Neptune Ocean – Pluto Earth – Uranus Air

Anna and Elena Balbusso

You know how water in dreams, they say, means your emotions, right?  I always dream of waves like this if i am about to fall in love.  Stagnant, muddy water in a dream is not good.

Fresh flowing bubbling clean water or oceans you’re navigating are good. You have to make up and interpret your own dream symbols via solid observation.

But today, walking along the beach, I thought that if Neptune is the Ocean, Pluto is the Earth and Uranus the Air.

Any transit of one of these outer planets tends to take ages – because they spend half the year retrograde, they ping whatever planet they are going to be in aspect to, move on, retrograde back over it and then forward over it again. This cycle plays out at least once. So you notice the Outer Planet transits to an inner planet, in particular.

And it’s interesting how Neptune transits often do feel like you are confronted with some surreal inland sea, where you thought there was one. Or a subliminal secret stream of dreaming, fantasy and rich inner psychic life. Or your psychic pond gets stirred up right at the very bottom. Or a huge crush feels like an incoming wave that might be dangerous if you can’t surf it.

Pluto transits are often like the very structure beneath you is trembling, the foundations of your belief system, job, marriage or relationship is not built on such firm ground as you think. Your dreams tend to involve tunnels, dark places and mining. Having to dig up hard ground for molten psychological treasure beneath.

Uranian transits feel like those weird winds that stir up the desire for change, for Fresh at any cost, like poltergists that smash things just to say I’m here, scents wafting in on the breeze that trigger not nostalgia but a genius flash. You breathe deep again, filling your lungs and feeling every nano-cell of your body zinging with electricity.

In general, Outer Planet People tend to enjoy/utilize transits of Neptune, Pluto and Uranus with more alacrity.



Image: Anna & Elena Balbusso

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Pisces rising mc is saggi. Galactic centre grand water trines. I dream mostly of managing people and houses. It’s always houses, buildings. Recently had horses earlier this year. And I’ve raced cars ?!?!? Weird.


Pisces asc. And Neptune sun mid heaven means lots of water dreams. The most recent was me swimming in very turbulent waters full of huge rapids. A message came to me to just “go with the flow” and “relax with it”… so I did… it was scary and intense but I ended up getting to shore after riding with the huge waves and currents a bit. Seems like a huge message to just relax within the chaos and overwhelm of life.


I dream about tsunamis all the time, I’m a pro at surviving them in dreamland! Last one I recall my husband and I saw one coming and yelled at him that when it had passed we’d meet back at ‘the surf club’ (surely a Home and Away reference! He watches, I dont) I just trust it, I have all this natal Pisces sun/mercury/venus. Funny thing, I am right now staying in a hotel that has these little red signs with a guy running up a steep thing in the direction of a pointing arrow with a mega wave following him… Read more »


Pisces MC with Jupiter in Pisces (Ceres/Juno).
Neptune in my 6th. 12 house Toro Ruled.

Quite sensitive to Neptune, any psychic disturbance on my web is like an intruder tugging at my strings all day.

Dream of water all the time (grand trine in water, lots of blue triangles).

catfish moon

Have had tidal wave dreams forever. They were so frequent that I would apologize to the other people in my dream for them….Geez.

I have moon in 12th trine neptune in 4th natally. The two are also joined by Pluto in 2nd house sextiling them both.

Uranus and Aquarius….lightning bolts, electricty in the water or walls or air.

virgo kathleen

I love this theory and feel that I add support to it. I have Neptune conjunct Moon natally, and I have intense, symbolic, imaginative dreams. I keep a dream journal because it fascinates me so much. Bodies of water are THE most reoccurring symbol in my dreams, and I’ve noticed that they match the emotional state of the dream. I dream about rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, pools…no matter what I’m dreaming about, water tends to just show up. Sometimes I’m IN it but sometimes I’m on a boat, walking alongside it, etc… It’s fascinating because I have never lived by… Read more »


Yep, saw an ocean in my dreams last night that I was preparing to swim in. Nothing unusual, just a beach scene. A few nights ago I dreamed I went to San Diego on business and while nervous that the whole west coast would fall into the ocean on my trip, I was happy to be there… and someone brought out a loaner dog for me, a bigger dog than mine. Then a few months back dreamed I was surfing in California with my (actual, small) dog. So I’m going to get wet soon. That’s cool. I’ve been hoping. I… Read more »


