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Missing Unicorn

You know that most Mercury Retrograde stuff-ups occur just as the Trickster Planet is about to turn Direct, don’t you?

Add in Mars nearing the end of his long stay in Libra and urges to communicate, buy, stir, sniff, snort, google-stalk, whatever can seem irresistible.Β  But resist them you do because YOU know that bigger schizz (see July Monthly Horoscopes) is afoot.

As i am sure Sun Tzu would say if he were here, you don’t exhaust your “army” hunting ants.Β  I would be thinking more a la getting ready for the new snazzy era of Jupiter in Leo & Mars in Scorpio + the super-synchronicity-infused Full Moon of July 12.

Hands up who is looking forward to it?

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98 thoughts on “Stay In Your Lane

  1. Mercury got my team yesterday, most lost access to our systems.
    Hope it’s all fixed today.

    Love the reward poster…… been looking for a unicorn all my life, and dragons too lol lol

  2. I was going to comment on how Mercury has been particularly trying on my nerves the few hours before it went direct… Until I started reading the Unicorn sign. At which point I was smacked in the face with that typo, and now I’ve lost my train of thought.

    *Virgo out*

    • Oh my PoppyKettle, I’ve just lost my train of thought too, or my train of thought was just de-railed after I checking out your avatar. (sigh…swoon)


  3. Can’t wait until Merc’s out of retro. Things with the Scorp have been painfully confusing. It’ll be easier to reevaluate where we’re both at in a couple of days.

    We finally admitted our feelings to each other and he says “he’s nervous because he hasn’t felt this way about someone in years.” Which is flattering but my Venus in Aries is like srsly dude where’s ur balls? Sry for language but I mean come on I had to force myself to consciously NOT roll my eyes

    • Wherever you have Aries, patience is a prob to be overcome. I got Ram Sth Node; l feel like l’m a broadacre producer of impatience at times.

  4. The past few days have been heavy going. So much oppressive air around me. I hope it’s just the last big surge of sloughing off of bygone eras that no longer serve me before mercury goes direct and mars is out of my libra sun! Here’s to brighter days…

  5. I’ve been looking at the asteroid Ops, which is the wife of Saturn and where the word opus comes from. She rules abundance. I’ve been noticing I seem to like men where my Saturn conjuncts their Ops or their Ops Saturn conjunts my Ops or my Ops conj their Ops. weird. I’m also wondering if it means abundance in whatever house it is situated in?
    I can’t find much more about it. Some other astrologer dude links it to military stuff.

      • Wishing you all the good things S. and sending love. This is a tough time, but you’ll get through it. Xxx

          • Thankyou Gemyogi x Kinda over the zombie sedation. Hopeful this will pass too. I did get a few jelly snakes and chocolate cake (not a birthday cake) but morning tea @ Mad, Bad and Sadville. A win is a win, no less. Love back to you too.

            • Happy Solar Return sweet S. I love to think about how this gorgeous green and blue planet travels around the Sun. I was just drawing pictures of this for my Cancerian soon to be six year old. If I didn’t have astrology I am not sure I would think about the strangeness of our existence here so much and feel the perspective that the stars give us so keenly! Anyway, happy day. Take care of your lovely self, xx.

    • gosh, good work TOC.

      HEY S, happy birthday from all the fish in the sea!! all blowing some pretty bubbles and a tail-wiggle for you too.


    • Happy Birthday S, sorry this is bit late. But good to have the wishes rolling in for days? Hugs to you hon xxx

    • Happy birthday dear S, love your heart and spirit xx

      Glad you’re online and receiving these wishes, and bless Tropic – that was good work πŸ™‚

      • Dearest CS,
        Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your a blessing in this world. I treasure your comments. xoxo

        Spinx I couldn’t fit my reply in because of the small space. Your joy in each moment is a strength I wish to mirror. Thank you for sharing your story about drawing with your son. xx

      • Shucks!
        Warning: If l know your birthday; I’ll remember it. So if it comes round l’ll wish you a HB. Now for every World Cup winner in 1930 Uruguay, 1934 Italy, 1938 Italy, 1950…………”oh shut up”

          • 54 W Germany. 58 Brazil. 62 Brazil. 66 Eng. 70 Bra. 74 W Germ. Holland scored 1st goal of that match with no Germ player touching ball. WG won 2:1. 78 Dutch miss out again to Argies. 82 Italy. 90 United Germ. 94 Bra. 98 France. 02 Bra (Oliver Kahn- 1st gk to win “player of tournament”) 06 Bra. 10 ltaly. 14? (Germ? France? Arg)

            • Have got access to comp? Dumb question l spose. But could be doing it on mob. Anyway two Van the Man songs l like listening to when lm down are “Real, Real Gone” & “That was a Wonderful Remark”

            • Music can’t seem to reach me now. Which is a shame as it could once. We speak the same Node truth TOC.

