Your Next Neptune Transit Will Be Televised

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Neptunian Life Coaching Services naturally has a list of house-keeping tips for Full Moons of this magnitude: everyone knows to stay sensible and quietly evolutionary with this sort of life-morphing astrology (all year) but remember magic is also more powerful with Moons like this.

*ย  Burn a (non-toxic) candle for Vesta – the Goddess of Fire & Creative Ingenuity.ย  Along with Ceres and Mars, she flanks this North Node. Old battles (South Node in Aries) must now be set aside or re-fought for eternity within some troubled middle east of your psyche. Do the Sun Tzu bit of the Oracle for more on future strategy.

* Get loose mugwort leaves from some hippy shop or online and bathe in them with a kilo of magnesium sulphates for the ultimate in aura-cleansing, psychic demon banishing baths. Afterwards drink some zinc & magnesium powder in pure water for deep sleep lucid dreaming. Add some appropriate oil to your sacrum (literally ‘holy bone’ or ‘sacred region’ for extra cosmic oomph. Plato said that the soul resided there.

* Throw himalayan salt everywhere, go write the history of your relationships as if it was the treatment for a gothic mini series and then vacuum up all the salt. Throw it away. Eat only flowers and red, orange or purple fruits for one day – pomegranates are obviously supportive of Pluto transits.

* Find Spica in the Sky, lined up near to bright red Mars, symbolic of the Empress & the Warrior.

* If you’re in the scrying mood, look to 20 degrees of the Cardinal Signs – Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Kataka – in your chart. Yes, it’s another Zap Zone/Grand Cardinal Cross stimulating Moon. Also a preview of the next twoย  hits of the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) in December + March.

* Stay off the Mandrake Wine – past life recall is simple with the above techniques – and away from Qi Vamps. Lie if you need to. Shaky structures show themselves. You make no comment but you’re noticing all right.

Image:ย  Adam Ant Art

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71 thoughts on “Your Next Neptune Transit Will Be Televised

  1. Bcos l’m such a newby. 20d in your chart? l know to look at 20d in cardinal signs. But on astrodienst chart l think there isnt much at 20d in my natal chart. Closest is my bday 27d 22′ Kat. Not much in transit.

    On lighter side, the never ending ZZ, reminds me of Basil, in a fit of frustration, says to Sybil, “Is there anything else you’d like me to do; shift the motel 50meters to the north?”…….. and l’ve been separated from my music lately………. no, l only play the cd; but not very well.

  2. I have vesta conjunct my north node in Leo – interesting interpretation of what this asteroid stands for.

  3. This falls right on my ASC/DSC and Moon. I am definitely feeling pressure (and insomnia) building. Fingers crossed!

  4. My Lilith is 20d Kataka mmmm this forms part of my Kite inc Scorpio moon, Virgo Sun/Pluto/SN and NN in Pisces


  5. If my Neptune transit is going to be televised, I’ll have to give it a catchy name, something like ‘Saturnalien’s Bong Spill Nightmares’…

  6. 20* Kataka is between my Kataka sun at 17* and Kataka saturn at 21*. Should feel this moon strongly!
    My birthday is tomorrow. Going to relax. I have been sick so couldn’t work last 3 days. Been organizing photos.

    Neptune transits……..
    I just got over one that lasted years! Neptune opposed my natal venus then conjuncted my natal Descendant. Neptune danced back and forth across those degrees multiple times!
    Fell in love with Torro who has Mars in Pisces natally.

    • Try to visualise Resurrection! New face-off, strategy, do with a twist…

    • Ok, just read daily… radical candour = check.
      Agitating for a change but feeling like everythings in slo-mo = check last six months
      Rad but intense energy, but keep it intensely pragmatic and cool = like a boss!

      Thanks Mystic.

  7. old battles… south node in aries…. HMMMMMMMMMMMM

    very interesting. [natal SN conj venus, chiron in aries 10th house]

    love to walk away, its what pisces sun does best/ well swim away


    to sleep, perchance to dream

    • My SN Aries too. I’m findn that my biggest weakness – impatience. Prob my ZZ issue. Prob accentuated by my other cardinals (Sun Kat/Asc. Sat in Cap)

  8. One of my books has been Haruki Murakami’s After Dark, in which a sleeping person IS trapped inside a television. Possibly because, as another character points out, she refuses to Wake Up.

