How To Seduce A Taurus?

Richard Prince

Dear Mystic,

How do you seduce a Taurus? I met him on an online dating site. We’ve been in contact via text every day since June 6. We’ve both acknowledged the vibe is there and that a vibe can be way wrong when tested in real life and enjoyable while it lasts. But he doesn’t seem particularly concerned about meeting in real life. I got pissy in a text message about it and he replied with an immediate call, which I couldn’t take because I was pissed and in the company of others, and he texted an apology and claimed miscommunication.

But no plans to meet up have been made. With my history of love zombie-ness, I’m tempted to just cut contact and mope in the private insecurity and fear rather than make a possible romance of nothing here. But nothing is wrong and he makes me smile. Simple enough. I just can’t seem to move this guy to act. Am I being impatient with two weeks of nothing but texting? I’m not sure of his moon or other details. I suspect he is a multi Taurus (Mars, Sun, maybe Mercury) with Saturn in Libra.

Online Virgo

Dear Online Virgo,

How do you seduce a Taurus? Dinner on the couch?Β  Seriously I think two weeks of texting is nothing. I know people who have limited things to texting for months on end. Admittedly they’re Aquarius-Uranian types who break out in hives at the thought of conventional dating but still.

I think you set a deadline for Mars in Scorpio and if this person has not made an effort to manifest an actual physical meet-up by then you either drop it but without the boring moping, private insecurity and fear that you mentioned OR you ask him out to dinner. Obviously the couch bit of it can wait until you ascertain the Richter level of the chemistry i.r.l.

Also Taureans move slowly – it’s part of their thing.Β  Not everyone is rocking that Virgo vibe of wanting to be able to tick things off their list so they can get that satisfying “done” thing.

What does everyone else think?


Image: Richard Prince

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195 thoughts on “How To Seduce A Taurus?

  1. Will Mars be in Scorpio before or after Mercury Retro is over?
    ‘Miscommunication’ is very Retro Merc; Pissy texts are kind of ‘ew’ also so doing that could have killed any vibe overall too.

      • My now beautiful taurus lover took 8 weeks of texting before i got a date invite , however I was lucky enough to bump into him in the shops in between that time and knew he was a cutie. Yet the wait and frustration was so worth it! … but by 8 weeks i was going nuts and nearly ended it, so yeah have the cut off (i can’t take it any more ) moment and act !

  2. Aren’t earth people meant to enjoy structure? I think stating things clearly works. I would avoid getting ‘pissy’ in a text message with anyone.

    E.g. “Really enjoyed our conversations of late. Would like to meet up and see if you can be friends in real life? Do you have any weekend times available in the next month? Breakfast date on July 13th works for me if you are up for it.”

    • I dunno…. I think you’re making it too easy for him. Just a quick one liner: “Do you want to meet up in real life?” Will suffice.

        • Agreed. This is the modern way the married guy can cheat without cheating… What do they say? The biggest sex organ is the brain?

        • It sounds like he is in a relationship. Two weeks of texting is plenty of time to know whether you want to meet up for a coffee etc.

        • I totally agree! He just wants attention and may have no intentions of meeting.

        • yes, married or already in committed situation but enjoys your conversations and the online flirting.

          • I would soooo love to text forever and never meet ….. I love the unrequited buzz

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t take my dating advice anyway..
      what would I know with a Scorp Moon and a well-hidden Taurus ruling my 12th? πŸ˜‰ . I just used to take ’em or leave ’em.

  3. I am so glad the Virgos are all out there doing the worrying and sweeping under the table for the rest of us. I say exercise, yoga, repeat until July, my pretty.

  4. If someone sent me a “pissy” text after two weeks of flirting that would be IT.

    Pissy texts are for ex husbands who are behind in their child support. They don’t exactly spell “come hither.”

    If i were the Taurus guy i would be lying in my post work-out radox bath (visualizing here) thinking “holy fuq, if this is what she’s like NOW, what would she be like down the track??”

    • I expected that reaction and saw it as a way to protect myself from emotional attachment. Yet he still texts.

  5. Some guys love the abstract quality of the detached texting relationship… You may have one of these! I’d give him 24 hours to act, if not cut the cord and move on. It sounds like you want to take it into the physical realm? So focus on what you want. Taureans can be lazy fuckers, so I’d deliver an ultimatum.

    • “Taureans can be lazy fuckers”

      Agree with you there!! OMG! and they’re stubborn about it too.

      • I’m in a relationship with a Taurus male.. Best tactic is to call their bluff and get them to get off the couch and bust a move… If they’re too lazy to do that, it’s not worth it.

  6. you met him on a online dating site. That’s the red flag right there.
    Some guys like the ego boost and have no intention of ever meeting up.
    He’s probably taking his time ’cause he’s busy looking at other profiles.
    UGHH. Would rather be chaste forever than go back online. It’s full of emotional fuqtards.

    • also I think a bunch of ppl online don’t really know what they want/are doing there, and figure it out as they go. Do you have a sense whether he’s shy or cautious? Busy? Is he close? far away?

      I agree the astro says bide some time, but yeah, not forever. It won’t go on like this forever ….

  7. Oh Online Virgo, I feel your pain! I too have been texting with a Taurean every other day for about eight weeks. This was also an online meet-up, & it had already taken him a month to get from kiss to correspondence. Most annoying is he lives about 10km away, but just loves the text text text. Gah!

    I wish I knew the secret, but have found the best way forward (i.e. what’s kept it going this long) is to say what you mean/mean what you say; & take some heart in that he’ll always say what he means/means what he says.

    Having said all that: set yourself a deadline (no point setting one for him) past which you won’t be waiting by the phone for his next text. Life goes on.

      • nice. article. i have to say ive never experienced the non-follow up guy online, just in person. but if she’s having issues online: a beautiful talented, mainstream looking white brunette, I’ve got a serious uphill battle.

