Plants That Lie Dormant…

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Julia Harte


Lucy Christopher – Stolen – Via A Sea Of Quotes

So some transits can be just like those “first drops of water” & voila…Especially big astro like the Zap Zone and Outer Planets hitting on personal points.

Or like being a Capricorn/Capricorn Rising, Aries/Aries Rising, Pisces/Pisces Rising, Aquarius/Aquarius Rising or Scorpio/Scorpio Rising right now.


Image: Julia Harte – National Geographic Flowers sprout in the cracks of King Shulgi’s palace in Ur

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67 thoughts on “Plants That Lie Dormant…

  1. That’s me Aquarius/Aquarius rising, I’m hoping this is going to help me get some work. Struggling, waiting. Putting in all the hard yards…. to as yet no avail Kinda content to be in my studio, but the bills need to be paid. So as the daily horoscope said, it doesn’t feel like it yet……….. waiting for the rain………

    • In the same boat…Scorpio with Cap moon. Feels like it’s been a looooong drought.

  2. Scorpio/Aries Rising, Pluto and Uranus jerking around on my Venus and Saturn on my Sun/Uranus conjunction. Forced growth whether I want it or not hey.

  3. I love that quote!! and I love succulents too.

    Feel parched and so so sad and unmotivated about everything.

    Feel like the rain will never come. My Neptune in Scorp is dry.

    And I don’t like the month of August. It squares my Sun and Neptune.

    β€’ Scorp sun conj Neptune
    β€’ Cappy rising
    β€’ Outer planet girl

    • Scorp and Cap seem to be able to run on fumes … you’ll get there hun. The creative process if fuqing exhausting. All those outpourings of energy followed by the dead patch. I could never deal with it which is why I only do art for fun these days …

      • Well I’m running out of steam.
        The other day just before I walked out the door all packed and ready for art school I wished for a very brief moment that I was going back to my office job – at least that provided security and stability. I’ve got 2.5 years left to go and I’ll be poor by the end of it. There’s no security in it. All this slog for very little reward. It’s a hard road. And I’ve been hearing that from successful artists. WITH partners!

        I’m still questioning why I’m doing it. I’m not a quitter so I’ll carry on but I’m not experiencing much joy either. Coffee and sleep are the only things I still enjoy. Been thinking it might be time to go back on my meds. For a while now I’ve been blaming the transits… “Oh once such and such transit is over things will get better..” But they haven’t.
        And I’d really like a partner but I can’t with my workload and nobody meets in real life anymore. It’s seems like it’s online dating or nothing and I would rather dive into a pool of acid than go back to that.

        • I’m flat too Scorpbot, thanks to 6+ weeks of illness. I thought the arrival of Mars would change that, but it hasn’t – yet. I am still thinking that it will change soon. I feel suspended. I really reckon that will change when Saturn buggers off and starts fuqing with our values/incomes 😯 You know, after you finish art school you can still go back to stable and reliable and financial if you like, but you will have changed your relationship to your art. Will that be worth it? Although I do think it’s a concern if you’re not enjoying it as you do it, maybe the meds are a good idea x

          • Oh that’s a bummer you’re still unwell.
            I’ve got my tear duct op next week.

            It’s like Saturn is turning the screws as he prepares to leave our sign. Only four more months to go.

            Saturn is in my 10th still. Natal sun lives there. Would rather that than 2nd. Although I have natal Saturn in 2nd, so I feel your pain.

            Hope you get better soon. x

              • yeah, natal Sun in 10th… so Saturn focusing on vocation / career etc. But I have just about every other planet transiting my empty 7th house, so dredging up issues there. And Jupiter has been there for yolks. Wish it would just get the fuq out already!!

                Was reading Penny Thornton’s scopes for Scorp this week. Spot on!!

