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Jupiter in Leo is all about the bigger picture and that applies to fashion as well. As Mystic says, Jupiter loves to be in sunny Leo, and there are big rewards for those who have a vision and go all the way. But before you reach for the bronzer and hair spray (a la Venus in Leo), know that Jupiter energy is much more holistic. As Jupiter is the planet of generosity and growth you can’t genuinely amplify your look without re-thinking your life strategy as well. Here are 5 tips to get you started:


Your North Node sign provides clues to your fortune, so knowing and embracing this can break a life or style rut and help the good-luck god along. With Jupiter in the sign of self-promotion, you can go for this in a big way. The Libra Dress Historian I may be, but my North Node’s in the opposing sign. So how do I go about incorporating Aries traits into my ethereal, feminine style? Well, in one word: Red. The colour’s vibrant, flamboyant and complements my First House Moon Mars conjunction and Scorpio Venus a treat. My red-lipstick or poppy print skirt days are braver, more pioneering and even luckier.


Because Jupiter in Leo is so concerned with the bigger picture, it’s time to be bold, not cute. Remove any extraneous details that interfere with your overall impact, eg: a trinkety chain that undermines your swooping neckline. On a larger scale, weed out any clothes from your wardrobe that are past their sell-by-date or bought in the midst of lower Neptune delusions.


Please note that it is Jupiter and not Saturn in Leo and that growth is meant to feel positive. First, try to make the space around your mirror as inspiring as possible because nice surroundings reflect well on you. Next, instead of zoning in on what you don’t like, step back, look at the overall picture and think about how to play up what’s best. Choose a feature (eg: your eyes or hands) and think about how to make it your charm for the day. And tomorrow, you might choose something else.


But, if there is a body-part that outshines all others during Jupiter’s lion transit, it’s the heart-zone, because Leo rules the heart and Jupiter rules giving. The heartier you are, the better you’ll look. Activities that maximise your heart-rate (exercise, risk-taking, loving) will all be beauty boons. The more whimsical might also try sweet-heart necklines, heart-prints and lockets, albeit boldly with a strong pinch of anti-love-zombie salt.


Mars is newly into Scorpio and we’ve all been sharpening our talons after months of waiting. And, yes, black is one of Scorpio’s token colours. But, it seems just wrong to go all Morticia Adams when there’s so much golden energy around. If you want to complement Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo, team your black with shimmery metallics eg: a stark black dress with gold jewellery. Or to appear regal and benevolent try autumnal tones like ruby red, moss green or topaz.

Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

If you have any astrological fashion dilemmas that you would like to be answered on the blog by the Libra Dress Historian, please send them to mystic@mysticmedusa.com

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103 thoughts on “Jupiter In Leo Fashion Tips From The Libran Dress Historian

  1. I have a Leo north node, so I am trying incorporate more gold into my style.

    • I also have Leo north node…. I wonder what else we could do to amp the vibe? Have you noticed a change in the air since Leo’s recent move? I have!

      • I think we also need a lions mane. Yellow/mustard accessories? A little glitter?

        I have noticed with this nn placement that I am becoming more alive with time, less shy, more creative in how I dress and look. This is a great north node.

  2. That or wear clean comfortable cotton. Stick out from the crowd, I say

  3. Just went through a biiiiiig closet purge last night for the new moon in Leo and also because I am moving. Don’t want anything that doesn’t feel like who I want to be NOW and don’t want to hold onto things purely because of sentimentality/hoarding-lite tendencies anymore. There are certain textures, colors, and cuts that I wear constantly so I’ve built up a good amount of quality basics and then drool over so many things on Vestiaire Collective (authenticated luxury re-sell site where you can get good deals) but have to save save save to afford the biannual-or-so splurge on something that will last a lifetime.

    I am also Aries NN and though I don’t wear a lot of makeup I love red lipstick, nails, and accessories. 😀 I have like 15 different shades and textures of red lipstick and maybe 10 red nail polishes that are subtly (but importantly!) different from one another. I love fashion, if I were really rich I would probably be one of those people who makes it a hobby of sorts (says the girl who currently wears yoga pants 5 days of the week and leaves the studio with wet hair).

