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Son Of Paleface

Right. It’s time to trawl over our Mars In Libra transits – this little bit of tricky astro business has been happening since December 8 and it wraps in late July, the 26th.

Thoughts on what this might portend have ranged from the Tantric (reunion of soulmated lovers via strange synchronicity) to the plebeian (passive aggressive Muggles snarking around the place) to the obvious (rethink of your strategies, approach toward “winning” at life, men in retreat etc).

Libra is also beauty, relationships, justice, balance. The whole Rolf Harris trial (weird, right?) took place during Mars in Libra. He is Sun-Uranus in Aries – Mars in Libra has been going back and forward across that. This was his Uranus Return.

There will be a prize for the person who can most adequately and elegantly speed-explain this person/his schizz to Americans.

ALL are correct.

Mars is not madly comfortable in Libra – it is a Venusian sign, the opposite to the Mars-ruled sign of action Aries – but as we know, it is often outside our “comfort zone” that we GET the results, right?

So Mars got into Libra last December and then went retrograde at 27 degrees in early March – THAT prompted a lot of re-thinks and back-tracks for sure.

And there was the exciting involvement of Retro-Mars in that Grand Cardinal Cross smack down of mid-April till May. THAT set a lot of fresh scenes in motion, for sure.  They develop speedily when Mars is out of shadow – ie: back at 27 degrees – on July 22.

So watch THAT date for resolution/closure/clear omens and indicators.  And the Eclipse in early October triggers the Mars at the Grand Cardinal Cross smackdown point.  As does the final blast of the Zap Zone next March.

So…what do you think? Does any of this timing/Mars mayhem resonate?



Image: Son Of Paleface

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91 thoughts on “The Mars In Libra Chronicles

  1. This Mars transit hit my Sun/ Moon/ Venus/ Saturn/ Pluto/ MC stellium in Libra in the 10th house. I work for an art gallery and was promoted over my peers. Its been a blood bath but at this point I feel like a seasoned warrior and I will literally rip the face off of anything that stands in my way.

  2. I’m waiting until the end of July before I even make a comment. I’ve seen nada so far in anything (biz, romance, home life, daily life, whatever) so I feel like it’s unfair to say anything. Hmm… well I am making an advancement in health but that’s my 6th house mostly in Taurus which i feel is more related to Saturn pulling on Scorpio rather than Mars in Libra.

    • Do u have any natal placements in Libra, or Aries? Soz for asking cuz I feel like I should know this by now… :/

      • That’s ok… huge 10th house Libran stellium. nothing big in Aries beside ole chiron.
        I’m just not feeling anything huge right now besides emo-ness.

  3. Talking of muggles. Just had one reapear after 9 months absence and am being solo aqua cool. Not getting sucked back into his orbit

  4. Resonates! More like the chronicles of my life.. Just before Mars enters Libra in November: BAM my chronically on again – off again bf / love of my life and I finally end it in a ball of fire. Don’t talk for nearly four months until mars retro.. we start talking.. seeing each other. Zap zone hits and BAM circumstances conspired to make me realise I have to step out and walk away. However this time we’ve stayed friends until the start of June.. we stole a kiss.. now there’s nice feeling between us but I suspect the only support I’m getting from the cosmos is further smack-arounds until I erase every tiny bit of lust and hope…

    In other areas I have admitted the huge goals of international expiditions and endurance competitions I’ve always secretly had, and begun working towards them, despite all significant males in my life discourageing me and suggesting I “aim lower” (!)

    This has been huge for me. I have sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto Iin Libra so might have something to do with it

  5. This job I have that gives me the shits I scored when Mars went into Libra. Very relationship heavy, my work; in fact, whether or not any progress is made with any client has more to do with the “therapeutic alliance” I can create with a client than it has to do with any technical prowess on my part. Then there’s getting to know the company CEO (a bullshitter), & my relationship with my (two faced) supervisor. Libra is my 7th house.

