Seeking Soul Searching & Liberty With A Sagittarius…

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Dear Mystic,

I have to know; how can Sagittarius energies mesh with VIrgoan and Cap energy? I strongly believe all signs can work it out.

My Virgo story starts of with my Virgo father, he left when i was around 6 or 7 and haven’t seen him since. Then, my first relationship that lasted a while was with a Virgo Sun, Cappy Moon, we drove each other c.r.a.z.y. Then, there were more Virgos, more and more, we never really blended, totally different interests, no common opinions really, I’m a total Sag (with Leo moon), and they’re all like “science ftw” and “astrology isn’t backed up by any concrete facts ” -.-‘

The weirdest thing about that is that the ones I fall in Love with, are all Virgo Sun and Cappy Moons… Four of them… and every time it ends really bad and i vow never to be with a Virgo again

I even got a Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon not long ago, didn’t mesh well AT ALL,

And obviously i had to meet one again, it was last week at a bar, Virgo Sun, beautiful man, and I see him coming from 1000 miles away, such a perfect fit in the mold; “i have a morning routine” and “i believe in Science” were his words yesterday, I’ve heard those so many times..

I feel I want “real” love, passion,with a Scorpio, or a Taurus, I want extravagance and fancy and beautiful with a Libran, I want soul searching and liberty with a Saggo or a Pisces…

Can i please have your opinion of why Life is sending me all those down to earth, reserved, cold and cheap but also very masculine, protective, sensual, mostly monogamous VirgoCaps, is it meant to be that way?

I understand if you are too busy to answer me, let me also add, that i love your website and i am very happy with my subscription.

So much Love to you

With Love from Jupiter xxxxxx

Dear Jupiter,

Well first of all, i think we have runs of one sign when we have something to learn off them. I  had a shocker of a run of Aquarius-Uranian types a few years ago and yes, they kind of prompted me to to activate my own Uranian/Aqua Rising vibe more. So maybe you’re needing the grounding?

Or they’re drawn like cat-nip to your free-wheeling Jupiter ways, like those movies where a madcap feral free Shamanic trickster type woman blows the mind of an accountant type?

Also, Jupiter over your Leo Moon at some point in the next year is going to have to be good and also, why not a Gemini? All the Mercurial fast mind of a Virgo but in Air, not Earth?   And the dad leaving at such a young age cannot have been easy – is there some subliminal pull here toward vaguely Virgo types?  Your mind says STIMULUS, FREEDOM, I AM A SAGG FOR FUQ’S SAKE but your limbic system sends out strange, eerie Virgo-attracting endorphins?

What does everyone else think?  There is a wealth of experience and ideas here in the comments.  Also, i am SO happy you’re enjoying your subscription!  Thank you for helping to keep the site ad-free!



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108 thoughts on “Seeking Soul Searching & Liberty With A Sagittarius…

  1. Well Jupiter – on single sign fascinations – I am a lover of Librans. It got so fn crazy that I ran a mile from Libran ladies for a while there (I’m a cappo sun/venus with gemini moon). I just came out of a shitful relationship with an Aquarian and then…..Whadaya know! – Went up north on a work trip, dreamed of a beautiful creature for the first two nights and then…..there she was smiling at me – Libran Sun, Libran Moon woman. I was assigned to her to help with grant writing for two days. And now we are coexisting in a beautiful, loving psychic realm while planning to see each other again. The gods do as they please – Resistance is useless!

  2. With your sun sign in saggo, it’s quite possible you have a venus or mercury in capricorn. I’m sure a venus cap would tune in immediately to a man with a cap moon/virgo sun — very well-suited. or even if you have juno or mars in cap or virgo, or venus in the 6th or 10th. There are multiple configurations for this kind of synchronicity. What is your rising sign? maybe you have cap or virgo on the 5th or 7th house cusp. Whatever this pattern is, it’s definitely reflected in your chart somewhere.

    for example, I’m a pisces rising so I’m attracted to virgo-types, but I also have venus conj uranus in sagittarius in the 10th house, so it’s a strange chemistry when you round up all of my natal (and progressed) ‘relationship’ energies (including pluto in scorpio in a very large 7th house containing virgo, libra and half of scorp). however all of the people i’ve had significant relationships with fit that energy pattern — both sign/house-wise and once i investigated the synastry.

