Scheduling Is About To Become Easier, Cooler

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Hey the Scheduler is fixed but i am looking into upgrading it to a snazzier version (that only just became available) that will readily synched to you iCal and similar.

This will mean that – yes – you will be able to have Retrograde, Eclipses, the Moon Pluto Shitzones and all on your personal organizers, just imported from the on-site Scheduler.

So that will be epic and save a step or two when scheduling appointments, hols etc.

Also, i put all the Pay What You Want Mp3s into one page for ease of perusal and that link is in the Shop. I realize that i had them all over place.

The Sun near Retro-Mercury in Gemini is fluid, right? If you’ve gone secretly bats, please refer back to Omni-Thoth – The Many Moods Of This Month’s Mercury Retrograde.Β 

We’re all cycling through the different mood phases, having to constantly modulate our Mars-Venus frequencies and meanwhile, making sure we don’t ignore the Zap Zone/Grand Cardinal X evolutionary imperatives AND doing Lilith in Leo Hair Politics.


Image: Bruce Nauman

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66 thoughts on “Scheduling Is About To Become Easier, Cooler

        • πŸ˜› and Jupiter will finally be out of Cancer in my 7th. UGH!!! My fling with Crab guy was like wearing a wet blanket. LOL.

          • and the hair!

            this first half year has been hard for us with our ruler retro and now Saturn Rx in Scorp. Mars at 14! πŸ˜€

            • oh yeah.. forgot about Saturn being retro. It sure has been a tough first half of year.

              Mars 14ΒΊ on your venus?

              • nah, Venus at 12, I’m just excited for it to get the fuq out of my solar 12th. I need to be very productive now in all sorts of material ways πŸ˜‰

  1. Re: my Saturn keeps cock blocking me comment.
    The oracle: when asked if there is romantic potential with X: maybe, maybe not, but Aphrodite herself is about to introduce an awesome new contender into your life! O_O

    Will keep you posted, PIABs…

    • Am I right? Found out via judicious googling that lovely writer nerd who I meet thru volunteering recently, is heading to UK to be with his GF. We had a strong connection from the start and I was being all professional and in my power and pretending it wasn’t happening as per horoscopes. ‘Dont chase, don’t take action’ blah blah blah. Luckily!

      Come on Aphrodite! Stillllllllllllllll waitinggggggggg

    • I know, it will happen when it happens. But an 8 year drought is LONG sometimes.

      • Didn’t you break the drought recently (last year?) with a Toro?
        Or are you talking about a relationship drought?

        • Oh yeah, two nights before he left town, never to be heard of… Don’t really count that because it only served to remind me of how much I miss affection and sex, and because i had known him a while, thought it might become a relationship. Lol. Prior to that, 7.5 yrs of celibacy.

  2. lol. the one time this year i actually needed the scheduler, it didnt work. Had i known the previous was an astro storm weekend i would’ve just laid low. perhaps things work out the way they are meant to?

  3. Yay! anything that goes straight to my ical is gold. This is my kind of scheduling πŸ™‚ My mars in virgo smiles at yours Mystic

  4. These are strange days: did you ever think you could say “scheduling is about to get easier” during a Mercury rx? Far out πŸ™‚

    • lol
      Stupid FF (formerly known as HF) is back in touch.
      Needs to see me, cannot escape his “feelings” for me. Is staying in Lnd overnight in a hotel tonight.

      Ok seriously, I realise that Jupiter is on my South node TODAY and this happens once every 12 years. The Oracle says he is sincere and loves you kind of thing and the tarot keep giving me the 2 of cups in the 7th House but he is MARRIED.
      Fuq that. I went through enough over this guy.
      Now that I’ve got my shit together her does not get to just show up and ..whatever… does he?
      I’m concerned if I ignore this it might not come again and I’ll be turning my back on destiny, Oracle says it’s fate etc but honestly I say bollocks to that. Maybe I’m being scared but I don’t feel scared. Of course I’m tempted to see him tonight but I’m also days away from finishing my site and seriously that really is more important to me. I will probably regret this but I don’t think I’m going to see him. He is in my past no?
      Maybe the love that the Oracle and Tarot keep referring to is someone I meet tomorrow or the next day. Maybe I HAVE to ignore this to show the universe that I believe I deserve better and more.

