Your Full “Truth Serum” Moon Thought Hacks

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The Three Faces Of Eve

People, you too can go from this (above) to that (awesome, below) with just a few quick thought hacks.

* This is a Full Moon in bigmouth Sagittarius so it’s all about Radical Candor – even more so because Venus opposes Saturn, Mars squares Uncle Pluto.  See today’s Daily Mystic Email for more on this. If you are a subscriber not getting the D.M email, please let me know.  Anticipate stress fractures in flimsy relationships etc. Click the link above for more.

* Read or re-read Omni-Thoth – The Many Moods of this Month’s Mercury Retrograde.   Because all a Full Moon in a zippy sign like Sagittarius does is aggravate the already intense Moon Oscillation. Keep it smooth.

* Get that this Full Moon is enhanced/fuqed up (depending on how you look at it) by Chiron – the original Centaur.  Small irks may trigger old wounds or painful, still-healing regions of your psyche.  BUT because it’s Mars-Pluto energy, you take whatever comes up and adapt it as FUEL FOR YOUR AWESOME.

* If you know your chart, have a good look at 22 degrees of the Mutable signs – Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. They’re being blitzed. That’s where your restless and itching for The Truth, a change, the chance to be real.

* Read the Horoscopes for your Sun Sign AND your Rising Sign….

* Yes Mercury IS Retrograde so a really good policy would be to act inwardly radically candid – your self-talk can be brazenly honest but still upbeat AND yet work the Venus-Saturn/Mars-Pluto stoic vibe by presenting solid-as, super-together and receptive to the bigmouth confessional freudian slips/revelations of other people. Remember: The Muggles do not know about this Full Moon.  Why not just let them be off-guard and telling you schizz?


Andre Courreges

Top Image: The Three Faces Of Eve
Bottom Image: Andre Courreges

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99 thoughts on “Your Full “Truth Serum” Moon Thought Hacks

  1. DO admit you just want to zoom along an open highway, naked on a red ball surprising the postie who is stranded because of mercury retrograde. His or her eros is of course square your psyche. x

    • Yes. A space hopper is an awesome mode of transport. Sag moon needs little encouragement and this full moon will be conjunct my venus/neptune/DSC so I am going to need an emergency escape ball when I have my insights.

  2. 😯

    Thanks MM! Full Moon is on my Solar Return! I have 22 Neptune MC in opp to Gem Sun at 21 degrees 3rd house … I’m all ears! 😀

    Btw I’m still giggling about you describing my chart (kismet) as ‘all i have is money & bitches’

  3. I miss the old orange spacehopper. We had one in the 70s and my sister and have fond memories. We called it Orange Beauty.

  4. Bingo! I haz all the aspects. The sun will be on my NN, so the moon is on my SN. Feelings for the past prompting personal evolution. Mars will be on my moon, pluto is parked between my mercury and venus. Saturn and venus are juggling with my neptune-jupiter opposition. Good thing my chiron return will be reversing over itself again soon for another go.

  5. Also saw a meme on FB of a black dude saying: If you can’t say something nice, say it anyway. People need to hear the truth!’


  6. Just reread omni Thoth and my strategy is queenly haute energy, but beneath my serene sparkly exterior I’m Clint Eastwood. Practical, gutsy and enduring. Also, subtly on the hunt for a playmate who is Worthy. Art opening thurs and bands gig sat nite will provide ample opportunities to win friends and influence ppl. Lol.

  7. This FM is 2 degrees on my Sun, IC/MC and square Asc/Dsc.

    I checked my solar return, Saturn oppose Venus..argh. And I have Saturn/Venus natal conjunction..never fun, never fun. Oh well. 🙂

    I keep a low profile, let others come out. This year is about strategy and nose to the grind..

