When Lilith Laughs

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vintage etiquette book

WOAH.  I love this. In an honestly w.t.f way.

How i found it: looking for a picture to illustrate my soon-to-posted profound Jupiter-Saturn rant.

It’s interesting as Barbara Taylor Bradford is one of the most successful self-made women authors in history. Way before uber Leo J.K. Rowling came up with her genius Harry Potter series, BTB was quietly amassing a major fortune via her wits. She’s a multiple Taurus – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron with a Mars-Neptune-Jupiter in Virgo augmenting.  Most of her books are steamy old-school romances involving a girl from a humble background who via her pure raw mojo, business acumen and hotness rises to greatness, with a big-deal epic romance woven in as well. She’s best known for Woman Of Substance. But she also, i know see, churned out an icky (from the looks of this) Perfect Wife series.

This looks like wifie really wants to fuq the father in law, bank manager, pastor or who ever in hell the older dude is. Or kill him. Is she a double agent from the land of Lilith? Like she is assessing his pulse with her little manicured deceptively compliant paw.   If you don’t know about Lilith – the first wife of Adam before there was Eve – see Bitchcraft on the Shop page. BTB has Lilith in Gemini, independence carved out via ingenuity, amongst other things.

Even the flowers in this picture look kind of sad. Even allowing for the strange design values of ye olde vintage etiquette books, this is a strange picture. Lilith is trine Uranus this week – fierce, individuated and reinventive.  Thoughts on this book please?

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98 thoughts on “When Lilith Laughs

  1. Oh my god…has anyone checked out the cover of “Entertaining to please him”?! It’s on Amazon -eeek!

  2. lol, it’s the guys who should be worried – she looks like she’s about to sink her fangs into the old guys jugular!

  3. Another thing? The image reeks of “Indecent Proposal”, like the dude is going to pimp his wife out in order to get a promotion/million dollars or something.

    Ew, ew, ew, EW!!!!

  4. A disturbing new twist lately girls on fb and twitter with little handmade signs sometimes patrially hiding their faces to reject feminism! “Cook,clean look after your man” ect ect the girl I know posting this an ott hardcore extreemist Christian – can this be explained astrologically?

    • Yeah, oppressive patriarchy, AKA Pluto in Capricorn + Saturn in Scorpio. Things are systemically fuqed up at this point, sanctioned by The Establishment (or The Good Old Boys, as it were).

      If we’re talking more recently? Perhaps it has might have more to do with Venus in Cancer activating Pluto in Cap & Uranus in Aries.

      We need feminism now more than ever – complacency has stalled progress & equality. There are people out there who actually think the playing field is level now.


      I have to laugh – if I don’t, I’ll scream/cry….

      • Hey LV the Venus in Cancer / Pluto in Cap could explain it – old school patriarchy amped by the power of the women in the home/family….

        These western girls have grown up with all the power that Feminism has provided for them and somehow it gets twisted into hatred of men – I told her to get a dictionary…

        • Yeah, the Uranus component adds an element of radicalism into the mix as well, like violently so with Uranus being in Aries and all. So the backlash makes sense in a fuqed up way.

          Misogyny and misandry are just two sides of the same coin, much along the same way that prejudice against people of color can be flipped on its head to be directed against those of Caucasian descent. Prejudice is prejudice any way you slice it, and it is always ignorant & wrong no matter who it is being directed at. Hatred is an ugly, ugly thing…..

    • When power rises, there’s always a backlash, an equal & opposite reaction. That’s why education is so instrumental: to know the facts, not the hype. And why educating girls is such a flashpoint in countries where women are systematically kept as property, subhuman. Why it’s such a shame that girls and boys are not taught proper history in schools, history that includes the achievements of women front & center right along those of men (not a brief footnote about one woman who did one thing at the end of a science or history chapter).

      Even in my graduate counseling program (which I was in just two years ago), my multicultural counseling prof *skipped* the chapter on counseling women as, “It’s almost the end of the semester & i’m sure you’re all busy with papers & getting ready for exams, so let’s just end here & everybody go home or to the library & concentrate on getting your stuff done.” What?! Of course a few of us objected, but it was to no avail. Did this prof’s perspective on what was the most important use of our time have anything to do with his fundamental Christian pastor job on the weekends (wherein he preached on how happy it makes God when a woman takes her husband’s name) have anything to do with this “professional” call to axe from the syllabus the chapter on women? Correlation doesn’t equate causation, but…

      *Anyhow* I have no thoughts on the astro lol! But when I think Major Arcana, the Hierophant & the Devil come to mind…

      • The Devil alright – power and control.

        I was in a Tafe evening class in design and one of the other students was a cop – when the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace came up he said it doesn’t happen anymore because it is against the law – I told him it hasn’t stopped people stealing ect.

