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So i have a couple of emails requesting clarity around what i mean by Slippery People or Lower Neptunians.

They’ve been mentioned more than usually of late, as certain intense astro tends to flush them out. Lower Neptunians are not necessarily Pisceans – the sign ruled by Neptune.

They can be any sign. Lower Neptunian sub-categories include Chaos Addict, Love Zombie and Qi Vampire.

Combine all three of those into one entity and you need call-blocking + a line of salt across your front door lol.Β  Chaos Addiction tends to go with other addictions, this variety of Slippery Person not only gets a buzz of chaos in his/her own life, they seek to enlist you to their “cause.”

Love Zombies have been covered here at length – the antidote is still incubating in the lab. Qi Vamps are out in force right now – they know there is an intense, regenerative energy being riled up the Sun opposite Pluto this week and they want IN.

But not via their own mojo and power of Awesome, by tapping your psychic resources.

It’s arguable but i think one of the key indicators you’ve got a Qi Vamp hanging around is when you start to feel guilty, for no apparent reason.


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156 thoughts on “Slippery People

    • Or just low self esteem…. do some extraordinary for yourself. Use that time for the gym a yoga class, an art class… there are men everywhere! They only want you when your busy anyway!

      • So true! They want you when they can’t have you.

        • Qi is universal. So it is with positive and negative, no need to bring gender into it…

  1. There is someone who I keep wanting to include in my life, get advice from, etc. He made me feel so good about myself at one point in my life. But objectively, he’s caused so much damage. I find it to be very easy to forget that, when I think I love him, am not doing enough to get him back.
    This situation has literally given me a mental illness, because I don’t know how to express my feelings.
    It takes a lot of power for me to remember that this person is no good for me.
    I don’t always remember that.
    I think he’s taken a lot of my psychic energy, he may have even stolen my ideas to help his career. He is a handsome Jewish Scorpio. I am a Cancer Sun.
    Sometimes I think he must feel bad about this, but with clarity I doubt that he does.
    It takes so much power for me to divorce myself from this man that I’m not sure I am supposed to. There something going on here that is affecting my Qi a lot.

    • Did you know there are more Scorpio sociopaths than any other sign… I’m in the same situ with a scorp.. time and distance DOES help. Try theta healing too

      • I will believe it! My stalker is a double Scorpio.
        (I know I have Scorpio Rising, I know)
        but this guy won’t quit. scary shit.

      • Yes, I kept my scorpio comment to myself. I too am a Cancer sun and my worst boyfriend, chaos addict, qi vampire, and psychopath is a scorpio sun with cancer moon.

          • Yes This Cancer loves Scorps too. Dated a couple, married a multi Scorp one and had kids with him, then lived with the psycho scorp boyfriend. The psycho changed the attraction for me.

            Still want the energy, just in different ways. My Torro lover has Scorpio moon and pluto conjunct his libra ASC. HIs daughter has Scorpio moon as well.

            • I think everybody/every sign has their own Achilles heel or terrible match (and obvs there’s other stuff that goes on in people’s charts.) But I have a Virgo guy friend who just got divorced from a Scorp who was awful to him (left him when he wouldn’t let her sleep with whoever she wanted) and now he’s with another Scorp who’s totally controlling him, not even necessarily meaning to (who knows) but that’s the result. I think he just can’t handle Scorp energy. Me, I don’t have the best track record with Geminis (attracted to them, but frustrated and ultimately screwed over by them, except for my mother –different issues — and friendships/coworkers, we collab great.) My brother is a Scorp, but he’s a very strange Scorp — it’s hard for me to even pinpoint his Scorpio-ness, except for the fact that he’s quite private with his emotions. He’s also very loyal, which is a Scorp trait I admire to no end.

              Three of my favorite people in the world are Capricorns, but I could see and every one of them being awful for me to date, lol.

              • Agreed. I’ve never been attracted to a Gemini. Feels like dating a cousin. I have mercury in Gemini.

      • I’ve had 7 friends over the years involved in really bad events and 3/7 were/are Scorp. 1 murdered (over a fight about his fav brand of MC), 1 suicide & 1 rape. I like their company- those of your own element are ya best company. I swear l can feel a Scorp saunter (or a Pisces swim) into a room (femmes only, altho blokes have that Neil Young -12/11 bday- eyebrow alot of the time). I love the intensity, the readiness to die for a cause and the faithfulness of their friendship. Earth signs are good too.
        Like MM says there is haute and low versions in all. I remember reading all the schaudenfreud over Kat males sometime ago. It felt like someone poured brake fluid over my classic BMW bike.

        • I had a bad experience with a kataka, as my first boyfriend, very manipulative and I was young and quite naive.