  8. My Mercury Retrograde Woes
    a short story by Lexicorn

    Much like Mystic, I recently found myself needing new internet – stat.
    So I explored options and chose a fancy new 4G wireless thingie. Ordered it on Thursday with next day delivery to ensure I had it prior to a) the long weekend and b) Mercury officially retrograde. Then realised, after ordering and paying – I was 20 minutes past the time you must order by for next day delivery… so no Friday delivery, and indeed, Monday’s a public holiday.
    Right – so I’m expecting my parcel on Tuesday. Use the online tracking service, at 9:30am it says it is onboard for delivery, so I cancel my morning meeting to await said delivery.
    I continue to hit refresh on the online tracking every 30 minutes to check whether I can still make my 3pm.
    3pm comes. I cancel my afternoon appointment (paid consultancy work).
    5:10pm, I hit refresh again. It says ‘failed delivery attempt, 1:55pm’
    I call. “Just want to check you have the right address, cos I was home, and no one came and you say there was a failed delivery attempt…”
    Yes, the address is right. They say the guy left a “missed delivery” card for me. I check – no card. They ask if my buzzer is working (WTF?), I get my neighbour to assist me with a buzzer check. It works.
    Maybe I didn’t hear my buzzer? I assure them my buzzer is so loud it actually shakes the paintings on my wall, even if I was miraculously, temporarily deaf today, the sheer vibrations would have alerted me to the delivery.
    Oh well, it’s a mystery. Your package will be delivered tomorrow.
    Tomorrow comes. 9am refresh the parcel tracker, it says “delivered 6:15pm yesterday”
    I call. Oh no, that was just them cancelling the other booking and rebooking it. OK. Of course. But now, I can no longer use the tracking system. Righteo then.
    – Am I safe to pop out to the shops for 30 minutes?
    – Well, the parcel is already on board for delivery with the driver today, so he could be there anytime
    – OK, I have a work appointment at 2pm, is there anyway at all I can guarantee delivery before 1pm? can I upgrade the service?
    – No, it is already booked for a ‘between 9 and 5’ service, but if it isn’t with you by 2pm, call us back.
    2pm comes. No parcel. I call.
    Apparently, no, it is not on a 9 – 5 service, it is on an ‘anywhere in the next 48 hours’ service.
    Why? I ask
    – because you missed the first delivery, we can’t guarantee next day delivery after a missed attempt.
    – Oh, I would like to politely remind you that unless I somehow slipped into a short coma or a parallel universe around 1:50 yesterday afternoon, I did not miss my delivery. There was a mix up. I spent all day at home yesterday and all day today so far. I have run out of food, cannot go to the supermarket, and am starting to feel the walls closing in… Can I speak to the people who will be scheduling my delivery within the next 48 hours? I’m headed interstate tomorrow afternoon so I’d like to arrange an alternate delivery.
    – Sure, I’ll put you through to them
    I’m put through… To a service message that says this company no longer exists and its various services are now handled by one of the following three companies.
    I cancel my second paid consultancy gig in a row.
    I call the original couriers back and ask to speak to “my guy” who I’ve been going through all this with for THE PAST 36 HOURS… he’s on the phone, he’ll call you back.
    4pm comes, no call back. I begin to google the “following three companies” that now handle the services of the now out-of-business courier who apparently has my parcel. I eventually find a match and call it. Amazing. They have my parcel.
    I tell the lovely Irish woman on the phone my tale of woe, I explain to her I have been a prisoner in my own home for two days, have lost approximately $250 worth of paid work and have eaten nothing but half a block of cheese and half a block of chocolate today, because… it is all I had… And now, if I don’t get my parcel before midday tomorrow, I will be in another city for four days and you might as well return the fuqer to sender and let’s begin again. She, being amazing, is taking the parcel home with her and her husband is going to drop it to my door on his way to work tomorrow!!!
    The analogue, human answers to the Mercury Retro meltdown have at least lifted the now rather unhinged spirit.
    That is, until tomorrow’s potential update… Eek!

    • Oh shit! Sorry guys, I just had to vent, I had no idea the comment was going to come out THAT LONG…!
      Oops. Sorry to so rudely break up your forum flow… xx

    • Also, ask them what the he’ll was with the mystery delivery times that didn’t actually happen! Some courier is off smoking bongs on company time eh

    • Lord LOVE that Lady and her Husband! I commiserate with the shtoopid system woes.

    • Oh I LOVE that she just dealt with it like a real person should! What a legend. A little hope for humanity right there 🙂

    • It worked!
      Real people in real world really work!
      I finally have my parcel… 🙂

    • that’s incredicle – bad and good. I don’t know where you are but there are shoddy courier practices (or just shoddy couriers) in Oz. I had a number of cards from Aus post that said I had missed a delivery and a delivery card was left to notify the item was now with them and I had neglected to collect. I never received these cards. The guy at Aus Post tells me the couriers have more work than they can handle and they just dump a proportion of the jobs on them without ever going to people’s houses. I’d say that explains your 1.55 missed delivery – you didn’t miss a thing (except your appointments – they were “fast-tracking” their day.