    After two decades of this work, it’s hit me during this Mars in Libra how intimately I come to know my clients. In most cases I come to know & experience these people more intimately than their spouses do. I can feel the lifetimes piling up, & my tank is on TILT. I have natal Pluto-Moon in Libra. Especially during Mars rx, I needed to pull back from all the emo biz & shift my focus to my own ties with me: my lady parts (Scorpio) finally erupted (Saturn grinding away at my Scorp Sun-Venus), & I required a total hysterectomy stat. I mean, my womb et al. have not been well for many years, but I think it’s significant that now they reached critical mass status & required actual surgical intervention.

    But surgery gave me a huge time out, & I’ve spent these last 6 weeks of Mars in Libra at home recovering from everything. Put all my energy into physical healing & the relationships I have that are fulfilling & enduring. Very nourishing time. Had a lot of transit action over my IC in Gem & that vicinity too at the time.

    Since Mars went direct (and as I’m feeling *great* with my uterine pathology banished) I’ve been creating new relationships in the mundane realms. I think that Jupiter into my 6th Leo will be a time of real expansion thanks in part to the new connections I’m seeding now. Natally I have rx Saturn in my 5th Kataka, where Jupiter has been.

    So short answer: yeah the Mars in Libra experience you speak of resonates! Really looking forward to the fire of Mars coming home to my 8th Scorp (Uranus-Mercury, Mars & Sun-Venus). Box of matches: check.

  6. With five planets in Libra (incl. Sun), there was no way I was NOT going to be affected by this transit.
    I’m also an Aries rising, so when Mars goes backwards, so do I.

    I’ve been a professional musician for most of my life, but have always played with the notion of switching careers.
    So back when Venus went retro in my 10th house in January.. combined with Mars retro..

    I made the sudden announcement to my family and friends that I was going to study computer science and become a web developer or software engineer. I had made up my mind! It was crystal clear to me now that this was the right path!

    Signed up for online courses in computer science, took online tutorials in coding, started following comp.sci. blogs, met with people I knew in the industry, etc.
    I really got into it. My friends/family were a little confused but were curious to see how far I’d go with this.
    All I knew was that it felt Really. Right.

    Spring rolls around, and I’m suddenly getting calls to play with ensembles I haven’t played with in years (high-profile, at least in my business). And it reminded me how much I love to perform 🙂
    And this summer, I’m booked to play some gigs that pay much more than I’m used to – very motivating…

    So for me, Mars going through Libra was like the universe telling me, “High five for acquiring this new skill set – you finally have a Plan B! But you also know that music is what you’re here to do. So let’s really do it.”

    And over the past few weeks, I’ve nailed down a solid practice schedule. More fully committed to music than I’ve ever been before and making bank.


    • The past six months have also been me waiting for a visa (as I live in a foreign country right now) which took far too long to process… I got it approved the very day Mars went Direct!

      Mars also taught me how to nail down a financial plan tailored to my own unique income (completely unpredictable from month to month). I’ve figured out a way to ADD to my capital instead of draining it!

    • awesome for you both, MB Don”t classical muscians have natural mathimatical brains hence the IT direction?

      • We’re supposed to be very good with numbers, yes! Although I like to joke that musicians have no need to count beyond the number four ;-D

        Musical notation and source code are similar (imo) in that they’re both symbolic “languages.” Representing meaning in a nonverbal format.

        Probably satisfies my Mercury/Pluto conjunction 😉

  7. it’s at 18º now….that’s all I have 😉

    nah, I’m sure it’s been really enlightening for us Scorps, all that razing of the psyche, but you know, let’s move now people!

  8. Mars on my Pluto in Lib with Saturn on my Plutonic Moon has been emo fodder enough for a while.

    Also it’s all felt reaallly slow for a Year of the Horse on the home front?
    But in politics it’s been pretty disturbingly destructive.

  9. My daughter’s mental illness has totally ramped up since Mars went into Libra which has forced a massive rethink leading to a new more accurate diagnosis and better management plan. She’s still very fragile. Can’t wait for Mars to get the hell out of Libra town. She has a lot of planets in Scorpio – moon, node, Pluto – not sure if that means things will get better or worse. Thoughts?