          Have had much better experiences with Aquarians with Cancerian moons, really great friends and good times. Detached caring, and a broad vision, and softened up the hard line some aquas take. Same goes with kataka men with Gemini planets, I get along well with them.

          Am Aries with Scorp moon, and yes, I generally like Scorps, comfortable with the intensityand I like the loyalty, it’s reciprocated.

          • I have in past 6mths become aware of the other influences on me. I’m the most Un-KatSun/ASC you’ll ever meet. AquaMoon / Uranus 1st house has huge influence! + a few in Virgo. Scorp. Leo . SN Aries is big factor. This helped me understand why l was detached Kat. but l love old cars n bikes n history. Just missed the emtional quotient

            • you’re all right Kat! πŸ™‚ I like Aqua moons. The Crab I was referring to below was Sun, Merc and Mars in Kataka. Just too much for this Saggo moon and Cap asc. Was like wearing a wet blanket. *eek*

              • I’d hate to have KatMars. Bad enough dealing with VirgoMars (don’t fuq with my job, arsehole; is how l am when doing a job on a car or house).

                • Yep, I have Virgo Mars which totes squares my partners Saggy moon., and my Virgo Mars tightly conjunct Virgo Pluto, so combustible, and tightly conjunct Virgo Uranus, so can be unpredictable as well πŸ™‚

                  I have to say that I really like the acute emotional perception, and understanding of the finest nuance of Cancerians. I have some good Cancerian women friends… my Scorp moon can be really really soothed by their understanding of feelings that I don’t access so easily with all my Aries-nees

                  • oh I ADORE Katakan women!! One of my closest friends is a Katakan. And the first two girls I bonded with at art school – both Katakans.

        • Ha! Well, I had my first and last fling with a Cancer early this year. 6 months. I don’t like to call it a relationship. It was purely physical. No idea how he feels about me now but I definitely was not in love with him. He’s put me off Katakan men for life! UGH!

          On the other hand, the Saggo dude something with Venus in Scorp (who’s gone overseas) confessed in an email today that there’s no such thing as “i might never see you again” (something I said to him) and that he would stalk me and hang outside my fave cafes if he had to. 😯 The Scorp in me is cool with that but my Saggo moon and venus in Libra is alarmed and thinking “oh dear, let’s not speak of that word, It’s uncivilised” LOL.

          He wants to send me a postcard. Venus is Libra in 9th house thinks its so romantic but Scorp sun is thinking.. “oh, but that means I’ll have to give him my address” 😯

          Aways torn with my astro signature!!!

          • Coulda been his astro signature. Not just his Sun! A bit unfair and lacking objectivity. It might surprise you to know some men are bastards whatever the sign.

            • I’d hate to have KatMars. Bad enough dealing with VirgoMars (don’t fuq with my job, arsehole; is how l am when doing a job on a car or house).

              • My mob fuqing up. Now il wanna do Russell Crowe with it. Soz for posting 3x

              • hey, I know! I have Mars in Virgo too. Don’t get me started. My art teachers are on to me already’. LOL. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” they say. Arggghhhh. I know, i know!!! Its not news to me. How does one not be what one is?

                But yeah, mars in Crab would suck!

                He wasn’t a bastard. Just a wet blanket. Too sooky-la-la for me. I don’t deal with with pass-agg behaviour. My saggo moon is outta there! πŸ˜€

                • I had a KatMars woman ‘like’ me but she denied it. But l knew she was ‘on’. Damp squib alright. I think Moon is a big part of ya make up! My bruder ist ein SagMoon; can you imagine what an AquaSagMoon brothers did as kids! We pranked NE suburbs of Adel. We shoulda been belted evry night by the cops. we only got belted twice; we were too slippery for em. (brought it back to topic)

                • oh you are in fine form today with your puns and wit πŸ˜€

                  Ya ya my Sagg moon is a HUGE part of me – square Unranus trine my venus in 9th house. Thank the Universe for it!!!!

                  Your β€œbruder ist ein” LOL. I love accents !!! πŸ˜€

                  • One thing l like about being a Kat is talking (generally speaking) women. I like this blog for that. I just gotta watch how l say things; Leo is place of my Merc/Ur(my)anus!

        • Your friend was murdered by a Scorpio?
          “1 murdered (over a fight about his fav brand of MC)” MC?

          • No he was the Scorp. Passionate he was. He was so focussed. If he was in pursuit of a girl l often had to put the brakes on him. He could scare a girl in 3 seconds. I learnt how to ‘scrape the pegs’ with him in the MC riding mecca of Oz; The Adel Hills

        • oh how cool! You have a BMW bike? I sold my RS100 some years ago and miss it sometimes. πŸ™‚

            • I got a 79 R100S too. I love it. I love horizontal engines. I gotta Kombi T3 (Vanagon to the NA ppl- Canada is part on NA). Y’d ya sell it?

