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This amethyst bathroom basin is polarizing. At first glimpse, it’s like YES – of course. Why shouldn’t EVERYTHING in the house be magical? Divine ratio/golden mean proportions by LAW. In my magical dictatorship, everything would have to be the magical ratio. And crystals could be incorporated into everyplace possible. In Feng Shui terms, crystals are powerfully EARTH, so it would be a very simple matter to make them part of the practical infrastructure, rather than just adding them on in the form of rocks scattered around the place. But would not this thing be a bitch to clean?

Imagine it with a bit of organic algae soap scum in there. Even the most virulent Virgo cleaning with super-reinforced cotton buds and peroxide could have issues. Also, where DO we stand on crystals now? Gemstones also. I have some sensational rose quartz and red carnelian under my mattress (courtesy of an excellent Cancerian psychic) now but is it true that we’ve over plundered Gaia for these allegedly magic objects and that the whole crystal/gemstone deal has become suss?

Thoughts please….

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74 thoughts on “Chez Crystal

  1. I agree. I am conflicted about purchasing crystals now a days. I’d rather pick up stones from my back yard / forest.

  2. Oh no! It seems so disrespectful for such a beautiful and powerful object to be used as a basin.

  3. Seems disrespctful to basins to be made out of clearly stupendously unsuitable materials.
    This msg brought (or is it bought) to you by Mars in Virgo – Analities Initiative & Enforcement Agency

    • YOU ARE HIRED FOR MY WHACKO MAGICAL DICTATORSHIP – i need a Mars in Virgo aide de camp that i can trust totally to carry out my initiatives

    • that was my first thought – “OMG! That would be a nightmare to clean!!

      Mars in Virgo

        • haha… you didn’t have to say. I knew it was you. πŸ™‚ I remember you saying somewhere you get bored.

          Me too. I’ve had a few name changes over the years. And always get bored with my Grav pic.

          NN in Gem, moon in Saggo (square Uranus) – again!! πŸ˜€

          • my Saturn in Aqua trines Gem NN. There’s a clue to my destiny in that somehow. I still can’t work it out.

            • My SatCap squares my Libra NN. Havnt looked that up yet. But l’m starring in a new film called “Rebel Without a Clue”

            • What degree is your Sat Cap and NN libra?

              And Merc was Leo? What house? You should be a comedy scriptwriter!

              • I should. Kids at school say l should be a stand up comic. I’ve got the first part right, at least. I love MP and Shaun Micallef born 18/7- 3 daze before me. I reckon he’d be Aqua Moon. I ll look up my astrodienst thingo. I’m spose to be painting my MC parts. But astro stuff is like Star Trek. To go boldly where no man (& few wimyn) have gone.

                • have always wondered what Shaun Micallef’s sign was. No wonder you like him – he’s a Katakan with moon in Aqua like you!!

                  His NN in Leo – quite the entertainer!

              • Well. I got MercLeo 19’12” – 2nd haus. UranusLeo 15’27” – 1st haus. SatCap 2’27” 6th haus. LibraNN 6’27” 3rd haus. I still gotta get my head around how planets in houses relate to plants in signs. And like HTF did ppl work out deacans or even how planet-planet conjuncts or quincunxs, etc. Mind boggling. I read MMs rave on 8/10/13. That advice woulda helped me avoid a big misunderstanding with my reset Scorp femme.

                • your NN is conjunct my Venus Libra 7ΒΊ

                  My Cap Asc is 3ΒΊ

                  Anyway, with Merc in Leo in 2nd house, you could earn extra income from comedy or acting or something Leo related

    • gee…i don’t have a prob with mine…my faucet’s full of magical rain

    • Agree. This would only work in my balinese buddha courtyard as a rockpool. Part of my natural waterfall cascading pool!

    • Ha ha. Yes. Virgo Ascendent flinched at the thought of cleaning that entirely unsuitable basin. Ugly fittings too.

  4. very unpractical basin. imagine all manner of shaved or fallen hairs getting stuck in there. eew.

  5. Whatever Virgo I have in my chart is pinging over cleaning it.

    But with crystals generally, the people who run those business (the wholesalers I mean) are usually not that ethical. I’ve been to one of those warehouses and it’s pretty much whatever they can get away with taking off the land, fossils included. I mean if they could have ivory there, they would.

    So it makes me wonder, where does one get a crystal harvested with a bit of thought and care? An ethical crystal, so to speak.

    • that’s horrid. It’s like a puppy mill for rocks!
      lots of supermarkets are that way for Phaelenopsis orchids. I bought one 2 yrs ago and didn’t realize these things actually live a long time with the right care. but the way in which they come sabotage their lifespan. They look so beautiful in the store but check their roots, usually cruelly bound in unbreathable glass container with no air circulation. The damage to the roots can sometimes be irreparable by then. The stores want you to buy a new one every 6 months.

