The Vibe Is Volcanic

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So hands up who can feel getting not just back into fierce mode but blasting into opposition with change-quaker Uranus and toward Scorpio, home of the brave and natural domicile of Mars? Tempers rise. Passions surge. Dissatisfaction with stale status quo situations is peaking. Even placid-seeming surfaces can be hot-lava-like and volcanic beneath. That little square with Pluto the other day pinged off the mid-April Zap Zone and gets re-trigged in Oct (Eclipses) and then December/March. It’s a good time to bring your A-Vibe so far as your Mars energies are concerned. More on this in the next Daily Mystic email and the Horoscopes, obviously.Β  Short version: it’s a damn good time to stay away from lower Mars energy AND whatever you call it when you’re too Yin-Zen.



Image: Frans Lanting – National Geographic

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63 thoughts on “The Vibe Is Volcanic

  1. Hoo-boy, I’m riding on this rocket. Almost twisted off on a repairman that has worked for our family for 3 decades; he is like family in many ways – just as assuming and pushy. LOL. He showed up unannounced early this morning (with another workman I did not know), to finish some work that has been dragging out for a bit. Made it painstakingly clear, to arrange repairs calls beforehand (like he USED to do), especially when bringing a complete stranger to my house. Naturally, he got his Jockeys in a bunch. But he knows I have a rescue dog that was horribly abused by a male, and she is super twitchy. I have to put her up with one of her mates, or she freaks out. Hello! How hard is to be considerate? It’s one goddamn phone call!! Mars in Libra 7th H – you betcha! Added another selfish person to the top of my fecal inventory bright and early today!

  2. Yin-zen on the outside, magma pressure building inside… yeah this is my natal mars opposition uranus norm. Storms a’buildin’ here! Craving a big one. πŸ™‚

    • It’s funny- the small town yearly parade is tonight, and by two days ago already people had lined the route with chairs and blankets marking their territory. I so want a big storm (not a tornado, mind you-I’m not evil) to whip up and scatter their silly illusions of order. Love me some good destruction!!

  3. Hmmm start new job officially tomz and am getting the vibe is all about Mars in $$$ ping sex/debt/occult so everything is telling me to detach and there is shizz storm warning – category 3

    • Or eyes across crowded room hot encounter or both?!?!??

      No chance of office romance as all woman team…

      • LOL! I have the same issues. Whenever i get a horoscope about you’ll have a hot office romance or some work related love schizz… I’m like not a chance, everybody’s female or a client (so unethical).

  4. I’m ok. waiting for something to happen with the Multi Leo Rising Pisces lady, that seems to be the long tail of my 4th house transits. Again, I feel for her, and again, I just can’t handle the chaos. Emotionally or in any constructive way. I feel sad that I can’t but it’s also just never ending. I can give my all if it’s a shocker of a short term problem for a friend. But for this..Safety Latch is on the emotional health boundaries.

    Crush is still On in the background. I have had to correspond with him about something (legit I promise) and the reply was so fab it was all I could do not to go into a tailspin. Easy there Pi. So I just give thanks to the universe for showing me that my heart works after all, and for the other little things that are helping me see how far I have come when it comes to me feeling smitten. More empowered and in charge of how I respond, in spite of the swirling yumminess. So perhaps the fact that he is unavailable is the point: I can do everything, examine everything, and am prevented from acting on this at all. Which for once in my life I feel like I actually could (coming from a base of crippling shyness, self esteem issues and the rest).

    • the last part didnt make sense. What I meant is that “everything seems to be working well” in my head, heart and how I am approaching my feelings. Even though it would be uncool and destructive to act on those feelings. So it’s like a dress rehearsal. OR MAYBE I NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT ALL lol.

