For When You Were BORN With Moon in Aries…Or the 1st House

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Elka Dopludo



You see yourself as Hot and Feisty, a real force to be reckoned with. Maybe from your Sun or Rising sign, nobody would know it, but you secretly seethe over being ignored or not admired enough and then you scheme attention-getting tactics like an ancient warrior contemplating the invasion of Mesopotamia with just a couple of sling-shots. Actual Aries peeps really set you off because you can’t stand their overt egomaniacal antics and brash persona but really it’s just they’re able to be so open about it. You’re a heat-seeking missile, terrified of “soggy” human interactions and terribly cruel to those you deem weak but when the going gets tough, you’re in there, motivating the troops and generally displaying amazing feats of guts and chutzpah.


Obviously with your insanely strong constitution and energy levels, you are not going to relax via relaxing. You need a ten kilometre hike in which you out-walk everyone else, a martial arts endeavour in which you beat the fuq out of everyone else and perform officially the best flying wedge kick, to out-do your personal best at cardio or to speed-read self- enrichment-life-mastery books. You’re a competitive creature and there is no point trying to make yourself do Zen Noire when it’s so alien to your natural spirit. You need to thrash your body and preferably win at something (even something small, like scoring the desired parking space) every day. So you ideally retire to bed in an endorphin infused blissed out triumphant haze.


Red lingerie or undies—especially when you’re wanting to pull, iron (as in the metal and also ensuring your blood iron levels are always optimal) big red flowers on your desk for prosperity & daring initiatives, open-fires, the Mars symbol, essential oil of geranium, a luxury awesome sports bag, scalp massages, heavy metal music (or a fancier version thereof) drumming/drums, rubies and garnets, crimson nail polish and strong musky scents.


If your lust-crush-love interest has Moon in Aries, he/she likes a woman who is assertive and that’s like an understatement. The Moon-in-Aries lover is for you, if you like to be able to lose your temper and go ape at the drop of a hat. Slammed doors, strident discussions and hot make- up sex are all music to the ears of Aries Moon men-in-particular. You impress them by your sporting prowess, competitive instincts, beating them at an arm wrestle and talking about even the most sensitive or nuanced subjects in sporting metaphors. You can be as feminist as you like because apart from the obscene amounts of flattery Moon-in-Aries needs just to get even get out of bed in the morning, this character is truly incapable of sexism.

From my Luna Luxe Moon Signs e-book, sent to subscribers a while ago.

Image: Elka Dopludo

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59 thoughts on “For When You Were BORN With Moon in Aries…Or the 1st House

  1. I’ve got a Scorp moon in 1st house… Pretty much is the reason for most of my personal troubles

    • I have an 8th house Aries moon…I’m sure it’s a very similar energy to a 1st house Scorpio moon. And yes, it’s pretty much the source of most of my difficulties as well! I think the combination of water (Scorpio or 8th house) and fire (Aries or 1st house) creates for some serious internal tension! I also have Pluto in the 1st house w/a square to Mars (& Venus & Jupiter) so there’s a lot of Scorpio energy as well. Oh yeah, & my moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron & opposite Uranus.

      • Are you going to go through all the signs/houses with this? Please do! Looking forward to your take on Moon in Leo /11th house—-

    • I’m a Scorp… but I do have my Cap moon in 1st House. This pretty much describes me. Hilarious!

  2. Tai chi makes me angry.

    Lots of quiet wavy armed pfaffy lack of action. C’mon people, focus, activate, sweat.

    (Maybe a bit of Aries going on)

    • Love this Aries rising, so I get pissed when the yoga instructor talks too much at the beginning of class – I’m thinking “enough already!! Shut up and let’s get this show on the road!!!” I get it!!!

  3. God I need a scalp massage. Is there a part where Aries Moon peeps get lots of headaches the less active they are? My head hurts.

    • Are you going to go through all the signs/houses? I would love to see that.I have 11th house moon in Leo but maybe I can also look at it as 5th house moon in Aqua—interesting—

  4. moon in leo in the first house (plus sun -squared by friendly pluto-, mercury AND mars also with the big cat), oh dear
    but hey, my moody chart ruler moon helps me get a bit more watery at least…

  5. Yep, this is my hubby-to-be! But thankfully it’s all much tempered by his Libra sun. I give him scalp massages on the daily….didn’t even realize this was feeding his Moon!