  9. Checking in with you beauteous mm peeps! Been internet- free for days and missed y’all. 🙂 The full moon will be on my bday as well and I’m excited, as well as ready for it to bloody well get here! I’m on a cross- country road trip with my girlies and my 14-year-younger sister who has- get this- Pluto on her 14 cap nn/Neptune, Saturn on her 18 Scorpio Pluto, Chiron almost on her 20 Pisces rising! She’s decided in the last few months that she is indeed female, a huge (and, selfishly for me, thrilling, as I was really saddened to lose the only sister I have. Brothers, meh, plenty of those :/ ) change. It’s been a fun and long adventure through my favorite red rock desert so far, but today this void Scorpio moon is making me bitter as I lie awake in the worst hotel ever and stew over having to pay for absolutely everything, my periodic childish behavior with like my mom and such mirrored back at me. It’s quite interesting and I hope the peace can be kept regardless of truth serums because in the grand scheme, it’s so piddly. Oh she’s such a libra- moon, sun, mercury, and mars- no and I mean NO decisions can be made and everything is an ummmmmm maybe until the moment has passed. Argh! Anyway we’re still having a great time. Just needed to vent. Love you all!!

    • Hey enjoy the desert road trip HDQ. Sounds wonderful despite the shizz, what do you need to learn/process about this? Saggi full moon sounds like a great time to be on the road!

      Happy birthday lovely!! Xxx

    • Instead of asking or wanting a libran to make a decision for everyone (impossible in this dimension) , Make a show of consulting each person, check that Libra is also happy, then make the decision yourself 🙂

        • huh?? no no i was referring to hdq’s last lines where she mentioned her multi libra ma. I was just speaking from my own experience of my airy mother with a giant, loaded 7th house (saturn, mars, pluto etc)… wouldn’t dream of commenting so glibly on deep gender stuff like that!

          • Oh her libra is all 7th house too! Intercepted. Sister, tho ma is also a multi-lib. That’s pretty much how the decision process goes, which is mostly fine, except when pms- ing on a void scorp moon in an expensive meth hoty. Gender stuff is yeah, deeper. She seems happier having given up what looked to me like artificial rigidity of roles in favor of a more fluid, much more libraesque, identity. It’s beautiful, really.

      • While I have a Scorp Moon, which makes me more decisive, as a Libra I can offer these tips:

        1.) Never give a huge range of options to a Libra unless you have all the time in the world and like to be annoyed. Suggest to Libra, what are the 3 best things on the menu (that she might like…pre-research that!! ) and let her pick from those. Don’t give her a box of 10 different colour pens and tell her to pick just one! Even if every damn pen is the same minus the colour, a Libra will look at every damn pen before deciding, driving you bonkers!

        2.) When possible, write down columns of pros and cons so that LIbra and peruse them at his/her own leisure. We LOVE that!!

        3.) Don’t take Libra to places where all sales are final or that have Draconian return policies. I think we are prone to buyer’s regret.

        4.) If in doubt get a “sampler” gift, that way Libra can try a mini-size of some scent or chocolate or whatever the fuck.

        5.) Make sure your Libran is well-fed BEFORE having them decide something. Do NOT wait until Libra is starving before heading to restaurant. Give them a little bite of something tasty but not filling before going to eat. We can’t make decisions properly when blood sugar is too low.

        6.) Solar plexus chakra work helps Libras. When the 3rd chakra is operating shittily, we have more problems making a decision.

        • I agree with all these Libra generalizations. Mars-Pluto-Merc and Uranus in first house Libra.

        • Wow EE. I should print this and send to my friends. I have moon scorp and MArs in Libra and can identify with all these points. i didnt realise being so indecisive was a Libran trait. My moon is a little impulsive sometimes which gets me into trouble and otehr times I can take so long to decide i miss the boat.
          Love the colour pens analogy – that is excruitating just to think about which one choose.

          • I like those ads that feature the columns of stuff and have check marks or Xs int he columns of what something has or doesn’t have. It’s like wow…I don’t have to read every little damn thing, I can decide based on this pictoral of columned information!

          • seeing as Lululemon has see-thru yoga pants and shit that frays very easily, they’ve been dead to me. Also their tops don’t fit my shoulders! eek! 😀

            yes…we are prone to energetic constipation…that’s pretty accurate.

          • feel free! I bet someone out there has got even more tips than this!!

            As a scorp moon, I don’t face the indecision too much but sometimes i do. The worst is deciding to wear the next day. ugh. Because you have to factor in weather!!

            My biz partner is also a Libra and she is the most indecisive piece of shit when she is hungry. I keep chocolates in my purse for her just in case. She’s a Toro Moon tho. I would think they would be more decisive. But her strategy is let’s buy them both!!

    • I want to go on a desert road trip with you. xoxo Happiest of birthdays!

    • Have a blast on your road trip and happy birthday!!! Traveling with people you are really close with in an enclosed space with can be trying but I’m sure in the end it will be a great bonding experience. 😀

  10. Maybe I should hold off emailing The Crush (official business matters) until after the weekend, just to be sure I don’t segue into overly-chatty-email-babble … Guaranteed to put any man off especially when I am trying my absolute best to remain aloof and mysterious (HAHA HAHA) for a change… Signed, Elusive Fish

  11. Hmmm I have this perverse urge to contact my ex on Friday to “come to some kind of peace” but actually I think it’s because I know I can use the full moon truth serum as fuel and he can’t. Which means I’m probably not ready for a truce.

