The Leo Syndrome

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Rene Magritte

God it’s like everything is going into Leo – Leo is the new It Destination.

AND the Everything in Leo – very soon it will be the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Lilith and Venus – is in aspect to rad planet Uranus in Aries AND Mars in Scorpio.Β  Snazzy.

Not to bore you with astro geekery but Pluto and Uranus are still technically in their Zap Zone square and Mars is in the sign of Pluto. It’s like the performance end of the Zap Zone – the Broadway division.

It could be a whole new energy source.

We are all super-naturalists now. Or Muggles flipping out wondering what the fuq is up.

Hair-Music-Cinema-Personal-Style considerations are all re-infused with glamor – in the sense that glamor IS actually the once-upon-a-time word for “spell.”

And the Weekly Horoscopes from August 2 are now posted.


Image: Rene Magritte

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48 thoughts on “The Leo Syndrome

  1. Grateful for all you Share !
    Thinking about you and you’re family MM
    May all the Goodness you share be returned 10 fold !

  2. I impulsively gave my unruly mane a mega chop last night, now all my crazy curls have come back and a weight has been lifted!

  3. A Glamour is a very specific kind of spell, as opposed to a Seeming, a Sending, or a Simple. Glamour refers specifically to the type of spell which Enhances what is already there, thus making it appear much larger, much more, than it is. It’s very much like a woman who is already very beautiful, working with her hair, her makeup, her clothing, and her performance/presentation to create a much larger than life effect…to really go all out and WOW them. πŸ˜‰ I know magick, and Tarot very well, but I’m not an astrology specialist (yet πŸ˜‰ I’m here to learn more in depth about astrology). So I would think a Glamour spell would work very well with Leo, and the planets Venus, and Jupiter…Yes?

    • Runa, may i suggest you check out Kim Falconer’s books
      which incorp astro, magic, quantum physics, futuristic technology?

  4. OMG – ‘glamor’ the old-world word for ‘spell’ MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! My Neptune Rising has always known glamour is force to channel & try not to be beguiled by myself even as it wings through. Mirrors in mirrors.. Thanx MM. Knowledge is power – and BAM, there was some more!

  5. Now, I have no leo in my chart at all – and I feel like I’m being flogged by the crowd in Leo, so I hate to imagine what’s happening with the people with strong leo placements. Hair issues (now remedied by a new style thank fuq), am working on unravelling performance anxiety and heart chakra issues – and now an attack of the jealous cow – an unusual emotion for me, and very icky (for a taurus sun, aries rising, libran moon type person).

  6. Where is the crossover between glamour babe Neptune and hot babe Leo? I feel like there is a lot of Tove Lo/Lana del Ray sticky syrup, slow, drowning style songs on the radio.

  7. I saw more leopard print on peeps at work today than I have seen in the last 7 years that I have worked there.
    I teach Drama, I have Leo in my 12th house. I am Leo sun, south node and ascendant and the kids I teach are not taking up Drama for their elective choices at school next year. What the hell is going on with this? They’re all opting for more mainstream academic subjects as their choices. Jupiter in Leo where are you when I need you?

    • at times like this they need drama more than ever!

      you need a way to make them realise that all the world’s a stage etc. drama is not just for the stage..?

      principles of performance art? as in conceptual challenges? and stuff..
      no idea
      but i hope they wise up πŸ˜‰

    • it’s often the trend nowadays in schools to discourage subjects which don’t scale up in ATAR. Art, Drama, Music. They are encouraged to do 3 Unit Maths, Science, English instead.

      The schools I work at are great, Drama and Art are flourishing, but the management is pretty committed to making this work.

  8. EFF the Zap Zone! SO tired of it! Big Bully can FUQ off now!!!!! Had enough of its hammering over the past, whatever, few years?! So done with it……

    My new housemate has Venus in Leo and he has the most BEAUTIFUL hair! Nice and long and curly and dark……he’s quite young, too, just 23….He said he might cut it off and I said…..Noooooooo!!!!!
    He is Virgo Sun, Exactly conjunct my Pluto…..*ahem*……..just can’t go there……way too young, and he’s my housemate…..we also have a Venus/Uranus conjunction….ack!…….but he seems to be the embodiment of the Leo vibe in my life at the moment. He is GORGEOUS! Look but don’t touch…. πŸ˜‰

    • i LOVE long hair on guys. oh god so much. LOOOVVVEEEEEEE SOOOO MUUCCHHH

      the problem is “at my age” they cut it all off in some semblance of being grown up or some such rubbish.


      look yes there is probably a window of time where being wild and wooly is becoming rather than “nature’s way of saying do not touch”

      If I were president of the world, I would decree that men would have to submit an application to me personally before they cut their hair. I would make a great despot. they could call me the Tyrant-osaurus

      Mona: “His wild, untamed facial hair revealed a new world of rebellion, of change. A world where doors were open for women like me, but Abe was stuck in his button down plastic fantastic Madison Avenue scene.”

