Ferguson W.T.F.?

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Wow this was obviously already a sickening situation, so sad and scary, SUCH a major political flashpoint. But when I read about the media choppers being barred from air-space and journalists forbidden from recording this story, that was the w.t.f. moment.

It is also textbook Zap Zone (the Uranus-Pluto square still strong till next April) in that it’s forced growth, old and entrenched bigotry under the pump, spot lit – something fairer and better has to evolve out of this.

The amazing #IfTheyGunnedMeDown is already changing the conversation and coverage from one about an “isolated incident” or “one-off police error” to something way more momentous.

Thoughts? Americans, how are you feeling?


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342 thoughts on “Ferguson W.T.F.?

  1. GLUED to twitter glued. White suburban folk are revealing their beliefs that poc deserve it. It’s disgusting on so many levels. I can’t sleep. I don’t know how the governor of that state can sleep. None if it surprises me in the least. Everywhere I’ve been here racism is entrenched. That poor kid. The pillars of Capricorn are not taking losing power well.

      • Twitter is incredible. Even an official source of alerts during national disasters, etc. https://blog.twitter.com/2013/introducing-twitter-alerts

        I wonder what’s the astrological sign of Twitter. Is it like a Mercury / Saturn / Aquarius thing? It’s transformational, has been crucial in recent history (like the Arab spring), and is really starting to usurp mainstream media.

        This, is theoretically Twitter’s chart: http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?nhor=12&btyp=w2at&btyp14=2at&rs=3&rs14=1

        (Based on Wikipedia info that it was “born” at 9:50pm PT on March, 21, 2006).

        I can’t tell if that time changes because it says it was born in NYC (which would mean 12:50am on March 22!)

        • Psht – an Aries Sun ruled by Mars in Gemini – figures! And a nifty Mercury/Uranus conjunction (digital communication) in boundless Pisces. Moon/Pluto in Saggo loves to out effed up sh!t of ANY ilk and blow it up BIG TIME! Especially with that Jupiter/Pluto mutual reception in play!

          The Venus/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius brings a particular fondness for humanitarian/social causes. while the trine between these two to Mars in Gemini isn’t shy about speaking up about these issues and easily elicits compassionate/empathetic action/advocacy from like-minded folk – it’s very easy to harness the power of the social network and put the word out with this combo.

    • I’m basically here at ground zero for lack of a better description. I have to pass the W. Florissant Ave. exit every day to get back and forth to work and as a 40something African American woman, my heart is both broken and hopeful because the police action witnessed on TV is nothing surprising or shocking to the black residents who live here.

      It’s a fact.

      At this time, we just want the police officer to be charged for his crime! Period. There’s no way to spin or suppress independent corroboration via eyewitness account and video.

      Thank God Governor Nixon has just removed police oversight from FPD and STLPD after 4 days of tragedy, turmoil, and unrest.

      Everyone has a right to be outraged over the murder of Michael Brown and we have the right to protest to demand justice for this crime.

      My heart is broken that this had to happen; but, it’s hopeful that people will vote to ensure policy changes and continue to fight to end racism once and for all.

      • sorry this went derailed.

        i’m amazed at how much has happened in the last five days.

        the whole thing, the whole town, i am blown away by the restraint showed by people invaded by what you’ve had to endure. tanks. tear gas, trauma upon trauma wtf?

        but mostly i’m glad twitter made it possible to SEE it, because nothing here is that new.

        i hope the name gets out, the officer is charged and prosecuted and that Mikes family can get justice and be allowed to grieve.

        • It helps that so many people are willing to bear witness to what’s happening here!

          Most folks now are extremely emotional because our VOICES and FRUSTRATION have finally received a response and the state police are actively working with the community. We still have a long way to go but it’s a start and hopefully, a new day.

          Many of us are taking this opportunity to teach and engage our children and grandchildren about the importance of voting and being active, productive, and vigilant citizens of the world. It’s hard not to seek vengeance and retaliation but that would not honor Michael Brown’s life and countless other similar victims.

          All anyone wants is justice and fairness.

          • you have great perspective and attitude Nila. I hope some good will come of this awful event – in some way the planets have aligned, and the public conversations have begun. respect and best wishes in your efforts towards more political influence and that brighter new day you seek in your everyday lives.

            • Calypso, thank you!

              But let me tell you: it’s very challengingly living in a racially polarized area, period. Adding Michael Brown’s murder to this boiling stew definitely didn’t help; but, I’m not alone with trying to cope with this horrible situation with a modicum of grace and compassion. Many, many, many folks here in STL share in this same POV as do most of ya’ll here.

              As for some of you here: WOW! (and you know who I’m referring to…) =] Some of you leave the FPD and Bob McCullough in the dust when it comes to sensitivity deafness but I APPLAUD those of you who have taken these less informed and unfortunate souls to task. Ya’ll go HAM! and I love it!!!

      • Thanks for your words from the trenches Nila. That’s exactly how I see it – a crime.

        When police pre-judge a situation based purely on the ethnicity of a person and then act to the point of taking a life based on this pre-assumption … well there’s racism right there. Racism is making assumptions about people based on ethnicity and then acting on those assumptions in a negative way that disempowers, isolates or harms the person in question.

        It is such a dangerous state of affairs and even worse that it operates in the collective unconscious of humanity … so out come the justifications and rationalisations about why it’s an ok reaction.

        Sadly our world is still full of these reactions and it’s our responsibility as individuals to work through our own hidden and below the surface prejudices and projections. Once we do this we are free to make alternative, conscious and more positive choices about how we behave towards others.

        Where I work, there are often homeless or transient Aboriginal people sleeping rough outside the building and seeking shelter near the front door. Sometimes I’m shocked at the reaction of my fellow colleagues who automatically react with fear towards these people. Personally I have never found them to be scary because I choose to believe that they are not scary … just having a difficult time in life. There’s not much I can do to solve their issues, but I can offer them ciggies, a smile and a chat and at least leave them feeling like welcome members of the human race.

        Tolerance, love, respect … it ain’t that bloody hard!

        • Well said, my friend!

          All of this just boggles my mind and hopefully, this is the beginning for this region because we have nowhere to go but up! And since the whole world is watching, maybe that can influence some folks there in Australia. I’ll pray for ya’ll if you pray for us!

      • Another horrified onlooker on the other side of the world: Nila, I hope there is justice here, and a BIG shakeup in terms of holding police accountable for their actions (and their cultures).

        • You’re so welcome and I appreciate all of you here standing in solidarity with us in the midst of the struggle here in the STL region!

          Today my heart is extremely heavy from last night’s events and it’s just been reported that a mentally disturbed man was killed in an encounter with the local police. The tension here is almost unbearable. Folks are ridiculously exhausted, including myself and this dark moon energy is not helping. =]

          History is writing itself right now but at what price and what toll?

          Please continue to remember us because this situation looks to get worse before it gets better. For real time insight and information, you’re welcome to follow me via twitter: Nila N’chanted. Several of my good friends are local politicians or radio personalities and we’ve been sort of a twitter tag team. We’ve become de-facto reporters especially Antonio as we chronicle the day-to-day actions, activities, etc. from a true local POV and not that from corporate owned news.

          Tomorrow is a new day so let’s see what happens…..

          • Thank you for coming back & reporting! Thinking of you Nila, sending much love and light on this dark moon battle for justice.

            • Much appreciated as we’re coming up on nightfall soon – also known as the “witching hour” here now!

              Wonder if explaining the ZZ to both sides of this situation would be a positive move in the right direction??? =]

              • Nah, I reckon you got enough going without being labelled as a lunar loving astro witch, lol.

                Good luck with the ‘witching hour’, channel your Inner Goddess for power and beauty when you feel it coming.. 😉

    • Leaving a dying or dead body in full public view for hours? No ambulance or report of the conflict to emergency health agencies? THAT is the brutal fingerprint of a cruel and base long-practiced strategy to subdue a conquered people through fear. Heads on pikes, flaming bodies flung from trebuchets, crucifixion, lynching.

      See that bleeding, mutilated person? It could be YOU. Let this be an object lesson. Don’t f*ck with us. We own you.

  2. Well.. I am so sorry this happened but why are we relying on color to encourage people to say who was right or wrong. I have accepted the fact that the US will being going down as per this situation. All human beings in the US shouldn’t mess with the police. That means, white, black, Asian, Latino etc… we are all human beings.. nothing different.

    I cannot explain why this happened. But that poor 18 year old is a human being that will b missed greatly by those close to him. Being black has nothing to do with it.


    • Just curious, but are you white? Cos ‘colour has nothing to do with it’ is probably not how most POC get to experience the western world.

      • Agree UltraSag…and Saoirse. When times get tough for people who have had it relatively easy, they get scared and resort to xenophobia and racism or anybody who is deemed different.
        A very similar incident triggered off the English riots in London on 4th August 2011 which lasted for a week or more. Cops shot and killed 29 yr old black guy, Mark Dugan.This triggered big riots in London and all over England for a week or so. Police acted in a turgid way – and changed their story several times. I wonder what astro was going on then? If it was all part of the zz too?

        • I also can’t help thinking of Mohandas Gandhi’s saying that poverty is the worst sort of violence. And for too long poverty has been used to maintain economic and political inequality by the very few who own so very much. Something’s gotta give at some point. Another quote that also comes to mind – “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” – Aristotle.
          There’s nothing new under the sun.When will we ever learn?

      • hm well on a recent Chicago weekend 125 blacks were shot – by fellow blacks – doesnt get a mention in the nwo controlled media. if a white guy shoots a black you never hear the end of it. according to FBI crime statistics in 90% of crimes of violence where there is a white AND a black component whites are the victims. you wont read that anywhere either. in fact whites are the real victims but its other groups who are described as the ‘victims’ and of course whites are the perps. well its easy and convenient for the nwo controlled media to be portraying whites as nasty and evil but soon whites will be minorities in nearly every western country – will whites then be hunted down and killed on mass because the nwo controlled media has turned them into some kind of demon class? probably yes

        • Whites are not victims. They are used to a certain amount of privilege and that is being eroded. Welcome to the first time that the U.S. has had more non-white births than white births. If I were you, I’d start learning how to make friends because in 20-50 years it’s going to start looking different.

          The real issue is distribution of wealth has significantly changed since the 1950’s. There is almost no middle class left. But uneducated white people still seem to support and suck up to rich white people (who don’t care) because they want to be included in whatever schemes. I will let you in on a secret. You won’t be. You’ll be poor and down with the rest of us brown folk when everything changes into corporate feudalism. Someone mentioned veterans? The military used to take care of its own and it was a way to legitimately make a career. Now it is a place for young poor people (of any race) to sacrifice for the interest of the corporate elite. I see so many veterans (white and other races) who served faithfully denied care.

          • Yup – this is pretty much a summary of what has been going on since corporate takeover of governments. For a full report read “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein.

            • skarab.. I would love to read that book. But working with the government.. the corporations are totally controlled by the government. Corps. can’t do anything without paying the government to agree with them. Hence why pharma, is one of the leading industries in our economy. We would crumble if people stopped going in for cancer teating and treatments … crumble.

              • *Ideally* corporations should be under control of a democratically elected government — is that what you meant? In reality, dominating corporations have used their wealth to take control of government.

                • I havent heard that before democratically.,. but I would like to see a consistent manage of all industries vs a couple. For example, Pharma: let’s stop focusing on needing them all the time and enforce normal healthcare by treating the body not treating the symptom. That is what the US us all about. Stay sick because you feed the economy by purchasing prescriptions.

                  • many govt decisions are designed to maintain the profitability of different industries Ellie, often at the cost of little things like health and good sense

          • Electric Eel.. I don’t know where you stand with my comments.. but I like yours!!

            Just saying.. you are right on the mark about everything.

          • Excuse me Electric Eel – that is an anti-white lynch mob in Ferguson and the anti-white media is working it to fever pitch. You can talk about white privelege till the cows come home but thats why we created affirmative action so really there is now no excuse for certain people – they should get off their lazy butts and embrace the (white) taxpayer financed ‘self improvement’ programs – programs that are closed to the ever increasing number of poor whites. The real story here is jewish ownership and control of the anti-white mainstream media – around 75% jewish owned. Their agenda isnt the creation of some kind of post modern utopia for everyone – their agenda is to diminish and bind white people who they see as the only demographic group that threatens their quest for absolute control of pretty much everything.
            Here a teaser – theyve been beating up on whites for decades about how we invented the slave trade to the Americas, all its attendent mysery is the fault of whites – well hello sunshine jews played a prominent if not the most prominent part in that abhorent trade – look up Aaron Lopez whom the Jewish Encyclopedia describes as the ‘merchant prince of Rhode Island’ whilst neglecting to inform us that he owned slave ships, as did a whole bunch of other jewish merchants and financiers lulz.
            Go way back to ancient Rome and have a look around – the Roman slave trade was run and controlled by jews. Did you know this? l seriously doubt it because you wont read it in the Jew York Times. Whilst your enjoying the anti-white hysteria playing out across the public stage force yourself to shed a tear for the three white men beaten to within an inch of their lives by Trayvon Martin revenge seeking blacks – George Zimmer whatever wasnt even white, not only was he not white but he has actual real live black family members – but he was portrayed as white the anti-white mainstream media – and innocent whites suffered beatings and worse as a direct consequence.
            How many whites will become victims because of Ferguson?

    • VE, really? Seriously, I think your statement is a case of wishful thinking. You only have to look at the stats hon, let alone know anything about social history (or just plain shit that’s happened) … I’m not saying the situation can be completely reduced to race – but it’s there, along with sick power and its chesty-bond functionaries. Awful situation.

