Brave New Supermoon Secret Powers

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Yumiko Kayukawa

“Did you ever feel as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out? Some sort of extra power that you aren’t using?”
— Aldous Huxley


Fuq yes. Go Aldous. He was Sun in Leo square Moon in Taurus with Jupiter in Gemini Rising trine his Aquarius Midheaven.

Anyway, the Full Moon in Aquarius starts NOW (due to the Sun-Saturn square, long story) and it is a Supermoon.  Like a King Tide. Or, as i prefer to think of them, Queen Tide.  But if you’re interested, the exact times for it are on the Daily Horoscopes page as usual.

Anyway, it’s super-snazzy Next Level astrology and the more you individuate and reinvent with this weirding, the more likely you are to reveal a previously veiled “extra power.”

Sixteen degrees of the Fixed Signs – Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus – are where it’s all at this next four days. See your Scopes for more and remember (a la the recent Daily Mystic emails) to stay off the Lower Scorpio impulses.

That would be a fat big NO to e-stalking, obsessing, seething, complicated revenge plots (anything other than just being so amazing it hurts) and reading the Necronomicon in the basement of the haunted house you’re renting in the woods.

It’s also super-strength Lilith in Leo energy – go read/re-read this extract from Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith if you’re not sure what that might entail.

Got it?

Image: Yumiko Kayukawa

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238 thoughts on “Brave New Supermoon Secret Powers

  1. Soz l had to cut msg short; bell had gone. I glad you are prepared accept that l was not thinking of STIs when making my comments. Your kind words have made me feel better.

    I love being on this blog. What Katman wouldn’t like having a whole lot of femmes to talk too? None. As such l would feel mortified if l offended anyone for any reason. (l’ve admitted another Kat trait).

    I think the other thing l learned is that if MM doesn’t put up a blog topic it must be for a reason. I love a chat

  2. I’ve posted down here bcos you would’ve noticed my many typos.

    I defintitely wasn’t casting aspersions on ppl’s sexual healtyh bcos of the way they were dressed. Its just that, on the ballance, water and earth girls are more reserved in the way they act and dress. You can’t argue with the astro. There’s a positve and negative to all situations. Sorry that I didn’t make that clear

        • Calypso can l ask that you understand l wasnt referring to what Skarab said in her post. I wasnt sure where she was going with that comment. I have made NO reference to crabs or STIs in my posts. The big hair reference is to the styles of hair sported by Fire signs and, to a lesser extent, Air signs; not withstanding Asc signs.
          I wished l could speak to you in person. Yes l’m offended my words have misconstrued. Im not like that. Yes my mother did her profession. I know a number of women who are big hair, lots of leg on show and big fingernails who are good living ppl. But as a heavily Yin person l dont like a ‘big’ show. There is nowhere l have cast aspersions on ppls sexual health bcos of the way they look. Skarab, l believe (correct me if lm wrong Skarab) was making a play on words. Eyes and faces dont get a look in on blogs and a much different story wouldve been received had l spoken directly to you. Im Kat Sun & Asc. I m a ‘get what you see’ person and l dont do fake; Merc Uran cjunct

          • I’m not judging you Katman, and I like you very much, I just didn’t like the implication of what you posted, as whether or not you meant it in response to skarab’s comment, that’s how it appeared in the thread and so that’s how it read. Earth and Water girls just as likely to have sti’s no matter their appearance. I can see the public service announcement now….

            Lilith activated by the FM in opposition to the collective concerns of Aqua, since we’re contemplating the astro of it 😉

            • and I’m playing Saturn (as a scorp) and saying hang on, are you sure it’s cool to say that?

            • Suffice to say then l had no intention to imply that. STIs, etc were not in my thinking and sorry that the implication was read into it. As l said words are dry on a blog. There was no intention on my part to cast aspersions on anyone.
              I like you Calypso from your posts.

            • I’m completely open to the likelihood of misunderstanding and never thought it meant you were a terrible person or anything. Apologies Katman, for any offence caused.

        • Jeeesuz guys! i wish i hadn’t mentioned *crabs*. I was just mucking about with the word. I did not mean to offend and i wasn’t going anywhere with it – i was trying to have fun with the parasite conversation and linking it all in in jest. I’m very sorry if it got misunderstood – as i like you all and wouldn’t want to deliberately hurt any of you. ContriteCrab xx

            • I appreciate all the posts in contrition. I failed to make clear. I also am contrite on the matter. Please accept apols from me. I also appreciate Calypso, Skarab, S, Sphinx, Scorpybot, Year of Fenix, amongst others input. Cos l can get carried away. I think MM said it was my ScorpJup sq my LeoMerc/Ura

              Can we all move on….

  3. “reading the Necronomicon in the basement of the haunted house you’re renting in the woods.”


    there goes my weekend plans!!!

  4. Youwza… I am dreaming a series of events the last couple of nights. Very interesting.

    One dream had me driving up a hill and when I was driving over the hill there was not road. I was going down and there I went heading to the ground. I decided to just let it go. I apparently was able to feel the ground when I got there and landed safely. WOW. .. there were 2 men playing either a violin or viola when I got there. (I wonder if they are spirits that have crossed?) Then I ended up in a theatre with an audience of people I did not know. I was part of the audience also. I wonder if they were spirits.

    Very clear, intense dreams lately. I have to figure out what they mean.

  5. My out of the blue event- pre-FM while early Aqua Moon was in my 2nd- wasp stings!!! Mowing the lawn- zap zap zap!
    I ran into the house yelping. Even had worn long pants! LOL!!!

