21 thoughts on “Future Leo

  1. Wow I love that painting. Things to do today: light a fire in the parlor, hold a mirror up to it.

    As a (natally empty) 6th house Leo (with Saturn currently touring my 8th/1st), I wanted to hear this mp3. Thank You, Mystic! So helpful & empowering, this info, for maxing out my 6th house Leo biz.

    • Did that last week when burning last years left over wood
      as have a large mirror covering the fireplace when not in use which is 360 days of year. Placed in against table and it inadvertently reflected the fire. Bliss.
      The warmth went to the bones like no other style of heating so for the 1st time in our winter i was actually warmed to the core of my being.
      Off to load up the car with more wood today, then throw some entities than are annoying me into a blazing fire.
      Coincidently was when sun moved to Leo, but of course πŸ™‚

  2. Perhaps it is the influence of the collective fervour about this new moon, but I must say in the last week I really do feel like the fog has lifted!

    (Lol, the Matrix 3 movie is on right now, Gem just called me to see him walk by on set for .04 of a second – that does seem a really Leo thing just off the New Moon).

    My solar return exact in a couple hours. So I have Jupe/Sun/Moon all on my Sun/Hecate conjuction in the 2nd – I feel great!

  3. I am Gem Rising and I am introverted some days and extrovert the next, πŸ™‚ . Did you like your dates? Kayaking seems a very good way to get more water in your life while keeping dry, like.