Weekend Links July 5/6

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Panache Desai


* Walt Disney, Donald Duck and Sacred Geometry – Whack But Genius

* Death Wish Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee – for Pluto transits, presumably.

* My Tumblr in case you did not know it was there.

* “Communism is okay if you’ve got a car and a driver.”Β  Hilarious 1980 interview with the inimitable Diana Vreeland – Sun, Node & Mercury in Libra. I previously mistakenly had her as a Leo.

* Weird things money does to your brain – the emerging science of neuro-economics.

* Jeff Koons is an always has been insanely Aquarian. Cool Vanity Fair article on the eccentric artist.

* Lindsay Lohan turns 28, sues the makers of Grand Theft Auto for allegedly using basing a game character on her.

* The adorable Vampire Squirrel – Wired.

* The Minimalists – Constructing An Extraordinary Life.

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99 thoughts on “Weekend Links July 5/6

  1. Death wish, ha, they wish ! I’ve never met a coffee that was too strong. I grew up with strong cooked coffee from Iraqi nana. In my cornflakes if I liked for breakfast. Try it one day. Crunchy flakes, cold fresh milk. Add one shot of strong sweet warm coffee. Yum.
    Must get this coffee. The labels match my tobacco.

    • LOL. That was the first link I clicked on. πŸ™‚

      Same as you – grew up on that strong coffee

      I want to try the Death Wish. Love the funny graphics on their Facebook page. Especially the one about coffee and ciggies being a better love affair than Twilight. Ahhhh, the memories…. Coffee + cigs = best combo!! πŸ˜€

      • Will their coffee pass the Long Black test (with a side of cream). Anyway anyone who says one of the 4 great Moon in Aqua actors is one their faves must know their stuff.

        Minimalists link needs more reading-inspiring.

        • Coffee and cigs so good together, how can it be wrong. Star crossed loves and all.

  2. the story on miss Lohan was a deadset classic πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hahahaha….

        • I think LL’s clueless arrogance is the thing that gets me.

          • Oh for shame. This again. Courtney Love and LiLo are the same train wrecks just different vintages.

              • Katman it’s off the hook. People always tell me their stories. I’ve been called a psychologist and undercover boss.

                • You might end up on the payroll!!! Workn in a high school is similar- no-one knows who the inmates are

                  • Three ambulances in the last three nights. Thanks for keeping it funny Katman. I’ve worked at an all boys private school (lot of respect for teachers). My sister and brother in law are both teachers.

                    • I think l said one time before my daughter had 6/7 weeks in a clinic. So devestating. System doesnt konw what to do. Any event, like an ambo, means heavy news. Hope you out soon.

                • I get the impression if you make a show of inspecting the place and checking off items on a clipboard you will freak the staff out, lol. πŸ˜‰ Definitely seems you could pass for an undercover evaluator of the place. Hope you are getting what you need and hope for there S! Thinking of you, xx.

  3. I just cant fathom the self help religion that calls itself minimalism.

    I recall, from an utterance of mystic either in a weekly horoscope or her blue Sun signs book, this quote (undoubtedly I misquote): “a Pisces who can talk to an authority figure without dissolving into fits of giggles is a Pisces on the verge of organising a lecture tour to share the secrets of their success.”

    In the interests of minimalism I deleted everything else I was going to say. πŸ™‚

    • Ok now I have read the bio, I understand a bit more. And I pay my respects to the author. But this is my problem (I got 99). The author seems to have associated his previous self centred (?), materialist lifestyle with a general absence of meaningful relationships and an otherwise enriched life outside of his bank balance. It is very sad – in itself, that is – that it took the loss of two very close female relationships in different ways for him to realise there was more to life with less. Sometimes that is what great loss does, doesnt it, it makes us re-evaluate a whole lot of ideas we carry around with us without realising.
      But I think to associate a “non-minimalist” lifestyle- if we use the m-word as the defining principle – with avarice, or a lack of fulfilment, or appreciation, or healthy communion with others, then I wonder if this is a bit unsound. Happy to debate, as always says my mars in Aqua.

