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Winona Rag and Bone

You know, there is an economic theory that whole designer/luxury goods market will die with the aging of the Pluto in Leo generation – a.k.a. the baby boomers, that is was them in their biggest “aspirational” years driving all that. Leo, you know. I am not sure but i do think it is some sort of a style crime to make Winona look the way she does here.

She was sensational in Black Swan, as the previous prima ballerina being displaced by Natalie Portman’s psycho-swan. She WAS Heathers.Β  Was it Johnny Depp who had “Winona Forever” on his bicep turned into “Wino Forever?” She is a multiple Scorpio – Sun, Lilith, Mercury and Venus.Β  Her shoplifting arrest at about the time Neptune squared her Sun must have been a challenge but she prevailed.Β  And she is Saggo Rising for fuqs sake.

SO why style the ultimate Gen X Goth like a wanna-be Daria Werbowy but looking like she just realized the oven was left on. Winona needs swooping falcons and fresh skies. Or a Gen X Goth/Heathers eccentric in her 40s grown up Scorp-O-Tronic look. She needs David LaChapelle or a Meisel.


Image: Winona Ryder for Rag & Bone

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66 thoughts on “Style Her More Scorp

  1. Agree. Annie Leibovitz would have done better. Or some young photog. The whole waif depressed heroin chic thing is SO over, esp for a 40 yo woman. I liked the whole shoplifter thing, made her seem a bit psycho.

    • Yes to genius photogs Annie L and Dave LC! Also, I think every cashed up Scorp should have a closet-full of Alexander McQueen. Maybe it’s my Uranus-Mercury in horns of Scorp 8th house, or Sun-Venus, but McQueen I find to be the epitome of fab Scorpio couture. This whatever above is too drab & dour, like herion addiction. Boo to glamorizing lower Neptunian vibes, yes to embracing the overwhelming power & beauty of Plutonian oceans… Klepto chic? Agreed πŸ˜›

      • i think there’s more poetry in this image than junkie. ‘dylan’s niece’ sort of look. but still register my protest at that blazer in general. x

      • You read my mind Scorpy. I was trying to remember David LC and also Avedon. He was a master. She looks too anorexic here.

      • agree 100% Scopi & MM
        Thought Black Swan was the finest performance of her career. Maybe the only real acting even beginning to approach her hidden depths. It’s such a paradox that to “make it” as an actor or a star in Tinseltown you need to look like a model yet the better looking they are, the less decent acting roles they seem to get, or their talent is overlooked until they get older. I’m generalising horribly. I did love how Pacino took her under his wing when she was done for shoplifting. It actually made me like her so much more realised she was flawed in ways she could not cope with.

  2. Looks just like my mum in the ’60’s. She is a stellium Scorp but don’t know her Asc.

  3. Ugh. She is styled her terribly in that photo. It looks like she borrowed that hideous blazer jacket thing from Johnny Depp.

    And don’t even get me started on him. Wearing 42 necklaces and a giant hat with holes in it is not a look. What happened to him, anyways? No, really. He’s looking like somebody’s creepy uncle these days.

      • Mid-life crisis more like it, I reckon. He wasn’t married to Vanessa Paradis. He left her for 27-year-old knockout, Amber Heard, and they were engaged within months of going public.

        It’s strange to see it happen because he did always seem very sure of who he was.

        • he was too busy pretending to be other people convincingly he must have never figured out who he is.

        • Sad I think. Vanessa always seemed cool. I suppose domesticity/boredom got the better of Gemini. I’m sure and the kids will be fine, him not so sure.

    • Winona is her own best stylist.
      Johnny Depp was So HOT then bam! WTF happened to him? The bleached blonde hair looked horrible aged him in a BAD way. First thing I thought is that he is having a hard mid-life crisis, Chiron-Pluto transits?

      • Yeas, I’ve only just recently thought he’s lost it! Weird hair, Amber Heard, some strange outfits at Net Ball etc.
        Previously untouchable style. Must be midlife crisis?

  4. Oh… Can I just write here… I don’t want to write it on fb, but want to share, I was aware when I went to work today, not to get caught up in or respond to the power trippers or muggles, and I mostly avoided it… But I think I let it slip to others that I wasn’t impressed, attempting to rally support, I did get some, but felt my nerves frazxle and my mind contract at managing my response to someone else’s power trip… My problem is this person is new, had no introduction, I know not what there role is, they are only employed till the end of the next month, they are barely friendly, and we’ve been told they are now our senior and delivering excellent leadership! It’s totally got my back up, and I’m struggling to know how to manage it! I have excellent support I’m receiving and that is helping, but I’d like to know why this us triggering me so much… If I dealt with reality, what is, then I’d be closer to acceptance, but I’m not, my mind keeps going to how I wish it was…. Do maybe there is the problem… But I find myself resistant, not cooperative… I guess I could also accept I’m phased about this, but you know, I know what will show is, that I’m pissed, that’s what will be noticed and deemed inappropriate…. Gawd it’s such a hard space for my head to be in, what should I do?

