Can Saturn Make You Look Younger?

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Eve Tokimatsuri

Hey MM!

Hope all is wonderful in your world!!

I was discussing Saturn Return with my best friend and visual collaborator Ashley over a few tequila… we both love your work…. we have both found that we seem to look younger to other people than we did before we started the process… which is odd because it’s been stressful and intense learning times…Ashley entered my life a few years ago as my SR began… we were instantly the deepest of friends… and i think all of that clearing out that Saturn does… seems like some kind of cosmic /spiritual detoxification… we have both had intense times during Saturn Return and nearing the last parts of the process..we can no longer tolerate things/people that are toxic for us, nor any patterns or attitudes within ourselves which are toxic for us or our loved ones *** this clear out does not include tequila!!! Because it is wonderful!!

Is it Saturn’s gift… some kind of return to youth to soften the heavy blows of wisdom?? it’s definitely not all the tequila!!

Anyway – happy August – thanks for sharing your genius for astrology


Total Taurus Abbe May

Yo Abbe,

Yes i think you can definitely rule out the Tequila as having any sort of youth potion effects – more like embalming fluid lol.

Saturn Return is great if you eject the toxic people and immature attitudes!

It’s like how Capricorn/Saturn Rising people often look ludicrously young as they age as well…Mature on the inside, outwardly youthful is WAY better than the opposite lol

Okay, leaving aside vagaries of skincare and bone structure (Taurus IS ruled by Venus – the beauty planet, so you and Libra may have an advantage there),  they say stress is super-aging. You manufacture revolting hormones that tell your body there is a constant emergency, your muscles are tense all the time and so on.

So presumably if you are being authentic and removing Qi Vampires from your life AND embracing a more wise, time-tested Saturn vibe of getting your shit together in everyday life, then that stress is minimized.

Also, with Saturn happening in your life, you always know what damned time it is – you’re not stuck in some time warp, trying to make the past super relevant or relating to ghosts.

And is not affection, the real kind like your Saturn Return friendship, also a youthifying influence?

Image: Eve Tokimatsuri

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45 thoughts on “Can Saturn Make You Look Younger?

  1. Dont drink too much. Your song “Dog” on HC tribute album a real standout. Done with the sensitivity only a Kat can do. Sat return or not you look young to me

  2. physiologically, alcohol is drying, trying, sometimes complicating. on the whole (being that we are ultimately mass-less and eternal), i would have to agree with saturn-building equalling surplus of youth. since 19, i have been drinking/smoking/drama-ing for 7 years, but… now 29, I’ve gone thru pluto on my natal moon, lilith return and progressed moon returned… now coming up on Saturn returned i look like i did when i was 7. maybe cuz of sun being gem, virgo rising… natal sun exactly conjunct MC. i’m physically regressing and wish all women (including myself) so much ecstasy in this bizarre and very interesting tiiiiime 🙂

    • Like you did when you were seven eh? 🙂

      That might be a stretch as my oldest granddaughter is going on 13 and we might fight over the same boys…

      • Hi Sweetpea – i have not heard back from you re your unsubscribe request in the comments and the email address not valid so will just go ahead and action it in next hour if i don’t hear from you, thanks.

        • I am coming to email you right now oh beloved Guru Myst! lol

          Yes, think you have an old email address…

          • Sweetpea spits the dummy again!
            O well Aries IS the baby of the zodiac 🙂

            Teacher didn’t tell you about ‘detachment’? And the difference between reacting and responding?

            The Spiritual Larrikin.

  3. hmm, I don’t know if anything in one’s 20s is a “look younger” thing…
    maybe ask again at the next saturn square, 35-36 ish… that’s when the chickens come home to roost [in my non-rock-star experience!!]

    BUT actually you might be onto something. Sat rtn for me was at the end of grindingly shite relationship, I was fat, unhappy, bad skin, confused, alone feeling 10% of who I was. R’ship with angry Pisces b/f slow-mo imploded: bam, over 3 months lost a bunch of weight (mostly due to barely eating for 6 weeks after breakup), free from his weed-abuse-induced anger episodes, liberated from his friends (and him let’s face it) who i had nothing in common with. Yeah, I eventually looked and felt great, happy so much happier. aka, younger. Maybe when we are doing our thing more, when we have solidarity and support, and fun dammit, then yes the Great Saturn Clearout is a recipe for jeunesse

    • Good point, Pi: how does one look younger while still young? Haha Check yourself on the other side of 40, I say.

      I really looked forward to my 30’s, thinking all the lessons learned during my 20’s would equal a smoother ride for me from there on out. And I guess they did in some ways, but the other day I was contemplating this last decade (as i’ll leave my 30’s in November) & holy fuq: my 30’s were off the chain with new experiences, new problems, & finding new ways to tackle Life (or else)!

