Luna Luxe: Moon in Scorpio/8th House

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James Jean

Moon in Scorpio or 8th House

Secret You

You are like a witch in sheep’s clothing, adept at magic, highly intuitive and blessed with a brilliant ability to grok where other peeps are at even before they themselves understand it. You have a powerful effect on other people and can sometimes struggle with this, especially when young. Your energy field is potent and stirs the qi of others—to negative or positive ends. Hence their strong reaction to you. Your sexual appetites are intense yet you’re also so attuned and sensitive that you can not just seek gratification casually. Complicated much? You can bear grudges and/or nurse a crush for centuries without feeling any issue about it whatsoever. Your interests and humor are always verging on the macabre; you’re like a natural Goth.

Nourish Your Yin

You thrive on intensity and things that you can transform yourself through. If you meditate, it will be to achieve astral travel or extreme heightened states of consciousness. Mere relaxation is not enough of a lure for you. If you do martial arts, it will be to become a black belt or else it is just not absorbing enough. If cooking is your method of being centred, you will achieve mastery over some complicated cuisine. You can not just dabble in anything. Your art has to be to work through something from your subconscious, if you drink alcohol, you are going to commune with spirits. Your most fast methods of soothing your psyche are actually any of these three: an ice cold shower, an orgasm or investing in the stock market.

Auspicious Moon Remedies

Art therapy, Khundalini or Bikram Yoga, Gestalt, Tarot, Hematite, essential oils of myrrh and frankincense, the colour red, the metal iron, swimming naked, juice fasting, smudging with mugwort, martial arts, hematite stones, Reiki, spell-craft, narcissus, tulips, voodoo arts, the number 9, the study of philosophy and/or occult history, radical makeovers, competition in such events as the triathlon, geomancy, ambient music, and the ankh symbol.

Lunar Spy

Don’t lie to the Moon in Scorpio, don’t try to manipulate him/her and don’t bother with even a minor betrayal. Deeply sensitive, perceptive and vengeful, you need a code of conduct for dealing with this lot. Good news: They don’t play games and so, if one of them fancies you, you will be made aware of the fact, along with whatever his/her intent may be. To attract Moon in Scorpio, be authentic, lithe and tres clear in your vibe. Think Yoga Diva, mystique and noble bearing. Moon in Scorpio is a sucker for amazing posture and inscrutability. Detached composure wins them over and Moon in Scorpio genuinely does love the no make-up look. Seal the deal by implying or demonstrating how focus and grounded you are. Don’t be flip.


Image: James Jean

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85 thoughts on “Luna Luxe: Moon in Scorpio/8th House

  1. Mystic, you’re the best! Thanks for this awesome post. Relevant like mad! I’m rejoicing!!! :)

          • My chart is boring and not watery.
            I’m all fire, earth and air but thanks to my progressions I’m granted some water. Prog sun is in Scorpio and I’m LOVING it, prig moon in Kataka, I’m dealing with it. My spunky Lilith is in Scorpio in the 12th. I have sh^tload in the 12th House actually. Seems to be quite a lot of 12th house action on this site.

            • Are you Saggi? What is yr Asc? And how can a chart be boring? Esp when you yourself are clearly not?!!

              • Ha!
                Thanks Sphinx!
                I’m Sag moon (in the 12th)
                Sag rising (in Jupiter)
                and I have Jupiter in Sag so I am kind of an honorary Saggo I guess but totally schitzo as have Sun, Mars and Mercury all in Virgo, uber close togtha in the 10th and ye bootilicious Venus Leo
                Roar :-) xxx

            • Do you have natal planets in the water house…4th, 8th or 12th? What about conjunction with watery planets…moon, neptune, pluto?
              My son has no water signs, but sun conjunct neptune in the first. HUGE influence on him.

              • Hey Catfish..
                Well Neptune, Moon and all three Liliths are in the 12th in Scorpio and I have a Venus Neptune trine so that’s gotta count for something right.
                Anyone on this site knows that I KNOW HOW TO NURSE A CRUSH! lol

                • oh missed the 12th house part! I have moon in 12th as well! I love it. Venus too.
                  I know what you mean about nursing a crush.