    I feel like rebel winona actually, wanting to mess shit up!

    • I really think all you can do is rise above it.

      Lots of times work and seniority is NOT based on merit or someone being good at their job.

      If they have been overpromoted it will become obvious. You have nothing to gain by making a stink, UNLESS you want to leave your job, or get sacked. Soz.

      • Hey GemYogi…. yes you are right… rise above it… I hear you… in fact I know I want to rise to meet my own integrity… and be true to myself and not be a dick…. what a wonderful challenge…

        • … or put laxatives in their coffee….

          I speak as a stellium scorp here…

          But yeah – seagull managers – get flown in over your head, shit everywhere and then leave.

          On a more practical note, be super friendly and helpful to them. There’s nothing like taking the high moral ground to give oneself a sense of control (not to mention moral superiority). Either they’ll be pleased and will thaw a bit, or they’ll be nervous and uncertain, and hopefully leave you alone…

            • Ha! seagull managers… Ive never heard that.. but it explains it so well…. excellent advice… but I think the surveillance is too tight for laxatives… but obviously what is needed… but Im going high moral ground… always…

  5. although I think “Rag & Bone” resonates in a way they may not have intended, I dunno, nothing else about this screams Not-Winona to me. It’s plain. Scorps can be austere, like to play with social expectations, dress down, hide. She’s not much for the public eye, is she?

  6. I think that the theories re designer labels dying might be right. There is the whole ‘normcore’ thing.
    I’ve noticed myself dressing more and more low key. Jeans, chunky/comfortable shoes, and baggy top. Anything else feels too done up. I don’t know if that is pluto in cap though.

    On another note, does anyone know when all the retrogrades will be more or less done for the year?
    I had a feeling it was July, but not sure.
    I can feel things slightly ramping up and moving away from fog and wanting to hide in a cave.

  7. Funny she should come up. I was in a shop and the assistant asked me “ls there anything else l can get for you?”. I said “A date with Winona Ryder would be good”. Then you got her there.

  8. Now l know why l never felt part of the boomer generation. Im PlutoVirgo. Did someone say Virgo lives in the shadow of Leo? As a 3 planet Virgo and 2 planet Leo an inkling of what that means. Prob why l liked Punk as much as rock.

  9. I have known a few Scorps and I wouldn’t say they are goth at all – seriously stylish with a very quirky and individual twist

  10. Yeah, I did not recognise it was Noni until I clicked thru the link. Isn’t that kind of a fail on Rag + Bone’s part? Seems like they’d want to capitalise on her?

    It is austere, a bit hooded, maybe Scorp… but yes bland too. You know, I think the stylist ought to be looking to fellow Scorp Tilda Swinton for some Uranian-derived arty frou-frou eccentricity. That would spice it up a bit.

    Wow, she is Sagg rising, that’s interesting. She must have been my no.1 crush from childhood to adolescence… I used to spend hours staring at pictures of her! I definitely based my short hair look on her. A gorgeous lady & talented actress.

  11. Imo scorps don’t really have a definitive style. A desire to blend in maybe. Scorp Venus types like to vamp it up a bit if I use my friends as reference..
    She has some sensitivity coming thru in the pic though.
    Rag and bone not exactly Vivienne Westwood, you know, it’s more white label-y Ralph Lauren crosses to the wrong side of the tracks / for people who aren’t afraid to hate sport or something, isn’t it?
    Conspicuous consumption still all the rage if one pays a visit to countries whose wealthy middle class is on the rise.
    Surely winona has a 3 storey bluestone (brownstone, whatever it’s called over there) house with a turret or two (plus owls) and a labyrinthine basement. not to mention the misty hillside mansion upstate or something like Mystic said. Then everything would be ok.

    • Rag and bone targeting gen x women who live in a city, were wild once/still are if you get them at the right time, dream of NY, admire cool and weird ladies like WR? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hey I’d look twice.

    • Lots of Scorps have the most definitive style and very love hate lists, if you are the theatrical style type.

      Isabella Blow, Rick Owens, Calvin Klein, Edith Head, Daphne Guinness,

      Despite Winona being quite strong with her characters/roles, I have no memory of her having a definitive look (sans haircut) that would make a shoot with Rag and Bone (known for dress down off duty and denim) such a big deal. Granted it’s not how I remember her in beetle juice but its an ad for a brand who make their mark saying, hey not trying.