      • LOLs, could be, but doubtful. I have actually met my Toro, btw, and there’s also the contributing factor of clashing work and interstate travel schedules atm.

        Patience is a virtue, and all that. Up to a point…

        And this waiting game is still wayyy better than the Aquarian who came on strong by the second date, got annoyed when I said I wasn’t ready to respond in kind, then disappeared off the face of the earth when I eventually said I *was* ready… only to pop up again on ye auld love blog. Oh, so we’re done? Thanks.

        The Taurean’s slow and steady plod defo suits me.

        • ugh! If I’ve had issues with guys being inconsistent in this realm they were Aquas

          • Inconsistent I can deal with, people waxing and waning like the moon, but I did think a fellow air sign would blow a bit more zephyr-like, not so cyclonic.

            Considering I’ve dated Aquas before, MORE FOOL ME, CALYPSO! hahaha

            And Anonymous from 3.56pm: great article! I’ve shared it everywhere!!

            • well, when I say inconsistent, I mean i met an Aqua online, we hit it off, had great rapport. Skyped for 6 nights straight and on the 6th night he says I want to make you smile every day for the rest of your life. Never heard from him again, lol! I am literally lolling now, but I wasn’t then 😯 diq

              • Well now looking back on the situation, it should make you smile that you are not stuck with someone that pathetic currently. Imagine if you had married the d00sh and he just decided to skip out after you made children or got cancer. ugh! A blessing in disguise! I tell myself that about the Crazy Scorp all the time.

  8. I dated a Taurus man for 2 years and also liked another taurus dude but we never dated. Both took their sweet time. The first toro man took about 2
    months to ask me out. Lazy, maybe. Cautious … for sure. Taurus peeps can also be a bit controlling (I know I am one) w regards to situations and how they want them to play out. I’m also really guarded at first too. Toro dude #2 was also taken and never told me til later. But he loved to text and virtual communication also. I think mainly because it made him feel good. So could be your taurus guy is taking his time or he’s just a player and wants his ego stroked at any cost. Let him come to you ????

  9. OMG, contact every day via sms without meeting. Sounds dysfunctional already. Let the guy make an effort. If his text doesn’t say, how about catching up on blah blah, don’t reply. He’s wasting you precious time. And this is advice from an Aqua. he can still take his 3 months or whatever he needs but you can move on to other options.

    I agree with Mystic re the couch thing. If what you really want is seduction, then tell him you are coming over to his house and you will probably find the couch already warmed up.

    • “he can still take his 3 months or whatever he needs but you can move on to other options.”

      I think this is what I need to do. Because clearly I’m putting a lot of energy into this situation. I was wondering if Taurus peeps or Taurean lovers had tips, but waiting seems to be it. And I can’t really *wait* even if it ends up I am waiting.

      • Trust in your own judgment.

        Whenever we feel strongly attracted to someone, the process of withdrawing is uncomfortable and challenging and may even take more time that that we spent attaching. Everyone goes through it, it’s part of life. So respecting that withdrawing process and noticing how you feel about it is a good thing. It can teach you to become less emotionally pulled in the future.

        You don’t know this man. Unless and until he’s demonstrating to you a capacity to care and act in your own best interests, then he doesn’t warrant any sort of emotional commitment from you. There are strong signs he’s a player. Try to put your energy into something for yourself and the attachment will pass.

        • Well said and very true. It is so hard to remove ourselves from the connection but once you learn or accept that you are worth more investment from a guy you win. The next go around is so much better.

  10. It’s an interesting phenomena the amount of men who don’t actually get around to asking you out after they contact you on an online dating site. πŸ™‚ Drove me crazy for ages but then a switch just flicked and now I can see it for what it is. If I guy chats to me for ages I don’t expect to be asked out. If he texts 100 times I still don’t expect it. If he asks me out I still don’t actually count on the date until we’ve arranged a time and a place.

    I’m much happier now that i’ve lowered my expectations.

    I stop answering with much info if they haven’t asked me out after a few weeks and they fizzle out. meh. no issue here.

    I also monitor how i’m feeling about what they’re asking. Some guys are SO boring… I get shorter quicker with men who only ever ask the same question.

    Recently i had a very long exchange with a Pisces that shoud’ve run past it’s due date (and his too apparently) but I enjoyed every exchange and really looked forward to them, and then we did finally meet up. Been on two dates so far and they’ve been good dates too. But he wasn’t the daily “So, how is your day going?” type.

    Sorry i have no idea how to seduce your Toro though, i haven’t had any dates with a Toro. I’d be tempted to let it go.

    • I absolutely agree. The trick with online dating is not to let yourself get emotionally invested, not even a wee little bit, until you’ve met more than once and you have spoken a few times. I’m firmly against endless emails and texts. It’s too easy to project your expectations onto someone who’s communicating entirely in writing with you, and it’s a recipe for disappointment (given that your imagination very rarely attributes them with all the flaws they turn out to have in real life and often when people don’t want to meet, there’s a very good reason for it…).

      So, the way I approached online dating after I got the hang of it and embraced my inner cynic? A few emails exchanged to provide some initial filtering, followed by making arrangements to meet within roughly a week of original contact. If that didn’t happen, I bailed. And my approach worked for me too – I’ve been happily married to the last man I met from online dating for some years now and I still think he’s marvellous!

      That said, if you’re not ready to give let your Toro go, perhaps you can identify some kind of sophisticated/luxury/gourmet event that you would like to go to and need company for and you can invite him? That might flush him out. Of course, the event you invite him to would still need to satisfy all the other requirements for a first in-person catch up from online dating (reasonably public, easy to escape if need be and activity-based so you won’t feel uncomfortable silences too acutely if you turn out to have nothing in common).

