Your Tarot Thoughts?

Vogue Italia June 1992 Tarot Reading

Hello Zeitgeist Trippers – so what do you think of the new 12 Card Horoscope Reading?

I’m loving it but obviously i could have a bias because of all the time it took but thus far, it seems eerily apt.

With the 12 Card Horoscope format, there are a couple of ways to use it.  It’s not like the Oracle that you can kind of just hit on shamelessly.  It’s a different dimension.  I like to do a month-ahead reading on the New Moon and if i have a specific question, i just ask that and something always seems relevant.

Share your thoughts here?


Image: Ellen Von Unwerth – Vogue Italia – 1992

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love it! only tried it once so far on the day it was made available as it was so poignant and spot on. will be utilising the tarot respectfully and on special occasions. thank you for another great addition to the site, x


I enjoy the tarot readings very much. I think the app might be improved by an explanation of the houses, so that ignorant people like me can understand the card in relationship to its placement.


I kind of agree. I totally understand the feeling to avoid explicit links of the home with the death card etc. that MM is concerned about, but interpretations depend on the structure first and foremost I think. There are so many ways to read Death (change, phoenixing, transformation etc.) and the idea of home can vary depending on circumstance too. But the structure or bones of the reading is really helpful to have explicit.


I love it, Mystic, thanks for all your hard work! x
In the readings I’ve done, I’ve tried not to analyse too much and instead go with the impressions/key points that resonate, if I’m not entirely sure what something means. I would love something like a ‘Tarot Hack’ to help me understand more and thus get more from my readings as I really am a Tarot newbie.

virgo kathleen

Hey Mystic, it’s really great. I’ve enjoyed using it so far. I have a suggestion…idk if it’s possible to implement. But, with the Oracle, you can ask specific questions and get certain answers. With the tarot, you just get a very thorough reading, a great deal of information. However…I wonder if it would be possible to do a 1 card reading. Like…”I just want to know about my 7th house right now” and you can select from a drop down menu ‘7th house’ and receive a card. Maybe it’s because I am unfamiliar with tarot but I find a 12-card… Read more »

Water Pig

It’s magic. I find it to be more accurate than the oracle. I do love the oracle, too. My fav q from oracle is ‘what do I need to know now?’. Tarot is very specific and relevant every time. I’ve always gotten something helpful out of it. Things have even manifested straight after the reading. I find it works for both general and specific situations and some short and long term. I even tried it to help me understand something that a friend was going through because I didn’t understand the conversation I had with her and then the tarot… Read more »


I love it too. The interpretations are helpful, enlightening and just plain great to read. The PDF function is a brilliant idea. Great for a tarot/diary project. I use it as the need arises, sometimes just before I go to sleep, so my thoughts are resting on constructive problem-solving and not my usual mulling over and over on the same little things I’m mulling on…5 stars from me…thanks so much MM. It’s a big help.


Love it. Totally accurate. Has helped guide me thro’ a difficult time at work, when I wssn’t sure if I could trust my own instincts. Kept me sane & non-negotiable 😉


Agh ok so I asked the tarot (overindulging ok) to show me the vibe for the combined chart for me and the Crush. omg, it’s hot 🙁
See, now i want the system to be telling me fibs. Am definitely being a bit Zombie about this…against horoscope instructions.


The Tarot is crazy accurate!!!

I have just met a new business associate who happens to be ridiculously hot.. it even named him by star sign & vibe in my partnership and creative sector… that as well as everything else.

So so good!


I did it for the first time today and you have done an amazing job! Some of it was telling me that I’m on the right track with what I’ve been doing already and the other part of it will be good to see that unfold. Thank you! Very in sync.

Neptunian Amazon

oops, didn’t mean to be anon.


Generally Tarot must have burnt me in a previous life or I burnt it. We don’t get on at all. It’s too predictive for my liking. The elements I find a bit Eurocentric. I’m trying to change that view with mystics tarot.


Dearest Mystic, I adore it and have now partaken several times, resulting in spookily apt insights that are full of hope. However, on a practical note and to improve the experience of the astrological Luddites among us (hello, I know I can’t be the only one), I’d love to see some explanation/description regarding the houses that the cards are separated into. And, if I could wish for one more thing, it would be for a shorter option too. A three card reading option would be nice for less intense, quick meditation, perception garnering insights into oft occurring themes. Thanks for… Read more »



It’s brilliant! I can’t get past the consistency in my readings, it’s quite remarkable!