  3. I never agree with astro compatibility stuffs. I’m a virgo and my ex was a cancer and we were supposed to be perfect for each other, but NOPE. That shit did not go down well, for either of us. I’m now with an Aquarius and am pretty head over heels loving it, just moved in together and it’s great. I def find that when I think about why I respect him so much, I come up with all the reasons he’s different from me. i.e. I’m emotional, he’s less so. I’m a people pleaser, he is definitely not. When I’m complaining that I’m burnt out, or doing too much, he simply says “ok, so stop.” I am in constant awe of his ability to not overthink and just do. And his life motto is most definitely “take me as I am, or leave” and this was crazy, groundbreaking stuff for me, who will bend over backwards to change and please others. I would say look for the lessons the Virgos are trying to give you.

  4. I know what you mean! Mine were Tauros and Katakas. Never ending, everyone one was either of those signs. I guess I needed stability and grounding but as a Gemini, I was just bored out of my mind. Staying at home ALL THE TIME. I’m with a Gemini now, we click so much better, she completes the other half of me. None of the Gemini guys worked because they were too similar to me but this Gemini girl complements so finally!

    After awhile, every time I got closer to a Kataka, I’d be like nopes and they go on my list of people I cannot date even though when I’m drunk I would totally give it a shot but no! Control self!!

  5. I was with a Capricorn Sun-Virgo Moon for seven years. Before that I was with a Capricorn for 4 years. I was so bored and so unhappy. I have now switch it around a little. I am with a Taurus Sun-Virgo Moon. It’s been 3 years and I get waken up every morning with a massage. Still can’t get away from that Virgo Moon though.

    I blame my Sun-Saturn conjunction for being attracted to Capricorn types. Check what Saturn is doing in your chart. The answer might be there!

  6. I think the cynical, poo-poo nature of these men that you’re referring to is more the Cap than the Virgo bit, as most Virgos I’ve met have been anal, nit-picky, routine-addicted (be that health routine, like my Virgo (sort of former) friend, or a laziness home routine, like my Dad), yes, but also total pushovers (they are Mutables, after all.) I even got the Virgo friend into Tarot cards and he became almost more obsessed than I am (and he’s a DOUBLE Virgo — Virgo Sun and Rising, and I’m a damn Pisces!) Caps, though, I could see Cap and Sagg being very difficult in some ways. And yes, in general, all that Earth with a Fiery mutable Saggo would be tough. Opposites may attract, but it can be difficult to turn that into a sustainable relationship unless both parties are willing to give a bit, and while most of the Virgos I’ve known have been milquetoasts who were more than thrilled to let themselves be dominated by Scorpionic women, mixed with Cappy, that’s a lot of over analyzing without the Virgo possibility of neuroses, plus the Cappy will to power. I think you’re drawn to the grounding, but maybe that’s too MUCH Earth/grounding.

    But, when it comes down to it, I think most signs CAN make a good go of it but, again, both parties have to be willing to do the work necessary, and it IS more work with some people than with others.

    Oh, and if you want extravagance, go with a Leo. A Libran will give you beautiful, but in a very refined way. They like balance too much to be extravagant (husband is a Libra Moon-Mars-Saturn-Pluto and his mom and sister are Libras.)

  7. He has morning rituals ? He mentioned that ? This sensible scientific dude sounds like the morning ritual could entail extended flossing and associated grooming regime followed by a locally sourced toasted muesli etc.. a scheduled evacuation at around 7:30 while reading his early email. Now you better not get in the way of that. And he did warn you. Without being able to perform this ritual you may see the other side of this sensible man, this man of science, no less. I call it , man in a box.
    Jupiter, honey, your morning rituals should have more to do with warm messy business and dips in the ocean. For a sag, orgasm will always beat evacuation.
    As far as the science thing… Isn’t that just another way of saying that he has limited imagination ?, a fear of being overwhelmed by things he doesn’t understand.
    These types of people do not offer relationships they offer arrangements. You will learn the difference.