          • not sure if it is any help but saturn over pluto is pretty gnarly. for me it was a direct hit on my relationship with my father, as pluto dominates my 4th house (IC).
            Maybe the scorp house placement could help translate how she is experiencing saturny things, if it’s hard for her to communicate or recognise the really deep (or invisible) stuff. hope that’s not too obvs or anything xox

            • You’re totally on the money Pi. It’s hard for her to recognize her deepest feelings so they come out as psychosis instead. Scorpio rules her tenth house and she has fallen at the juncture where you leave high school and have to find your place in the big wide world. At least there’s hope for when Saturn finally gets out of Scorp (end of the year?) It helps to believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel for our family. Bless xx

              • that must be very hard for everyone… i hope smoother sailing ahead and hopefully some peace for your girl… take care. XXX

  10. Hmm… my ASC is 19 Libra and this is quite interesting. Last Dec I quit a wonderful job because of a horrid boss (definition of Mars/Neptune black hole man) and today I just broke it off with a guy I was seeing (didn’t know his chart other than a lot of virgo planets- which clashed with my gem/leo/lib socialnesss).
    I dropped the boss and the guy for slightly the same reason: my true self was not happy with them and the situations we were in together. I’ve been feeling like giving my feelings a little more power- they are so loud now! Woohoo!

  11. All happened in my 2nd house and whoooah what a series of events

    Burgeoning feeling for married co-worker that I resisted and tried to downplay overtures from him – still think about him but consciously trying to stop

    Simultaneously got caught in Cold War with boss in January which turned ugly but I stayed unruffled (except to M CW)

    This was all very confusing and upsetting but made it through til

    Sacked in April

    Found new full time work which formally began last week – right on the ZZ

    Bring on Mars in Leo!

  12. The Tantric reunion of soulmated lovers via strange synchronicity… During Mars in Libra – I fell into a wonderful relationship with Libra man I met 23 years ago (we were in first year Uni together). All last year we were hovering nonchalantly on the edge of each others orbits then BAM! 🙂 Most of our friends are in 15 year old marriages, but here we are squeeing and cuddling like little teenaged lovebirds… :*)

    • As for Muggles…it has been *f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-in-g*
      Over the past couple of months, a few girlies who once had their emotionally manipulative claws dug into him (and tossed him aside when he was of no further use to him or he called them out)…

      …have suddenly started resurfacing! Leaving bait in his mail box like “I miss u!”. Fortunately, he has evolved to know to just ignore them (or when he says he has a new girlfriend “Oh I’m so happy for u!” Oh no you’re not…)

      All of this reminds me of a quote from the series I Claudius:

      “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

      <3 Scorp with Pluto 1st House

    • And finally Mars in Libra taught me that:
      1) I had strangled my Qi to a pale trickle because of my neurotic defences against unleashing any aggression (anger/conflict/dissent) – but I was VERY, VERY chronically and unconsciously angry.

      Anger is a natural emotion. No anger. No life. No passion. The heart and heart fire goes out (Vesta rising here).

      2) I was always at war – with something. (Eurasia one day, Eastasia the next…) I could never let myself rise from the bottom of Maslow’s hierachy and nothing could ever grow or bloom. Exhausted from being on the defensive and high alert

      3) Re Qi vamps and Gods/Goddesses of War: Cunning and wise Athena trumps loud, stupid-minded and blustering Ares-types.

  13. Mars in Libra has been opposite my natal Mars in Aries while Saturn in Scorpio opposes my moon and ascendant. This year has been so humbling. You can’t fly if you haven’t mastered the basics and I had and still have work to do. I feel like I’m coming into reality for the first time…unreality is my home and always will be but you need to be able to traverse both.

    Started school today. It’s very accelerated (summer on the quarter system) so hopefully I can keep up while continuing to work and look for new work…

  14. I don’t like when Mars is in Libra because it goes through my 4th house and that makes things tense around here. Last time it was there I had that housemate from hell who I had to evict through the court system. I’m still traumatized by that and that was a year and a half ago.