Not really having a Neptune transit right now although it is in my 4th House (Pisces) approaching the IC. (Pluto is transiting my natal Neptune and Mars though.) Anyway, recent dream: I am driving a well-worn road that is supposed to be a shortcut home and suddenly see that the road is flooded. I tap the brakes, and nothing happens. I press harder and start to slip as I realize the water is rising and coming toward me. There was no crash, my car just sort of slung into to water, and that is all I remember. Already have interpreted… Read more »

Lauren Lionheart

“You have to make up and interpret your own dream symbols via solid observation.” Holy smoke, YES. Can we get this phrase as a print? The last few months my dreams have been forgotten upon waking (odd for me), though I always recall some form of water. Often turbulent in past years, and now usually more in the background like white noise. It’s just the ever-present element in all my dreams. Any water scenario? I’ve dreamed it. A few times. My current theory is it pertains to the School you’re in (according to hand analysis). I’m School of Love, which… Read more »


Right now my astro is very stable on the inner and outer. Neptune trine Neptune , Uranus trine Uranus Jupiter trine Jupiter Neptune sextile Saturn. Venus 1st house merc first house. The only lingering discomfort is mars in libra my 4th house. And let’s say that as it’s about to leave it’s exploded that house into an unusual state of drama…. Issues between the extended family releasing as anger. My poor kataka caught whooping cough from one of her students, may have given it to my parents ! Third child is suddenly refusing to go to school and is weeping… Read more »


Oh, whooping cough is no joke! A friend of mine also caught it from a student, took ages to recover. My lingering discomfort has been retro Saturn in 2nd. Been soooo stuck there, and consequently flow on effect on house, broken washing machine, just ran out of cooking gas, my car nearly out of rego. Hope mars in to Scorp brings my tax return ASAP !!! Mars in libra has helped the Leo and I to be somewhat kind and civil through all the strain of this. This morning I was on an early train, but totally zoned out and… Read more »


hey dl,
whoa, that’s pretty strong, your kid #3 not wanting to go to school and expressing it that way. is everything ok with him? can you guys dig a little deeper, in a careful way?

I was like that – well, less emo maybe – when I was on the receiving end of bullying, did I ever tell my [too caught up to notice/insensitive aquarian] parents that was why I didn’t want to go to school? nope.

here’s to mars getting out of our 4th houses.


er, not implying that is what you and your kataka are like as parents though.


Your spot It is bullying actually… From the teachers. The 2 older kids went from Kindy to 6th grade at this same public school. And he is in 5th grade. So we are on to our 12th year there. He’s been telling us about the unfair treatment he’s been receiving from teachers and we have tried to sort it out, but things are just getting worse. He’s a beautiful bright open active very funny gem boy who after his first few weeks at school was known by most of the other 500 students ! …kids still yell out to him… Read more »


Wow is that intense! Good on you and Kataka for acting swiftly David. I see many parent’s putting up with stuff re their kids that baffles me, hope his shining spirit burns bright in his new school and he is celebrated where ‘ere he walks, xx.


So glad you’re getting him out of there. I had a jealous teacher once, in fact it was 5th grade too. I didn’t realize it- just thought she was mean- but my mother did. It was a horrible year.


hang on whooping cough, i hear there’s a shot that babies can have for that which means they wont catch it, amazing


It’s very dangerous to newborns and highly infectious. It can kill them.
Babies are not given the vaccine for whooping cough until they are 3 months old. So there is a window where they are highly susceptible. I looked up my chances of getting it from kataka and my rating was 100% ! But I didn’t get it, thank you universe !!


Everyone had to get a shot when my granddaughter was born or it was no go to see the baby.


Hey Mystic I referenced your earlier post on outer planet people. Great article and I saw you had mentioned some books on the subject. I wasn’t able to see the amazon link not sure if it is even still there but was just curious about the books you recommend on that for further study! Btw I totally can relate to being any outer planet peep. Neptune conjunct Mars and Jupiter. Asc is great but also sometimes a mind fuck.


