Weekend Links June 21/22

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Mikael Jansson

* The Sleeping Habits Of Genius

* Woman Acts Out All 12 Zodiac Signs – Did She Nail Yours?

* Super-nuanced Guardian article on women, boozing and art.

* Why Soccer Balls Are Made With Hexagons – it has to do with Buckminster Fuller

* Fab hand-made (non sweatshop, vegan, zero toxic glue etc)  authentic espadrilles a la Picasso and co.

* Timesify – A Web App That Camouflages Embarrassing Web Articles as New York Times articles.

* Thank you Mars-square Pluto in Capricorn: Two Famously Sexist Public Figures Get The Boot On The Same Day.

* Standing Up Three Hours A Day Has The Benefits Of Ten Marathons A Year.

* Fascinating Atlantic article: The Occult and the Telephone


Image:  Lupita Nyong’O by Mikael Jansson for US Vogue

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75 thoughts on “Weekend Links June 21/22

    What is that accent- Wisconsin??? It makes me physically ill, as do her little simpering smiles and flashing eyes and floopty-doo hands. Just STOP.
    I forced myself to watch almost all of Gemini and found it superficial and painful. Made it through 30 seconds maybe of each of the rest and the only one that isn’t completely cringeworthy is Capricorn. Scorpio and Sagg started with a little potential but ugh, so shallow.

    • As a counterpoint, the alcoholic women writers piece was beautiful, deep, and very timely for Chiron retro.
      The telephone (of the smart variety) as occult tool is an idea my Pluto sister and I have been playing with for a year now. Cool. :)

      • I completely agree ..some guy sent it to me because he knew I was into astrology . I cannot stand people who try and be funny and leave me stone cold. I get where she is going with the concept but she makes all of the signs seem like complete idiots except for Capricorn. I didnt appreciate my sign Pisces .Same old crap making us out like we are complete wafting nutters.

    • however, I did love Unhappy Hipsters link from last week and am having some belly laughs over that website!

    • I didn’t notice an accent and I’m from the Midwest so Wisconsin is probably pretty close. I think it’s just her voice, it’s very annoying.

      Yeah, I cannot watch a whole video. It’s embarrassingly bad. I make it a few seconds in and have to stop.

      • I find myself very sensitized to Midwestern accents since moving away from there. Hers is too nasal for Minnesota but it’s got a bit of the rounded O (I went to college there- such a cute accent), so it’s not Ohio or Michigan. Possibly Chicago but that O! Regardless, profoundly annoying.

    • I’m with you hdq. Couldn’t STAND her (as much as love Kim Falconer, who posted this on facebook). I closed the
      Sadge video after 20 seconds of her over-acting, and lasted about the same through the Taurus vid. AWFUL.

      • Good Morn Alchemist. Didn’t you think of ME when listening? The female perhaps different to the male Sagg?

        Have a sweet week, it’s all nothing :-)

  2. I discovered Debra Silverman (lady who acts out 12 zodiac signs) a couple of years ago and I found her to be pretty accurate. They were entertaining vids. I’m not that energetic of an Aries Sun but most of the rest of that vid was right on. I have a Gemini stellium (Mars, Saturn, South Node) and I found the Gemini vid very much like me. lol I have to keep my mind stimulated or I get bored easily. I would rather look things up on the net by myself than talk to someone in person who isn’t that intellectually stimulating. My boyfriend is a Libra Sun and we match up very well as you would expect air signs to do. We both like to learn new things and explore topics like science. We can talk about anything and everything together.

    • Hi Sunny, I am not that energetic either as an Aries sun – but I thought overall is was most definitely me, when compared to a Capricorn, or Libran. ha!

      Aries love to youuuu <3

    • I quite liked some of her vids….not as accurate representation of the Sun signs, but the sort of the spirit of the archetypes….

      As reminders of the archetypes that make us up…like flavours or colours….but then I couldn’t be bothered to watch them all…short attention span, Pisces rising :)

      • Exactly ARCHETYPE. Template perhaps, an overall feel of the personage, the big picture tee her :-)

        • And I am not that hyper as a Gemini sun…heavy earth/water influences probably tamp that down a bit. I don’t hate her, but I also get why she is so annoying to people.