      • I think it made perfect sense. Have you had your nodal return yet???? It all seems very much Life of Pi Comes Into Full Bloom. And in my Kismet, Mystic told me to look to previous nodal return for clues… Of course it was First Love. And of COURSE I have NOT been projecting this onto you whenever you speak of The Unavailable Crush… wink wink… xxxxxx

        • Hmm, good point hdq. Last node return I was a 19yo with a lot going for me but a right mess on the inside, if I had met a true love at that time, they would not have got through to me. Naturally at 19 everything takes on monumental importance so..hmm ..i dunno.. frankly the fuqing confusion of that time can go fuq itself but the Adonis types I got involved with , well I would be happy with that again haha πŸ˜‰

    • the long-term aspect kills. you’d probably give your al l for this person too id you thought it would be constructive but if you know people won;t ever learn/change, then it’s just a waste of your energy and serenity. I know, I had to tell my Mum this week I wouldn’t get as worked up as she was about a non-existent scenario she was catastrophising and that if she was actually just unable to cope with the state of her sibling relationships she should go to counselling. I’ve been telling her that last bit for 20 years now, so she’s lucky I even went that far!

      It was that little Merc Rx in Cancer that got me πŸ˜‰

  5. Does dreaming fall into this current process. Wow.. with the dreams.

    I had a dream that a friend, not a close friend, died. I went to see one of her best friends and she was fine. I asked her if she was okay and she said that our friend was not dead. She was convinced that she was still alive. Everything going on in my dream said our friend was dead.

    I had a dream of 4 of my friends that I use to hang with a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the details but I thought it necessary to acknowledge since I don’t dream of them often

    Last night I had a dream of being at a performance. I got up to go sit in an empty seat near my Dad. There was a young boy working on what looked like homework. It was called something I usually work on at work. I got up to leave and saw that my brother and SIL were there. I am not talking to them. I walked into the main hallway and my brother was walking towards me. I tried to avoid him. After finally doing a dance he walked on.

  6. I’m not experiencing the Mars energy quite yet. Neptune going retrograde was like sinking into a beautiful shimmering swamp I couldn’t pull myself out of. I’m still trying to muster more drive and forward movement.

    Hopefully that will come when Mars (finally!) moves into Scorpio.

  7. Holy what the stars? Like smoke to honey and bees to the flame. Counting Muggles before they hatch.
    Astro dodgie is The Council of Crazy in da house?
    Feelin the evolution within and just so glad that we have a heads up to prep for the incoming. The Daily Scopes are so on point and so glad to subscribe. Thank you MM.

  8. ME!! I have already shouted from the mountain top that I don’t like this energy. I feel like everyone is poking at me and laughing. I have a hard time understanding why people feel the need to ruin a person’s progress.

    So, my dream come true project might be ending next week (sigh). I am trying my hardest not to ruin my momentum but it is hard. All I can hear is “You can’t do it because we will make sure of it”.. I had this big dream of having my own business but I am rethinking. IF this project ends because of what I think is removing me from the plan then I will have to face more of it in the future with my new company. It’s those darn diplomas that convince people that someone can do the job correctly HA!! Insanity..

    Well, all I can say on the positive side is …. I am at home!


  9. Global Angst i call it and had it badly today to the point of nausea.
    THings not being digested well it feels.
    Lost it with the DVN on Sun eve and told him his cat’s caterwauling is intolerable & waking me up during the night.
    Animal owners who will not take their pets to a vet when something radically wrong with them are such tight asses. Bit of truth serum for the neighbour-in- denial- of- Everything.
    With thousands on standby to fight, it’s no wonder the collective consciousness is on action or re-action thinking.
    Solstice soon and all i want to do is sleep, the need to burrow deep, recharge as it get darker & darker, the days shorter & shorter which is a bitch for someone who runs on solar power.

    And Mt Etna is erupting, Pele is Pissed!

  10. I am so happy to have Mars finally moving through my 4th and OUT of there because the territorial pissing manifestations are many and amusing. Only amusing because I am armed with astrology knowledge and one of our lead roles is a Libran. His gf keeps stealing items of mine she likes in communal space, they hide in their room and won’t talk to anyone. Someone has removed their frypan and hidden it, upstairs is stealing toilet paper they won’t buy for their own, I am still the only person putting out the garbage.. All my cups have been stolen bar one, someone keeps hoarding the entire knives in their room like a skank and I had to ask for my hand washing bowl to be returned and one of my good knives.