  12. Fashion ads always make me think of the very occasional times when I have passed a group of urbane street fashion types trying not to sweat in the sun by the waters edge, while I splash past them in my wetsuit, hair plastered to my head, clutching some fins, with a stupid happy grin on my face because I get to hang with all the boys peeling off their neoprene right next to me and my girls are all awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • sorry, but every time I see you write watersports I have to double. It means something very different here..

        • i think it too. i just lol to myself, πŸ™‚ a very naughty lol.

        • Oh I am very much aware of that. But I am perverse at the best of times so I insist on using it (a) because eventually smut devours everything and I want to fight for the sweetness in the world and (b) because it is sports, in the water, ergo water-sports. X

  13. Lol! the irony is that Daria Werbowy i think is also Scorpio.
    I am suspecting you know how saturn in Libra is all about greige and austere looks…i think this is the Saturn in scorpio look.

  14. I learnt from meeting the leo dudes sister that one must be so careful about giving advice. She spent the hour and half giving me unsolicited relationship/life advice the first time we’ve ever met. Had she stopped to actually ask me things about myself she would have realised that her advice was redundant. I guess i learnt from that: becareful about giving advice, always seek to know someone first -perhaps they will reveal things that is better and beyond the advice you might give them.

    I have a question: how much about yourself, your past, your family background do you reveal to a new interest. I feel like i give too mucha way. There is honesty and there is openess and i tend to just tear myself open thinking i just want to be honest. Hmmm

    • I suffer from that- the inanity of my AquaMoon sanguinity!

    • Not much. But then, my moon’s in Scorpio.

      Also, though, it just seems like best foot forward at the beginning, you know? Except for crucial information they might need.

  15. I think i’ve figured it out. the blazer, and the Natalie Portman hairstyle, ish.
    They have tried to make her look Mortal. Accessible. A Scorpio is neither, imo.

    • does she have Leo rising ? is this why the structured jacket thing looks a bit like an attempt to dampen her energies? or is it a cunning disguise. hmm

  16. Scorpi teen lives Rag and Bone. Irons his tees too. Has waif/Puck look too

  17. it looks over saturated with the white balance / out of focus and its driving me insane.
    i dont hate the photo and they make rad clothes but this is just sort of a yawn fest.

    i loved her in mermaids.

  18. I love Winona Ryder. In addition to the ones mentioned, she was great in Mermaids and Girl, Interrupted. She’s super Scorp-y in both of those. She can do inner angst like no one else I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve never been into luxury fashion i.e. Chanel, Coach, Louis Vuitton etc and it definitely seems like that is fading away. As a Virgo I want my clothes to be practical. I’m willing to pay extra for good quality and materials but not for a designer label as they inflate the prices ridiculously. I have nothing in Leo.

    Latest fashion trends tends towards the more hipstery up-cycling, vintage-made-new kind of thing and the designer labels are just getting older and more expensive. Young people now can’t afford anything like that and would be more likely to be found in thrift shops. It makes sense with Pluto in Capricorn.

  19. I just read today’s email – at 4am due to work related stress am not sleeping so well.

    I know it’s all upbeat n Zeitgeisty but don’t know how much zap zone “fun” I can handle – next 10days Plutonian and full moon in Capricorn coming up, you say?

    I feel I need an exit strategy and have only been in the job 2 weeks…..

    God save me from bosses and their little “challenges” ie dumping their work on you

    • Oracle says


      Thanks – I’ll tell them that (only two other people in this place – boss and her best friend who work part time so also expects me to pick up her slack, the woman I am taking over from I discovered in job for 9 months total – so got pregnant after bout 1 month…)

  20. So when can I fall like a thunderbolt???

    Getting impatient for some action!

    • My Astro faith and actual life trajectory don’t seem to touch the truth. Seek peace in a place of madness. Yes to the action, no more false starts.

  21. I think the whole notion of everyone trying to be famous for nothing 15 min surge that has taken over normality (remember that? pre kardashian even) has real fame not looking like fame anymore as its real motive, be it astro enhanced even. The harder the general public pushes to become celebrity style, the more off duty and dress down actual fame becomes outside of red carpet and actual events.

  22. Most of those brands would have collapsed years ago without the Asian markets coming on line and picking up the slack. Now most of them are corporate structures that make money from financial trading etc. Like the auto industry it’s all been rationalized down to 5 or so major players. Baby boomers in the west are much more interested in real estate and share portfolios as the ‘look’.
    I think wearing some $2000 cardigan just looks silly now and it’s those that aspire, not have wealth that buy brands cause it’s the only way to have a taste of luxury when you live in a shoe box with 5 kids in an average post code.

    • Cashed up bogans wear labels. I’ve never worn labels, proud to put together a stylish and individual look with the least possible expense!

      Best example, I was walking in the city wearing a zig zag graphic tunic dress, guy stops me and says I love your dress, is it Missoni? No, I say, I got it from Kmart! Lol