Sweet Sanity

The tarot is, like everything else you do, like you’re talking actually TO ME! I don’t know how you do it, you are magical. I especially like it when it kicks my butt and tells me to get my act together , but in quite amazing detail, because I NEED to hear that quite often lol.

Suddenly Leo

Hey girl, It’s crazy accurate- I’ve never seen anything like this, including from tarot readers in person. It predicted that I’m physically moving house, that my creativity has gotten the oomf I’ve been looking for, literally everything in my life. And I did it twice and got almost all the same cards when I did it the second time (a few days after the first), but with the same interpretation/gist/vibe. What’s further interesting is that it echoes what you said about my chart during a consult we did- everything from a physical move to specific dates I’d make huge jumps… Read more »


I have been collecting tarot decks for decades. I cannot for the life of me learn it so I am just loving it for the images. I think your new tarot reading is quite wonderful and I am glad that you are using the RWS deck with it.

Intransitive Verb

Love the tarot. My one critique is that I wish it were possible to see the cards in the layout form, too (I’m assuming it’s a Celtic Cross, but I may be wrong) as well as getting the explanations by the cards, but realize that may not be possible.

I wish I weren’t so neurotic, though–my first two readings were really upbeat and all I could think was, “Oh no, the sh!t is coming with the next one.”


I agree. I would love to see the cards laid out ‘in formation’.

Year if the Phoenix

I picture it in a circle like a natal chart less than the cc

Margy cap

Love it, has been spot on with current work trends, and love the referral to the planets and their influence.
Have been doing a reading about once a week, and it keeps telling me to watch my back and that has been spot on.
Thanks for all the hard work in developing it. 🙂


Since the tarot went from the static spread to the shuffle – well I can no longer see it on my phone 🙁 but from the few chances I had to play – well LOVED it is an understatement 🙂


I love, love Tarot! It is accurate and as you said it MM – even if only one card is relevant, which is rare.I do save BIG questions only for it and its always on the money! Together with your latest ‘Future Gemini’ Mp3 – it saved me from a few fatal mistakes and helps to plan ahead (and I never had a plan of action before!)So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I love how detailed it is and corresponds to it. I did a couple of readings with no particular question in mind and got a romance/soul mate centered reading. After a short break today’s is more about work. So here are my Tarot 101 questions:
1. Is it essential to have a certain question in mind?
2. should I interpret this, your window is now closed, no romance for you now? 🙁
3. And, drawing for this, what is the time frame within which to expect to see the predictions in life?
Thank you!


Eh, I like short and sweet. I never end up finishing reading it.

Virgo Ellie

Maybe Mystic will do a 1 or 3 card tarot. That would be cool.

Lucy the Leo

I absolutely love it and feel bad that I had to be prompted to say as much. Obviously a lot of work and love has gone into it. The concept is amazing, the writing is amazing ( as ever) and of course it is synchronicity in action. Thank you so much!!


I try and avoid asking specific questions and conjure up a theme/feeling in my mind that encompasses what is bothering me and I would like clarity on. I find that this works the best…I’ve done maybe three readings and they’ve all been good. Lots of information so I try not to use it too much.


Agree! For me, I’ve found that with the horoscope format, more general questions like “what do I need in this area of my life” or “how is this going” are good. I also try and limit it to a couple of times a month, unless I DO have a very specific question, in which case I will ask, because I’ve found if the intention/fear/worry is clear and strong enough, it comes out in any reading I’m doing. But yes, it’s brilliant. I love saving my readings and meditating on them later.


I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for letting non-subscribers try it for a day, I really appreciate it, and the opportunity to try it came at a very good time….of course! 😉 I primarily had a ‘love’ question, which the tarot did address, mainly said I have more power in the situation than I realize, but it also gave me some advice about career, which was also very useful because I may be about to get laid off from my job and the tarot encouraged me into my private practice, like, in a ‘you can do this!’ kind of… Read more »


I love it. It’s actually a pretty amazing app. Not so keen on some of the stuff it’s been saying to me but that’s the tarot for you.


Obsessed! Tempted to check it out now!

Virgo Ellie

I hadn’t done a tarot in a while so when I saw your post I processed one. What I like: (1) I love the display before the reading when you click on the card (2) I have found the tarot to be very accurate. (3) I like how if a card is pulled and if another card may have an effect on the reading and it is included the card makes note of it. It happened in the tarot I did today. That the card referenced was in my reading. (4) I like how we can save them for back… Read more »


I love it mystic! I may not understand a lot of the houses, and I’m learning as much as I can, but I really do like it.