      • I thought you meant a scheduled evacuation was when he left for work. Too hilar David.

        And my gullability scares me sometimes lol

        • Actually visualized him leaving the house, brief case in hand w/mail to read on the train when all the while he was on the pot taking a crap. 🙂

          I mean in school they scheduled fire drills and we had to evacuate.

          Omg, just a quick note but yesterday, due to heat, the electricity went out for a half an hour and I was in the middle of a massage. I had been massaging a Virgo male. A regular. He had totally annoyed me tho because before I was ready he had stuck his head in my massage room and tried to hurry me along. Jeez dude, quit acting so entitled. Proper protocol is that I will come out to the waiting room and get you.

          He said he didn’t want to lose a minute. Told him I will make up for any minutes lost. I was truly miffed inside and because of the black out I cut his massage a few minutes short anyway.

          Jupiter, aside from all the great stuff said already, I would check your node placements too.

    • hehehe… thx for making me laugh & for the advice…. point taken!! and I will ask to meet scorpios, i’d love that for a change, one sign forward. my nn is in the 8th house afterall.. have a good one xxxx

  8. I love how people say “I believe in science” as though it is a religion. It’s not. It’s just there. like telepathy, lol.
    Gravity and chemical reactions and your hair dye and his HDMI cable and Crystal formation and atmospheric research and quasars and physiotherapy. Science. Rocket science even.

  9. I believe there’s a weird mutual fascination that occurs between Sag and Virgo. (Same thing with Capricorn and Leo, imo).

    Maybe it’s the square energy that produces tension (and the mutability?) but I’ve known a few Sag/Virgo pairs that were inexplicably drawn to each other to the complete bafflement of onlookers.

    My own parents were a stereotypical Sag/Virgo pair:
    – My mother, the nursing professor Virgo with the big organic vegetable garden in the backyard and devoted dog-owner. To this day, she can deduct all of my emotional/physical reactions to an endocrine function.

    – My dad, the restless international commercial pilot Saggo who never stayed in one city for more than a couple years, always rented, and could barely commit to buying furniture because it tied him down. Big fan of independent cinema and voracious reader.

    They never married and they didn’t stay together… but to this day they’re both still single. To my knowledge, neither of them ever had another relationship after that, but weirdly they still care for each other. Even though they’ve only seen each other a handful of times since I was born!

    So yeah, to sum up: I think Sag/Virgo stuff is potent. On the surface, it seems totally inappropriate, so I think the attraction is more on an energy level.. which is why it usually doesn’t last in the physical/material realm.

    • I agree, I have 3 Sag planets and almost always date people who have a lot of Virgo in their charts, a lot of Pluto in Virgo men.

  10. So many beautiful advice above. i hope some work for you Jupier. Let us know i an update if you take it on and if your next encounter/attraction someone very non Virgo. That may be the proof

  11. Both of my parents are super earthy, & so were both of my ex husbands. An astro perspective makes the most sense to me: I have zero earth in my chart, so pair bonding with Earths was an unconscious attempt to balance my own chart elements (as opposed to making up for some deficit from childhood/with my parents).

    • Look within to your chart, rather than outside yourself (ie, your absent dad), & maybe you will find more clues to your how’s & why’s…

        • Totally. In my chart, my earthy parts are my 2nd & 10th houses, & the first ruling half of my 7th. Makes perfect sense to me, then, why I would gravitate toward Earth in a life partner (material sustenance & longevity) when my earthy houses are empty. Conversely, it makes sense to me too why neither of my marriages lasted lol. But, we live & learn…

          • And I have good relations with my parents. Of course it was/is not perfect, but relatively speaking, I have been blessed in that regard, and my son enjoys good relationships with grandma & grandpa, too. So yes: looking within…

    • Same! Except both my parents have no earth either, I have the most with my measly MC in Cap, they each have ZERO haha, you can imagine what that was like. I’m an earth seeking missile, practical, earth driven men are my weakness but then they annoy the eff outta me by being too practical, go figure.