  4. Sun Sag-Jupiter in Sagg, Neptune mid heaven in Libra. Fashion i love, it came from my mother and from starting a fashion career in Collins Street in the 60’s. Yes that Verushca eye make-up style was IT, just a little more subdued for the street.
    After work strolling top end of Collins St for a frappe, window looking in Mag, Georges, L’Officiel, Kurt Gieger and the very first Sportsgirl boutique, so surrounded by clothes, seeing the sky high hair change to Vidal Saloon styling of neat ‘n clean. watching all the top models of the time applying their make-up at the salon. My formative years in the o so swinging 60’s.
    Had a few Neptunian fantasy items but rocked levi’s & white T or sarongs best of all so it was said in the 70’s.
    Now it’s all Country Road coz always get a park, can look online before i go, it lasts forever, no thinking required, and attentive service by young beauties that tell me if their mother bought it 🙂 I do not ask what their grandmothers wear!
    Just wish i was young enough rich enough (am slim enough) to wear all Sass & Bide mixed with Jac & Jack on weekends.

    Dress Historian what a wonderful career title, know you must love your work. x

    • I adored that style of makeup!!
      used to look at it in the voge mags! and I remember Sophia Loren used to do those wide eyes as well. I thought it was really glamorous.

      Enjoying your reminisces Pegs 🙂

    • Keep an eye out for warehouse sales pegs, e.g. Direct Factory Outlet (hideous ugly name but usually a range of fashion labels to be seen at ridiculously marked down prices) and get on the email lists of just one or two labels you like. If that’s your thing.
      Hey if my Saturn in Leo is good for one thing, it’s finding quality gear at maximum percentage discounts.
      I don’t think you should worry about your years versus wearing fresher styles. Of all the men and women I am around into their 50s, 60s , 70s, I rejoice when I see them rocking a modern look. Reflects their thinking imho. It doesn’t have to be try hard or any of that mean stuff people say. There’s always a zone we can operate in comfortably without feeling self conscious or whatever 🙂

  5. Don’t know what a Gemini North node would wear?
    My sis is a Gemini and she is usually very on trend, with a touch of earthiness from her Taurean moon.

      • yep! gems were hipsters before there were hipsters. 😉
        playful/creative or black + talismanic jewelery (for otherworldly communication, y’know)

        • Communication to the Otherworlds – that’s brilliant! 😀 As a Gem with Scorp Moon, that’s ideal, lol. That’s what crystals are for!

    • Gay Gem friend always pointed out what he would wear if he was a girl – very girly sparkly and pretty – might just be him 🙂

  6. Realised that a great deal of my clothing is the Pi I want to be. It doesn’t have to be about throwing out an old image, but rather ‘shopping my wardrobe’ ( sorry I know that was an instantly outdated term but it makes sense) for the pi who my Saturn in Leo always fuss over.I can’t wait for the Jupiter Saturn conjunction to give me a massive self esteem crisis (Jupes magnifying glass) so I can sort that shit out once and for all.

    Love the “heart” advice 🙂

  7. Libra galore- NN Libra in the 11th with Jupiter/ Neptune in Scorp rising- best asset my Nile green Egyptian eyes. Somewhere between Emma Peal and Mary Poppins…

    I wear skirts and dresses for work- blazers and sweaters for authority- black with jewel tones. Love 60s retro A-lines or shifts. Black tights all winter let me raise the hemlines above the knee.

    My progressed MC is on my Libra NN- totally revamped/culled wardrobe- stripped to essentials.

    Hit an intimates store and amped the girls. Who needs a surgeon?! Had to be last degrees of Prog Asc in Sag!! LOL! Now I’m at PA at 0 Cap- Libra on the MC – NN riding high.

    LDH, you and MM are my Muses!!!!

    Your Devoted Reader,



  8. Maybe not for you, but It’s always a good time for me to go Morticia Addams, 😀

    But i have noticed I’m painting my toenails again after having stopped maybe a couple of years ago. It’s the peel off kind. And bought new eyeshadow palette with some gold in there!