  11. Why not just say that you like him a lot, but you didn’t sign up for the dating website so that you could find another penpal?

    I’ve done that before and then said, “if you ask me out for drinks, I’ll say ‘yes,'” and I made it sound flirty and it worked. AND they still get to make the first move – good for alpha males.

    • In the last couple of months I have emailed, texted and met a Taurus male and have had similar hot/cold experience with him. The only way I could get on even ground with him was to do as you did, be up front but also keep the ball in his court…. It worked ;o)

  12. Been in a site for a while. Had a long, vaguely fulfilling conversation that lasted months with a Taurean man. 3600 kilometres seperated us, but there was a sweetness in the exchange. NEVER quite got around to meeting in Alice (half way). But, a little sweetness can go a long way.

    I did an experiment, driven by the (at times) inanity of it all, and asked a plethora of guys for there birth deets. Interesting, most happily share, and more interesting, there where always strong mars venus links between us. So, a level of attraction does pull across those profile pics and blurbs. Still on there however! But a curious experiment.

    • the last two guys I met hit on my South Node. One of them with Pluto – and he won’t leave me alone, he’s obsessed! A married Gemini. I told him straight up I wasn’t interested. He goes on about how he doesn’t understand why he feels such a connection with me. That’s what I get for having a Virgo South Node I spose. Plenty of ppl with Uranus or Pluto in Virgo and I don’t really want those planets stirring things up. I want NN contacts! Preferably available ones πŸ™‚

  13. can you utilise some of these daily exchanges to get some birth deets? We really need to check out his Moon and Mars…

    • Moon-uranus in Saggo
      Mars in Scorpio
      Venus, Mercury, Sun in Taurus
      Most likely Gem rising

      • hmmm, is he intense? like full-on? The saggo Moon gives him verbosity but the Scorp Mars is lurking somewhere….maybe under the couch which all that Toro is stuck to??

        • Yes. He’s got Saturn-mars and Pluto retrograde in 5th house Scorp with Merury in Taurus opp Pluto near exact. I think he’d never move were it not for his Saggo moon-Uranus which could manifest as a crazy hippy woman who is not going to be me.

          • hey, you could be quirky darlink! I just realised, all that Toro could be in his 12th, right?

            • It looks that way – split in the 12th. Sun in 12th. Venus and Mercury in 11th.

            • And that moon-uranus combo of his is on my NN. His AC is my MC. His NN is roughly on my SN and vice versa. I think that’s all interesting, but I don’t think it *means* anything as far as relationship potential.

              • 5th house Pluto AND Saturn?? I would say he’s completely all or nothing, and if it were nothing you’d know by now. He’s quite possibly obsessed with you already, but being Saturn cautious. He’s probably learned that the hard way- 5th house Pluto means light romance does not exist.

    • Too skinny up there! Continuing with what I was saying about 5th house Pluto and Saturn: he was accused below of not sounding like much fun. True. He will be serious and deep about EVERYTHING, even with that happy moon combo. Conventional “fun” may feel like death to him (from another 5th house pluto). And I could be naive, but this does not sound like player astro at all. Scaredy-cat and solid, but with tendency to say “fuq it!!” at certain triggers. Interesting…

      • He is interesting alright. Retro Pluto at 0 Scorpio 5th house, Neptune at 0 Capricorn 7th house, and Mercury at 0 Taurus 11th house. 12th house Sun, 11th house Venus. He’s stubborn as fuck.

        Retro Mars-Saturn in Scorpio too. He must feeling like he’s imploding on a day to day basis.

        • I could be being naive too, but I don’t think he’s a player either. He is too deep and fixed to juggle. I mean, he’s def probably talking to other women now because he’s not committed. I get the sense when he commits, he’s solid. Then that stubbornness is on the side of the relationship.

          • So here’s the real question: with those astro-demons (and that’s a lot of them- daily implosion-yes), is he working on them?? If he’s self-aware and doing the Work, honestly, he sounds yummy! Just don’t “wait” while you’re waiting. πŸ™‚

            • yes, Venus in Gemini enjoys options. The texts exchange should continue to make you smile but don’t expect to lock it down while it’s there. Lots of things are set to shift late July!

            • That is a very spot on question. Depends on how good the sex is πŸ˜‰ None of that may be an issue at this point.

        • Well, not the ACTUAL finding of the perfect mate…but the getting of details I meant. X

          • I was referring to getting msgs /emails flowing. Something to do with being in a rural area adds a bit more hindrance. I’m the opposite to this Toro bloke. I would be moving it along; I’m not a player tho. But l also think it’d be rude to ‘string’ it out; woman or man.

            • I’ve found sometimes is just about the contact..the flow ultimately stops at some point…like the little pool of karma between you has been evaporated.

              • I know this happens that ppl get 2nd thoughts. But, what the hey, ppl should be bit adventorous; within the realms of safety.
                I hate blurbs on online ‘datum’ sites.

  14. What I would give for an “eyes meeting across the room, lightning strikes and a few heart palpatations” moment!

    • I have had several of those lately. I chat briefly, make eyes just enough to make use of the non verbal communication, and leave the rest up to him as his situation is unknown to me. Mutual friends existed – if he was interested he would act, presumably πŸ™‚ but nyet

      • I think the life changer planets have to be in play. I had a Toro woman make bovine eyes at me earlier this year. (Jup and Uran only 2 planets not sext, trine or conj. Sun/Ven/Mars were Sext/Sext/Trine; all Yin.) Surprisingly she said nothing was meant by it. In other news Bacon Airways now operate in NSW.

        Truth was l was’nt ready. I feel more ready and yet more to go. But lm now picking up on August and beyond. All this is against my all-2-impatient SN Aries impulsiveness now ameliorated with 10% Libra mellowness.

