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New moons are typically associated with renewal. If you’ve dutifully done your dark moon soul-searching then you’re promised a fresh start with the new moon’s first smile. But a Crab new moon is a little different. In the sign of the nurturer and romantic, the new and the already familiar mingle. So what do you wear on this occasion to augment the Crab in your chart?

This new moon is not about making yourself into a totally new person, but about noticing and projecting your signature charms. Well-loved and worn-in clothes that feel soft against your skin and allow free movement will lend you the expressiveness of the most charismatic Crab folk. Whatever you think of Cancer Rising Kristen Stewart’s acting ability, her consistent tousled dark locks, gamine neutral-toned outfits and moody demeanour make her stand out defiantly from Hollywood’s sea of grinning chameleons.

But of course, don’t miss the opportunity for growth. Choose one quality you want to improve and wear an item that symbolises your future developed self. If you’re looking to accentuate the highest Crab qualities: kindness and compassion, make your next purchase ethical. The ramifications of consuming fast fashion are grisly and vast. Buying a t-shirt from an environmentally conscious brand that pays its workers decent salaries or a pair of earrings from a local jeweller is a good place to start.

As it’s a new moon in the sign of the Mother, something borrowed or inherited from someone you love and respect is a must. Think back to the style advice your mother or another female relative you admire gave you. My mum, a Sagittarius with a Libra moon and Venus collects clothing and accessories from her travels, but firmly abides by the principle of harmony in her outfits. So while other kids were allowed to dress as barbarians in clashing colours and prints, as my mother’s Libra daughter I matched and harmonised tones with sickening precociousness. I’ve also inherited my mum’s penchant for dainty jewellery, and am planning to wear the gold swan ring that she gave me for the new moon- it’s as graceful and plucky she is.

No dark moon hangovers please! Wearing an outfit or accessory that reminds you of a lost version of yourself or of a relationship that has run its course will obstruct renewal and promote the lowest form of Crab- the stubborn sentimentalist. According to my Scorpio dad, a keen sea-farer, real-life crabs will cling to old bait even when all the nourishment has gone, just because they are in the habit of clinging. Don’t be this kind of crustacean- think storied and fluid, but not morbidly nostalgic.

These are my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours…

Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

If you have any astrological fashion dilemmas that you would like to be answered on the blog by our Libra Dress Historian, please send them to

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24 thoughts on “The Libra Dress Historian On New Moon Attire

  1. Okay, here’s a question – what’s the best job interview attire based on your chart. Also, is it a good idea to dress according to your north node?

    • Good questions!

      Re job interview I always thing classic styling with power hair (Virgo Sun/Asc Venus in Leo)

      Re dressing ala NN – now you got me thinkin….I fly my freaky Picean flag sometimes with kooky accessories but can’t do pastel/floaty – is that what fish peeps get around in?

      • Yes, North node dressing is good for pluck. With a Pisces NN, your main weapon in a job interview is intuition. If you play your cards right, you might know what the interviewers want before they do! So maybe try a fluid scarf or aquamarine-type jewellery with your suit. Good luck!

        • pluck hey?
          I have libra north node… please don’t tell me i have to dress like a stepford wife? matching jewellery…? nothing that would rock the boat? *oh the horror*
          i have strong pisces and aries, I have elevated studied dishevelment to an art form. When I dress neatly, i get accused of looking like a librarian, or some kind of nun / schoolmarm. I think it somehow resonates with my double mercury stuff and amps the vibe. 😉

          • actually it’s not even ‘studied’ dishevelment. It’s straight-up dishevelment 🙂

          • Nothing wrong with dressing like a librarian! (says this librarian.) 🙂

            I love the term “studied dishevelment.” I very much feel that that describes my signature style to some extent as well. And I, too, have a lot of strong Pisces and Aries, though I consider that in particular more a PIsces thing.

            • lol!

              i think it just brings out my dour side, i ping back to corporate pisces and really it’s all just awful, and i just cant explain it well at all 🙁

              Also I get that Libra Dress Historian is, you know, Libran 🙂 so is not a slur. I just have shitty things at Libra in my chart there so you know, its hard work

  2. Horrid accident and I was the 3rd car to pull up. He reached for my hand and I took it. I held it till medical personal needed me to move. Living very rural, I have no real clue how long that was. 15 minutes. I prayed for his life as he bled saying he felt like he was dying.