              • I reckon it was cursed. The previous owner was in a bad collision with a deer that he never mentally recovered from. (He basically became stark raving mad.) I sold it to my ex-bf who was partially responsible for the accident I had in 2005. I didn’t need the bad juju from that. I decided I needed new friends and a new life after that. But yeah sometimes I miss the shiny side up; rubber side down life.

                  • the bike sustained some minor damage, but yes i was injured. It was a deciding moment for me so it was important.

                    • I hope nothing lasting. They’re so much fun but can be dangerous. I ride some long distances and roos are as much a problem as other vehicles. Im selling mine soon as l wanna get Kombi done up a bit.

    • Holy balls, Dark, you just described the last year and a half of my life (minus the last month and a half), except my handsome Scorpio was Hispanic and – as far as I know – had no use for my ideas. But yeah, I’m a Cancer, we had an immediate and powerful connection, all the rest.

      I could talk about this kind of situation for DAYS, but all I’ll say right now is that he finally crossed a very firm line of mine and it was tremendously satisfying to tell him all of the ways he’d been a terrible person to me (which I know had to have stung, he’s a total approval junkie). Unfortunately, there’s still some kind of hold there – I no longer want anything to do with him, but I can’t seem to evict him from the space he’s living in, rent-free, in my head.

      I think we were supposed to be a learning experience for each other, and he definitely was for me, but either he still hasn’t learned what he was supposed to learn from me – in which case I doubt he ever will – and that’s why I can’t break the link, or he’s just such an accomplished Qi Vamp that he’s still drawing my energy even though we’ve served our purposes with each other.

      • Ugh, I think I need psychotherapy & call blocking. Email filter too!!

        Maybe one of the most helpful things someone told me is that Scorpio can show Cancer how to love itself. He’s obviously so good at it!!

      • Living rent free in your head. Such an awesome line. So true.
        This week the rent free ghost of many years past is visiting me too. Uninvited. Just barged right in and demanded to be fed.

          • Yes but uber squatting like that nanny in California who a family hired from Craigslist. She worked for a few weeks then claimed a medical condition and refuses to work or leave and has taken them to court- now demanding they stay away from their own home in daytime hours. Serial vexatious litigant.

    • Sounds like the scorpio/neptune asc, pisces moon that turned my sh** upside down. I concur, run.

    • Well fck, I kind of have the same dilemma? and I’m a cancer, Although I wouldn’t quite say this scorpio of mine is intentionally Qi vampire…’s just that the timing and the communication were bad at the time (we were much younger). I evicted him from the space in my head like 7 years ago (?) because of a nasty fall out, I moved 700 miles away only to inadvertently find out about 2 years ago that he was still in love with me. Didn’t do much about it at the time since between the time I cut him and then, a lot of bad things happened to me so I was guarded. Even now, it doesn’t seem like it would be a good time. I thought I’d never want to go back to him again……unfortunately I was wrong. Ugh my dreams say he’ll never let go too.

      • You eerily described me and ex psycho scorp in this. I thought never again and then did anyways many years later. Fool I was.

        • Idk, I’m just now at the point in my life where I feel that out of all my exes he was definitely not the worst one (the worst one is a Gemini because he’s such a f***king sociopath….although he has a scorpio moon lmao)

          The problem with this scorp is that the connection is so strong that it’s just feels bad that I’m not with him. Realistically I just don’t think a relationship is possible right now with the financial issues we both have and the distance.

      • well, Scorps can be like that, and so can Katakans, but you have to ask yourself if it’s the best thing for either of you to be giving in to? is that your most hopeful future scenario? Will it serve you well? etc.

        • Honestly, that’s really what it comes down to. And right now, I don’t know the answer. I’ll just keep myself preoccupied with my mess of a life in the meantime,,,.LOL.

    • I’m a Cancer sun/moon, Pisces rising and I personally think that Aquarian men are the most sociopathic people I’ve encountered, particularly as lovers. Had a[nother] really unsettling encounter recently. There just seems to be a total disconnect between the Cancer female/Aquarian male headspace/heartspace. Though I do love Aquarian women as friends.

      • Cancer female/aqua male can best be described as “Robert Wagner throwing Natalie Wood off of a boat.” Talking to some aqua men I find that they are like beautiful visitors from a distant planet. Both charmable and charming, but I dabbled once and it wasn’t much to talk about, let alone drown over.
        RIP Nat. Sorry bout ur love.

      • This Cancer sun is surrounded by Aqua…sister, son is majorly multi Aqua, best friends.

        But a lover, never. No way. Like dating an alien.
        Closest was Mars in Aqua who had moon in Cancer. He went back and forth.