      • which stats should we be looking at? lets look at the rape staistics in the us, for example. over 30,000 white women are raped by blacks every year – the number of black women raped by whites is so small it records statistically as zero. the rape stats paint a picture of white victimhood but everyone is saying non-whites, especially blacks – are the victims, wow. ever heard of the knockout game which also goes mostly unreported? gangs of blacks randomly attacking whites in public places in every us state for NO REASON AT ALL. the cops are wary of blacks because they know all about black violence – if we were told the real facts we would be wary too

        • Cripes, you again? Ugh.

          Do you see what so many of us have to deal with in the US, rest of the world? Staggering, the amount of opinionated ignorance that exists in some areas here… Enough to leave one speechless sometimes.


          • yer me again and watch out – lve got treble scorp quotient and a gaggle of planets within 28 degrees – you are a tasty lightweight morsel. US police make approx. 12 million arrests per year and there are again approx 400 police shootings. The odds of not getting shot whilst being arrested are pretty damn good. However someone does get shot white people are blamed – no one else and certainly not the jews who control the government and Wall Street – nope, just whites.
            Anyone who believes anything the government says or anything the mainstream media says has to be brain dead and as dumb as dogshit, is this you?

            • Exactly…. Don’t listen to anyone!! Drives me crazy that everyone here thinks that a group of nitwits, the government, has the right answer. They don’t. They are using us to figure things out and/ or manipulate us to remain submissive.

              Don’t listen to them and make an effort to change things at our level. Its up to the citizens now… No one else.

        • Yeah, here’s where I draw the line. I think if you make statements like that you gotta give up the source material. Over and out.

          • Source material is the guy who lives over yonder, or chit chat over Sunday brunch after church. Lol Maybe KKK or Arian brotherhood leaflets, if this person can in fact read. Which is questionable.

          • Oh lookie I found some source material at wikipedia:


            According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and Native Americans and Asians 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most murders were intraracial, with 84% of white homicide victims murdered by whites, and 93% of black victims murdered by blacks.[32][33]

            In single-offender rape/sexual assault victimizations, Whites and Blacks were victimized most often by members of their own race (Whites by Whites, 78.4%; Blacks by Blacks, 83.5%).

        • Thank You.. I thought I would be the only one. didn’t want to bring up the statistics in certain cultures brutally attacking white women and children. Even selling children… The numbers are horrendous!!

          • ah, so here it is: colour DOESN’T matter when black people are killed by white people, but it DOES matter when white people are, um, brutally attacked and sold, by well, let’s just say “certain cultures”?

            actually slavery is a big fuq off problem, but I don’t think on balance it’s something white westerners suffer the consequences of.

            • Let’s take into consideration the Kent State shooting. Armed forces shooting innocent students. What happened after that? Nixon had to resign… Is history repeating itself? We ignored that scenario, changed the world and maybe history is repeating itself. Looks like the chief might be setting himself up for a fall.

        • Just to clarify. I was specifically referring to numbers in the article – in response to VE’s assertion that ‘being black has nothing to do with it’. I shouldn’t have brought stats into it. We could throw them back and forth…like peanuts. The actual point I was trying to make was how complex the situation is. And yes, your post highlights the devastating impact of historic, brutal and systematic oppression on the whole of society – generation, after generation. The ZZ is just what it is.

        • Who my god are you? Can you please provide sources and justification for what you just wrote. Otherwise, shut the hell up with your nonsense. Brave enough to post it anonymously on the internet – brave enough to back it up anonymously with hard evidence from justifiable sources. Go on, I dare you.

      • seagoat.. yes, people are going to see this as an awful situation. It IS … but it has nothing to do with color. Who knows maybe some political figure encouraged it to get this type of response.

        Let’s think about the possibilities of that? Right now the country is under the threshold of retaliating.. this is one scenario of what happens when people don’t have the understanding on how to improve their lives. They feel like victims always and they won’t let go. It is a comfortable mental state to be in.

        Is God talking to us through this situation?

        • Sorry, this is nuts. I’m a white Australian and I can tell you the statement “This has nothing to do with colour” is batshit nuts. It’s batshit nuts in Australia, and its times a million batshit nuts in the USA. You guys have a massive problem with colour – don’t get me wrong, we do too, but it doesn’t inform our culture to quite the extent that it does yours. If you can’t see that, I would say you are almost certainly both white, and colour -blind in all the wrong ways, and also wrong.

          • yes, and people always saying stuff like “your race doesn’t matter, I don’t pay attention to what color you are, whether you’re black, white, Asian, etc it doesn’t matter”…you may mean well, but trying to ERASE race and pretend it’s not an issue does NOT help anything. It is in fact a very harmful perspective because you are refusing to examine and consider race.

            It is an issue. I’m speaking to VE but all of us. As I am white myself. And as a white person living in America, we must educate ourselves, we must LISTEN to what POC say. Because we are not in their shoes, we cannot say ‘it’s not a police state, you’re overreacting’. They are treated differently because of their skin color. And we must constantly be hyperaware of this, or we become ignorant and racist and blind to the truth all around us.

            • But why.. Why is racism SO important as you are saying. I think it has nothing to with color. .. It has to with government needing segregation to keep us all against each other. If we look at everyone as just human beings… Your comments would not be so strong!!!

            • Virgo K.. that is YOUR decision to look at color / race as a problem. It is not in my world. America gives everyone the opportunity to have a good life. Everyone..


          • Sure it does but no one will admit it – l read the crime stats in Melbourne AUSTRALIA – or rather l have to infer by the photos and names of the perps – race has an awful lot to do with crimes of violence and sexual crimes in AUSTRALIA. l would say 70% of violent crime and sex crime perps are non-white and rising fast, and that in a country that is still about 75% white. In Melbourne sexual assault was in decline up until around 2000 and then hey presto as non-white immigration took off sex crimes made a U turn and increased now up about 90%. All that good work we did in the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s when society was 97% white – thats all gone down the drain, and we pretend race has nothing to do with anything. DNA has an awful lot to do with behaviour – behaviour is controlled by our genes. You wont read that in the mainstream media but you will (increasingly) read it in medical and scientific journals lulz

    • Don’t rely on history. It’s done, it’s over.

      Sorry “peeps”.. no disrespect. I am a human being with blood, a brain, and a heart like everyone else. I love all people in the US. No doubt about it. Unless a class of people hurts my family or friends. But I will look at them as human beings.. nothing else. A color does not change our blood, brain and heart. Agee?

      So, let me say history doesn’t matter any more. Don’t look back. Move forward and change your life.

      ~Would a white military Veteran being shot by police head on make a difference for you?~

      Back home there was a situation where the local police shot a war vet head on when the police entered the home of this individual. Based on the media coverage for this white on white killing the individual (vet) was out of control and holding a gun. He was killed by police. Well the town was in an uproar. They didn’t start running the streets in gangs to attack the police.. they just voiced concern and maybe did more than the media wanted to reveal. Why wasn’t that a big deal? Well… it turns out the police officer was correct based on the investigation. The individual’s mistress even showed up stating claims of his outrageous personality.

      Let’s wait and see what the investigation says. WHY are you getting all upset now? You don’t know the details. And if you are relying on the media… then you they won. They got you convinced. You were not there. (but reveal yourself if you were)

      Sorry.. times have changed. Racism is an undefined term. I am looked at differently because of a health condition or my lack of education. I can’t get certain jobs because I don’t have that BS/BA piece of paper. All my experience in my industry and I am not looked at because of a diploma.. that is a new category for racism. Lacking educational race to fit for a job. HA!

      And remember we are ALL in a bit of slavery environment. Think about it. The forced abuse, sexual / physical, fraudulent medical treatment killing people… it is all a sign of slavery. Bring in the weak, manipulate them and treat them like dirt.

      Again, I am sorry. The US is in a terrible time of battle for the meaning of a human life? Are Asian’s better than Blacks, or Latino’s better than Arabs?. WHY are we separating everyone. What is different for each group that makes them better than any other color. It doesn’t makes sense to me. We all were born the same way.

      It is a deep question based on psychology.

      Again, I am sorry!!

        • VirgLibrScorp.. Thank You for that! Very informative.. but I have been all that he wants “whites” to experience. All of those scenarios he stated that he thinks “whites” don’t know about.. has been me.

          Maybe that is why I have a tuff time thinking people feel they are entitled to certain privileges or protection. I have never had it. I am losing it even more now. Why I am still here.. I am not sure. I trust in God to walk thru to the best place I should be in.


          Just saying..

          • Virgo Ellie, try a book called ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’. Its a great read, and it will graphically lay out why history is so important to the race argument. You cannot brush off history like that – it’s why we are as we are….all of us xx

            • Thanks seabird. These books will be pinned to my board. It may not change my stance but maybe my discussion comments will be understood better. And I totally understand ahere you arw coming from honoring history but can’t we at least look at the opportunities we have available now to say that history played a part but we can now change it? I have people commenting towards me saying “we can .makes changes”.. Its up to us… OK.. Let’s do it!!

              • You can only change history when you understand it and where it has brought you. Any other approach is deeply naive. You can’t look at the whole history of America since the arrival of white people and say that it is not intricately bound up in the exploitation and subjugation of black and minority people. America’s whole wealth was founded on slavery and genocide, this is how you got the be the great democratic nation that so many Americans actually believe you are. Hundreds of thousands of Africa’s young and strong men and women, stolen and used like animals, for centuries, – the huge base of wealth, cotton, sugar-cane, tobacco – these are the crops that allowed America to maintain and grow its strength, this was all based on slavery. But Black Americans were not even given equal human rights in the eyes of the law until mid last-century. This is not history, VE, this is the recent past. This is something your grandmother might be able to tell you. Is she history? There is a deeply, deeply entrenched racism in the USA – your country was founded on it. It is extreme sophistry to then just try to sweep it all away by saying that we are not our history and we should just move on.

                “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

                • I see your point. I just wish we wouldnt rely on it as a reason for bitterness. I am not saying you are bitter.. I am saying some are using history as a way to explain why they act the way they do.

                  You bring up a good comment about Africa… Men and women being used as animals.

                  Do you see American citizens being used as animals? Workers, patients, children? All races fall into this question. Being used as victims might be a better term?

                  • It’s not a reason for bitterness, although is certainly is a very bitter history. But it is a million times not a reason to ignore history. You are ignoring the incredible hardship so many people involuntarily underwent, what they lost, what America gained. And something else you are ignoring ; Did you ever stop to wonder why the immense continent of Africa, chock full of natural resources – did you ever stop to wonder why the whole continent is a basket-case? Did you ever wonder if once upon a time, it wasn’t such a disaster zone? The answer is, it wasn’t always this way, and the reason Africa is in the state it is in is very very complex, but has a great deal to do with European history. Ignore history at your peril, VE, it is not over, it is living, all around us, and affecting us at every level. The fact that you can even say “why should we need to bring colour into this debate’ tells me a hell of a lot about which parts of history you have assimilated. And I can say one thing – only a white person from a white background who has had very little to do with people of colour and who has not travelled much and other things i won’t say because i don’t mean to be hurtful, but to make a point – only a person like that could make such a statement. Your own words tell me a heck of lot about your history.

                  • this is my final comment: VE, at the base of this thread you use your own history to explain your own behaviour. Just one more example of how you have contradicted yourself here. I don’t mind that so much, but you should be open to seeing it.

                    To make broad statements dismissing things that can provide us with valuable insights into the situations we face “colour doesn’t matter” or “history doesn’t matter” is to invite or embrace ignorance. Can you see that? I don’t really want a reply. I just want you to think about this.

      • “Don’t rely on history. It’s done, it’s over.” ??!!!
        I wish i was a genie and could snap my fingers and everything would be hunky-dory. But that is not how it works, hon. We are reaping what we’ve sewn and what our ancestors have sewn. History is very much a part of what is going on now…even 2 minutes ago is history.

      • Uh? History has everything to do with current policies and attitudes — and US history is deeply deeply racist. We can’t change the present or influence our future path without awareness of what has brought us to this place. It’s too bad that Americans have let racism affect policies meant to bring all people out of poverty — ie, funds are used for mass imprisonment b/c the war on drugs instead of job creation, education, and child welfare programs. And that has also affected the health care provisions you mentioned. Small cities have now become health care Company Towns populated by medical debt slaves.

        Yes we are all born the same way, but poverty based on historical racism means we don’t grow up the same way. Programs that would help all the poor have been opposed by people who use race to polarize voters. Poor whites have had a long history of competitive racism towards blacks and immigrants.

        And a crazed man with a gun is no comparison to a boy with his hands up!

        • Honestly, its messed up, but I am glad there is something making people realize how fucked up things have gotten. I already read a lot about the police being militarized and local police everywhere getting tons of military equipment leftover from our wars and now everyone is aware of how fucked up things are. Things have been a light police state for a while now, and that’s not even getting in to the fact America just insists on having a weird issue around black people. Honestly, I think that’s the main reason we are so fucked up with poor people in america, the system is just insistent on fucking over black people its willing to just be fucked up towards everyone. I am not going to elaborate on that, I usually just read so I can come to the right opinion myself but don’t remember it to convince other people stuff. I don’t even think most individuals are racist anymore and a lot of accusations along those lines are uncalled for, but the system hasn’t changed and it perpetuates itself above all else and along those lines our system just has a weird thing about black people. I dunno, its complicated, but honestly as long as we are capable of prioritizing fucking over black people we’re all going to be fucked over by it and we will all have to live with the consequences of a police state. Its not as explicit as before civil rights, but just like after the civil war the south lost the war but won the peace, I would say new more complicated ways of fucking over black people and poor people have been re instated. After slavery ended immediately a sort of slavery under a different name was immediately established and just like then sure we had the civil rights movement but all those boogeymen didn’t just fade away, that system didn’t die, they just found new ways of doing the same thing.

