still, hard dealing with them. RIP you brilliant man. A life very well lived.

  3. I will never forget his super creepy performance in that movie One Hour Photo, it shocked me because I was so used to him being a comic. You could tell he had something so intense in his real persona to be able to do that so perfectly.

    He lived on San Francisco and someone I used to know said he saw him at a Dharma Punx meeting (sort of like Buddhist recovery for rebellious types) a few years ago. I have that some people are genuinely trying to be good and happy people and still don’t make it. He was rumored to have asperger’s but undiagnosed…we often struggle with substance abuse and self loathing, and inability to feel at one with the world, always jumpy in your own existence and always always ALWAYS thinking…

    • I’m from SF and several people I know posted awesome stories about doing stand-up and having him randomly show up to test out bits. And about how empathetic and encouraging he was to everyone. Sigh…sad I never encountered him in person. This is a huge loss for the world.

  4. Heart breaking. We need to remember that it is not just a personal lifestyle choice – Addiction is a disease that kills people. It is so sad that he did not reach out. So awful for this family.

    This is what President Obama said just now.

    “Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets. The Obama family offers our condolences to Robin’s family, his friends, and everyone who found their voice and their verse thanks to Robin Williams.”

    • that is a touching and beautifully un-president-y sounding recognition of someone whose talent crossed and was totally appreciated by multi generations.

      • His parents left him alone in a dimly lit “haunted” attic for years on end. I tend to think his parent’s are responsible for leaving the tender psyche of Robin’s in a situation where he was overwhelmed… by something. I think he could have been healed of his affliction, I believe it was metaphysical illness.. So sad when I read this today.

  5. I loved his manic humour. But he did some mawkish roles. Dead Poets my fave. Looking at his placements you can see room for internal conflict. I feel much less vulnerable knowing/dealing with squares, quincunxs (horrible name: name suggestion- penopposition) and oppositions. Having Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio made me realize why I was such a voracious dope smoker, bringer on drink & magic mushies/acid when I was younger. His is a salutary warning

  6. Loved all his work from Mork onwards. Lucky to be old enough to have seen of his work. Genius personified.

  7. I just read about this and feel deeply saddened. He was so brilliant and moving. Oh it’s so sad. It seems that often those who bring do much joy to so many are so darkly tormented. RIP

  8. Pluto unearths the taboo, that which we relegate to Hades. At times I found him too intense, too real visceral, truthful. The desperation of men to remain virile was a sub theme. The creative Abyss. He always was a medium for the pain of Purgatory and it claimed him in the end. Being wicked bright, sensitive, and getting it before anyone else did. Then reframming it so we laughed as he held up the mirror.

    May his memory be for a blessing.


  9. Shocking. I always loved Robin, not even his brilliant weird humour, just him as a person. He seemed so sensitive. When he cried in movies, I don’t think it took too much for him to evoke tears.

    I would have hoped his water sun/asc/moon would have provided him with some emotional stability. 🙁

    Notice he had Mars/Saturn on his Asc. which sounds aggravating, plus Moon/Neptune transiting his Moon which sounds very emo.

  10. As a Bay Area native and fellow Pisces Moon, i grieve thee Mr Williams. He will be missed!

  11. Devastating : (
    Addiction destroys so many lives. Humanity’s universal collective sadness. So much love pushed away. I send it anyway.

  12. The strong Pluto influence explains something else – his nightclub comedy routines were shockingly crude.

  13. I hope the afterlife gives him the relief he needs.

    So sad about this – he taught me how to laugh 😉

  14. Thank you for this post. I was quite curious about his chart after hearing the terrible news. I can see why I also felt so connected to him. I have Scorpio ASC with a strong Pluto placement (conj. Moon) and strong Neptune (conj. Sun). That kind of T-square would be hard to deal with. Having the transits put pressure on it wouldn’t have helped either. I am a bit concerned about how the public may view him as more details of his death are released (assuming they are going to be released). I read a few posts on Facebook where people were speculating suspicion over the way he died and whether or not it was truly suicide, or possibly one of those lone sex-acts gone wrong (like Michael Hutchence, and David Carradine). Earlier this year there were further details about Hutchence’s death released which are shocking. I hope that doesn’t happen with Williams but given what his chart has in it, it might.

  15. This is so sad that another unique person leaves us in such a way. He was a comedian who also made us cry as well as teach us about compassion through some of his roles. A humanist – who probably in the end could not deal with some of the truths he felt and saw.

