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Crazy-bats super-awesome Mars-Saturn in Scorpio + Venus-Jupiter in Leo = intensity.  The Daily Mystic for Wednesday HAS been sent out but you can also view on the Daily Mystics page here if you prefer. It is all go-go-go.  Goodbye everything retrograde and hello dazzling UBER astrology.   If you’re wondering w.t.f about today and have not read about the 21 hour Void Moon in Pisces (surreal, trippy, alt-dimensional) scroll down to read/re-read that as well.

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71 thoughts on “Multi-Leo – Uber Scorp Cosmic Mojo Oomph

  1. Fabulous and obviously romance. It’s, dazzling, sexy and daring energy.


  2. I don’t know a single person who isn’t having an awful time right now, like real bad. Maybe full moon fallout? It’s been a very strange week.

    • Totally. Last night had the heaviest energy ever. Ancestral, painful, deep stuff. Horrible, really. I think it was Venus void in cancer.

    • Yep, I agree, very tough week and very weird and confusing. Some moments of grace though. Trying to stay present but I can’t help feeling there are shoes about to drop. The Mars-Saturn business will hit my Scorpio sixth house at a pretty sensitive point, and both work and housing are completely up in the air. Meanwhile – Mars is on my North Node today!! Shouldn’t I be meeting some man of destiny?

  3. I was all set to go on multiple projects, but had a total space-out of a day… glad to know about the void Moon in Pisces- I won’t be too hard on myself for wasting time. Tomorrow is another day…

  4. I think it came a day early here in the blandest city in the world – woken up at 2am by a screaming client who tantrummed and self harmed all night… But today is space cadet glory – may I advise listening to the cosmic guitar vibes of the church and gazing at clouds – to any affected people – those youtube videos of them doing it live in Italy are particularly inspiring…

  5. SK = pluto love prophet
    PK = cosmic chiron full moon guitar beam
    MWP = earth phallice ding dong bazooka
    RP = pre raphalite percussive nymph

  6. Thank you and goodbye retro astrology.
    Hello self-love!
    Hello saturns power. Hello again Leo!
    Goodbye 12th h mush Venus, hello Venus Uranus! I haven’t hung out with you for a long time.
    Thank the gods those fuqing feeling things are gone. Ick. Hail the Sun

  7. I have Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” repeatedly running through my head. laughing

  8. The Leo told me he was falling in love with me and gave me his house key! 😯

    Thank god I feel the same way otherwise I would’ve totally freaked :mrgreen:

  9. doing OK. MUST ratchet up time management and hack off time wasting. if anyone sees me dong a barrage of comments on this blog between now and November, tell me to GTFO. for serious.

    • ‘Time wasting’ is an essential Pisces pasttime. Time is reinvented under Neptune into multiple dimensions of consciousness.

      So don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe schedule mini-daydream time slots in yr day? Structured randomness.

      Speaking as fellow Pisces sun, we’d miss you too much if you’re not on here.

      • you are right, regular tuning-out is essential for my (your, their) mental health
        it’s the pointless hours lost to the time-vacuum of the internet that i must wrest control of however xxx tough stuff for a mercury freak but i have enabled my new-tabbing mercury long enough, now it is time to make it work for me. CTRL-T yo easy on that stuff it’s addictive xx

        • OMG OMG 12th house gemini, and sun-mercury in pisces, so totally duh, information addictions…
          *eyeroll at self*

          k bye x

        • Oh I hear ya Pi. Got a packed third house (including Jupiter in Virgo) sextiling the Addict Incarnate that is Moon-Neptune… I lost the whole day to it yesterday. Ugh

  10. It’s been so good having Mars back home, I wish he could stay here in Scorpio forever! Transiting Mars says goodbye to my natal Mars today, which is bittersweet, but we part & look forward to the upcoming mashup of roving Mars with my Sun-Venus and transiting Saturn *giddy* 😀 No, it’s not for the faint of heart. It never was.

      • Right? We can’t take credit for it though, it’s not like we have a choice in the matter or anything. It just is. Sometimes I think it might be nice to be fainter of heart… Lighter, less loneliness… But then my Scorpio kicks in & says, “Oh what the fuq is it to you? Whatever.” LOL Thanks, Scorpio bits! 😛

          • And be sure to take your Mercury bits out for a walk regularly. You know, keep the energy moving 😉

        • As you’d know lm a teacher and work with 4 Scorp males that l get on with like a house on fire. But they are ALL less intense than you’d think. Not one has a passion for mcycles like l do. Maybe its the women who are more intense in that ‘solid’ water way.

          • Dunno. Maybe they have mad passions for things that no one knows… *raises eyebrow*

            What house is your Scorp? I forget. And what’s your 8th?

            • Scorpio in mostly 4H (ruled by Kataka?) last 5deg in Sagg. Jup n Nep live there. 8H 10 deg in Aqua n Chiron lives there so balance Pisces. I think thats how it goes. Sasportas book still aint arrived.
              Im the Anti-teacher. I ve actually had kids fight the system and beat it.