    My teen had 7 stings in a week from lawn mowing. I let the catnip flower. Now am humbled- considering ground cover. LOL! Killed two wasps that followed me in- they were in my clothes. No Zen hippie Earth Mother for them. The Warrior dispatched them.

    Seriously, are there herbs etc. that are less hospitable to wasps and yellow jackets? I did not plant flowers cuz I was worried about neonictinoids. Or whatever those killer chems are called. We have only perennials out front. Bees balm, daisies. No chems on lawn- just cut and water. I can cut down the catnip- but if there are herbs or something they dislike, I would find an organic, safe version and plant it.

    This is a king/queen making moon. Big power shifts.

    My teen returns from her adventure. Can’t wait to see her!

    • oo , yeowch! wasps are the one animal that officially unnerve me.. euro wasps are freaks.

      what about oregano or a scrambling ground cover like that? not sure of your climate, but it loves well drained soils, a bit o’ water, good sunshine,SO fragrant when walked on, you could lay some large pavers around here and there as stepping stones..

      can you plant larger plants that encourage the animals that *eat* wasps? certain kinds of local birds, reptiles? habitat and food plants, suitable placement for protection from predators (cats dogs) required..
      proper ecology that .

  6. Ok so I am really curious about Lilith now.. I love when a new asteroid, or in this case a dust cloud or random point in space WHATEVS comes to my attention so I can explore it. Always seems like the right time but DEAR MYSTIC I must ask you – I see your Bitchcraft is about Dark Moon Lilith, yes, h58 yes? And what of Black Moon Lilith say you? I am just so damned curious. You have probably done a blog post about this. I’d love to read this ish.

    On the note – Has anyone noticed this full moon features Black Moon lilith on the Sun and Dark moon lilith on the Moon? I don’t know what it means but if I were to base it on my intuition – it all has a very KALI vibe – cutting away all of the bullshit, spilling all the blood and guts of whatever had to go and turning it into raw unadulterated amazing. Releasing old toxic shit all over the place here since that Leo new Moon. Finally feeling empowered by all of it. I love AQUA moons anyway but I am high on it today for sure.

    • Hi SagiT – Lilith is one of the “additional objects” you can add under that menu in the extended chart selection on the Astrodienst site. (They also have some downloadable lists of various astro relevant items right at the bottom of the extended chart selection.)

      • Aye, I see. Thank you water gem. So is this asteroid Lilith after all? Black moon, dark moon, asteroid … I’m all hopped up on the aqua moon. Astro RAVING is so great for avoiding homework on a Saturday night

  7. 14% Closer and 30% brighter but will look ‘bigger’ after sundown (just an optical illusion caused by referencing things on horizon like trees /mountains / etc…….). ABC Oz News had a Talkn head astronomer, who of course, discounted ‘any’ unusual events; cataclysmic or otherwise.

  8. The super moon will be conjunct my sun in aqua at 19 degrees in the 8th house :0 transiting Lilith is conjuncting my natal Lilith which is partile opposing my sun ????. Any one know what I should do here ?

  9. Scorporation, pulling for you doll. Much love to you. x

    Pegs, yes a hissy fit. Mystic understands…lol…sometimes you gotta rebel against Saturn.

    Had a dream last night that I was outside of a high rise barely hanging on. Had to negotiate, very carefully, getting inside the window to safety. Must have done that three times.

    In another part of the dream I was walking down a hall with my ex Kataka husband and we saw a woman bent over at the waist spraying her hair…Just like I do…but we walked by three times….I was like, “how many times she gonna spray her hair?”…

    Obviously I am looking at patterns and the “hair” has to do with my Uranus in Leo and getting on with it…

    • In another way, the spraying of hair is about Leo and ego and staying at one level of ego. We create patterns that gratify the ego. To take it up a notch and outta of the comfort zone is the shits, lol, but gotta be done.

      When I realize my life is up to me to a great extent, I feel a stab of fear in my gut and heart.

      Jezus, talk about show time….


    Seal is Aqua, Moon in Cap obviously. Have found that I often (subconsciously) gravitate towards my own Moon.

    If Astrotheme is correct (have heard they are not always completely reliable), his Leo Asc at 12 deg is exact on my Uranus 3rd, trine Sun in 11th, Point of Fortune, South Node and Medusa….11th house…And Mercury 10th.

  11. Well, this Scorpio sun-Cap moon-Tauro rising is on her knees from 2014. It started in March when I had to give up my art studio, followed in April when one of my very best friends dumped me with no explanation, two years into a fruitless job search with the financial situation getting bleaker and bleaker, and now my housing is up in the air. I have been fighting off depression pretty successfully but the friend situation was a real blow. Getting harder to woman up and function beyond the minimum. I woke up in the middle of the night with this mantra in my head: I am grateful for this chance to start over. I am free of the past and open to joy. I surrender this to Spirit and ask for guidance. Full moon is in my tenth house, hoping it breaks this logjam somehow.

  12. spending my Saturday night working out super co-contributions, student income limits and a savings plan; and related options

    It’s not quite turning me on, but it could be. It feels great. Like I am my old income-earning self again, ok with 80% less income right now lol but the neural pathways are similar.

    The Leo focus is on my second house, close to ‘my’ saturn and others.
    Hadn’t quite planned the eve this way but it’s working for me.

    Is this how taurus-influenced types feel all the time? Or is it the …aahh riiight yes – capricorn moon, my old friend *nods in recognition*

    • Sounds like your cap moon to me.
      My dear aqua friend with cap moon talks spreadsheets, gives me (gentle) budgeting advice, talks happily of savings plans and sends me links to potential jobs and financial advisory services.
      Her aqua part once decided to sit, work, read on top of a ladder for the best part of a month as a personal lifestyle investigation.