  16. So interesting to read about his chart — when I was a teenager, he came to our school (they were filming Dead Poet’s Society in the area). He was stunningly honest as a stand-up comic. Funny, witty, yes, but what struck me is how he touched on the sad and difficult parts of life — I remember he told us about his childhood on the stage…I don’t remember details…but it wasn’t all rosy…before morphing beautifully into an imitation of one of the toddlers in the crowded auditorium of teachers, students and their families. That day, I had the impression of someone who could move between the light and the dark (like a kind of Orpheus) and bring joy in the process. Such an extraordinary energy he carried.

    • “someone who could move between the light and the dark” is precisely what made him such a great comedian. I think that the role he played in Patch Adams was really what he was like in life – healing through laughter and compassion. I read in an interview with him how seriously he took that role. It’s poignant also how Phillip Seymour Hoffman was with him in that movie.

  17. Yes, sad… & a challenging time for him, with transiting Saturn squaring his natal Pluto & further triggered by the Full Moon in Aqua (exactly opposing his Pluto).

    All hard work & very heavy for him.
    My poor mum is also 63 years young & has been enduring that same Saturn square Pluto transit. No matter how optimistic one is, there’s nothing fun about this transit.

    Astrology can be such a GOD SEND during times/transits like these. Being extremely Neptunian herself & with a Scorp Asc like Robin Williams, had it not been for Astrology, my mum would have topped herself years ago.

    I truly hope some day Astrology will experience the huge renaissance it deserves… until that time, I’m sure there will unfortunately be a great many more suicides, that with a little astro awareness could possibly be avoided.

    • hard work indeed! he was trying hard to keep busy through it, just wrapped up 4 movies due to come out in the next year and a couple more being scheduled…. something was driving him hard…..

      • I read he had significant money troubles due to two alimony schedules. Was selling off property and took the TV job so he could have regular income.

        How that’s going to get sorted after a suicide (assuming it’s legally ruled as such), I don’t know.

  18. Looking at his chart, what strikes me is the sheer weight of all transits that had been hitting his chart lately lately and the cumulative impact they would have had on his capacity to cope
    – extended Mars in Libra transit over his Neptune through his 12th house of Ï wanna escape over last 9 months;
    – extended Chiron transit (separating) on his Pisces moon in recent years and Neptune nearly on it by transit ;
    – Pluto in Cap opposing, AND Uranus in Aries squaring, his natal Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 8th house of compulsions/death/sex and Uranus on his Jupiter in Aries in the 5th (I wanna have fun);
    -and then of course Saturn’s long transit through his 12th and then over his Ascendant, currently squaring his natal Pluto.

    A very rough time, all that.

  19. I can’t really believe it. Thank you for sharing, i don’t usually like how people fawn over celebrities when they have just died but i am just in shock and want to know more and can’t stop thinking about him and feel like i know him and am just so shocked… He was a beautiful, sensitive, kind, soul. I keep reading more random cases of him making people laugh as they were suffering, like Christopher Reeve after he had become a quadriplegic, like a family who had just been to a wake in New York… Suche cancerian/piscean empathy…And i have seen Good Will Hunting so many times and the elder character he plays in that is so archetypal as the elder we all refuse… the vietnam vet who has conquered his demons…I thought that was him… I guess that’s Neptune, illusory, changeable… Goodbye, beautiful man. I hope your family are ok.

    • I know what you mean, this death really is different, for many people.

      All that water. Such depth of feeling, and electric wit.

  20. I’m sorry! I feel bad for him..When you said Jupiter in Leo at his Midheaven..I got a little inkling of his sadness. he wanted people to love him and they were forgetting him..what do I know!
    I kind of grew up with mork and midy. He was loud sort of and odd ball.

  21. My FB post today:

    It’s my observation that very funny people usually have a very dark seam in their psyches; and that that seam is the source of their humor. Humor is so often the only way to deal with despair.

    What’s so unsettling about the kind of loss we endured today, is the unspoken, formless fear that one day we too will be engulfed by our own Shadow.

    Yet another reason to face the Shadow head-on, and not bury it, gloss it over, or worst of all, deny its very existence. It will always have the last word.

    Rest in peace, bright spirit.

  22. When I saw the blog post, I felt deeply sad. Unusual, this never happens, but I am moved by his passing. Met him when I was 17 or 18, they were filming Garp in my hometown and I left work to catch him. My buddy and I snuck behind the building they were (quietly and secretively, as I remember) filming in – it was the theatre, Denville Theatre – and he walked out not a minute after we got there. It was a thrill, nobody else even knew, no security, just Robin and one or two people walked out the back door, and he stopped and said hello to us, and gave us his autograph. My Leo MC will miss him. Happy and safe travels, brother, may you be guided and loved.