    • Hell yeah! Mystic you are SO GOOD! I have moon in Scorp, and now off to try smudging with mugwort, now I know why I plan my holidays around naked swimming

  2. So true! My mother always said people loved me or loathed me as a child, lol.
    As an adult I am better at managing my impact on others, but even so, I find during a light-hearted coffee with others I end up dredging up stuff or psychoanalysing events/people/situations.

    Like doing social autopsy or forensics. My focus is not to do it while the party is still going. Of course it’s laced in Gemini whoopsy-daisy but not everyone shares my joy or curiosity as regards plutonic analysis.
    And manners is just making others comfortable, right? :)

    • Totally! I was known for being moody and intense and wilful as a teen. Always highly intuitive and able to read adults motivation, but not much ability for self analysis til much later in life.

      And Yes to don’t bother trying manipulative games, because I am Very perceptive, sensitive and vengeful. This has been highlighted in some dealings just this week. Mars transit in Scorp has me scorching atmo.

      Sphinxy, I adore your extended plutonic analysis -es…Especially when lightened with a bit of gem sparkle!

      • Well thank Goddess for that! And I love Scorpionesses! They have the gravitas to handle my energy beautifully. I enjoy Cap’s as their dryzabone gsoh is a good foil for my intensity – they are amused by my pin point focus to dilated grand planning. (They just don’t divulge their secret ways to world domination in turn).
        And Saggi’s/Gem’s are good ‘cos they wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care… 😉

        Mars is welcome in Scorpio on my Luna, I have been like a wet Saturn blanket too long these last few months.
        What’s getting you riled doll?

        • I love Moon in Scorps as that is the perfect perfect foil for my 8th house moon. Wonder how a person with Asc in Scorp would go down? Thoughts??

          • My Leo partner is Scorp asc. Can be very intense and obsessive compulsive, super, super fixed when in a course of action, as he is already a fixed sun. That is where our clashes arise, but as I’m Scorp moon, I kind of understand that it’s a process.
            I think his Scorp asc. Has given him a tremendous ability to withstand sorrow, and adversity but he’s got Sagg moon, and heaps of Gemini, so we do get to laugh about it all eventually!

            • Thanks Veronica. What you are saying about Scorp Asc rings true – giving fortitude and staying power, resilience. I worry (Moon in Virgo, 8th house) about this person’s sensitivity. I’m interested in when you say you understand that it’s “a process” – you mean that the super-fixedness is just a part of a larger process eg of transformation or of seeking to penetrate to the truth? Thanks for your insights x

      • The Leo’s biz partner has been quietly screwing him over for money while at the same time cooking us dinner regularly *mouth grimaces with contempt*

        I have been sensing it for a while, and kind of forced it to come to a head. I HATE manipulation, and no one can do it to me, but it has happened to the Leo at Lot, starting with his family. He is learning how to fight back, but very frustrating for me to stand by. I’d like to rip his head off after telling him (so called biz partner) exactly what I think.

        • Yes, I would be the same. Your Leo has Scorp MC so Leo on his MC then? Leo’s shine so childish bright sometimes they forget that others have more complex shades of.. being.
          Where is his NN?

          • His NN in Libra, all his Leo in the 10th, sun, merc, Saturn. He gets obsessed with work, too.

            I’ve only just recently realised this gives him quite a Cap energy, as I’ve never been involved with a Capricorn man, and not many close cap girlfriends.

            You are so right about his wilfully not recognising the complexity of others motivations sometimes, til it hits him in the face. And me fuming I @/#*** told you so!!!
            But that’s how his family treated him from a very early age, so it’s a pattern he’s got to learn to leave behind. Brother was jealous of him and took money from him, and subsequent friends, til he cut them out of his life.
            I’m hoping Jupiter helps expand his sense of self worth.

            • The NN in Libra seems tricky, like he is used to just flipping out Aries style, but that isn’t going to work this time, Libra needs to balance, assess and discriminate?

              • And Leo for the 10th, there are so many strengths, but I am not sure that Leos are known for cunning! Leo and Libra together sounds very sparkly glam though, just lovely.