    I also gave away old clothing that wasn’t working for me.

  9. Libra NN and it takes me a lot of time to move my belongings on. That would be my Kataka Sun and Mercury, and the fear of abandonment and homelessness. Have been downsizing with clothes, items that I loved but they don’t love me. I’d suggest that I am in a depressed mood and all this purging is about a different end. Was hoping that with Jupiter moving into Leo I’d feel better about myself seeing. As if it being in my sign left me with so much ruin in it’s wake.

    • Dudette. Don’t feel pressured (?) by the hype. Our souls move in their own time. Jupes into a sign is a slower transit. Let the tide do its thing. You’re in a cotton-wool zone.. softly softly. your own circumstances Will play into all this.
      What’s your asc again? Is Jupiter also into a new house for you?

      • Late Aqua Asc. Jupes in 6th House.
        Actually I am really doubtful about any future. That’s why I am donating most of my belongings. The medication doesn’t change what’s inside. I was told last week that my core beliefs are like rotting fruit. Class had to move along so no helpful dialogue. I fear this therapy is not helpful but leaving me more open to relapse. Even lost my astro mojo, I love MM and this community. But I doubt my future involves marriage next June. Think my chart deets got mixed up with someone else. I’ve said too much and need to switch to radio silent.

        • Jupiter schmoopiter. Over-rated if you ask me.

          Did I mention on another post (as anon because I was sharing personal info about my Crab ex)? … that maybe some Katakans missed out on the positive aspects of Jupiter transit cos Pluto is opposing Kataka.

          I know it’s probably not going to make you feel better but just thought I’d say hi.

          You’re not alone. I’m not feeling this new Jupiter in Leo “golden energy” vibe or the Mars in Scorp either.

        • S, hang in there. You gotta keep up some dialogue even if it remote like this blog. You gotta get out. Use ya Aqua Asc and get out. Fitness, yoga, something. You’re a Krab you know that staying in too much ‘house’ is not good; esp if home is not what you want it to be. Try n make use of any yang influence in ya makeup. Jupes in Kat blessing may just be around da corner. I had a call today from someone who wants to buy my bike.
          I went into a cafe the other day. Specials board said “Breakfast Served from Anytime”; so l ordered French Toast from the Renaisance.

          • oh dear – aren’t these peeps great? Just quietly, I’m not feeling it either! Still sick as a dog and the crap is raining down. As Neko Case sings: hold on, hold on.

            ps. hard to tell from here, but yep, sounds like the meds and/or therapy aren’t helping? Can you get a reappraisal?

            • There is talk of me doing 6 months DBT. Problem is I am over this group environment – no chance to focus on your issues. Last week I couldn’t complete a task so on the whiteboard my core belief went. Pulled apart by everyone and I was left in crisis. Appears to be no effective trauma therapy for non military folks. Also getting nightly flashbacks, which only returned since doing CBT. Thought I was taking a proactive step, appears not. It’s not looking good, especially when I am trying. No real world support makes it very difficult to fight on. I don’t want to take up time here discussing my downward spiral, it’s not appropriate.

              • Had counselling in the 80’s.My opinion of the Dr.Counsellor was: She opens wounds then you walk out bleeding as she didn’t close them before you left.
                Has nothing changed?
                “Philosophy for LIfe and other Disturbances’ that MM mentioned on W/E links is EXCELLENT.
                My LIbrary will order it for me, perhaps yours will S?

              • Well, l don’t think anyone here would think that. Don’t let -ve thoughts feed -ve thoughts. Do like Calypso says. Get better help. I didnt think Jup was dat great- maybe like post above said; Saturn at Home. Act with influence available. Eg l got admin stuff to do. What Moon is coming? Virgo! Bingo!

                • This is supposed to be better care. It’s through my health insurance. I’am worse now than I was during my first suicide attempt. Got no fight left and it’s exhausting. No point in this discussion. This is not the forum for me. I need something permanent support and it doesn’t exist. I’ve tried but to no avail. Your all so sweet to reply to my comments. All the best MM folks your all so amazingly interesting and intelligent.

