Moon In Taurus…Or the 2nd House

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Anjelica Huston

Moon in Taurus/2nd House…

Secret You

Unless you have strong Taurus going on already (e.g. Taurus Rising) you shock yourself by how avaricious and
possessive you can be on occasion: the
“occasion” in question being most of the time. Yes you keep score. And
you keep close tabs on your stuff. If pressed, you could name every single time someone tried to fuq with your
stuff since the dawn of your consciousness. If you go over the top with this, you hoard and use money or possessions to power-
trip. But let’s say you’re sane and lovely. You are brilliant at functioning in the world, amassing your fortune and living damn well. You’ve got the ability to be an amazing healer and can calm down psycho loved wins with your sagacious powers of Zen. So long as they don’t touch your stuff.

Nourish Your Yin

You are actually an expert at the variety of chilling out that involves your couch, movies, food, wine and (optionally) someone to grope and/or fetch you another drink when desired. But what your Moon also craves is physical touch, beyond the obvious idea of sex. You respond amazingly well to the whole gamut of bodywork and physical therapies. Time put in to explore which modalities and therapists best resonate with you is as good an investment as your no-doubt quite well-thought out savings plan/stock portfolio. Never mind too much talking or thinking, you relate through your body. If you’re too strung out to book a deep tissue massage (tres Taurus) go hug a tree, water your garden or walk barefoot on some beautiful grass to ground yourself.

Auspicious Moon Remedies

Emerald and jade or any other green gemstonefake costume or cocktail jewellery is bad for Moon-In-Taurus. You need things to be real, so that you feel the power of the Earth, green- woody scents, essential oil of sandalwood, costly cream for just your neck and decolletage, truly classical music and who cares if it’s a compilation, pentagrams for Venus, pale roses, rose quartz but never in the bedroom, Buddha decor and/or a tray of wheat grass.

Lunar Spy

Well if you’re in love with or circling around a Moon-in-Taurus character, his/her ideal woman is voluptuous, cow-eyed and just oozing stability. She can cook or at least create the illusion that she is some sort of witch in the kitchen. Think Monica Belluci/Nigella Lawson with fingers smelling of fresh basil or cupcake icing. Can you pull this off? The guy with Moon-In-Taurus does not like to have plans changed at the last minute or even the last month. The Moon-in- Taurus lover is completely fine to see you wiping macaroni cheese goo off your chin, gobbing down a sandwich whilst guffawing at something naff on the television and/or less than gorgeously groomed but can and will make a scene over money or what he sees as inconsistency.

From Luna Luxe, sent to subscribers a while ago.

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36 thoughts on “Moon In Taurus…Or the 2nd House

  1. I love your luna luxe. My ex fiancé was moon toro. I knew more about wine and could cook. Sold. Had a secret housewife fetish.

  2. lol about the Stuff. I used to be VERY possessive about my Stuff back when I lived with my sister and she would steal my clothes. Nothing would make me more angry! And I had a lot of fledgling hoarding tendencies. Now since I have moved and traveled so much I have changed by necessity but that inherent possessiveness is very much still there and I think I would be happier with a more stable home situation. Moon square aqua sun.

    I spend way too much on bodywork but in enables me to have such a better quality of life. Also yes on the “real” thing too. Even when I’m broke I save up for nice things that i love and will last, I’m not much of a deal hunter (like my triple cancer mom)

  3. Ha, I’m Moon in Taurus, AND, in the 2nd House. MM, it’s me to a T. Especially, ‘don’t touch my stuff’. I’m very possesive (but thought that was my Merc in Scorp…). Can cook, and very well, and would happily do it for a living… eating (lot’s) is my bliss. Hate faux jewellery; must be 925 silver, not gold, nothing plastic (can’t stand it), real jems (love tuquoise).
    Interesting :)

    • ditto ditto ditto!

      don’t touch my stuff yet aint of no nigella-esque physique

  4. Multi 2nd house saggi friend has moon in toro as well. This fits I think. He has Venus in scorp so he likes the women to have a bit of a psycho leather edge thing plus also the stable earth goddess ‘let’s never ever leave the house’ thing

    Sadly my Saturn in second house means I “could name every single time someone tried to fuq with my stuff since the dawn of my consciousness” … If that’s not just me, I feel better…

    Mother and father I learnt both have toro moons. In spite of their aqua uranian traits, this really does explain their innate appreciation for good food and material comfort.

  5. One more that I am particularly sensitized to this morning: Never, ever wake a Taurus moon person up early for no reason! Or reason being that you are an Aries moon person who needs accolades for already having run 5 miles with the dog or whatever- there will be general gnashing of teeth and NO ADMIRATION. Grrrrrr!!!
    Had to get that off my chest.
    Yes, tres accurate. I was the queen of homemade mac n’ cheese for years. A rainstorm and the smell of wet earth in the morning with a beautiful garden, good coffee, and yoga is bliss. Preferably after a night of much touch. And sigh, mah stuff. Got possessive about my oldest stuffed animal last night with the little Leo. Really?? *hangs head in utter shame*

    • Oh and it was funny- at my favorite desert rock shop a few weeks ago, and I walked out with nothing but green! Malachite, Navajo ghost beads on green, and a labradorite necklace which I am somewhat obsessed with. Fake is never allowed.
      Also I think we are almost as sensitive to smells as librans. Ok I’ll shut up now.