      Grampa: “Look at them sideburns! He looks like a girl. Now, Johnny Unitas, there’s a haircut you could set your watch to.”

      • Oh but he IS beautiful!!!!! I may cross the line……I really just may……
        I’m also a little bit charged up and ready to act out because of recent heartache with another on/off lover, so my self-control is not so good right now…..I’m in ‘fuq it’ mode, what the heck…..I mean, I probably only have a few more years where I can ‘play’ with these young guys, gotta go for it!

  9. My dreams lately have been highlighting the idea of a mystery… the old fashioned film noirish kind that you have to solve. There’s definitely a sense of Broadway or Old Hollywood or some kind of cheesy dinner theater, even. So any suspense involved is probably the safe kind. I’m intrigued.

    I’m also a Sag/Pisces. I have so little natural motivation to “solve” a “mystery” that this has me extra bemused.

  10. “It’s like the performance end of the Zap Zone – the Broadway division.”

    Something about this description reminds me of the muscial episode of Buffy.

    In other news since Sun in Leo my hair has gone ultra glam and BIG. On it’s own accord. It’s a bit freaky and I don’t have anything in Leo.

  11. All the Leo’s I know have been struggling for a while, years in some cases. This hopefully is just the boost they need to get their shit together and climb back up the scales. Note to Leo’s , when your back at the top looking fabulous on the red carpet, show some fuqing humility, ok ! πŸ™‚

  12. Sun is sitting on my natal 7* leo moon in the 12th house. Slept heavy, dreaming hard, for a few nights now.

  13. Yes yes yes ( said Meg Ryan style aka When Harry met Sally).
    Not doing the glam leo but I am ‘performing’ the anything is possible Leo. Getting so much accomplished.
    Spending lots of time with the SO lately which is making my head and heart spin but am not spinning off to LZ land – noooo keeping feet on ground and even going bush this weekend with SO for our Birthday treat.
    I need the crisp fresh air and colours and birdsong to remind me of whats real and that part of me that love loves loves the Australian bush.
    On the way we are going to a classical concert in a little country town where I will glam up a bit – thinking silk velvet red robe , kitten heels and the SO in an Armani T shirt I am going to give him. mmmm

  14. Leo ascendant at 11 degrees, Mars in Leo, as are the Moon and Venus.
    So far have not noticed any marked shifts – could be due to the fact that so much is sitting in my 12th house. Did feel good about buying some new clothes the other day, dyed my hair and am now mentally gearing up for SOMETHING.

  15. I love all this Leo!!!
    Bought a leopard-print bra, had to wear it immediately, had the most perfect hair appt ever, my stylist told me that I am glowing. Came home and made a date to explore the city this weekend with a handsome giant of a pan-style cappy. Woohoo!

  16. All that leo is in my 12th house and I have had crazy dreams and redoubled my efforts meditation wise. Meditation is one of those habits its going to take me a while to finally do but I will never give up on and I’ll probably get it within a few months.

    • I have 12th house leo, too….I cant live without meditation, lol. I go crazy If I cannot meditate.

      All this Leo talk is raising many questions for me as I have north node in leo ( 26 degrees) along with mars ( 29 degrees ) …..Ive been thinking about my 12th house a lot …I really dont see myself as a guru but I also cannot stand hospitals and prisons etc…Im not sure if a like the idea of leo in the 12th house. .

    • I have 12 house Leo too! Mine has a Venus living in and it should be getting hot in there?

    • 12th house Leo too. Another astrology Page keeps using “house of sell undoing” and I wonder who I’ll turn into when the corset comes off!

    • Another Leo 12th houser here (29deg Leo Asc, Aqua Sun Taurus Moon) Idk, everything is so nebulous, slippery and elusive. Riding it out is about all I can manage.

    • Yes last 12-18 mths I have gotten into meditation apps and even this quite odd cd I pirated from a library book – love it and really keen to grow that way, spiritually I have been thinking a lot about Pisces/12 the house/Nepturian stuff as my NN is there in my 7th house all seemingly romantic or is it?

  17. I am burning up!
    As long as I don’t burn out it’s ok.
    Figured out how to colour correct and do other cool, funky things with images which was pretty exciting but have basically been staring into a screen all day clicking on a fiddly magic trackpad. It’s actually not magic, like most of the coolest inventions today it’s battery operated.
    I need something…
    but suspect there will be a few more days like this before I get close to feeling relaxed.
    Up, up, up.
    And jeez I’m frisky as fuq
    Oh well…

  18. I met the most gorgeous Leo last year. There were fireworks, then a smouldering fire. Hope to rekindle that energy anytime soon.

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