            • Wow. I think my Sun/Moon quincunx says music is VERY important to me (or some other planet relationship). I’m working atm with no music. Ugh. My faves are Neil Young Kate Bush ( both Aqua Moons) the Joker (Dylan) & the Boss (Springsteen) both Air sign communicators. Paul Kelly n Sarah Blasko (same birthdate as the Boss) my fave Ozzies

  6. I’m having all these revelations re: life.

    Like being a happy, awesome, fulfilled person and all those self-help books about being a happier person, etc. These things used to not make sense to me. But all of a sudden, all those confusing rules of life or tips to improve your life suddenly become so obvious.

    For the first time in my life I’m attracted to another female (a Gemini!) and I can’t pursue it due to work politics but all this waiting and being friends first is giving me so many revelations about life and relationships. The change of perspective is just woah.

    I’m so glad June is done with. Mercury retrograde is over soon!

  7. Soo…I have to return the amazing expensive credenza I bought on sale yesterday? Boo!!!

    Mercury is stationing on my MC. Nothing to do at work. Went to Brooklyn for the weekend and am getting my artsy back on. I really need to get out of town more often.

      • I am lucky, especially for the friend I went to see there. She is a Libra with Cancer rising. The Sun and Pluto straddle her IC and the moon is on her MC. She’s mesmerizing.

  8. Yeh was looking forward to it. Now not ao much. The leo dude i was talking to just emailed saying doesn’t think he can be the guy I deserve, wont be able to support me emotionally, and there may not be family compatibility. Of course he didnt have to give me reasons he’s free to end it if he wants. But im angry because at an end of academif year bbq he went out of his way to stare at me from across the garden and smile and blush when i stared back. This continued for a good three hours. (Weve kept our communication to emails just yet because we’re both private people dont want to make it official just yet). Why lead me on! Life is going well – i have a 6 month internship to start aug 1. Super excited. I likee the guy not so much his sister and her attitude. I dont know whether i should email saying a lot of things have been misunderstood through emails. Or just say goodbye. A little sad it endee without a discussion after being lead on through emails and stares and smiles.

    • “misunderstood through emails”

      Well of course!!

      Merc Retro!! Just wait a bit. It was a pretty intense dark moon. Maybe he’ll feel differently when Jupes is in Leo.

      Don’t reply and wait and see what he does…

      • Dark moon? When was that? Over the weekend. Because after so many emails of things going well and happy happy the guys done a 360 after 3 week break due to exams.

        When does jupe go into leo….i have to reply back within the end of this week. Dont feel like dragging this on unnecessarily.

        Much love for the comment xx

    • My opinion of guys who say discouraging things about himself like: “i don’t deserve you”….or “my heart really isn’t into us because i just got out of a bad relationship” …. or ” I’m not really relationship material” is that 1.) he’s telling you the truth and 2.) He’s setting you up to toy with. Basically, he’ll still do whatever you can talk him into, but he will use that stuff later as a reason to be able to cheat on you or dump you with a clear conscience. Because…after all….you “asked for it” knowing full well that he’s “flawed”.

      • Cynical, but I agree. To me it sounds like he doesn’t want to even make the commitment to say he wants to be with you.
        Wimpy way out.

        • In the old days, I used to think oh lookiie that, he’s opening up to me and being all intimate by sharing some deep tortured feelings about himself. nope. nope. nope.

          There was the one Aqua who did that to me, but he actually meant all that stuff for real! He wasn’t using it as a set up to dump me or cheat on me. It was actually I who dumped him in the end because it has been 2 years and no talk of further commitments. It was time for me to physically move to a new city so i didn’t see the point of carrying on the relationship as well. Back before internet was easy and phone calls were pricy, LDR didn’t do well.