        • I’m sun & venus in scorp, cancer moon and pieces rising and like to think I’m haute πŸ™‚ but I am drawn to aquarian men, they make up the majority of my romantic relationships!
          married a librian (thank god, he balances this passionate scorp)
          New to all this deeper astro shizz and its fascinating me no end

  2. LOL! I almost never feel guilty about anything.

    I wonder if this means I am the qi vamp?

    • Me too EEL. I see friends and ppl being all guilty about what they haven’t done, or have done… and I don’t get it.

      Mind you, I never agree to do anything unless I 1. want to do it and 2. mean it, literally, honestly.

      I don’t say I’ll do anything I don’t intend to do! simple


      • Awesome! Sometimes i think I’m dysfunctional because i was raised partly catholic so therefore I’m supposed to be consumed with guilt all the time right? nope. I rarely feel guilty about anything.

        Say what you mean and mean what you say. Play fair. Go to bed with a clean conscience as much as possible.

        • I always say what I mean and mean what I say and never do anything I don’t want to do, except family obligations of course. But I still feel guilt every now and then.

          I’m currently starting to feel guilty for not doing any artwork on my holiday. Feeling really restless and edgy!!!

          Must be my Mars in Virgo 0ΒΊΒ and Pluto/Uranus conjunct.

          • Ha ha of eel guilty when I don’t do art as well!! But never towards ppl or social ‘obligations’, or skiving off work if I want to! Or taking sick days. Some of my type A friends feel guilty taking sick days when they are sick! Crazy recipe for burnout!

        • Yeah, I never feel guilty. If I think I’ve done something wrong, like hurt someone, I’ll apologise straight up, but I don’t get the guilts ( even though brought up catholic). Waste of time really.

          • exactly. most of the when i hurt someone it’s accidental anyways. i apologize quickly as well. I think part of my guilt-free nature is that i do feel powerless a lot. so very often I’m like…welp…can’t be helped.

  3. What about a person who seems surrounded by Neptunian fog?
    Can’t get a straight answer from them? They tell tall tales that can’t be proven? Then all of a sudden claim to have cancer…then bam they post they are dying from cancer.
    Strange thing is I think this acquaintance faked her own death.

    • I feel guilty for thinking it’s NOT real. No death notice, no obit to be found.

        • She has a history of telling tall tales, fibs and outright lies…last one before the cancer was her new famous finance died in an airplane crash. I researched it and he did not die and there was no jet crashes that week.
          Just absolutely crazy.
          I researched and no death notices in her county she lived & died.
          I feel crazy when I try to figure out her stories.

          • Delusional Leo rising Pisces is similar. I cross check all tall-sounding tales with a mutual friend, and take the rest with a healthy dose of scepticism these days. My attention and sympathy is wasted on people like this, generally…

            • Cancer.That’s all know. Her birthdate doesn’t even come upon any site under her legal name. Way too much Neptune surrounding her entire life. Her mother never knew her father either.

      • Oh weird. I know on my twin mom sites there have been moms who fake twin pregnancies. Disturbing.

        • bizarre!
          I wonder what causes this? Do they think they are role-playing online?

          • Creepy. These women steal other women’s photos and ultrasound pics they have posted then use them as their own.

            Pisces and leo energy combined …fantasy and drama. weird. Mine only played out in my head.

      • My teen girl watches Catfish- it’s about online relationships and myriad fake identities. The hosts help sort it out. Often wondered about astro of the deceivers and deceived.

        I’m Scorp Asc, with Jup/Neptune rising. I can sniff out liars. And Pluto on my MC in Virgo. Son Scorp Venus and Mars hates that!! LOL! I have to shut down that brain function on the little stuff.

        People in queues tell me their whole life story. Or their secrets.

        I keep Celtic sea salt in my desk at work for instant protection.


        • holy moly
          I have the same: “I’m Scorp Asc, with Jup/Neptune rising. I can sniff out liars.”
          People confess their darkest secrets to me and then I also can spot a bullshitter a mile away.
          It’s a blessing and a curse!

        • I need to bathe in some sea salt right about now.Just thinking about her talltales gives me a headache!

  4. Fuq, Mystic: I am trying to alleviate a literal headache right now thanks to my slippery people allergy. Fuqer! Grrrr

  5. I got totally bombed by a qi vamp the other day and it took me a further two days (if not more) to recover. I want to install an app into my phone that picks up their particular signal and sets off an alarm so you immediately know to white light yourself and don vast amounts of black tourmaline (maybe even a large one you can stun them with momentarily so you can quietly make your escape, psychic and personal integrity intact).