  23. Every Comedian shines a light on Taboo… Robin really saw the Dark because He has the Strongest Light… that is a heavy weight for a Loving Soul to Live with … lesser beings would not even attempt nor make it past puberty with His Life Purpose… I am Happy if Robin is feeling Peace now… He gave Us All so much Love… It is Time for The Beautiful Bird to be Free … Love You Long Time Brother Xx

  24. I think Robin Williams ‘s struggles will shed a light on the illnesses he’s struggled with, especially with depression (which many still regard as not being real). I just wish it didn’t have to happen this way. I hope he found his peace.

  25. His south node was Virgo in the 11th right? I wonder who he was in a past life. I sometimes think depression is linked to past life events.

    • A doctor maybe? Maybe that’s why the patch Adams role resonanted so much with him.

    • Agreed on the sometimes past life biz-current depressive symptoms/episodes. To resolve Integrity vs Despair issues, for some people it would be more valuable to conduct a Lives Review, rather than merely a life review.

  26. This one hurts. I grew up watching this man’s movies. Jumanji was a childhood favorite, we watched it (weirdly) every New Year’s Eve. Aladdin would simply not be the same without his genius hilarious Genie. And who could forget Mrs. Doubtfire – a awesome family film. Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society: he could do it all. I’m so sad that he struggled with that Neptunian pain under the surface. He was an amazing man, and his movies brought joy and laughter to so many people…may he rest in peace.

    • can’t believe I forgot my favorite, Hook.

      so upset over this. It’s like a punch to the gut.

  27. In light of all the beautiful comments about him, I wanted to share this posting about him from San Francisco — by a man named Steven Thorne: “I volunteered for 10 years at the UCSF pediatric clinic. During that time it was a quiet secret that Robin Williams would come in during the Christmas season, with no press or attendants, and spent many hours at bedside handing out Christmas gifts to each of the young patients, trying to make them laugh. It was critical that no one was to know if or when he would be there as he didn’t want his generosity to be construed as publicity, nor did he want the privacy of the patients to be compromised.

    I was lucky enough to run into him while attending an event at the SF Opera House.He was walking behind me down a long staircase and after a number of steps I stopped briefly, turned around, introduced myself and thanked him for his time spent with those children. I told him
    how much they appreciated his visits, and I hoped he would continue to do so in the future.

    He gave me a big smile with a true twinkle in his eye, and said “Really? That’s such a magical place.. Thank you.”. After that I truly fell in love with Robin Williams.”

  28. Seems like a lot of comedians sadly have a dark side that rarely pops up. It would be interesting to do a study to see if they have a common astrology thread. Afflicted Neptunes? Pluto ruled?
    I definitely was a huge fan- saw him once in concert and he was a roaring genius. But also seems like a lot of articles are talking about his more famous films. Although I loved Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumaji I also really liked his dark stuff- Insomnia, Death to Smoochy and One Hour Photo. His darkness seemed to come out more in those and I could connect with that. R.I.P. Mr. Williams- You will be sorely missed.

  29. I bcame a teacher partlee thru his roll in Ded Poits Sosighety in a midlife karear chaing. And modle miselph on his irreverence (easy to do with Uran 1H). His passing has made me shed a tear much to the disgust of my AquaMoon

  30. Wow! Thank you for sharing all those intense feelings & sensations.
    You taught us all about the rollercoaster rainbow. It has been a wild and wonderful ride .
    Sweet dreams, Magic Man! X

  31. Ouch. have never seen much of his earlier work, but Jumanji was a very important, formative movie experience for me.

    Not to be tacky, but when I saw that his natal moon’s just a few degrees off mine and while I know this doesn’t compare I did have an awful night recently, I tend to stay away from substances now but drank a neocitron (I know, that’s kind of funny, but…) for an awful cold and then became terrified, trying to stay awake & crying, thinking that if I allowed myself to fall asleep I would never wake up. Moon/Neptune/moon? Awful.

    This is deeply sad, though, my boyfriend is a big fan of his/also a cancer w/ grand water trine (but w/ moon in scorpio). When he (the boyfriend) was homeless/panhandling in Vancouver at sixteen (like early 2000s?) Williams gave him a really generous donation, after Dave telling him how much he admired the imaginary food fight in the movie ‘Hook’

  32. I think he had mercury conjunct midheaven in Leo with Pluto nearby, natal. The sun was conj his Pluto in transit and mars/saturn around his ascendant, in Scorpio. Ouch
    In response to a previous comment, I too hope astrology will be accepted by mainstream society SOON. Maybe it could have helped his pain. RIP

  33. I’m somehow not surprised that he suicided. My fave movie of his is “what dreams may come”. Interesting to note the movies message re suicide. If you haven’t seen it, do it now.