    This time it wasn’t too bad around the house but the significant thing this time was ‘men’ …….right around the April ZZ time I started dating a guy who has Mars in Libra retrograde natally! So he is the ‘incarnate’ of this Mars time, eh? How literal of me….. Anyway, he frustrates me to no end, he’s got like six planets retrograde in his chart and he does not seem to know how to initiate anything….at least with me…..or follow through is more like it…..

    I am a VERY direct person, so I don’t really appreciate the Mars in Libra vibe in general. It irritates me and makes me feel impatient and uncomfortable. Sorry…
    I have Mars bang on the Midheaven, even though it’s in Pisces….it’s also opposed my Pluto so I’m quite full on with my Mars energy when I ‘turn it on’.

    Thinking a little more on it, though, I feel I’ve learned a little diplomacy during this long Mars in Libra period……just a little…heh heh…..and have used ‘charm’ a little more often too…….let’s see if that wears off once Mars goes into Scorpio! 😉

    I felt really good for most of this year, but oddly enough once Mars went direct things got worse in my life. Then during this Merc retro which thankfully will be over within a day, I got very depressed…….so yeah, great year from last December until about beginning of May, then everything went down the tubes……might be losing my job, broke a toe, guy I’m seeing has been kind of ‘retreating’, don’t know if he’ll return……depression is at the forefront for me right now and I’m hoping that with Mars into Scorpio and some other astro transit changes coming up that this will give me a boost out of this funk………not loving life right now!

  15. natal Mars in Libra at 22, and I have always had trouble figuring out how Mars is operating in my chart. It squares the moon and sextiles Venus. Progressed Mars is now in 7th house but there’s been no warrior Martian man in sight for, oh, ever. Ugh, this whole year has been just trying to keep my head above water. Can’t wait for Mercury direct and especially Saturn direct.

  16. Mars-Mercury conjunct in Taurus in 4th house, with Saturn directly opposing for part of the period. Gem Sun and Jupiter sextiling this and also my natal Jupiter in 4th house.

    Aside from tension between work and extended family priorities (my mother died in mid-May), the main lesson for me was how important it was for me to have a good home base to operate from. I’ve finally started to set up my ideal home base, having moved to where I now live in 2nd week of January 2014, and it’s just been an amazing source of restorative energy over the last few months, especially the mid-March to mid-May period.

    New peeps have come into my life who can help take my biz to a new level.

    Atmosphere today, 1 July, is just zingy, alive. Loving the change from June.

  17. Well its timely, as mercury is a about to go direct in gemini, (into cancer, with sun and jupiter still there so we will hear all about the women who suffered) there was a recent square between gemini venus (of media) & pisces neptune (those sacrificed), the underlying saturn in scorpio currently retrograde rehashing and re-surfacing grim sexual power struggles, mars in libra’s chameleon efforts being blasted by aries uranus and conservative capricorn pluto…Chiron in positive aspect to saturn, pluto as well. Moon just happens to be in leo of course, just to add to the weird glamour of it all, challenged by saturn…Finally justice perhaps?

  18. Mars in Libra (where I have Sun-Uranus, opposite Rolf, yikes) appears to have heralded a massive shake-up re relationships and my attitudes to them. I’m curious to see how things develop when Mars gets out of shadow.