        • We have the same Node placement Topic of Cancer.

          Communication is vital no matter the distance. I’d like to think people still meet in the real world, it’s not all online.

          • I was formerly Katmando. I needed another moniker. My wiggly avatar stayed the same. I love making up names and slogans. I shoodabeen in Advertising. I think l’d call my business Advertising Rising & Sun Power Ink.

            • Half Cats effort this weekend.
              I did work experience in an advertising firm in high school. It wasn’t about creativity but graphic design and story boarding the same idea over and over. My Aqua rising says originality and bein authentic are the vitamins for life. Do you get bored easily? Hence the name change.

              • Aqua Moon. Katakas have strong Moon sign influence. Also Uranus in 1st house. Everybody knows me as the Quirkster. I dont fit in as a HS teacher (2 career) always quoting Micallef or Python at staff mtgs n getn into trub for doing so.

  15. This is the kind of situ I would endlessly analyse and plan and fantasise over when I was younger.

    Guys you meet online are often married or attached and looking to flirt online or cheat IRL. Basically my strategy is now 2 or 3 msgs at most, then a coffee date, IF they seem like a possibility. My time is too precious to waste mooning over some guy I have never met! If he doesn’t want to meet up, delete. Next!!

    Seriously, don’t get invested at all until you meet several times and know they are 1. Single 2. Available emotionally and 3. Actually looking for a relationship. Unless you’re just wanting no strings sex. (Be safe!)

    Lots of guys online are messaging several women at once, waiting for the ‘best deal’. True. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Good luck.

  16. As a Taurean, I get him. We never rush into anything! And don’t try and push us as well just dig our heels in… that stubborn, mulish way! He’s just gathering as much info about you first before seeing if it’s worthwhile actually meeting.

    • I feel his reluctance to move. I suggested we meet already. He did ask me out spontaneously on a night when I was unavailable. But now it’s like meeting up is lingering there with no time or date set.

  17. Ongoing texting says some gem to me.
    Multi toro says I act when I am ready, not a moment before. Moon Uranus in sagg says long distance relationship! Lol.
    No snark in texts ever. Bad form. Better to do radio silence. Sun merc Venus in toro suggests seduction via mouthwatering descriptions of culinary experiences. You can be a feast for the eyes maybe after you meet, mwaha.
    But just a tantalising glimpse… this is seduction , not mass marketing.

    If he is gem rising, he might use contact as an ego thing too. In my case, verbal rallies are a valid seduction tool. To a point.

    • Sorry the tantalising glimpse was reference to the foodie comms, not how to present yourself, as that would be very lame of me to instruct how to dress lol.

    • Hey also you could always try sexting. “What do you think of my new lingerie?” Men are visual creatures after all. Hahaha hahaha
      ok joke. I promise. Unless you only want one thing πŸ˜€

  18. Hi online Virgo

    Girl I feel your pain! Taurus as lovely as they are really do move slow I was talking to a guy on Facebook for a while and I being aries got fed up called and said HELLO ARE YOU SCARED TO MEET ME WHATS THE PROBLEM??!!!!!

    …….. We never spoke again

    But it was 3 months come onnnnn

    Online dating is hard you can’t properly gage a person

    Set a time frame and move on if nothing happens… There could be someone else you haven’t met who will jump at the chance to meet your lovely self.

    Detach completely let him make the moves honey of someone wanted to be in your life they damn well make an effort ! Ya know!


  19. Well said!!!

    I don’t know if he’s got someone else but he obviously has some issues with relationships having said that you have so,what love zombie tendencies you really wanna get involved??? It would spark this even more

  20. As a Toro with toooo many planets in Virgo, i have this to offer

    Dating sites : Both men and women are strategising the hell out of those strange attractions, whether looking for sex or longer term partners

    AND, if YOU are looking for longer term partner, then surely two weeks plus maybe another 6 to 8 is not too much to invest , yes ?

    You really want action, ? a nude selfie will get one, just maybe not the one you want…. just sayin’

    • I hadn’t considered anyone strategizing for a long term relationship but he does seem all about that. We talked on the phone yesterday and he mentioned reading some book about love languages and what his are and seemed to want me to read the book too. And in my mind, I’m thinking let’s figure out our love language by having sex! Or, ffs, start by seeing each other irl!

        • He’s got that posted on his profile with a link to where people can take a free test. He is certainly doing his Saturn-Mars!

          • He posts links to Myers Briggs quiz on a dating profile site? Does he have a life? Is this some sort of research project? Is this his way of getting to know people?

            • mte.
              im completely suspicious
              is he even a man or some kid or woman pretending to be a dude?

      • Oh noooo, I would start leaving it longer & longer between texts, & see what happens. If he really wants to ‘work for it’, he will start working. If not, you know he’s just fantasising.

      • Sorry Virgo dear, but clearly this man is not much fun. If he wrote GSOH you know him to be a liar.

        Value your own approach to relationships. He’s not giving what you feel you need and you’re already putting up with that.

  21. Have you guys Skyped with video or Facetime or some other real time picture chat yet? I just want to make sure he’s not delaying because he wants you to get more emotionally invested before he reveals his dating profile pic is like 10 yrs old and looks nothing like him now.

    barring keeping secrets that can only be otherwise uncovered in person, I’d say sounds a lot like my initial courtship with the Blue Bull. They can take awhile to come around, but he’s prolly looking at other profiles. so make sure you are too.

  22. Yup.. Virgo here and my toro/gem was just like that. txting was how we communicated. He had a tuff time communicating in person and he was afraid to get close so it was a tool to control everything. I loved being with him but it was tuff to get him to stay. I know he wanted a relationship but he was too scared.

    What does he do for work? That says a lot also about his personality.