Mary K

I am loving the tarot! It is eerily accurate.


Love it – have to resist it – don’t want to break it:). Seriously though, I’ve found it eerily accurate and like all your writing, so readable and beautiful.


its very accurate! I will clear my mind for myself or focus on one of my kids and it really does zero in on what is going on in our lives!

Mika Court

Exstraordinary! Loving it! Spot on and beautiful. Many many many thanks and much appreciation


Genius interpretations, spooky accurate, it’s fuqing awesome! x


i have to admit there is a lot to take in with the tarot, and so many ‘unknown unknowns’ both in how the cards are talking to me and in the matter i am asking about. I do think the description of each card in its house is very well written. It’s great, actually and more concise and less fluffy than any tarot book. I mean, major and minor arcana x 12 placements each is also a giant amount of focused work and insight. I simply don’t know how to or am unable to be specific in addressing issues in… Read more »


I love the Tarot! I agree with the comments, eerie indeed. I was an early subscriber, so I’ve been using it a while now. Well done dear Mystic! x

nush ciel

still waiting for my reading to play out, it does seem a longer range forecast..will tweak with time intent next consult. Seems to be in line with my own readings/forecasts, so anticipating…can you tweak it to a single, and a three card reading also? Thanks, love this


No day is complete without Mystic’s Tarot.

12th house Virgo

I’ve been using the tarot a lot because the rapidly evolving situ with the Taurus I met online is freaking me out. The tarot assures me something real and substantial is going on and I assure the tarot I’m trying to understand the energies. I’m learning more about the 2nd houses relationship to the 6th for example because of the readings. The 5th/11th axis still confuses me.


i love the 5th – 11th axis. 🙂 it’s been a thing for me conceptually in recent times. a performance requires an audience. a crowd needs (/desires) a leader. the act requires a witness. 11th house is the chorus, the gang, “we the people”, the world out there, the Tesla car design becoming freeware (ish), open source software. randoms you talk to on the street, music festivals? .. 5th house is you slaving over your best self. it is also expression within the moment, subsuming yourself in an act of surrender to the higher purpose of a show, being Seen,… Read more »

12th house Virgo

Thanks. That explains the 2nd house and 5th house connection that has been coming up too. The 5th is about self-expression which requires some self-esteem. Things can be “good” in the 11th w/o being “good” in the 5th. People can see you as the thing you don’t recognize in yourself. I’m learning more about tarot too. Like which cards mean chill the fuq out.


if there is one thing that I can say about the 5th house (I have saturn in Leo 2nd house in a tight square with Uranus in scorp 5th recently given a severe haircut by transiting saturn) : Self esteem is Everything. you’re right there/ When it comes to really understanding yourself enough to produce art or something that only you can make, say, children lol, you can’t phone it in. you have utterly no choice but to Be There to make it happen. the world can smell when you don’t believe in yourself. I mean this could be my… Read more »

curiouser and curiouser crab

Thank you Pi for those comments about the 5/11th house – very enlightening and definitely resonates for me. still learning about the fifth, have chiron there in aquarius, but mostly have Capricorn with no planet, but Pluto there of course, opposing the11th with 3 Cancerian and one Leo planets. I am so relating to what you have written. Thanks.


wow pluto transiting would be pretty full on. I had that transit (pluto thru scorp) when I was a kid i guess.. hmm….

I mean this is just through my ‘experiences’ and framed by the lessons i have had to deal with.. but if this makes sense for someone else too, that’s good. xx

curiouser and curiouser

Pi, I’ve been so busy concentrating on the pluto opposition to my Cancerian planets – 5 all up – that I had just not thought about the impact of pluto going through my 5th house, esp as I have no planets there in Capricorn. But what you wrote so resonated. and being my creativity, rather than doing my creativity, that has been my thinking. so much harder and so much more deep stuff for pluto to uncover for me. quite exciting but also somewhat nebulous for me. but I figure I just have to do what I know I have… Read more »


Good insight Pi. My 5th Scorpio with Neptune, my 11th Taurus with Venus.
What you explained above really makes sense. I need more understanding of those houses. Mine would probably make sense if I was Marvin Gaye.


Yeh but don’t let Dad shoot you.


yeah I feel that this axis is a lot more than champagne, hairdressers, sci fi and the internet. There’s a lot more guts in the mix than maybe we give credit for. Haute Aquas and Leos are very brave to stand up and occupy their rightful place often with a risk of of being stomped, whether self or others.