                “On Saturday the final 90ΒΊ angle between the sun and Saturn takes place; in five months time this planet of lessons and responsibilities will be out of your sign, although it will certainly have left its signature. And it may well be leaving that signature on your life in early to mid-August” 😯

          • Calypso, Scorpbot: I wish we all lived in the same neighborhood so I could run over & hug you both, listen to some tunes together, share a laugh & a smoke… Cheezus, these days have been… challenging. I think I live in a pressure cooker: if you hear a little scream in the night, that’s me dropping into the pot. Ugh I got the shittiest news about 12 hours ago, labs came back with indicators of cancer in plasma/bone marrow, & I’m heading back in soon for more lab work & tests… Could be that things are ok, but you know, Fuq. Just, Fuq. So I slept like shit last night & have a ton of diagnostic assessments to write today for work, & I can hardly focus on anything right now… And physically I always feel worse when I don’t get my sleep of course, so it’s 7am here now & I’m just looking at a long long day/week whatever. Fuq. I wish we lived in the same neighborhood! Stay strong, beautiful souls; I will if you will. xx

            • OH FUQ!! Fuqing hell man. So sorry to hear that.

              A smoke would be an excellent idea.

              ***Group hug***


              • LOL yes! Thanks for that, Scorpbot


                (Darkly) funny: yesterday I was here on another post talking about, “We need to zoosh up our energies, blah blah blah,” & I was sincerely feeling it, changed up my gravitar to initiate said Zoosh, and for real, an hour later, my doctor gives me this news. Like I was skipping along, la la la, came around the corner, and BAM sucker punch right in the face & my fronts go flying into the street! My grill, man! Haha

                Mystic has described this astro as a time for phoenix super powers, and that’s not being flip. This is the real fuqing deal. Astro wise, the Leo-Scorp tension, the Saturn action, Pluto & Chiron & all the squares & trines & all of it: for real we need to dig down & bring up our Greatest Powers to plow through right now.

                Laughing & friendship are so powerful! Thanks again, babe πŸ™‚ x

            • I had a small basal skin carcinoma on my nose last year, that I cured with a special cream that surgeons apparently had never heard of (of course they haven’t they want people to pay for the very expensive and invasive surgery). I wish their was such a thing for the plasma/bone marrow. Fingers crossed for you that you get the all clear with further tests.

            • Massive hugs Scorp Inc, I wished you lived nearby here, or I there, or somewhere in physical manifestation of this summer wonderland isle of the Net called Mystic Medusa. Medusa’s Island would have awesome trance dance parties under the full moon, cool caves decked out with daybeds with silken canopies for solitude and tables heavy with cornucopias of food & wine! Tangent alert, anyway I hope this sitch improves, like now. Best of luck. And I hope you amazing people, Cal, Scorpbot, all get some Mars power for good in your Scorpionic lives prontito. xx.

              • Ooh Fantasy Island: yes please! Thank you for the gorgeous visuals, Sphinx. Heart & soul food nom nom nom xxxx

            • jesus, what a knock. no wonder you can’t settle, just got knocked off your fuqin feet sweetheart. keep your eye on that line you were treading dear scorp Inc, if anyone I know can, it’s you. offering you hugs, laughs, smokes for the sisterhood, love and light for your health and gratitude for your fierce spirit.

              I have to go and gather some phoenix forces…. xxxx

            • Scorp inc.
              hi, just read this.
              right here with arms that reach around the world to give you a squeeze and say “right here with you ” xxx

              • Ooh you have a tight grip, Pi: you been working out? πŸ™‚ Thanks, babe xxxx

        • Scorpbot, you may find ‘Meetup’ valuable. There are many sub-groups based on a variety of interests, including arts and culture, so it’s a great way to be with people who share your passions. It could be inspiring for your work and a side benefit is that you may meet a potential partner. Good to recognise if you need meds to help you through.

          I’m a self-employed graphic designer, currently looking to be an employee so I can take out a small mortgage, so I can buy a home. Been living out of a suitcase, doing the hard slog for the past year. Not been sorted and settled since marriage ended 2009.

          No bites on the applications, no work in the self-employed channel.

          Recently ended a short term relationship (from Meetup).