      • Bloody hell. I can’t keep up with where I am pi and where not. The above was me.

      • I think it’s a wank and so pretentious!
        Sick to death of reading about it! (not reading it actually). Since MM posted that link years ago I’ve seen dozens of columnists write about it. *yawn* Everyone’s jumping on the band wagon. :roll:

        • Just read the article on a tour of Joshua’s minimalist apartment.

          Thoughts: It’s a universal law that balance WILL be attained by the impersonal forces that create this dimension.
          What comes up, must go down. Nature abhors a vacuum. Etc.

          a) I want to go Jackson Pollock on his apartment. Spray every last white shirt with paint & fresh earth.

          2) I think his brain is in chaos to compensate for his lifeless home. (Note that the only ‘picture’ on the wall is the alphabet).

          III) Fuq his noguchi coffee table.

          • LOL!! I haven’t looked at the pics.

            ” go Jackson Pollock” πŸ˜€ Yes!

            I actually watched a doco on Pollock the other day, and Ed Harris was in it.
            <3 LOVE Ed Harris – he's a Saggo. Pollock is an Aqua.
            Ed was brilliant as Pollock in the movie. He actually looks like him and they have lovely astro synastry too.

            Now… have to check out that noguchi coffee table. LOL.

            • Nah, he doesn’t have a Noguchi coffee table that I noticed. πŸ˜€ He just seems pretentious… I LOVED Ed Harris as Pollock, it made me realise how genius an actor and maybe even a person he is!

              • yes… He directed the movie and was one of the producers too. I think it was his idea to actually do the film.
                Clearly he related to Pollock, especially in relation to coping with fame.

                I saw him in his latest movie – “The Face of Love” with Annette Benning. *sigh* He’s really yummy in that. πŸ˜› I recommend it if you love Ed.

        • Minimalism is great because we don’t have to be ‘aspirational’ any more and buy lots of expensive useless shit…

          however those guys are selling a ‘lifestyle’… possibly needed in US when buying expensive useless shit was elevated into a religion?! Yes Scorpbot, much pretentious wankerism! same with lots of ‘zen’ masters who must have the right label yoga pants, drink the correct organic non-rainforest destroying gluten free colombian special blend coffee, etc. etc. I could go on.

          ‘See how evolved I am?’ NOT

          • exactly. i dig minimalism, but as a hipster lifestyle? yeeech. It’s just another shallow bench mark like “thigh gap” or those ornate mustaches that starves the spirit in hopes of making yourself feel superior to someone else, because you purposefully have less. Gross. right up there with “competitive yoga”.

            • Ornate moustaches! Lol. And what about the full bushranger beard? No thanks πŸ˜‰

      • Minimalism appeals to me though I don’t call myself a minimalist. In general it’s about simplifying your life, not getting too wrapped up in consumerism. It’s carefully curating what you own so that everything has a purpose or has personal value to you. Some minimalists get too wrapped up in throwing out everything, having only one bowl and one spoon, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can still have things.

        It could be about creating space in your life to have time to do things that really matter, as opposed to spending all your time accumulating things and distracting yourself. If you have less things, then you have less cleaning, less organizing, less trash, and things might run more smoothly. It’s being happy with a simpler life and not making things more complicated than they need to be. Not getting wrapped up in constantly competing with the Jones.

        I don’t think minimalism is the ONE way to live life. I think that it has value though and might work for some people.

        • Yeah, i can definitely see it that way..

          Huh. Just saw that these guys are doing a speaking tour!! Lolol fabulous. Coming to Aust in late 2014. And the tickets are free. Which I think is actually very cool of them. So in an attempt to prove myself wrong and maybe learn something, I will attend πŸ˜‰

        • Heh. I *can’t* simplify my life. So I thrash about generally in the direction I want to go..

          I read a really plaintive review of Eckhart Tolle once on Amazon. It said something along the lines of, “I want to read a guru who has two teenage sons with Autism, and a husband off work with depression, who woks two jobs to keep their heads above water and the rent paid”.

