Please Keep Sun Tzu In The Oracle

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Hey, okay!  I HAVE gotten a few complaints from people who think the Sun Tzu question and answers in the Oracle are actual war-mongering but in general, people seem happy with an Oracle answer that provides ancient Chinese warlordly advice that is (a) synchronistic and (b) can be adapted to work issues, business negotiations, dating even. So okay, Sun Tzu stays. Happy?

AND the Daily Mystic email just sent out has details on the epic biz date, as promised. It IS taken into account in the horoscopes but no harm in spelling it out. It’s not like we’re going to be swarming Mars in Scorpio like we’re desperate or anything, right? RIGHT?



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34 thoughts on “Please Keep Sun Tzu In The Oracle

  1. Yes, keep Sun Tzu Oracle. It’s the best. A tool and its use reflects the user not the tool don’t you think perhaps?

  2. Are you kidding, it’s a no-brainer that it’s a keeper! I employed advice from ‘The Art of War’ against Qi Vampire Muggled colleagues that were causing major problems at my previous job in 2013 with BRILLIANT results, I might add!

  3. I love the Sun Tzu! It inspired me to purchase a copy of The Art of War. Who wouldn’t like it??? Very poetic and helpful.

  4. LOVE it.

    I now have “Keep your plans dark and impenetrable as the night. When the time is right, fall like a thunderbolt” written on my fridge in YSL Bleu Majorelle

    and thank you mystic for the latest Daily. So relevant i could scream. I have my “fall like a thunderbolt” time.

    • Mine only ever blabs on about salt marshes … and I get told off for asking about the Ex all the time. Oh well … 🙄

      • Oh I got the salt marshes one too… About a complex family issue that has a ‘long tail’ and that I have been avoiding for emotional reasons, among others, but primarily emotional…. I took this as a prompt to pause, dig a bit deeper, be braver and engage the Capricorn Moon, and just fricken forge on towards the finish line don’t look down don’t look back. Am part way there… X

  5. Be careful not to take Sun Tzu literally – yes it talks about ‘war’ but really it is all about strategy and being efficient and SMART – advice on managing situations that can be applied to ALL facets of life. It also talks about WIN-WIN situations. Look deeper peeps …

  6. RE: a biz query

    “When envoys are sent with compliments in their mouths, it is a sign that the enemy wishes for a truce.”

    So on point!

    I love it, and honestly, not all the questions are to my taste. I just don’t use the ones that don’t vibe with me 🙂

  7. Hm, sounds like fighting dirty and nothing I could ever get away with. I can see how more peaceful or honest types would find that to be offensive even trashy advice. Still, it’s refreshing and at the very least hilarious. I’d probably follow it if, as mentioned before, I could pull it off.

  8. Sheesh! You start developing abstract thinking skills around 16-19. Take a paradigm from one arena of life and apply to (your/the) pertinent situation. Easy as 3.141529

  9. Really. Mars in Scorp. We all need the reset.

    Haven’t asked anything romance related but my queries re neighbors and work have all been enlightening. Sometimes more because I’m discovering aspects of my mind I’ve let go soft. Farewell reactive brain! Hello active brain!

  10. Those people who don’t like Sun Tzu can just not use that question. Ta da. everybody happy. Seriously my Libra Sun likes the inclusion of a masculine answer when i seek it. It honors yang when there is already a lot of yin on there. Besides, anybody who has read my posts for a while knows love is war, at least for me. Maybe for you other people, it’s some hippie flower crown affair complete with amethyst enema.

    • You crack me up EEL! … yeah stuff those hippies with their amethyst enemas! Love is a battlefield. Pat Benetar said so.

    • Actually I kind of am fascinated by the idea of an amethyst enema, sounds amazing lol!!

      Quite shocked someone would ask MM to remove a question from her Oracle, that is really stepping over the line imo.

      • I bet they’d be super cleansed. Just make sure to use smooth tumbled amethyst. ;p

        As an artist, I think it’s the highest compliment to have someone freak out over your work. Mystic is a genius, because not only does it give a more masculine flavour, but he was also a person of colour. If you’ve done any serious martial arts, you probably had The Art of War as an assignment to read as well as Book of 5 rings.

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