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Michal Karcz

Weekly Horoscopes from July 12 are now posted people – sorry for the delay – i DID post them earlier in the week as usual but they did not load for some reason. But they are there now and they are a WHOLE FRESH VIBE because of…guess what?


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12 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up

  1. So, I took a look at my chart with the Full Moon in Cap. It was in my 3rd House of communication. The last week or so I felt like I am being crucified with my communications on social media. I am picking it up very quickly and it is forcing me to step down from being so vocal on social media sites. Today a personal friend attacked me. I posted an innocent question and it turns into a “why did you do that”..”why does it matter” to “Why are you so worked up about it”… It was just a question. I deleted the post after trying to temper the fire from this friend. Another friend responded with “phew”…. So, everyone could see how irrational this girl was being on “MY” page. Hello…..

    It is forcing me to stay inward, clean my apartment, prepped from my new beginning in career and relationships. Let’s see who sticks around!! It’s time to be empowered and not incriminated. Fuq everyone else. What a waste of good space in the universe to be like that!!

    • No I’m not struggling with English as my second language… Just shiddy editing and my fingers are stiff from the cold and writing/typing so much lately…

    • Think so. Jupiter into Leo is the solar 7th house for Aquarian Sun/1st House.

      So this resonates for all Aquas.

      In your personal chart, you’d use your ascendant as the 1st house.

      • Sorry to intrude but a quick question: if for example you have virgo sun and libra rising where does the jupiter transit most take affect?

  2. I felt and am still feeling the mercury retro very strongly…. Finally found an apartment after a month of camping (lol!) and just found out it doesn’t have an address (!!) and we still don’t have a rental agreement after moving in a week ago- so our mail on hold at our last house all got return to sender.

    Fresh slate anyway 😉

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