          And also, in response to something above, history is EVERYTHING, everything, and they don’t even teach a lot of stuff in schools, there is SUCH a fucked up precedent I don’t know what you think is going to happen to that, it doesn’t just fade away, it doesn’t just stop because of a few political losses in like one decade.

    • Exactly 12th.. Why is color so important!! And yes proverty is taking over. I can’t afford health insurance.. Something I will need for my medical condition.

      My comments have no influences… It is just my opinion. Hate me as you will but I will not be bitter towards anyone. I might not like what is said but my heart is open to help who I can. Its up to us to change the devastating condition s throughout the world.

      God Bless.. This is just a small piece to a large mess.

      • I agree with you. In order for Government to continue they need to keep us segregated by all notions of the law. That is how they manipulate and win. Intimate and force the weak to think less of themselves.. aka helpless. “We can’t do anything”… years of poor political policies have brought us to this point. Now it’s too late as people are being killed innocently for the sake of politics.

    • Elliie.

      I just knew you would react this way, because you did the same – rather more stridently, I’ll admit – in relation to the death of another unarmed black man a while back.

      In that case, the young black man was on his way home from going to get some munchies, and was followed by a white vigilante, who violated police orders given to him over the phone not to follow said black young man nor approach him. He was a young black man who by the time he was shot, had phoned a friend to say he was pretty terrified that he was being stalked, and acted to defend himself.

      Your assumption that Michael Brown messed with police, when there are witness accounts to the contrary, doesn’t surprise me.

      It doesn’t surprise me, given your assumption that the other unarmed black man I mentioned deserved what he got, for violating an order from a white man (not a policeman, with no invested authority, and acting against police advice) to stop.

      Then, as now, my impression is that your protestation that colour has nothing to do with your own assumptions is simply an ingrained – and very transparent – defense mechanism against your own disowned prejudice.

      Maybe it is about time you owned it.

          • The only way I stay alive on this planet is the small hope that some part of a person does hear, always 🙂 But, it’s up to Ellie. And everyone.

          • Absolutely VirgLibrScorp… Absolutely.. it is up to us to start making changes.. we need to stop relying on punishing others. If we love ourselves enough then we won’t have the bitter attack towards scenarios posted on the media and hopefully rely on the law. We can’t do anything about the law.. That is NOT up to us!!

            I agree with you!

            • See now, I think the law is only there because we create it, negotiate it, refuse it, change it. So we do affect the law. Citizens lead the law and the politicians – if only enough of us realised that, eh?

            • And exhibit B, rest of the world: the US is on the surface a democracy, but the reality is is that the majority of people believe they have no control/influence over law creation & execution, so hello apathy, hello divorce from government, goodbye democracy… It’s a victim mentality, really: “We can’t change things.”

              Some of us are so not with the victim mentality. *lobs a rock*

            • “We can’t do anything about the law.. That is NOT up to us!!”

              simply not true…laws can change by us the citizens through petitions, peaceful protests and electing better officials. Laws can be changed. We aren’t under tyranny…yet.

              • Very true.. unfortunately.. where do you find the time to fight? I have to work. Call it an excuse to try and change the country but that is a major hill to move. It will take years!! Choosing the right officials is the right law to change. It’s time to vote where no one has been voting with a clear conscious lately. IT has to start now.

                • The length of time to post on this site you can start by signing petitions, educating yourself on topics. small steps are better than none.

                  • Again, where do you find the time to do all that! I could never figure out how people can be petitioning and still get paid. How does that work!! And signing petitions don’t work. All they want is your email address to get money from you!!

          • Yes she can, dear…she’s a lot cleverer than what we think. She has chosen her stance and she aint ever going to budge…

        • Here in Australia, some members of the law have killed people who were exhibiting psychotic tendencies, amongst them a young French man (white) and a young guy in Byron Bay (also white). Neither of these young men, it was later proved, were in a position to harm anyone except themselves when they were gunned down.
          Can we say, following your logic, that the law made a correct decision? Can we then extrapolate that anyone acting in a strange or violent or psychotic manner in public, even if later proven or widely known to be mentally ill, is best dealt with by being executed (read, shot to death without any hope of mercy or retaliation) by the law, and we should support that, because the law made the decision.

          God help me that I am never a member of a society where the majority think as you do. Killing another human being for whatever reason is always wrong. When it is done by officers of the law it’s not only wrong, it’s sick and twisted. When it’s done in a case where the victim could not fight back, it’s also evil. This is all of the above.

          • sorry, not *fight back* what I meant was where the victim was innocent of any wrongdoing. Not thinking because drinking cinnamon-flavoured scotch.

          • Seabird.. Please look at the Sandy Hook Connecticut shooting and tell me how to manage mental illness as everyone seems to think is the reason for the murders.

            • Killing people doesn’t ever excuse killing people.

              Sandy Hook : Look to your gun laws. We’ve only ever had one similar incidence. Go check out what our then PM did in response – it was amazing (I hate the dude but that one piece of policy was amazing). Your gun laws are unbelievable to everyone else on Planet Earth, and your politicians are gutless wonders in the face of the NRA and supporters. Sandy Hook was a direct consequence, not of mental illness, but of availability of assault weapons and rapid-fire combat guns.

              • The reason the right to own a gun is enshrined in US law is because they knew that all governments turn on their citizens eventually. It was so the people could rightfully rebel when the time came.

                • Ha! Go on then!! Rebel! Your government turned on you years ago, you were just too mesmerised by fast food, capitalist work requirements, shopping and Hollywood to notice. What a load of shite. Guns kill.

                  • Whoa Nellie! I didn’t give my opinion on this fact. The govn’t has bioweapons & drones that make machine guns seem paltry water-pistols anyway. I don’t have an answer, I am just pointing out that if people want a better justice system, in history that has been gained by rebellion and war. Though if I will opine, I would also point out that there are areas of the US where there is not a strong police presence. I have friends who lost close friends to home invaders coming to their farm from the border – they saw them coming, but they didn’t believe in gun ownership and they died. I have lived in a situation where the police were the criminals and there was no justice and it was very scary. I employed people with guns because I was responsible for the safety of others.

                    • You talking to me? I use to teach self defense gun techniques. If I could I would teach you both, shooting and defending. I had to learn to shoot in order to help people understand what a gun can do and how to manage them.

                  • Some of the comments here condoning and praising a cop shooting an unarmed teen for jaywalking have me seriously concerned.
                    Not sure how anyone could be open-minded enough to enjoy astrology and then be so close minded about the truth and justice.
                    I do not want to live in a police state where I should be afraid of our own police force.

    • We shouldn’t have to FEAR our own police…people are getting shot by error, tear-gassed and arrested for no provocation including the State Senator at a peaceful protest.
      I hope you are never falsely accused or profiled because, it’s extremely scary!
      btw I am a law abiding citizen and I also expect it’s the police officers duty to follow the law.

    • Not sure calypso about proving you right. IF you feel good about what I posted and you think you are right then good! Opinions are important to each of us. Whether everyone likes our opinion is not going to happen. As I said to a friend recently where our opinions clashed:

      “We are both extremely smart girls with different expectations from others” She agreed!! So it was a win!! 🙂

      • Ellie darling, I don’t think you’re understanding what people are saying one bit. Whether you’re being innocently or purposefully ignorant doesn’t really matter, does it.

        Perhaps you should take out a loan, go back to school, and get a real degree and an education in the process. You have that ability, and calling yourself a victim of racism because you’ve chosen not to take advantage of it is, in the context of this discussion, frankly disgusting and absurd.

        • Actually my education is actually very good. Just not with big pharma who is very strict to say I am not capable even though I have been in the industry for 25 years. I call that racism.

          I have thought about going back to school for the job opportunities that need a BS/BA. I can’t make enough to get there. I just applied for a loan. They denied me because I don’t make enough.

          If just sounds like you were just brought up differently. I respect that.

      • I didn’t call out color.. The media did. Refer to the original post about this awful scenario in Missouri. I am just asking is about color.

        Definitely not sticking my head in the sand. Stepping out and asking a question to try to understand why color is so important to you!!

        • Because accused is convicted if you are black. You are more likely to be found guilty and sentenced to a longer term in prison.

          • I understand what you mean. And yez it can be seen that black can be misunderstood…But is it possible that other evidence would convince the court of the accusation?

            I opened a corporation with other investors, used my saved money to open it and one of the main investors who was a teacher of mine kicked me out. Long story but I got a lawyer. Bottom line I was accused of a lot of things with some that were justified but out of my control. I didn’t pursue it because I got my answer. No money as a win but confirmation that he was a crook.

            Just trying to give you an example of how I was punished, lost lots of money and was found guilty of some innocent actions.

            • Hi Ellie, I really like your story about being a white, middle class woman who opens corporations, has a run in with the law and doesn’t get jailed.

              Um.. your point?

              • That some may see you as innocent but some people can create false accusations to make you look guilty.

                My point is that this awful situation is going to get worse. When this goes to trial you will see a retaliation that will not be manageable throughout the country Hence, a revolution that everyone is has been afraid of and is actually occurring in Missouri right now. It’s unfortunate but certain individuals in our government encouraged this racist action.

                Why do we have to choose color as the determining factor to say a person is right or wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way.

                • But it IS that way! I am stopping here because I think you are enjoying the attention your pass-agg wilfulness creates.

              • Sphinx, you are a gem. I love how you manage to tackle these difficult discussions in a way that is really incisive and also makes me laugh. I’ve also reconsidered my assessment below about the Leo comment. I think you were right. It’s so hard to understand VEs point sometimes.

                If you see this comment VE, to complement all of the helpful reading and suggestions some others have made, as a teacher my professional advice is to work on expressing yourself more clearly. This process might even help you to clarify your thoughts somewhat.

                Love to all x

    • Virgo Ellie I respect your right to have an opinion on this and I have not lived in your shoes so am unware of the influences that have shaped your views …

      However from my perspective the rule of law ought never undermine our love of each other as fellow human beings. Being a police officer does not make one automatically right and justified in taking harmful action against citizens.

      I get that police have a very difficult job to do and I respect that their choice to help maintain social order is not an easy one. Sometimes though people are attracted to law enforcement because it gives them an opportunity to wield power over others and vent their unconscious grudges and resentments against members of society. Because of the constant stream of negativity, police can also become victims to unconscious fear and paranoia – of which racism plays a large part.

      We need to rethink our approach to law enforcement … but that’s a discussion for another time.

    • LOL. I’m guessing you’re white…..and also clueless. The neoliberal Post-racial colorblind crowd always tickles my funny bone,

  3. It is absolutely awful. For those interested in the astro, Missouri is a Leo state, st. Louis is Aquarius, no idea about ferguson.

  4. Privilege:

    A group of unearned assets, one of which is being white in the US or Australia.

    Then there’s degrees of minority and privilege, and fuq, we all just try and make the best of things, mostly, anyway.

    I can’t wait till we get past othering, full-stop.

    No men, no women, no black, no white– just human beings.


    DB, nee Damons.

    • Hello Damons

      I have a half-African daughter here in beautiful Australia. You wanna know about ‘othering’? Try being the ‘other’.

      To all intents and purposes my daughter is a middle-class Aussie child, pretty intelligent, in grade 5, like any other kid. Except she looks African. Woah! She’s the ‘other’. At 10, she knows this already. She would never say something like “lets just all get past colour’ because she knows that many many white people simply can’t. It starts YOUNG – some of the things I’ve heard kids at school (inner city very mixed race school) say to her have utterly floored me.

      This is inner city, middle class. Imagine what is happening to those on the periphery. Imagine what is happening to those who fall into an area where officers of the law think like the nice little white middle-class 10 years olds at my kid’s school (and their parents). Woah there dude. Headcheck time.
      And this is not even America.

  5. From the Mitten- a young lady I know was followed closely in a store and a police officer was summoned while she shopped in a mostly white, affluent community. That city borders on a mostly African American, less affluent community.

    Upon entering the store, she stated that she was returning items bought online. and she showed the clerk her shopping bag and items with receipt. The store clerk called the police.

    When she exited the dressing room, the police officer asked to see her bags. And he told the store clerk that she had receipts for everything in those bags.

    Clearly embarrassed the officer told my friend that the clerk had asked for him to check out the customers, plural.

    She realized that she was profiled for “shopping while black” as no white customers were similarly queried. The only shopper examined was my friend.

    Her academic and professional standing as an attorney evaporated in the face of the clerks’ suspicion that she would shoplift. It shook her up and it was an Aha moment.

    Ethnicity is never off the table. My sons are less likely as young white men to be stopped and searched while driving in our affluent county. Their African-American friends are more likely to be stopped and searched. It’s called Driving While Black and it can be fatal.

    My friend’s son was stopped while driving the family Corvette. The officer thought it must be stolen. The kid is on a full college scholarship. He carried a 4.0 GPA in high school. And he was Driving While Black. Happily he was sent on his way.

    I cannot pretend that my pale, green eyed sons will be treated the same way as their Black friends.

    At our local coffee shop, I have observed a mother move change tables or exit when they see my Black girlfriend. They think she does not belong here.

    Redlining in real estare still exists. If I hear racist remarks I ask the speaker to elaborate and get really explicit and not speak in code. I say “wow that sounds really racist. I’m surprised that you can say that.”

    Vigilance, mindfulness and humor about our own foibles will get us through this ZZ.

    Love from the D- from Ms. Libra/Scorp Peace Love and Tie Dye

    Xx Kat

    • Thank you Kat for the above.
      After reading it – i sometimes wonder aloud how interesting it would be if one day – we all awoke without the faculty to see – what then would come to the fore?
      If you didn’t know the colour then most problem you wouldn’t have any bother….! x

      • My own aha moment was admitting my surprise when a beautiful dred-sporting lady returned to her NYTimes mag section- at a cafe. I expected some white guy to be sitting there. Shame on me.

