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Enkel Dika

Hey MM!

I am curious to know what you do when you bump into everyday Muggles who ask what your profession is. Do you say ‘Astrologer’ or give another stock answer that doesn’t invite controversy and makes your life easier for you? If you DO say ‘astrologer’, what’s your stock response if they roll their eyes and say something rude and judgmental about ” that ‘astronomy stuff’ is all made-up baloney?”

The reason I ask is because I’ve worked as a psychic / intuitive counsellor for 10 years and I still COMPLETELY STRUGGLE to admit my occupation, even when filling out a simple clipboard form, let alone when faced with The Inquisition at a dinner party. I know I need to own what I do, accept myself and fuq what people think, but any tips from yourself — someone who’s been out there bravely living her truth decades longer than me — would really be appreciated.

x Cuddly Cancerian

Hey Cuddly Cancerian!

Lol this question reminds me of a Scorpio I used to know who was then the editor of Penthouse magazine. This was pre-internet.Β  He’d tell people he was a plumber, just to avoid a whole host of annoying questions. One night the person he was talking to really WAS a plumber. Cue completely ridiculous dialogue with the real plumber concluding Scorpio was the most incompetent plumber who ever lived.

I usually try not to say anything as a common Muggle response is to make a really bad joke about “Ur-anus”, say something like “surely you can’t believe in that crap?” or “tell me all about what’s going to be happening to me this year…not that I (titter) believe in it.”Β  So i kind of fudge it with “writer”.

So I think if it is a clipboard thing, think about the context. For medical peeps, they just want to know if you’re sedentary or a Crossfit instructor, exposed to hazardous materials on a daily basis or you know, managing a rare tulip business. So maybe just put counsellor. Or you could just say airily that you work in “futures”, that your job is “classified,” that you’re an information broker or a witch?

It’s a great question what does everyone else think?


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  1. Information broker covers a multitude of possibilities so I’d go with that.
    Or plumber.

  2. I remember taking a flyer for a women’s spiritual group meeting to the library to ask if I could put it on their community board. The woman behind the counter read it, snorted then said ok. It was quite demoralising.

    As Mystic says for clipboards keep it innocuous such as helping profession, support worker, life coach.

    For a dinner party though I’d probably fess up – it could make for some interesting conversations and potential new clients. You may get a better reception than what you expect.

    • Yes, love this given my own ongoing experience with responding to such ‘nosy’ querying. If out with my friends & I’m asked? They cringe…& I wait a moment before saying ‘Sex Therapist & Tantra Teacher’ which is suddenly Acceptably Cool & trending with the 20 something’s lining up to study Sexology!

      Oh, and I WAS an


  3. I think it’s totally OK to be authentic about your occupation, without being attached to other people’s opinion of the profession. Who cares what Muggles think? Quite often, they’re miserable, repressed sorrow-addicts who batter themselves with illogical internal dialogue anyway. This Cancer Sun/Gemini Rising/Virgo Moon chick votes for being straight out real with it. But I understand the desire to keep it on the low to prevent annoying interactions too! Compassion to all choices here! Honoring everything!

    • I don’t think it is just about avoiding annoying interactions, I think it is respecting the muggle’s get frightened, upset, challenged by this kind of thing. You know, maybe in a past life they were witches on the end of the village pitchfork and to hear the word ‘astrology’ sends them into visceral state of fear/rage?

  4. How does one make a living as an “intuitive counselor”, i wonder?
    I don’t ask in the spirit of condescension. I ask because that sounds like my ideal occupation and no one hardly ever mentions the backstory to where they got where they are.
    yay being 24 and everyone else has their shit figured out already, ha.
    On the subject, would write down self-employed and leave it at that.

    • Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have been able to do the kind of energy work I do now without the mad times I had in my 20’s. To be a counsellor it’s good to be older and have gone through a range of experiences here on planet earth I think. Life experience and self knowledge come before that job title generally speaking!

    • I would say try to find a way to be authentic and accept your position. However, if people still look at you like you’re a crazy witch, then your job is in your title already, “Counsellor”.

      • Plus l got AquaMoon/Psyche and Uranus1H. I gotta do MY take on things unless l cant something out of my head. S Wright, M Python and S Micallef live as quasi permanent boarders in in zircon encrusted and silicon enhanced lower left felstedian and cartesian quadrant acting as steering, power and braking.

  5. Depends how you use your astrology/magicks. For Mystic, writer/blogger works. Counsellor works. Magazine columnist, therapist, author, etc. Definitely self-employed.

    I’d personally just say astrologer. No one questions priets/nuns/rabbis/whatevs why they chose their field. (Not a fair comparison, but still..) You shouldn’t have to either.