      • Haha I hear you, Charley. I feel for my son, who’s chart is nicely balanced between the elements, having such an independent, watery 8th houser for a mom (his dad is m.i.a.): whenever I can get him some time with his earthy grandparents, I do. Unlike me, he doesn’t have gills. Balance & moderation for my little Capricorn sun, Kataka rising, Gem moon 😉

        (His moon is on my IC!)

        • My moon’s also in an Air sign, Libra, but as it’s conjunct Pluto, I figure most of the air there has been snuffed out.

          • Au contr-air mon amie. Are you not the queen of cool headed relationship rationality? The power-broker of Balance and Fairness? The eminence grise of marrow-deep Power negotiations?
            If you were that would be really cool, and also imo haute moon Pluto Libra. Pi x

            • Or at least with the moon lighting that up, perhaps ultra comfortable in such situations. Pi

            • That’s a *sweet* perspective, Pi, on the Pluto-Moon in Libra experience! I usually default to my 12th house settings, Lilith & Bast in Aqua, but your pov is good food for thought. Thanks for the meal, gorgeous x

            • Bon appetit… Be sure to check for any seeds and small bones I may have overlooked x

      • Charley, I can’t imagine the dynamics between you and your parents with nothing but an MC in Earth! Had to be intense at times.

            • No water in my chart except Lilith in Scorpio and my progressed Cancer moon. In the 8th obvs! Lol

            • Invicta here. Yeah. Prog moon is bang on my SN. I find this interesting. Especially during dark moons in Kataka hahahahahaha sob. Hahaha. #indanely busy but still cray cray LZ

            • Sorry that should read RECOVERING LZ. Sleeping in his shirt is normal right? 🙂 I know it’s not healthy. I know. Hurry up Leo new moon. Please!!

  12. Hello!
    “down to earth, reserved, cold and cheap but also very masculine, protective, sensual, mostly monogamous ”

    Does this describe your fundamental memories and impressions of your father too by any chance?

    If your dating habits make a stronger pattern than oversize houndstooth, and those habits are bringing you pain and unhappiness, it is definitely a good idea to closely, and kindly (to yourself, after all you are conversing with Little You who last saw your dad) investigate this. Some thoughts only based on personal experience:
    Recreating the relationship dynamics we had with a person in order to understand or ‘make better’ or resolve or win them back
    Don’t underestimate the needs of the child -us- to be seen and accepted for who WE are. A parent’s behaviour, however well meaning or not , can eventually feel like invalidation (/fear, safety, terror, gentleness etc). Click. adult brain aims for invalidation (etc) as that is what it knows.
    At some point you will have to accept you can never revive the figment that is the parent figure in order to resolve or converse etc. Maybe we have to accept that the flaw(s) were for that relationship alone, and now we can go beyond , baby steps.

    Maybe travel to a country where they still look physically like your type but have a different world 🙂

    Sorry if I am going all “tell me about your father” here. Basically I am +1 for mystic other than my little quasi Freud moment there xox

    • Ah ok also 4th house and 7th house. Transits natal aspects and so forth. Progressed Saturn on your Venus or something? Venus square Sun or moon? Ping-back to early life?

      • Don’t apologize please!! I’m reading this, and other comments, and it resonates so much, I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to talk about it. and yes saturn and venus in cap in progressed chart O_o so cool you guessed.

  13. I’d look at which houses Virgo and Cap fall into in your chart? You don’t say what you have rising either? Could it be something earthy or Virgo/Cap on the angles?