        Meiw and VLS, Glad my stories add to the conversation.

        Xx Kat

    • unfucking believable, Kat, in this day and age. what are people drinking over there? BlindPrejudiceWater? fuq me. How stupid do the scared white people look I wonder. this is documentary fodder for sure.

      • Pi, never have I understood extreme, perennially rigid peeps. Like putting coins in the soda machine and hoping they aren’t sold out. But those coins keep getting rejected! LOL!!

        Glad to hear your perspective. Not far from me there was toxic, green water. Ugh! Maybe that toxifies hearts and souls-

  6. I am a youngish, clean-cut blonde white girl who never gets harassed by cops.

    But police harassment isn’t limited to black people. My (white, Irish-looking) husband was often pulled over by the police and searched for no particular reason when he was younger. So were his parents before him. They have many stories of being huddled by the highway with all of their stuff spread out on the side of the road while dogs sniff around. If you’re not perfectly clean-cut, or you look “funny”, or you’re from out of town, guess what? You’re bait in some places.

    There are also lots of stories (if you know where to read them) about escalating police violence against white people. Cops storming the wrong house, shooting dogs, sometimes shooting people, and so on.

    I am not saying that there isn’t racial profiling, because there probably is; but the real problem is that we live in a police state thanks to the Drug War.

    It’s also true that racism isn’t one-sided here. Most of the white racists I know acquired their racism from growing up in mostly-black schools in poor neighborhoods. It’s a vicious circle that creates vicious people.

    • OK, let me explain a thing here. A person cannot be racist even though people use that frequently to describe someone. They can be prejudiced. Anyone can be prejudiced against anyone. For it to be racist, it has to be prejudice embedded into a legal, state, federal- machine or system. This is why minorities at this time cannot be racist. It is because they cannot lobby laws into place that reinforce their prejudices.

      And let me tell you, “Driving while Black” is totally real. I experienced it myself. I am a multi-racial person with variable skin colouration and hair like an octopus. Normally, people ignore my existence. I would say the average I get pulled over by the cops while driving is 1-2X a year over the course of say 15 or so years. The one time I decided to have dreadlocks which lasted about a year, I was pulled over about 2-4X a MONTH! I was let go each and every time. No ticket once they realized that I was not the droid they were looking for, but OMG. I don’t think just because I had dreadlocks I started driving shittier. I think police saw a certain hairstyled person driving too nice a car and assumed it was someone who shouldn’t have a car like. It was ridiculous excuses like I was bumping the line to pull me over. I was able to stop having dreaded hair and to let my mocha summer skin blanch back to its winter paleness, but the poor people who can’t just change colour or their hair. They shouldn’t be subject to this crap! I also can’t tell you the amount of times I would go shopping in nice places and would have security or sales-people follow me around beause they thought I’d be shoplifting. While I’m sure it happens to white people who look too poor shopping in too nice an area, it happens to other ethnicities more. Understand you have privilege compared to others and compassion for their situation.

      • Of course there is “driving while black”. I should have expanded my comments to say this: Our politicians start by making inroads on the rights of people who are, or feel, powerless (blacks, hippies, and so on)… or else they use people who are despised (crack dealers, pedophiles, etc). Then they expand to the rest of us.

        Also, they set us against each other, as you are so obviously set against me.

        And yes, I know I am privileged. I implied this at the outset. But I would like to think that I am still allowed to have an opinion.

        • Of course you have a right to state your opinion. That doesn’t guarantee you the right for it to go uncriticized.

          • “Of course you have a right to state your opinion. That doesn’t guarantee you the right for it to go uncriticized.”

            Thank you. The whole “I have a right to my opinion!!!!” as an excuse to shut down a conversation and happily go about believing in one’s own ignorance gets me in the craw so much.

            I am refraining from jumping in to the conversation in the comments, because some of the ignorance herein displayed by some is making me so ragey I can barely see straight, let alone say anything polite or that would help anything.

            Luckily, you and Kat, and others have things covered, so I can go back to extracting blood from my tongue.

            • Well, I said that because I wanted to be nice. I should have said, “Just because I said that white people get oppressed too doesn’t mean that I don’t have compassion for black people.”

              I don’t get this. But now I remember why I don’t comment online. Too many semantic arguments, and no one seems to get my point. We are ALL in a police state. Black people were there first, and now white people are, too.

              So all of this is going to get worse, because the best way to keep us oppressed it to encourage us to hate one another.

              • Sorry St. Pisces — I didn’t mean to fling my word “ignorance” directly at you, or even (necessarily) at any one in particular. I meant more to highlight the point about being entitled to one’s opinion as being used a smokescreen to shut down debate. And while there has been ignorance in this comments thread that has upset, it wasn’t actually your comments, but one’s farther up.

                I do actually understand your point and appreciate that you’re trying to make a subtle one. I personally think your point teeters dangerously close to things like “not all men” in a bit of a “not all white people” sort of way, and I disagree with how — at least as it seems to me — your privileging of the problem of the police state over the problem of racism seems to create a false sense that only one of those problems can be fixed or should be worked on, but agree with you that they are *both* problems.

                Again, I apologize for where my comment ended up among the comments, as I had been reading the whole thread of comments and my invocation of the term “ignorance” was not directed at you or your comments in particular. I just appreciated EEL’s point about “I can have my opinion” as a rejoinder, because I see it used as a shutdown or throwing up of one’s hands in the hair to end discussion so often, and chose that as my moment to express my frustration with ways in which the wider conversation about this event has panned out, and I can very easily see how the placement would seem to impugn or minimize or be directed at you, and again, that was not my intent.

              • Oh, it all smacks of the ‘but men get assaulted too..” shit that emerged after Jill Meagher’s rape and murder in Melbourne. ‘Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?’ …”men can suffer rape”….

                “I’ve got black friends”

                “I’m entitled to my opinion”

                “I get racially profiled too…”

                I have to leave now. I’m getting cross.

                • Yes, exactly. It’s dangerous to brush over the overt racism in this issue, and it’s always mystifying to me why people are so resistant to acknowledging it, or so willing to brush it aside to say, “yes, but REALLY it’s about [x]” or “yes, I know it’s a problem, but what ELSE is a problem.” It tends to sound like a brushing aside or “no, I don’t want to talk about that bit” rather than the desire for an actual discussion of all of the issues.

                  • Much inquiry and assertion, wonderful clarity of argument, .. better than most conversations i hear on the fidelity of thought, take it forward, in your best capacity

  7. When I am with my friend’s dark skinned, 13 year daughter at a pet adoption, she isn’t allowed to hold a puppy- told she is too young. But a white child of 8 is handed the same animal. I cannot rewrite what I witness.

    A teacher treated this same child as well as a Chinese born girl with derision, skepticism and contempt. But adored and revered her white and Asian/Indian students.

    The parents of this girl hold a Ph.d in clinical psych and an MBA respectively. Their daughters are told to quit acting white by some of their peers. And as much as they outshine many other students, they are treated suspiciously by mostly white faculty.

    This is how preconceptions play out on the upper middle class. In poor areas the consequences are more serious.

    Outside the right/wrong paradigm: Cultivating curiosity and a desire to kindly hear many sides of human experience will enrich us.

    X Kat

    • Love to the D & to you, Kat. So glad you’ve shared your observations & experiences here. Astute & well-said. x

      • Back at you, beautiful Scorpation!!

        Thanks for those shout outs. Overall this thread has been very civil, impassioned and provacative. Tongue biting aside:)

        I think Liz Greene would point out the chance to heal as a collective our disowned, pained, rejected and outraged parts and bring them home for healing. Is this not a gift of Chiron trine Saturn? choron in Pisces- the Victim/Savior. Saturn in Scorpio, 12 Steps to healing Trauma and the Taboo? We can sticking our icky, scary energies on “the other” folks.

        The whole paradigm of being right/powerful vs being happy. Two dimensional thinking Them or Us. We need to create a new We.

        Whatever happens, please keep conversing and thinking.



    • I started to write a reply and then I just have to stop. As the mum of a half-African Australian kid, I just have to stop. I would like to smack out a lot of people, but I just have to stop. She’ll fight them on her own. She’;s priveleged, educated, and only half-black (bite my tongue). It’s a crime to be black in America. It’s not so easy in Australia either. Strength to all those who have suffered and are suffering. In Senegal I saw the slave island of Goree with my husband, niece and nephew, all Senegalese. History is real and continues to be reenacted. The door in the slave house there, the one that opens onto the sea, the door of no return, where all that is African was left behind forever and all ahead was what was to come…that is the history. And here we are. And we must all deal with it together.

      • Seabird,

        Beautiful, strong words. Twelve miles from my house is a bastion of mostly all white villagers. Their police dept is circa 1952 and I hold my breath if I have to drive through there.

        Hoping you and your family are shielded from Muggles and have the light and peace you deserve.


        • Thankyou Kat, it sounds as if you need the white light far more than we do. Inner city Melbourne is pretty tame compared to a lot of the US. And a lot of country Australia, come to that. Being Koori/ Indigenous Australian in our country is pretty damn tough. I’m sitting here in France, where the same stuff happens, about to go join my man in West Africa, a lot of this is on my mind as I go towards one of the poorest countries on earth, recovering from recent war and terrorist attacks….and yet…strangely…before Europeans came…this same country was one of the largestand strongest democratic Kingdoms (not an oxymoron, believe it or not) on Earth for centuries, and an ancient and very wealthy repository of knowledge and science…..I wonder what happened…..its all part of the same thread.

          May we all rise up together.

          • Seabird, we have many blessings here, including a richness of cultures- and lots of opps for joy and surprise. I told these vignettes which occurred over several years, to share real life stuff. To show, gently that we are all judged on appearance in all too many situations.

            Wishing you joy in the land where we all started.

            Xx Kat

            • Thankyou Kat. And on that note, from my Parisien pied-a-terre as I ready all my bits to take over to the African side of my family, I am going to leave this discussion. I send you blessings. I send what I can of understanding and openness to all the people of the USA and elsewhere. And I go back to where we all came from! xox

  8. D:< aargh! A shocking but not surprising event that reminds us of the oppression that has continued throughout US history. I hope younger generations will be less polarized and better able to deal with systemic discrimination, although by that time corporate rule may be completely entrenched.

    • As for the astro of the situation: Leo planets square Scorpio planets can energize positive change in people who seek to grow, but it can also bring out stubborn antagonism in others who have less awareness. Pluto in Capricorn can be either reactionary or prompt cautious strategic growth, while Uranus in Aries can incite a Right Now! attitude to change of whatever kind.

  9. This goes out to the creeps :
    People of Gaza tweeting to citizens of Ferguson, United States how to handle tear gas flooding their homes. Black America is occupied. If you don’t believe it, you’re not there. I recommend shutting your mouth and opening your ears – it’s not all about you …

    • America as a whole is occupied. That’s the point of the War on Drugs(tm) and later the War on Terror(tm). The difference is that the black people feel it most thoroughly, because it started in their neighborhoods and spread from there.

      • Where the hell have you been since the 80’s? There is NO war on drugs. There never has been. There needs to be a war on abusing pharmaceutical drugs.
        And quite honestly the War of Terror is focused in the wrong direction. We, the U.S. are the terrorists. We terrorize our own people … hello NSA….we terrorize other small countries that don’t cough up resources we want. It’s embarrassing.

        • We are told that there is a war on drugs (and one on terror). Perhaps you missed the sarcasm implied by my use of the trademark symbol?

          Of course they’re not wars on drugs or terrorists. Drugs and terrorism are too useful. They are wars on us.

          You seem a bit angry. Have I offended you in some way?

          • All of America is a police state to some degree, true. More so as you travel down the socioeconomic spectrum. But only Black America is occupied. It’s NOT all the same. These degrees of difference MATTER.

      • Agree 100% – It’s one thing to know what’s going on.. but this event drove it into my heart. From sad/angry to numb. No more smoke & mirrors. We are not free.

    • That the Gazans would tweet their methods to the US victims is logical. The USA send their police for training to Israel with the Israeli army. If I were a US Citizen I would be watching Gaza with care – your police are being trained to deal with you as Gazans are dealt with. The rise and rise of police murdering civilians may be traced to this training according to some.

  10. Thanks for posting this, Mystic. Dialogue is so necessary.

    If we don’t talk about things, we don’t reveal our biases. We don’t reveal our ignorance. We don’t reveal our fear. And if none of that is ever revealed, then nothing can change.

    I curated some links about the militarization of the US police force, the racial climate in Ferguson (past and present), as well as some tweets, links and images for anyone who would like to understand the situation a bit more, here: https://medium.com/@geekychic/strange-days-in-ferguson-a02ba76ca0a5

    Always grateful for this community. Even the Muggles who reveal themselves in ridiculous comments.

    • Thanks, that was what I was thinking too. It’s too easy to assume that we all think the same way when clearly we don’t. I really appreciate the thoughtful and passionate discussion of this community. It gives me some hope.

    • Yes to this, and thanks for the link. I’m still working my way through all of the information, but I have the page bookmarked and I vastly appreciate the time you took to put it together.

      This is one of those things that I feel like I don’t get to talk about until I am better informed.

  11. “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein (book and now a film on youtube) is a chillingly accurate analysis of what is happening in the world and how it has developed. What is happening in the US now is a sign of things to come – everywhere. We should all inform ourselves and not just rely on the mainstream media – they were bought ages ago. As the saying goes “To be forewarned is to be forearmed” …..And no, it is not about conspiracy theories at all nor survivalist madness – just a good hard look at the facts. From there we can decide on how best we can help each other and change what is happening.