        Complacency and ignorance are the real problem

        • “It doesn’t happen anymore because it’s against the law”? Does he live on Earth?! Wow. Complacency & ignorance are public enemy #1, for sure.

  5. Holy fuqing Stepford Wife, Batman! O_o

    Stuff of this ilk always makes me want to vomit – I mean, you *know* no man is ever going to write a book for other men on “How to please her” (unless we’re talking about this in a sexual context, LOL). IMO, it just negatively reinforces stereotypical gender norms from circa the 50’s- Woman objectified as pretty doormat, Man as Head of Household to be deferred to at all times.


    Lilith in Leo doth protest, for she is a Regal Queen – she’s nobody’s “lil’ wifey”! I must confess this image makes me want to shank all three of them – Lilith in Scorp style – for their attempt to disempower women everywhere. I especially hate the seductive way her finger lingers on Boss Man’s hand during their handshake, while her “beloved” *barf* pulls her closer as if to reinforce ownership.

  6. “I’m sure you’re familiar with the power broking double handshake, you old darling, but you’ll never be prepared for the triple power broker feminine caress of your veinous withered hand while blinded by my Lilith in Gem, fresh faced, dazzling ingenue smile.”

    Or, she’s power broking by being the willing beard in the latent homoerotic fantasy triangle. Octo-Pussy Riot.

    • Didn’t see your comment before I left my comment, but just wanted to say it is pure *AWESOME* !

      I would be able vibe with this image (and the above spin on it) *so much more* if it was just the image alone w/o the title and wasn’t an actual cover for a “how to please your man” book. :-/ I’m too hung up on the totality of the package to creatively disassociate and think of more positive ways this image could be construed. Truly, it makes the bile (or is that ire?) rise.

  7. Exciting to hear about Barbara’s success – I’ve sun, moon, mercury, Jupiter in Taurus….
    But judging by the cover perhaps she needs to read Robin Norwood’s ‘Women who love too much’ 🙂

    How do I work out my Lilith? New to this excitement …..

  8. Why is she shaking his hand? Was it done back in the day? It looks so EH Holden era.
    Another thing; is this the tentative steps of the first threesome? Why is she caressing the back of his hand? Also is younger bloke not saying, tacitly, “hey, are’nt you suppose to show me that affection; not him”. Maybe its her dad-in-law! Maybe its her mother in reverse drag? Could be she is reunited with her fave teacher. Maybe she is telling her sugar daddy that’ll she be “keeping the Golf” & that she is running of with the new doctor in town. Maybe the older dude is better than this stop-start dude lm with; shes thinkn get ya hand off me. To older bloke “I just bought a Jeep”.
    They could be models just making a living. Or alien recognisance missives looking for new worlds. There is 14 other options; @ least.

  9. And how does Lilith sound when she laughs?
    Is it a throaty bwahahaha, or a snarly chuckle, or snorting with sarcasm, or trilling high treble?
    What planet is Lilith ruled by? Pluto? Does she laugh like a Scorpio? I know Scorpios with wheezy laughs, like the dust of a tomb caught got caught in their throat. But also others that sound like they do laughter sound tracks for a living.

  10. That is most definitely a speculative expression in her eyes.
    They are all predators – like the two vampires seem to be focusing in on her jugular just before the bite, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she busts a Buffy move on them

  11. She is spy and he the older man is fixing to go down . She is hitting a marma point that will penetrate his heart and he will die in his sleep . While she and her partner are enjoying the lotus that climbs the mountain position .

  12. She just likes threesome but can’t admit it! LOL Or maybe she just likes to watch! Or maybe she has a new angle on stealing when everyone is naked. Her teeth look a little dangerous! LOL

  13. Smart college graduate is invited to a job interview at partners firm. But something doesn’t feel right… They lead her into a dark office.
    She is never seen again.
    But she doesn’t look feeble enough to be a victim. The guys are creepy.

    Don’t know why but the hair and expression make me think of (duchess? ) Kate…

  14. According to Amazon it is very banal. Eg. “1. First Impressions Count
    2. Invitations are Important”. It’s just basic manners for the first generation off the farm (don’t pee in the street!).

    And actually invitations are important. I learned this from organising Kataka’s son’s birthday party in a rush. Mainly having the date right helps.

    • ” It’s just basic manners for the first generation off the farm (don’t pee in the street!). “….love it! 🙂

      • I have actually once seen some Igorot hill tribe ladies pee on the street, and I have to say they were kind of demure, considering.

        • Funny Scorpink! Ver, a guy told me that he saw a businessman in suit-and-tie in Paris pull down his (expensive) slacks and literally take a dump in the street, then pull his pants up and continue walking. It so freaked this guy out, he kept asking, ‘is that normal, is that normal in Paris?’. Lolol.

