On The Border Of A New Realm

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Yo the Daily Horoscopes for Friday are up – many of us are totally feeling the “border of a new realm” vibe but we’ve still got a little big of cognitive dissonance (and Qi-Vampery-F-Wit Management) to navigate with the Sun-Mars square, even as Mercury & Neptune make goo-goo.ย  Navigation tips & strategy directions in the Scopes.

Also, to answer a FAQ, you can do the 12 Card Tarot reading on the site as often as you want – it won’t break it –ย  but it IS good to sit on a reading for a bit. I like to print them out and read over a few days later.


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40 thoughts on “On The Border Of A New Realm

  1. Oh it was too perfect…..I cried at DMV in NYC…..yup. I did get it all done but it felt like Labor. I now have a motorcycle permit and I celebrated alone with Rose and Mexican truffles…..later my Soccer ball was hit by a car. I’m all…..but it’s Jupiter in Leo….why am I losing (or why does it die) everything I love? (Nevada drivers license for NYC…etc….ppl,lovers,friends…)….
    However! Today I woke up exhilarated ! I think it’s Saturn Direct.
    I have Saturn in Leo in tenth house, sun in Leo….Scorp Asc. And 3planets/Gemini in the 8th house….so I guess, of course everything I love dies. Lol. here’s to rebirth and reincarnation! Cheers!

  2. Much to my surprise I’ve suddenly started writing poetry again. The first and last time I wrote poetry was when I saw a psychologist after my mother died of lung cancer – no-one talked about death in those days. She was great and poetry poured out – most of it very angry and also quite funny. So last week I wrote and talked about Mum’s death, first time really opened up about how awful it was and how ghastly the hospital and oncologist were, and then lo and behold, the poetry started pouring out. Totally entering a new realm!

    • C R A Z Y C R O N E ! So good to see you, woman ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesomeness re your poetry. Just beautiful magic xx

      • Yup,, still here, Scorporation, poetry pouring out like the clappers, still loving North Cyprus, hubby gardening like mad, four dogs growing up, three cats prowling around, Mediterranean within view. Life is good, so glad we decided to move to North Cyprus. Funnily – handling the heat here far better than in Australia. I feel I’ve come home – over 2 years here and no talk of moving home or continents – wow, how good is that?!!!!

          • Hi, Scorpbot and Gemyogi – I actually had a bad fall at the beginning of the year, the dogs tripped me up, and I’ve found that you don’t bounce when you hit marble. So I’ve been recovering ever since, hence no posts here, but am doing a rather nifty shake your booty routine now. The poetry is such a surprise but am so enjoying it! Lotsaluv, Darls xxxxx

        • Two years – it doesn’t seem that long ago that you were sharing your plans here to move. It’s an inspiring change…and yes, it’s sounding very good.

  3. I literally can’t remember feeling so good:) The April zap zone was horrendous – my second husband took his life after 4 years of trying to help him work out his demons. The subsequent fall-out with his family, kids, and working it all out in my own mind has been brutal and draining to say the least. I am finally coming out of the dark tunnel that the past 5 years have been and really feeling back to my old self!! Happy, peaceful, optimistic and ready to rock this Jupiter in Leo in my sixth house with some serious work on health, getting some serious muscle back, running a coupld 5ks, doing fun things with my daughter and working around my home. Work couldn’t be better either! An office bully making my life difficult got a formal smackdown from the higher ups yesterday and I’ve been given permission to put her in her place as needed. I also got the formal approval to work from home whenever I want. Yay for Uranus that just went into my second house as well!

    • Wow! You sound fantastically grounded and balanced for a person who has been through so much trouble and heartache. Good on you! Keep up the great work and I hope the second half of the year brings you all good things ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you:). Five years ago I lost my first husband to cancer in a matter of two months while I was pregnant with our first daughter so I am darn ready to be done with Neptune and Pluto transits and ready for some happiness! It has pushed me to become spiritual though which is a huge signature of my birth chart and which I wanted nothing to do with before all this.