  3. Oh Mystic until recently I thought I was Sun in Pisces, Moon in Taurus. But then I redid my charts and I realised my Moon was in Scorpio. So much makes sense now. I never understood why people always loved or hated me as a child. It was such a hard thing to bare. It’s a great but not always easy thing to own. Thank you for the guidance. x

  4. I am just crushing on that description.
    Do I know any Scorpio moon /8th house moon people?
    because I Iove the sound of them!

    • Me ! Mwuh ha haaaa.

      Into hypnosis at the moment – not for relaxation or quitting addictions (did that years ago, except coffee, which I won’t talk about. Unless its single origin, fairtrade, organic, wet processed arabica, in which case I’ll have a double shot espresso thanks)..

      …where was I ? Oh yeah – lucid dreaming. Hypnosis for lucid dreaming, increased ESP and more powerful orgasms… Its fascinating stuff ! That’s some Moon in Scorpio right there 😀

  5. 12th HLeo sun square 4thH scorpio moon here. Soooo yes..ppl either loved or hated me as a child (esp because of the dramatic tantrums I threw lol) As an adult the tantrums only hit once in every other year or so :). I am into astro,tarot,ghostly things,dreams,crystals,smudging,feng shui,angels, astral travel, meditation, and law of attraction (which is very powerful stuff for me…i have to watch what i do/feel lots of times lol)

  6. I’ve got a Libran 8’er Moon, waaayyy confusing for people new to my ways. I’ve been described as a ‘mall mystic’ before–I’m into my gossip, coffee dates, festos, milkshake and movies with popcorn, lame pop concerts, optimism, community art/fun and regular hippy dippy Libruh hi jinx….
    BUT catch me in a reflective mood and I’ll whip out the black folder and start with the conspiracies, juju (is it cool to still say that?) and doomy predictions.

    I spooked my last art collective by turning up to a meeting one morning in a sunshine logo tshirt, carrying smoothies for everyone, with my hair in bunches and ribbons….then proceeded to sit down, lay out my French deck and start poring and shaking my head over a reading for the year ahead. one asked me what game I was playing. my reply? “It isn’t a GAME..”
    Still crushing on a guy I met at that very same collective, and we haven’t spoken in over half a year. Guilty as charged.

    I’m kinda like Clueless crossed with Witches of Eastwick, a Val-girl crossed with Wednesday Addams. I LOVED Wednesday/Xtina Ricci growing up, which makes sense; I have so much Cap, and an aqua Saturn conjunct, so sarcasm, deadpan espression and morbid schadenfreude is totally me.
    I wear silver bracelets for protection, not fashion, and feel objects carry imprints and memories, so I’m very careful about what I allow in my space.

    hmmm, what else? My grandmother swears my soups can heal the sick or something (so embarrassing), and my current wider reading is on Macrocosmic Memory and the Big Mind. I am a sucker for clear skin, a straight back and a steady stare, it’s so so true. Must admit I don’t like cold showers or money-play, though (my heavy 12th likes scalding baths? And my moon is squared by everything, so I am too hot/cold in temperament and intuition to be any good at consistent prediction…). I’m so looking into art therapy and essential oils, man.

    You can even hear the 8th in my speech, I think—‘feel’ is my go-to verb, ‘vibe’ my go to noun (I do have a lot of 12th though, xp). It can be confusing for people, though. My Cap Mere held a family meeting recently to discuss my magikal habits, picked up after returning from living in a commune—she was worried about my burning candles in pots of cooking herbs, dragging my bemused former schoolfriends up hills to salute the moon, and apologising to plants when I manoeuvre my car past them of a morning. My Scorp Moon/Katakana dominant papa thinks it’s hilarious and awesome, and confesses to feeling better or worse depending in where the moon is at. I’ve been talking to trees since I was small, anyway–it’s neighbourly, right? 😉

    • And btw I drank some shiraz and spoke to Elvis tonight. Just saying hound dogs 😉

  7. Btw, I love the pic, it’s all light and beautiful and relaxed in the flower, but you get the impression the chilled out lady is quite aware of the goofy soldier and the huge black toad beneath. Super image for Scorpios. Got it under control, having fun!

    • I am a bit addicted to this song, it’s lo functioning Scorpioness behaviour but so honest I love the honesty. Tove Lo is a stellium Scorp, Sun/Venus/Merc etc.