    Funny, salted the doorways last night after grinding the salt in a pestle. Was also burning oil in new oil burner. (haven’t had open flame in my home for years because…Sagittarius Rising. Last time i burnt documents outdoors in a huge earthenware pot and nearly lost my face in a surge of satisfying flame…fire loves me! Being a Fire-Water girl i have had weird fires involving plastics and textiles. And yes, i was a lo Neptunian at that time.)

    Been remembering my magnesium, which i had neglected for a few weeks (grateful for reminders here), and on Monday found a beautiful body brush that doesn’t hurt my skin. German brand: Redeker.

    This picture frightens the fandango out of me!

      • Oh good! Don’t often post about my personal health and house routines, but am so taken with this brush i thought it worth sharing.

  9. Great tips! I have laryngitis atm and all I want to do is lie in a mugwort bath with magnesium, check out and check in to Neptune’s Dreaming Realms.

    It was Kataka’s 6th yesterday – one of his birthday treats was a bath.
    As we were having guests that night I added a party blend of Orange, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage.

    He has Moon in Libra and was in bliss: “Don’t add more water! I don’t want the smells to go away!”

    • that essential oil list is inspirational. i think i might whip up something similar. I’ve been all about vetiver lately. I don’t know why or what it means. Surely it is very earthy and grounding.

    • That mix sounds divine sphinxy.

      Love essential oils. Have many. Refer to fragrant pharmacy as desired…. My moon might be in cap but it is in my 7th house too! Well, by a whisker.

      Pi x

  10. Scrying? More like crying.,,hmmm… cardinals near 20 degrees? fuq. sun, uranus, nn, sn, and chiron. no wonder i hate this crap.

    Also i can’t decide if i did something “bad” in the realms of romance or not today. no, i did not ask anyone out, but i felt too flirty and felt like i revealed too much when normally i am poker faced snow queen. welp. can’t take it back now. Let’s hope any humiliation that might come about is short.

      • The last two times I behaved like that got me into trouble. ๐Ÿ™ It’s not the shame I’m worried about, more like the social repercussions. Getting stalked, being accused of being a stalker, being accused of being “crazy” , and other such complications do not bode well for me in the professional realms. I understand perfectly my behaviour is normal but others seeking to control attempt to convert these into illnesses.

        • Third time lucky EEL! Radical candour remember. But insanely pragmatic and cool.

          • i saw that radical candour thing. saggie asc can’t help but do that however scorp moon doesn’t do cool or play games. it’s all or nuthin’. *sigh*. i just feel like this weekend is going to be another train wreck. advice for librans is clean house, at least i can focus on that. on the bright side, much easier to cry into a huge lump in a clean house than a dirty one,

            • I thought you were channeling divine lusciousness in the romantic area – not the professional area? That’s different I think too. But there has to be room for that kind of energy in your life? Even if you go to a place that has lovely live music for a dance once a week/fortnight/month and let it glow (sp mistake but it stays).

              • i wish i could separate myself into parts like that because i would. unfortunately the nature of my work bleeds into everything i do. I will be judged by that. i am a 10th houser so it’s prolly why. I stay anonymous as much as poss but in irl there’s not much choice because everything is so connected through even facebook or linkedin.

            • Clean house = your castle of awesome. Treat yourself with yummy food, wine, essential oils bath, whatever else pampers…

              • can’t have wine or delicious food. I had a health crisis a couple of months ago that im recovering from. Most even virtually healthy food I am allergic too, Wine has yeast in it so that’s out. I have nothing pleasurable left in my life hence the emo-ness worse than usual. Food was my life. If every relationship in the world turned shitty i could rely on a nice salad or some paella and glass of Rioja.
                i can have no garlic or spices besides salt and black pepper.