  23. 12hv? Listen, I had a similar sitch last summer, got a weird vibe, did my “homework,” and discovered dude was engaged. I was especially pissed because before I spent my energy on gathering intelligence I asked him via text, “Is there anything you want to tell me that you haven’t yet?” to which he laughed & said, “No, i don’t think so.” Which wasn’t a lie– he certainly didn’t want to tell me he was a pathetic cheat– but had he given me full disclosure upfront then my time would not have been wasted finding the full story on my own. Ultimately though my frustration lied with myself: when will I trust my intuition? I didn’t need to spend time gathering intel on this guy: I knew the score before deploying my first internet search. So, my bad. Next!

    • those reverse image search engines are pure gold too! Guys are usually too lazy to use multiple online photos of themselves so chances are good the photo will show up somewhere else. exif data can also be stripped from a photo as well.

        • exif data. just google that, but basically many phones and cameras know your geolocation and embed coordinates into the picture. So some guy picture texts u some innocent looking picture where he’s sad and alone at home or says he is, but you look up coordinates and it’s at the titty club. liar. cold busted. there are ways to disable that setting on phones but you have to enable it.

  24. I know, right?! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel lol!

  25. I’ve sun in Taurus, and you are very right to say that texting is nothing to a Taurus, meeting in person with food is the only way to move forward in a relationship πŸ˜› But one more thing, wear a beautiful perfume and something made from a beautiful fabric! I swear I’ve been a sucker for men in suede jackets and expensive aftershave and it must work both ways?!

  26. Trying to make a Taurus do something? Anything? Not going to happen.

    Make him think it was his idea in the first place. Then you won’t be able to stop him.

  27. holy cow, somebody read my mind. I was just about to email Mystic a variation on this same question. thanks for beating me to it, Virgo. (says the Capricorn.)

    except in my case, the Taurus in question has been chickenshit for six months. And he refuses to date anyone else because he’s been so hurt in the past that blah blah blah. And I refuse to date anyone else because I’ve been so hurt in the past that blah blah blah. And we’re both making ourselves and everyone around us miserable. And we’re both in the military, training for the same job at the same base for the next 9 months… but in different branches. And I’m leaving the country for a month on another assignment that he refused.

    It’s complicated. But it’s not.

    (we have some awful synastry… mars square mars, mercury square mercury, venus square saturn. And then some great stuff, but…)

    • sacrifice the cow
      or you sacrifice the now

      Hmmm, could be construed as self loathing


      • not familiar with the saying… but I think I get the idea.

        there is a lot of misery involved in the subject matter and insane workload of our course of study already… so self-loathing is kind of part of waking up in the morning. Heh…

  28. Well well well, wot to say..I’ve just had the most wild love zombie attraction with a toro man and I don’t know how much longer I can wait..I’ve gained a few more grey hairs, just waiting for him to contact me..the last beautiful time we had together was at the end of March, and I’ve not heard from him since..I’ve text a few msg’s not long after our get together and not even a reply..this young guy and I had a huge attraction for over a year..I’m leo sun,scorp rising with Leo in Mars and merc..having both the former 2 retro has been a challenge to say the least..I have to much pride to try to contact him again, and I’ve felt like I’ve had a golf ball stuck in my throat, I wouldn’t even know wot to say..he’s dissappointed me again and again..I know I have to let go, and wot will be will be..he wins hands down with the patience..I can’t play that game..I’ve to much fire and need movement, any kind would be good atm..can’t help u online Virgo, cause I’m in the same boat as you..try making love then fall in love then not to hear hide nor hair from him..this Leo lady has a broken heart, but I’ll get over it and hopefully meet the right man soon..

  29. I can’t be bothered reading all of this.

    But has anyone actually suggested that OV actually ask Mr Taurus to meet up? Are we really still living in the age where the guy has to ask the girl?

    I don’t understand.

    • …or are we to assume she actually has asked to meet and he is either not into her, playing the field or married….

    • I asked him out but I had to go away for a week and now I’m back and I asked again. And then he says we should meet up and I give him the days I can and its like he doesn’t hear it. I do think there is something to it needing to be his idea, not because he’s a man and I’m not, but because he is a multi-Taurus. From some of what others have shared here, it seems there’s truth to that. But, still, not really working for me, which is what matters to me.

      • does it seriously matter who’s idea it is??
        Why should you play games and pretend it was his idea. Irrespective of star sign.

        That would really piss me off. Just move on already.

        Sorry. To be so harsh but that’s what guys online do. You’re giving him way too much energy.

  30. So many broken heart stories! Second guessing helps nothing, being yourself is the only way (I recon). I think this love confusion is unfortunately a modern disease we all suffer! Too much choice, so little cohesion (Yes I am a broken hearted cappo πŸ™‚

    • So true! Too much choice. I can go through profiles and sometimes do still, of course. I’ve got messages to respond to and maybe I will. I haven’t even met up with the Taurus, why not? But its exhausting and sad. I present as real and available because I am. Its disheartening to try to get through someone’s defenses.

      • Yeh , I joined a dating site for about 3 minutes recently. It fractured my attention so much, I thought it may be better to leave it up to the gods!

        • And fuq that, really. If I wanted to be exhausted & sad, i’d work more at my job: at least i’d get a fat paycheck in return for my trouble.

            • You know what is worse? grinding through someone’s defenses to not find anything back there. πŸ™ It’s like why the fuck spend so much time armoring something sort of blah. i know that’s probably mean as fuck to say out loud too.

  31. My first love was the one and only Taurean I’ve ever dated. He took a good two months to make a move, though it’s possible that I did the actual deed. During those two months, we both knew it was going to happen from minute one, and yet it was so excruciatingly drug out. I saw him every single day. Our surnames were alphabetically congruent so our mailboxes were next to each others. During those two months, we became best friends, but no romance! Gods it was frustrating. Did I mention we were 18? Living in the dorms? ACROSS THE HALL from each other?? Yeah. Let him be sloooooooowwwwwwwwww.