  6. virgo here and the cleaning thing disturbed me too!!!
    i would feel so bad to scrub away at the crystals and would freak over what product to use that was kind…..also not nice to the crystal, really not nice!!!

    • That crystal has been really disrespected by the average selection of hardware. That is my birthstone they have demeaned there, and Taurus rising demands better quality of plumbing accessories. Poor execution in more ways than one, but with mars in cancer all I can do is go sooky about it and maybe squeak a bit about the rights of crystals.

      • I totally feel you. I would hope that a spiritual type person would rescue it! Amethyst is pretty resilient I find though.

  7. such a luxe idea! but too impractical and as some said, not respectful. it would have to be polished for it to work … you know, smooth like an actual bowl.

    it would be better if it was same idea executed but with molded glass. smoother feeling & easier to clean too. and leave the crystals lounging about in a see through medicine cabinet … maybe a mirrored one to reflect it even more.

  8. It would be more logical as a bidet, no?

    BTW, kids, I heard from lying, cheating douche kicked to curb during the ZZ. Hadn’t heard from him in 2.5 months … cue other leg(s) of triangle dumped his sorry arse? It felt SO good not to cave this time. I was polite, and happy about my life, but disinterested, volunteered no personal tidbits. At ~ 2 am, had written his name on a piece of paper & placed in freezer, prayed to Archangel Metatron to release and shield me from him, felt a deep calm, slept peacefully all night. And felt fab today!

    YAY me!! Piss on him!! Such a long road, ladies. Really loved that selfish prick, thought we would be married someday. Oh well. Lots of men out there. So glad for my angels … they rock! Peace & love to all. Thanks for letting me rip it here πŸ™‚

    • Ooh, I’m sorry to read about that. Similar situation a while back for me but still get weepy about the loser. I might just try this freezer prayer thing.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, ScorpSag — a part of the idealistic, sappy, self-torture side of me wishes everything will work out still (enter unicorns, rainbows, Cupid and sh*t). I def have weak moments. He just doesn’t get to see them or know about them anymore. You take care!

  9. I have encountered two schools of thought on the topic:

    1) Mining of crystals is of detriment to many tribes/juncles/ocean beds so only second hand allowed.

    2) This is the nature of our planet – positives and negatives coexist in all interactions/situations – life is complex. So as crystals are being unearthed we embrace that life is here is process of sacrifice. Eg, splendid living plants are loved and then suffer as we uproot them to eat them. Animals also and crystals are part of that cycle too.
    As we uproot the crystals they accommodate themselves to our presence and are of service to the planet in a new way through the interaction with humans.

    Personally, I see both points and I embrace the plutonic nature of our planetary reality.
    If possible I prefer to know where they are mined and talk to the wholesalers who are often scientists.
    Problem is the crystals call me, I don’t ‘choose’ them.

  10. Ok so I am like the Anti-Virgo and even I thought omg cleaning lol. My Virgo third house is empty other than Psyche, and Neptune in sagg 6th house.

    I don’t buy crystals any more (still have some from previous purchases). I was talking to someone once about typical origins. E.g. huge caves in Mexico, discovered when digging a highway tunnel. Instead of making it an in-situ attraction, or perhaps even documenting it via professional or sci photography, it’s get in there and rip out what you can. We have such acquisitive urges. I sold all my new agey Crystal and whatever books a while ago as too much reliance on external means to get spiritual, yo.

    Hey, maybe I am a spiritual minimalist!! 6th house Neptune sagg. There’s an idea hahaha

    I mean they are beautiful. I probably wouldn’t criticise others for having things. Just consciousness of source ?

    I found a clear quartz crystal in a river bed in remote northern australia once, eroded and washed out of the very old rocks in the area. I have it with me but realised this doesn’t feel right and plan to sent it back to the person up there.

    • Bit like the “Sorry Stones” at Uluru….

      For myself, I like the idea of crystals being the Stone People. Think of them as animate beings, and the way to treat them becomes more clear. I have been powerfully called to by a lump of rose quartz, which moved on to a friend of mine later… it would have been rude to refuse….

      I don’t buy stone pendulums anymore, because they always break.

      I have a difficult relationship with a piece of moldavite – so bolshy for something so small ! But it doesn’t want to go – its waiting for me to do something, or evolve or something…

      Lastly, for me, its actually mostly sea shells and sea glass – and I’ve only just got to the point where I pick ’em up and admire ’em; and then put them down again, for someone else to enjoy. This is a real improvement for me πŸ˜€

      • I have some amethyst clusters, rose quartz rocks, just bought a lace agate druzy pendant, a couple of clear quartz, a small smoky quartz crystal, and an awesome little carved turquoise sungod from the US and the ? indians.