      • And wanted to say Scorp inc was sad to hear your latest news, I wish you had so much less stress in your life, even though you are so manifestly capable of handling it xxx

        • Hey thank you, Veronica, for that vote of confidence & yeah, could’t we all do with a bit less stress?? Haha One day at a time, one foot in front of the other… Thank you xxx

          • — and when the day is too much, I take it a few hours at a time, & when a few hours are too much, I sack out & watch a movie LOL Super Scorpio Pacing Powers, activated 😉

  15. oy, this whole cover looks slightly askew. why is the underline partially under two words?

    anyhow, that dress looks kind of lilith trine uranus, imo. but this cover is all “women are enchanting, flowerful sex dolls who wear whatever weird dresses are trending; buy one today to spice up your home life / fortify your masculine identity”

  16. This just made my day!!! The body language here is screwing with my brain!!! I think she’s be paid to promote group sex. Hands down.

  17. Be smart, but not too smart. Be poised, but not stiff. Be confident, but know your place. Be fuqable, but not easy. Be chatty, but keep yer yapper shut. Be well-groomed, but not high maintenance. Have perky tits. Always have perky tits.

    Ah, I could shit a better book than this.

      • It’s tricky sometimes, isn’t it, trying to find that balance between being pleasing & being ourselves. Luckily there are books like this to help light the way.

    • Hilar Scorp. Man 2 looks like he is reaching for her perky tits and she has grabbed his hand to shake to head him off.

    • and the women were just as conformist and accepting of their roles as the men were – but you blame men – that would be because subconciously you accept that men are superior?

      • Yes, I blame men because as a woman I am absolutely powerless & too simple minded to fathom that I myself could actually be in control of my own destiny.

        Is that right?

        • Some people do not read much beyond their own posts, Scorpo. Up to them to catch the fq up on background, of which there’s a plethora here.

          Just au courant myself with your recent events. Hugs, prayers and handing you swords. Love you so much, lady xxxxxxx

          • Big love to you, mille 🙂 & thank you xxx

            You know, it’s a cultural commentary. Women know what I’m talking about. Just like this book above is a snapshot of the culture of that time, a time when we needed to be attached to successful men if we ourselves were going to get anywhere. And yeah, that’s still somewhat the landscape we live in. It’s real & an objective observation, even though I’m just a girl 😛

            Lilith in my 12th & a big mouth (north node & MC in Sagg) = a moving target for asshats who’d like to knock a lady down a few pegs. Lol I hear em knocking but they can’t come in.

        • But seriously, this is why I wonder about your reading skills, crapyoumadeuptobeamisogynisthere, because I didn’t say squat about men or point fingers or whatever. Your comment just speaks volumes about your view of smart, independent women. Be smart, but not too smart! See?

    • Scorporation, you’re fantastic. This is hilarious. “I could shit a better book than this” made my day. I’m going to be saying inside of my head all day today!!! LOLOLOLOL so good.

  18. Is she stroking the back of his hand with her finger, while allowing her other hand to be grasped in a handshake? Is she delicately tracing that appealing vein pulsing on the back of his hand?And what’s with the patronising hand on shoulder guidance from (presumably) hubby? Whatever she is doing, hubby looks so proud of her!

    • euuuw… she looks uncannily like a Toro ex-colleague who was ahem.. staunchly fundamentalist Christian and was always annoyingly proper. Anyways, next thing you know one of the girls in the office who part times as wait staff at a (get this) Outback Steakhouse (this office was an aerospace outfit located in the boonies hence), comes back the next day shell shocked that she had seen the Toro’s hubby yukking it up with a spicy Latin tamale on his knee.

      He was more than a tad drunk and going on and on about how he was Big Daddy. Whilst molestering the tamale happily.

      Anywho..the sad bit is that the Toro had just got done telling us about “submission” in marriage etc as part of her erm.. witnessing/sharing/whatever spreading the gospel thing.. so to say that it was a dead quiet day in the office after the colleague told her would be an understatement.

  19. It looks like there’s gonna be some wife-sharing going on. Maybe a cuckolding scenario…

    Also, those flowers are really strangely placed.

    The whole thing is a little unsettling.

    • That is exactly what I saw. Proprietary body language from the men, or at least the man who is controlling her mobility via hand on shoulder.
      Alternative titles:
      -How to politely fend off breast-fondling from his colleagues.
      -Let Him Guide You: a woman’s guide for living in the big scary world

      More to come.

    • totally, it looks like a really old cheese bdsm submissive introduction scene. that font is so aggressive and out of place too. Looks like a crap old sub manual

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