    • Yeah but this is online dating not real life. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

      My last experience with online dating was the guy stood me up after finally agreeing to meet. Turns out he did it to several women AND used a fake photo!!

      Learned to trust my gut after that. There were several alarm bells but I ignored them

      • Yes, trust the guy always, but on some level people are still people, and online seems to be the only game these days unless you’re living in a college town or major city.

  32. I think this situation surpasses being strictly an astro question but everyone’s addressed most of that above!

    Toros only get serious with very feminine women from what I have seen and they definitely like being “the guy” because they are stubborn as hell and want to do things “their way”. So Toro + Virgo could = control freak showdown. However, underneath it all they are pretty simple — they just want someone beautiful to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with…sex, food, movies, bed lounging, socializing.

    I can’t get down with Toros in a serious way because two Toro heavy people is just soooooo much fixed energy and also because I’ve found that they don’t tend to discuss ideas or work with me, they keep all that compartmentalized and want to just laze out with me. But I need more mental stimulation to have chemistry. Not saying there aren’t brilliant Toros out there, I know several! But it seems like the relationship is kept separate from the life of the mind which is more of a friends/work thing.

    • haha… yeah the last Toro rising guy I dated said he broke up with his last girlfriend (well, actually she broke up with him) because it was all about what “she” wanted.. it was “her way or the highway”

      Really… :roll: Haha… talk about the pot calling the kettle..

      They really are simple creatures. All he wanted to do was eat ice-cream and pizza and hang out on the lounge. No mental stimulation whatsoever. Hmph.
      There’s more to life than pizza, sex and ice-cream!

  33. Rule # 1 from Seduction by the Stars for Toros

    ” Newton’s first law of Taurodynamics: Objects maintain a state of rest unless acted upon by a nuclear bomb”.

    There’s some great advice here, Samantha’s and Aqua Ramettes especially.

    My Toro Unlces advice on love ”never give 100% in the beginning, it leaves nowhere to go to” (Given to me in my late teens).

  34. The guy I’m seeing is a Taurus Sun, Merc, and Chiron with a Libra Saturn, too. …..also Libra Mars retrograde! (ugh!, but that’s another story..)

    Yes, …….V-E-R-Y……. S-L-O-W…….. I’d say GLACIAL, actually.

    I’m not even sure we’re actually ‘dating’, that’s how slow, and I don’t see him very often, either….. When we do get together it’s all very nice, I feel like he grounds me and I energize him, but I can tell he’s in no hurry about getting to know me. He doesn’t get in touch with me easily either, but responds if I get in touch….that’s all been by text, too.

    I’m Aqua Sun and Merc and I have some Virgo and Cap planets, too, so it does drive me quite NUTS but I haven’t said or done anything about it because I think this is just the way he is. It’s probably good to take a relationship slow once in my life and not just crash and burn…. In my mind, though, because of how I’m wired, it all feels like it’s going nowhere…..

    I sort of dated another Taurus once and he was very patient with me, which I appreciated. I’ve also had lots of Taurus friends of both sexes and I do get along with them all very very well. Perhaps it’s my Jupiter/Venus trine in Virgo/Cap that they round out…?

    Anyway…….. I don’t know what to say because I’m in the throes of ‘figuring out’ dating again, myself, and I am stunningly CLUELESS about it.

    I read this article on what ‘dating’ is like these days, and it seemed spot on to me, maybe it will help here? It’s aimed at men, but I think it aptly describes the maddening vagueness that is so overwhelmingly a part of the dating scene these days.
    In a weird sort of way I found this article validating because lately I’ve felt hopeless about my dating experiences and this has made me feel like it’s not just me, I’m not the only one……

    • I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing. Very validating. I’m going to link to it from my profile page on OKC

      • Awesome, glad the article spoke to you. It really helped me out over this past weekend when I was feeling exasperated about the guy..

      • I love it, you’re actually going to link this to your dating profile. That should be interesting. Tell me how it goes.

    • Great article. And icantbelieve there are ppl over 30 who are still like this!! Commitment phobic, even talking about a relationship phobic. I’m a gem with Aries rising and Taurus moon mercury. I NEED communication!

      • Oh, big time!

        I’m a 46 year old woman and I just met a whole bunch of guys on Tinder over the past couple months, of varying ages, late 20’s to late 40s, and yeah, it’s the same ‘vague’ vibe no matter what.
        In fact, I found the guys in their 20’s to be more forthcoming on their own with communication than any of the other guys.

        I really think it’s the medium, the at your fingertips technology, especially phone apps, that makes people think they have way more ‘options’ than they really do. It’s that ‘paradox of choice’ thing….it’s a psychological psych-out, and then each sex projects the frustration of that onto the other… are ‘this’ and women are ‘that’.
        Bottom line……..none of it is very FUN!
        I don’t need sex that bad to continue to navigate through these landmines…… I would like to have love with another person, but not at this price….it’s getting way too confusing…..

        • thanks for tindr review. i was curious how the over 35 set used it and thought of it! I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds disappointing.

          • I would say worse than online dating because people don’t have to bother filling out a profile. Upload a pic from Facebook et voila!

            Most guys couldn’t even be arsed adding 3 words to their profile. So basically you’re just judging someone purely on their looks!

            The average age is 27 and the guys in my age group (late 40’s) look 60!!!

            Got a few “matches with a few young ones but they’re just on there for a quick hook up and assume you’re on there cos you’re gagging for it.

            Very disappointing and dehumanising

            • they probs ARE 60! I had one guy who “made a mistake” with his age admit to me the numbers scared him. I said, dude, the number 5 & 7 together like that scare me too, but at least you knew you were lying to yourself, lol!