                  • Just sending massive hugs S. If it is appropriate, I offer my humble services doing distance energy work. If you are up for it, send me yr email & will explain further. Sorry, if this is presumptuous, it’s my way of sending you love really. Xx.

                  • Sorry to hear your ‘therapy’ is nor therapeutic S. I hope things turn around soon. Sending hugs

                  • S, I understand your frustration looking for the help you need. After much searching I eventually found it and I hope you will too.
                    Look after yourself with all the love and kindness
                    you need right now.

                  • YOU’REamazing and intelligent, S. I just love it when you write here – love your wit and insights to everything!

                  • sending love, s. so much love. your situ makes me really sad. angry, too, to know that mental health care is as big of a disaster there as it is here. >:( can you emigrate to finland?
                    a few thoughts: one, pi is right- pluto will leave your moon, at which point you can be a fierce advocate for change, having walked through hades and come out the other side. the only way anything is going to change is with loud, persistent activism (would be good for your aqua asc, no?). until then society will continue to sweep us all under the rug. fuq that.
                    but for now, you’ve gotta focus on getting through each moment. which sounds like quitting the group if it’s hurting more than helping! also, assess your meds. i know they work for a lot of people, but i have never been so acutely suicidal as when on antidepressants (that black box warning applies to adults too, imo), and i have friends who say the same about anti-psychs. consider that it may not just be you. dream weed and psychedelics probably aren’t in the protocol, and that’s a shame. though ymmv, of course.

                    and lastly, i wonder if some sort of relationship with a death godform might be helpful? being eaten by kali ma saved me, seriously, though it was 5 years ago and i’m just now beginning to be ok. hel i find to be friendly and welcoming, and the story of inanna’s descent is quite possibly the all.
                    love love love and perserverence to you!!! xxxxxx

              • Remember that you are like the sun – infinite, white light.

                The part that wants to be consoled, or heard, or feels anger, fear, etc, wants to be heard by the You that is the sun. Not by a therapist, or by a group.
                Spend some time welcoming that part that wants attention right now, treat it as you would a small child, or shy animal. Stay with her and keep shining your light on to her.

        • Miss S, you know that rotting fruit thing is uncool and off the mark.

          You and your cap moon are much smarter than that.

          Group therapy does sound like it ain’t the right medicine.

          Can recognise your need for face to face help. good. you can do that. It is out there.

          Pluto’s still on that moon of yours you know. That’s hard work. He will move soon enough.

          lots of love.

          • yes! and Pluto is real active right now – opposed Mercury last week. That was tough globally and might have dredged up that inappropriate comment. This ia a hard week S, it will pass xx

            • Hi S,
              It takes so much brAvery to be open again and again. I encourage you to keep going down that path with heart! As a sometimes suicidal depressed person I must say it took me about 20 years to find the right therapist and about 10 to find meds that work for me. I think it’s a kind of constant adjustment and realignment thing. I like to meditate that I am holding the part of me that is hurt as one would hold a crying baby when things get real bad. It works a treat! Much respect to your process x

    • I am also a slow-processor of belongings. It’s ok. There are reasons for each of us 🙂

      I was putting away my customary one cubic metre of clothes the other day, and realised that for years I have been shopping for the pi I want to be not the pi I was Living. In denial about my pretty average self expression, lol.

      Working out ways to honour all of this. Display, photograph and blog, wear one thing different every day, see what works by the end of the year maybe. Long goodbyes for me, at times , maybe you too? Xxok

    • Hi S… Have you ever have a cellular healing session?

      I have been where you in the sense of not thinking my life was worth anything. But getting more and more involve on spiritual healing has worked so much better than therapy. Cellular healing was a memorable time for me.

      I wish you well and do think you reaching out to the “peeps” here is so smart.


    • Dear S
      Do not switch to silence. Feel supported here. I love the idea of visualising holding the part of yourself that hurts and allowing for healing. I guess anything I say has been said before but just be excellent, at least kind, to yourself. Remember, this too shall pass, and the cyclical nature of life and astrology can give some faith in things changing, always and inevitably. Observe your feelings, maybe try writing? Very inappropriate that you were torn down in therapy. Love and light to you

    • With a Taurus NN, dress for how things FEEL — cashmere, velvet, silk charmeuse, washed linen — nothing scratchy or itchy or prickly. And comfortable, yes, but also sensual, like draped t shirts and things that slide off your shoulder.