12th house virgo

Its oddly been the inverse lesson for me. Like, people can smell I’m the real me (whatever that is) and recognize it, but I don’t quite receive the feedback internally. Like, whatever acclaim there may be on offer in the world at large doesn’t fill or satisfy whatever it is inside. I clearly have some shit to process. My 5th/11th is ruled by Cap/Cancer and populated by Aqua Lilth opp Leo moon. 5th house Lilith in Aqua doesn’t give a fuq what the world at large thinks, but Leo moon does. Quite the push-pull. Whatevs. Some day I have to… Read more »

electric eel libran

great insight on the 5th house! Love this!
I have chiron there.

Year of the Phoenix

Love it, have been making tarot and of course astro my “special interest subject for a couple if years, not to read for other people so much as try and understand it through my own life prism and find these interps so well put! And wise!

I do have a zap zone strike in my 8th house with Uranus in Aries lighting up it like an EKKA ride so figure my lifelong attraction to astro/tarot gone into overdrive is just a natural reaction… So yep daily!


The everything you said….so true…:)

unconventional Gemini

Erily apt is exactly what it is. In fact it practically mirrors my solar return chart.


Neither should be hammered….then you get the wtf! So accurate, uplifting, motivating…like everything else you do Mystic. I was thinking today that I’m probably a major eye roller at the love stuff of late but you did tell me oh, I don’t know 3, 4 years ago about love stuff in 2014….Jeezuz …

Electric Eel Libran

So far, it’s been rather amazing and most unique online tarot experience. I’ll have to wait and see to see how accurate it is. Your oracle is the most accurate oracle I’ve ever used btw.


Yeh i keep getting strong love omens of late and i just don’t see where that is coming from…But everything else is spot on.


Sometimes I can stare at the rain on my window and forecast my future in the pattern the drops make.. but, in a rush and lacking the correct weather patterns, I turn to you MM. 😉 Plus, my small Cap boy recently decided to sit on top of my book shelf and unpack, then fling my gold trimmed tarot cards down the back of the shelf. Sure, if I did do a reading it wouldn’t be with him around, but the manual effort after a long day is more than I have in me currently. So purely on a practical,… Read more »


Hello!! Speaking of consults from very good readers/healers, thanks for mine last year. still unfolding for me xx Btw your comment about staring at the raindrops reminds me of a long lost Croatian girlfriend of mine! who taught me to read coffee grounds. She was very gifted, a reluctant medical intuitive who used to really astound me sometimes what she picked up about other people. And she was very modest, she would say ‘oh no, if you think I’m good, you should see the Romanians, they are amazing!’ She was a libran rooster. Anyway, while she was demonstrating coffee grounds… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

I used to work in. Turkish restaurant and the dish washer was a Croation refugee ex circus performer and we would read the coffee grounds a lot! I had some truly bizarre experiences reading cups for custmers (for fun) one time there was the word THAI seen but customer after I had already predicted he would go to to the mountains of Thailand! Super freaky!


Yes, she only used Turkish coffee for this!


Now I really feel like visiting a Romanian Coffee Den and having me some Turkish fresh ground coffee!!! It’s a lovely image. 😀

Year if the Phoenix

When it’s raining 🙂


I second the addictive part. It’s terrifyingly accurate. But I feel like my personal response to “magic” of late has been super-amped, as I’m near the end of this whole Saturn through my first house (pluto/moon) transit. I used the tarot on the friday the 13th perigee full honey moon, cause duh, I had to. blown away by the accuracy. it was creepy.


Totally addictive
Super insightful and really helpful
I had no idea how much I would love it but I use it frequently. Often without asking a specific question. It just tells me what I need to know. Utterly brilliant.


It’s brilliant. I like how i can zero in particular queries, where the Oracle often presumes i’m asking about the same thing sometimes and tries to get me to back off. Or doesn’t like me being too fast (Merc opposition Uranus). I like the House interpretations, and the exhortations to be my best self in some cards that are often given neg interps by other sites and books. They’re so fresh and modern. Even though your interps draw on ancient wisdom, there’s no ancient dinosaur crap. The House interps make the reading much more specific than the old “what are… Read more »


Haven’t felt the need to use it TILL NOW 🙂
Haven’t had any questions till now when sensing some big changes
are a coming up and what has been hidden will be revealed.


Alchemist! Back from romantic trip to the sensual tropics.
YES i’m there 🙂

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