              • they could just actually be 40’s too. I’m very disappointed in how most single males in my age group look. Portly balding men trying to look interesting smooshed into skinny jeans with hipster beards.

                I try not to let it affect things too much, but it’s really annoying that I’ve kept myself together to be courted by some mushy, boring troll. only to have said troll complain why can’t i be thinner or be more feminine? Um why can’t you have more hair, be thinner, be smarter, be more interesting, and be rich? we don’t always get what we want.

                I swear it’s a great time to be a guy though or a lesbian. i look around me and see all these beautiful brilliant women I can barely compete against have similar problems. No wonder trolls think they have a chance.

    • thank you! I loved it!!! I agree. Older men act like teenagers and younger men act like mature older men. Might getting older when you got nothing to lose mean “letting go” which includes regression? And the younger guys I’ve met have usually been very honest from the start.

  35. Def sounds married or attached. I heard a new term for these kind of people online -‘ circlers’ .Same as players but without the get laid as much as possible quest. i sent a very firm no thanks temail to a guy who admitted he was a ‘circler’. I stated ‘my definition of genuine and yours are different. im looking for someone to get to know’.

    My advice?. get off the computer and get out and about. ID is approx 50% married/attached, 20% players/circlers , 20% wackos , 9.999% misrepresent themselves and the last 0.0001% might be ok.

    Complete time suck ( i know it). It doesn’t matter what star sign he/she is its the sheer volume of people that you can play with, but not be with, that makes the whole thing unworkable.
    Im sticking to my Mars in Taurus guy ( the devil I know kinda thang) who has taken years to open up to me. We are still ‘special’ friends but that is huge progress from where we were 3 – 4 years ago.

    • Ha I’ve mars in toro, Venus in cancer. It takes me a while, but when I commit, I’m faithful, and loving, and honest, and I expect the same back!

    • Yes to the attached syndrome. But I would like to add to that. The toro/gem I was attached to, although single, was still attached his ex. It was hard for him to let go of what she did to him, as he put it, so he couldn’t get close to anyone. I honestly believe that he would have been a wonderful boyfriend, husband, if he could have let her go. He was doing so well with me the first 9 months. So why bring this up…. If this toro might be dealing with a bad breakup and looking for a healer he might be worth the wait. Toros I agree take their time but you have to make boundaries that they thought of.

      Just saying…

  36. Care less.

    Then wait a few minutes.

    Care even less.

    Wait an hour, and see if you can care just a little bit less.

    Then ask him out to dinner, and don’t care about the result.

    Wait until Mars gets into Scorp and if nothing’s happened with the Taurus, move on.

    But don’t spend your “waiting time” caring! Spend it doing whatever the fuq you want, but NOT caring about this Taurus on the InterwebZ.

  37. My love and partner is sun and mercury in Taurus.

    To seduce…..Love his sofa and introduce him to your comfy sofa, yummy food(mine loves to cook and feed me), beer, the sofa, hanging out and relaxing at the beach, cuddling on the sofa.
    He loves me so, he calls me “comfy” LOL. Be comfy, real.

    As far as his behavior goes….my experience was similar yet incredibly different. We met in person. He does not text and hates using the phone. He saw each other around our tiny village, he made me laugh. He obviously liked me, but I was the one who had to make the first move. Before we had sex he kept giving me space and the option to bail. Took another couple weeks and then he was sure I was commited. We’ve been unseperable ever since.

      • Cancer sun with saturn conjunct. Virgo rising with venus conjunct from 12th house. Leo moon in 12th house. Mars in Taurus.

    • Oh wot a waste of time..shits me to tears that they r becoming rich with there shit mind boggling enough of it, and u walk away like Your’ve just got off a roller coaster another person wrote ” I now leave it in the hands of the gods” I don’t know wot to do anymore πŸ™

      • left an answer for you on the “Da Vibe: Prepping For Jupiter In Leo To Make You Funky” re astrology and your chart

  38. On the topic of dating advice, what do you all think of all those “Make Him Fall in Love with You” adverts for ‘programs’ you can buy that give you that ‘secret’ tip on how to get your man? It’s like the “Catch him Keep him” program from Christian Carter and Rori Raye’s stuff….she’s into that ‘circular dating’ thing….

    I read some of their free advice blogs and again, it just seems like a labyrinth of landmines you have to navigate and tip toe through to finally just get a boyfriend, much less a husband. I get a depressed and defeated feeling after reading these..
    I don’t think the people I know who are actually in relationships or married used any of these tactics and strategies. It just naturally happened for them.

      • I didn’t buy anything…. They have these vast websites with little ‘advice’ articles that just seem impossible to do in real life, and basically tell women to stop acting like women because if you do you will be perceived as ‘needy’, and the articles are sort of ‘incomplete’ at the end without giving away that one big tip that will miraculously have your guy begging to marry you……because the point of these articles is to entice you to buy the books and CDs…… I think this stuff just adds fuel to the toxic fire of the present day dating scene.

        • Because there IS NO SECRET TIP!! I read that stupid the rules book back in the day. The best dating type book I read was ‘he’s just not that into you’. If I have to play a role to ‘catch’ a man it’s not worth it! Be honest and open about what you want, be friendly and chat to ppl at events, cafes, bars, the supermarket, whatever. Keep an open mind.

          But what would I know, I’ve been single most of my life! I think many ppl are prepared to put up with someone incompatible or less attractive just to have a partner. I enjoy my life and value my time and myself too much to settle. If I die an eccentric spinster painting and travelling the world and hanging with friends, relatives and pets, so be it!

    • Ahhhh.. those programs are pathetic. I decided to receive their emails. Now Rori is referring to Christian. They make it out to be SO much work. It shouldn’t have to be that way. Just have fun. Someone will show up that will click with how you are.