    • yes, I don’t know about other Toro types but iI am allergic to this stuff, and I’m Toro Moon Rising and Saturn, although is it my Rx Saturn in 12th making my eyes glaze over?

    • But seriously, who the fk wants to be broke when they are old? Its hideous, always dependent on someone else, or increasingly tight-fisted public institutions (or unreliable superannuation funds that were not managed properly by their firms cf. The GFC, so many facing this reality right now as they enter retirement)
      That’s not for me. Art may be great and I will never stop living in that world, but to be buying slices of devon, 3 apples and $1 bread because that’s all I can afford when I am 65…. Fuq that. At least some land where I can grow food and trade with others.
      Hii Leo second house lol

      • ftr this comes from my lived experience witnessing my parents money issues, not from judging those i don’t know. frugality bites.

  13. MM’s tarot spread just told me to ‘begin by drawing up a shit list of what has to go. Get over any inhibitions you have about being assertive.’
    Have been feeling so fuqy low past few days but Im going to actualy take some of the hints and tips of this tarot and just do it, taking one day at a time 🙂

  14. Ran four miles- non-stop. Quit mindless eating/drinking. Bought and read newspapers. Breathed.

    This FM spans Scorp Asc- Toro Desc, Aqua Chiron in 3rd, and Uranus in Leo. Have processed old traumas, family schizz and assaults, literal and psychic. Lavishing kindness and healing on me. Re-framing old stuff and releasing or re-setting.

    Seeing links between those traumas and “safe” choices, staying invisible, off the radar. Always playing mother-may-I.

    Clearing centuries of clutter- non-me stuff. Attitudes. Habits. Shunning vamps.

    Asking for the big dream, no holds barred. Asking to at least feel the “as if” of my awesome.

    This community is a great beaker of cosmic inspiration, the Cerridwyn’s cup where we each find our vital elixir. Thank you MM and all the awesome writers here!!!

    Xx Kat

  15. Get the garlic in folks, just raw, chew and swallow.

    The days before the full moon (and new moon) the parasites residing in your liver, your muscles, your brain etc. all migrate to the colon to breed.

    Dracula’s true face.. a little worm.

      • No! Alcohol may destroy the potency? If you want it in a liquid heat it gently for a minute in full fat milk and make garlic shots.

    • Garlic a strong natural antibiotic. Good also for colds, raw garlic is very nice with hot water, honey, lemon, and ginger. I suppose one could add tequila

      • I will do this!
        Maybe the breeding movements of parasites creates the pharmaceutical effect for becoming a ‘lunatic’.. 😯

        • You know, you might have something there Sphinx – I read an article ages ago on how certain bacteria can actually change some animals’ behaviour and make them do some crazy schitt eg. mice that are infected by it let them selves be caught by cats, so that the cats get infected by it too – or something like that – weird schitt. And people with candida crave sugar which makes it proliferate even more. So they do change our behaviour.

          • Yes! Parasites can insert themselves into our very dna. They love metals too, eat & store them in our body. Dangerous for us as chemical creatures.

            • Well some actually help stimulate our immune system. It’s a balance. All animals have them…

            • I learnt that in microbiology (about some good, some bad) but was green about parasites. Just googled stuff about it. My garlic olive oil lemon dressing was nice with da veg. Ta fo hint.

              I just went n talkd to my ruler la Luna. She said sort n reclude; then she’ll appear.

              I might get up at 4. Its bright alright.

        • I must have heaps of parasites. Most ppl l know rate me as da craziest nut they’ve met.

          NB: new name ( insp by Chapin US named Harry)

          What are Lennon, Harrison n Chapin doing now?

            • Im making a garlic olive oil n lemon dressing for my sauteed veg n fillet steak just now. Im inspied by Sphinx n your posts.
              I knew a bloke who chewd a clove daily; wow dats hot!

            • Also didya remember G Lighfoot now? “If You Could Read My Mind” in my top 10 albums. Song aft song is so good.

            • Unfortunately, i always associate gordon with a real creep i shared house with who played him all the time…i’ve tried to listen to him again, but the creeps features pop up all the time. he’s like a parasite on gordon.

            • What a shame. I have a similar experience with someone who reminded me of Deb Harry

            • Yeah but a blonde big hair girl had the same type of influence on me as G Lfoot did you. But l stll listen to some of her songs. She is aft all a crab.Gords a Scor

            • No. I dont do ‘things’ unless lm sure. ‘Girl next door’ does it for me. I’m scared of big hair, legs and finger nails.

            • I explain. When legs are used overtly. Dont get me wrong, l like legs, l also like a bit of reservation.

            • I’m sure it’s just as possible that the girl next door might be as much an “unsure” thing regarding “things” as the girl with “hair”

            • First, one of my most Kat traits is i do, and always have, like girls who are Water or Earth. Its just how I am. 5 Virgo (inc Eros, Mars & Venus) and 3 Scorp as well as Kat Sun/Asc. Therefore its in my astro DNA. Plus my mother, a Piscean, worked in the oldest profession; that affected the Krab boy greatly. I remember feeling my love for my die in grade 4. She did it till I was in grade 8; horse had bolted by then. So its almost a recoil; my ideal was the opposite of the ostentatious display that I saw with her and her colleagues.
              I stayed a virgin longer than my friends despite being a hell raising dope smoker of the first order. I had offers, some very ‘obvious’ ( one I call the “grand Canyon” secnic tour) but I had this ideal (my Virgo placenments) plus Jupiter and Neptune cjunct Scorpioin the 4H. Its what happenend; I’ve reconciled with my mother 10 yrs ago

            • Just read Neptune in the 4H. so true. of Cafeastrology. and in Scorpio so my feelings (Kat) were intense (Scorp). another thing I’ve learned

            • Thank you for sharing your story Katman. Honesty and vulnerability make your comments breathe a life beyond the cyber realm.