    Information broker could be a risky choice of words, but I’m paranoid as fuq and wouldn’t want people coming at me seeking, um, certain information y’know? (I grew up fearing mobs.)

  6. Writer is a good response for a whole host of writing-associated things. As someone doing a PhD, I understand. If I had a dollar for the amount of times some complete stranger has virtually told me I’m a waste of space and of the taxpayer’s money, I’d have about $52.75. It’s boring and it’s worth avoiding.

    For cuddly Cancerian I think counsellor is good option for thing to say. We’re talking about everyday interactions in which people whom you are not going to work with just automatically go into a very tiresome mode of trying to ‘put you straight’ but with no real thought put into it.

    It’s not like having a proper conversation with someone who’s interested.

  7. My pastor at a local mainstream church tells people that he’s in Sales. Insurance Sales to be exact. He doesn’t want people to think he’s not a regular dude because people act all weird (guarded, suddenly clutching their pearls) around a guy who loves football and happens to be a very competitive hockey dad. very. competitive. hockey dad.

    I ask people if they believe in statistics and technical analysis when they look at stocks. I ask them if they understand the process of loan underwriting and credit score analysis. If I still have their attention then I might tell them about astrology because the same principles that are applied and taken seriously about technical analysis and loan/credit underwriting are the very same thing with astrology, except we deal with thousands of years of patterns and multiple myths from different cultures and those bean counters only deal in terms of a decade of history if they are lucky.

    but I like “spiritual counselor” best.

    • “I ask people if they believe in statistics and technical analysis when they look at stocks……the same principles that are applied and taken seriously about technical analysis and loan/credit underwriting are the very same thing with astrology…..”


      • I have name envy over you! Reading a biography of Aphra Behn. X love your name. It’s boootiful

  8. I guess I would go with “life coach” or “a teacher, teaching adults at continuous education programs here and there”

  9. I’m a single unemployed mother, aspiring writer currently working on a biography project with a really well known psychic healer, and another tome dealing with modern day dystopian realities and technologies.
    I also do proof reading for the visionary Emoto.. I recently (as my baptism by zap zone fire) morphed in to a fully fledged (untrained) natural healer & cured my fathers cancer with nothing more than schizz from the kitchen & bits from my home natural medicine tool box.

    Most people only hear ‘unemployed single mum making up loads of interesting crap to colour her otherwise dull life’.
    In any one day I span tantrums, deep spiritual knowledge, the beautiful world of quantum connectivity (remarkably identical to deep spiritual knowledge) and the lies of big pharma.

    Own it. You are a counsellor. I love Information Broker. You help people awaken into understanding their true make-up, offering guidance on how to integrate this into a real tangible context. You are a ‘Life Path Strategist’ for both present and future situations….perhaps “specialising in Risk-Mitigation” could be worked into that?

    • Why do you say single unemployed mother when you are obviously gainfully employed as a nurturer/career/writer. Never underestimate what you project with a label. When I was unemployed a couple of years ago I dressed every day as if I was going to work and if people asked what I was doing my reply was”gainfully self-employed”. Good luck.

    • It does feel ridiculous but on thinking about it I don’t think it is ridiculous as we are many smaller cultures united in one bigger one.
      If Mystic said she was a seer in a small village no one would raise an eyebrow because her whole story would be known to everyone.
      But in a world where all belief systems differ, all abilities to shift vibration differ, where there is no understanding of other’s stories and there is no cohesion to a community, we can’t offer a soundbite that has any meaning.
      So we end up having to offer a glimpse of the truth. Anyway, if people are genuinely interested and ask questions with enthusiasm, I think we all share the truth of our situation happily.

  10. Mystic I have wondered how you represent your work, thanks for posting this!
    My upfront, almost aspie inability to bother with half truth got me in trouble a few times (response: “crystals? haha! oh..”).
    I sometimes say hypnotherapist but it conjures images of chickens, a stage and a velvet curtain for some.

      • oh you know, like the tacky side-show bob style of hypnosis where you are hypnotised to believe you are a chicken or something. ugh. Lo-hypno.

        I think spiritual counsellor would be nicer sounding as I work from a holistic paradigm that includes a spiritual perspective, but people think that means I should be very serious, which doesn’t work for me either.

  11. Consultant. Life Coach could also work but that’s almost worse than Astrologer.

  12. I *Was* an Information Broker πŸ˜€ Worked as a Reference Librarian for 12 years.

    Now ? Witch. Artist. Possibly about to become a hypnotherapist…. (That Stellium in my third house – why be one thing when you can be 15 ?!?)

    I learnt this years ago, studying Philosophy – when people asked what I did I’d say “Philosopher”. Cue the *most* fascinating conversations.

    You’d be *amazed* at what people think, if they’re given an opportunity to discuss it with an open minded listener.