    And I totally agree about the guilt, I think it’s an empath thing, it’s all part of the energetic draw. You feel bad because you recognise the pattern and try hard not to dislike the person and behaviour, and yet the buttons remain firmly pressed, all the while whilst they are making you feel psychically sorry for them. Being a 12th house sun/mercury sort of bod, I often want to head into my cave in order to remain unaffected by such negative exchanges but I know that I have to be realistic and do my bit out there in the wider world. Somebody should make a mugwort spray for a lady’s handbag, I’d be happy to spray that around my aura in times of such negative interactions.

    • I’ve got black tourmaline around my neck, Qi vampires be gone ha ha
      well perhaps its me that went AWOL to get away
      Had to laugh when particular Leo Qi vampire contacted me out of the blue last Friday (no contact for 6 weeks i think at least), on the very day mystic said to Leo’s ‘AWOL friends are out of communique’, she didn’t get the memo ha ha

  6. I’ve got one at my 2nd job & she’s a doozy, I cant get away from her quick enough! I try to avoid her but this can not always happen, naturally. I don’t feel guilt about these people (anymore) but anger especially when they keep coming at you, no matter how plain you’ve made it that your not interested in them. I try to handle it in a mature adult like manner (using every psych & physical trick) but inside my head I’m screaming at them fuuuuuq off!!!! Its taxing deflecting them and this seems to feed the leeches even more.

  7. “It’s arguable but i think one of the key indicators you’ve got a Qi Vamp hanging around is when you start to feel guilty, for no apparent reason.”

    Wow, thank you for that, Mystic. It opened a whole new understanding for me. This would indicate that pass-ag shit is one of the key methods employed by a qui vamp…….realized when I felt into this, and replayed some scenes (lots to choose from unfortunately), that the ‘other’ is feeling some surge of emotional power and control, always anger-involved, and I’m sitting here feeling like I’m being crushed by deep sea forces, and my SOLAR PLEXUS is always, always in pain and as solid as a stone.

    Fuck that. There is never a just reason to try to make another feel guilty, it’s very unfortunate that this is the only option some of us feel we have when we’re in pain or feeling powerless. Not my fault, in any case, even if you want to think it is. Done with that now, thanks to your brilliant angle on it. Always thought of the qui vamp thing as attention sucking, talking too long, not-letting-me-exit-a-conversation-even-though-I’ve-clearly-indicated-I’m -trying-to-get-out-the-door kind of thing.

    From now on I’ll be hyper alert to any situation that asks me to justify or explain myself. Ahhh, more vigilance. When can I just fucking relax already?

    Oh, I know – when I find my tribe however small (party of one so far) and leave everyone else to their own miserable, reactive, irresponsible lives.

    Hi Plutogirl πŸ˜‰

    Love the clarity.

    • Oh – that GIF makes me want to kill something, by the way, she looks truly evil. Frightening.

    • yes the solar plexus thing.

      i experience this around my mother, of all people. I thought it was just a “grown up around parent” thing but it is wierd. I fold my arms to feel better protected if we are talking to each other, and find myself wanting to turn away and just go and eat something. Finally clocked these compulsive eating habits developed as a young girl that i only cottoned onto recently in these circumstances.
      She is not a bad person, i can’t understand it. I guess I assumed everyone felt like this around their mother when in close quarters often.

      also around a kind of ADHD Capricorn, the plutonic leo rising pisces as mentioned…a libran scorp… HMM
      only strategy I have is the hierarchy Avoid contact – Minimise contact – Use Human Shield (lol) – Abandon Ship (make up excuse to leave in a hurry) – Go Aquarian (deactivate all emotional engagement, imagine subject is in a soundproof glass box, watch with detached curiosity).

  8. I am having an enormous amount of fun at the moment with a work Qi Vamp. I’ve started replying to her emails using her tricks, cc everything to the boss, quote her from previous correspondence…it’s a blast.
    Her name is in my freezer and I have also cast a spell. That works.

    I have nothing to do with Chaos Addicts.

    Have been known to be a bit of a LZ but I even shook that bad habit off this year.

    Hard to be awesome if you are giving psychic energy and bone marrow to scenarios or people that don’t deserve them.

    • I had a Qi-vamp visit me a couple of weeks ago. The day before, my big carving knife fell on the ground and strangely, I left it there for a few hours. The next day, Qi-vamp showed up dressed in sheep’s clothing. A busty Aries with her rack seriously strapped in and propped up by a bra so well engineered that even I was tempted to throw caution to the wind and sleep with her. Although after two hours of her incessant wining I felt it would have been a chore (and there’s nothing worse than that, right? I am an Aquarian male after all). The Aries femme qi-vamp baited me to comment on her hair time and time again, by constantly flicking it and referencing it, but I was on to that shit straight-up. After it left, I felt fuqed. That night (full-moon) it texts me like at one in the am guilting me out about not sharing the moon with anyone special. Then I said she was being insensitive as I’m a student, with lots of study and assignments to do and pointed out that I’m not a plaything because she has some stereotyped assumption of me. This qi-vamp’s newly divorced with a cool couple mill in the bank, living in a Noosa beach house alone, jetsetting around Asia, and swimming with whales in Tonga and shit, bleeding about psychics ripping her off at $200 a pop, and I’m paying off my electricity bill in instalments! So, the bitch starts attacking me, berating me that its my fault I wasn’t cashed up, blah blah blah. I hung up, deleted her from facey and thank fuq, haven’t heard from her since. She made me feel bad about myself for days after as I questioned my self worth. And, to think– I nearly fell for that incredibly tempting cleavage.