      And, if I remember, isn’t Taurus’s color PINK? MM champions pink underthings for harnessing the power of Venus.

      As for me, I’ve got Taurus moon, Virgo sun conjunct pluto and NN Leo — time for a black velvet cape…with pockets! ????

    • Think more about the feel of the clothes, not necessarily comfort. Silk, cotton, soft fabrics basically. My natural Taurus instincts make me go “ew” to anything that doesn’t feel “nice and soft.” Airy garments. Chic but also practical. Doesn’t necessarily have to be “plain.” Think also “sensual.” Show some neck! 😉

      • Love the suggestion of showing some neck. it’s my favourite body part and very Taurean/ old-school Venusian. Do you know that in the 50s and 60s clothes were designed to elongate the neck the way they’re now designed to lengthen the legs? I’m all for bringing back this old erogenous zone.

    • Ha ha! I’m Virgo NN and was thinking the same..ugh, earthy tones…surely there’s a better option for us earth NN’s??? Lots of rocks may be? Rings, necklaces and gemstone tiaras?!? 🙂

      Totally love this post BTW. Amazing! 🙂

  10. I’ve started another round of wardrobe declutter on Saturday just before the New Moon, to be finished over the coming week.

    My NN is in Scorpio and I already have a good amount of black in my closet. Funny enough I am more drawn to light shades lately.

  11. Sagg NN (7th House of Lib)

    Romantic Boho? I do love turquoise. No probs there.

    Been dressing for my Scorpio Moon lately, lots of black and silver with turquoise.

    • Turquoise is def very Saggy and very boho!

      Libran stuff tends to look very classic, and even if menswear inspired tends to look feminine, but not frilly or uberfem. It usually helps you look more symmetrical too.

      • Thanks for this! I wasn’t sure what the Libran would like but symmetry makes sense to me.
        I also have Venus conjunct Saturn, so it is really essential for me I think.

  12. Kataka NN 0 deg with Venus and Mars conjunct. White?? I never wear much white…

  13. NN in Pisces – in my 7th

    Glamour Romance I’m thinking Golden Years of Hollywood and Silverscreened level of maintenance with a dreamy man….Only a real one please Mr DeMille

    • NN in Pisces in my 4th over here.
      I like the idea of old Hollywood glamour…I also have a desire to do a photo shoot with more pagan attire mystical meets Shamanic Voodoo.

    • Pisces NN in 3rd, I was just thinking of how my pisces friend wore a emerald/turquoise lehenga to her sister’s engagement party and she reminded me of a mermaid. So glamorous. *heart eyes*

  14. North node in Taurus in 5th house…..hmmm.
    The 3 CowGirls i know dress in a very similar style to me. Classic, Quality & Monochrome.
    I love Lion/Lioness featured earrings in gold or Lion belt buckles in brass?
    Is that Nodal Dressing or just sensible.

  15. Forgive my Katakaness but S sounds distressed overtime. What can be done for her?

    • Havening is a cool technique that treats trauma, PTSD, etc. In the UK and US there are practitioners- don’t know about elsewhere. Used with EFT/ “tapping” it can do big stuff. Many are in crisis ATM and not feeling the glow.

      Maybe it’s a time for dressing/acting “as if” even briefly to pre-pave our healings.

      Peace and prayers to all!!!

      • I was just thinking about this. I’m helping another friend who he’s helping get help for suicidal issues. I feel fine but other people are struggling hard.

      • I’ve just sent an email to a person who does EFT where I live.

        Being a labrat for bigpharm and being told to just take more of the same is not helping. Especially when I am wanting to be proactive. In class today, any suggestions I made the facilator ignored me. She just said DBT would be good for me. I’d rather not do 6 months of a program which is really CBT cloaked in mindfulness – as CBT just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve order the book Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman (which is supposed to be the benchmark).
        Got some sample meds today, as they are expensive. The Camp Crazy Lolly Bag. I did miss out on my free Vali on arrival tho. Mental Health don’t come cheap.