    Last week Libran threw out one of my good baking dishes carefully wrapped in plastic in the bin (that I found) because it was in the oven ONE day despite I clean after everything I use. He gets like this when I get a gig (jealous) or is busy. The girl that told me to fuck off when I asked her to take the rubbish out one day has now left but I am keen for better things soon.

    There is no malice my end, I actually love my room and I care for the house very much, its cheap (for our area) but I look forward to the financial increase so I may live in a place that is better for my soul.

    Its very mars in the 4th libra..

      • I know.. Its weird, there is actually a kind of respect for me but they don’t respect anything really and are loaded with self importance so they do not see their behaviour as a problem, its everyone else yeah? Every time I cleanse the house with incense they all shit themselves and mention the incense and apologise for something weird or hide. Pluto in the 4th I think. I will move when finances improve, I would have to live another zone and a half out to get even near this price again it seems.

      • In middle class australia this would seem horrible but really its just bad in waves. lately its been territorial pissings but I’m just focusing on my game, if I was to worry about every single mother fucker who was so littered with their own bullshit I would get nothing done. Ironically, my peace lilly has stopped dying since the girl who told me to fuck off left.

        Nothing could ever be worse than my childhood home, I am very tolerant now.

  11. Oh my god. Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been volcanic for days on end now. Maybe even as long as a week.
    Yes, I have a deadline, but I’ve pretty much made it, so theoretically should be able to relax some today but I simply can’t. I want to scream my head off at someone.
    Wow. it is fierce.
    I basically just grunted/hissed at someone who said a cheery hello to me.

    Uggh. It is horrid. When will it be over???

    Though I guess it is making me realise that I’m sick of being well mannered. And I seem to be incapable of suppressing any emotion at all anymore.

    • ^me too! I haven’t had my charts done yet (astrology newbie) but I am a Virgo and am usually more tactful (or likely to hold my temper and anxiety in) than I am now.

      I’ve been ready to rip someone apart with my teeth. Anyone who tries my patience is going to get snarled at. I feel testy, anxious, mean, and i’m constantly complaining.

      But in a way, me being like this is showing me something. I’m done being well mannered too, especially in situations when I shouldn’t be. My body got violently sick after a brutal panic attack, and its like all of that rage finally got turned outwards again. My boss has been treating me and my coworkers like crap, and I lost it with her. i’m looking for a new job.

      This status quo can suck it.

      • ^This whole mercury retro/mars business is getting intense for me, sorry about the violence in that comment. I’m trying to stay analytical and change my situation with poise but i”m not terribly successful lately

        • it’s ok, worse things have been said! Maybe all those Virgos are struggling a bit with the complex slow moving chiron and neptune oppositions to their lovely, shiny, modest Virgo suns. it’s life but what’s with all this blurry vision, these windows just are not getting clean.

        • Hey, don’t apologise. Didn’t seem too violent to me.

          What’s interesting for me is that I have spent eons releasing tears, anxieties and sadness. Now that anger and irritability are coming up I am waayy less comfortable with it all. But I also know that ultimately this will be a good thing, just as it was with the more depressive emotions.
          Really looking forward to the day that all this settles though. The tension in my solar plexus is killing me.

  12. Mars in Taurus.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you are stupid, misguided etc. etc.

    For a long time….

    I won’t start a fight… but if you push me to the wall… eventually I will goddamn FINISH it!