            • Hey Katman.
              i’m sorry – i really was joshin with you – i was just joshin and trying to be funny with the word “crabs” it was all in fun. But thankyou for sharing your story. just remember that i like your humor and i was just responding to it. I meant no harm.

            • this is not really about you Katman. my point is it’s generally unhelpful (and probably untrue) to perpetuate an old notion that certain “types” of women are more likely to have STIs. So like whoever you like, but think twice before correlating the alternative to higher sexual risk?

            • I
              wasn’t referring to STIs. Bcos of
              the shorthand naqture of



              in translation if you like.


              was referring to were various sexual acts. Why spoil thwe intial attractions with sex to early. I was referring to allowing ppl to have time first to cement their feelings before sealing it; so to speak

            • I know what “things” you were referring to, in response to a comment about crabs, which you implied you are safe from by preferring “girl next door” types. I’m not asking you to justify yourself, I’m just saying that’s misguided and kinda offensive

      • “Did you ever feel as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out?” YES Aldous, I do.

        • lol 🙂 hey Sphinx, how many cloves do you thin kit takes? and do you know what the process is by which this solves the problem? Like do they die? look for another non-garlicky host?

          • Not too much room here, there are a wide variety of parasites! Many parasites are very difficult to detect. Some people do herbal remedies, like Dr. Hulda Clarke’s which is a good thing I think. Garlic can kill some parasites, some are hardier than that.
            Apparently 35% of people on the coast of Peru have cerebral pork tapeworm. It can cause epilepsy. I lived north of there. I ate pork. I developed epilepsy. 😯
            Many think there is an epidemic due to globalisation (worms travel with people!) which is unchecked – due to westernisation (western medical practice treats symptoms of parasites without treating the cause).

            • It’s also worthwhile just getting a deworming pill from your chemist. You can use antibiotics too, but if you already have poor gut function that is quite dangerous.

              In other countries they advertise constantly to keep people informed of the dangers of parasites. Apparently in Oz, UK, USA people think their sh!t don’t stink.

    • Thank you, this is great advice.

      Years ago, I had a shamanic-type instruct me to regularly ingest a mixture of raw garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice as a general tonic. He said the spirit would be grateful.

  16. Hello Lovely People, i just wanna say that i am not posting Weekend Links this weekend as i think the Supemoon is QUITE intense enough & that honestly, rather than getting extra input from the outside, it is a good time to scheme, process and feel. It’s an experience. It is SUPER intense.

    I went on about this in daily mystic/horoscopes at length but in short – Lilith-Mercury-Sun opposed by Full Moon in Aquarius (or will be) trined by Uranus and squared by Saturn – big push toward innovation and extreme fulfilment, freedom but with a challenge from Saturn.

    huge astro – u r not imagining or amplifying the intensity – bring it your A vibe and all will be not just well but amazing

    • No worries mystic! In a world of information saturation it’s nice to tune out from verbal / written word sometimes

      Having said that, am I allowed to just stay in and write an article, and research artist residencies? I mean what do we do with this? Buy a lottery ticket? Start a gym membership? Like, my to do list is enormously long and I don’t know which part is supposed to yield awesomeness right now, although I can’t do it all at the same time. so I’m sticking with the essentials that I need to sort this weekend. Part of my psyche-rebuilding process after 2 years of heavy bombardment.

        • Hi All

          I just got off a 90min skype meeting with an editor-in-chief wanna-be scary lady that fell apart at the seams after I stood my ground and relentlessly cross examined her lame manipulative rhetoric.

          She shout down the vid link after two mins once she realised I hadn’t come down in the last shower of rain, but I used that to my advantage as well.

          She tried every angle, you name it, but I saw though it all. Then, she got pissed and revealed her true colours– they were grey and black.

          I withdrew from the project feeling strong and proud that I didn’t play up to emotional blackmail and slimy unethical tactics. Fuq, I want to be known as a writer with morals, ethics and is true to myself and no fuqin editor or publisher will sway me.

          As soon as I clicked off the skype sesh, an email lobbed in-box. It was another lady I’d been negotiating with re new digs, beach front, studio et cetera. She just wanted to let me know I’d be up for 2k in cash to get in the door and had to go on a lease, again, revealing her true intentions. None of these terms had been revealed to me over the last month of negs.

          I’m super primed for the super moon tomoz and since it’s in my sign of Aqua I’m excited, especially as my house of love dance floor is maxing with uber planetary action and plenty of partnership potentials groovin away to a rad beat.

          See what happens, but I’ve got a good feelin in my bones.

          Love youse all and enjoy the super illuminations.

          D.B, nee A-non, nee Damons.

          • Good to see you pop up D. Go guy. Super illums for you indeed.

            Have been listening to all my old Seal faves…know you are an Aqua too…

            Love “My Vision” in particular…I ‘ll post below with his birth chart if poss.

  17. I don’t have anything at these degrees,but have a natal Leo moon……

    I lost it tonight. All tears and emotional. UGH. Told Torro with Scorpio moon to not comment about what I do or don’t do with my son.