        • Oh yeah Sphinx I TOTALLY get this… awesome vid

          In bed with a moon in Scorpio dude RIGHT NOW.
          His ex gf is in the flat upstairs…
          That sounds so wrong!
          My screaming his name all of last night sounded worse!

  8. Dating a Scorpio Moon, sounds pretty apt. He’s also a Sun in the 8th house Cancerian with Scorpio rising and venus in Taurus, so yeah. Utterly inscrutable. Sex as a hobby. The whole situation is bringing out all my Scorponic trust issues and the response to my less than grounded behaviour is fascinating, not giving anything away, ever. I’m being out Scorped!!

  9. OOOF. I’d forgotten how good this description was in the ebook. Brilliant even.

    Luna Luxe was the first place I’d heard that Scorp moons prefer no makeup and good posture and it was such a light bulb moment. (I figured those were reflections of my Cap sun or maybe my 8th house Saturn.) If I see you sitting or lounging there, all composed + fresh faced… I’m probably gunna bore a hole through you with my eyes.

    I’ll third the idea that a cold shower sounds hideous. It probably would calm me way the eff down, but I would likely have to be shoved in there by someone who loves me enough to withstand a few cat scratches.

    SO much to comment on here, really…

  10. Got a Scorp rising and moon this describes me to a tee. I’m always hearing about people’s deep issues without knowing how we got into such a conversation lol. I like it I feel like I get to know others on a deep and personal level. Also the part of having a big sexual appetite but needing intimacy to be a part of that, can’t just be any ol person off the street there’s gotta be a safety net for me is spot on. Scorp is sexy 😉

    Between this and your 1st house moon post you’ve got me down. Definitely bookmarking them next time I’ve Scorp analyzed myself onto the brink of an emotional breakdown and my 1st house will be like well do something impulsive about it !!!

    • yes, Torro with scorpio moon told me at beginning he was an all or nothing person. He loves intimacy with only one.

    • Do you let people get to know you on a deep level in return?? Interested as am dating Scorp rising/Moon in Scorp also 1st house and am confused by the intimacy vs evasiveness. Feel like I can’t help but divulge a lot (not my usual Scorp Sun way) but get very little back, it’s maddening haha.

      • Charley, you mightn’t seem to get much back, but I would imagine a Cancerian with a Scorp moon literally Could Not have you near him, if you didn’t feel right to be around? Such is the sensitivity level…


        • Ha well I am in another country right now, for a few more weeks. Yes, you’re right, he is highly sensitive and emotional and yet super controlled. Which is pretty much what I’m like too, now I’m getting how it feels to date me and it’s an eye opener!

          • I think that’s often a thing when Scorpios date other water signs right? And if he has a Scorp moon too and is a moon-powered Cancer, well – I defy you to withhold your secrets there. You may just have met your match lol. Best of luck, Charley. Sounds like a delicious medicine the doctor ordered in for you 😉

      • I do when I really know them and I don’t mean to scare you but it takes a while (as in months and months) until I TRULY trust them.
        I’ll bare my heart and soul to you but I’m definitely going to test you first to see if you’ll be there. Usually I do this semi consciously with either observing you and your responses to others very carefully or by outright creating a situation to see how you react.
        Scorp is manipulative in this way but I’ll never hurt you if I can avoid it and once you’ve got me I’m pretty much hooked and will do anything to keep you there. And as already stated in Mystic’s post, I’ll be completely clear with my intentions.

        Another thing is I’m not gonna sit and tell you how I feel outright. But with the right questions I’ll answer them honestly and we can build trust that way :)

        But if a Scorp moon/rising doesn’t like you, YOULL KNOW. My friends are always like omg be nice and I’m like I can’t help it I get a bad vibe for this person which results in me scoping the hell out of them and boring through them with my laser glare lol. In terms of romance, if a Scorp moon is into you, theyll wanna be around you and they’ll share deep thoughts about themselves. But if they’re not into you, I doubt they’d just hang out for kicks. We’re straightforward <3

        • Scorpisces – you totally didn’t ramble on! That is so insightful for someone who’s not as watery as you. I’m trying to understand a heavy water person right now (in v.early pre-dating stages) and everything you describe is true. Evasion, never starting an online conversation but (usually) continuting it. Not being the first to come up when we see each other socially, but scoping me out – glances – keeping an eye on where I’m at. I can’t work out whether it is inexperience, caution or whether he’s not that into me! I’m currently at the stage where I am not going to make direct contact but just see how things develop when we do meet up with others socially. No pressure, loads of space, lots of observation right back. Ya think? Or will he think I’m not interested – is that even a bad thing, haha. Oh dear.