    His foot was half cut off. His thigh was mush. He had two tourniquets put on. So strong and brave he was. Shock is a wonderful thing.

    I was so afraid he would die. He was bleeding even with the tourniquet. I saw the bones sticking out where his foot should have been. Thankfully he stayed concious, with 3 women caring for him. I literally took the shirt off my back and a woman used it to hold his head straight(she was a nurse).

    He was surrounded by firstresponder fire men when I said I was leaving. HE grabbed my hand with both of mine. Wanted to know my name.

    One moment and two strangers meet. He will love me forever and his fate matters to me. Small town rural living, I am friends with his brother in law.

      • Ah yes. Pluto. Sigh…..
        No definite strong pluto transits, yet there he is. Thank you Scorpio North node.
        I have Cancer sun at 17* and Cancer saturn at 21*. plus juno at 8* Cancer. So Pluto is opposing between my Juno and Sun

        I have felt sick and waffley. I got in touch with my friend, his brother in law, so I got an update. 3 femur breaks, in surgery, trying to save lower leg.

    • wow that’s intense. he was lucky to have you in such an unlucky situation…hope he makes it. was with my friend in the hospital two nights ago and he was talking about how the pain was so diminished when i was there because the conversation distracted him, when he is alone he focuses on it and it gets exponentially worse. you holding his hand may have literally saved his life.

      • Thank you. I agree. He had us, me and two other ladies. A man joined us as well, telling hurt man he had three beautiful women taking care of him.

    • Gosh. Catfish. the power of human contact. nothing less would have worked, for his mind at least. I hope anyone worth their humanity would have been strong enough to do the same in that position.
      respect XXX

    • Catfish moon, this experience is traumatic & beautiful all at once. Community & connectedness in motion: we are all we have & all we’ll ever need. So much love for you & all first responders!! Hope you can do something nurturing for you today, gorgeous one xx

    • It’s one of those moments that convinces me angels walk the earth in guise of who we are, if we should so let them.. not so much that we’re heavenly and so ethereal but that we can be human, present and loving in the most dire and frightening circumstances.

      Of course he needed your name. I would’ve asked too lest I shouldn’t make it. I’m so glad you were there, amongst such good others, I’m sure you made a difference.

  3. Today….
    Something borrowed…….blue jeans that use to belong to my boyfriend, but he never wore them. They were not right for a man. I claimed them.

    something old was blue…not quite….well, blue, but a medium blue periwinkle tinted shirt.

  4. Wow! What a story catfish- you’ve been so brave and generous. I hope both you and he (accident victim) will be OK.. And yes blue jeans are the best for Crab new moons/days like these. And love the periwinkle touch- anything marine is auspiciously crab

  5. that’s a nice way to approach cancerian new moon.
    I actually did just that without realising 🙂 (wow pi, so fresh wooooo *sarcastic voice*)
    vintage boots and coat… grand/father’s watch and ring. ancient t-shirt cut up and reshaped… new skirt (new hairstyle too). even some blue in the mix, and a separate splash of cheerful bright colour.
    managed “symbolic” tidy up (lol)
    met some interesting new people. hey not bad for a habitual new-moon-dodger

    • sorry. I can’t believe I used “cheerful” in that context. nauseating. sorry.

  6. LOL!! Is it funny that I will be in a short film today and I have to look old. So, with consideration to the prerequisite for the New Moon, Something Old – Check, Something New – new undies, Something borrowed.. struggling with that, And Nothing Blue – Check!


  7. I have a ring that belonged to my grandmother, tiny, a pearl surrounded by the smallest of diamonds. It broke over the winter and just came back to me earlier this week, after being repaired. I missed it very much while it was gone, but now the timing seems auspicious and hardly coincidental.

    Sag Sun/Pisces Rising/Libra stellium/Mars Capricorn… someday I’ll find a silk dashiki mini dress in plain navy and be very very happy about it.