        Thank you for all the kind words dear MM folks. Wish I could meet you all in person and thank you individually.

        • Good luck S, glad to hear of your efforts with EFT which I have had some good experiences with also. Hugs!

        • S, sending you heaps of healing. Group stuff sounds awful- return to high school hell.

          Just downloaded a short ebook on grief processing-Grief Recovery Method. Sanest stuff I have found on the topic. EFT and Havening helped me as well. Darkest times are past but I have trodden the path into and out of the abyss.

          If meds help- it doesn’t matter the source. First healing and health.

          Wishing you all strength and beauty-Jup in Leo helps us embrace our joy in and expression of our own beauty and that is healing.

          Libra Dress Historian, thank you for the forum and inspirations!!


  16. We have a lot of similar stuff in our charts! Libra with Moon-Mars conjunction, Scorpio Venus…

    My Node is in Leo, though (and so is my Moon-Mars… all in the 5th house!) So Leo energy is definitely my thing – I love the black dress with gold metallics idea!! Will definitely use that 😉

  17. Love this! No clue where my north node is, but your advice is sound. I have shunned black since living in the US and actually being able to purchase colour, but it is hard to do so back here in Australia where everyone is so safe and samey and monochromatic. So, people…..where can I buy chic, fabulous, well made clothes that aren’t dull, dull, dull black, navy, beige, kahaki? (And yes I have 58,000 scarves ranging back to my mother’s 70s YSL ones so please don’t tell me to accessorise with colour.) Thank you. I know someone there will be able to help.

  18. Love these helpful tools. My North Node is in Gemini. Both the 8th and 9th house. I am honestly afraid to dress myself up. I want to so badly but depending on the circumstances I end up playing myself down. I met up with HS friends while traveling. 2 guys.. I wanted to wear my adorable white top with camisole underneath that EVERYONE loves and I decided on a basic simple black top with my Ying Yang symbol necklace. I just couldn’t do it. I HATE it when people judge me and say that I am after this guy or that guy.. I HATE it. So, I dressed down because of that.

    I am trying though. I have bought some fun outfits in hopes of standing out.

    Thanks Mystic, for this list!!

    • Ellie STOP absorbing OPS (other peeps stuff). So what if they think you are a scarlett woman, it’s our inner whore, get to know her.
      Ask yourself about the fear of dressing up in a question & answer time on paper, so you can toss it and ‘dress up’,( and drop that expression to simply ‘Dressing’).
      Dressing thyself is honourable, creative expression and FUN. Give yourself permission to be sexy as you can.

      • Ok.. Pegs. Done!! From this point forward I am going sexy!! A.k.a. Fuq them!! .. Let me repeat for my own spiritual self.. “fuq them” !!


  19. Thanks everyone for the comments. You have some great ideas. When it comes to the advice, take what feels relevant and discard the rest.

    With regard to some of the posts: those of you with Earth north nodes, think more treasures of the earth (flowers and rocks) than muddy brown for good luck charm(s). There were some good suggestions up there!

    I’m sorry that some of you are going through tough times. Make sure you get all the support you need and don’t try to deal with everything alone.

    Finally, I’m very newly on Twitter, so if you want to catch me more often I’m @KaterinaPea xx

  20. Sag NN on my Venus and Mars in the 11th. Aqua rising Libra sun. I have my “uniform” of slacks and turtlenecks in winter and jeans and button down shirts for summer. Makeup and a great necklace tend to be the final touch. Dresses and skirts are emergency only and heels if I wear them are racy but professional. I think I’m a very Saturn Aquarius.