          Mostly wonder what HER sign is…anyone know?

  3. she got Libra wrong. Way too much talking and not enough fighting and snobbery. Libra is like Mean Girls Lite.
    on Mondays we wear green.

    those espradilles look boss but they dont say how wide they are. :( I can’t wear many of them due to triple wide platypus feet.

    • I find Libras want harmony with those they are close to and care about. If they don’t care about you, they can be instigators for stirring things up. They will stir things up even if they do care about you. But it will be in a fun loving joking manner. Some do have a hint of snobbery. One of my best friends was a Libra. Sometimes she was snobbish. She also wanted me to be her tag along buddy everywhere. For an Aries like me, I like to do things on my own sometimes or with different people. Sometimes that was a conflict. My ex was a Libra Moon and he wanted me to do things with him more than I really wanted to. My current boyfriend has his North Node in Aries conjunct my sun and he was an only child. He’s a rather independent Libra. But I notice he does play peacemaker and diplomat between people a lot. He usually helps but occasionally it backfires on him.

      • usually people that play peacemaker hardcore either had parents or siblings that quarreled a lot and they had to be king solomon.

        if a libra suddenly stops wanting to hang out with you, it’s possible you have been “replaced” in some manner,. applies to friend scenarios too. Rarely will it ever be voiced either. It’s supposed to be a compliment to be with us, not a hassle. Simply having the invite says ‘congrats you’ve made the cut”. (i know ridiculous right? like we’re still in grade school.) If we sense it is a hassle, we start looking elsewhere. Libra wants a willing posse, not a bunch of sled dogs hooked up to a leash forced to mush.

        • I have met THE proverbial libran man on the weekend (the kind everyone warns you about – charming snobbism personified).
          Mind you, I am a libra sun (though aries moon) and can recognise snobbism as a libran trait (though mine has nothing to do with status obsession and everything to do with taste/poise).
          I have been feeling slightly sick ever since the 2-hour interrogation of a date I had. I was clearly discarded at the end of it (I’m ok with it, better now than later), just can’t shake off the that draining feeling. I need an energy cleansing/restoring ritual. Any ideas?

          • i think mystic has done write ups on this, but when you are down do your moon sign. So whatever fuels the house your moon is in and your actual moon. so i have moon in scorpio 12th house. things that jazz up scorp moons and pisces moons work for me.

            • Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to the natal moon at times like that, EEL x

  4. The Occult & the Phone: yes! I’ve been researching & working in this area a lot as of late. Pure poetry.

    And the lady “acting” Scorpio? She just pissed me off LOL. Not nail: Fail. She talked a lot about depth & intensity but she wasn’t There. Way too smug– we are not smug. I don’t think she really knows any Scorps, maybe just read about us?

    • I didn’t see her as smug, thought she might be aiming for enigmatic? Have met 3 scorpio women in past year I have really connected with and admire, one of them is very much like this but she is about 15 years younger than the other 2. Great girls and all have charisma.

  5. Off topic….I had a super rough day. Torro went frustrated and turned against me. WE made up, only to have him turn against me again. NOT OKAY. I don’t expect anyone to kiss my ass, but being rude and mean is not okay.
    Feeling lost, alone, sad, and angry.
    WTF>>>>> was feeling so good, stable, growing. Why do things change so fast?

    • Chiron retro has sucked bigtime around these parts. I’m sorry you had such a rough day, and no, mean and rude is never ok. :( Millions of hugs. Xxxxx

    • oh love, I’ve been feeling the same recently – sending you radiant shimmies of brightness. Let’s shrug off the shared #$%^&*()!!.

    • @ catfish moon. The displacement and WTF am I going here again? Hear you and know the feeling.
      Today was the return of public panic attacks. Kinda think I picked Hell instead of Heaven, not really the scene for wellness. Trying to be proactive but getting stuck in the deconstruct and disconnect. Looks like my release will be delayed. Birthday forecast location Camp Crazy, which is really for the best. Guess I am just waiting for the sets, being present that this will pass.
      Take care catfish moon and thank you for discussing your journey. x

      • Thanks everyone. We are better today, just feeling wrung out some. We haven’t argued since December and luckily they pass very fast and don’t linger.