I always thought I was very earthy in my astro. Taurus stellium etc. but also very watery – Venus in cancer, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio. Aries rising, vertex and Lilith in saggo. The only air I have is my sun in Gemini. Pluto Uranus in Virgo 5th house. Rarely remember my dreams unless I wake up during them.
Love water, spas, currently planning to install a deep Japanese bath in my bathroom. But don’t like to swim out of my depth in the ocean. I’m full of contradictions.


I recently had a dream with the same guy in it. This is the fourth dream with this same man. I don’t know his name and I can’t remember his face. He wants me to work with him, but I say “I like you and that wouldn’t be appropriate to work with you.” He says “I like you too and that’s why we should.” I get up to leave and he stands up and I realise he is the one I’ve dreamt about before. As if the other dreams flash in front of my eyes and I know he is… Read more »


it’s always better to work with people whom we like.. yes even in a special way 🙂 xx pi


You are probably already working with him, just on a different level of reality. You recognize him, cause you have probably worked together lots of times. Now to work out how you go about the job at hand, on your end.


But…if you dream of gonna be me. Do u feel the chills…?


Synchronicity on the water front. Dream this morning of being in a bay attempting to swim in a plethora of ships. They were all sizes and the area was very crowded. Massive ships turning at the last second nearly taking me out. Somehow it wasn’t scary and the water was a beautiful deep blue. Swimming felt great and it was a lovely sun sparkly on the water day despite the mayhem.
Definitely tapping into the ” feeling every nano-cell of your body zinging with electricity” today. Thanks Mystic!

Scorporation, Inc.

I’m an outer planet person with Pluto conjunct my moon, Uranus conjunct my Mercury, & Neptune conjunct my North Node, and I rarely dream of weather/natural phenomena. Which surprises me because I feel really in synch with all of that in my awake states, but consciously it always feels very dreamlike in the moment. The lightning strikes, the tornadoes, little (fracking)
earthquakes, the underground river we live atop, mysterious sonic booms in the distance (courtesy of the the military, is my guess)– just another day at Scorp Inc HQ, but they rarely make my dreams.


with pisces rising and the Board, and outer planet liaisons dangereues maybe your waking life is the dream, S inc, and when you dream you are not a butterfly but a pleasant office worker where life is calm small and peaceful. and YOU are their dream.. : perhaps

Scorporation, Inc.

Whoa. Like.

The other night I went to a *great* party, got stupid drunk & danced with my old friend until the wee hours of morning. Just the best time, esp since I hadn’t seen him in awhile & it’s been even longer since I went dancing. My friend threw the party: it was his three year anniversary since leaving his body– isn’t that nice? Best part: no hangover 😉


aww that’s a great excuse to have a party. XOX


I like it too Pi! (I’m assuming it’s you – sounds like you)
Especially since I’m an outer planet person (Neptune conjunct Sun and Uranus / Pluto square moon) and I’ve had a few guys say I’m their dream girl…

*sigh*…. but you know… always the dream girl, never the bride. LOL 😀


ah oui.. well spotted

better than ‘always the dream girl, never the nightmare’ 🙂


Hahaha.. Too true!! 🙂


scorpbot i have been trying to work out how my multi sagg friend, with sun exact on neptune like you, manages that with such an earthed chart and traditional mindset. it’s the same friend i mentioned a while ago. i mean, i am sure he is not the first trad guy to have such a thing, but still. anyway, just thought id share that.. [what’s the rent on this comment thread, s inc?]


I remember him cos he sounds an awful lot like my multi sagg guy who’s gone overseas (the one with Venus Scorp / “your my dream girl” lurker’s) and he also has Sun/Neptune but he’s also quite earthy too – with a Toro and merc in Cap. Totes pragmatic. It’s definitely manageable. I don’t understand why you think it wouldn’t be. The Neptune adds a bit of a Pisces flavour, like a sprinkling of fairy dust but its not like the entire glitter factory. Crap analogy but i’m sure you get my drift. I guess a lot depends on how… Read more »


Hey. Yeah, I mean I don’t mean to say that it would be unmanageable, I guess whenever Neptune has transited an angle or personal planet for me (ok 3times in total so far), my life has slid out of view and I am in some kind of twilight zone depending on the planet etc. So on my Sun, I think it would be cool but – based on my exp – so hard to actually like, do anything practical! I think all of the sagg is in his second house. Tbh I struggle with his company a bit, there is… Read more »


🙂 yeah but you’re a Pisces, Haha.. of course your Neptune transits will be more intense. It’s one thing to be a Pisces and another altogether to be a very earthy person with a Sun/Nep conjunction.