          Am hugely blessed with a loving, supportive family and friends network <3<3

          Aries Sun
          Sun square MC
          Neptune opp Uranus
          Saturn conj Neptune
          Pluto trine Pluto

          Mini transits Moon: square Uranus, Pluto, Chiron; trine Sun; in 5th house

          • Hey riverwalker, I left a full time job as graphic designer back in 2008! Pluto on my asc – non-stop growth since then.

            Pluto would have been squaring your Sun since 2009?

            I have a graphic designer friend who’s struggling to get work too. It’s tricky. Nobody values the role anymore. I figure peeps think why pay when they can get a logo designed online (from China or wherever) for $50!!

            Hope you find something soon. And a lovely new home too.

        • Scorpbot I am totally feeling that vibe right now. So burned out.
          We need sleep and to relax but it’s so hard to do that when you’re over stretched physically, financially, emotionally. I just feel really blocked and close to despair most of the time. I had a beautiful day two weeks ago but seem to have morphed into a grumpy, exhausted work zombie. It’s not much fun.

          Oh and re the online dating thing, I’m so there hon! I didn’t meet anyone online but the ONE dude I was supposed to meet who seemed really cool and together turned out to be a really creepy dude who had somehow found out my real name and home address before we even met up in person for a drink.
          So creepy!
          Anyway. Plodding on..
          But Calypso makes a great point. You can always go back to stable and reliable after you finish art school if you want to.
          Hey @Calypso, sorry you’ve been ill. That sucks.

        • Hey Scorpy I’m chiming in late here but I wanted to say I so get where you are at. Went through the same thing a few years ago with quitting work to study. Sounds like Saturn on your Cap asc prompting a cost benefit analysis… My sitch made me see that the day job I had ‘hated’ for so long actually brought a lot to my life (besides money – but yes, also the money). And it totally busted the illusion of what being a ‘full time writer’ meant. Nothing wrong with some hard-eyed analysis of your choices. In the meantime, just keep showing up at art school, do the work and see what happens… you don’t have to love it all the time. Sending hugs xxx

          • Thanks Chrysalis.
            Yeah, good point! – I don’t have to like it all the time.

  4. Aries sun Pisces rising cap moon

    I FEEL YA MM ……………

    Never been a time like right now!!!!!!

  5. I have always loved the plants that grow in impossible places, or go out there to new frontiers: the coconut seedling on a sand bar, sapling on a rock on a sheer cliff face, grass growing on an abandoned window ledge. Air ferns, they’re pretty cool too. “I dont need nothin except somewhere to hang”

    • I love plants that grow in seemingly impossible places too!
      My favourite plant is the kokerboom. She is a succulent that grows in the kalahari desert.

  6. So emotional after reading this post.

    I’ve been that plant for almost 10 years now, mostly dead, waiting for rain.

    When you’re so used to drought and disappointment though, it’s hard to believe that it will ever rain again.

    Thanks MM for posting this astro hope.

  7. I prescribe a Tspn of Dynamic Lifter to be digested with scopes. Nitrogen in this fertilizer shoul make all you femmes a bit cooler and feel a bit more ready to grow what you’d like to see flour ( i couldnt help refine the spelling).

    Just saw a half moon on NBN with a speck that was Saturn next to it.

      • oh sorry – that was for Katman above!

        my eldest son has been through it too. Aqua – what’s the big transit for Aquas?

        • I like seeing it for real (l was at footy practice when it happenend).

          I can admit feeling all this stuff you guys are on about. All that blue n red sky all the way to Neptune.
          I now can avert SN Rambo from ripping out of my shirt Hulk style.

          Why do l admit to these weaknessess?

          • no, no nooooo
            it’s not a weakness. there is a difference. Well maybe out on Planet Man, where anything that is other than 110% capability and unwavering certainty is considered lion-fodder, but blecch who wants to live there. (Apart from Lions, lions are cool)
            Strength cast over frailty is not strength at all imo. Brittle and hollow.
            To investigate vulnerability or some shade of doubt, and remain ourselves in the process to some extent or other, is *not* weakness. You don’t have to go on Oprah but srsly if I saw George Clooney or Mat McConaghey or … or… another alpha type, get up there and demonstrate some solid EQ, and fearless self-questioning, i mean, that’s hot, basically.
            did I miss the point here? probably. lol πŸ˜‰

            • and yes i watched the brene brown thing about 6 months ago so yes yes i get it totes amaze etc.