          So not all guys are like this but if I was a betting gal my odds are on the first.

          • This advice sounds spot-on to me. It’s a way to make you feel closer to him while simultaneously dialing back your expectations. Perfect conditions for a hot booty call; totally worth it when you finally get wise and start screaming at him in a bar. I’d be surprised if this was a conscious thought process, but I would also put money on the results being exactly the same as if it were a conscious process.

            Keep your head up, this has happened to the best of us.

        • I’ve been revealing what I believe are all the negative traits of myself so he should believe all of them then? I figured give him the worst parts of me and if he stays he can get me at my best. I’m truly shocked to know this is hows hes ended things…tres tres wimpy to be honest.

          My minds racing thats all. A little sad but not hurt because he’s free in his choice and its better than being dragged to no mans land hehehe.

          Deciding betweens ending him a three line answer back or one with a little more flesh because he did say no politely.

          Thank you all. You have been so kind!

          • you will be ok.
            I guess I was referring to his own admissions of where at (or other revealing behaviour).
            Never mind. you are young and beautiful (trust me), there is plenty more to come! Enjoy your summer… let the sun in πŸ™‚

  9. I am sniffing the winds of change. The start of movement feels good but I’m so impatient for something to actually happen!! In love, work, home improvements, and artistic success. It’s so close I can feel it, but meanwhile lots of promises, and no tangible results.

    Zen. I will write out my wishes and dreams, and let go of expectations. It’s hard when I’m getting so many expansive urges. Cutting through a lot of crap though, and conserving my valuable time and resources for the real! Not spending a minute on qi vamps or time wasters.

    • With Gem Rising myself, it’s good to know where these “Get Set, Get Ready but don’t Go …yet” feelings are coming from.

      Just remember the delay favours you to zen out, and allow(s) the universe to line things up!

  10. Ive been in my own lane for the past couple days, it feels so wrong but at the same time its felt so right. Which is the on going theme in every aspect of my life, so much excitement and anticipation for big new relocation but so much sadness of leaving a place and people that offered so much growth. BUT I have been seeing that this would happen for a long time now and its finally here, about to pull a pretty good “look ma no hands” move and it’ll be awe-some

    • ah yes, that’s hard to do. no matter how clear we are about the need to go, there is still the Shift-Change to go through. Good luck with the move and soon new things will be blooming in your new life πŸ™‚

  11. I am looking forward to it.. I am just nervous about my strength to stand up to the trickster things showing up before then. It’s mostly about standing talk to the Pisces dude.

    Stand Tall! xo!!

  12. Hahahha! Fuq yes, the Trickster planet is ensuring I don’t communicate with my happenings until we are in forward motion!!

    I can feel the turn and the insights are awesome! Bring on the weekend!! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve loved the first half of the year; challenging and all!! Bring on the rest of 2014!!

    • indeed?
      anything I should be aware of in advance? merc goes direct about half a degree in front of my asc.

      I managed to take care of some important academic and art admin things today, nothing particularly wierd as far as I can tell… keeping an eye on tomorrow (Tuesday) though. No communication through social media, have a glass of water before voicing opinions, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth…
      hopefully I haven’t already somehow trashed my reputation (pisceans only have one kind of reputation anyway hahaha) in the last 72 hours lol anything is possible.

    • Yes, my asc is 22 Gemini must be close by both of your asc’s. Yesterday and last night was weird. Like being pulled in 2 opposite directions. Each twin trying to have it’s own way. Very confusing. I just went to bed early so they would STFU.
      As merc moves forward over the next few days it sqs natal merc and conjuncts natal mars in early kataka again !!! Then mars comes back for a last opp of my sun on the 9th. The retro shitfest is nearly done, but not just yet.

      • i think either i am so incredibly vague that general wierdness and randomness just washes over me, or that since ~2011 it has been the norm so something has to be ultra big or out-there to register as more than daily life-scape? not sure. occasionally get pinged by the astro e.g. chiron. DL i think “early to bed” is the best solution…

  13. All this and end of financial year madness – it was mental today and only have 4 more days of training and one of them trainer not coming in ….