        S I am so sorry to hear about your panic attack. Those are horrid. Hope you feel calmer.

        • Glad today is better catfish moon.
          I don’t gel with my shrink and I’ve been mismatched with an elderly roommate. Cue flight mode and public panic attacks. I don’t want to repeat the same patterns, that’s why I checked in here. The fine line of mental health. Is it to tick another one off from the DSM? My late onset assertiveness will be labelled. Monday is action day around here. But the churn of folks through here makes me wonder if healthcare is first or $$$.

      • oh shit. me too! Panic attacks have returned and have been active this past week. I can’t go out in public. i don’t want old friends to find me since my life has been pathetic lately.

        • But maybe your old friends love you and care about how you are going… Xx

          • we weren’t that close. besides an email or text in the past few years would’ve worked too. Im pretty sure she’s here to show off her high profile marriage to everybody and all the exotic locales she’s been to. avoid. avoid. avoid.
            i keep seeing clicks from her url and ip address to my blog every once in awhile meaning she checks up but never writes. i can tell she wants to talk to me. She contacted my ex-bf to give me a msg from him.

  6. I appreciate what the lady acting out all the zodiac signs was doing but none of it really hit me. I think it might be good for beginners who wanna understand the basics of each sign. also, I haven’t seen anyone do it better than this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EUm2LI3cnE. if you’re a Xena fan, bonus! one of my fave vids on youtube.

  7. Love the acting lady – people, its called COMEDY! For some – maybe you dont like what you see – ask your family and friends then to watch it, I bet you – they will tell you different. AND you need to watch your Rising sign as well and blend two. Like I am a Gemini with Libra rising and always stated, that “I am an expert in relationships” lol !!! I had a good laugh, thanks MM.

    • Agree, identified more with my rising (pisces) than my sun (aries) but mostly it was good fun!

    • yeah i guess i don’t find that brand of humor funny.

      I swear as a Libra I am sooo NOT a relationship expert. That’s why i need advice from this site.

  8. I had a reading by Debra Silverman about seven years ago. She’s a good astrologer and a very intelligent woman. Some people I knew had recommended her very highly. I agree that the acting-out stuff does nothing for me, though.

    When I had my reading, It was a very tough time in my life, I saw her on a particularly hormonal day and was kind of a Neptunian/perimenopausal mess, and I didn’t feel much empathy from her. I do sometimes listen to her radio show and find it interesting.

    I remember walking into her house and the first thing she said was that from my chart she thought I’d be an overweight “earth mother” type, something like that (I’m not). So I think she does kind of steer toward some astrological cliches. But her therapy credentials are real and I think her intentions are good.

  9. I found the article about alcoholism hard to read. Addictions confuse and enrage me. Regardless of who suffers it. Don’t understand. That post the other day about the actress who despises weakness? Maybe that’s what I actually do feel about destructive, addictive behaviour. I have loved ones who fuq up their health through shite lifestyles and booze. It wad a contributing factor to my fathers death. past 2 major r ships were with addicts. Stop it. Just stop it ffs.

    • I understand, it can be really really hard for people to understand the illogic of it without having experienced it. My family could not relate to my sister when she was going through it, everyone was like “JUST STOP”. But it is not that easy, noooo not at all. But if you really want it you WILL get there. You have to want it.

      • Thanks for replying R and I get that my opinion there glosses over the inner state that accompanies an addiction, for the person experiencing /suffering it.

      • It isn’t logic, you’re onto it there Rache. It’s pure emotional blowout and the worst time is when you feel disconnected…by the emotional blowout or the insensitivities around or some reality gap in your idealism. Of course, the rational view sees that addictions worsen the disconnect. But it is a coping mechanism, not a good one, but neither is procrastination, rumination, judgey gossip or cheating or LZism (insert other escapist practice here).

        I was astounded to find that reading that article made we want to drink. Lots of overwhelming empathy for some of the women, and for their despair and sense of being neglected or misunderstood. Plus at a low ebb yesterday, physically and emotionally. That was a tough little hill, and my own harsh inner critic saying ffs just stop it was not what finally gave me peace or strength.

        So you see, Pi, that attitude you have about it is normal, and even the addict has that attitude but it is overwhelmed by twisted need and a driving will much stronger than you might imagine, though a will to push ahead into danger regardless. Think of the high powered execs with habits.