  12. The Moon in Aries today conjunct Uranus (conjunct my stuff)….I had to make a couple of phone calls this morning and noticed no one was listening very well (not saying that of any peeps here)…

    Think I’ll just continue to lay low however…

      • Yeah, funny cuz I called the auto place where last had my car serviced and simply wanted to know what services had they recommended for next time coming up? I did not get the print out when I last went in, about a month ago.

        Dude kept talking over me so finally I yelled at him….lol

        Another call was about making sure a company was on the up and up and they better not debit my checking account again. Told the lady she was talking in circles…She said “where am I talking in circles?”….She was….Threatend to sic my lawyer son in law on her.

        My son in law is not a lawyer 🙂

        Like I said, good day for Aries me to just keep it on the down low… lol

        Gov of Missouri just in news conference said that they are turning the operation over to the Highway Patrol and the cops and heavy armor folks are going to take a step back.

        Well good…so far…

        • Now you know if the highway patrol is going to take things over what that means, eh?

          Less chance of getting a ticket if you get on the fwy.

          While the Moon is in Aries drive like hell 🙂

  13. Currently, I live in a suburb of St. Louis and Ferguson is a 20 minute drive from my home.

    My thoughts: The metro STL region has a long history of polarization that dates back decades. The city is separated literally and ironically North and South. North County (NoCo) is where Ferguson and other predominantly black communities is located and South County (SoCo) is mostly predominantly white. The central regions are relegated to the more privileged and rich.

    As this tragedy has unfolded, the Ferguson police chief along with his good friend the St. Louis County police chief have instigated and escalated the majority of the violence that has been witnessed around the world from the outset. As I’m typing this reply, there is still a determined resistance NOT to bring any charges against the police officer who murdered Michael Brown despite the overwhelming evidence available.

    Many of the EYE witnesses to this crime are just now being interviewed and that’s only because of the OUTSIDE media outrage not because we here in the area have not been seeking it. Furthermore, it was FPD immediate response along with the STLPD to confiscate ALL cellphones and video accounts of this crime. Luckily, wiser heads prevailed and did not release all of the recorded and taped evidence because those confiscated phones have mysteriously disappeared now. I could go on and on about the willful resistance to do the right thing but I will leave you with this:

    Michael Brown was gunned down in broad daylight approximately 1pm in the afternoon last Saturday. Families were out barbequing, children were playing, and people were enjoying a summer afternoon. For a LONE police officer to shoot this teenager 8x for jaywalking and to do it under the glare of the sun with countless potential witnesses watching speaks volumes of his fear of any type of repercussion. He did it because he felt that he COULD.

      • You’re welcome!

        It’s fascinating to see the global reaction and comments to what might very well be a defining historical moment unfold almost in my own backyard.

        As of this afternoon, Governor Nixon has placed all security duties in the hands of the MO Highway Patrol in accordance to President Obama’s and AG Holder’s statements from that of the FPD and STLCO police. Finally, same sanity is prevailing.

        I ask those of you here to remember us in the metro STL area in prayer, thoughts, meditations as we fight for justice for Michael Brown and everyone’s right to bear witness to any injustice.

          • Keep sending the positive vibrations our way because it seems to be working!

            This weekend there will be several rallies and marches so I will share with those here. Just a tad bit concerned since we’re moving into dark moon energy…

            • As the moon wanes I imagine so does the emotional tide, which may be a good thing. High emotion can’t be sustained for any length of time, cafe astro reminds that the waning moon keywords are: “Readjustment; Correcting; Disillusionment; Elimination”. So hopefully as you say, there will be some sanity and investigation so that this situation can be resolved in a helpful way! Wishing you and your lots of luck and success for the rallies!! My thoughts and good wishes are with you gorgeous lady, your words are so inspiring. Xx.

        • It’s so good to hear from someone close to the situation — thank you so much for sharing, and you have all of my thoughts and prayers.

          Praying for peace, but also that this isn’t swept under the rug and that we see justice as well.

          • MM, I felt compelled to share because based on what I see on TV, I have to do periodic reality checks so I can only imagine how it appears for those of you in other U.S. states or countries.

            Keep us uplifted because today is literally a powder keg waiting for a spark to set it off. Tensions are incredible high and those in public office and so-called “power” are the main folk waving matches to try to light the fuse.

            Steadfast and unmovable…

        • You are confused about which lane I am in. There are several I proposed under the same scope which is one direction so I am trying to respond to you. Which statement makes you think I am not following my main objective. I want respond since you posted something directly to me

          • Perhaps she is referring to you agreeing with EEL above, when the point that she was making was 180* opposed to what you’ve been saying?

            • Again, I’m not confused at all. You are assigning a state of mind to me that I do not have.

              HDQ is right: You repeatedly contradict yourself in your assertions, either implicitly or explicitly. History matters/Doesn’t matter; it’s not about race/race matters, etc. You use evidence in one argument that you say in the next doesn’t matter. History shows us…History doesn’t matter. I perfectly understand the reality of contradictory streams of human experience and practice, but your thoughts slip from one easy (and uninformed) generalization to the next with a startling lack of self-awareness. And then you dodge behind a “Sorry!!” as if that excuses you from facing critical evaluation of your statements. I would recommend not coming on a site like this and throw a “just sayin'” after your opinions. It’s limp.

              • I agree with most of Eels comments. She has several comments here. I can see her point. She is balanced debater and I hear what she is saying.

                I am not contradicting myself. If someone has valid points I can pick those out and say “yes”,.,,I agree!

                What is wrong with that?

                • You’re all over the road, dear. Really. A very typical Virgoan theme is the ability to identify and catalog every tree in the forest, but have NO CLUE what forest you’re in. Yes! Yes! Yes! go your comments, as you find little things (the trees) to like in others’ posts, but you don’t see how your responses look confused and unstable (driving erratically through a forest of experience and ideas you think you’ve driven through before — but haven’t). You see the little things, but don’t grasp the larger arguments. I just pointed out some specific arguments in which you have repeatedly contradicted yourself and you ignored the point. Instead you responded by saying what’s wrong with liking different things? The point is, your process (constantly changing lanes) of thinking and choosing doesn’t seem rational. EEL is not the only person who’s made this clear. Calypso and others have as well. You are tone deaf to your own voice, it seems.

                  But you invite this criticism. I have seen you be one of the first commenters on several posts, always jumping in on topics in which you prove you know little about, sharing facile observations, over-generalizations and rehashed arguments obviously sourced from other superficial observers. Then you back-peddle on your statements and cherry pick items you like from our responses, giving you an image of a weathercock in a windstorm. (Do you have Mercury/Neptune contacts in your chart? Or a first house Neptune? I do wonder.)
                  PLEASE actually read the material that’s been recommended to you. But before you do, just go back and re-read the comments you’ve received here. You don’t seem to have grasped the free lessons in critical analysis that have been suggested here. FREE EDUCATION.

                  See? I’m not confused.

    • Whatever.. I don’t mind the criticism. It doesn’t bother me. It actually makes me aware of people who have different ways of communicating. Some are more harsh and trying to belittle people and others have a more subtle approachable on commenting.

      You can belittle me all you want Woop! It’s your personality not mine.

      I am 50% Virgo and 50% Libra.. Just saying.

      Thanks for commenting!! Your persona actually makes me chuckle. Kinda of a text book case of psychology. Look up the term: projection.

        • The BEST way to learn something new is to be challenged. You mean to tell me that a discussion and/or debate about a tragedy that is placing a country under dire safety issues doesn’t teach you anything Whoop? Look at the dynamic intelligent comments that have been placed here for this topic. There are some here I would enjoy following if they tried to implement change for the sake of good. Our current leaders are careless.

          and I close with: The only person who wants attention is the person who brought it up. What’s that saying “whoever smelt it dealt it”? LOL!!


  14. I thought I was seeing footage from Gaza. Nope, a few states east. USA! USA!

    Another unarmed young man was shot nine times and the community is not going to take it, they want answers. The police responded with force more suited to Syria not Missouri.

    I feel shame. The only progress made has been from water cannons and dogs to military grade weaponry.

    Who the fuck needs an anti-mine tank in the United States?
    The 1033 program allows military weaponry in local hands and in many cases The Feds will supply it. Why? For what? What is the doomsday scenario where this is needed?

    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame (SCREAM)

  15. My fiance is from St. Louis and we have been following this situation closely.It truly is a flashpoint for the US…my beau keeps saying that the cops turning on civilians like this and killing/attacking for no justifiable reason is like a 9/11 situation. Now I would probably agree that he’s overstating it a bit, but I also agree that this is a VERY.BIG.DEAL. The cops and military hold all the power and they have no problem at all demonstrating that.
    It really feels like we’re either on the verge of one of those totalitarian, divide and conquer, keep all the poor people down states…which are currently so popular in movies and books for teens. The Hunger Games, Divergent, Snowpiercer….those fictional scenarios now seem possible…especially as we are also climbing ever higher toward environmental crises.
    It is seriously sobering….I’m trying not to get too pessimistic here. Can we really turn this around? if so, how?

    • I don’t think we can. I really don’t. It would take a mass awakening – everybody looking into their own hearts, owning their shadows and repressed xenophobia, and coming out with true compassion and desire for spiritual oneness. And then social activism on an unprecedented scale. I see it starting with feminism – the male response to #yesallwomen was heartening – but with race? Just look at this thread. Fuqing nightmare of childishness, misdirection, and selfishness. It’s all gonna burn.

      • yep. those groups in society who have had structural privilege for as long as that society has existed, to acknowledge on whose backs or land that privilege was made possible, the fear of acknowledgement and responsibility (even if ‘indirect’ and for many, an awareness partnered with sorrow) it runs so deep that it is a part of identity with culture and self, and once we start poking at the squishy, sensitive underbelly of culture, self and identity, then shit starts to get really ugly. ~~
        I don’t think we can ever escape power structures or at least who has more and who has less, however that comes about, wherever we are from and whoever we are.
        but however you slice it, this is pretty f’ing ridiculous. yes.
        love to you all .. XX

    • I agree with HDQ. I think what beautiful souls need to focus on is how they can be of service while in the mire. Where children around us suffer we can comfort them. Where we are asked to do something that would damage the fabric of our soul, we say.. no.

  16. Each day it seems there is something new to reconcile in order to go on living a remotely contented life –

    Seriously. Anyone got any tips other than “be the best person you can” and “appreciate what you’ve got”?

    • join forces with the millions of people who stand up and be counted as against this madness. History changes with the will of the people, eventually. Exert strong direct public pressure on the leaders who make the decisions that have consequences like this. know your enemy? not sure how to take on the media though , as mentioned, the Twit does a pretty good job.

  17. Why not create better defence weapons that can stop an alleged suspect without causing their death. Its lazy policy to rely on guns that silence the other person.
    If i was in charge i’d make sure the solution met the underlying principal that no one has the right to take another’s life and harm them. From that standpoint a better and more innovative solution could be created to manage the systemic issues that come with poverty, racism, inequity, history, access, education, personal self worth.
    There is no sense of “alledged” conduct and innocent until proven guilty with a lethal gun.
    The Israelies have a dome, surely the billions of dollars spent on warfare could create a better policing tool for alleged criminal behaviour.
    On the systemic problems, I work with some incredible indigenous leaders here in Australia. The hardest shift for them to make us to let go of the “inferiority” beliefs they carry around from a life time of being treated / spoken to appallingly by so many people they have come into contact with. Not many people can rise above that “inferiority” belief when it is entrenched in our language, practices, past and some will act out that powerlessness in violent ways.
    Enough with the self responsibility shit – it is going to take a village to change values and drive new cultural norms.
    The question i would ask those that believe that blacks are more violent is what options do they really have to be different. Its not a colour thing that causes violence it is a big crappy mix of things that make people feel that is all they are worth.
    Own your fear that this might happen to you but please reach for the better answer and from my stand point giving lethal weapons and power to any individual needs to stop.
    I am sorry for the family of Michael Brown. There had to be other options that would have been a more appropriate way to uphold policing.

    • It’s actually hard to stop a criminal on, say, crack. They can have the power quite beyond their physical frame. I have a friend who works in the psych ward and a guy broke through the unbreakable glass of her cubicle and required seven men to hold him down. Guns are, I suppose, meant for the situations in which a police person is in danger for their life.

      • Thanks for your thought Sphinx.
        I suppose I am thinking that solution lies in a future innovation – some means of immediately stopping the behaviour without the use of lethal force.
        Guns are the ultimate authority but loose their potency when someone is not afraid.
        We have some coppers using tasers which don’t work on adrenaline fuelled people either.
        I suppose I am just putting it out there that maybe the solution is not just about the people involved rather finding a way to better manage the situations.
        My issue is that police are charged with apprehending in order for a court to determine guilt – guns sort of skip that path all together.

    • I used to be tangentially involved in creating non-lethal weapons. It’s a real slippery slope. Govt.s use them more for torture instead of prescibed use because it looks like people are not being harmed….stuff like spray goo for crowd control. Also people *can* die from using non-violent weapons even when used correctly.

  18. I’m so grateful for peeps commenting from near Ferguson, right in the thick of things. First for the time you’ve taken sharing your thoughts, and second, for expressing them without IMO, incendiary purpose. It’s hard to keep a level head when things are so close to home.

    We all have very strong opinions about how broken our society is, but I think the hardest thing to admit in this day and age, is that racism (and yes it IS about color, even if albeit mixed with all the other social issues) still very much exists and worst, it’s nurtured.

    You don’t escalate to an event like that without having the attitude prevail or perhaps even be celebrated. Nila N said it best, it happened because the officer felt he could do it.

    The slippery slope from right to wrong is well-oiled by beliefs that blur those boundaries, and allow us to justify the fears that motivate wrong action. We’ve seen it from how Obama gets heckled when he’s addressing the union, to this.