  34. Has anyone read Russell Brand’s tribute to Williams ? It’s very good. He reminded me of that time when Williams was asked by a German interviewer why Germans had a rep for not being very humorous.
    Williams replies , “it’s because you killed all the funny people”.

  35. My husband had a chart very similar to Robin Williams chart. Cancer sun, afflicted Neptune. Very artistic,caring, charming and talented. He also struggled with alcohol addiction and took his life in April on the day of the zap zone (27th). Sometimes the most giving, sensitive people can be ground down by life. I think both of them could have pulled through if they had just given it another day or week.

    • I’m so sorry about your husband, Redsonya. Suicide is excruciating for those of us still here. I hope you are taking care of you.

      And yes, you’re quite possibly right about things turning around for them in another week or two. But we’ll never know what may have been for them… and that’s really really hard to sit with…

      Peace & Strength xx

    • I thank everyone for sharing their stories. I’m intrigued to hear of all these struggles — and pain as I’m also Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, (and new to reading Neptune…175 Conjunction Jupiter – Neptune..Opposition Saturn …and in first house, some other places). The point is that these past months have both been transformative (I changed my life in unheard of ways, moved across the world, quit a job, changed everything) and it has been incredibly difficult. Last month, was the first time I have felt seriously suicidal, like I cannot continue, like I am weary, and like it would be better to be out of this body for everyone…I stuck around, though, because I have two children. It was really only that (or so it felt) that was my lifeline, my responsibility to continue. Seeing and hearing all this synchronicity from people with similar charts intrigues me…and I am sticking around…yes… hanging out with the initiation. And curious.

      • Curiosity is so good! Being curious is a sign of hope, optimism, open-mindedness, whatever. It allows for growth & new experiences, unlike cynicism which is closed, pessimistic, negative, etc. So glad you are still here with us 🙂 Stay thirsty (for fresh experiences in this life), my friend. xx

      • those are challenging Neptune placements Mika. Hopefully knowing what the possible pitfalls are will keep you out of them. You’ve just been through a lot, hopefully it will fell easier with some time.

        All the best to you and bless your resolve, which sounds both steely and open. Good luck xx

  36. This has been an incredibly hard period for cancers Mika. My dad is a cancer and he too went into a deep alcohol fueled depression around the same time when his mother, my husband, and several of his friends died all at once on April. My first husband died of cancer six years ago and I thought about suicideany times on that year. I got through by focusing on my daughter, becoming much more spiritual, and finding one thing in every day to thoroughly enjoy, even if that thing was just a really good hamburger:). That little bit of pleasure was more than my dead loved one could have and more than I’d have if I were dead. Hugs friend – change is scary but you will look back someday with gratitude that you kept going.

    • Yes. I agree about Kataks havn Scheissenfest 2014. My divorced wife, my sis and about 5 friends have sent me msgs of support. All have said that l remind em of Mork and that l use humour to survive. I thinkhavn Sat in Cap has kept me breathing n upright. Thinkn of all you have water.

      Im such fuqn softee

    • I am suicidal 80% of the time. It’s just how things go for me. Two antidepressants in my system and I just want the happiness double feature to begin.

  37. Like many, I’ve felt his loss very personally although I didn’t know him, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I think it’s because I always saw him as being somehow more ‘human’ than the average actor. It’s really made me think about the terrible pain that loved ones must go through after someone takes their own life.
    Mystic, your description of his ‘afflicted’ Neptune resonated with me. I have Neptune opp Jupiter and I’m either in the gutter or improbably clean. Climbing out of the gutter and heading for the shower as we speak.

  38. Basically had a cry or tear up everyday. Mr. Williams, you will be one strong reason why I will continue to take good care of my self. I can’t bear the thought of him taking a knife to his wrists. I just fall apart.

    “Knowing my lines, no one was there”….


    • Today, news saying that his wife states he had been maintaining his sobriety but that he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s.

      Maybe it was just all too much after everything else.

      My Mother, only 8 yrs older than he when she died, kept telling me she was done and she meant it.

      • Yes I just read that, too, about being sober & having Parkinson’s. His wife says he wasn’t ready to be public about Parkinson’s… Very possible why he was having symptoms/getting treated for depression & anxiety: trying to cope with the Parkinson’s diagnosis. Oh…

        • With the state of affairs of the world, maybe he knew nothing could make this fuqer happy….

          And so bye bye…you are on your own…

          And yet, the message so timely…the message being his “death” (in quotations…no way in hell he dyin’!)

          but to the average peep who has no basis in spirituality, reason for being here, sense of responsibility, etc…

          This is a wake up call that someone who could sacrifice so much of himself to make others happy fuqin offed himself..

          Yes people, put that in your pipe and smoke it..