          • I’m sorry that you had such close relationship to it, and the anger is very understandable. At some point one does have to be responsible for one’s self as having a place in the world, acknowledge the impact on our connections. It’s so hurtful to be in relationship with an addict.

            But to lose your dad and to recognise the role of booze in losing him … that is hard to carry, heavy rock. And i’m really sorry to hear it. I’m so glad for your sake that you didn’t inherit that. Did you read our monthly horoscopes, Pi? Think it may have been about the effect of Merc Retro in our domestic sector, and the dailies i think mention Sun into Kataka for parenting/fam wisdom and rebirthing. You have tremendous wisdom and understanding so if you can use this astro to help release something in this realm, i wish you the best with this xx

            • ah, that’s a nice thing to say Mille. I am not trying to sound like an insensitive jerk but i probably am anyway. hey nothing new. I think my cappy moon stops me from complete dissolution, BUT at the same time I do indulge in massively self-damaging behaviours, is arrogant of me to presume that that is anything like addiction but i am definitely not one to step on any moral high ground yikes.

              my dad another story ,not an alcoholic as such, more the shite lifestyle/other issues maybe, but it’s complicated. I think the people I am referring to use the social environment of drinking as much as the thing itself as their crutch. well some of them. like being alone to combat demons or confront self-issues is too much for them or they don’t know where or how to start or that it’s even a thing. But for me, I feel like that’s all i have been doing for the last X years (i.e.being alone, combatting personal demons).
              So i guess my logic was typically well if someone as socially deficient as me can try to work out my shit, why can’t [insert family member’s name who is difficult / impossible to be around after drink no. 5 / always seems to face the same problems in different clothes]? and why should i keep putting up with their constant evasion of certain realities which eventually ends up as something i/others have to deal with, after i have done so much work to sort out my own shit.
              so yes it is entirely about me imposing my own capabilities or ideas onto someone who is not-me.. of course it’s a different story for them..

              mars retro , i don’t know what else i can let go of there, it’s tooling around in Saturn’s footsteps so i was assuming it related to tail-end thing to do with father’s now former partner, maybe this entails finally doing something with his possessions / estate. fuq knows what though, ditch most of it at Vinnies i guess. :/

              anyway thanks for drawing out the line of discussion a bit more xx

              • No need to apologise, Pi. It’s a great stage to get to, being unable to tolerate unhealthy bs that you once tolerated. Us Pisceans often have to grow our natural compassion through stages – boundaries!

                Just remember, it’s Merc Retro so perhaps if you feel like dumping stuff, sort things into piles, and wrap them beautifully, maybe with paper and string (ok that’s just me, i adore matte brown paper, and jute or white wrapping string) or cool paper bags. Pop written cards or messages on top, like it’s a gift. It’s a gift of your expression, so you could put your true thoughts into envelopes to check out a bit later. Then decide after the Retro exactly what you’ll do from this prep phase. Just an idea but maybe it’ll ping off one of your Geminian inspirations.

                Was around a couple of drunks on Friday and my buddy noticed straight away i had full shields up against one person. Just cold cut. But it turned out my group of friends had the same feeling, only were being polite. Anyway, something symbolic actuated: we got left with a bag. I didn’t want another bud to have to deal so i accompanied him to do the right thing without getting lumbered. Voila! Disappeared drunk wobbles back and we get to cheerily wave him to the right place, away from us. Baggage indeed.

                You’re doing your work. Honour your hard work and don’t worry: self righteous anger will eventually dim to a sustaining flame. Release will come but don’t let it be done in anger or resignation, if you can xx

