Aries Streetwear

Aries Streetwear

Describe the vision behind Aries? What is that name all about?

Sofia Prantera: It was Fergus’s job to come up with a strong name for the brand. Ferg is amazing with words and slogans. He’s an Aries, that’s why (I am a Taurus on the cusp of Aries, so I’m not too slouchy in that regard either).

Fergus Purcell: The qualities of the star sign – of coming first, being a leader, having a strong creative drive and so on – seemed to be appropriate for a brand. I also liked the unfashionable (hippy) connotations of naming the brand after a star sign.

Sofia Prantera: In the Woody Allen film Sleeper there is a sinister government plot called “The Aries Project.” Ferg always thought this would be an amazing name for something.


From Dazed magazine. For the thousandth time people, there is NO such thing as cusp. You are one Sun Sign or the other. I am convinced people think it’s sexy to simper that they’re “on the cusp.”  However, i love any references to astrology  & mythology in pop-culture, fashion, whatever.

Aries Streetwear 2



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Two of my three kids have 29 degrees rising. I checked the clock to verify birth times. Son 29 Gem rising and 29 Virgo Sun. Daughter 29 Kataka rising. As soon as their heads were out I called it. I have 29 degree Libra Moon. We all manifest the “nth degree” of these placements. And tween girl has Aqua Moon conjunct Pisces Sun. Odd mixture of sentimental/empathic and matter of fact. Might be the Venus in Aries. Blunt and funny but nuanced. Saves animals, did Day of Silence in 4th grade. Celebrates diversity- but is a fashionista and tough fashion… Read more »

Miss Miaow

I agree with you Mystic. No cusp


Maybe it’s the aversion to branding, sorta, but I am in two minds about overtly astrologically-themed fashion. Most of the stuff I stumble across strikes me as a bit …I don’t know. Like a gimmick more than truly ruly digging into the raison d’etre of that sign.


Personally, I don’t see the term “cusp” worth getting my panties in a bunch over. When I hear that, all I equate it to is someone being born in either the extreme 1st or 3rd decan of their sign, much in the same vein that someone would say “I am an early-born (or late-born) *insert Sun sign here* rather than as trying to imply they straddle both sides of the fence. And regarding so-called “cuspers” – the “energy-bleed” effect that some report where they identify with some of the traits of the other sign may largely be due to having… Read more »


I dunno about the cusp thing.. there are so many ways to interpret astrology. The western method is looked down upon by the Jyotish astrologers as they say the Sidereal system is scientifically accurate and true to the actual, measurable, observable positions of the planets. Now that I can’t really argue. (I always thought I should have been a Cancer and in Vedic Astro I am Cancer with Taurus Rising and Libra Moon). So Western astro becomes a kind of Jungian quasi art form. At the end of the day we are co-creating our reality to some extent. Like morphogenetic… Read more »


Hey Sphinx – i have to say that you really vibe kataka to me… islandgirl 🙂


Ha! Well I do have Pluto and Uranus in the 4th, then Merc, Venus, Saturn in Cancer. So either way, I think I’m an honorary Kataka style gal. (Just no lace plz).


As a 0º Libra, I always used to get so confused about the cusp issue (before I had my chart done)…. and in classic Libra fashion, I’d go back and forth about it: “Am I more Virgo than Libra? More Libra than Virgo?” I think there is something sexy about the 29 and 0 degrees, though. Maybe it’s me making myself special, but I believe there’s something potent about those particular degrees. What bothers me more is that my True Node and my Mean Node are in different signs (MN: Cancer, TN: Leo). I go with the True Node, but… Read more »

unconventional Gemini

OK – I’m no astro whiz either but this cusp business to me simply means that the closer you are to another sign, there must be ‘leakage’. That’s just the way energy acts, it’s the way everything works, doesn’t it? There is ALWAYS leakage – somewhere. For instance my rising sign is at 27 degrees Pisces, VERY close to Aries. And before I knew shite about astro, I always felt that there was much about my outer personality that was Aries, far more than Pisces. If anything, Pisces is my inner self, what people rarely see/experience of me. So while… Read more »


How timely! I just purchased this pullover yesterday:

It seems astro fashion is having a moment.


I’m an Aries sun with pluto aspects. I would love to have that Aries black sweatshirt.


I have Sun, moon and mercury all right at the beginning of Cancer but I used to think that I was more Air than Water. I do have a bit of air in my chart. Venus and Saturn in Gem and Mars in Aqua. But realy I didn’t want to be a cancerian and has i’m at 0 degrees I would ALWAYS say I was on the cusp and way more Gemini. I don’t do this anymore. I realised I was in denial. It’s okay now and I have embraced and accepted all my good crabby stuff. It was a… Read more »


Yeah, that’s more than a bit of air! And would explain your feeling “airy” as well as “watery”.


i don’t deny my airiness! 😀 But i definitely denied my cancerian nature for a long time.


Ta for answer above. Have you listenend to MMs Katrave mp3?
Its made me feel much better about bein a crab. I got Uranus 1st haus and AquaMoon thats inf me a lot; esp my ‘public persona’. But lm a Kat at heart.

curiouser and curiouser crab

I think lots of us Katakans have struggled with our katakaness 🙂 we’re not always sold in a good light. have embraced mine now, love being the intuitive moonchild that i am and yes, Mystic’s mp3 rave was so good to listen to and take on board.

curiouser and curiouser crab

and i have uranus conjunct my sun – took me a long time to work out that a lot of my confusion was due to those two energies, moon and uranus, different energies.