          I dig that this woman *isn’t* the target audience of this type of work, but I really resonate with her.

          They are writing for a certain segment of “world weary” late twenty somethings and early thirty somethings with money, and no real responsibilties…

          Give me something *I* can use. Cos you have no kids, let alone special needs kids, let alone three. And a completely inappropriate cream wool carpet, that now looks like the pelt of a dead animal…

          I LOVE the idea of carefully curating and sculpting my life. Just let me get the shit off the walls first….

          Gah. Every spare second I have goes into Lino and watercolour, not bloody decluttering. And I say that as someone who threw out a skips worth of crap today for the bring-out -your -dead. But did no art.

          • Yeah, I hear you. That’s why I don’t call myself a minimalist — because I’m busy and still have a lot of stuff. Yet mars moving through my 4th house has made me really into decluttering. And I ASPIRE to live more simply. I have 4 planets in virgo, and how a place looks really affects my state of mind. So a neater space will literally make me more productive. Also I don’t have kids.

            You’re right though. Minimalism doesn’t make sense for everyone. Probably there are certain astro signatures that it appeals to. And certain lifestyles.

            If you go to http://mnmlist.com/archive/, the author of that site has a whole bunch of kids so he’s more down to earth.

    • so sick of this post-postmodern bullshite… sick of shitsters re-labelling common sense and at the same time destroying it in their wake….minimalism – my arse.

  4. Anyone else getting a 404 when trying to open the Vreeland link?

  5. Ooh Mystic, I especially love that woman from the lava pic in your tumblr!

    I enthusiastically contribute http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1718765/ to Weekend Links for junkies of culture working their Neptune via armchair film fests. Detroit Unleaded (2012). Billed as a rom com but it’s sooo much more than that, trust me. Many lol moments too. Fresh.

    • For Mars in Libra viewing,
      http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1462900/ The Grandmaster (2013). Did we cover this here already? Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s teacher? From the film,

      “A great master is like a scale,
      a genuine opponent, a mirror.”

    • what is detroit’s astro? it’s sexy like petrol fumes, eye-sex, baggy singlets and heat waves on tarmac.

      • It’s gotta be Scorpio!!

        I’m obsessed with that city and I’ve been to visit.

        Your description sounds very Plutonic πŸ˜€

        • πŸ™‚ the image i have of the place is probably nothing like the city really is!

      • Totally Plutonic vibe, Detroit. I lived there during the better part of my 20s & I always feel at home when I go back to visit (about twice a year). I don’t know actual Detroit astro deets tho. Still, I’d put money on a heavy Pluto/Scorp chart. As for the Zap Zone, hands down Detroit has been & is ground zero. Pluto in Cap. And metaphysically, Detroit is full of so much energy! You can feel centuries of migrations, & people’s hopes and souls… Very 8th house that way, too.

        • Detroit Unleaded took me right back… Check it out πŸ˜‰

          • Cool! Maybe “hot” would be more appropriate πŸ˜‰
            Will check it out.
            Hope the city rises from the ashes

              • Whats Detroit like? Its close to my Jup line. Thunder Bay, Chicago n Houston is slightly to west of line. Only populated place my Jup line crosses in Sth hemisphere is Pitcairn Is- usually 50/60 ppl. Detroit had always interested me as a car nut. I come fr the Oz equivalent. & soon not making cars at all.

          • Detroit founding date, 24 July 1701. By a Madame Cadillac. Cancer or Gemini? Pluto rising poss? Can’t check via my phone. ~pi

            • Given the insane 240 bpm stuff that the D. music scene is known for my bet is gem πŸ™‚ don’t know where the cusp is tho .. pi

              • hey that’s pretty cool, thanks S.Inc

                I might feel a bit upside down and inside out there, as the chart angles are all within 2 degrees of mine, but flipped around. Gem Asc / Sagg desc, Aries MC Libra IC… Detroit’s Chiron MC Libra is on my PLuto IC Libra.
                these days turned out nothing like i had planned…

                but all that 8th house Leo. don’t call it a comeback. we’ve been here for years! oops, wrong city

                • Lol u should visit, Pi, for a good cosmic shake-up/shake-down! For a real head trip, check out the opera house turned parking garage. Also, art & culture aplenty in Detroit– rarely mentioned in pop media.