      • @Rache
        Yes, addiction, whether it’s alcoholism or co dependency or sex, shopping, drugs is genetic and a family illness. It really is an illness. Very few people who haven’t experienced it first hand really grasp how insidious and deeply corrosive it is.
        I am so grateful to my 25 year old self for stopping the train almost the second it left the station and checking into rehab for three months, then a halfway house for the next three months followed by six month of two meetings per day.
        It was one of the smartest things I have ever done.
        I learned more about myself than I have doing anything else except perhaps my deep dark post divorce Pluto transit . I don’t think I’d have survived that transit had I not done the 12 steps as intensively as I did. At that point I’d never blacked out from drinking. I wasn’t doing half as much space dust as my model agent or anyone I knew at that time. Everyone thought I was insane to quit a really successful modelling career and totally pull the plug on it all. Even my parents refused to visit me on family days even though coincidentally they were in that part of the world, the same area even at the time. The other “inmates HATED me because of my earnestness and honesty. I think I was the only person there who actually WANTED to get well.
        The denial factor is huge. Some people drink too much and some people have one drink and the brain chemicals go apeshit. They change completely.
        I will always be an addict, I know that. I will always have to watch myself where addictions of any kind are concerned. This includes exercise and healthy eating. Lately it’s work. I’ve been sleeping two hours per night and just writing compulsively. For me to have a “normal life” to not make whatever my “thing” is the most important thing in my life is almost impossible. I still have the odd drink and work and shop and fuq but I feel the monkey on my back and remind myself of the alternative when stopping feels wrong. Right now I know I need to take a break and pull back from my writing. I need to chill.
        I’ve got so much on this week but am committed to finding the time to relax and nourish myself. The work can wait. Health first!

  10. Just wanted to say how much I love and am grateful for weekend links. I love the astro on this site but almost love the other stuff more!

  11. Buckminster website said it was taken down bcos it was a mistake. But looked into it. The soccer (word comes fr aSOCiation football) ball took 12 5agon & 20 6agon panelled design took its cue fr the geodesic domes he built. He is an out there thinker- bit like me. His quotes are witty n clever. I remeber a bloke built geodesic dome at a place we called magic valley in Adel Hills. We mainly just sat in it and smoked dope listening to a number of Bobs and Supertramp.

  12. Woman who did signs….mmm. I think she shoulda used diff settings -suitable for Bulls n Crabs but Rams? Sags? Also it was ‘her’ signs take on others. (MM does a gd job of being objective). It was a caricature of the signs-OTTP. but it woulda been hard to do it well.

    • I just tried to watch her. Waste of download. Crabs don’t sit like that in a chair.

  13. Just read that fantastic article on women writers and now I’m obsessed with Jean Rhys. I cannot believe I had not known of her until now. “Good Morning Midnight” next on my reading list…after this assigned calculus text…

  14. Mystic I just want to say thanks again for your incredibly insightful daily emails. I needed to read that. Been pushing myself WAY too hard with content prep and site stuff and bod is suffering.
    Thanks for the weird astro alert. Permission to rest was just what I needed.
    Have so much scheduled this week including a shoot which I need to style and prep fro and clients to train so the writing can wait.
    Dark moon in Taurus prep starts now. Thank you.
    Love Invicta

    • Put YOURSELF first or the rest of it will suffer. SOmetimes the energy can start looping and be unproductive if you do not rest-meditate and pace yourself. The creativity will not go away if you do but will be more focused. x

  15. Woman acting out ARIES – she nailed it. It’s hysterical. It’s comedy, not meant to be taken seriously. So I don’t take it seriously!

  16. Sleeping Habits of Genius: Most sleep between 7-8 hours, there’s one that’s around 5. It is absolutely necessary to be well rested each night in order to think clearly the next day and to look and feel your best. Think of people you know who get 5 hours or less a night — how do they look and do they appear stressed? From my friends, the ones who sleep 5 or less a night look old, lots of wrinkles, stressed out (meaning, they talk a lot about how stressed out they are). Sometimes sleeping less involves alcohol, nicotine and drugs — really awful for you, for your mind, heart and body especially looks. II get 8 hours every night so I can deal with crazy clients every day.

    • Seems to be true about sleep rejuvenation. Used to feel a little guilty about my 9-10 hours a night the last 10 years.
      Have the ability to sleep anywhere, anyway, perhaps it’s more a closed eyed meditation.
      Happiness that it’s proved to be beneficial to my looks and health especially compared to those who have late nights and rise at noon.
      Living in Singapore at the time the ‘Manager’ said to all to sleep 30 minutes less a night so that 5 hours was all that was required for better production and doing more. Life is more streamlined there to facilitate that idea though.