    I’ll just wait for Merc retro to make me stuff up and send something retarded to him or another wrong person instead 😉

  12. Thank you! I have Sag 19 in Neptune, my 8th and Virgo 15 in my NN. A relative has been keeping a BIG secret from the rest of the family and it’s wearing on me. I’ve been wanting the truth to be revealed for a while to relieve me of keeping this lie/secret.

  13. 22 degrees of the mutable signs you say? My Pluto is exactly at 22 degrees Virgo just a few degrees into the 4th house from the IC, so it is also angular. I’d say the dig for the Truth is pretty deep with this placement and transit!

    And yes, I want the Truth! We’re dealing with some shady stuff at work and our clinic might actually close and they’ve been delaying information and decisions for quite some time, now. It’s like a long slow painful train wreck, and it didn’t have to be this way…… Interesting because I think this Friday, which is right after the Truth Serum moon, we’re supposed to get some finalizing information. I hate the feeling of limbo, and it’s creating a lot of bad vibes, resentment, lack of trust, and gossip the way everything is going on and on.. Even if it’s bad news, which I think it will be, at least it will be out in the open! I can’t stand it anymore!

    And……I got a little bit of Truth already from ‘the guy’ I’m seeing because I talked with him last night, but I’m gonna need more in order to fully understand what the possibilities are between us…
    We are really still vetting each other because we’ve only known each other about a month and a half, and in that time he’s had to host international house guests as well as he was out of town for about a week, so we actually have only hung out I think four times? And there has been a big time gap between each time because of the other stuff he has going on, but he seems to want to keep some continuity in seeing me even so, and by next week he will have a more normal schedule and no guests around, so I’m giving this one a little more time to see if something ‘gels’ with us in the next month, but I’m still on guard and feeling a little uncomfortable because my heart is opening to him….I feel vulnerable……

  14. Full moon occuring near Saturn-Uranus conjunction in early 19 and 25 degrees Sagg…guessing many people around my age are probably going to be feeling this moon there. My Jupiter is at 23 Pisces in the 11th so I’m hoping someone in my circle will help me upgrade my career situation! Been working hard for the last year but I am planning to just keep chipping away at my portfolio through the end of July, finish yoga school in August, take it slow and steady. Although I wouldn’t object to something happening sooner, of course. 🙂

  15. Mars at 22 Virgo in 2nd house, Psyche at 23 Pisces in 8th. I’m working my Mars in 2nd and finding it’s like a muscle, work it hard and it feels better for being stronger. Have faced down some yukky family of origin stuff re money/security. It’s been really hard but I’ve finally done it. And yes all this will set me up well for working my NN at 19 Gem 10th house.

    Sheesh no wonder my skin has broken out. Toxic patterns generations old in origin are being released. I am actually shedding my skin!

    • Ohh so SN 19 Sagg. Hadn’t realised that…then it’s a wonder I’m not in some metaphysical equivalent of the isolation ward, people in white hazmat suits furrowing their brows and talking in low voices

  16. Natal Venus at 21 Sag on 7th/8th house cusp, and natal Mars at 22 Libra. Juno transiting my ascendant. I feel as if there oughta be some action! Ready to hear some truths… I think.

  17. I LOVE butterflies, they are one of my spirit animals (insects?)

    Social butterfly, dreamy, iridescent, colourful, flapping around and hovering over flowers.

    When I’m in my flow, I always see them around… Love the butterfly house at the zoo! esp. when they land on me!

  18. Listen to Justin T. I got the CD recently at my Op shop for $3. Better listen to bringing sexy back before I go out to art opening tonight… and do a little sexy dance at home for myself. Lol.

  19. Having a full Saggitarius 1st house with my natal Neptune at 4 degrees, Mercury at 19 and Jupiter at exact 22 degrees, this full moon feels tremendous…. thoughts anyone?

    • These last couple of days, i have been bombarded with horses: in dreams & while awake. *squee* 🙂 MC-NN-Neptune in Sagg.

      • Love horses. I miss our old horse sometimes. Not practical to have one now. 🙁

  20. It has certainly been a truth serum full moon of Radical Candor from two of my potential future business partners. Enough to have me hit the pause button and think do I really need a drama king in my life (FBP1) and someone who speaks plainly to me but not to the other business partner (FBP2). No answers yet but having listened to the Future Gemini Mp3, I’m really stopping to think about this one.