Maybe i missed the point?

Can’t you just have a fling? Why does it have to be nothing or marriage.


Drowning, sea, huge waves, sea creatures (especially whales), floods, tsunamis, anything wet is my biggest reoccurring dream motif. Moon-Neptune, perhaps? Or just growing up surrounded by the sea.

Currently struggling through a double whammy transit of Uranus opp Venus and Pluto square Venus, can’t tell you the levels of ugh and exhaustion having both at once, barely dreaming at all. Perhaps my psyche can’t decide which way to go?


amazing thoughts! lovely images. I love this. 🙂 last night I dreamt a weird phone call my mum did to my grandma and it involved car crash and accident and a famous violinist playing and giving his violin to little kid and me crying. 🙂 maybe it is mercury opposition pluto effect. 🙂 thank you mystic!


I don’t remember my dreams much anymore but lately… I had a dream recently I was jumping miraculously from cliff tops with a huge dark sea miles below. I think I fell. But I never landed in the water. Last night I dreamt I was digging into a pile of dirt and leaves. It was a pile as big as a two story house that I was shovelling from the bottom. Once I grew tired (or bored?) I walked away from the pile and wondered when it was going to topple over – because I had shovelled so much from… Read more »


can’t help but think there will be a moment coming in your life/inner life that feels like an avalanche of whatever ‘yard work’ (dirt leaves etc) means to you, and you’ll say to your self, “ah right, that’s the pile falling over 🙂

Virgo Ellie

I just woke up from a dream. Yes I am still processing the disconnect with the toro/gem. I had a dream that he was going home to our hometown for 2 months (he had to do that actually when we first got together back in 2010 to take care of his mother). She doesn’t live there anymore. She lives near him in our state. So he was heading home for 2 months then going to a beautiful Caribbean island. I can’t remember but the feeling of where he was going was very peaceful. I was very happy for him. He… Read more »


MM. That resonates for me like no tomorrow! I regularly have the most amazing dreams, which I process through an intuitive understanding and constant questioning/research. I truly recognise the journey and path of knowledge and growth through understanding. I do not say this lightly and for those that know me they know and understand my chalenging journey thus far. What I find interesting is I have found my path through at tuning to nature and more recently through understanding the science of astrology (still gaining). The constant questioning and researching of who we are as individuals, I believe, helps me… Read more »


Such beautifully poetic descriptions, MM. I’m Sun conjunct Neptune on the Descendant so I can’t imagine life without the Ocean Planet. It can leave you wondering at times how you’re ever going to have a solid life–one with a husband and children, a house paid off, goals accomplished, and everything in its proper place. And Neptune on my Descendant means I’ve had to deal with addiction in many family members. But just yesterday I received an affirmation of how useful Neptune can be in my profession, especially in reading people, understanding their vulnerabilities, empathizing with them. And then there are… Read more »


Final paragraph a brilliant and perfect description of being Neptunian.


Thanks, mille!


Yes, I agree! Wow!

Moon conjunct Neptune here


😯 Oh yeah! I had a dream last night I was looking out at a lap pool & it was inside an enclosure. I often dream about water & can remember one where I was in lake & I knew the depth of the lake was exactly the same m2 as the surface. I knew by seeing all the water around me that the depth of water I was in was very deep yet I was near the edge of the lake so I knew I could just get out. I generally don’t dream well when I’m going through big… Read more »

moved on

I’m a plutonium person, I think my points were up around 68 when I did the quiz and I had a Pluto transit angling square to my sun and then Venus and then Saturn over about 18 months. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Uranus was transiting all those planets at the same time. 2005 to 2009 broke my spirit. 2011 – it blew me apart but it was after that year that everything started to come together again. Pluto has been going over my descendant since then and the sun is shining once more.