            • I was just directn sarcasm at us blokes. Of course its not weakness to admit weaknesses such a SNode in Aries – the Rambo reference. I wished things were better (esp for ppl with serious health issues- like above) but also evryday life. I see this mini topics as one continuous self assessment sojourn. Like today my lone Cap influence (in Saturn/6H) is dble hit of task master trine my VirgMars explains my industrious attitude to my job despite being an Aqua QuirkStar. Or my constant KatVirg (6placements+asc) contrast to my AquaLeo (5placements). And what does it mean to have a spread of all 4 elements? (+ l’m migrained atm – 2 beers did it)

              • Plus l forgot my 2Scorps as well ; just figured out lots of fixed placements. Im so fuqn stupid for a bloke with AquaMoon/Psyche.

  8. Saturn retrograde was a nice reprieve from the anxiety I’ve felt since late 2012 (although it did bring up health issues). Now that it’s direct, all my Saturn transit lessons have come back with a vengeance, although I do have a little more perspective on them.

    Mars into Scorpio has made me feel exposed: I usually like to keep that strong Plutonian energy under control, but it’s right there at the surface now, taking no b.s., feeling Hulk smashy at times, sarcastic, suspicious.

    Ha, ha! People around me must be so confused because I always present my Toro Moon and Rising, Venus in Libra, and Sun conjunct Neptune and reserve the Scorpio energies only for the few family and friends who won’t be freaked out by them.

    • Oh wow. I can so relate to your comment!! I have Sun conjunct Neptune too.

      I thought I’d get my mojo back once with Mars into Scorp but it’s just made me really emo and veering towards the lower side of Scorp side.
      I have venus in Libra too. Couldn’t even be arsed being my good diplomatic self anymore or pretending everything’s just fine – Cap rising. I think Mars is revving up my Scorp bits.

  9. Plants that lie dormant, cells that lie dormant… It’s in the DNA. The master code.

    Mystic, your tarot is so magical. Just did a spread, got Tower in the first house: “Expect a challenge that stops you in your tracks… Time to shore up resources and networks, how many paid days off you have left, and basic food stocks…” Right?! I *wish* I had paid time off– that’s half the fuqing problem! And I don’t get paid either for paperwork/writing that is necessary to do my job at all. Like today: I will spend the next 10 hours or so writing diagnostic assessments & will get paid for None Of It, but I have to do it, it’s part of the job. Pffft

    But anyhow, The Tower. Yeah.

  10. Aqua yes completely get this right now.

    Living in the outback the land is full of plants that wait for the first rain, when they do it is spectacular and the energy they give off is magnificent. After really heavy consistent rains and the wildflowers come out it’s breath taking to see them for as far as the eye can see. I’ve seen hardened Territory men melt at the sight of it.

  11. Mystic you just described my Neptune-Venus transit of three years ago.. that is precisely what happened. My poor old almost-dead Venus was revived in spectacular fashion. I hadn’t even realised how un-alive I was until that man came along. Life is good now, but I still have days where I miss him so much my heart actually hurts.
    The Triffids’ ‘Raining Pleasure’ could have been written for this transit, in fact my lover introduced me to this song.

  12. Just add water……. I’m an Aqua Sun waiting for revival, as well, though I think it has begun.. I felt dead to love for many years, I’d say most of the last 10 years, but I think the tide is finally turning. As far as outer planet transits, Neptune sits right on my Moon in Pisces right now and has done for quite some time. Pluto recently transited my Venus at 6 Cap, but of course is still in the same sign, as well as Pluto is now firmly lodged in my 7th house by transit, so more Venus stuff, I suppose..

    Part of a song I wrote once goes:
    Meanwhile..I watch the waves and I think
    in this drought I have wasted water
    every tear
    now the fires are burning
    nothing left
    who knows what will rise from these ashes
    if anything
    but the grief burns on…