          When we do talk or write, he keeps it brief but very truthful, and often our exchanges are sincere and it feels like the few words we exchange have impact. I think he might open up if I ask the right questions, but I don’t want to be nosey! What sort of approach to asking Qs would you recommend? x

          • Well I’m Pisces sun/Scorp rising/Scorp moon/Mars in Cancer/pisces mercury im pretty much a water expert lol. Hmm id say water signs most significant goal in everything they do is safety. We definitely have come to terms with our emotional sensitivity and want to conceal how much we care to others. Since we know once were in deep with someone they get to see it all, we can be pretty evasive in the beginning stages or when hurt. When we feel threatened or like our feelings might start to spiral out of control we plunge pretty deep underwater.

            Yet simultaneously we want someone to break our walls down and be like hey it’s okay I see who you are and I’m not afraid + ready to know more. So to answer your question, I think consistency is key. Definitely find excuses to talk to us first like asking questions about simple things that involve us or by casually mentioning that you saw this thing that reminded you of something we discussed. Even if it’s thinly veiled as an excuse just to be able to talk, we like that! Then you can sprinkle in other topics like more personal questions. Once we start to open up things are more natural from there but I see how the start is difficult. We like to protect and conserve. Wanna make sure you’re worth caring so deeply about. And I’m sure you are ! :)

      • Ooh sorry for the long post I didn’t mean to ramble on especially if you’re a Scorp sun you already know most of that because it’s you!

        But just relax, I’m evasive with my love interests too but pay attention to how they act in person. I can’t help but stare and want to be totally in tune with the object of my affection. I like to possess all their attention and ask what’s on their mind and go from there. Good luck xoxo

        • I love it, thanks. I like the rambles!! This one is very, very upfront with his intentions and feelings, since day one BUT I feel the undercurrents and complex stuff going on behind the composure and I can’t get at it like I normally can with others. You know how much Scorpio loves/needs to get ALL the information! No surprise our composite is a very 8th house affair, nothing light and whatevs about this thing at all, I’m even considering moving 5,000 miles to be with him full time so I’m even more antsy and in un-trust Scorp mode right now, gotta find the leaks in the hull so I don’t sink.

  11. ah! Torro love is scorpio moon…..
    People love him or dislike him. He is truly authentic, never whitewashes anything, and never hides who he really is. That brings out the judgement and hypocrisy in others.
    Martial arts no, but he was in the military a couple of years and has been in many many fights(before me).
    Alcohol has brought out some interesting moments, but I find that more his mars in pisces. No interest in occult at all, but he has seen spirits, hears colors, etc.
    Cooking….a master!
    He wants people to be real, doesn’t care about makeup and HATES plastic surgery.
    No games.
    What MM says attracts is exactly how I was when he fell for me.

    Very spot on, but Hot bath rather than a cold shower.

    • I want the female version. I so love no make up part to. I’m not against petro-chemicals (great for your car) just don’t put em on your face. Scorps dont do bullshit. I love that too.

  12. When I purchased lunar luxe some years back I was a complete astro novice. I knew my moon was in sagg but didn’t understand the house system. Once I read that my moon was in the eighth house at the time of my birth and read this description my inner pshche, I felt a recognition and peace of things unknown. Thanks mystic xx thanks

  13. Music to my partially hearing impaired ears! This Scorpio moon is going through one hell of a Saturn return –I’m finally getting the help I need to chill the fuq out. Some have been more blunt with me: the sensitive & weary side of me graciously appreciates your eloquency with words.

    Have you done a similar post on the Taurus moon? Curious to see how “the other half” lives ????