                • Hmm, I am feeling it may be beneficial to approach this from the outer energy field inwards to the manifestation plane or ‘irl’. Have you got any good reiki/energy healer peeps in your environs EEL? It can take a few sessions but you should know after one or two if it is the right direction to be going in.
                  My Gem has sleep apnoea very badly. I did some work with him & it halved overnight. But he is my partner.. so regular treatment as it requires – due to the body’s habit of returning to it’s normal template at first – is not really desirable. Anyway, a friend who is accomplished in various healing paradigms including reiki (more his chilled out style!) worked on him a few weeks ago: Zero migraines and no noticeable sleep apnoea (still snores tho!) since that day. He needs some more treatment but we were looking at throat surgery if this didn’t work for him. Happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  Best of luck darling! I know how stressful and emotionally draining food issues are, it’s intense. Hope you find your answer, xx.

                  • Im not seeing any reiki people right now. my bestest reiki guy moved to seattle a few yrs ago. My last radiance healing thing was back in December where i left that poor woman dizzy and exhausted. she didn’t tell me what was wrong with me but i could read it n her face. She was an advanced practitioner too. She’s not in a particular hurry to trade with me any time soon after that last session so i get the feeling i should be working on myself first before subjecting others to my energy field. I’ve been doing kundalini yoga almost every day to try and fix whatever is wrong energetically. i don’t want to feel good at great cost to others.

                  • You poor darling! I see it like you sharing your intensity and teaching that practitioner something they didn’t know about themselves as healer – Chiron style. It’s not like you and her are separate. We learn from each other too. It’s gracious of you, but you are NOT responsible for what happened there, she went into this as equally as yourself. Please do not carry that with you. You are powerful and dynamic energy and there are people who can help you help yourself, I know it. We all benefit from working with others! It’s like being our own psychologist – we are too close to see the problems at times? I don’t mean to be disagreeable but I feel really concerned at the situation and the tone of your feelings expressed here. You are not a burden who costs others to deal with and while I admire your independence I feel you need some support right now! But you know what you need of course, so much healing and love to you Chiron’s Daughter, timing is key too ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

                    • Oh you’re not being disagreeable Sphinxie. It’s very hard for me to seek help from others but I’ve been doing it. I’m just broken in ways others aren’t really prepared to fix and that’s ok. I own my own brokeness and it’s a responsibility I have.

  11. Do Qi Vamps include those who only speak of themselves whenever you meet up and never ask you about what is going on for you or even give you the conversation space to talk about your issues/life? (Please excuse that ridiculously long question, I’m too tired to know how to fix it) Is that Qi vamping or just boring behaviour?

    • very suspiciously qi vamping. Start talking about your problems and see if they go away. That’s what i do. people who only talk about themselves are boring.

    • YES! That is one manifestation of them.

      If you feel drained, they are a Qi Vamp, and nothing is more draining than a one-sided conversation- or rather, being on the receiving end of a monologue.

      I’m definitely noticing the QV’s in my life, a lot this week. No action taken yet, but boundaries firmly in place.

    • Yes I believe so.
      I have a couple of girlfriends who are just like this most of the time. They are always complaining. Thing is, I know they both love me tons. Seems like mostly a bad habit learned to get attention and energy. It makes me not put energy into hanging out with them though.

      • I met with said Qi vamp last night, but instead of feeling drained I just felt sad. Sad for her actually – that she had no interest in me. That may sound egotistical but I don’t mean it that way. It was more that I was sad that she wasn’t going to have a strong relationship with me that was equal because the interest in each other was not equal. I know I give good friend, and if she won’t take an interest then she is missing out.
        Case in point: I’ve known her for two years, and last night was the first time she found out that both my parents died of cancer. Her response, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’ Then she moved straight on to her favourite topic of conversation – her issues. I hadn’t said it to get attention – it genuinely came up as I was explaining why I was vegan. But her response was just so emblematic of what our relationship is.

        • That’s so disappointing. So sorry to hear about your parent’s passing, it would be nice to have a friend nearby when sharing something like that, xx.

  12. An innocent child kidnapped, fed gasoline through his mouth and burnt alive.
    Gaza, Palestine
    Oh people who went through the horrors of Nazi Germany take pity
    Operation Protective Edge
    Neptune lulling us into sleep.
    Wish I could do more for their situation
    The world isn’t batting an eye lid
    When will it stop?

  13. beautifully put and i’m happy to read this and find that i am very intune with this astropassage. had a honkering these last few days to light a yellow candle filled with mugwort and jasmine in front of my mirror in front of my bed adorned with fresh and crisp white sheets dried with lavendar. after years of surgery in my abdomen, last night and today i had the divine willpower back in me to accept the weakness of that area and welcome its strengths. had many delicious dreams of boats after that ritual and felt a need to write all about my past lovers. on point, as always, mystic!