      Looking younger starts with your attitude. Then, wide-brimmed hats & moisturizer, getting enough sleep, and keeping toxic people out of your life. If I’m still getting carded after Nov, then I’ll know I’m doing it right 😉

      • I’m leaving my 30s too, Scorp, in Dec! Such a strange time. I swore I didn’t care because hey, I’m a Cap with Libra rising so I’ll just get better with age, right? Riiiight??

        Then I start going through my horrid mid-life crisis this year. HORRID. I’d love to hear more about the astrology of this time – I know it’s supposed to correspond with significant outer planet transits, etc but I have had Pluto to contend with so I think that’s aged me ridiculously. It’s back-and-forthing over my Cap sun, square natal Pluto, opp MC/ Saturn, so I feel like I’ve aged about 10 years in this past 6 months. Until then, I used to get mistaken for a twenty-something all the time but now, I’ve become invisible next to younger women and the other day, some dude in a store put ’45-49′ as my age group on his computer customer survey. Farrrrk!!!

        It must be stress. Very bad for the skin, it seems 🙁

        • stress totally fuqs skin. and sugar.
          it’s the telomeres what get done over…. the tellomeereeeessss *preciousss*

          Meditation though, according to davidl, puts the spring back into one’s step.. and skin, it seems.

        • Balanced Woman, first Congrats on persevering through this time! I am certain that you are becoming finer & richer like a velvety wine with smokey notes. Yes to your hunches re Pluto transit & stress! The good news is that it’s transitory & over soon, yeah? Hope you’re planning a fab celebration for this December!! On the other side of 40/the Zap Zone/Saturn in Scorpio, we most definitely will have reason to rejoice 😀

  4. Looking younger doesn’t mean looking hotter. 🙂 Just sayin, .. the first Saturn return to me is more about eliminating the superfluous and replacing it with substance. Till 28 or so I think we are ‘the pretender’ , Saturn reminds us of who we were born to be and shows us that this is the foundation of our future happiness and hotness.

    • thank you for saying this DL… from someone who feels the Saturn. I do better if I stay away from beach suburbs (only under 25s allowed there, literacy optional)

    • actually i think rather than pretending, saturn is maybe the ‘course corrector’ – we get off the track, of being us, and saturn goes “oh no you di’nt” and hoiks us back on track. maybe

  5. Hey David, l dunno whether it was intentional but the beautiful lyrics of Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender” came flooding into my head. He may have even been referring to his late twenties time. Whatever the case he is up there with those other Libra ‘air’waves types like Lennon and Springsteen.

    • I mean seriously, if you’re worried about looking too old in your 20’s you need to get a freakin life!!

      • That or go to burns unit; to get some perspective (thanx to S Micallef- Oz’s 4th funniest comedian)

  6. Mystic, your horoscope for Scorpio for Tuesday expresses exactly how I’m experiencing this Saturn-Chiron trine.

    It’s like the two planets have showed me a road map for how to finish out this last stretch of Saturn in my sign/on my Sun (I know it comes back next year for a brief reprise but it won’t aspect my Sun).

    In the final stages of a long transit perhaps it’s no longer about dealing with the external things that help us learn the planet’s lessons. Now it’s about becoming Saturn and expressing that mastery/authority from the inside out.

  7. Hi People, It’s been such a long time since I’ve written. During that time, I found out that it is not just 6 planets that I have in scorpio but EIGHT. WTF! Sun.moon.rising plus a host of others- all spread between the 12th and first houses. I too leave my 30s this year… Mystic, I’ve been wanting to write you directly for awhile now because I CANNOT BELIEVE the intensity, difficulty, loss-of-innocence experiences that I have gone through over the last year. From your scopes, I thought August would give me a break but alas major medical spread its wings and now I’m laid up for three weeks! More WTF! Anyway, I do my best to practice my gratitudes and I definitely have a stronger sense of my mondo beyondo powerful life (Dec can’t come quick enough!!!!!) like never before but the last gasps of breath before the end of the marathon are going to have to go a REALLY LONG WAY to help me cross the finish line! Everything is fine. But some days, I really do have to pull reserves that I’m pretty sure are meant for the unborn children that I still want to have! Saturn has definitely NOT made me look younger, but he has sure made me look DIFFERENT. I now have 7 substantial scars all over my body since he joined in as my dance partner. Not life threatening stuff but still serious (basal cell). Here are the things that I have done despite myself: started a business and launched a product on amazon, completed a 21 juice fast (lost 8 pounds, kept it off), stayed with a really dedicated yoga practice (body no longer in pain), somehow developed confidence with men (!!!), and with myself. I can “yes” and “no” to people now without needing to explain myself. I can accept help knowing that it’s natural to give and take with others. I can accept that I’m still lovable with these scars. I can accept that the frequency of my scorpio-ness is not at all right for certain people and not take it personally if people bail. My awareness of everything has skyrocketed… I’ve completed training programs in things I care about, received an asian bodywork certification, repaired numerous relationships. Yeah, it’s good to make this list! Anyway… I’ll keep musing on this because the way it feels everyday, for me, as we countdown our last months with the major saturn in scorpio time (yes, yes, I know more next year), the thing that is biggest in my mind is that I never knew (my) life could be so difficult. The thickness of the saturn energy…. ! SO THICK, like tar, to wade through some days! Anyway, would that it were like wading through tequila for this gal, with a couple of sips here and there with my gal pals and excellent men but nope. Saturn has made me ancient. Love you all. xoxo.

