Sewing Machines Are Standing By

Birute Zilyte

Dear Mystic,

After a life time of transformation, Pluto on Jupiter, I am once again faced with a career transition for so many reasons. I should have understood this a lifetime ago, but there are so many things to know and so with the assistance from the light in my dad’s ire it is now obvious that I must start my own business.

I have had a strong interest in astrology, but that is not where I am going. With Saturn on my ascendant, the practical dominates. Ahh, to have the vision of the Jupiter conj Asc that my father has, I cannot even imagine. In any case I am searching for a moniker for the business, with is a vertical style women’s fashion design I am going for here, starting local production with internet sales and a local market here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

So I would like your permission to use the wonderful alternative name for Cancer that you use. As a Cancerian I have long loathed t he connection between the astrological name and the illness. Would you be OK if I used the name Kataka Designs. I am about to order the first round of labels and felt that I really should check on this with you since yours is the only column that I have ever seen that has taken on this often unspoken issue for the moon children (another miss matched attempt that relegates the very sensitive to the level of a child).

I would be ever so grateful if you would be willing to let me use this as a part of a design name as I have gone on compulsively for months trying on names and the Kataka brand is the only one that comes around again in my running thoughts with any resonance. The design line is a more laden look than anything, but with some ventures into ethnic, more caterpillar than butterfly, but really more into a relaxed look.

Sewing machines are standing by waiting for your permission.

The Kataka Seamstressย 

Dear Kataka Seamstress,

Hey i love that you’re asking my permission (!) but Kataka is just the old Sanskrit word for the fourth sign. I certainly don’t own it or anything. The original post re this naming issue is here.

I think Kataka is a great name for line of clothing. I also like Tesla Girl, Antikythera Mechanism and Palladium as fashion range names but that’s just me.

Good luck with the venture!

Image: Birute Zilyte – The Little Song That Ran Away – via 50 Watts

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45 thoughts on “Sewing Machines Are Standing By

  1. Ah, so interesting, that bit about moon child. I see it so differently. Not childish or even child like but rather born of the moon, a child of the moon. I agree that sensitivity gets downgraded so much but see being born as a child of the moon as so powerful. I love it. Mind you, it has taken decades for me to embrace it. Best wishes for your new work, Kataka Designs is a great name. Will look out for it.

  2. And right now that waning moon in the dawn sky is just so damn gorgeous.

    • Ah yes! I keep spotting that too, in the turquoise sky through sleep-fuzzy eyes when I am taking my tiny dog outside to stretch his legs.
      It’s like a little gift from the night ๐Ÿ™‚ pi

  3. Katseamstress, it seams funny to ask some other sew n sew for permission. You had me in stitches with your suggestion. I was coming apart at the seems. But of course l would not want you to feel hemmed in by frilly concerns over a name choice. But at least you havnt skirted business ethics. A-dressing the issue of ‘moon-children’ is long overdue. Anyone else like to take up this thread? Surely there must be someone bobbin around who can be hooked in. Do l need do anymore needling.

    By da way good luck

  4. I’m going to release a line of dildos & assorted sextoys called “Go Fuq Yourself.” Satisfaction guaranteed or your fuq’s on me! Permission to use fuq with a q?

    • Brilliant. I can already hear you answering the phone: “Good Morning Go Fuq Yourself, can I help you”?

    • Also I think it would be great to sponsor the Liberal party with your logo prominently displayed.

      • Like a Go Fuq Yourself super PAC? Do you have those in Oz?

        “Dildo or don’t: either way you can Go Fuq Yourself. This message approved by the Liberal party.”

  5. May l suggest “Engorgement without Engagement” with a by line “no messy details”

  6. Dear Comedy,

    We hit the ground running but soon landed in the gutter.

    The Katakan Klub

  7. Ahahahahahaha you all are clearly feeling the Mercury weirding too

  8. Big yay for domestic production and people who know how to sew. Enormous good luck to you!

  9. Love the Kataka name. My only observation is that it is helpful to have something people’s minds can ‘grab’ visually.
    People might not remember the word Kataka but if you do a pic of a scarab or crab etc. then they have a way to find you again?

    The unconscious mind is not terribly audio sensitive but it is powerfully visual.

    Eg. Know someone who names his albums things like ‘infinite abstract’ or ‘perpendicular self’ or whatevs. Really too intellectual, no recall factor.
    I think he would have done better with Pink Elephant or out of MM’s I would try Antikythera Girl!

  10. I am standing by waiting for the opportunity to dress up in the wondrous designs of Tesla Girl, Antikythera Mechanism, and Palladium – someone(s) please create them!

  11. Now that’s respect! True Saturn on sac gesture, full respect back at ya!

  12. Would you consider calling it just ‘Kataka’ on its own (as in a label), without ‘Designs’ added?

    That way you can always branch out and add more products/options that all fall under ‘Kataka’ name.

    Best of luck – your plan sounds beautiful!