                  • Check out the movie Only Lovers Left Alive. It might have moved out of your movie theatre by now. It features Detroit and Tangier as the backdrops of the story. Of course Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton add a level of perfection.

              • I can see that. Detroit is a proud city. People who have been born there are very proud to say where they are from. For many americans, esp decades ago, cars are equivalent to dreams. That city built cars….pretty much building part of the “American Dream”. Not so much anymore tho as Gen Y doesn’t really like cars as much as previous generations and Gen z doesn’t look like its caught the fever either.

              • So Detroit is a baby boomer! That makes all kinds of sense. Love that Pluto-NN conjunction. Rise, rise! I’m actually a town away at the moment, watching Detroit local news. Have never made it into the city- someday! Definitely someday, tho its Pluto on my Saturn isn’t the most auspicious aspect…

                • It’ll be fascinating to see how Jupiter affects it this year. Water and all that.

  6. Praise be to Mystic who called this weekend exactly. That whole keep in your lane power trip thing? yup. Avoided 2 near implosions and I did not step between people to “help”. I will let them explode with me no where near the detonation site.

    I saw the blonde slut that was all fllirty with me back in May at a volunteer event thing I go to. I had discovered that last time he had a girlfriend and has the audacity to flirt madly in front of her which caused her to react very jealously towards me. I was like…whoa…did not know you have girlfriend dude…Imma back off. Last night, he’s all like heheh… my girlfriend dumped me last week. (like that is some sexy hookup thing to potential female.) Do I look like a rebound booty call? But he won’t be daunted. He’s hitting up some purple skirted Ms. Thang not more than 5 minutes later. so sad. what a waste of cute. I may still be celibate, but thank goodness I’m not with Mr. STD-spreader!!

  7. Have had a sneaking soft spot for Jeff Koons since art school days, the basketball series comes to mind immediately, and would have influenced Damien Hirsts suspended sharks and cows, which I didn’t like so much.

    Good to read this article as I lost track of him after Cicciolina, and Vanity Fair does good write ups, I must say, always good for behind the scenes goss on the movers and shakers…

  8. I love these weekend links, i read them instead of “the news” now.

    Electric Eel Libran u sound like you dodged a bullet! Slutty complicated manipulative lovers destroy your looks. An early night with moisturizer and your journal or kindle may feel boring as fuq but it will give you the EDGE

    • Ikr? I want to move on with my love life but not straight into a trash dumpster. I know it’s mean but i am a lot harder on the men with good looks vs. the average or ugly guys. Those guys have a greater chance of screwing me over actually because I let down my guard too much. This joker and his ilk? not a chance. I admire his chutzpah though.

      This eel needs no moisturizer. Plenty of natural slime. But an early bed time sounds appealing!

  9. Feeling sad and can’t shake it off. Moved back home and finding my space in the family and home again. Severe wisdom tooth ache. Sis is a dentist and is caring for me. Grateful.

    At the end of the saga with leo dude i feel not so lost. Not drained because he didn’t suck my energy but more judged. I’m stepping out of a three month praise fest that were his emails. And then his sister judging me my family my background my goals. My sis rightly said today (she doesn’t know about him) i live my life with this mantra: i don’t need to prove anything to anyone”. While i agree with her it just makes me sad that after it going so well it vanished into thin air. Sad that she didn’t see me worthy of getting to know. Sad that in the end the brutal truth is I don’t come from a well to do background even though I am welll educated myself.

    I approached this guy and i don’t think i’ll approach anyone ever again now. For once i’d like someone to like me. Part of me wishes he will email me back and apologise for not even wanting clarifications. But He seems set and i appreciate that he hasn’t played games with me.

    I don’t know where to begin letting go….