    We’ve read it in Mein Kampf. We’ve seen it in thousands of accounts of suffering where a horrifying cross section of greed and racism show us how far we’ve yet to come. So from that perspective as well as the fact that at least here in the US, our laws are created, fought for and defended by precedence, history DOES matter.

    Yes, we all want to move forward, be washed of our sins and rise from the ashes. But on a generational scale, we cannot improve the organism we call our collective, if we cannot gather the long roots of a disease that still ails us. History is not simply there for argument, it’s a reminder of our base tendencies and the vigilance it takes not to succumb to it.

    • Good resumé FA. And yes, it takes effort and vigilance. If there’s one thing that i hope we all learn from this awful state of affairs, it’s to PARTICIPATE in our governance. Be aware, get informed, get involved, shake it, move it and fight the insidious misinformation that is constantly being drip fed to us to keep us divided.

    • FA, well said!

      I’m collecting my thoughts and emotions as I get ready to go to march with those to protest Michael Brown’s MURDER in light of Ferguson Police Chief Jackson’s attempt to justify Officer Darren Wilson actions. I couldn’t fathom why he would conduct a press conference in the manner that he did by both revealing this man’s name after resisting for almost a week to do so and THEN, putting the blame on the victim. I searched and searched and searched my mind to come up with an appropriate term for what he did and finally I settled on it:

      Police Chief Jackson did a “virgo-ellie” and virtually reversed much of the progress to keep the peace. Jackson intentionally “virgo-ellied” because his ineptitude has been spotlighted for the entire world to see. In spite of this, I refuse to be “virgo-ellied” and plan to keep my focus on the real issue here:

      An unharmed young man was murdered in cold blood while pleading for his life. Period.

  19. LOVE reading the comments section on this post. Reeks of Uranian revolution to me! Does anyone else pick up lightning? Zap Zone for your ass! Seems like for the first time in several decades, the true nature of US government (not giving a fu@k about anyone who is poor and rewriting slave/race policy to fit modern vernacular) is rapidly becoming undeniably palpable to apathetic Millennials. Point is: it doesn’t matter if you’re black, the system is carving you up and treating you like factory farm stock if you’re not a millionaire/and-or corporation. Time to SHUT IT DOWN!! And create something new. Transformation is imminent, if not we’ll just keep repeating violent history. Killing is primitive y’all, no more justification for that!

    • 8 billion and counting.

      The Emperor has no clothes

      it is only the corporatised organisation of provision of food, goods and services to the masses that anarchy has not yet come to the West …


  20. Folks, a fixation on race is bait/a distraction so that we argue amongst ourselves. The real underlying problem is an abuse of power & authority, Pluto in Cap/Saturn in Scorp style. Corrupt cops? You don’t say!

    Race may be involved, but the planets don’t care about color; the energy signature of this is totalitarianism – a literal police state – running amuck in broad daylight, and it will happen to ALL regardless of color if we don’t stop arguing and instead join together to start screaming for accountability from those who egregiously abuse the authority vested in them to “protect”. This is a case of a bad guy with a badge – there are A LOT of them out there these days and they come in many guises, such as the politicians who say they are going to “protect” us from ourselves. America is approaching its Pluto Return and this is a systemic failure that starts all the way at the top and trickles down to have its dirty little fingers in every City Hall, in every police department. The answer is protest, accountability, and reform, not fighting amongst ourselves. United we stand; divided we fall – viva la revolucion!

    • YES exactly it is power and fear [power-being-fearful and also using fear/violence as tactic]

      we are seeing exertion of violent and disproportionate force by government-sanctioned institutions against its citizenry who is protesting prejudice or an unjust and fatal action. (yes?)

      can you see how the above could be transposed to almost any place in the world right now? at varying scales maybe

    • I agree we should rise. But I think we are stronger, diverse. May I suggest some reading on intersectionality and perhaps, gasp, permaculture to add to your revolutionary analysis. Things are stronger, harder and last longer when they are beautifully, ragingly diverse. The intersectional, colour has mattered and still continues to matter analysis has been a gift. Also protest and reform is not a revolution, it’s not transformative. It continues to work in the same bubble/system that created the problems in the first place. Just some provocative thoughts. I think Zack de la Rocha might approve 🙂

  21. Authority’s running amok in the U.S.
    If you’re mentally ill, homeless, black, (insert other disadvantaged group) the security arm of our corporate police state (cops) shoot first and then gets to go on a paid vacation at the taxpayer’s expense.
    No charges filed, no consequences for the murderer.
    The chaos happening in Missouri is erupting due to the longtime systematic abuse by cops and other arms of our corporation *cough* country.
    We must agitate for change, the system oppresses us all in its classist sexist racist folds, we want justice for the unarmed slaughtered.
    This is absolutely about race, white entitlement, and the militarization of our police force.
    And I say this as a suburban white girl, WISE UP PEOPLE

  22. Was listening to talk radio on the way home…Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero.

    .Yeah he doesn’t always have topics that interest me but I check in just to see…

    Someone called in and said this isn’t about race (prejudice) so much anymore but it’s getting to be about “class” wars…

    Pisces doc was concerned about me having no health insurance and he made a comment “for people of low income”..

    Jezus, I’m low income even tho I make a great wage for a party of one. How a family of four would subsist on my income however is another story.

    He said there are now riots in NY City and Portland, Ore. I haven’t been able to read all the comments since this afternoon and Virgo Ellie holding her position…I admire someone who stays in the fight VE!

    But on the radio he was talking about how this country is three thousand miles wide, 300,000,000 peeps or so. He couldn’t imagine the whole country uprising at once (he said “I could be wrong”), but riot pockets popping up here and there would keeps the cops busy 🙂

    What kinda “riot pockets” he talkin’ about 😉

  23. Aye Curumba, 194 posts .. I couldn’t read much after I nearly choked on some early ones.
    I do find it interesting though with all the horror going on in far off places, and all the talk in the west about ‘proportional’ response, ‘proportional’ concern etc.
    then something happens that feels close to home and all the proportional stuff goes out the window.

    • Proportional response and concern has, in the past, sadly been left to the fashion world..

      Honey, yo ass look so juicy, but what kinda belt you gonna use to cinch that middle?


      I hadn’t heard of anything on our news here as something so uptight as “proportional” although I don’t doubt it…

      davidl, you make me laugh!! x

  24. Listen, I haven’t had the time to read all these comments (trying to quit the Nic again, can’t spend too long on the web), but let me tell you, I am so disgusted with this country, my skin is crawling. Seriously every day is like WTF. And I’m white. My black friends from back East (cause you know, here in the Pacific Northwest, oh just don’t get me started) are even more appalled, in fact their posts on FB were what alerted me to what was going on because OUR NEWS SUCKS FOR SHIT AND IS COMPLETELY CENSORED and so I hadn’t even heard about it on the news until two days ago.
    Sorry if this is a repeat of someone else’s rant but again I can’t be on here too long without serious nic fits. On the other hand, after 36 hours I feel fantastic.

      • I should probably stop here but I did do a quick rundown and saw there was a storm caused by a certain VE. I have noticed some extremely ignorant comments from this person before (ie Obama is the devil’s agent in taking down the nation) and a lot of it smacks of racism.

        I am not in the business of changing the minds of the ignorant. I salute all of you who try. But I thought you should know who you’re dealing with.

        • Outside of your negative comments towards me I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment.. 36 hours clean. It is a tremendous milestone for people who are fighting that type of fight. I sincerely wish you the best.

  25. It is not ignorance people.. I have now seen that comment several times throughout this thread. As I have said before “you (all) and I are all extremely smart individuals but we just have very high standards of what we expect from others” Trying to beat me down doesn’t work.

    As a Virgo I have a very strong stance with ideas on how things should be. As stubborn as I may be I will stand up for what I believe. There is nothing wrong with that.

    As a Libra I want to understand and appreciate why people are so adverse to certain situations. This entire thread is a learning process for me. I don’t put people down, I don’t try to say you are ignorant. I want to understand why people are so upset with others having a different view. I just want to communicate. Calling me ignorant is unjustified because it is just an opinion.

    Others have tried to post comments about facts. Thank You but facts are sometimes are wrong even though they are posted in educational books. Take for example the books doctors read. They rely so much on that information and then everything changes. That knowledge of information has become obsolete. What can you rely on when standards change very 6 months. Hence, why everyone is sick in the US.

    Based on my interactions with Leo’s what I have found is that Leo’s are a strong sign. When they are leaders they have a need to be looked at as popular.. maybe not for the sake of doing the right thing but they need to be in the lime light. Most Leos are absolutely gorgeous / handsome individuals with a strong level of intelligence. Could the Leo level here and in the US be creating some turbulence based on this scenario?

    Is it possible?

    • Without taking a political stand, just want you to know, as I stated above, that I admire that you didn’t fold girl..

      Yeah, Leo’s can be a pain in the arse sometimes…I know 😉

      But if only one could see my beautiful Leo rising granddaughter, Aries Sun, Moon in Cap…

      NOW THAT….is a joy forever…

      Lord I’m off topic but my Gem daughter sends me videos and she is five months of hilarity goo goo ga ga and all kinda baby noises…finding her toes

      She is what I live for…

      But think I agree that the younger generation (although I read Seabird’s post about her daughter), don’t see color as much as the old ignorant farts…And if they are teaching their children that, then SHAME THE FUQ on them..

      My Leo mother grew up in Webb City Missouri and had black friends. My Aries father, born in Iowa was an ignorant bigot to some extreme but for many years, no longer. His heart is actually quite soft and he had been a product of his environment.

      Anyway, way past bedtime here in Cali…x

    • “it is not ignorance people” – that makes it worse!! That you know, are smart and aware and yet have still chosen the side you have. Not only that, but weirdly have accepted points made by people that are contrary to what you stated earlier. I can only imagine what white folks who are disadvantaged/ poor/ are ignorant would be spewing.

      It saddens me the most when people who are supposedly educated come out with remarks that are frankly shocking. The leo dude’s sister who I met went on a random monologue about her brother and little sister being the fairest in the family while her being the darkest as a way of introducing her family to me. Almost as if being a shade darker was a blemish/ holding her back/ something to be ashamed and disappointed of. She isn’t ignorant rather had handed in her Phd a week before meeting me. If this is what educated people come out with – a result of what is buried deep in their psyche then the rubbish that the EDL (racists in the UK) come out with is pardonable.

      An anthropologist I met once said that in less than 20 years time, most children in the UK will be bi-racial because of the mixed marriages that are taking place. It is only a good sign – increased tolerance and love (hopefully).

      Please interact with more POC, make them your friends and hopefully through regular interaction they will appreciate you and learn more about life for you and in turn you will understand more about them and the silent struggles they do face. Experience is the best teacher!

      • Well, we will agree to disagree. Would you call a college student ignorant because they had a tuff time understanding math? No!!

        So, as I said these interactions are a learning process for me. You say “get out there”.. well.. this is my first step. Why not read from personal experience people’s views one certain situations. I can pick and choose comments and say “Hey.. ok.. I see your point”.. That is NOT ignorant.

        What is tuff for me and hard to understand so I am learning is that most of my African American friends are amazing individuals who are educated, have families, financially doing well… so I am stuck with “Why isn’t everyone else taking the opportunities that they chose to take and make a change”… why is everyone looking down on those African Americans (I hate using black because that is the only color we hand out to our citizens..we don’t call Greeks = Olives, Asians = pale). So, with a lot of white Americans struggling financially and some homeless why is it that we have to chose one culture and say that they are not treated fairly. There is a high class and low class African American group.. just like the white folks.

      • Excuse me – with all the mixed marriages youre endorsing there wont be any white people left – obviously you believe ‘racism’ is a white thing and the only way to rid the world of it is to get rid of white people – you are recomending a form of genocide.
        Presumably you have noticed that white countries arent allowed any more – that only non-white countries are permitted to continue unchanged – all white countries must accept and literally embrace massive non-white immigration. When whites have fully embraced ‘diversity’ there wont be any ‘diversity’ or at least what was once a significant element of the race or human colour spectrum will no longer exist – white people gone FOR EVER.
        This is supposed to be a good thing – are you insane? The jew owned mass media has fooled you into believing white people must be got rid of – and you think this is good? WOW

    • I think it is wonderful that children will be more racially mixed.

      Personally, I have never cared a whiff about such things. (Not saying you think I do)..

      But as a massage therapist what has been humorous to me is that besides boy and girl parts, we are all made the same…

      Was born a Universal Being and will remain so..

    • “Could the Leo level here and in the US be creating some turbulence based on this scenario?

      Is it possible?”



      “The Leos.. The Leo’s are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Leo?”

    • People, stop feeding the monster. She knows damned well what she is doing. She thrives on this and at the same time that she’s pretending to be your friend and learning from you and telling you how positive you are, she spews out a little more of her poison. I’ve seen some evil comments from her before on other threads that people chose to ignore because they knew it was bait. She’s happy now that she’s scored here by getting everybody’s attention. But come on now VE – it’s just boring – and why don’t you just come out and say it – say you hate Obama coz he’s black. You hate him so much, that you are now even blaming Leos for what is going on, becoz he’s a Leo.
      “As a Libra I want to understand and appreciate why people are so adverse to certain situations.”…you’re more like a rattle snake on the hunt .

      • i don’t think Ellie does hate Obama because he’s black, I think she hates him because she’s really bad at political analysis and so she veers conservative, or to what she learned sometime way back when in an impressionable phase, or something like that. And I also think she’s talking about Leo energies in the sky in general, and just not expressing herself clearly 😯

        fwiw, yes, we all know Ellie and we know it’s useless trying to conduct constructive dialogue with her because at essence, she’s not listening, although she claims to be (and sometimes, like a miracle, something seeps through, but this is very unreliable).

        but she’s one of us (take that at whatever scale you will) and in her own way she has her gifts to impart, although they are not in the vein of political analysis or love – except perhaps as a warning!