    • Haha your scar count made me take stock of my own since Saturn into Scorpio, and I’ve acquired 8 myself in this time (3 of them came just last week)! Three major surgeries (one of which left two Big scars), one outpatient surgery, and three biopsies. I hope we’re done with all that for a long, long time…

      Saturn in Scorp has really outed the unseen. I think Mars was aspecting Saturn or vice versa during each of my major surgeries… I dont know, it’s all kind of a blur now lol. Despite all the med stuff, I wouldn’t say that Saturn in Scorp began med issues; they were old problems that this Saturn transit fixed– a good thing. What problems this Saturn transit has brought me are financial ones: all this Saturn action has been in my 8th house, *opposing* my empty 2nd house Taurus… And it’s hard to make money when unwell and/or recuperating from surgery, yeah. Despite all the med problems, my cross to bear is a financial one…

      I was just tending to my finances when I took a break & saw your post here, mega scorp. Ah, bring on the spirits! I’ll take two.

  8. Saturn in your sun sign in my experience – best shape ever. Saturn opposing your sun sign (right now)? I look old shriveled and scared. 😛

    • Yes: that describes my bank account (Saturn opposite 2nd house) lol! Shriveled. I suppose that my financial challenges are the other piece of Saturn’s voodoo in my life… I know I always have more to learn.

      We need to zoosh up our energies! More feng shui remedies, more focused attention on positivity, better sleep… All of which is free or next to nothing. Humor is so fab for vibing up, too! Work it, toroqueen 🙂

      • I agree Scorporation!! 100%. i am trying so hard to be positive and reap the rewards from all the saturn lessons. I am lucky to be here. I have a great son and career. amazing friends and family – yes. Saturn depleted the love zone for me, and I guess the true lesson in that is that I dont need to date or be in a relationship to be happy. i am still tired though. i hope i will get the zing to my zang back here soon!! I wish tons of energy and send positive vibes to you as well 🙂

  9. I’ve heard lots of mercury makes you look younger. That must hold some truth because I have four planets in virgo — and a baby face. That could also be cancer rising. I’m 26, nearly 27, and always carded. I’m taking classes at the community college and everyone assumes I’m straight from high school. Also I’m told I look the youngest of my 3 siblings even though I’m the oldest, and older than my sister by over 5 years.

    So I hope my Saturn return doesn’t make me look any younger, I already look young enough. Ha! (Not that it’s a bad thing really.)

    • You must have glorious cheeks!
      Same here with the 4 virgo planets and cancer rising. At 25 several people had guessed I was 19! But just lately, I’m almost 29, the tell tale signs around the eyes began to manifest. I will have a wrinkled baby face – those do happen, lol. I do put the aging down to tanning much more than usual last year. Saturn return has made me fret about aging for the first time ever – its square venus, maybe thats why.

  10. I was born with Saturn smack on my Virgo Sun (uh-huh).
    Seemingly grim prognosis, but I always equated Virgo with youth, verdancy, naivete and felt Saturn’s chrono nature included a time-travel/return-to-youth theme. So I didn’t feel wholly oppressed.

    But I’m probably just a self-serving Libra Asc-Venus-Pluto-Mars conj happy to cherry-pick my way to assurances of eternal physical youth.

    Anyway, great post. Some astros are downright depressing abt Saturn so I appreciate your super-rosy intel on it’s gifts as a detox-agent inside and outside……but mainly outside :)))))

    • wow, that libra asc stellium would sure pack a punch (hidden in a bouquet of lilacs). I think that’s the secret to your own eternal youth right there along with sun-saturn: pluto’s regenerative powers enmeshed with the planets of Willpower, Allure and your masthead chart Asc in beauty-queen Libra. you wouldn’t need to think twice. X

  11. Saturn Rising + multi Sagg works for me or this -is- a- good- time- of- life- to be- short- sighted 🙂
    Having luck and a beautiful, if not so very intelligent mind, may be my secret, although i did visit Shangrila or Shalimar Gardens in Kashmir where the rumoured fountain of youth is and was snowed upon it being Winter ‘n all. Transport was by donkey.
    A Gypsy said to me when 20 something ‘better to have luck than beauty’ and totally understand THAT now.
    Fortunate to have all the seriously of the 8th & 12th houses being balanced by my 11th &10th.
    Was wondering about Saturn’s time warp last week.

  12. Generally, imho, saturn makes you look younger or – more accurately – better because it gives you the good judgement to give UP toxic shit like tequila.