          • maybe if she realised you were an Aqua, her opening gambit would not have been to talk about her problems or ‘expect’ hair compliments? (or ‘expect’ anything? lol) then maybe you could be shagging a wealthy divorcee with great boobs, in a beach house, and someone else takes care of the electricity bills πŸ˜€
            then again that sounds a bit like sex slavery after a while… tough call. what price freedom? πŸ˜‰

            • maybe she was secretly feeling a bit disappointed with how the episode went and responded by berating you, as you describe. An Aries defensive move perhaps.. ok sorry will stop analysing this now. *vanishes in puff of smoke*

              • Maybe she shoulda tried me. We all know how a Katmen like to keep abreast of new developments

            • I’m in love with someone else, Pi. Unrequited. A recently Gemini widowed heiress. Yeah, beach house, squillions etc, two amazing children. Busty Aries only came on strong once I’d declared my love for the Gemini, which made my Gem feel special and loved when she needed it most, but the declaration of love kind of backfired on me too, as she’s run away. I’ve learnt the hard way that a long lasting productive relationship shouldn’t be based on just sex. My last gf , a triple Cancerian, turned on me after my treasure chest was exhausted, after supporting both of us for a year with no contribution from her financially (yet I let her do it). Triple C was like a live-in-hooker. My Gem wants time to her self, naturally. Now, I eat alone, spoon my pillow at night in bed and try to let go of my feelings and concentrate on my studies. I was out riding my bicycle the other day and stopped to read all the padlocks on a popular lovers lookout by the sea near my home. The lock I was attracted to adorned some engraving on the underside which read “Don’t make love harder than it should be.”

      • I know there are some wonderful Aries people out there but after two of my friends and I had disastrous destructive relationships with some Aries we coined the slogan ” Aries – Shoot ’em, don’t Root ’em”.
        But seriously folks, there are so many variables that despite some caution I feel I would be limiting myself if I excluded any particular Sun Sign. The jury is out as to whether psychopaths are born, made, or a combination of the two.
        B.T.W. Absolutely love Scopios.

        • agree psychos can be any sign!!! good and bad everywhere.

          stay haute peeps! xx

  9. I have sun conjunct mars and neptune in the 8th house ruled by Scorpio…so should I just hide away ?

  10. This chi vampist attitude on this site gets to me sometimes , i mean i get offended. we are all prone at some times in our lives to not leading a perfect life and wishing what other people had and being down on our luck and just not astrologically or whatever placed to grab hold of that mars energy and burst forth in life carving out our own path. To err is human and I feel that sometimes the strong shunning of “chi vamps” on this site is discrimination against people who just are vulverable and not so lucky as the go getter person.

    • There is a difference. Everyone has down times, vulnerable moments, a need for help.
      Others are always that way and turn their back on genuine assistance that would help them. They have a clear path to make things better and won’t take them cause then they won’t have an excuse.

      • Catfish, see my post below. Yes, I remembered one girl who when stressed acts in a really chi vampish way elevated. Its like everything is designed to wind me up and I feel like running miles form her YIK. I do think Im a chi vamp too… can be difficult if you have been neglected as a child = your boundaries get messed up. Im workin on it though! Onward and upwards!

    • TOTAL difference (as Catfish Moon says) between a person having a vulnerable phase or with a particular vulnerability and the active Qi Vampire.

    • I get this…I’ve had a lot of times where I was down on my luck and/or going through some major shit (that was NECESSARY for me to go through to come out the other side) and everyone around me was like “why don’t you just move on/get over it/be like everyone else”.

      I think there are some upsides to love zombie or chaos addict tendencies too…when I have become a love zombie it’s because I loved so deeply because I have a hard time letting people in and the ones that make it through mean so much to me…when I was a chaos addict I was testing my limits and boundaries so that I knew where they authentically lay. But I had to pass them first to know.

      I have empathy for people struggling with unhealthy tendencies, I think many are just people who are very sick and lost. But of course it’s not your job to take on their struggles…

      • “when I have become a love zombie it’s because I loved so deeply because I have a hard time letting people in and the ones that make it through mean so much to me”

        Oh wow….BINGO! That is exactly how/why I have experienced being a LZ, when I have experienced it.
        Oddly enough, just tonight I said a similar thing to a friend when trying to describe to her why I’m so spun on the new guy I’ve been seeing….it’s because he somehow got through my armor and made me feel something, for once, and for me that is significant.