      • I can’t remember the last time i thought dating was fun. I think that was in my 20’s when i was blissfully ignorant about long term compatibility.
        i’d much rather get my teeth cleaned than go on a date anymore.

    • Have you noticed they lure you in for 30 minutes, and NEVER give you the advice, you’re waiting waiting….. then it ends with buy my series not at 299.99, not at 199.99, but today at 49.99…. blah blah blah. You actually never get the advice. I suggest googling your questions, I do and I read some funny blogs on the web, e.g., recently googled: how do i get back my virgo ex. i’m back with him, but we’re friends.

  39. I think most people have over analysed the situation. Suddenly Leo has the right idea – tell him in a flirty way you like to meet up for a drink. Simple!

    Then again if you are a Uranian type and as MM suggests you break out in hives at the thought of dating I’d recommend you keep texting until both sets of lions give you no option but to meet.

  40. Thanks everyone. There are so many wonderful Taurus’s on this site and lovers of Taurus’s, its great to hear the different perspectives. Its also wonderful to learn (as I often do from this site) how different we all are and how those differences aren’t choices so much as nature. I have very little fixed energy in my chart, so its interesting to experience that energy from another. For sure, he will have to move his ass to get on my couch and how that plays out in his head is no concern of mine. I won’t take offense to his slow pace. Meanwhile, I’ve scheduled a date with a Virgo for the weekend. I’ve never gotten along well with Virgos cause their right about everything. Super annoying πŸ˜‰

  41. I feel for this writer. I met a May Taurus guy on match 8 years ago. Saw the pix, the profile, we texted, emailed, talked on the phone. He had his mars in aries on top of my venus mercury and sun in aries. He was a sag rising. His venus was in gemini. He took forever to meet me but he continued to contact me a lot. We dated for a year I think I agree with someone here who said they’re lazy — they are lazy! He sits behind his computer all day long. He doesn’t get up except to get beer or when he has to work. He doesn’t take his dog for a walk. I could go on and on and on. A real turn off. And his diet was awful. Lazy about that too. My friends crack jokes now and tell me that he was too ugly for me. Cracks me up. I did really like him. If you have time and you’re persistent, go for it, don’t give up. I knows as an aries, i will chase and chase and once I get it, I might not want it. So, chase until you get it, and see if you still like it. At some point Mr Taurus will cave in. Lure him in with food — pizza, beer and ice cream/cake. Then sex…..It always works.

    • I took action. I bought a relationship report from, emailed it to him with a brief note saying I have a history of being a love zombie and just getting to know him gives me anxiety. The report covers defenses and issues the connection triggers. If he wants to do that, he can let me know. I don’t really want to fuq around with my emotions.

      I decided to work from home today and went on a bike ride and I ran into a Gemini who likes to talk about sex and we smoked a blunt in his garage. My eros is in Gemini, so it works. I told him my heart is broken. We’re having beers later.

      • Taurus and I talked about his Pluto-Mercury. I have Pluto-Mercury too. I wouldn’t have dropped a report on a non-Plutoic-Mercury. He can have infinity to mull it over. Or we can stop before we start.

        • Your friend sounds fun. Need more friends like that, and maybe a fun guy that might be a potential partner who actually pursues you.

          • He pursues me alright! He said he wants all of me and can I give him at least 5 years of my life?!? I told him I’ve got Uranus my 7th house, I’m not making any commitments, and I’ve got dates lined up for the weekend. It was really nice to be physically present with someone. That seems increasingly rare these days.

  42. Last night I told the Taurus the texting is getting tedious and he apologized saying he’s been busy and we talked on the phone. Honestly, I think – if there is such a thing – he’s doing too much Saturn. Most of his chart is Scorp-Taurus, so he’s had Saturn going on for awhile now. He’s got his time locked down and I told him if he doesn’t make time for peace he won’t have any. We’re both having Uranus trine Moon transits and it sounds like he’s been reading up on his own Uranus-Moon and he said that stuff makes a lot of sense. I stated my needs – people who can spend time with me in real life. I told him I have free time and I’m lonely and I have other dates scheduled because I need friends I can actually do stuff with. He said he’ll drive out my way if I can make time to see him on of the days he’s not working. Trying to schedule something for tomorrow night. Not sure how that will go, but wanted to update. Not sure blunt honesty works with all the signs, but it seems to have been fine with him so far which is a likable quality. I could have taken his slowness or whatever you’d call it for disinterest or dishonesty. Its nice to have the astro insight that he’s just a fixed type and not make it about me. Anyway, thanks for the comments and good luck to the other Taurus lovers out there.

    • Very good Online Virgo. I think it is great you set the boundaries in a “I like you but I am too good for this” approach vs telling him he is lazy. You took ownership for it and he responded well. I hope he moves forward with his plans.

      Good Luck to you. I like reading your updates!!


      • Hi. Its 12HV. I don’t know why Mystic gave me a pseudo-pseudonym but Scorporation Inc id’d the fake immediately as a Scorp would.

        Tonight I am feeling over it cause he’s like “Oh, I have to see if I can get off work.” I’m not responding any more. Either he gives me a time and place to meet up in real life, or I’m telling him to stop texting me – if he keeps doing that. I sent him an astro report?!? wtf? I don’t understand why he stays in touch. Its like he makes it a point to contact me once a day just to stay in my headspace. Sooo Mars in Scorpio. Editing my dating profile and keeping my options open.

        • Keep your invisible crown on, honey.

          Annoying though. He’s already wasted enough of your time and energy. I hope he surprises you, but I would expect nothing. Xx

          • Honestly, I’m losing interest. I got a Gemini a short bike ride away who says he’ll do whatever I want.

        • Oh wait.. Online Virgo is you 12thHV? LOL!! Wow.. what a head rush!