  14. I can draw an awesome triangle around the 20 degree mark between Juno (8th) Pluto (5th) and Mars (2nd)! Awesome, I love it!

    Aries has gone AWOL, probably drinking all the booze that I have pledged to forgo for a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. The full moon will square my spica nodes which mars is on and the transiting node approaches. Venus on my AC. I can’t write about this and yet I must.
    Driving home across the country. The last two days of goodbyes. My parents (full moon on dad’s SR), brother, Pluto sister, karmic crab, and grandpa. Very odd encounter with grandpa- visiting for a few days, he popped by (lives summers with new wife across town, keeps old house for guests and winter) and brought out my grandmother’s teenage scrapbook. Ultra-poignant few hours of memories, stories… the next morning my mother found it in the recycling, and he was 180* changed, gave me a stern talking to. His process is to stay busy and not process. I am v similar to grandma and perhaps triggered, or something in the book. Having 3rd Saturn return, Pluto opposition and inching ever closer to his Jupiter, Uranus on his merc, Chiron almost on his Venus-Uranus. That’s a lot. Regardless, it hurt, and after we’d rescued to book my mom and I went around the house, the only house that has ever felt like home (a new realization), photographed it, and said goodbye. Just in case. To grandma too. Heavy closure, or the beginnings of it.

    Also think I may be pregnant. Going home to say goodbye to this whole chapter of my life, crab and our future, bleed it away, and mourn. Sacrifice it all and save myself.

    Mandrake wine is ready. I’m ready. Not really, ever.

    • If anyone can make this tangle of fluff into yarn that can be spun into dreams it’s you sweetheart. Take heart.

      • Sorry, not that this sitch is fluff, it’s full on, I just meant you are amazing. I don’t know what you call this kind of material you are dealing with here. Hugs, xx.

    • Whaaaaaaat?? Sending white light, hugs, and whatever else you need sweetheart. Xxxxxxxxxx

    • Grieve gently and deeply, Hidden Dragon Queen. Organise solid supports, either people or physical preparations; if you need to be alone, make sure you know who to contact if it gets too much. Goddesses be with you xxx

    • Photographing is a great thing to do, I have photos of my grandmas house that no longer exists, and have been able to give copies to cousins 30 years later. It’s a way of owning the memories I guess, to make sure you don’t forget, but ironically once you have the photos is easier to let go.

      Am now living in the first house that really feels like home since I was kicked out after my fathers passing. My stepma chucked out mum and dad’s wedding pictures, took down his shed, got rid of all his stuff in the shed. She’s Cancerian, but with aqua moon, so that was her process, I think. She deeply loved him, I dreamt she threw her heart into the long grass behind the house where he had a heart attack.

      She kept all the lovely antiques that he’d collected and The house, really. I used to be bitter about it, but not anymore, cos I have my own place, and my own antiques, and my own memories. But it does hurt at the time.

  16. I’m having a tough time of things this week. something weird must be going on astrologically for me. I’ve ended up being a point of contention among circles I don’t even travel in (how does she manage to have so much academic achievement?), the object of queries to friends of mine by near strangers (what do her tattoos mean?), the center of arguments provoked by people who should know better that result in co-workers unwittingly ganging up on me (for being the only female), the recipient of random charity (finally got a kitchen and a near stranger was getting rid of an entire kitchen set of pots and pans), and an all-around point of naked jealousy, desire, dislike, hatred… and it’s just causing me to lose my normally imperturbable cool.

  17. Speaking of the zz and the middle east, three of the four young men who were murdered were Cancerians and one a Capricorn. If their sun wasn’t directly involved (two were), then other natal planets were esp with trans Pluto and Mars.

  18. ohhhh i really want to go all full on on this moon but im going to be flying across the country on a family holiday! and no time before hand to prepare/cleanout/salt the place as its errand 101 24/7 aaah.
    Im just going to have to delay and do all that stuff when back, i hope the energy isnt too dissipated?

    love to u all xx

  19. any suggestions for how to honour this full moon when in another country in a new place? xxx