    I have zero earth in my chart (4% if you count my MC) and I’m infuriatingly driven toward earthy men who drive me crazy with their practical ways. Often we seek out what we lack I think! These men in my life often have very little air, I’m an airhead and they must be drawn to it.

    • hehehe wow yeah virgo on cusp of 4th. cap is 8th house and gemini rising….

      i have an earth stellium so definately not missing earth though lol..

  14. I love Saggos.

    And some Virgos clearly love astrology. Duh. We aren’t all robot scientists.

    I agree with Mystic in that you are attracted to people who have something to teach you. For me, it was Saggos, Leos and Cap moons. I’d go for the firery types. Doesn’t earth feed fire? Saggo and Virgo are both mutable.

    As I’ve grown, I’m going more for the fixed signs. My sun is progressing to fixed Scorpio. I’m guessing you are rather young (20s?) and still growing? Because I would never date someone who firmly opposed my beliefs. Why start out with a heartache and headache with someone?

    I understand these attractions happen. Good luck. But you’ve got your Virgo stereotype a little too tightly wound.

  15. That gif makes me dizzy.. I am a bit weirded out by Jason Lee since I discovered he is a S’ologist.

    On the topic of astro patterns, I have a tendency to attract July Leos, I am one also. Apart from boyfriends from decades ago, more recently I hired a few therapists for my son and they were all Leo. Only one of that first hiring round is left and she is the July Leo – her birthday today in fact.

    Funny chance, but I also have an Aqua Male therapist to balance her Leo Femme nature. 🙂

    Anyhoo, I feel like S has a good point! There has to be a pattern that comes from a point in time you made a decision but have forgotten in your conscious state.
    I like patterns, that is why like astrology, but if it is a pattern that makes you unhappy you might want to ‘break’ it. By that I just mean, work out the root cause of the pattern. Be with it. Decide if you think it is a good thing for you.

    You can do it yourself by just meditating on it (the new Moon in self actualising Leo?) or by finding some kind etheric/hypno etc. style therapist to work through with you.

      • Curious: do you directly ask about astro (or birth deets) when interviewing candidates? How do you do it?

        • I didn’t ask the July Leo as she is quite reserved with adults (amazing with kids). But I started by saying in the interview, ‘if you are going to work with me you have to understand I am a bit left of centre.. hippy, dippy, light and love trippy’. Then I asked as they were leaving, lol.

      • Thx! The Aqua is doing his phd in physics & is the psychic friend I have mentioned b4 here. So I didn’t need to check his astro. My son just loves him!

    • will do… new moon spot on my natal moon, sending out the wish to be more conscious each day <3

      happy new moon xx

  16. That whole “Virgos are boring and Saggos are fun” is almost as dated as Sun signs astro. Amy Winehouse had a Virgo Stellium and she was far from boring. I think she may have had a Cap moon too. Or maybe that’s Lana Del Rey. They both have Venus in Leo which I think makes a massive impact on their art. Lana has a Sag moon too and I can feel it in her new album. She can’t lie. Not well and not for long anyway. She has the soul of a poet and like Winehouse shes just got to do her truth.

    I hated her new album at first but last night I realised it’s brilliant. She didn’t just go “oh well people really loved Video Games so I’ll make another album full of happy, whimsical love songs.” She’s done a Winehouse or even a Dylan and just told the truth about where she’s at and how she feels. It’s hard to listen to and it isn’t pop IMO. It’s art. And good art should hurt a little and move us. It really took me a while to hear the genius of this new album tho because melodically, although it’s a lot darker (thematically it’s way darker) on first listen it sounds tricksy. Like Salvador Dali and another melting clock. You feel deceived by their cleverness until you see past it.

    I think angles and what someone is into and where their at matters so much more than Sun in Virgo For compatibility I’d look at Mars and Venus. But lately I’ve realised that when it’s really hot, you don’t really need to. You’re attracted to who and what you’re attracted to. It’s what you do with the relationship that makes it meaningful or fun or workable.

    Gets off soap box.