    • Being all stand-y and judge-y, was he? They love to opine, them ones. Get involved or fuq off or learn to represent better, eh…. Pi x

    • I have natal Leo moon too, plus 4 other natal planets in Leo (3 conjunct) and Kataka Sun. I’ve managed to keep it all under control (reading MM has been a life saver) and navigated some pretty hectic and emotional currents for the past 6 years – but last night I felt an emotional tide come over me and I let loose and cried and laughed and cried some more. It was a combination of relief and releasing very old hurts and saying *fuq off* to anyone who brings me down. I woke up this morning thinking that I would be feeling bleary and emotionally drained – but instead, I feel fantastic – lighter of heart, stronger of will, determined to be true to myself and ready for anything.

      • Great! Yes kataka sun here too, so moon pulls on me. I actually was in intense, breath through it, seeing colors, intestional pain in the middle of the night.
        But I awoke this morning feeling fine.
        All well, sons helped me out for a while this morning with chores.

        But poor Torro got called to our friends today to finish work. She broke down saying her husband left her. They are family and he came home distraught. She had bruises, he cheated….

  18. Nuh uh, Mystic! I just posted “Secret Weapons” on my blog (!), and it took me *hours* to do it UGH I hate you, WordPress, & all of your free templates blowwww

    • There is theme garden and stuff, range of prices for design and functionality, in Aust it’s $10? To about $59 and up, haven’t used myself but maybe worth a look?

      • Yes I was drooling over some of the layouts, and of course the ones that caught my eye were > $75 haha. I think it’s pretty lame that I can’t even adjust font & color without making a purchase, WordPress :/

        Many many years ago I was an avid MySpace user & I *loved* how much I could do with my page there & on my blog. That was before MySpace started forcing users to use their templates/took the creative possibilities away from users. Geez it was great back then… I miss the old days.

    • I read somewhere on another thread that you are in the midst of a health scare Scorp Inc … was sorry to hear that and I hope things work out in your favour my love. Take care of yerself. 🙂

      • Yeah, thank you prowln. Was in for more tests & whatnot yesterday, new info should start rolling in over the next week or two… x

        • Hey Scorp, I just found out about your predicament – I know that we’re not really that well acquainted, but I really admire your spunk, and I really hope that it will all turn out good for you. Sending you much love xx

          • Sacred Beetle, let light shine on our hidden enemies so that we may strike once & well & annihilate all swiftly! Thank you, familiar friend x

    • Scorpy Babe.. I’d no idea you were going thru a health anything, I am too sorta so sending you positive super zapping vibes for whatever may ail you. The force is strong with you, I can feel it! xx

      • That’s my Juno- wanna get married? 😉

        Seriously, I realize I have annoyed you through insensitivity and gaucheness- apologies and love. xxxx

  19. So this is going to highlight my T-square with Mercury at 12 Scorpio, opposite Chiron at 15 Taurus, then North Node at 13 Leo. So is that a grand cross, taking into account my South Node in Aqua? Jeeeeez.

    Hoping to leverage this into some healing. I’m feeling really weird about myself right now. Kind of lost in the ether, to myself as well as to others… very ambiguous about everything and feeling the futility of involving other people in that. That sounds like an Aqua South Node kinda malaise, but I’m at a bit of a loss as far as the rest of it goes.

    Any suggestions? How can I actively flip this into something a bit more positive, or at least productive?

    • That sounds about right. I would totally believe this is a collective vibe. Once I got out of my own head a little bit today I saw the evidence of that all around me. Well, Godspeed to us all… odds are that next week or even tomorrow will feel different.

      • Hi mutable. I think getting out of own head and into the world us a helpful day to day remedy and mover-forward-er. If it doesn’t resolve things it at least helps us put into perspective.
        Identity stuff is tricky. Keeping a benchmark with the outside world while we recalibrate or at least gently observe our own deep personal inner workings for as long as we need to, that’s ok. No rush no pressure on self. Xxoo

    • I think they’re both right. Orwell for govt, military, education and Huxley for the commercial enterprise side. A di-polarization. It reminds of the quote in “Hot Fuzz” where everything is for the “greater good”

          • I’d like to think it meant we get to fall in love under the Supermoon glow. But I think it’s more about releasing any old scenario that doesn’t have the legs to carry forward. Being true to yourself and sticking with the best person you can be.

            • I am hoping for a ‘bolt outa the blue’ thingo on this. Like how l had the dream revealing my LZ traits. SMoon in Aqua; my Aries SN is bubbling impatiently. Im realiZing, more alldatime, complexity of Sun quincunx Moon and Sun1H opposing Moon7H. Glad of my Virgo and Scorp placements n Uran/Merc cjunct.
              How do you quell Aries SN; is a WIP for me.

            • Yes same SN as you K4K, cardinal pain is what it is. What the boys think about last night, is just their fantasy being lives by another.

            • I know you and others here with Aries SN. Never gave a thought to why they stirred me up. Just their schlock shock at me for turning her down. And she looked like the last ten days of Scorp too.

            • Nodes aside you knew why you didn’t go there. I am waiting for the depth of love to find me. Not sure it will but I can but dream. So glad you did a name upgrade with the Supermoon, nice work.

  20. Gloriously, the super moon is unaspected in my chart (seriously if I get one more super moon exact my moon or wotnot I’ll freak).
    For once I can just enjoy the show.

        • Sun in 1H and Moon in 7H opposind ; I suppose. I got a book comiming Saportas (hope spelling is right).

          Just came back fr footy trip and blokes couldnt believe l turned down this attractive girl. How do you explain you are a water sign to mob mentality footballers. And that sex on the first ten occasions aint gonna happen.

            • Hi Scorpybot. Book ordered. Astro is so intriguing n vast. Feeln a bit more Kat than l usually don’t.

