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Dear Mystic,

W.t.f  it’s Saturday night and I just worked and then did five hours of Mandarin for fun and now am reading this as my treat? Must be a transit!  Saturn on my Scorpio Ascendant, to be precise.

Shanghai Leo.

THIS sort of thing is classic Saturn light reading. I haven’t read Mastery but my fave motivator is Turning Pro – the classic Saturn or Uranus transit book. It is a weird, fast read, lit up by some strange but brilliant Uranian hyper-vibe.

Has anyone else read Mastery, Turning Pro or any other ‘get thy schizz together’ Saturn transit self-helper?


Mastery Robert Greene

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28 thoughts on “Saturn Transit Reading

  1. Been reading Mystic Medusa! DIY astro all the way during my Saturn transit 🙂 Also, that book Rework, & The Rise of The Creative Class (which doubles as good ZZ fodder); I don’t have them in front of me & am too lazy to google who the authors are. I don’t do “self help” books: can’t stand ’em.

    • I’m scorp and I can’t vibe with self help books either. What I am loving atm is Erin Sullivan Saturn in Transit.. Super in depth Saturn knowledge, crazy breakdown of saturn though planets and houses. Still craving a bit more first hand knowledge on how people dissect their lessons and move forward after a big saturn transit.

    • But would you class that as self help? I mean, in comparison to say Feel the Fear . Etc I mean that is pretty much the scorp mantra anyway so bad example but you know.

      • You mean, do I classify studying my astro & reading up on biz strategy for my strengths as self-help? Sure I do! Insight is helpful & I could always use more 🙂 But as for the “genre” of self-help lit, that I can’t do: I just apply my ed in behavioral science to myself prn. I think self-help books can be a good starting point for many or can be supplemental to a holistic program already in place; but by themselves are limited in utility.

        • Self-help books aren’t written for the person who’s been studying & practicing such professionally. They’re written for the lay person. I know too much lol. And I think that they frustrate a lot of ppl because it’s canned info: most ppl at not so textbook, not so one-size-fits-all. So, case studies: reading case studies I find most enlightening & would recommend for the higher cognitively functioning set. Ive read a shit ton of those in my time!

          • Hi. Ok yes this I can understand. I do get easily annoyed at self help lit. (Men are from mars, etc… Makes me want to eat broken glass. for example.) The one size fits all etc. But, but but. Sometimes it’s a good place to start, and if even one paragraph of that book leads someone to move one step forwards in understanding stuff, that’s a good thing. Not that you -weren’t- saying that. X

      • “Feel The Fear” is a useful little book.

        Often there will be one, or two, nuggets of genuinely helpful wisdom in each of the classics of self help. But what those nuggets are, depends on who you are, and what wisdoms you’re missing.

        I find Deepak Chopra’s “Book of Secrets” fascinating, along with Alan Cohen’s “I Had It All The Time” for the almost casual way in which they open out the entire canon on New Age Spirituality…. but I am quite sure that if I had read either one twenty years ago, the entire thing would have gone straight over my head.

        Most of us aren’t professionals in the field, and so an entry into an entirely new perspective may be one battered secondhand paperback away.

        Again, “I Had It All The Time” was mind blowing for me, even though I have been studying the principles and practices of Buddhism from both a religious and secular perspective for five or six years now. I *already knew* everything that he was talking about; but he put it in such a way that I was able to truly understand it and internalise it for the first time (and I’ve spent the time since then whinging “This is haaard” 😀 )

        So I think we are being a little unnecessarily hard on self help books here – they really DO help a lot of people.

    • I don’t 😀

      Any clues ? I have a stellium in Scorp in my 3rd house….

      “Communicate with intensity”. But communicate what ?!

      • Well even what you say on this blog is always interesting, and well written.

        You are Sagg non? So you are intensely (sometimes hilariously) communicating search for truth x

        • Isn’t she 🙂
          An enjoyable Sagg is she.
          Philosophy…lol…how unusual.
          Did 5 years study of theosophy and remember nothing from overload!