    And science-y types ? I discuss probabilities of disaster scenarios with them, they love that shit. Gives them an opportunity to grasp their lapels and pontificate about the likelihood (or not) or us all dying from an asteroid strike / ebola / Yellowstone super volcano blowing / economic meltdown etc and its something I’m genuinely interested in, so I always learn something.

  13. * Time travelling whore.

    * I work in intelligence, it is classified.

    * resting between roles.

    * Co enabler to narcissistic rich pricks

    * What do i DO? Baby, i just breathe, moment to moment, always in the moment, pass me some more of that joint.

    * I used to be a contender

    * HUH? (if you don’t know who i am i don’t need to know who YOU are)

    * I am a director.

  14. I a bit off topic but… I relocated away from my professional sphere a couple of years ago and here in the blandest city in the world I am a nothing professionally. It used to really irk me. When my savings ran out I just grabbed a job I would’ve considered way beneath me in my narcecistic – top of my game days – and you know what I do now? I wipe ass. For this formerly egocentric cappo it is the best thing that could happen. I have recently re engaged with the professional field I was top of me game at, but with heightened humility and sense of gratitude. BTW – I don’t really like wiping ass πŸ™‚

  15. OH for lord’s sake just OWN it. Just be it already. Who cares what they think? You may be surprised by what they think; they may be wholly into it. Who knows. We all just have to be wholly ourselves; that’s a gift. It then gives others that perfect example to be themselves. Who knows, you just may be talking to somebody afraid to admit they are … what?

  16. I love being asked.
    I don’t have a standard response but usually pick whatever version of my current range of “things I do to pay for Loubotins ” I think will offend them the most.

    • Ahaha atta girl! I don’t know which part of my chart is accountable for this but most of me just gets a kick out of putting it out there and letting the other person deal with it. They’re the ones with the problem, not me lol.
      But I do understand and use the clipboard/ elevator speech option. Sometimes one’s profession / day thing is not the point of the conversation.

      • Ram-Madam DingDong. Love that name. Lovely cadence to it. Another name that rings my bells

    • Yes, you can just mumble “attorney to the stars” (though I am not sure Sir Pluto and Lord Jupiter will bow down to any court), howevs people will want to know more immediately..

    • I knew someone who was getting her MBA and did some pretty good tarot reading on the side. Part of her ” total business solutions ” biz plan, I think. If had a biz to manage, she would be in my speed dial for sure.

  17. once I met a guy in a bar who told me “I’m an anarchist” (although I don’t recall whether it was in response to any query about what he “did”).

    So I had sex with him, but meh, he didn’t live up to his initial promise πŸ˜‰

  18. Myst, your Ground Control to thousands of us astronauts stationed around the globe. Checking ignitions as we speak.

  19. There’s a thoughtful response to this post, by a fellow subscriber:

    I’ve always struggled with this, so it’s wonderful to hear such interesting comments. People judge me = I feel bad. I then feel bad (worse!) because I know, intellectually, that I shouldn’t care about the opinions of people I don’t respect. But it does still hurt. I think honoring the emotional response is valuable, and Naomi’s response was helpful in seeing that.

  20. I grew up travelling my whole life and my sister and I born in different countries each hold three passports whole life I struggled with muggles and to be honest they exist in every county and nationality ..I put it down to those of the clan and those of the call…My sister and I have literally told blatant lies about our names , where we are from and sometimes what we do ..literally because it is easier ,,for ourselves . I have no delusions about being authentic and all that blah blah as far as I am concerned I know who I am and people that are worth my time and respect aslo get to know the true me but I can literally see peoples brains blowing fuses when I tell them too much and some people just dont have the grit to handle it .

    • Yes, I agree. Also, it is like defensive driving, you know? Think a few steps ahead and watch out for those who shouldn’t be on the road.

    • Yes, deep into summer in Australia I’m usually quite dark skinned, tanned. My facial features and the tan allow me to temporarily join the indigenous race. My family and I have great fun with people who ask ? Ummm, what nationality are you ? And I reply I’m indigenous… Stunned silence follows , awkward looks.
      Or when someone asks about my work, I say .. Picking up rubbish from the beaches in the national park…..more stunned silence. (Funny thing is, my family know that that is the lifestyle I aspire to in real life) πŸ™‚

  21. I’m a Professional Source-ress and to those not ready to get it I’m a holistic therapist. I do love the idea of stating that’s it’s classified though *cackle*

  22. I tell some people I am an astrologer and the response is often one of interest and curiosity and good questions, that’s because I now live on the West Coast (they call it the “Best Coast”) instead of the East Coast. My family wanted to disown me when I first started my teaching and my counselling. I love astrology and am proud to do it anywhere. The negative feedback is passing and reminds me of what Eleanor Roosevelt said: Don’t worry about what people think of you, they hardly do so at all. : )

  23. This hits a chord for me because I am day-jobbing in admin in academia, but also teach yoga & just started doing professional tarot readings. The best policy is to go with my gut as to what to say or write to whom. I don’t care to jeopardize my credibility at work, but I really don’t care to lie either.