        It yelled at me in a crystal hippy shop and wanted me to buy it and take it home with me!!

        I wash and dust them regularly and love them and I think of them like pets…

  11. Well i have a cleaner and i would not inflict this upon her. It looks grotesque like what you would find in the home of a delusional hippie scorpio you dated at a really low point in your life and this is what you found in his demountable bathroom when you went to throw up from his cheap warm wine. MYSTIC i DELETED THIS PHOTO ALBUM – HOW DID YOU GET THIS?

    • soz, was me. How many Scorpio hippie do you know of on this site?

      Just because you had a bad experience with a low Scorp, there’s no need to taint us all with that brush!

      I usually like your work and think you’re funny. But you missed the mark this time.

      • U like my work? What work?

        Sweetie, there is a world of difference between “a delusional hippie scorpio” and “all scorpios are delusional hippie scorpios.”

        also if it makes you any happier he was a RIOT in bed. Vertically, not so much fun.

  12. That is about as ugly and cruel a picture I’ve seen lately. Crystals, rocks are sentient: they are beings. If we feel crystals can add some positive energy by effecting our auric field or at least being something of beauty that helps to uplift and center our spirit, why even talk about how hard it would be to clean when it’s a shame what some person did. Just gross. We live on a giant rock and yet we have no respect for the magic of that!. If you love something, why not just love it instead of using it? I suppose in my humble Leo opinion, some people just have not taste!

  13. Yes, Stone People. They offer us so much healing and we turn them into sinks and make jokes about the cleaning. Actually looks abusive to me.

  14. Crystals are magical beings, such powerful energy…I’ve just come across what is probably a rare cache of stones and minerals, including some off-world meteorites. All in a closed-up shop, some in boxes, some still in show cabinets…the energy there is amazing! But sad at the same time, such beauty hidden away, maybe we need to bring the unseen into the light?
    Recently, Keisha (Little Grandmother) visited the island & she was suggesting that we return crystals to Mother Earth, placing them in areas that need their support.

  15. 6 years ago was eating a banquet of consequences I would have preferred to be without. Woke up not resonating to $10,000 worth of crystals I had. Took them down to the ocean (South of Coogee before Maroubra) Walked out onto the rock platform & chucked them in. Felt good.

    • That’s intense man.

      Seems like a lot of people on this thread have some strong messages about their little pieces of earth, having them and losing them.

  16. It belongs where it came from. Go look but don’t take, but that’s hard in this modern day world. I dunno I’m wierd like that.

  17. pisces rising, virgo south node. First thought: woooooooow!! Second thought: how the f*** would I clean it??

  18. also strangely I’ve been reading on how to make a grounding or earthing blanket.

  19. Stone People. That’s kind of cool. I’ve always liked to attribute a type of consciousness to non-respiring beings, but hadn’t got around to considering crystals specifically. Hmm. Maybe i should have a chat to the ones I have left around me (when I still bought them). I do have a large clear quartz that comes and goes as it pleases.. at least, when it tumbles off somewhere I just let it be wherever it has hidden itself (hey, I”d have enugh of me too sometimes)

    Maybe a crystal-whisperer can help, though, we have a giant smoky quartz crystal in my house, not polished, it’s about 6 inches long x 2-3 inches diameter. Amazing, dark, weighty. A gift from a geologist. where is the best place to keep such a thing and how can we best harness(?) its vibe? I don’t know if I need more grounding, or less right now 😐

    • make sure it is cleansed before using! maybe it’s just “dirty”?

  20. I recently lost a very important crystal, important to me spiritually. I had invested a lot in it. It was confiscated when I entered temporary housing.
    Made me realize I have to take better care of myself before I can expect to have nice things or carry out my spiritual practices. Neptune in Sag issue maybe.

  21. Horrible. Imagine spitting your mouthful of toothpaste down that and not feeling a twinge of guilt, only to after wash your hands and then stab them with the points from the terrible design and the terrible idea.

    • So the pics aren’t loading on my phone, but I doubt that this is the type of sink you would brush your teeth in or even wash your hands.

  22. That thing is VILE! I cannot imagine any fellow Aquarian liking such a disgusting receptacle for dental waste, dirty hands and shaving flotsam jetsam – there’s no implement invented yet that would get that thing clean. Slime city crystal method basin for trapping filth and dark matter? NOooo!!!

  23. Not a Virgo here, in fact no Earth at all in my chart except Chiron in Cap (yay me), and I still have cleaning issues with that thing. Seriously, though, I have some sensitivity to crystals, on seeing it I would probably go “ooo pretty” (big time Leo here), and then, “EWW! Not in my house!”. Some crystals “call” to me, some I have no feeling for at all, and I am looking to unload at least one heirloom necklace on some unsuspecting and non-sensitive relative. The thing practically makes me break out in hives.