        I’m an Aqua Sun too…….is this an Aqua thing?

        • Ditto that..I’m in the exact same boat with the love zombie crap..I spend so long single, I’m very fussy, and when one comes along that ticks all the boxes then I’m in love..I feel like I always have walls around me, then I drop them for that someone special..but alas it came to nothing πŸ™

        • This Cancer has done that many times(sun in 11th house is closest to Aqua anything I have).

      • I worry I am the chi vamp because I really have hardly ever had any experience with any…..yes my parents were emotionally absent most of my life and my sister , and I dealt with that but they didn’t suck my energy – so I think I must be the one going around disturbing peoples psychic energies, as everyone else seems to recognise it but I don’t. Which is strange because I have a lot of pisces in my chart and really suck up peoples energies. Anway, i know I’m not a chi vamp i try my hardest in life in to be positive and marsy.

        • I think emotionally absent parents is difficult as home is the first place we learn about how to interact with other people. “Not there” parenting is like being left out in the wilderness at critical times in our social development.

    • no need ,Auntie is reporting every thing they do and I feel soooooooo guilty

        • what ! No ! See what I mean ? Neptune fog ! I hate this repulsive govt so much I am appalled and embarrassed and I feel guilty that I reside in Australia. The ABC reports every fuqued thing that they do. Should I try to make myself more clear ?

          • Oh, I was perplexed πŸ™‚

            I read Auntie as ABC, and I know right wingers have been doing everything to shut it down, and make out that ABC are bleeding hearts trying to make ‘Normal’ people feel guilty

            • By keeping the public informed about what the govt is doing, and making govt accountable etc

        • there are a few! Not sure that’s how I’d interpret this comment tho?

  11. I’m just starting to understand a lot of this in a strange mirrored way. I’ve made a LOT of structural, under-the-hood changes in the last year and just now in the last month am feeling mentally and physically healthy in a way I never thought would be possible for me. It is so true that some people around you change and don’t like the changed you when you get boundaries and self-respect…even though they say they just want the best for you.

  12. I just got rid of the sun in pisces, moon in cancer, venus in aquarius, mars in sag, aries rising, drama queen. Serious issues. That lower neptunian vibe was narcissistic, self destructive, entitled, and a waste of time. So glad it’s out. The entitled narcisisst was the worse part of all that. And at work. All the drama was at work. Terminated. Yeah. Now we can all get back to work.

    • And like that lady — this crazy was blonde – and she definitely had no issues even though, hospitalized for suicidal ideation was no issue…. yea right. coz she was screwing her supervisee. yea no issues. Really?? Delusion, entitlement, and laziness. Sums it up.

  13. Moon pluto Leo rising Pisces just made contact to ask when I could talk. I don’t want to but non-blood family connection and admin remains to be handled with finality. The phone call will be 46 minutes (minimum) of her relaying her self-induced dramas, and 1 minute of useful exchange. Sigh.

    • And this is not me being an asshole… I get the need we have to talk through issues. But she makes a new one within days of an old one resolving. Vortex of doom. The drama.

    • Decided to respond with good humour and in lighthearted fashion. Reframe, Pi, Reframe! Chill! Let’s see how I go.

  14. I got laid off from my job today, as expected. I’m terrified because this will put me in financial dire straits, but it will be good, ultimately, to get out of that work environment, which tends to be a lower Neptunian environment, but is SUPER lower-Nep right now as they are going through a restructuring and the chaos level is way more than usual….and the ‘usual’ is quite high.
    I’m still very upset and rather panicked about my situation, though, in the immediate….

    • Sorry to hear about your job, I know it is very scary!
      Work has been very erratic for me all this year, many moments of nail biting stress, and only just now thinking things will turn out for the best after all, which I am sure it will do for you xx

      • Was feeling the same Veronica..then had the rug pulled from under me today..they sacked me instead of the evil trouble making bitch that caused all the chaos..I say she who stirs the shit pot should be made to lick the whole ducking spoon spotlessly clean..