      • I naturally sleep 9-10 too! Or 8 with a midday nap. I’ve always needed more sleep even when I was staying up late…Taurus 12th house moon probably has something to do with it for me. The SLOTH moon.

        Lately I’ve been going to sleep at 8 or 9 pm and then getting up at 5 or 6 for Mysore practice. Reforming my vampire ways feels good and if I can exercise and get to work early I don’t feel as much guilt for needing more sleep. 😀 I wish I was one of those “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” people but my quality of waking life is so bad when I don’t listen to my body!

    • Bloody true, I need my 8 hours or I can’t function!!

      Girl at uni who hardly sleeps looks a decade older than me, even though she’s a decade younger… bad skin, wrinkles etc, etc,

      She’s a total space cadet!! Always frazzled, running round stressing out about everything, talks quickly. It’s stressful being around her sometimes .

      • When I was 20, it was my friends who pushed no sleep — I did no sleep for 2 nights in a row while in school over and over and over, green tea, coffee, cigarettes. no speed though. Yes, so glad to hear that you guys are getting a good amount of sleep — I bet you look gorgeous and rested. Your skin and hair loves sleep. Our cells get to rejuvenate. When we’re well rested and relaxed, we are less irritated and can pick our battles wisely. I think sleep also allows the brain to build the relaxing neurotransmitters like serotonin. I take melatonin every night, because sometimes I do have a hard time sleeping. Melatonin supposedly helps with pineal gland clearing. I haven’t tried the other methods for pineal gland clearing — I want to though. And I believe MM had blogged that adding magnesium will bring lucid dreams — and yes it has! The night I had the best dream of my life, I read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth before I went to bed. Check that out. :-)

  17. LOVED the Debra Silverman video – this woman is so talented, she had me in stitches – Aries, Gemini, Virgo, & Aquarius are all eerily accurate & very funny. Watching Aries – Taurus – Gemini was particularly illuminating because of how she interwove them. Each video gave me insights about people I know (that’s why that Leo is so quiet in social situations… Aquarians totally do not care what you think of them & that’s how come they’re askew – that little face she did was so Aqua!) I appreciate her bold & talkative comedic style & there is some real truth in these vids too. Personally the Gemini one is so accurate, it’s freaky… & I just broke up with an Aries so of course found that one both hysterical & poignant.

  18. Does anyone know Debra silverman’s sign? I was curious if she was as ditzy about her own sun sign. i tried to find the info on her website but everything is just arranged in a vile manner. The FAQs pop up videos ffs! I have hearing impairment brain problems so watching a video or listening to a thing is hard for me. I need to be able to devour things with my eyes. Using the caption thing on youtube is more hilarious than accurate. I know it is a trend in news and in astrology info to do videos so that people can’t steal your information, but there’s got to be a way that is kinder to hearing impaired.

      • thanks. was wondering if it was Cap since that was the only one done with any dignity.

        • She sure didn’t give me any love for my Cap moon when she did my reading. As I recall her comment was something like “you always get your homework done no matter how much of a mess you are.” I think she thought I was dull as nails. I’ll have to listen to the tape again.

  19. Acting out the zodiac? Thought Sagg was quite funny will eventually watch some of the others. I do mention FUN a lot probably coz i studied metaphysical subjects intensely for years and fun & frolicking wins :-)
    She sounds a bit like Caroline Myss who is also Mid-west noticed since accents were mentioned. Yes, a little grating on the ears.

  20. The Capricorn one made me chuckle. Hands down ME to a T!! The scorpio one not so much because of my Saggo moon

  21. Silverman’s star sign skits encompass all the qualities of good satire. Incongruity, irony, sarcasm and cynicism, ridicule, exaggeration, while light in tone, and delivered in an amused and detached way. However, as satire is designed to expose certain behaviour of an individual or group, to then bring about awareness and change; I’m not sure why she performed this routine, other than to draw attention to her self by a witty bitch.

    I too discovered her, eons ago, and some of her spiritual guru stuff is painfully disgraceful, text book, pop spirituality- verbatim. So unoriginal and American that it shits me to tears.

    Now, if your looking for a utter fuq*#t astrologer that’s both classic and humorous, check out Tom Lescher’s you’tube vids. The guy’s a scream.

    I’d love to parody this guy.

    Mystic rules. x