    • So much agree. In any case, I arrived on the planet as a multiple virgo and I keep attracting boys who for some reason have zero’d in on ‘free spirit’ as their anima/projection biz. Free spirit was apparently invested and expressed as moi. I both love that and hate it…and, well. Mystic’s hit it lots of times: Virgo as the nature/sensuality/pure core earth motherload. And this is an interesting combination, I have always absolutely loved my saggi encounters because we mutually vibe for integrity/truth/purity of self expression as reason for being.

      I think any coldness biz has to do with the Cappy ingredient. Plenty of cappy aspect people I know have been muy reserved.

  17. Of course they blend well!
    They compliment each other –
    When people ask me my “star sign ” I just tell them I’m astrologically scitsophenic. Also I can’t spell and don’t care.
    Virgo sun, mars. Mercury (all in tenth house)
    Sag moon, Sag rising, Jupiter in Sag

    My sun and other Virgo planets square my moon. I find the tension sexy.

  18. Dear Jupes,
    Do you have any placements in Virgo ?
    Just wondering…
    I went through a spate of Scorps, Low Scorp Father left, well arrived when i was 4 and took off just after sister made when i was 6. I have Lilth in Scorp 8th house and think if i recall correctly something was pinging off that, defo a low dark time.
    It’s good to have a run of something though isn’t it, wear it out so you know where you don’t want to go back too. And of course as soon as one makes up ones mind about ”never” going there again, the universe conspires to send one more temptation in to test (or maybe that’s just Saturn ? or me ?).
    Best of luck, a couple of years down the track and have haute Scorp friends and 2 haute scorp mentors…So not to say there will never be room for Haute Virgos.
    Best of luck,
    Shine On !

    • Virgo is on the cusp of my empty 4th house. And Sun conjunct lilith in the 6th house.

      and yea i was also thinking maybe its a universe joke… but i dont really think they exist for real

      • My 2 cents, Jupiter – Virgo in your 4th IS your dad’s abandonment of you, as you will probably already know if you are an astro-fiend. But guess what. This is a psychological goldmine for you – anything in the 4th is. My advice – do YOUR version of Virgo. That house is empty so that’s your opportunity to interpret it however you like. Virgo can be sensual, running through the fields, connecting to the body’s wisdom, eating well, investigating or researching deeply – Virgo loves a project. Therapy with this placement could also be beneficial, but beware of too much analysis. A focus on the body is equally important. But until you reclaim this, as the house is empty, you are going to have the script of being abandoned by cold unfeeling Virgos – as well as their sexual/ romantic power over you. Your father as archetypal male will quite literally control that house.
        You can also make the decision never to go there again. I know you said you had, but if you really had you’d have just run away from those dudes! I just broke up with my third Aries man, & I’ve sworn he’s my last. They were teaching me to put my self first, (without meaning to sound bitter, that was what they did naturally) so that’s what I’m doing.

        Imagine envisioning Virgo as a new friend you’d really like to get to know better. Get in touch with her (because she’s a feminine archetype). Turn the thinking, obsessing, high-processing capabilities towards creating exciting plans for your future-oriented Sagg self. My bet is that the Virgo guys will drop away, perhaps some Virgo friends will pop up to take their place.

        I hope this advice is helpful! I don’t mean to be patronising. I feel like we’re in a similar boat 😉 Good luck setting yourself REALLY free. xx

        • Thankyou, i have read 3 times now what you wrote; letting it sink in eachtime a bit more. i am in the beginning of a lot of constructive things that i think will give me sense of self, self esteem. Like living by myself right now for the first time, really going to explore that4th house virgo.

          xxxxxx thankyou for tip

        • This is really really really amazing advice.

          I’m also a Sag and I’ve had a similar thing going on with an empty Taurus/Taurus dad/always falling for Taurus men and getting very frustrated.

          I’ll be thinking long and hard about this too.

  19. “i have a morning routine” and “i believe in Science”

    Music to my Mars in Virgo ears.