    • Yes, those scalp massage with help temper the beast :mrgreen:

      I’m an Aries and I massage my own scalp and it feels fab. Did I mention I’m a massage therapist and give great scalp massages? :)

  6. Aries in my first house! combined with a leo moon and aqua sun. I do bikram intense hot yoga 6 days a week to beat the shit out of myself before I do it to someone else. Namely, my unsuspecting leo sun/aqua moon/cancer asc husband (oops). I wear a lot of green to balance out my queen of combat vibe.

  7. Last paragraph sounds like my Aries SN. Esp my love of sporting metaphors.

    First 2 paragraphs sound like a woman l met earlier in year who was a Taurus Sun / Aries Moon: nasty at times.

    • Ha ha – I’m a Taurus sun/Aries moon & while I’m very competitive & have a lot of energy, I don’t find it “nasty” to be open with people about it. Personally, I don’t mind brash people, I have a problem when people are not authentic or don’t share their feelings. But I do understand that it can be off-putting to some :)

      • What you describe is not nasty; its good. No, she is a much more negative type.

        • Aries SN too…with Point of Fortune, Medusa..

          We kicked ass and will again…. 😉

          Okay, joke. The Soul is beyond sexual identities, just that humanity has decided to explore opposites & over emphasized the shit.

  8. Yes, I have had interactions with a quite hostile aries moon woman. She was a nasty piece to me for no reason, but now i understand. At one point she thought i was trying to steal her bf, which I was going out of my way to not give her that impression

  9. Cancer moon in the first at 5 degrees/ 24 degrees Gemini Rising. I FEEL everything and everyone. Late degree Cancer stellium in 2nd house. I dreamed last night that we won enough money to pay off our house and car. Many of my dreams come true, hope this one does too.

    Oh, back to the moon…I need a deep emotional connection to really enjoy sex! I retain water like a pro. I loved to swim as a kid. Should probably swim to lose weight now as an adult!

  10. Aries moon in the 8th here. Stoked by a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Kataka. I can relate to working the body hard to keep emotions under control. It’s been a life long struggle to rein the energy in and redirect it. Certainly it’s my biggest challenge when I look back over 6 decades.

  11. My lover is a 1st house Scorpio moon and will literally do anything for a head massage or head stroke!! He’s a Crab with Scorpio rising though, soooooo not into any passionate drama, I have to reel in all my Martian Aries/Scorp energy to avoid scaring him into some kind of metaphorical shell.

  12. My brother has an Aries moon. He’s got 4 planets in Scorpio, 4 planets in Cap + Cap rising, so his Aries moon is pretty well hidden. He appears, and is, very reserved. Yet his Aries moon is how he functions underneath…when we were little he was so competitive no matter what we were doing, and a sore loser. He also has so much reserves on energy…he needs to be in motion.

    • *so much reserves OF energy (or something like that. I can’t word things right now.)

  13. My ex-husband….to a T!!!! Holy crapola….and yeah, his Cappy Sun, super soft-spoken Toro rising masked his seething need to WIN!

    He was turned on by volleyball shorts and girls with muscular thighs….he was so disappointed I wasn’t into playing football with him.

    *shrug* guess that’s why he’s my ex…

  14. Just listened to Pink’s ~Try~…Or saw the video…

    She is quite dancer/athletic like and also assertive.

    She is Moon in Aries 2nd house 20 degrees exact square to Mars in Cancer, 5th house (of athletics and artistic expression) 20 degrees.

    She strikes me as someone who has matured and put it to beautiful work.

    Knew one Aries Moon female in the office some yrs ago. Sure I’d mentioned her back when. She has Pluto opposite her Moon in Aries and her Moon was right on my Sun.

    I never said good bye, kiss my ass, nothing, when she left. She didn’t deserve one breath from me.

    As previous Kataka doc said…

    ~She was a raving bitch~

    With Pluto in the mix, well…not too hard to imagine I guess.

    But the higher Aries Moon…..Think Pink’s encouraging words say it all…

    • If her birth time is right, she is Virgo, Aqua rising.

      ~You gotta get up…(people…) and try.