            • yes, that’s what I love about it. It’s like a universal puzzle that takes a whole lifetime to explore. Endless intrigue

            • Im buying my sister an MM sub. She is a Leo/CapMoon (grumpybum). M Sun opp her Moon n her Sun opp my Moon. We fought ferociously as kids. Her patrician ways offended my egalitarian outlook.
              We get on great now.

            • that’s very kind of you.

              I’m a grumpybum too.

              I fought a lot with my Leo sister as well, right up until she got married to a Libran. Theyre so well suited. She’s Saggo moon and Cap asc like me. Still, we’re like chalk and cheese.

          • Lol KatakaMan, re the footy mob, given a moon transit to the 7th would highlight your relationships that kind of self knowledge is exactly in theme!

            • Ta Sphinx. Still tryn to grok this. After l get books l will be able understand what you guys mean when you say “my Saturn is 17d conjunct …….”. And when l do watchout. KatSun (doesnt forget) AquaMoon (know-it-all) & MercUran in Leo (go tell it on a mountain).
              You may have to tell me to shut up

            • I’m layn in bed thinkn how that. Is the 1st house Aries in flav ? & does that mean bcos my Asc (also Kat) is a bit Arien? Moon in 7th reads a bit Libran? & if its Libran does that x over well (trine) with my Aqua Moon?

              I havnt Saportas book yet. Getn 2 other books (MM recommended) soon too.

              Any input gladly taken.

              Yes S, l know, Katz won again.

            • I reckon we need some luck. We droppd a sitter against Weagles. Plus we playing a team with 3 players from my SANFL team. And l ll have to to pub to see it as l aint got pay tv. Then the ribbin about last night

  21. FM is in 3rd opp Uranus- in 9th. Mundane: new electronic records system at work giving peeps fits.

    Heaving old stories/books/papers.

    Healing old family myths.

    Had retro Merc style snafus this week-schedules/driving.

    Eldest son tutored me in Pokemon characters- he’s off to uni soon. He’s got Sagg Moon- loves games and teaching.

    Pisces girl flew -1st time ever – to see family, alone. She is in fairy land – posh house- etc outside NYC. “Mommy, it’s like being in Narnia, the bedroom closet is sooo big!!!” And she has her own bath! Life is good!!

    Dreaming big of upgrades in work/home.

    Xx Kat

    • Haha my son has been teaching me Minecraft & I’m hooked on exploring caverns & digging for treasure 🙂 Thank goodness for these kids keeping us fresh, building new neural pathways! Enjoy this full moon weekend, Kat x

      • Thanks, SI. I used to play Spider Solitaire- how ancient is that! LOL! But am up for exploring new games- of this century. My biggest work challenge is increasing facility between 3D world and electronic record keeping. Reckon I am not the only one.

        Going to check out Persieid meteor showers tonight-

        Happy weekend!


  22. Well… bring on Sir Leo!! I am feeling it. And “Pegs”… remain walking the cat walk with standing out in my outfits. You made a comment about always looking beautiful no matter what and now I follow. When I get dressed and that worried “Oh, you look good but ridiculous because you standing out”.. I jump to your advice.

    I went shopping yesterday and picked up so cute new outfits. And, today I am heading to my beauty salon to see if she can make my blue eyes stand out more with make-up. HA!! I hate wearing make-up but I have been lately.

    It was funny, I was at a party last weekend. Feeling pretty good about myself. We a group picture was taken. I always worry about those pictures but I don’t like how I look in photos. Well, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a group photo and saw this girl and said to myself.. she’s a pretty girl… It was ME! Oh my!! It is my Profile Picture now. That is when the idea popped into my head to go have my beauty consultant see if she can work my eyes up.

    Time for me to stand out and get a little bit of an attitude. 🙂

    Job: Getting a little nervous about my job. It is a 3 month gig and is scheduled to end on 9/5. It could be extended but I may not know until the last minute. Ugh… I am taking a trip to visit family before that happens. I haven’t seen them in over a year. So, while I have the money I am going. I can work from there if I want to.

    Finances are going very well. I wish I had more but my credit is good, I paid off 2 CCs and I am thinking of consolidating 2 loans. Maybe pay it off next year.

    So, Mystic’s reading about Jupiter in my life said that all of my work efforts since June 25 will be amazing.. creating fantastic opportunities. The end of August is when I will see it.

    Let’s bring it!! I am planning for the good and the bad.


    • Ellie, we girls have lot’s of fab things to play with, that old adage about not getting older but getting better isso true.
      Applying makeup is bringing out the artist in you. It enhances, it’s loving yourself as you apply it. Buy quality coz the pigments are usually better or at least do not economise with foundation. Dior is amazing for base, so is Lancome and D&G. That’s your canvas to apply colour on.
      C O N F I D E N C E…up it. A T T I T U D E…up that too.
      Blessings AND Hotness, Ellie!

    • Yes, dear sweet ones… this girl is enjoying this phase.. I need to love the camera in the physical and theatrical sense. The eyes are on me.. as I see it!

      Thanks for the ideas and support. Some ideas come at the right time and I grasp onto them.

      I had a Marilyn Monroe moment after wearing my first short, short dress with a wind storm coming thru… You have love it, own it and laugh!!

      Love to you!!


  23. You are so eerily spot on Myst.
    Only a few nights ago I was out with my wife. We left the kids at home and had a rare night without them. We were walking along a dark city street and the words …. (see Aldous’s quote above).. came into my mouth. It was like that power within was speaking for itself. It said in a very calm considered way that it’s power was building but remained inside. My wife asks it , why stay inside ? The answer , because it is full to the brim with anger and rage at the world and that with that anger it could calmly destroy anything in it’s path out of pure frustration at the state of affairs.
    It was really nice to mouth those words. Like a safe release.
    I know that power within, I am of it, it’s not of me.
    There are times when that power has great love and with the same force can love all people, a raging love.
    I’ve been sitting with it all week. To be honest, it may take some time for the anger to pass this time.