        • I think you underestimate her ability to undermine, confuse and destabilize. She can be very subtle when she wants to be, but she doesn’t fool all of us. And of course, with the whole Leo astro thing happening, she can safely say what she says without directly referring to Obama. There is only one type of racist – those who choose to be …and she is a racist.

          • You are right Anon.. You are absolutely right!! Based on a post in social media you define me.

            Makes sense to me now why our country is a mess. People judging others by appearance.. isn’t that a racist condition?

            • No, VE. As a couple of people have already patiently explained specifically for your edification: racism is NOT the same as superficial judgements or prejudice (based on superficial characteristics such as skin color). RACISM is an institutionalized (legal) expression of systematic categorical privilege based on race.

              Racism is NOT getting passed over because you lack academic qualifications despite having 25 years in a field of work. (really. this came from one of your earlier comments.)

              I admire a person for not running from a fight, but I don’t admire someone who seems to be in the fight for the sake of attention. My charitable hope is that VE is here because she’s lonely and on a quest for personal happiness and a new vision for her life. My uncharitable thought is not worth publishing because I think it’s already been proven, and those who see it, see it.

        • Calypso, VE serves an invaluable purpose to me as an astrology loving black woman because her POV helps me deal with people who share her POV. It’s unfortunate that her “musings” have basically hijacked this particular thread for countless hours because us rational, considerate, and thoughtful folk have entertained her mania. Luckily, an honest and real dialogue still managed to occur and we were able to apply transits to the recent events.

          In the light of the this morning’s developments, I’m can’t be “virgo-ellied” today because after gaining justice for Michael Brown, we have some elected officials to kick out of office!

          • I agree with you. Her response has been manic, I think she’s triggered in some way and I hope she might come to understand why.

            Anon, I don’t underestimate her ability to derail, I can see it! But look what it has catalysed in response. I also came to wonder through the night if she’s narcissistic – as well as, as woopdedoo said, the obvious.

            I agree that her comments have been narrow, confused, wilful, insensitive, offensive, etc. and poorly conveyed, I just can;t be bothered picking her up on all of those things because the job is never-ending.

            My comment was informed by past threads from which I know she’s a blind Republican.

            I’m glad you got onto something interesting about transits! I’m going up to look for those comments now. All the best x

      • Wow.. I am a monster? I am really burning you guys. That’s pretty powerful impression I am setting. Now you’re ganging up on me. What do you want me to say so that you feel comfortable with my position about politics?

        I never thought you all would be this way!!

        • I too dip my hat to your persistence.

          To have a view is easy, to advance/defend it on a socio-political level is the PURPOSE of POLITICAL DISCOURSE. And that is what this is, ” your view … i prefer to create my own scenery” is indeed, yours.

          It seems, you just dont know which side you are on …. and that is what some here wish to convey

          God has never been the answer to any of mans needs …. that would be compassion, sharing, care and concern, provision of need where there is need…. our fellow man is the provider, else t’woud not exist

          And sadly in many quarters, it is lacking

          Best of love and luck though, we all need that.

          • Thank You stepping up and commenting with something I can address without feeling like someone is attacking me. There is a politically stance that can see some of both sides. Whether that is an independent stance or not… I can see certain ideas as acceptable in the scheme of things regarding the safety and quality for the US. Confusing as it may be for the strong liberals or republicans.. I think it is time to start meshing both group ideas. That is what this country needs “unity”…. It is not going to work unless the 2 sides understand each other.

            Thank You again!!

            • Ellie, I have to say, as someone who disagrees terribly with many of your opinions and can more than hold my own in most political and economic debates – I do admire that you are still here.

              But what I would LOVE – as would, I think many other people here is if you would listen. And indeed, the links that are given (such as the book I recommended above, and the naomi Klein book as well) that you didn’t just pay lipservice to them, but actually went and got them and read them.

              And as for the comment ‘where do you find the time to protest” (I’ve paraphrased it because I’m not scrolling up looking at it) – well, we might all need to work but that doesn’t make us capitalist slaves. I’m a low-income single parent in a very expensive inner city where I must maintain a house and a car. Except for the very recent times when my new partner whisks me off to France (like now, believe me, these things don’t normally happen), I work like a fool to keep my head above water. And yet…and yet…I write to my local member regularly about our current government. I attend protests on weekends, with my daughter (family outings!!). I lobby, I argue, I stand up to be counted whenever I can. Because this is my democratic duty. In a real democracy, this is what democratic citizens do. They don’t need to agree with each other, but they need to stand up. otherwise you are a wage slave, and I will repeat the last word – SLAVE. you are just a drone in the wheels of your capitalist drone culture and they have you right where they want you.

              I don’s want to be had where a system I don’t respect wants me. I can’t start a rebellion on my own, but I sure as heck can make my voice heard in many different ways. So I find the time, and i do it.

              Get off this thread and start writing to the newspaper. Speak to your local government representative. tell them what you think. They are there for you, to hear you, and part of their duty is to respond to you. Keep them occupied. Question them. Join in.

              Bad things happen because good people stay silent.

              Democracy is a responsibility, not a right, and if you don’t involve yourself in the process when and if you can, you don’t deserve the rewards.

              Go on. Try all of the above. I dare you.

              • Thx Seabird. I hear you. For years I was kept in a room and told don’t be emotional and/or don’t speak your mind. I decided against that prison (my family) in 2010. I am slowly opening up and realizing I need to speak. Hence this thread. When Obama was reelected I started to letting people know how I felt about politics. So, with your challenge.. you have sparked a new idea. I don’t see myself getting involved like you asked as quickly but it is on my mind. Baby steps.

                As this site has been so helpful in making realize some things I have to change within myself it is very sad to see others who try to bully me back into the prison sentence I was brought up in for 40 years. You cannot change someone over night. It is up to them and it takes time. .

                • Look, VE, no problem, and I am not saying become like me. What i and a lot of other people are saying is get educated before you open your mouth, because having an opinion does not mean you know what you are talking about, and nor, actually, are you entitled to your opinion if it is full of racist crap. You are entitled to an informed opinion, not an ignorant rabble rousing opinion. Before you speak, really try to put yourself in other people’s shoes, not for a minute, but try to stay there. A number of the commentators above are American people of colour, they are sharing with you, with me, what it feels like to be one of the people the police target, don’t pretend its not real, it is real, it’s being laid out in front of you. Don’t look away from the TV screen look hard and read underneath. This is America. You will only help the situation when you acknowledge that it exists, even if it is not your personal experience or your viewpoint. Listen to other people with other experiences and realise that their experiences are just as valid as yours, and just as real, and just as important. And read. And be critical, especially of mainstream media. Open up. It’s all there in front of you, if you choose to see it. But it’s a hard, harsh thing to look at sometimes, the truth.

                  • Almost 50 years old sweet soul… I am proud to know where I am now!! I didn’t prior to 2009.. ugh.. Life has been the most amazing experience since 2009 as Mystic talks about to us. My chart has been in line with everything she has said. Couldn’t have asked for a better connection than being here learning through Mystic and some amazing subscribers or posters here. You now who you are!! I remain Thankful to your ideas!! It has kept me challenged and growing.

                    But if you want to try and belittle me for knowing what life is all about at 45 years old (2009)… go right ahead. If it makes you sleep well at night.. go right ahead.. That makes me happy!! I have touch your life!! xo!!


            • Sure VE, as long as this unity is not headed by a POC….who are you trying to kid? And don’t you ever sleep? Maybe that is your problem…lol.

      • Agreed to all of this. Also, I sincerely believe, and have for some time, that there are some mental as well as emotional issues. I am really surprised people took the bait this time.

    • Awwww Seabird,.. you completely walked the plank and jumped.. Dang.. l thought it was worth my time trying to encourage you with our discussion.. but ignorance is bliss. We are both guilty of it because you don’t want to consider my point of view and because I don’t want to rely on history to convince me that things haven’t changed. Very sad!!

      • (Not seabird)
        VE, the one thing that you have educated us on is how truly vile much of white trash America is. But LOLOLOL “two highly intelligent women disagreeing?” Dialog? Keep dreaming. Your argument is equivalent to “the sky is yellow, I’m entitled to my opinion, no science in the world can tell me otherwise, let me puff up and get defensive about it, louder, louder now.” LOL where is your mercury??!? Conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and squaring mars or something? Jeebus.
        It’s easy to see why men flee in terror, bosses hate you, and you don’t get promoted. You have demonstrated the smallest capacity for introspection and self-awareness that I have ever seen. Thank God you don’t have any kids. Foul. Done.

        • Whateva.. Calypss..to someone who I honored in hopes of being a person to win as one of the top poster on Mystic’s site. Shame on me for encouraging people that you are all that. . You have now be brought a level of classlessness… it is what happens when you don’t open your mind to the compassion of other opinions. Stay boxed in and you will never learn.. Stay in the past you will never grow.

          Please start digging your bunker because you and all of the other bullies will not make me cower. I lived it for 40 years and with your harsh belittlement towards me.. I now know I did the right thing. YOU just empowered me in knowing.. you are insecure. I wish you well hurt soul.

          Let’s get back to reality of people learning astrology. This is not a bully ground that you, Sphinx, Seabird, Anon and Skarad want to instill on this Mystic’s page.


  26. Brown was killed because lead projectiles form a GUN entered his body with cataclysmic results.

    I know your head is spinning WE, so are all of ours. extra care should be exhibited in times of great stress, lest the dog bite.

  27. Any thoughts on recent allegation that suddenly Mr. Brown is a felon? Very odd that these allegations are just now dug up to justify his old blooded murder. Even if true, he should not have been shot in cold blood/ with impunity. He should have lived to defend his name.

    • Kat, this is a blatant attempt to criminalize Michael Brown and to deflect from the fact that Darren Wilson murdered him in cold blood. This particular tactic is not at all shocking. The FPD has had almost an entire week to spin Wilson’s side of the story. Let us not forget that this is ONLY Wilson’s account of events and when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t synch up with the other eyewitnesses and I’m not including Dorian Johnson on that list.

      Nutshell: Jackson is basically saying Wilson was justified in murdering Michael Brown. This is Wilson’s explanation and defense but mainly, why he STILL hasn’t been arrested and charged with murder.

      It’s times like this that I’m proud to be a Scorpio Sun, Gemini rising, Virgo Moon, Cap Venus and Mars soul sistah! Not too much gets past me… LOL!

      • Indeed, this seems super contrived. My Scorp antennae are cocked to the ill wind. If he were wealthy, they would have charged Mr. Brown with tax evasion. That is an old tactic to quell dissent of prominent people.

        We prayed tonight for you and all who are maintaining the fight for light and truth. This will not be hidden anymore.

        Blessings to you and your town. Thank you for your lucid reporting and views.


  28. I’ve been following this story and feel so much sadness. It’s been difficult to comprehend some of the comments. I might live on the other side of the world but that doesn’t mean I’am blind to the truth. I pray those attending rallies and protests are safe and they feel the support from those that can not be there. May justice be given to the memory of this young man.

  29. I heard about this after a week in which I made some major personal decisions about my own work. I write about the 1860s in America – yes, the hotbed of the Civil War and the slavery issue. I also watched ’12 Years a Slave’ this past week – a masterpiece tour-de-force film that finally and rightfully captures the true slave experience. It was written by a real ex-slave. No Hollywood thoughts in his head, no dreams of glory, no editing. As wonderful Emerson once said, “There is no history, only biography.”

    To be American is to live with this history as our biography – in everything we are and every decision we make as a country. As a Civil War buff and deep historian of that era, I cried and cried the night President Obama was elected. I was on the campaign trail. I KNOW how far we’ve come … I know it like I know my own novels.

    Yet … our story is ever unfolding. We move forward – and then fall back. We grant democratic freedoms, and kill young black men for little reason. There is the sublime and the horrific here.

    I am from Maine and live here happily in the frozen north. But I did live for a few months around the Mason Dixon line – and they speak of the Civil War in the present tense. As if it’s still happening. There is no such thing as ‘the past’ for them. The 1860s are still here. To live in America is to live in a country that includes states that never forget that the North was the ‘bad guy’ for taking away their way of life. That hatred runs really deep …. so deep that most of the country doesn’t understand it but merely emotionally reacts to it.

    We keep fighting. We lose some, and it feels as if the Civil War will never be a past event to heal from. But then I see all the millions of free and successful …. and I know we can. Just keep moving forward. Just … keep … going. America is the birthplace of both Ferguson and Frederick Douglass. We can hellishly fall, or we can rise above. Every American has the power to do both.

    It’s time for me to get back to the Civil War. I live with it always. I remember it always. It’s part of living here. Maybe the trick to healing from it is to keep it alive. For if it becomes merely history and not biography, then we won’t care enough to become better.

      • Curious: what did you think of Solomon Northrup’s Odyssey? I saw it before seeing 12 Years A Slave, & then I was really disappointed with 12 Years.

          • Scorp, I hadn’t seen it. I’d not heard of Solomon Northup until this past ’12 Years a Slave’ made from his work. You wouldn’t believe how many books there are about the Civil War that I haven’t read, though I’ve been studying it for years. Thank you for the amazing recommendation. 🙂

  30. So, ONE black guy dies in America and this huge uproar.
    400-1000+ Palestinian children die plus thousands injured and no one says anything?

    I agree with St Pisces, we are heading towards / are already in, a police state.
    Problem is that no-one wants to talk about the Zionists and how races are being pitted against each other as a distraction to the fact that the Zionists already control everything.

    • Who’s not talking about Gaza?
      We can’t talk about TPTB and ignore systemic racism, and we can’t talk about systemic racism and ignore TPTB. It all has to be taken down, piece by piece. The “or” is the divide and conquer. There is no or. There is only and.