    Have tried to make the most of the retro with revise revise revise my notes

  14. oh yeah! Thanks for the heads up- (phew!) been doing sooo well lately, and then kaboom must be the retro shift and theres a yukky venus square neptune…maybe its over for you guys in oz now, but on this side of the world a whole day!….quit smoking yesterday so nerves are screaming

  15. Ah Thanks for the reminder. I was in screaming tears at the station when my bus yet again didn’t make the connecting train. And I had already doodled away the afternoon at work distracted and not able to care or focus. No buying airline tix or trying to force plans until after merc retro

  16. Oh dear, yes. Lips (and wallet) zipped, literally and metaphorically. Am working through what seems to be an insane list of to-dos. Trying not to lose my nana is the face of seemingly ludicrous workplace requests… patiently sending ‘great question/project, let me look at your doc/my diary, and get back to you’ emails instead. My motto for the week is “Listen and learn’.

    • “let me have a look and get back to you”, is the numero uno response to most workplace / other requests πŸ™‚ thanks for the reminder~~~Pi

    • “Listen and learn” – that is SUCH a good sit-on-your-hands and don’t overcommunicate mantra. I’m going to apply it too – thanks! Tarot confirms great things in the offing but I Ching & astro says not just yet. 64 – be careful, just before completion πŸ™‚ Sitting on my hands…

  17. that explains the probs i am having trying to resubscribe w paypal and the fact that i can’t contact my mobile phone company on landline, mobile or email to get them to explain why my bill is more than i was told it should be for the month (having checked that i haven’t gone over any of my plan limits!) grr retro merc!

    • sorry, grumpy day
      i should have said a huge “thank you mystic for reminding me of this feature” i mean it!

  18. OK, mercury will station direct on my Gem ascendant. So, pretty much put myself in “Flight Mode” (that is, all wireless comms off.. not ‘fight or flight’), duct tape over mouth until well clear of gemini once more.. etc?

    Squaring sun/merc, but “good” aspects to all other personal planets..

  19. Oh hell yes! Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been allowing myself to pointlessly communicate my feelings to my ex via text message, but no more of that now. Looking forward to July / Leo season πŸ™‚

  20. My Gem friend tells me they will never find the Unicorn because pictured is in fact an Alicorn (aka a Winged Unicorn). Traditional Unicorns are wingless.

  21. It is a strong pull – that Mars Libra stuff – I distract myself with dreams of what my Jupiter return will entail?! And I must say, my Uranus transit over venus/mars/merc is v trickstery indeed – as in, dull, a complete no-show.

    Anyone have any thoughts on north node hanging over one’s moon? Emotional future light shining/revealing?

    Also, MM, your tarot is phenomenal. I have only done one spread but it just keeps revealing itself, no rush to do another. Grazie xxx

    • Hi G,

      Regarding the 12 card tarot, I’m not feeling it as yet, or maybe I can’t interpret the spread. I’m also a lil confused, because the interpretation of the individual cards are gendered. Do I just swap the interpretation of the king of pentacles in the fifth house, for a female? I think not, hence the confusion. As for the knight of cups in the 7th house of my reading, I really wish it were to be so. The tarot’s so ambiguous for me. I’m a man BTW.



      • hey
        like some others mentioned somewhere else a few posts back, they got some benefit from saving the post and leaving it for a while (few days, couple of weeks). then coming back to it with fresh eyes. I save mine with the date and a couple of words that relate to that question/issue.
        I realised something when I was doing a reading for a friend (also a subscriber but hadn’t got into the tarot). it was much easier to interpret for a friend. less invested in the situation maybe?
        so I stepped back applied the same analysis to my own slightly older readings: voila! things started to become much more clear.

        for many of the cards I simply focused on the last sentence from the description – after reading the whole thing of course – often this revealed a course of action or perspective that was most centered on my query. I am about to revisit one or two of those older readings to hand-write out those sentences, just for kicks/see what comes up.

        remember that the 5th and 7th houses are not just romance/love. the other aspects of those houses are equally as relevant if not more so a lot of the time. i mean, in my humble opinion. πŸ™‚

      • GO FOR IT ! You rearrange the damn genders any way you want. They are primarily descriptors of energies, rather than people.