  14. Scorpio Moon and above is mostly spot on for me except the no make up – must be my Venus in Leo ; )

    • I hear that Mae West :-)
      Gold strappy sandals, stroppy attitude and gold silk Kiki De Montparnasse lingerie over here.
      My saggo moon, sag rising and Virgo stellium loves no make up (it all comes off anyway and panda eyes in so not my best look) but Venus in Leo loves to rock those fibre optic hair extensions. I’m like Andy Warhol and his wig. lol shimmy shimmy ^^^^^

  15. dont have moon in scorp have aquarius but have 4 planets in scorpio & can relate to so much of this…

  16. Thanks Mystic! Super interesting and really helpful to understand my 8th house sun even more. All this but OUT THERE ?

  17. Sounds like me says this moon in scorpio girl. I had to laugh at the posture thing… I am all about posture, heck, I am a Pilate’s instructor …and a reiki master. And yes, don’t try to lie to a moon in scorpio. Key word “TRY”.

  18. LOL, even when I feel like I’ve faded into the scenery I find that not many people have a neutral opinion about me. If I had a nickel for every time a conversation started with “I used to hate you but….” I’d never have to work a day in my life again.

    8th house virgo moon

    • Yes, I am yr inverse, Scorpio Moon in the 6th House. Complex in a way that is impossible on a daily duty level? Lol.

      • I hear you Sourpatch and Sphinx – 8th, Virgo moon here. I’d be rich too. Why people feel they have the right to come up to you and say “I used to find you annoying” is fuckin beyond me. So ignorant and so rude – do they even know what they sound like? Save me from stupid people.. 😉

        OK – rant over. I read the 6th/8th:Virgo/Scorp combo as straight from an old Greek mystery school. Demeter and Pluto. Dedicated to the old mysteries. Feel it in your bones. Moon cycles feel natural. The original witch in sheep’s clothing – normal, yet feeling it and deep. You agree?

        • Yes! I am a Persephone/Demeter Old School Mystery Major graduate with Honours. I have a certificate – from my exact Sun-Hekate conjunction formed in the realm of the Soul Star. 😉

        • @Sphinx and LotusFlower: OMG guys I love the reference to Demeter/Pluto!! Almost like A Wiccan or a healer, magic and mystery tied up to the land. 😀

  19. I would LOVE to meet a Scorp moon maybe with a Torro or Sag sun.
    That would be heaven right here on earth

  20. Moon in Scorpio here- this is all very spot-on, except for the ice cold shower (I’m more Danaerys Targaeryn with the scalding hot water), and amplified by a sextile to Pluto. There is a school of thought out there that calls these aspects the Hades Moon. I can’t remember what that means, except that it’s intense and karmic, underworld, etc.

    It’s still hard for me to reconcile people’s reaction to me, to the image I think I project. Leo rising just wants to be loved, shines like the sun, and Aries sun really is an infant… but people can sense that subterranean maze underneath it all, and hold back. It can be alienating sometimes.

    On the other hand, no one listens like a Scorpio moon. I am utterly unflinching at the most intimate details. Friends know they can come to me at their lowest point and with their most vexing problems, and I will listen without judgement. They also know their secrets are safe with me. My mania for privacy extends to others’ privacy as well.

    I had a major break with a longtime bestie (Sag) after I found out she spilled the one secret I had sworn her to. Just… never called her again. That’s another thing we do well: amputation. When I am done, I am not conflicted about it, and there’s no negotiation. I’m just done.

    I used to obsess over slights to my ego (Leo rising again, kind of a terrible combo with Scorp moon!), like for years. Luckily age and meditation have taken the edge off that tendency.

    And yes, occult subjects of all kinds have fascinated me since I was a girl. I do tarot, energy work (chakras etc.), and adore astrology. Also moon conjuncts Neptune for extra fairy-dust dreaminess.

    Scorpio is such a powerful sign because its essence is transformation. When it’s your moon sign, it’s about transformation from within. It’s not always easy to live with, but it’s my favorite part of my chart because it fuels my rising like the phoenix.

    • Someone knowledgeable once told me that because of the strong Scorpio in my chart, I needed someone who also had it in theirs- the intensity is too much for someone without it. Interestingly, my most favoritest man has Scorpio rising.

    • My moon is conj Neptune and I love your description – extra fairy-dust dreaminess. I have been thinking lately how this sits in my 3rd house, I have moments of light and fun and can chat for Australia but my default setting is deep and soulful which can put some people off

  21. Explains why I like to lie in the bath listening to St Matthew’s Passion.