  21. woohoo, i’ve been wanting to write and ask this very question!
    realized like 3 weeks ago that sun rising means i should go leo. been thinking aries this whole time, first house and all that, but no. leo. and it’s true, my most noticeable aspect is my veritable mane of golden dreadlocks (dt, am going to reply to your post on the other thread), and the few times that i’ve dyed my hair dark it’s been a disaster. so sunshine and gold it is. gold hair with little black dresses and red accents. libra nn keeps it classy and not too over-the-top.
    this heart thing is kinda a big deal. i came across the reichian creator concept, and i’ve never self-identified as strongly with anything. must inhabit my body, and MUST open my heart and have good posture. it’s going to be seriously hard, physically- a lifetime of trying to make myself small- but appropriate for jupiter in leo, yes? the queenly posture?
    ps hi beautifuls, i’ve missed you all!!

    • HDQ, Reichian meaning Willhelm Reich author of ‘Function of the Orgasm and the one on Cancer ‘People in Trouble’?
      Interesting (if it is him) that he wrote about The Orgone and it was violet light at base of skull before chakras were known about in the West.
      His work from over 70 years ago is still groundbreaking & extremely relevant.
      Toss those golden locks Queenie 🙂

      • Yes, him! Amazing stuff and I can’t believe I’d never read it before. Crazy life story too.

      • Oh holy buzzing crystals, yes I used it. How did we exist before the tarot?!? 😉

  22. I have Jupiter transiting my Leo MC in 9th/10th house and North Node in Pisces 4th House.
    I love the water, the beach, the ocean but not fond of wearing those watery pastels…am attracted to mystical, spiritual topics, but you would never guess by the way I dress all in black, denim and leather and red lipstick and nails.
    Trying to make some subtle changes to bring some of that Pisces energy out…something that will go well with leather…maybe something pagan, watery, spiritual for a photo shoot.

    • I don’t think Pisces style needs to be limited to (or remotely needs to be seen as) pastel fluff. I mean I love that stuff but I don’t go “oh Pisces ok time to bust out the pale blue chiffon and freshwater pearls”
      Maybe ultra dark greens, Prussian blue, shimmering black, mixed textures, a piece of jewellery that makes you look twice. I think the thing with the Pisces vibe is that it is fluid, mutable, subtle, not heavy or statement-ish or definitive. Definitely no fur. So you can totally stick with black and denim imo. You know, Drew Barrymore sorta.

    • What about wearing fish?? Not like lady gaga would but there are lots of different prints around with fish (stylised, sketchy, artistic, photo imagery) and soooo many naughtical and seasidy vibe clothes and accessories to get in touch with your fish self 🙂
      I’m a crab sun and love wearing crabs

  23. Love love love these tips and all the inspiring comments from fellow subscribers! Am really having fun experimenting with my Leonine Venus and NN and my Pluto Rising. Consider frivolity well and truly induced MM 🙂
    I am a new woman with the new energies all around
    Thank goddess Mars has moved into Scorp. Like finally!!

  24. NN in Cap. So I’m thinking crisp, clean tailored wool? Expensive, quality fabrics in black and cream…

    • That sounds good. My Gem guy and younger Cap have NN in Cap and look great in black and grey. They look vibrant not washed out.

  25. Interesting, I have a Gemini venus and a Cancer Sun so I definitely see how those come into play in my wardrobe, but I wouldn’t mind being my pisces NN for a year or two. I was just mentioning earlier how I loved my pisces friend’s lehenga that she wore to her sister’s engagement, it was emerald/turquoise and she looked like a mermaid. While I’m definitely not gonna start ripping of Desi clothes, I think that the color and look I’ll go for? Flowy and mermaid-y.

  26. im a scorp with mars in scorpio jupiter in leo north node in taurus, hoping this is a good time for me ??

  27. aaaaah does anyone have any suggestions for NN in aqua?? what does that even meaaaan…like its good for me to run/fly away when life doesnt make sense anymore? with torquoise sparkly nipple tassles?
    oh i dunno, i just wanna look fit haha

  28. NN Aqua- gender bending- tailored jackets- twists on uniforms, primary colors, prints with words, numbers, shapes, light on dark, metals, crystals, retro with a twist, cool hair, maybe with a streak of color- blue, purple….

    Shiny fabric/metals….

    I have Uranus in 9th near my MC- I love unusual takes on period stuff –


  29. I have in Leo sun, mercury (1st house), Venus and Mars (2nd)–and my nn is in Aqua–8th house. Any suggestions?!