  4. I’m a little bit confused! Apparently Jupiter was to enter leo at 6.32pm in Wester Australia..however on my sky guide App Jupiter was in cancer and still is..so I’m wondering if these Apps are not quite accurate?? I was ready to light my candle and say a pray.. But wasn’t sure what was going on..then I woke fast this morning, flew out of bed to get my horse fed and derugged..she’s been scouring badly for some time now and is loosing weight..she’s 20 yrs old..but I stood there crying asking her whats going on with her..I’ve been treating her to no avail.. But as I was walking to the feed shed I was thinking so much for feeding good now that Jupiter is in Leo..I’m leo sun, mars and merc so have had a hell of a time with these planets RX..so been all hyped up for this new frontier so good for Leo’s..I have a new job and new home to move to..but not quite feeling the flow yet..the doors are opening but no yet fully..son I just have to go through the motions of packing house, but still not feeling it..I need this move, I’ve been hanging for newness in life, but I’m just not feeling it yet :-/

  5. Woke up yesterday all excited for Jupiter in Leo and it was one of the hardest, most emotional days I’ve had in ages. Basically crawled through it trying to maintain some shred of spiritual dignity and self-esteem. Tears, longing, self-loathing, regret, overwhelming sense of failure, loss, and inability to let go/move forward, feel valued or useful in the world. Uh… not what I was expecting!

      • well, love to you Orlon and Sphinx. Jupiter is transiting my fourth house…yeah, home and ancestors up big time but it sure didn’t feel good.

        I’ve been trying on the approach of “move forward as if you are a fully healed person” and yesterday that felt impossible and as if I will never be healed.

        • To you too VRules. I hope you are feeling better today.
          I was wondering if I would have some magical Jupiterian healing feeling.. but no! Just as you describe.
          There’s more to life than healing I guess. Sometimes it is what it is. We move forward broken. The earth doesn’t stop turning because a little asteroid punched her.

          This transit is to my 2nd House for me. Values and wealth etc. I feel undervalued?
          Also my Sun/Hecate is at 4 deg. so my destiny/ego/inner self & whatever Hecate represents are highlighted…and were found to be lacking last night! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah well. *keeps on swirling*
          Also learned today I am five days over a cut-off date for accessing some funding for my 4 year old. Just possibly 5-10k. That was a kick in the shin. I thought Jupiter might help me there but no.

    • yeah, me too. I had a 38ยบ temperature for some mysterious reason – enough to suck the joy from life, but not enough to make one delirious, which would of been preferable. Feeling back to normal today.

    • So glad you wrote this! Me too. I felt better after reading the Daily that Mystic sent for Thursday and the weekend. Not just me, I suppose. The theme from the Lego Movie played in my head most of the day, excpt the words were: “Everyone’s an Asshole” in that happy jaunty tune so I could breeze through the f-wits.

  6. It’s interesting the whole new realm thing.
    The new adventure. I’m in my mid fifties and the adventure seems to continue much like it has and was when I was 12. I know every one is told that one day you grow up and get old and adventure turns to nostalgia. It can, but you can choose the other way. I feel ready for a new adventure. And then there will be another.
    I have been experimenting with an idea. It is that everyone has a sun based age. The no. of sun rotations. Also everyone has an alter age between 6-18.
    I’m a 55/12 for example. There is a 12 year old residing in this body. Who decided to stay and still has a voice . My mother is a mid 70s/9. Once I realised this.our relationship got better.
    I have been experimenting with this idea with family and friends, work colleagues etc. attempting to give them an age between 6-18. Once you have that age worked out, you can communicate effectively to the 8 year old or the 45 year old. It’s interesting and revealing.
    So pick an age for yourself and try it with others. What may look like a 50 year old talking to a 30 year old, could be actually a 9 year old talking to a 16 year old.
    Why tops 18 ? Cause I’m yet to meet anyone over that ‘alter age’.

      • Lol, I am 39/12. But my father is 73/3 so I figure I have improved on the family issues/dna passed down.
        (I have known 3 year olds with better manners, but less than three stops making sense without serious health issues kicking in to the equation).