        • I hope Mars into Scorp coming up soon brings good opportunities for you, RoaringScorp x

    • Best of luck flowerchild – know that feeling – am now in the otherside and managed by scatter gun approach to job hunt and keeping friends in the loop

      I got some casual work (one with a friend) until a full time job appeared – weirdly the “come in for an interview” came same day I was sacked – was on the lookout as I could see the writing on the wall (thanks mm)

    • OMG flower child..I’ve been reading a few of your comments the last few weeks and so much of your life resonates with mine..u spoke of a love zombie situation that was nearly spot on the same as mine..and I got sacked today from the cafe I worked in for the last year and chick waltzed on in and just totally took over..the backstabbing and 2 faced lies from her and my toro female boss has just blown me sky high..I live in a small country town with very little work opportunities..just feel like I’ve been kicked in the guts one to many times by absolute fuckwits..trying to find the lessons of them all..just hoping and praying that life and love gets better now were in July..but yeah sux that it’s the 2nd today and already shit is hitting the fan πŸ™

    • sorry to hear this. πŸ™ But i know you will kick ass in the next job and it will be even better than this last one!

      • Thanks for your support and encouragement, everyone!

        I am hoping that I am on to bigger and better things, for sure. It’s just the transition time may be messy, especially with finances.

        I do have a small private practice, so I’m focusing on ramping that up right now. If I can get some more clients in, that will definitely help me financially. Ultimately I should be working for myself full time like I used to, it’s just having this side job was some secured income but maybe I leaned on that too much and now it’s time to make it on my own again.
        Either way, that work environment grew more and more toxic, so it’s good to be getting away from it, and will be better for me in the long run to be out of there.

  15. Thanks for the lane reminder in the email mystic. Work was odd today. A few verbal scuffles, some stress. None associated with me from what I can see, but the peacemaker in me wants to resolve it as I can see the tension and it won’t go away , could even escalate soon (full moon on Pluto in cap soon? Eep) unless some key staff develop some EQ, I think. Hmm.


    As soon as possible in the situation, activate your power animals all around you and command that they block his/her energy from your energy field.

    When you are clear you need to command your power back and I have found this to be very effective:

    Call on your angels, guides, guardians, higher self, whatever you like to release and remove all of the chi vampires energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, your empathic and etheric energy bodies and your consciousness now and forever, in this lifetime and all previous lifetimes here on earth, now and forever with this breath. Take a deep breath and blow out what is not yours!

    Sounds like a mouth full at first but it comes naturally as soon as you understand what you are actually commanding. You can do this with people and also buildings, places, spaces etc. that make you feel “off”. As an empath you need to empower yourself. You can see and feel things other’s don’t register, but you do not need to absorb it in your body, psyche or energy bodies!

    Hope this helps….

  17. THANK YOU for the ‘guilt’ explanation: totally true. So many slippery ex-bfs/lovers coming out of the woodworks at the moment. My first ever boyfriend who I haven’t intentionally seen in 9 years (occasionally contacts me via social media) texts me out of the blue (newly single, obviously) and attempts to make me feel guilty in the space of three short messages…

  18. Holy Zap Zone, Batman!

    Today was so overwhelming in new job I had to hold back tears….

    Lady I am taking over from and “The Swearer” aka bosses best friend both keep telling me “it’s not usually this busy”
    Meanwhile the boss drops in from north coast to dump a “challengeing” and “small” (in fact enormous) quote which I was previously her role onto me

    This is becoming a repeat if previous horrible job (stellium in Libra) had enough! Can’t walk out as need another one to go to as just divorced from ex-army heavy drinker so have no funds to support myself if I look for something else

    I just need a break from these micro businesses where everything is loaded onto one or two people and they head off for 6week o/s holidays – exact same thing happened in last nightmare job in December (only had 3days notice that time)

    Feeling really rung out….only week 2

  19. Christ, thanks for this. That last sentence just summed up a questionable friendship I’d been struggling to decipher until I realised I was feeling guilty all of the time! For nothing! Wow, thanks mystic. Can slowly let that one go….

  20. The Dementor (aka moon Pluto Leo rising Pisces) and I made contact. Tarot indicating tensions running high, and slippery types . It’s all very civil but there are still (always ) giant squid-like tentacles of control and manipulation.
    Whether the family possessions in her custody are safe or not, I do not know. Part of me wants to say “screw you dad, this is what you get for cohabiting with deranged women, fuq your paintings and precious whatever” and part of me wants to go all-in (should it come to that) and retrieve the possessions no matter what then blow the relationship to smithereens so I don’t have to deal with this ever again.

  21. Yes completely to feeling guilty for no apparent reason!!! Or even more obvious: the Qi Vamp is making YOU feel guilty for something you see no apparent reason to be guilty for. I.e. I had one text me on her birthday at 3pm saying ‘it’s my birthday and I haven’t received a text from you yet’. I was going to respond saying ‘I am not the type of person who sends birthday texts or responds well to demands for them’ but then I just left it-no contact is better than some with those people. She eventually went away.

  22. You know, i was wondering why we were getting so many patients at work “requiring” IV narcotics, and then I remembered this post. It is sooo draining….ugh,

  23. Guilty for no apparent reason… oh yes. Thank you for that lightning bolt of clarity, MM!