    • Hehehe. Yep. Raging bull is no joke

      Mars in Virgo here, if pushed too far will note Every vulnerability and list them relentlessly

      • Hahaha…. YES!!! Scorp with Mars in Virgo – keep a “ten things I hate about you” list

        If pushed too far – Uranus square Saggo moon will spontaneously let you know what’s on it πŸ™‚

  13. My natal Mars is exactly right on my Midheaven but it’s also in Pisces, so I think that dampens the effect (so to speak!) of what would be a kick-ass/rule-the-whole-world Mars placement.
    Chiron is transiting my Mars right now, too, exactly conjuncting it at 17 Pisces. A month ago, I broke one of my toes, which literally slowed down my forward motion, and led to some feeling sorry for myself, as I didn’t have any assistance from anyone during that time and also couldn’t afford to go to the doctor.

    I’m really not feeling the ‘pick up’ of the Mars-forward energy yet. Transiting Mars in Libra is in my 4th house right now, and really didn’t enjoy it retrograding there…… I do very much look forward to Mars being in Scorpio and going into my 5th house. I think I will ‘notice’ that more and it will do more for me.

    Also, I tend to go very inward during Mercury retrogrades and this one is going through my 12th house….
    I just feel kind of useless right now…….waiting for potential lay off from work….terrified of the financial problems that will come with that…. I guess one ‘forward motion’ thing I’ve been doing is rev-ving up my business networking events attendance lately to try to get my private practice going in the event of a lay-off, but even if I don’t get laid off I still need to do this, so I guess some action is stirring in me, but it’s not super gung-ho………yet?

  14. Urgh. Meh. Nmmmmmmmhhhhhhrrrrrrrbbbbllluuuuuuuugggghhh.

    I held out an olive branch to my ex last night. He held one back. And then wrote something that was a bit of a trigger for me… I was already pretty wiped out and headachey from processing his long and heartfelt apology. Ah… and then I responded pretty harshly to him and have likely derailed the peace process. I feel weirdly ok about this though. I’m tired of trying to manage my emotions so I’m reacting the “right” way to everything. I’m learning to be angry and present I guess. Feel hurt and compassionate at the same time. For him, and for me.

    I can’t quite decide if this Mars energy means leave it, or be in it. I’m going to opt for the latter. A change in status quo seems more appealing, whatever it ends up being.

    And now my housemate has just put on an old, resonant album that is bringing back weird old memories of us. Maybe time to get out of the house…

    • 😯

      BTW I had this interesting dream the other night where a champion race car driver cried because he didn’t do his best in the race. I looked behind me (I meant to write HIM not me!) I looked behind him & saw that his car was old & the terrain was dreadful, I couldn’t see how he could have possibly done a good job under those conditions but yet here he was – knowing full well he wasn’t driving under the best conditions & had awful car – crying because he, himself didn’t do his best.

    • Hell yeah! Volcanic energies bubbling under the surface. Working at a particularly dysfunctional office this week… Just putting in my headphones and not ‘biting’ at any bitchin’ or showoffy attention seeking vibes/cries for help. (This place is FULL of it)

      Ignore, ignore, ignore. Keep my integrity.

      Note to self: must NOT stab anyone!! That would be unprofessional!

      • Hah, Cosmic, ‘STAB’ such a direct hard word.
        The pen mightier than the sword i hope coz if not i’m going to stab my neighbour.
        Finding the ‘human’ race more and more bizarre in their behaviour.

  15. I’m Mars in Aries, man. All this loco Martian energy is like adderall to someone with legit ADHD — I get calm and FOCUSED.

    Speaking of adderall, I don’t miss the stuff one bit. There’s no flow to the stuff — tweaking out on the same sentence over and over again or obsessively applying lipliner… how BORING. Keeping austere in my habits and focused on the end goals is getting me the focus without the loss of happiness or big picture thinking and dreaming. There is so much joy in simplicity. “Elegance is refusal” — Coco Chanel

  16. Yes there is definitely a bit of this about in my world.
    All the ASD kids I know have been really anxious or hyper of late and even my little preppie boy broke down and had to have a mental health day last week!

  17. Feeling it!! Almost just went crazy on my roommate regarding low vibe behavior toward me (as I saw it). And I’d had such a good meditation before said event occurred. :/ After little bit of swearing and venting to a good friend, I decided now is the time to look upward. Started a search for better job/place to live.

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