    • The situation in Gaza is outraging many, actually (including me). Why can’t we bring up other injustices without trivializing police brutality against black folks here? Stop that.

      To make the conversation more constructive how about we talk about how many of these police chiefs were trained by the Israelis in counter terrorism tactics (including the chief in Ferguson)? These racist systems are all interconnected considering America and Israel are settler-colonial bffs. The Zap Zone is in action most definitely and we can thank social media for that because you can’t hide anything anymore. Everyone’s waking up and seeing “the war on terror’, the “war on drugs”, law enforcement, etc, for what they really are….a FARCE.

      • ~A Farce~.

        Oh girl, I actually googled that definition as I had posted Judy Collins song “Send in the Clowns” regarding Robing Williams..

        “Don’t you love farce? My fault I fear…”

        • In Toro Acupuncturist’s office this morning picked up a mag…

          “Shambhala Sun”

          May 2014 edition…

          “The real problem with Distraction….It keeps you from enlightenment”

          No matter what someone’s opinion of me here on this blog or elsewhere, teacher said “unfortunately, there are a lot of distractions”…So we let all that go…who cares..

          One can always get back to the center of themselves because YOU ARE RIGHT HERE…

          Don’t let this world fool you for without your participant energy and focus of said energy
          it would be nothing…

    • Anonymous, your anti-Semitism is so 1950s. And cowardly.

      Thousands around the world have protested Gaza’s occupation and demolition. A few brave journalists- once safely home and out of reach, have reported how stringent and selective Hamas is in permitting only the filming of the besieged victims. Who controls that media?

      But the ZZ is not confined to Israel and Gaza. BBC reports tonight on the slaughter of 700 men and teens at the hands of IS.


      In Celtic lore we have the Morrigan, the Raven of war and mayhem. She is the dark side of Lilith, the lover of strife and gore. She is raging between the dying old order and the new.

      Court her at your peril. Suspicion, intransigence, blind allegience all feed her.

      Dialogue, compassion,respect, will starve her. Saturn in Scorp=finding a place at the table for the taboo, outcast, “other” tribes.

      Praying for peace this long night.

      • How is being anti Zionist the same as being anti Semitic? I’m giving anon a benefit of a doubt here but it’s seems they are (rightly) against the state of Israel-a state based on ethnic clensing-not all Jews. What’s cowardly is you equating Hamas and Gaza with their colonial occupier (Israel) as if they’re on equal footing to begin with.

        • Start by getting your facts right. Israel does not occupy Gaza. 5 years ago the Gazans were offered democracy, they voted in a terrorist organization to run their land. They have not for one minute stopped lobbing missiles into Israel. A blockade from both Egypt and Israel was implemented because 90% of funds coming from charity was being used to purchase weapons and build tunnels to use for attacks. What would you do Sour Patch if you were in the firing line ? Any westerner who doesn’t think that these murderous jihadists wouldn’t lop their heads off if they had the chance is a fool.
          And if you feel so strongly about Israel and it’s right to protect it’s people why not protest with the other fools .
          Stop using Israeli or Jewish invented products. I dare you. That’s right , no mobile phones, no wifi, no windowsOS, , should I continue into the medical side ? Their products save thousands of lives every year.
          So from now on, either put up or shut up. maybe you can write a few letters to the blog and see if myst will type them out and post them. Maybe if your child gets cancer you can visit a herbalist ?

          • Murderous jihadists? Do you think I’m stupid enough to fall for that propaganda? If you want to compare Grade-C Hamas rockets to Israel’s nuclear weaponry, go ahead. If you also want to be ahistorical about why Hamas exists in the first place, go ahead. But *do not* expect me to take you seriously.

            And your derailing is cute, but I’m not getting caught up. What I’m doing offline is not any of your business. In the words of a great historian, it’s time that Israel stops looking west when making comparisons for itself, but to its immediate south: it’s no better than Saudi Arabia, the other fascist state in the region.

            • And your Israel controls the airspace, the fishing waters, and everything down to how many calories Gazans eat……yet they aren’t occupiers. How is that so? Enlighten me.

              • Ooh!!! When do I get my membership card and learn that secret handshake!?
                I converted 22 years ago and I’m still waiting!!! I haven’t taken those Princess classes either…,let’s not forget that Egypt started choking Gaza when they had a régime change.

          • Some bigots I have encountered are unapologeticuntil they need a “good” doctor or lawyer, Or life saving medicine. Then they want to feel for horns.LOL!

      • yes, I think Hamas being media-savvy is a legitimate strategy in a war of unequals.

        I like your analysis of Saturn in Scorpio Kat – I haven’t seen that anywhere. Let’s hope Mars heading up to meet Saturn there marks a point where violent conflict gives way to productive dialogue.

        • I’m not trying to trivialize black inequality, nor asian inequality, nor latino, nor even white. I’m simply trying to make the point that there are people on this planet who wish to capitalise on tensions which exist within the community. And yes I put white in there because poor white people are just as marginalised as any other segment of the population – and for the record I’m not white.
          And yes, there are many who have protested against what is going on in Gaza, but have you noticed how the mainstream media are barely reporting it? But as soon as another kind of conflict comes up between different segments of the world population it is jumped on.
          We are ALL facing police states. That is all that I was trying to emphasize.
          Those in Fergurson have every right to be outraged. The blocking of media and journalists is outrageous. Police dressed as if they are military is outrageous. Keeping certain parts of the population in continual poverty and giving them no hope is outrageous. Of course I agree. But the giant elephant in the room is what we are not ‘allowed’ to talk about. We can sit here all day and say black this, white, asian, latino that etc etc. But there are certain things which are off-limits, and that in itself is a dead give-away.
          And yes, there is a big difference between Zionists and Jews. Why do people insist on reducing this to anti-semitism? It is yet another distraction. Zionists may be Jewish, though some believe they may be Jesuits. I don’t know and I don’t care. What I care about is that fact that there are a group of people who have all the power, and they are using government, media, education, for their particular agenda of control. And they use strife as a way to create systems of even greater control. So whilst populations are TRAINED to worry about some supposedly hostile young black guy, they have run off and cornered the judiciary, the police department and all the rest.

          • Bob Dylan released this song in 1983, nothing has changed.
            A rebuke to anti semites who don’t even know they are.
            To say ‘zionists’ control the world is just a regurgitation of the old , Jews control the world.
            And hiding behind an anon is typical of many anti Semitic cowards like

            Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
            His enemies say he’s on their land
            They got him outnumbered about a million to one
            He got no place to escape to, no place to run
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
            He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
            He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin
            He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land
            He’s wandered the earth an exiled man
            Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn
            He’s always on trial for just being born
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized
            Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
            Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad
            The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
            That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him
            ’Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
            And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            He got no allies to really speak of
            What he gets he must pay for, he don’t get it out of love
            He buys obsolete weapons and he won’t be denied
            But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            Well, he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace
            They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease
            Now, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep
            They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone
            Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon
            He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand
            In bed with nobody, under no one’s command
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            Now his holiest books have been trampled upon
            No contract he signed was worth what it was written on
            He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth
            Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            What’s anybody indebted to him for?
            Nothin’, they say. He just likes to cause war
            Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
            They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed
            He’s the neighborhood bully

            What has he done to wear so many scars?
            Does he change the course of rivers? Does he pollute the moon and stars?
            Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill
            Running out the clock, time standing still
            Neighborhood bully

            • Really? quoting Dylan? That’s gonna convince me? He also went through an embarrassing Christian phase in the late 70s… he’s not got the final word on anything, mate.

              • I’m not trying to convince you of anything imbecile ? And I’m definitely not your mate. I’m just calling out an anti Semite. Why don’t you keep your poison in your head where it belongs and stop trying to spread it around here. And get yourself a name dummy, anything is better than anon ? or would that make you vulnerable to the big bad zionists ? Brain dead zombie ! Now there is a name that works with your material.

                • Wow, you need to calm down, davidl. This is the first time I have written anything on this thread. Does it really matter that I write a silly name rather than anon? I could write Long Tall Sally – will you know me any better then? All I’m saying is that Bob Dylan – of whom I am a great fan (always have been) is a human who also trips over every now and then – like all of us – and I certainly will not follow blindly to where he leads. I am capable of seeing for myself the chaos we have created and I will take my own steps to serve where I am most needed. As for poison?? I think you’ve swallowed some and it’s making you excessively aggressive. Or it could be the current astro positioning – in which case, get off this thread, take some deep breaths, drink some valerian root tea, and take up knitting – I hear it works wonders to calm the nerves. As for the anti semite comment that you have thrown at me – I don’t actually give much thought to that. I have enough problems dealing with the constant put downs that are part and parcel of being a woman of color.

                    • Er.. welcome Long Tall Sally?! I kinda love that name. Maybe you can drop by and intro yr astro elsewhere!

          • Anon, I think I understand now what you were getting at, thanks for clearing that up. That’s why it was nice that people of Ferguson and people of Palestine showed solidarity with eachother. It’s about time we realize what our forefathers in the anti colonial movements of the 60s knew (I’m East African) all oppression is interconnected in the world of liberal globalization. That’s why I don’t watch mainstream news anymore. That’s why I’ll never stop standing with blacks here or Palestinians over there; they stood with my people when we were being slaughtered like cattle by our fascist overlords.

        • The inequality is also that the Israelis don’t want to fight, while Hamas feels the destruction of Israel is essential to its purpose. Unlike previous bunches of Jews they actually are quite good at fighting for their life. Funny about that.
          Now, if all this was closer to ‘home’ and New Guinea started lobbing missiles into Australia in an effort to kill all white settlers, that’s you and me, while infiltrating our cities and blowing themselves up etc. imagine now that the indigenous population supports this action and demands the expulsion of all non indigenous people. Where should we go ? Home ? Where’s that ?
          In my case that may be Iraq ? I’m sure they would love to have me back to the place my family was expelled from 80 years ago ( they only lived there’re for about 1000 years. In the case of Jewish people apparently that’s not long enough).
          Where would you go ?
          Surely Hamas has it around the wrong way, do you fire real missiles to win a media war ? ? 1000 dead people, we win !

          • Ahh, so that’s what it’s all about. Winning.
            Yes, you win.
            Great job. Seriously. No irony. Great job.
            Question is, will winning everything be enough? Will it satisfy that deep sense of lack? That deep yearning to be important, to be right, to justify oneself?
            Funny thing is everyone on the planet has already won, simply by being here.

              • Miss the point? Really??
                Maybe you missed the part where DavidL admitted to celebrating the fact that one thousand children died by having bombs dropped on them. Doesn’t that let you know that this might just be an extremely easily threatened individual who needs reassurance about how superior they are for having supposedly ‘won’ ??

          • Davidl, I’m curious what you think about how the US and Israel, being two of the world’s biggest arms dealers, are profiting from strife in the region? They play their game to the loss of the citizens everywhere.
            Jerusalem online says there are documents to prove that Israel helped create and provide weapons to Hamas & now ISIS. There is a new doco coming out called The Lab which may interest.
            I understand it’s a very painful topic, but going past the pain, I just get the impression that profits by corporations is a large part of what is fuelling this conflict, don’t you?

        • Thank you Calypso.Our hearts, heads and guts are getting a rewire during ZZ and the Saturn/to Chiron Scorp/Pisces Trines.

  31. I’m American but personally disgusted with Fergus PD and American politics (as are probably most Americans). My ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and signed the Declaration of Independence are probably rolling in their graves now after seeing “right to assemble to protest” and “right to freedom of press” being infringed upon by law enforcement with military equipment.


    I’m glad that Missouri State police took over and I do like the new commander who is originally from Ferguson. I don’t know his birth date but he does seem to have some Libra mediating skills instead of using brutal force. The teen boy who was shot may or may not have been innocent of a crime. But I don’t see how he deserved to be shot several times and die. Perhaps its just a few bad eggs, but the Ferguson PD seems either unprofessional or corrupt.

    On the brighter side, I’ve seen several US representatives talking about reforming the use of military equipment in law enforcement and commenting about concern for the situation. This may all be lip service but its better than nothing. I forget the name but one representative introduced a bill to ban military equipment from being given to law enforcement.

    I’ve seen lots of protests and war during this Zap Zone. But the Leo planets trining to Uranus in Aries may be fueling the fire even more right now.

  32. Sunny, a little known aspect of law enforcement is a civil proceeding called forfeiture. It permission the local police/prosecutor, or the state or Feds to seize property. They can seize a car, a home, jewelry, personal property, you name it. If you live with anyone who was charged with a criminal offense, they can seize everything in the house. To claim your property, you have to out up 20% of what it’s worth. According to the agency that seized it.

    Imagine living with someone and now your car is gone, because they are an object of scrutiny. How do you get to work? Your son’s friend had some weed, your son drives your car. Now your car is impounded.

    Not every police officer or prosecutor is temperate, honest or free of bias. Their “profits” are a numbers game too. So they cast a wide net, and only peeps with access to good lawyers get out. Yes, some crooks get out too. But all that property/cash gets split up and then they go shopping for toys. Military hardware. Gizmos that can tap cell phones. Until prominent politicians get caught up- when their rights are violated, they scream about reform and reigning in the police.

    I have “Revolution” roots too. It is disgusting and scary that they want to shut down those chronicling the Ferguson events.

    My father was a reporter and a tireless skeptic of those in power- business, govt, organized crime and media. Back then it was called Journalism. He said a journalist was a reporter without a story. The old standard of good reporting was bias free, as much as was possible. A by-line meant you risked something to get the story.

    Grateful for the indy bloggers providing a fuller picture. And for all here who gave links to various info and views.

  33. Apologies for the typos. The forfeiture is contested by posting a bond. But the seizing party sets the value. Think they ever exaggerate? LOL!

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