    • I’m sorry that you are hurting.
      Maybe you wanted him to value/love you and maybe you are seeing yourself through his eyes / with his judgement rather than your own excellent vision. We can never understand the complicated processes of others fears, perceptions. So to want to make them like us when we have no ultimate control over that process is futile. Your sis is right. You don’t hafta prove nothin to no one.

      To recap: How he sees you is His problem. How YOU see you is your thing to work on. Chasing someone’s approval is incredibly exhausting and especially when it involves our tender heart, ever-vulnerable to judgement when we leave that up to others.

      I SO understand that shitty sense of personal rejection when someone we really have our heart set on gives us the boot. I have done it to others [oh callow youth] and others have done to to me [bastards lol].

      This guy will not give you the response you want. There was an earlier post somewhere here with a brilliant series of comments about this [anyone?]. Expecting it from someone who will never give it will just be setting yourself up for constant hurt and disappointment. It hurts but there is a process we learn eventually where we shoulder the burden of questions ourselves and toss them into the fire of life experience, eventually saying, “oh fuq it, there’s always next time” even while hurting and shedding tears (usually the fire is after the hurt diminishes)

      nice that your sis is there for you . that’s good. X

      • You’re so so so spot on! Unbelievably so. Approval seeking is what I worked on with the professional after the previous relationship. I have more work to do. Because he’s smart, successful. elite, handsome and down to earth – I’m sure i unconsciously think if he just accepts me I’ll be ok.

        I’ve never been a cool kid. Was Clever and had friends but never a funny, witty and extremely smart individual, so some how I feel that if the guy who in my mind is those things accepts me I’ll belong. Be safe because i belong.

        Sending hugs your way.

        • You’re ok now, who you are, you are perfectly ok.
          I was never cool either. Still not as far as I see it. It became easier when I decided to not give a damn about fitting in. I left high school and all the Bitches behind, moved to a different city to study.
          I don t think it’s about being funny or whatever. You do sound smart btw πŸ™‚ I think just accepting ourselves with our flaws and imperfections and humanity, just rolling with that and liking ourselves in spite of that, is where we start to chill about who we are in the world a bit. Still not sure myself you know πŸ™‚ xox

    • also srsly, fuq his sister. judgemental cow πŸ™‚ who wants a sister in law like that anyway πŸ˜‰

  10. In two weeks I’ve broken my second shrink. What house/transit is a third shrink assessment? Bet it’s all about Gary sucking on my South Node.
    Mad, Bad, Sad n Gazzed (The novella destroyer).

    • Something to do with mercury, Pluto, the 4th house or IC, 8th house? 12th too I guess.
      Hi S you shrink breaker you
      X pi

      • Oh gosh moon too of course. Remember you have Pluto trans over your moon for a whiiiiile. nuclear ‘splosion styles. Nuclear fission of the soul.

      • Thank you Pi.
        Off I went to check out my pal Gazza, then astrodienst broke. I smell Mercury at work here…. πŸ˜‰
        Or the dirty laundry of crazy πŸ™‚ Roll on Moonday

        • Hey S hang in there buddy. Sending hugs and whatever else you might need! Xxx

  11. I love the article on neuro-economics. I’d love for them to write on how on 7 (more) things that happens when you have NO money.

  12. Hey iPhone and iPad owners, quick and urgent link here. You can get the app SkySafari 4 for free instead of $3. I just discovered this, it’s an offer “for this weekend only” which probably means it is only good for another 12 hours or so from when I post this. Check out this link.


    I previously recommended SkySafari 2, which I also got free on a special. I am so upgrading right now. This is a particularly great astronomy and star chart program, it also has augmented reality so you can look through the camera at the sky and see the star charts line up with the real sky. Highly recommended, especially for free. Grab it ASAP

      • Darn it, version 2 offered for free here, appears to have considerably fewer features than the older version 4 I got free a couple of years ago. But v2 is still good. I’ll keep an eye out for future offers of freebies.

  13. Me too, Mystic. I just discovered while reading more about Diana Vreeland that she is indeed a multiple Libra, whereas I mistakenly believed her to be an impossibly fantastic Leo!