    • It’s from the corny Bob Hope movie “Paleface” I think…me and my sister loved it when we were little. 😀

  19. For the Americans, Rolf Harris = Australian born children’s entertainer of the 50s through to 80s, relocated to the UK post international acclaim and TV success. Credited with inventing an instrument called ‘the wobble board’ (a flimsy sheet of wood, wobbled, percussively), pre-beat-box mouth acrobatics and plosive vocalisations (also to percussive effect), slapstick song routines, a gift for ambidextrous illustration largely depicting kangaroos, lauded by the Commonwealth for his good old fashioned contribution to kids entertainment – CBE, Order of Australia, commissioned to paint a portrait of the Queen, listed as #90 in The 100 Most Trusted Australians. Today found guilty of inappropriately touching, fondling, sexually Harrissing (pardon the pun) at least four pre-teen girls throughout his career. He’s gone from comedic, cuddly, playful older uncle to creepy, cretinous, predatory old man in recent weeks.
    Disturbing and somewhat distasteful irony: two of his best know songs… “Jake the Peg with an extra leg” and “two little boys with two little toys”…

      • Wait, wasn’t there another one of these creepy children’s entertainer types who was similarly found guilty a few months back? He visited a lot of kids in hospital?

        • yes. Jimmy Saville. He had access to the hospitals – abused kids from ages 5 and and older patients up to 70 years of age. His depravity knew no bounds. What a sick fuq! This went on for decades!!! and nobody said anything because he donated money to these hospitals.

          And apparently he abused the dead too and made a ring from a patient’s glass eye. 😯
          Sucks that he died before all this came to light.

        • Yeah that’s an English creep – Jimmy Sommerville – hid in plain sight for decades abusing girls and the more vulnerable the better

        • If you mean that English supercreep Jimmy Sommerville all the facts came out after he died a frigging a Sir or something (goes to show) …barstard

      • 🙂
        I couldn’t help myself. Not to make light of the sitch, but, you know, it does bring new meaning to the term…

    • Even as kids, my friends and I were on to Harris. There was a duffel coated flasher who often frequented our school grounds that we nicknamed Rolf. As those in authority refused to heed our pleas to get rid of him, we formed our own band of vigilantes. ‘Fuck off Rolf’ we used to say, as we pelted him with pebbles. It was quite fun and he never came back after a few times!!

      • Always trust those instincts of the youngsters!
        The sad thing about this case is I saw an interview with him a few years back in which he became very tearful about regrets he had re: his relationship with his father, things he wished he had said, etc… And I just remember thinking “what a delightful, sweet man. Kinda trapped in a kind of eternal adolescence, but what a gentle soul…etc etc”
        And usually my instincts are spot on! Not that time it seems…
        Interesting how he continues to deny it all, I wonder if he really comprehends what he did / has done…?

    • well done Lex, A sleazy sleb who took advanage of his status to abuse, Such a ihigh prifle case may bring to light many other such victims of abuse and slowly eradicae this rot in our society.

    • Totally hysterical…fer sure…however, in defense of my natal Mars in Libra and of course, giving props to Mars in Scorp (so balanced and harmonious am I)…Mars in Libra is the art of war…pussy no way…where’s Mars in Pisces hiding and Mars in Kataka, get outta that shell–lollllll

      • and war takes different forms. I have Mars in Libra and I have to say it’s more aikido or jiujitsu to say Mars in Aries tae kwon do. Mars in Libra “attacks” obliquely rather than directly. Fair play is important.

    • Funny. But don’t let Mars in Libra fool you. Libra is the iron fist in a velvet glove. They may speak harmoniously as the diplomat. But when they bring out the gloves to fight for an injustice, they can be fierce especially when they have an Aries sun such as Gina Carano.

      Good example of injustice is her competitor taking a cheap shot after the bell rang. See how she reacts.

    • oh I would not fuq with the Whim of Steel (or The Iron hand in Velvet Glove) 😉 Scorpio or not!
      Underestimation is the biggest mistake. My own art-of-war tactic 😉

    • yeah i wouldn’t quite agree with the ‘pussy’ call. i would probably want some libran mars types to go into legal battles for me, i suspect where the terrain of a battle was in achieving success through negotiation or knowing all sides of an argument (politics, law,… ), mars in Libra would be dogged. it’s not all about physical force..

        • Totally agree Pi. I am natal Mars in Libra and am a ninja for the underdog. Hate hate hate any type of injustice. Always fight for the vulnerable… prob why I got into aged care and am now a trainer. I teach my students how to make sure everybody’s rights are heard and respected.

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