        This site is brilliant for going over the energies present in each card:

        So, King Pentacles:

        makes any venture successful
        finds opportunity everywhere
        attracts wealth
        takes an idea and makes it work
        is a natural manager and businessperson
        has the Midas touch

        is informed about practical matters
        has a wide range of natural abilities
        has quick reflexes
        is skillful with his or her hands
        handles any situation competently
        meets all commitments and promises
        assumes responsibility
        is dependable and unfailing
        can be counted on in a crisis
        serves as a rock for others to lean on

        encourages the accomplishments of others
        readily jumps in to help
        is a philantropist
        gives generously of time and attention
        sponsors worthwhile projects

        works toward a goal with firm resolve
        avoids mood and behavior swings
        has regular habits and activities
        maintains a calm, even approach
        is a stabilizing influence

        Knight Cups:

        idealizes love……….lacks self-restraint
        emphasizes feelings……….is often jealous
        concentrates on the poetry of life……….tends to be gushy and melodramatic
        remembers special occasions……….blows hot and cold in affections
        expresses sentiments beautifully……….brings flowers, but forgets to put gas in the car

        can tap the fertile unconscious……….indulges in idle daydreams
        looks beyond the obvious……….has big ideas that come to nothing
        never takes the mundane path……….has an unrealistic approach
        spins marvelous tales……….has an overactive imagination
        is visionary……….can shade the truth

        is aware of moods and feelings……….is prone to mood swings
        helps others open up……….can be petulant and sulky
        responds deeply to life……….gels melancholy and depressed
        understands the pains of others……….broods excessively
        is tactful and diplomatic……….takes offense easily

        appreciates beauty in all forms……….leaves dirty work to others
        seeks the finest……….can’t face unpleasantness
        creates a pleasing environment……….lacks robust good health
        understands subtlety……….emphasizes style over substance
        is suave and gracious……….gets overwhelmed by pressure
        values the inner life……….focuses inward to excess
        tries to understand why……….avoids active participation
        questions motivations……….is driven to self-examination
        seeks self-improvement……….exaggerates personal failings
        sees below the surface……….can’t relax around others

        Brilliant site ! Hope this helps πŸ˜€

      • Hi A-non,

        I’m not so sure on these things. I like how Domestic Triffid responded below. I do note the MM does give direction when gender has import; like, if you are male, interpret this way, if not, this other way etc.

        And also, as Pi said, keep sitting on it and rereading when you feel the need.

        Hope that helps.

        • Thanks G, PI and Domesticated Triffid, this is really thoughtful of you all. It’s only been two weeks since I did the spread on the 16th June, so yeah, I’ll re-read and sit on it for a while, yet. I’ll explore the link too!
          Much love and to be honest, I sound like a blend of the Knight and the King.
          SO interesting.
          A-non. x

    • G, I have Merc/Moon/nNode under this Mars/ NN Libra stuff. Sun-Venus are further back in the Libra parade.

      Biggest gift- of the Mars retro-redefining what and who I nurture- and who/what gets my energy. No longer the co-dependent nice friend defending Qi Vamp/Drama Queens. Staying grounded when someone needs something. My O2 mask is in place before I ride.

      My Prog MC is on the current NN. Tarot speaks of new opps, energies, peeps, creativity…

      At a funeral, a niece paid tribute to the departed aunt, saying that her aunt bought her an expensive rubber tetgered ball during a visit to the zoo, just because. In an era, late 60s, when toys were given on bdays and Christmas only, it changed her world. It told her that she deserved a life of joy and possibility, abundance and occasional extravagance.

      She graduated from a prestigious university, and found work that she loves. She now mentors young people to lift their ambition and vision.

      My metaphor for Mars in Libra: Zen warrior. Love the Sun Tzu! He kept it haute 24/7.

      Wishing everyone good travels and companions on the journey!


      • Thanks Kat, loved that about your niece – a catalyst gift – how great.

        And yes, I think you are absolutely right, Mars Libra/Moon etc, has been about picking ones fights with primo consideration given to one’s emotional fuel tank levels.

        Brilliant reminder thank you.

  22. Looking forward to it! Everything is feeling fresh again after that delicious new moon in Kataka. Watery trines abound in my chart – so I feel much happier.

    Jupiter on my Sun – yes! Mars on my Moon after Saturn trampled it – 😯 .

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