    • Sounds intense DL. Is there a way you can channel it a bit more? Anger is tough stuff. Soft-sand beach runs? Boxing? Running up mountainsides? Or whatever you do best ..

  24. full moon across my 3/9 axis ans squaring Saturn in 6th. Time to get back on the daily writing horse AND….. transiting NN will be EXACT on my Merc that same day. It’s divine!

  25. Finally….the long awaited, ever promised, sense of freedom & awesome washes over me. Just hit me in the last hour.

    F**k… what a slog 2013 to now has been; I almost didn’t believe this day would come. But I must have been doing something right all that time, cuz this Leo is ready to freak’n ROAR!

    I’m feel’n the Sun,
    I’m feel’n Jupiter,
    I’m definitely feel’n that Aquarius Supermoon (WooHoo),
    I’m feel’n my pal Lilith in my back pocket right sweet,
    and I’m feel’n Mystic and all her wisdom.

    Madonna just came over the speakers…”Give it to me” (no one’s gonna stop me now).

    Thank you Mystic for helping me to keep it real and prepare for the ride.

  26. Hmmm intewesting … I’m curious to see how intense astro affects Mr Leo, as Mr Cap had a tendency to go AWOL as soon as Mars or Venus or basically anything got up to any mischief. So far Mr Leo appears to remain stable in his affections but we shall see …

    In other news work appears to be going off without my permission. I’ve got quote requests for design work coming out of my ears even though I have done zero marketing for my business and am attempting to ease out of the industry. Also have a job opportunity in community services on the offer. Interviewing for that next week. Then there’s uni. 😯

    I actually want to spend a bit more energy on bonding with Mr Leo fella as I sense that this relationship might actually have legs … Oracle said the familiarity between us is due to countless lifetimes together. But the universe has other plans apparently ….

    Not complaining or anything. It’s nice to feel in the flow of things after months of bleh. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend whatever you all get up to. :mrgreen:

    • Congrats on all the opportunities that have arrived to your door. Good luck with your interview next week. 🙂

    • Best Wishes on your job op! Your community would be so better for it 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight, comrade x

    • Leo, fixed sign too, maybe inherently more stable? I mean cardinal earth, not bad even tho Former Cap was a little flaky. But still. Fixed. Lock and load etc x

  27. Leo 6th house Saturn @ 15 degrees with a Mercury and Sun transit. This should scream career intel but still I wait to be guided in this direction. Do finally feel that Jupiter has now left the Kataka building.

    • Hello there Miss … sorry I haven’t been in touch lately – a bit waylaid at the mo 😉

      Leo Saturn influenced by Jupes sounds like a good combination of guts, determination and making shit happen with flair. Not to be sniffed at I reckons. Hope you are well 🙂

    • Maybe let Sun moon (full) and merc shine a light on what 6th house delimiter Saturn wants to tell you still.. ?
      Is 6th house career, as such? I always took it to mean getting to the bus stop on time, vaccuuming under the bed, worm treatment for fido, quotidien self-care sort of thing.
      Career intel though, that makes sense. Hmm. Hope an inkling pops up for you. The smallest things can be worth noting ..

      Well, I’m not much good at 6th house things as a habit but all of the 16 deg fire astro action links to my 16 deg Neptune so maybe I can triangulate (heh) what to do there.
      The bodyworker guy i have just discovered, the timing is good for that I think. Specifically working on self esteem issues with him. Whoa. Revelations.. Sigh childhood bullies were still living in my head.
      nice to cu here s xxx

      • Bodyworker guy! I thought you felt stronger than usual, Pi 😉 Excited for you & all the Strength you’re cultivating!

        • hey lady
          yes I hope I didn’t leave bruises all the way over your side x [loosens grip a little]

          bodyworker: stumbled across the place locally after walking past it countless times. we’re doing neuro-emotional technique stuff, plus a bit of chiro. I think he is a Virgo maybe, quick brain. Big sensitive-looking eyes though..
          so I share my murkiest emotions and ugly life history moments [bullied for being fat, when i was a kid, yo! recipe for life success] with a cute chiropractor who then helps me to sweep the dross from my cells. here’s to whatever.. and to you and your cells xx

          • Ah, like big Katakan eyes? He sounds so perfect to walk with through your psyche territory. Isn’t it funny: he was there all along… And YES to annihilating all that bullying residue, & restoring your sweet Inner Girl 🙂 She deserves only the best, precious young Pi, so full of potential & dreams… Awesome xx

          • I want peoples to substitute LUSH-PLUMP-FULLFIGURED for ‘fat’.
            Never say that word again, your ears may hear it!
            Lush peeps don’t wrinkle 🙂

            • Indeed pegs.
              While I still carry the Jupiter-in-Taurus hallmark figure, Alas that was the word used against me as a child.
              Love your everything
              Pi x

            • Giggle! And then there is this. Thanks Vedic astro!
              “Should Jupiter be in Taurus, one will be endowed with a broad body, be corpulent, will honour Brahmins and Gods, be splendourous, fortunate, attached to his wife, be endowed with good appearance, profession, cows and abundant wealth…”

              Mmmm . Can’t wait to get me a wife. Corpulence… Delish 😀

  28. Been a very emotional up and down week for me. Therapist guy recommended selenium and b6. So I was taking the stuff then realised I didn’t even check the dosage of Se that I was ingesting. Was this like , homeopathic kinda quantity in case no actual overdose, or what? I am a scientist, I need numbers . No going back from some metals toxicity. Couldn’t believe I had unquestioningly bought this stuff without my usual interrogation of practitioner and substance. Bad practice.
    Anyway, here’s to my Saturn in Leo revealing its grimy , self esteem repressing secrets. Also, sleep..