    Can I have his number? LOL 🙂

    Virgos are my weakness. They’re awesome!! And considering my ex was always ridiculously and consistently late, it would be refreshing to date someone who is punctual and appreciates order and routine!

  20. Hi Jupiter, I (Scorp Sun with Scorp Rising, Gemini Moon) have a similar history with Virgos… extremely difficult and hurtful relationships that ended terribly.

    But then I met a Virgo with Sagg Rising, and that is altogether a different thing! Routine in a positive and productive way, because half the time he has to have a change, try something new, reorganize the drawers, pick up a new hobby. I’m not so change-prone but try to see it as a challenge that’s good for slightly stuck-up me. So far it’s working well (we’ve been married four weeks ;-).

    Maybe keep the one part earth (Virgo OR Cap? Both seems like overkill).

    All the best!

  21. the problem with Virgos, esp men, is that they are critical and analytical, nit picking, perfectionists, mental as anything, unfeeling…..always in judgment and needing to feel in control…they are too buttoned down and conventional for a free spirit…
    So they are drawn to that, which they are not, and you are drawn to
    the anal, which you are not…
    You are still being driven by unconscious forces within yourself and until you become more conscious of yourself, this is unlikely to change. There is still that pattern in you that reinforces the rejection of your father, as you perceived it…and so will always find those to play that part out for you, reinforcing your lack of self love and self worth…that your father leaving you left you with, Until you see that his leaving was his issue and had nothing to do with you, his failing, not your own, and you love yourself as being perfect as you are, you will repeat the old pattern …

    No one can love you as you want to be loved until you give it to yourself first.
    The alluring bait always comes on the hook…

    • You took the words right out of my head and put them in a cohesive well thought out, realistic way.
      As a gem riser, gem moon I appreciate this amazing Virgo skill. What line of work are you in ? You’d be a great software developer or designer.
      I’ll go now and attempt my reply to Jupiter below. Can I quote you ? 🙂

      • with sun, venus, mercury and Saturn in early Cancer all conjunct my late degree Gem midheaven, and square Neptune on my ascendant in libra, I am more a mystic than a computer geek. But I am analytical as well, and having uncovered the dark corners of my own soul, can now see clearly those patterns still operating in others. Anyway it is nice to know that you valued my insights…

    • Ah. I wish I had read this before I wrote mine! Is much more cosmic and allows for the work and awareness of the inner self to evolve without necessarily crunching up against depth psych family stuff. Thanks cancer virgo rising love from pisces gem rising. X

    • Not all Virgo or earthy men are this generalized, low-vibe energy that you describe. I really know plenty of earth men who are sensitive & empathic, and respect others’ autonomy/agency. Beautiful, visionary, detail-oriented men. As for science, I am not without my criticisms of such, but seriously, every good scientist knows that creativity & imagination are prerequisites for such 😉

    • wow yes!! thankyou…a part of me has been wispering to me, that no i cannot bring a virgo to be in the same mindset as i am, also i am thinking that since im talking and pondering upon this, it might mean i am on the way to change this unconscious freudian attraction, i hope!
      always trying to be conscious of things i say, things i think, etc.
      thankyou for your words

      xx so much love

      • It is not for us to bring anyone into our mind set….people we meet are either on the same page and of the same mind set…(and I wonder…should minds be set? or open and available to the new) or not.

        IF IT ISN’T EASY IT ISN’T RIGHT….is a mantra I live by…it works.

    • the classic opposites attract syndrome.
      Ground yourself, be practical, go on cleaning benders and then you’ll attract the right mate.
      The Virgo energy can ground.

  22. Hey Jupiter,
    I’m a Virgo Sun + Pluto conjunct squared to my Sagg Moon + Mars (tightly conjuncted; quite intense!!
    “All Virgos are not created equal” ^^ well said. I feel my earthy sensual maddening practicality along with my fiery freedom-loving passionate side… and in different situations, one or the other side can predominate. BUT – yes, to all of the above peeps; daddy complex, types that come up for us to learn, accept or embody traits, and really working to CLAIM your own vibe, your identity and self-loving….. I had some MAJOR issues with my Leo mum for years on end, and for ages had heaps of Leo women gf’s, and now am attracting Aries types, as I’m fulfilling my NNode stuff in 1st house (Aries) – and been waking up my Warrior…. so, yes to attracting what we need to look at, or resolve, or say no to, in a boundaries way? or say yes to in ourselves….
    All the best.