    • I am 40/11. When I don’t have to impress anyone I still dress much as I did when I was 11 (primary colours, jeans, sneakers, ponytails) and I still think like an 11 year old: if I jump could I reach that beam? That comic looks cool. What are the trees trying to tell me? I could totally trip that person if I just stick my leg out. I’m glad my 11 year old self is still alive inside me like a permanent little sister.

  7. Ended a long term friendship today – have watched this guy spiral out of control over the last five months. Today was last straw – he rocked up to a 10.30am meeting with five other senior business people who he is seeking investment money from with his bacon and egg sandwich and coffee (which he then eats in front of everyone at the meeting; no-one else was eating or drinking), distributing a powerpoint presentation which in his words he threw together this morning (when he is seeking multi millions of dollars of investment in his ventures so maybe it was worth a longer time investment and looked as if it had indeed been thrown together that morning), responding to questions from those attending by saying you just don’t get it then proceeding to go back over the same ground thus taking up most of the air time or simply saying ‘I don’t agree’ as an answer to a question. He is not an expert in this area and was presenting an opportunity that he needed to get feedback on. That feedback was ‘need more details’ and was very specific on what details were needed.

    Libra sun at 15 degrees so I get there has been some pressure but he is 52 years old and just should know better than the above.

    Have been rethinking this relationship for a couple of months as I worked with him and just got his crazy ways. Reading from 12 card spread was ‘if the question is whether to say or go, go.’ Not that the card guided my decision; rather it made me stop and think why this might be the right choice for me.

    • He’s 52 and doing that! Gosh, he is the one “not getting it”, I think. Sounds like if you don’t have to deal with him anymore then things will be much simpler.

      It’s good to help a friend in need but if someone is flaking out and potentially hurting your prospects through their laziness then you don’t have to put up with that.

    • Yes they are really coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they? Good on you for seeing it for what it is, a culmination of other observations, a pattern, rather than trying to justify or dismiss it as a one off.

      I have been trying to put my finger on something off with someone for a little while, and voila didn’t the Full Moon last week show me some very interesting, er, bs. First thing, when i commented on her new hair, she responded, Yes i look just like you! (Double take from me.) Then proceeded with a bitchy joking putdown. It all went downhill from there and i didn’t have to do a thing, as i watched others observing it too. And yes, the Tarot had been mentioning Qi Vampery in my social circle for some time.

      Cleanse your aura, K-Gem, and be sure to self care as QVs drain your energy. What awfully unprofessional behaviour but so so revealing.

  8. I’m ever hopeful of Tarot reading coming to fruition, soon. It was a beautiful reading.

    Yes, I am totally feeling it re the “boarder of a new realm”. Not only are editors reading my submissions right to the end, these days, I’m building a rapport and selling some words.

    Do you know how good it feels to sell a thousand dollars worth of original words in one month? It feels fuq’n great.

    The professional publishing landscape beckons, all I’ve got to do is keep up the hard work and enjoy the hike through the wilderness and the vast plains of nothingness between my old existence and the new territories ahead.

    Like the golden haired traveller with the tight butt-cheeks overlooking the plentiful vista below, up high on that rocky crag, so I too stand, long-staff in hand, poised to push-onward to embrace new adventures.

    And, to think I was just about to turn back…

    A-non, nee Damons, soon-to-be, D.B.

  9. I save my Tarot PDFs for a few months – I date the file name and have ponder. I love it. (And this is from someone who never really got into the Oracle!)

    I even did a reading for my friend the other day and just concentrated that “This is for X” and I got completely different types of cards to the ones I usually get when doing a reading for myself. They were SO different. This made me see how steady the readings are for me – it’s like my own themes stay quite stable and I get a lot of the same cards.

    • Tarot so on! I think the timing is different for everyone, or even related to the question asked. yesterday usually for me, or later that afternoon. If it’s about a fellow, the future. I do my own spreads but mystics is wonderfully uplifting.

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