      Are you just getting by?~


      • I’m Aries Moon, Sun Virgo !! I’m not nuts i dnt like other Aries as i find them very two faced, all of which isn’t competitive nor has anything to do with they’re competitive nature, i find many of them speak badly about those they are meant to care the most about… Most of what i read reminds me of when i was 12/13 yrs old, honestly so not as an adult !! Can be very cut throat and stern/very smart with our mouths in a dispute which can be very hard for some to even want to absorb and they tend to just just retreat, i’m aware of this and only give the beast to those who know me very well.. !! We make excellent managers, business owners and do very well in nursing… We are survivors that’s for sure :)

    • Aries Sun here and I love Pink. One of my favorite songs of hers… (Warning some foul language.)

  15. The library attendant just came by AS I WAS LISTENING TO PINK’S FUQUIN TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY..

    And told me to turn it the fuq down…


    Fuq off…

      • Well lookie there…

        Didn’t know the Moon was in Aries today and along with trans Uranus both are on all my Aries stuff…I could not get into my email account as had a hassle with the password so have not read Mystic and not followed astro at all..

        No wonder, it’s Friday, I had two glasses of wine after work and I’m cussing…

        But it’s fun…Have not been on line in two weeks (deliberately) but doing meta-physical studies, dreaming and meditating…

        Needing some nourishment from the inner…x

  16. I’m around a lot of Aries Moon people I guess because my Libra sun attracts them. I do love their rah-rah go optimism but sometimes they can be so annoying. My father was Cancer with Aries Moon and my mother was Cap with Aries moon. can you imagine the torture for me with Scorp Moon in 12th chill house? I also have another friend who is Cancer Sun aries moon as well. She is a total Queen Bee. They love the colour red. But their uber competitive nature is such a turn off to me. They have to be first or the best. And goddess help you if you beat them. They will try even harder the next time, fracturing their foot, selling their soul to satan, training really hard…. They are not happy until their physical body is completely thrashed out before going into the coffin.

    • Yes, it’s interesting EEL how the ego rose from the depths but in sustaining itself shuts out a lot of other things (like the rest of Itself, the Soul or inner Self), because it feels threatened that it will not survive.

      That is okay as a “self”, (one focus of the Soul) but taken too far and look at our world.

      Teacher said that when we are asleep and go to deeper depths “the controller is asleep”


      Once we are enlightened, there is no more editing voice of the ego. There are no thoughts unless one needs to think them. You see, we have many electromagnetically encoded personalities and so to be enlightened we will move thru many “selves” or egos.

      A very profound subject. And an Aries one too 😉 lol

      • The reason why we “will move thru these selves or egos” is because when Shakti, or the Kundalini awakens, it will awaken what is in the cells and we will relive certain things and/or other personages on the way to our True Inner Self….

        I have always maintained that “states of mind” are in the cells of our bodies…

        • Sorry to go on, but to finish up,

          Those who the Shakti is awakened in are not only moving thru these states of mind but stimulating what is in the cells for all of humanity, thus the seeming chaos 😉

          Don’t despair. It is all a healing. x

      • I love it sweetpea! Sleep is the governor switch for Aries. So true. So many of them curse sleep. One of my pal’s above fave saying is “you can sleep when you are dead”. LOL!

    • Yeah my dad is cancer sun Aries moon too. His is in the 12th house but not chill- more on the “unseen and unintegrated” side. He’s a good guy but fractured and unwilling to self-examine and so embodies a lot of the lower traits, like constantly seeking attention, seething, and bullying the weak. I do not understand how or why my mom has put up with it for 40 years. And I cannot imagine what it would have been like for you growing up with BOTH parents like that!!! You have my eternal sympathy. Xxxx

      • i was a low maintenance child in that i did not need other children or adults playing with me all the time. i was good left in a corner with a good book or art materials. so independent aries moon parents were ok by my book.

        i can see how that might occur too. My dad was not all roses and cherries, He was an alcoholic but more rhe sleepy ditzy kind, not the violent raging kind. My mom was the perfectionistic, keeping up with the jonses type, it did not mesh real well at times.

  17. I grew up with a Cappy sun, Aries moon mum… scary! Merc mars sag conjunctions…prob trine her moon. Moon in Aries as a mother does not make life easy.

    • My mom was the same. She was so competitive with me. She’s like my mom so of course I didn’t try to cause trouble but shit it happened anyways. My mom is like in her late 70’s now and still runs 5 miles a day.