  23. I love Virgos! I have five planets in Sagittarius. My mother and godmother are Virgos. At least two of my best best friends have been Virgos.

    I like a Virgo tempered with Neptune. My best friend is a Virgo sun/Capricorn Asc/Pisces moon. And then he’s got Venus, Mars & Mercury in Leo in the 7th house about to get lit up! He’s an amazing artist and digs hearing about astrology and occasionally getting tarot readings, does yoga etc.

    So- I’m not sure what my advice is. Not all Virgos are created equal? I’m sure there are some truly atrocious Virgos out there. My Leo husband has Mercury in Virgo square my Sag Mercury and sometimes our ways of perceiving information drive the other crazy.

    • So true, actually all my sun in Virgo moon in Capricorn lovers all had crazy sun Jupiter Saturn or sun mercury Pluto Uranus conjunction!!!! Crazay..

      But, even with a Venus in leo , it still doesn’t add to the passion of a scorp or the true love of an actual Leo, actually it does in a way, but the dryness of virgo\cap stays..

  24. Peeling back the early childhood layer and seeing the parental Fruedian cycles is interesting. This might need some therapy time to process and see what is being mirrored here.
    Attraction is about the primal instincts and we can’t help these animalistic behaviours. We all have a type. My relationship golden rule is: if you no longer have your identity then it’s not a healthy relationship.

    • So true!! My ex was / is a love zombie, serial monogamist. He lived his life through his girlfriends. A string of successive ten 6-12 mth relationships. One after the other with only 3 months in between. No wonder they never lasted!!. I was #11 i think…
      I believe he’s onto the next one already. Don’t think he’s learned from his Saturn on Neptune transit in 7th house lesson.

      Oh well, not my problem.

        • Gosh that’s a powerful insight.
          The last relationship I had was with someone who did resemble my father. Which is why I was able to remember a blackhole abuse memory. Ah the hindsight of a psychotic episode and finally no left over relationship residue. I only got closure and reached resolution today. Might be my Jupiter gift arriving late.

          • I’m a Scorp. So deep insights come naturally. Ya really kana hide anything from us 🙂 We have x-ray eyes.

            I just realised today that Pluto has been opposing not only Kataka Sun but Juoiter too. Might explain the delay in Jupiter gifts.

            Wow. Well done on the closure / resolution.

            • Long time coming. Even got to place something in the recycling bin. I was trembling because it was a huge step. It was letting go, so that I could feel safe where I live now. No CBT just plain old ripping the box apart and letting the therapeutic act take place. I needed water afterwards which is symbolic in itself.

    • a sagg who keeps attracting virgos who had a Virgo dad. God weird my dads Virgo and I’m engaged to someone with Virgo rising. Date a Gemini girlll. Listen to mystic.

    • Your Saggo Neighborhood Dude post… Ridiculous, Outrageous, HOTT. SO SAGGO.

      Also I thought it ironic your article about sags making the most amateur porn. My best friend, lover, and business partner Gemini girlfriend got THIS sag (me, female, 23) to CAM with her for the first time. She is a single mom with stretch marks who completely swindled me into the camgirl amateur porn world and beleive me I was way more candid when that camera turned on then she was at first. (She’s the one that needed the glam hair photoshop and budoir photos while I was okay with the off white backdrop and wrinkled sheets HA) But I did it for fun not the money and realized I dont want to be a pornstar a year later my Gemini gf is still on with the webcam job… Different for her since she is a single mom but… Mystic you are always so spot on

      (not lesbian Im bi but Im engaged to a man who is against webcam)

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