    I will say it has some interesting results. I was at a bridal shower a few years back where they had a bunch of manicurists come to the lounge & do all our nails. (Did I mention this group of friends are all loaded doctors, lawyers & accountants? I was feeling a little self-conscious in my little secretarial job.) The sweetest male manicurist sat down to do my nails, & I said I was a yoga teacher because I got a flash that this kid needed something. The poor kid was having some kind of psychic initiation/awakening; felt like a breakdown to him, and he had no one in his life who had a clue, & no idea where to go. I could tell he had NO idea why he was spilling all this to a total stranger!

    Since I lived 2 hours away, I didn’t know local resources. I told him it was OK, if not fun, & that it had happened to me & a lot of other people. I suggested he look for a yoga studio that taught spiritual practices as well (“look for an altar in the practice spaces”). That’s what helped me the most when I was in his shoes, & hopefully it will help him.

  24. I LOVE this question. LOVE it. It’s something I’ve pondered at length and wondered how other people deal with. So two things.. one, it leads back to that eternal question of identity more commonly asked in the West i.e. what do you do. It’s not an unreasonable question given how work occupies most of our time BUT it can give you entirely misleading answers if you’re talking to (more often than not) people who work at jobs that don’t encompass their essence, people in transition, or people happily doing x number of things at once.

    I’ve always though it better to go about knowing someone tangentially – at least to understand them by their responses and thoughts, or even silences to a streaming conversation.

    Two, just to offer an opposite experience, when I tell people what I do – as in the actual title i.e. Marketing & Compliance Manager for Industrial Substrates, which is dry to be honest – most people essentially still don’t understand it. After month two, my Saggable honey was going, “I STILL don’t get what you do.” Much of it I understand, is a difference between the way I’m perceived as a person and ideas of what that job might entail. Point being, it’s still confusing and not exactly easy to pin down – at least to any convenience where say you could make quips as you would if you were talking to an attorney, plumber or dentist.

    I actually don’t mind that. I think it forces people to not use what I do as my main identifier and gives more opportunities for the experience to speak for itself. It IS quite laughable that some of my friends like to trot me out like a performing monkey, “you won’t believe how much she knows about this, go on, tell us about plastic and cancer” – more along the lines of, who’d ever thunk she knew that?

    • Hahaha.. hilarious, Veronica. That’s what you got out of that entire post? Yes, my Saggable honey. Met in April and haven’t really been apart since.

      He’d adorable, Moon in Cancer with Merc in Sagg makes for an interesting combo. If anyone had told me I might end up with a Sagg, I’d have laughed. Turns out, I’m still laughing.

      • FA, You know I always read your whole post, but that is what I immediately wanted to know πŸ™‚

        Sounds awesome, all his Sagg would love your aqua and Leo bits, and he has the Cancerian EQ depth, Which Saggies don’t always have. Unusual combo, haven’t come across it before.
        Great that you are laughing together! Xxc

  25. I have the dread too but from a different profession. I’m a Physiotherapist so after I say what I do to strangers at a party I usually get one of two reactions. Either the classic “X has been hurting me” with the expectation that I immediately perform and evaluation and therapy session right there in the middle of a dinner/cocktail party or bar. Nevermind we both have been drinking. Oh and I also get the amazingly long medical history as I try not glaze over.

    Or the lewd look from a male with the statement “I bet you give a good massage.” Ewww! Ah, yeah that really makes me interested in you.

    Now have learned to just cut off the free therapy wannabes with “get a prescription from your doctor and here is my work number to schedule an appointment” They get miffed but that is my polite way of saying “Blow off (more colorful words in my head) I’m not at work you idiot!”

    • great response TV- here’s my card. I have a similar prob working in aged care I immediately get the full history of the elder relative and trials of putting them in a nursing home. My eyes do glaze and I want to scream ‘i’m not at work I don’t care’.
      Going to party tonight – so need a solution. I want to own my work identity and I love my job but how can I head off a banal convo without being rude.
      Being natal mars in Libra this is important to me to never to offend and my Leo sun wants to keep a well bred demeanour as much as poss…. well at least until the 4th champers kicks in.

      Any ideas peeps?

      • Tell em you are a SEPDO. I f they ask further you are a Senility Encalment Purveyor & Despatch Ordinance. If they ask further, feign recognition of another person. A Leo/Lib should be able to pull that off!

  26. I usually say I’m a consultant. Who or what I’m consulting with…well, now that’s a different subject!