    • 1-2 (max) organic brazil nuts a day is how naturopaths say to get it without toxicity if that’s of any help – food is/as medicine x

        • I am allergic to Brazil nuts and Prozac. There is a Dylan song, just waitin to be written. So glad this affliction doesn’t cover Snickers bars and crunchy Peanut Butter. Especially as I’ve celebrated Jupiter get out of Katakaville by being sans nicotine (two stumbles) and caffeine. Seeing as I can’t have one without the other, I’ve got neither happen.

          • The man with the oversize bite
            Needs selenium to make him think
            With a source not so toxic
            One would use logic

            To take in much nutrients fast
            And make his visage ruddy n pink
            They the scientists with rouge raged
            For the populace would not be encaged

            • Don’t go and gloat over Katz. I’ve got nuthn to Crow about. Was my BD attempt upto your standard?

            • Anchorman film just referenced Bob. I lovr Bob. He pips Neil an d Kate and Bruce and Cat and Van and Gordon and Joni and Carly (oh shut up)

            • He is in Oz soonish or now. I wished to see him. Dylan cant sing like Picasso cant paint!

            • I’m in northern hemisphere – but i did see him live a couple of times. he’s The Bard.

            • I got Sun trine Scorp Meptune = music is v important to me and bcos lm a Kat softy lyrics are my escape. Im torn btween Bob’s Shakespearean insights, Neil’s take on women and Kate’s (Bush) ‘insider trading’ goss into the femme psyche. I can talk music too much.

            • Lightfoot. One of the 3 great Kanadian Scorp songwriters. Along with Neil n Joni

  29. Ok, I’ve got Jupiter at 17 degrees Taurus in my 7th house. Starting to talk to this one guy but not overly excited about it… Gonna try to go out as much as possible this weekend and see what I can catch! (although technically everything is squaring or opposing comfy taureans right?).
    I hope this is an accurate assessment of what I should do.. sometimes I get confused with Jupiter and how much expansion should really take place…

  30. As a Saturn in Leo square moon in Taurus (and opp scorpy Uranus, like mr Huxley! Cool!) Jupiter in Gemini rising trine aqua mid heaven, I enthusiastically approve this message. 🙂

    The amount of energy pulsating out of this full moon is off the hook. It’ll be exact on my mc. Have gone of COURSE (thank you 12th h Venus) LZ, but am really consciously trying to use it to better myself evolutionarily, and it’s working, omg how it’s working. I’ve healed two major life stories in the last two days. Saw them, felt them, and was like, nah, that’s so not me anymore. Boom.

    • Boom! That’s fab, hdq. Love that you’re not fighting the flow but working it to higher ends. Mille shared some of her swords with me yesterday, and here’s one for you *clang* Cut-through clarity 😉

  31. Oh. Speaking of Mystic’s prohibition on e-stalking, I am torn. I got a google alert (I don’t have to stalk, it’s all automatic nowadays). And I was shocked to see my long lost Kataka girlfriend appear on the Internet for the first time ever. I think she avoided the internet completely because she knew I would find her. And what I found was wonderful, her first one-person art show. She paints more like me that she did when we shared a studio. I haven’t seen her in 25 years. Now I am wondering if I should send her a letter via the gallery, congratulating her on the show, and then some magical words that will bring her back into my life. Oh well, not going to happen. And a letter of congratulations will probably freak her out, too creepy stalky.

    I suppose there is no going back. But I still want her to give back our sex tape. Back 25 years ago we were young and hot and I deserve to see us both in action.

    • LOL last para

      Also, auto-stalking o_O
      never thought of that…. [Thinks of it]

      …nup not gunna do it. Brain too full as it is.

      re, contact.
      you should either show up in person, but have no expectations about anything. Hello, congratulations, or,
      As you procured the info via auto-stalking, it may be inadmissible evidence. Send her cosmic congratulations and set her free. Maybe a request that the universe have you cross paths by more legitimate means .

  32. Hmm, wondering how much this full moon will effect my aqua sun at 13 degrees, 12th house. Interesting, i got moon in the 12th in my MM tarot spread last night.

    Curious about my leo rising aunt @ 16 degrees… She just got married this past weekend (after a mere 3mo dating period) .. And bam, full moon sq saturn in partnership house during honeymoon. Tres interesting.

  33. I’ve got Jupiter at 15 Aqua in the 4th with 5 planets in Sag to back it up. This should light up my whole chart. Uranus at 17 Sag.

    Looking to slay some ancient angst and rid myself of a qi vamp in the cleanest most enlightened way possible. I want back some valuable real estate in my mind.

  34. Supermoon plus the Perseid meteor shower (Northern hemisphere only). Sorry, antipodeans, no Perseids for you, but we won’t see much either since it will be nearly impossible to see any meteors. They will all be washed out by the bright full moon.

  35. Right on my sun in aqua. I am having an incredible week wrapping up my second 100 hr yoga immersion, overwhelming waves of creativity and insight into myself and the nature of the world every day. Reading an anthology by Helen Palmer (author of the enneagram books) called Inner Knowing, working on a project connecting modal logic with Hindu deities. Finished my finals today and As in everything (all computer science)…I thought this week would kill me and 6 months ago it would have but I am so much physically and mentally stronger now and so proud and excited to keep growing! Next: career. So broke. But everything else is so subtly fantastic at least in my little bubble of health and imagination this week that I can’t complain…

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