              • Even better: the anti-teacher! Love it. Of what, if you’ll indulge me?

                Were mcycles a big part of your formative years?

                Were you the person I had a brief exchange with some months ago re Spanish Caravan: The Doors vs George Winston? Was that you?

                Finally, do you think your Aqua 8th lends you some detachment/objectivity re 8th house matters?

                • Answers in reverse order.

                  NO WAY. I think I’m the phantom Scorp; (Aries SN/ MC- whatever that means). I had a crush on Sally Field as a 6yo and I’ve loved/crushd Water girls ever since. There must be some astro answer but I can’t identify it. I know us Kats love sex (but not without connection) but not straight off. I’d run if a femme dropped her pants in the first few encounters. Down the track i’m 180.

                  No I wasn’t dat person.

                  I had mcyckles since 16. A Scorp mate with Neil Young (my man crush) eyebrows taught me so much about riding lines and scraping pegs. He was the most Scorp man I’ve known. He was murdered nearly 20 years ago.

                  I teach brats. Joking. I teach what you guys call ‘shop’; metal and timber.

                  Quid pro quo……

                • Thread gets so tiny!

                  Well, Katman, you are h.o.t. 😉 I’d ask you out in a heartbeat if you lived in my vicinity. Just sayin.

                  It’s going to be so good when you get your astro book; you have a good handle on your aspects/chart now, but that info is going to blow things wide open for you. Your Scorp-ness is uncanny & will devour that book.


                  • Maybe KatSun + Asc n Jup/Nep Scorp ‘flow’ sympatico. And they in 4H.
                    You get up early.(6Pacific time?).
                    I might have a dream or two tonight……

                    • 9:39 . Big Apple. I’m 5 hrs from Big Mango. Here nearlymidight. Always remember……….l’ve forgotten

            • Also got this theory, which lve just developed, that Scorp men with that ‘eyebrow’ have their passions out in the open. Ones that look benign have those, ahem, you alluded to.

              • Right, the “benign” Scorpios…


                Wholly plausible, your theory.

          • And no, I didn’t know you’re a teacher! That’s fab 🙂 Rock out, Professor K.

        • right, lately I’ve been feeling all my intensity and going, ugh, heavy.

          That’s it, I can’t even put a fun spin on it!

          • And why would you want to, nothing fun about it lol! Do you sometimes wish you were lighter? And then Mars in Scorp tells you to stfu, be one with it? It’s happened to me (natal Scorp Mars). You’re right: it’s fuqing heavy sometimes. xx

            • i can’t even tell if I’m always like this and can’t usually see it so clearly, or if I’m usually lighter and 8 weeks sick has bore me down to the core, all else washed away. So yeah, I think I wish I was lighter but this feels pretty bedrock and so all the other stuff is just layered on top like jam and cream. and chocolate 🙂

              • that stuff gets eaten up first. the intensity does have a reliability about it, a substance. I think I’m just exhausted. I think of you when I say health is so important xx

                • So true that health is the prerequisite for all else. I’ve thought that before too, that lasting illness changes a person… But like you said, it strips a person down to their core, boils down until only the essence is left. Not changes, but reveals what’s there under all the delish fluff. Mmm chocolate…

                  It’s stressful on many levels, being sick for long, so there’s that to consider: is this Me, or me reacting to a fantastic amount of pressure? Sometimes that can be tricky to tease out. For sure, tho, stress complicates everything, so whatever we can do to alleviate stress, the better off we are. True for anyone, but imperative when one’s unwell (physically or mentally) for long.

                  I think of you often, dear calypso, magic seahorse spirit. One day at a time, & one hour at a time when the day is too long xxxxx

  11. “Mars AND Venus in such awesome aspect suggests relationships developing and evolving in brilliant style”
    SOOO into this…

    My SO and i have a Venus/Mars shazam and after bleeting about him for years here on the MM soap opera couch something has majorly shifted for him.
    Over the past 3 weekends we have had
    1. a divine 3 day trip into the bush gourmet camping in my van,
    2. last week he went to a party with me,
    3. and this week is going to another party dinner and
    4. he as bought me a birthday pressie 1 week ahead of time.

    WTF is going on???
    . This is after 5.5 years of nadya, refusing all invites, no pressies, going awol for weeks on end …peeps here know the back story.
    I also helped him over 7 study sessions over the past 3 weeks too and he as been so generous and open and everything he was not.

    can peeps enlighten me to this major transformation? its almost scary

    he is Sun leo/moon aqua/mars taurus/ kataka rising

    • I dunno, but he looks a whole lot of stubborn fixed-ass by his astro!!
      Maybe after 5 years he thinks all of these things are HIS idea instead of what you have always wanted him to do??
      I know with my Multiple Leo Scorp rising I can be on at him for years (it feels like) and suddenly he announces he’s doing it as if it just occurred to him last night, and it’s now a great idea 0_o

      • very true. it is his idea to accept all these invites and that is why it seems so natural. Im going with the flow all the way.
        Just wondering what general astro… maybe exactly this scorp/leo uberness