Outer planet person…Pluto strongest with Neptune a close second. Straying from my art made these transits a bit hellish. Personally I find Neptune to be my worst enemy. And dreams of the ocean have followed me my whole life. Specifically an expanse of dark dark blue ocean.


Right now, and for awhile now, Neptune has been sitting EXACTLY on my Moon at 7 degrees Pisces. It is retrograding there….seemingly FOREVER! ….right now, too. Pisces upon Pisces upon Neptunian energy, over and over……wave after wave……. Not sure how I feel……I kind of feel ‘at home’ with it, if that makes any sense. Things have been maybe a little surreal. I am naturally very susceptible to feeling whatever is going on in my environment as well as I’m naturally very sensitive to substances and even food, and all of that has heightened but I’ve kind of stayed away from… Read more »


Ugh, Neptune indeed. Natally, I have Neptune square Sun and now Neptune has been sitting on my Sun at 8 Pisces for what feels like forever, thanks to retrogrades. So the whole Neptune square shebang is activated. I feel like I am coming apart! I am tired, can barely speak in complete sentences that make sense, and am oh so sensitive!!! Urg. In 2014 I have: quit my corporate job, re-united with my Beloved and started living with him, ripped open a Pandora’s Box of ancient wounds in a cathartic shamanic yoga teacher training….I feel like I barely know myself.… Read more »


Wow, that’s a LOT! … deal with. Staying with the watery metaphor….go for the buoyancy, you know?

I understand the constant state of transformation…..I have an 8th house Sun, too, in Aqua, so I just had Neptune transiting my Sun for all that time before it went into Pisces and is now on my Moon, so…….yeah. It’s been Neptune-o-rama for a long time in my life……..

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I think I’m outer planet….been loving Neptune in Pisces!

Water=emotions, makes sense to me!


I have always had dreams about drowning. I was a morbid little Scorpio kid with Pisces rising and alot of Neptune and Jupiter in my chart. I used to sit under the Sparkletts water bottle in the kitchen and look up to pretend I was drowning because it was scary. When my first husband died during a brutal Neptune square my Sun and Venus, I had the most vivid dream I have ever had where he was drowning and if I could just reach under I might be able to save him, but in taking time to think about it,… Read more »


Sun conjunct pluto here. My whole life feels like a pluto transit; as soon as I get grounded, blam! Yes it’s adventurous but sometimes I feel like a human transformer. I wonder what it would feel like to be stable and content and not always in the process of emerging — but emerged and still.


Righg there with you, Bea! Pluto sun conjunct. Can’t find that solid ground. Always changing. It makes the things that do remain that much more valuable.


Another SunPluto here…affirming what you have said both. Do you also find that you are hesitant to commit to the annihilation of any object in life without deep consideration first? As if my OS has no “restore” function. I cleaned out the basement last weekend and it was like archaeology…perfectly preserved relics of past lives well-stored and ready to use. My Virgo Moon might have something to do with that I suppose. There was absolutely nothing there not worth having / sellable / retaskable / survival-friendly.


Word. Make mine some wind and waves. Clear water. And I love Mystic’s flow of consciousness posts <3


yes, me too.


My oldest and most recurring dream and sometimes nightmare since being a little girl has been of giant waves. My first psychic dream of many was that of a terrifying tidal wave when I was about 7, learning there was indeed a tidal wave that week from my mother. This year has been interesting since I moved right next to the ocean. Pisces moon go figure


And here it is, the mystery rogue wave in Daytona Beach … My grandmother had lived close to here at the time.


Wow that is crazy- I had the same recurring dream as a kid! Starting around 7 also. My back was against a high cliff wall, I”m standing on the beach, and this wall of water is coming at me. Terrifying.


Mystic — the coincidence!

Last night I dreamed that I was in a boat. The boat then capsized.

I was stuck between clear sea water and the boat, turned upside down. I didn’t panic — thought whether I should dive down and swim away or just accept it and prepare to get drown. …

I am still thinking what the indecision was about.

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