I reckon uranus and moon energies are like quite disparate in most cases except both are cuckoo. Its funny bcos lm KatSun & Asc lm a ‘get what ya see’ person. My AquaMoon n Uranus 1st haus and Uranus conjunct Merc l come across as fiery and quirky. Aqua Moon is real big thing for me; l identify with many Aqua Moons (actors, singers,comedians). More so than KatSuns.


Wow, I’ve been calling “curioser and curiouser” my motto for the past few years!!! And I’m a Kataka Sun Aries Moon Aqua Rising with Uranus on MC 🙂


I haven’t listened to the rave yet but I will. 🙂


i guess it doesn’t help that we share a name with a horrible disease, plus we are made out to be so fuqing mumsy by lazy and unimaginative astrologers. I think that MM’s renaming of the sign is a great idea and there should be a world wide call for all astrologers to do the same…..yes, i am feeling rather crabby about it….

virgo kathleen

I hear you — when I was younger I really disliked being a virgo. I didn’t identify with the descriptions — “organized, critical, methodical, clean freak, gets hung up on tiny details” etc. I think it took me so long to get into astrology because in the past I thought, “Virgo it doesn’t describe me, therefore astrology doesn’t work”. Ha! Now I’ve grown into my virgo traits more and I recognize that I’m very, very virgo (four planets there will do that).


But, Virgos ARE awesome. 🙂


Same boat here! Never believed in astrology when I would read about Cancer sun-sign…I just didn’t want to be the motherly, homebody, moody crab (and I still see so much negative bias in Cancer sun descriptions). I would read about the air and fire signs and think, that’s who I want to be—an adventurous intellectual! Well, turns out I’m Kataka Sun and Merc, Aries Moon, Aqua Rising, with Uranus on MC, Venus in Gem (opposite Saggo Neptune), and Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Pallas stellium in Libra. The Libra stellium and Aries moon make a bunch of grand crosses to my poor… Read more »

moved on

Is there not a time even for a few minutes where the girth of the planet is straddling both signs?


No, birth charts are calculated from a specific point on the surface of the Earth, your birthplace. However, you are essentially correct. There are times when people born at the same time, but at different places, would have different signs.

I just verified this with my astro software. Checking on the upcoming Leo cusp, when it is the last few minutes of Cancer in London, we are already a few arc-seconds into Leo here in the US.

Now don’t get me going or I will bore you with my experiments in calculating non-terrestrial astrology.


Ooh that sounds interesting!


It’s mostly astronomical calculations, not astrology, so it’s not that interesting unless you like math. I am a relative novice at astrological interpretations so I leave that to experts like Mystic.


My ascendant is 0degree aries. Most people see me as pisces but I feel I am half and half. So I believe regardless ofwhat seems logical that energies flow rather than cut off at a certain point.


Mystic is right, the cusp happens at a specific point in time, you’re either on one side or the other, so you are one sign or the other, not a mixture of both. But you really need to have your birth chart calculated accurately, because that cusp happens at different times according to your birthplace longitude, and it even varies a little from year to year. But if you’re really close to the cusp, you would need a pretty accurate birth time to determine this. I had one friend who was born “right on the cusp” so I put her… Read more »


That does open up a can of worms. Maybe I was born a minute earlier. Anyway thanks for that.


Well I think you should pick one sign and stick with it. Be an Aries and own it. But remember sun signs are just the basics. You could have a lot of other Water/Piscean elements that are prominent in your chart. Go over to and set up your chart and check it out.

moved on

Charles, are you in the US? Are you lucky enough to have your time of birth recorded on your birth certificate? We only have the date and place here in Aus.


were you born in a hospital? they should have the time recorded in their records and you can get it but you have to pay an admin fee – $34 or so.


Yeah, I’m in the USA, my birth time is recorded on my birth certificate.

virgo kathleen

How accurate is your time of birth? On my birth certificate it says 3am which puts me as a Leo rising (by 5 minutes). However as I learned more about astro I realized that cancer rising described me WAY better. Everything about my appearance is understated, and I hate drawing attention to myself! I’m much more like a Cancerian crab. So I figured that I was born, there was chaos, and when they got around to recording my time of birth they rounded up. A similar situation could have happened to you – official birth times tend to be a… Read more »


What about out of sign conjunctions? Do they give a cusp vibe to both planets involved?

electric eel libran

ive always wondered this.


Whats an out of sign conjunction?


I think an example of this would be if someone has Sun at 27 degrees in Virgo and their moon at 0 degrees Libra. Their sun and moon are less than 2 degress apart so they are conjunct however the sun and moon are in different signs.


It does bother me the “I am on the cusp” comment. I am no Astro wiz kid but that statement is pure Astro wank pretentiousness.

bull with sting in tail

New acronym … PAWP


Yes I do like that. Thank you x

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

PAWP love it!!! Though I would put her comment down to ignorance. I used to believe there were cusps till I found this site.

There is totally a market for real Astro garb—clothes by transit, sun sign, moon phases etc.


Ha ha if you say poop in a Pure Astro Wankie Pretentious way, it sounds like PAWP.


Yeah, everyone knows that Taurus has more fashion sense than Aries.

When I heard Aries fashion, I was figuring it would be more about color coordinating the piping on your epaulets with your scabbard.


To me it’s more ignorance than anything else. Especially if they don’t know about the complexity of real astrology, and so think their non-conformity to their Sun sign is explained by cusps.


Awwwww c’mon ! She may have fetal cusp syndrome (FCS).
Or be somewhere on the spectrum. Symptoms can range in severity from simply being vague to all out non acceptance of the facts. There is no known cure for this condition but last year doctors say they are working on a vaccine and were sure that within 20 years no child will be born with FCS.

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