  2. Oh My Holy Fucking Jesus I Am Here. Now. With You.

    Not to overreact or anything 😀

    Step 1) Download this now:

    Yes, that is $18 for a Kindle book. I very rarely buy hardcopy these days (apart from Memoirs of the Court of Louis IV and rare erotica) but I read half of this and ordered both this book and everything else she has written in hardcopy. Knowing that I *would make notes*.

    Step 2) Hold everything she says in your head like a flotilla of bubbles (collective noun, anyone ?)

    Step 3) Still waiting. With joyous anticipation. Shit precipitating out which has *never* come to light before.

    To put this slightly in context, and slightly less breathy and more grounded. I lost my way at the age of 25, when a career in academia as a Lecturer in Philosophy disappeared, along with the Philosophy department at the University I had been studying at.

    I got a job to pay the bills; one which is interesting and which I am good at, and which paid the bills. I got a job as a Research Librarian.

    I spent the next seventeen years researching what I should do next….

    I have read Every. Damn. Book. On. The.Subject….Every. Website…. Every E-book. Everything.

    I came out of it with a deepened respect for Deepak Chopra and Alan Cohen. I add Martha Beck to that list.

    10,000 hours ?!? Of:

    1) trying to heal thyroid disease
    2) Studying philosophy, the occult, spiritualism, New Age paradigms, astrology, energy healing, Buddhism etc
    3) Finding yourself and your place in the world; motivational and self-help works; starting your own business
    4) Doodling
    5) Diet and nutrition
    6) Tarot

    I feel like saying “Just goddamn pay me for this, someone !” but no…. the answer is to let the bubbles swirl around my head, forming and reforming, until they coalesce into something iridescent, resilient, breathtaking, whole.

    If you ever wanted to find out your 10,000 hours, and what to do with it… read the book…

    Not that I know what to do with it 😀 But am awaiting with joyous anticipation….

    • Hold everything in your head like a flotilla of bubbles…. If that’s not a Gemini state of mind I don’t know what is! Love it dt x

    • Have done 70.000 hours of bodywork on peoples.
      Have tennis AND golfer’s elbow in both arms
      and a nervous L5.
      When i had reached 5.000 hours, i mentioned it to a person.
      She replied ‘aren’t you tired 🙂
      No but i’m slim.

  3. Ohhhh…. I soooo relate…. I’ve read so many I cant remember them…. currently reading the 7 habits of highly effective people… getting a bit bored with it, but must perservere…. I so relate to the page above and find it so true, particulary with saturn transiting my scorpio ascendant….

    But Im also having to balance out some narly neptune transits now… and let me say, that neptune has some seductive nectar, in the form of booze!… I know so well I can chanel it into higher consciousness, but for some reason struggle at this time… Maybe because Ive been so worked by saturn for so long now….

    But let me say, Im totally down with this dark moon rest thing, I slept all day, and havent done that for a long time, or unless legitimately sick… felt like my brain was rewiring while i slept…

    I felt very annoyed by that last taurus dating post, but thats ok, I dont mind, I just don’t have to read it, but seriously, do some saturn, then talk about that dating shite…

  4. Ahahaha.these are standard reading topics for me. 10th house planets and moon in cap. Corporate / achievement how-to lit soothes me. I feel slovenly and dissolute if I am not working on some aspect of myself. Doesn’t mean that I necessarily embody the information- being a mercurial fish I constantly doubt and look for ways to break / avoid rules. Maybe that’s my aqua mars. Non fiction looking at histories of power and development of social structures also interesting….

    • No joke btw. Just looked at my reading stack. A dense text for HR decision-making types about salary-setting in a corporate environment. What?!! Makes no sense to my current existence. Interests, yes (the nuts and bolts of how a large part of the working world operates). Existence, no.

  5. I’ve read George Leonard’s Mastery! Also very good!

    Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit is my Saturnian artist touchstone.

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