      I know sitting at home when I should be out socialising is my pattern. One that I need to break.
      I also know that part of the reason me and him never hooked up before he got married was that I avoided him when he was in London overnight because I felt, tired/ maybe scared or insecure but just showing up like this out of the blue?
      It’s not really cool is it?
      Honestly I am confused.
      I’m worried if I stay home and work on my computer I’ll be angry with myself later for not at least meeting him face to face.
      I’m worried if I go out and end up seeing him later I will be regressing but am I even being honest with myself?

      • Jupiter on your south node, the fate & destiny alluded to– this could very well be the time when you kick the old shiz to the curb, once & for all? Because your destiny does not include a married man? A man only half there?

        Jupiter opposite your north node: another perspective. πŸ˜‰

        North Node or bust, gorgeous! Accept no substitutes xx

      • I think you should go to him.
        Its going to take courage, love is courageous.

        You know you need to break your pattern of staying home.

        • Hisss

          What knows of courage the married man having an affair? lol! Player, please.

          Invicta, this shiz is so beneath you. Really.

          • There is a thick line of salt across my front door. He just sent a photo showing that he’s outside my house.
            We have never had sex.
            To do so would be beneath me and actually I’m over him.
            I want more more myself.
            I want a career and a place of my own. I want money. North Node or bust is what I’m thinking too. This is a test.
            I’m not avoiding him out of fear. He is now a married man stalking me. This from Britains top forensic psychoanalyst …. Perhaps that is why I have so little faith in psychotherapy as a healing modality. These are not the actions of a Spiritual or a Strong man. Even ML would never treat me with such disrespect. Telling me he was coming a few days in advance would have been polite and respectfully asking if I was available to meet for dinner would have been a decent mo – even just to chat face to face but the audacity of simply showing up at my front door?
            No way.
            Fuq that shitz.
            That is not loving.
            Love is a verb.
            I appreciate what you’ve said Dark, I do and I thank you but I have to agree with Scopi on this one. I deserve a lot better and this is a test which I’m going to pass with flying colours. Dear Universe, thanks but no, next please!
            I’ve made my list and married was not on it.

            • BTW Scorpi, sent you an email with link to my site. It is by no means ready but I thought I’d share it with you as embryonic as it is. If nothing else so we can discuss something more important than some guy….. πŸ˜€

            • Jesus. Hold onto your hat there doll

              Is there anything grosser than a desperate married man trying to cheat?

              Snot pie maybe. Thats it

        • love might be courageous but this guy is not, from what I’ve read. It’s probably too late now but don’t do the SN! Jupiter there points to this being SN-related. Resist!

          • @Calypso
            I did resist!
            Still can’t quite believe i managed that. Him booking a hotel 3 minutes walk from my flat and begging me to see him. Even just to talk.
            Me saying no.
            I could never have predicted or foreseen this happening.
            Still getting the odd pang from my Chiron but on the whole I’m like wow!
            Was that me?
            There are slight twinges of regret I have to admit but 90% of me thinks I did the right thing. Been working on my creative stuff all day. Determined to get my creativity and money mojo back. North Node is my direction now.

    • I love mercury retro.
      But I’m born on it with mercury ruling my asc conjunct my sun so there is no escape.

      Mystic is reviewing something already made so why not ? πŸ™‚

      • I still find it funny in an ironic kind of way. Mercury-Uranus, horns of Scorpio– although I think I can thank my Pluto-Moon for my sense of humor? Laugh or cry lol πŸ˜›

  5. Well.. guess who just asked to be friends on Facebook again. The Pisces dude. Shock me twice!! I don’t know what is going to play out of this scenario but his actions caused a big stir amongst our friends. I am not giving up on my friends because of him. And one those friends is his sister. I feel bad for him!

    I had blocked the toro/gem on FB (even though we aren’t friends) because he would have heard of the Pisces man dropping me and he’s being watching me so I blocked him on Facebook and removed him from other social media he and I might be connected through. Since he used Facebook so much to talk to me about what was going on in his life.. I will do the same. This time I will stoop to his level. I am sorry to say “I am not over the toro/gem”… nope.. I am not!

    And so.. the saga of these 2 gentlemen will begin. It might turn into a comedy. Hehe!!



  6. Suffering through these mood changes currently -______-

    Three days ago the Cancer boyfriend broke up with me for the SECOND time because he “felt lost” which is coincidentally the same reason he broke up with me the first time and also why he got back together with me (because everything was clearer/made more sense when he was with me).

    After we broke things off the first time I swore off ever getting back together with him and was having the time of my life with a casual and fun Gemini. But of course his Cancer pinchers reeled me back in and he held on.