    • Oh God, yes. I am the WORST at waking up. Once I’m up and doing stuff I am a hard worker but getting up itself is just so impossible sometimes, I have to train my “wake up” voice to fight the “mmm…warm…soft…sleepy” voice and it takes an epic battle in my head between the two for me to get up and out of the house on time. I know everyone has this but with me I am not kidding when I say that waking up on time is one of the hardest things for me to do, it is a huge struggle. Going to sleep on a schedule helps but it’s still hard.

      And my ideal relationship involves a lot of sleeping in late on the weekends, rock-paper-scissors-ing for who has to get coffee, then having a laptop work/cuddle party in bed for half the day.

    • Hi, Taurus moon here! Waves! I’m an early riser, like to get to bed by 11pm. And I’m not crazy possessive about mt stuff. It’s only stuff!
      *sound of stereotypes shattering

    • Agree about the scents, luxury, textures, feels, good food, couch, sensual pleasure though! 😉

  6. I have Taurus moon/2nd house also (among plenty more, a loaded 2nd house) and really can’t wake up without a serious reason. I’m not one to be grumpy in the mornings, but I just can’t seem to get moving. So, early on in this never-ending saturn opp transit I bought Steve ‘Espo’ Powers’ artwork “Feet on the Floor, Hard Part’s Over” to frame in my bedroom for motivation. Some days it works, but we’re a stubborn bunch, right.

  7. Taurus Moon and Rising here. Can relate to absolutely everything here. Would like to add that one of life’s great experiences is a nice afternoon nap.

  8. Dead on…. really. Everything, every word. Wow that really helped understanding myself a bit more…. like why i’m so pissed when someone wakes me up..

    With different housing system i have the moon either in the 2nd, on the cusp or in the 3rd… I thought i was 3rd house for sure..
    I always doubted i had 2nd moon house but always wondered since it was on the cusp, til i read this article… now i’m sure it affects both houses for me.

    thank you MM <3

  9. My moon just in the first couple of degrees of second house…I have work tools that dad gave me from thirty years ago that i still have, know Exactly where everything is and make a huge scene if the Leo touches them.
    I actually hide them away from him, as with my vintage stoneware coffee mugs and bought him his own set that he can leave all over the place 0_*

    I have family jewellry stashed from 30 yrs ago, that I am starting to use now. I have Never shared clothes with others, don’t know how people do it! Happy to give things to people, but cannot share esp clothes.

    • hey V, sharing clothes is a Thing for me too. I still can’t work out why. I do it but I feel wierd about it. Also feel odd wearing other people’s clothes, like I am not myself.

  10. I’m a Cancer Sun who is completely obsessed with my stuff. The only things I own are clothes, shoes, jewelry, no furniture or condos or plates.
    Sadly its all in storage since 2011, and I don’t know if I will get it back. I plan to throw a Toro moon fit about it if not. But hopefully heal like a Neptune in Sag.

  11. Spot on – again.
    How am I down a lunalux? I’ve searched my inbox and nadda.
    I’m gagging for it – how do I reclaim this lost knowledge?

    • wait wait wait – no rose quartz in the bedroom? I have it in my pillowcases, in the sheets and under the bed.
      It’s allll wrong.

  12. Both my husband and I are Taurus. This description fits on many levels. Thank you!

  13. Spot on! I’m a Taurus and Taurus rising. Why no rose quartz in the bedroom? I have a jumbo rose quartz heart on my desk, next to my bed and just moved it this morning to across the room. Is it better somewhere else in the house? I love my crystals. Thanks Medusa!

    • I also keep tabs on all of my stuff – but thought that was because I was an only child. I love crystals, gemstones, jewelry and generally don’t like to wear anything fake, except maybe a pair of earrings for a night out on the town. And I HATE inconsistency. It makes me bananas!


    poured a glass, attuned warmth (it’s Winter here) & footrest

    heading ^ ^ ^ back to the post … MM don’t scare any Taurus Moon with such exposure …!!

  15. what exactly is “Moon In Taurus…Or the 2nd House” – does this apply to people who’s birthday is now? pardon my question – I’m new to this.


    • Have a squiz at put your deets in and it will calculate your natal chart – best if you know what time your born as this determines your house placement and your ascendant sign

      VERY interesting!

  16. That is all so true.My boyfriend is Aries with a Taurus Moon—another one who does not like to get up early! He also loves a good massage.He is super practical and resourceful-.Every weekend he’s off to the garage sales,is really great at getting a good deal.Sells a lot his finds on Ebay, just seems to make money hand over fist.He says he’s got too much stuff,is going to stop going to garage sales,but of course he never does.He has a 2nd house which he completely furnished from garage sales and thrift stores.
    His current hobby is gold mining.He just loves to dig in the dirt and hunt for treasure.So moon in Taurus——-