    • My mother was Pisces Sun with Moon & Mars in Aries square Uranus in Cancer and Opposing Saturn/Neptune in Libra. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her moods were unstable for a long time. They still are sometimes. She has some lower level traits of being selfish, quick temper (when younger) with bouts of violence, and impulsive. The higher level traits were courage ( had no problem climbing high trees), independence, muscle strength, and progressive in feminism performing traditionally male jobs.

      My brother also has Moon in Aries but Taurus Sun. When he was little, he was known for being a sore loser when playing games. He loves action and cars. He tends to argue with me and our mother. I’m an Aries Sun/Cancer Moon conjunct Saturn in Gemini. Although I will be assertive (sometimes aggressive), I don’t have the need to argue as much as my bro & mother do. I would rather put in my opinion and go on my merry way. They would rather keep arguing pass the point of agreeing to disagree. Both of them also went thru some home issues during the Uranus in Aries/Pluto Capricorn square.

      I wish both of them would have channeled their Aries energy into something like martial arts and more physical activity than their lower level traits of being selfishness, tempter, and argumentative. I find Aries Moon people much more competitive than Aries Sun. If I would have to make a bet on a fight between an Aries Sun and Aries Moon, I would put my money on the moon person. Aries Sun desires to win but Aries Moon NEEDS to win. Chris Cyborg Santos, #1 ranked pound for pound female MMA player for a long time, has her Moon in Aries. Unfortunately, she was tested positive for steroids. She was the only one to defeat Aries Sun Gina Carano. Now Ronda Rousey is ranked #1. She either has Aries or Pisces Moon and Mars conjunct North Node in Aries. Both of those two ladies having been giving each other smack talk about fighting each other. Rousey is undefeated champ in 135lb division and Cyborg in 145lb division and suspended.

      I do find myself attracted to Aries moon men.

  18. My mother has Aries Moon and Merc Sun Venus in Scorpio. Not the nurturing sort. Ambivalent towards me as I matured physically. Mainly because my father painted a picture of me naked next to a dictator in red shoes.
    My father has Aries Moon and Pisces-Mercury-Jupiter in Pisces.
    Selfish parents.

    • I would think a father painting his daughter naked would be crossing a boundary and inappropriate. I can see Aries being self centered but I would think Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces would have made your father more compassionate. I guess he just channeled that energy artistically.

      • I think so too. And you are right about art being the first and perhaps only love.
        I try not to get too stuck on it, but now I have written it, it seems uncomfortably more real.

  19. Moon in Aries here. Sun in Sag, Libra Rising, Mars Virgo and Venus Cap.

    This is me. I can admit now that I RUN on compliments.
    Used to think it was weak or pathetic, insecure, but it’s basically because I eat them up, I like to be told how great I am, I want the credit!

    Try not to let it show, I have a cool exterior but yes, this temperament is in me. I run secret races and competitions in my head and have to win – even when driving. It’s not how fast I drive, it’s how correct I am at driving!

  20. My husband has Aries sun in 7th (on DSC) opposite his libra moon on ASC both square his mars on his Cancer MC. He is driven to succeed..but also doesn’t want to be center of attention. He owns a construction company and works along side in the muck/dirt harder than anyone….each job becomes a new challenge, make more $ and prove something (that he’s best?) But I have no problem with it :) because he hands the money over to me to do the bills etc (he doesn’t want to be involved in boring day to day drudgery)

  21. Hmmm…don’t know about this. My moon is in the first house, but that’s Aqua in my case. Aqua is a rather cool, aloof and mental (conceptual/intellectual) sign, so I don’t find that I nourish myself through competition or hard physical pursuits. Having a first house/Aqua moon is actually pretty detached, so when I need to nourish myself, I make sure I am alone. Or, I love taking a long train ride, or being on a ferry…that motion of going somewhere and being in the midst of people but being alone is very soothing and nourishing for me.

  22. I am that “moon in Aries” man, you describe oh-so-well, and to-a-t.


  23. When my moon in Aries-daughter was born, they put her on my belly and she looked at me with her huuuuuge Scorpio stare but her expression was pure Aries Moon: “what the fuq just happened and why did you do it to me?” She is a force of nature, Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Merc, Aries moon, Leo rising. Her life is full of red cards on the soccer field, being named class cut-up, and leaving a swath of destruction in her wake for us at home. She is also raising an army to invade a small country and is the best most loyal friend anyone could ever have. My job will be to help her find the yin, the yielding side. Not easy for me either, quadruple Scorpio Aries rising. Thanks for this beautiful post Mystic!!!