    Everything was perfect this time but after coming back from a music festival, he said he felt lost and was unsure if he wanted to be with me so my Scorp moon rebelled and told him to leave if that’s how he felt. So he did.

    Keep teetering through the same emotions: utter grounding contentment, complete confusion, and then some Pisces guilt/woe is me/life is suffering.

    I’m sure it’ll be fine and my Scorp rising will ice him out I can’t help missing my lil Cancer. I really enjoyed taking care of him and I genuinely thought we were going to stay together ;(

  7. I need to re-subscribe here…..I need the daily advice.

    I’m feeling unloved, unsupported, alone and invisible in my ‘real’ life, really quite depressed, and I think it would help to have the ‘bigger picture’ from the astro again. I do appreciate the blog and the replies I sometimes get from other members. Everyone here has so much wisdom!

    • Yes.. do it. I can’t function if I don’t get my daily, weekly and monthly scopes…

      • Saturn is transiting my 5th house and is exact trining my Mars at 17 Pisces and then Chiron is transiting exact conjunct my Mars at 17 Pisces and Chiron also just went retrograde… I’m sure this configuration is part of it……..feeling sorry for myself, and all that…..I think that is characteristic of Chiron on Mars……..ugh.

        I went out tonight to listen to live music and it got me out of my head and into my body and just into experiencing more. Also feeling hurt in a ‘love’ situation and somehow it got right to my self-esteem in such a short period of time. I really can’t do relationships….

  8. Hey Mystic πŸ™‚

    Can you please clarify what you meant in Thursday’s Daily

    “There is a high chance of what the ancients called “dreaming true.”

    It’s has to involve Neptune, right? but I can’t work out which other planet it’s pinging off – the closest in degree to Neptune righ tnow is Aries moon at 4ΒΊ.
    Hmmm… Anyone else know???

    I did have a WOW “dreaming true” type dream last night.

    • I’m guessing it was connected the Pisces Moon, which conjoined Neptune at some stage.

      P.S. I hope you did ok on your essay!

      • of course Thursday night’s moon would have been in Pisces. Cheers!

        Yeah, thanks for asking. I got a Credit. Was stoked. Not bad for winging it and first essay since high school. Was 2 points off a Distinction. Grrrrrr. That was frustrating. Kept thinking, “damn, if only i had a few more days to read threw it again and fine tune a few things, I could have achieved a D”

        Oh well, I’ll try and be more organised for the next one.

        Art history exam last Monday. End of first semester today. It’s been a crazy week. Looking ford to a 3 week break but gonna miss the peeps in my class. Especially my muse. The hottest guy on campus! *sigh* . His NN and venus smack bang on my Sun. And his moon on my Vertex in 7th. He was the one in my dream last night. πŸ™‚

        • *forward!! Damn Merc Rx!

          I actually spelt my surname (it’s a very long one) wrong today. Twice!!! LOL.
          Had to write it on wall of work for mid-year review. Didn’t realise until I took my work down. *oops*

        • Congrats, nice work! I had a feeling that despite the painful process, your Mercury/Saturn would come up with the goods. I’ve been too busy to check in here much lately but have been wondering how you went.

          I hear you on missing your hot muse… maybe he will come visit your dreams again during your break πŸ˜€

          • Thanks guys!

            Might only ever happen “in my dreams” Venus in Libra is totally okay with that. πŸ™‚

            At least it’s not a South Node connection. First guy i’ve met with his NN on my Sun. Maybe we’ll collaborated on a project in the future. It’s early days. Have another 2.5 years left.

  9. I feel amazing this morning
    Woke up and started listening to my girl Iggy – I feel like I’m getting it. Finally. Team me. Felt liberation last night saying “no. I think this is disrespectful and annoying of you to show up at my door”
    His excuse was that he’d tried to resist telling me he’d be here. I said “there’s a good reason for that. I don’t really feel like seeing you tonight anyway – I’m working hard and tired. Life is good. Going to bed to watch a movie.”

    That is how you work Jupiter on your South Node people πŸ˜€

      • Thanks Pi
        feeling a bit wobbly about it now but probably just because I’ve been at my desk all day working and haven’t eaten properly or exercised. Just want to get this thing off the ground. Kind of needing to prove myself to myself I guess and use this Uranus/ Chiron/Mars vibe as best I can.
        Keep promising myself I’ll get to the gym and go buy some food but then I get another idea or see something that needs fixing and compulsively need to keep tapping into my keyboard….