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Angjelica Huston modelling

Voila Anjelica Huston in what could pass for a PONCHO.ย  I know, right?

Anyway she is the Full Moon Muse as she is Sagittarius Rising at the same degree as this Full Moon on late Thurs/Friday.

Also…the highly directional Daily Horoscopes for Thursday are posted AND the more goobly-supportive Weekly Horoscopes from June 14.

And…the Scheduler is THERE behind the scenes but since the latest WordPress upgrade, it is not showing. It is not a problem with this site, it is a plug-in incompatibility issue that the dev guys are trying to sort. It is frustrating to me too as it is not an easy fix (the actual developers of the software need to do it) AND the data is all there.

So thank you for your patience subscribers!ย  In the meantime, the Horoscopes, Oracle and 12 Card Tarot are all happening.

Image: Terry O’Neill

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60 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Muse

  1. I LOVE Anjelika. Such a strong, unusual artist and role model for the left of centre women who run with the wolves or dance to the beat of a different drummer.

    Saw the nearly full moon rising out of the clouds earlier. This is going to be a BIG one! Feels magical and portentous already. Fasten your seatbelts people, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

  2. Loved her recent biography A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York.
    Thank you for the inspiration this full moon MM.

    • Ooh, I love biographies. They’re like a how-to for cap moon types .. unintentional instruction manuals for successful living and fabulousness (assuming that one must hav e reached a certain levelof same before penning life story) also esp for delicious fascinating people either way

      • Also over coming fragility, doubt, failure, insecurity… The human beneath it all. Love love.

        • Maybe I should write mine. I am here inside my mind with the Mad, Bad n Sad – this Cap Moon needs a project.

  3. i adore her! I will never forget her less prestigious roles in Ice Pirates or Addams Family!

  4. transits occurring today

    Sun square Mars, exact at 00:22 (L)
    Moon conjunction Neptune, exact at 21:04 (L)
    Moon sextile Pluto, exact at 19:00 (L)
    Moon sextile Sun, exact at 03:47 (L)

    Important long-term influences (overview)

    “A bolt from the blue” (Uranus conjunction Chiron) (L)
    “Growth and optimism” (Jupiter sextile Sun) (L)
    “Exacting standards” (Saturn sextile Mercury) (L)

  5. Copied and pasted the above from astrodient. Trying to get my head around it all.
    My sun is 22* Virgo,
    Mars19* Virgo and
    Mercury 18* Virgo
    My Ascendant is 26* Sagittarius
    Moon 18* Sagittarius
    Is it any wonder I have itchy thoughts?
    Training clients in the boiling heat all day.
    Please Goddess let me not lose my temper..
    Am virtually screaming with LZ symptoms

    Want to scream the house down!

      • Yay Calypso!
        I totally feel so connected with peeps on this site. It’s like I have family here. There are definitely some strong past life vibes with my astro homies. I have better friends here than I have in my “real” life.
        And I have fairly ok social skills. I mean I seem to make friends easily and wherever I go people seem to really like me and gravitate to me. I just wish it was mutual lol
        I love love love this site. These be my peeps RIGHT HERE!

      • And your Moon is exact my North Node. Teach me your emotional gifts Invicta lovely!

        • Lol
          WHAT emotional gifts?
          But nice to know our connection is also validated astrologically. That IS cool.
          I’m supposed to be working

    • @12thHouse V
      Yes, I have been mutating quite a bit. I ( more so than usual even! I guess the LZ thing was quite strong for a few days but I just let it be and after working 12 hours training clients yesterday it has passed. Thankfully!

      Galactic Centre huh?
      I have tried looking that up but I didn’t really understand the significance of it.
      Not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed I guess. Yep, it’s fuq load of virgo and a fuq load of sag. I think I’m astrologically schizophrenic ๐Ÿ™‚ actually I know I am! My moon and Saturn opposes my sun in a LOVELY T square. So My downfall (besides fixing on unavailable men)
      is undoing all my goody two shoes Virgo work with my Hey Dude Saggo side.
      It’s a constant war…

      Seriously tho last night I dreamed I was dying.
      Not in a woooo woooo kind of way
      I was TERRIFIED
      I kept waking up and being scared to go back to sleep. Seriously. I’d wake up as I was nodding off because I genuinely thought I was dying. It was by FAR the spookiest night of my life………………
      Maybe I was afraid of falling into the Galactic centre lol
      I can laugh nervously about in now but yikes I’m not looking forward to tonight ๐Ÿ™

      • Your brain needs to calculate and test all possible experiences, just chill and enjoy the ride!! Xx.

      • I just googled it and apparently it means there be transformation afoot. Well Yeah!
        I have to say, it was remarkably easy to work as a PT from home yesterday. I had a lot of clients as soon as I put the word out they just rolled in, to the point that I worked a 12 hour day. The money wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the work and today I’m wondering why I had so much fear and resistance re doing something I studied for 4 years to do. I always thought I’d be rubbish trainer but everyone from yesterday has emailed me to book their next session with me.
        Blue is dead, long live Invicta I guess… still feels a bit unreal but hey I suppose the anxiety will pass.
        It does feel a lot better than the slimy feeling I’d get in my tummy when I used to do my old job. I feel….productive, heathy, useful even wow

        • still feels weird
          like I’m an imposter
          but I can fight through that shitz man

  6. This retched up

    Truly ugly

    Hokeidumbarsian, now there is a lineage
    But who…. just some average Joe ?
    Definitely someone you would take a stick to ….
    Often seen in the company of an “animated Toby jug with slavery on his mind”
    And a โ€œre-animated chucky doll from the free-settled-state”
    Also an โ€œunreconstructed anti-secularist with a bloody-minded unfounded-hate-agendaโ€
    No, not Malcolm, he is just a sideshow these days, championing the aspirational apologists,
    The Howard Tattlers ?
    Costello as Othello, Desdemona as demographic, suckers in aspic, preserved for the perverse, progress in reverse….. you coulda had it all
    Somewhere along the line, abandoned after birth left at the Monastery, informally adopted by the Abbott, therefore last name Abbott, an ancestor is to blame, but that is lame, or fair game?
    Feeling a little exposed myself actually, as we lambast the unfactuarily disposed( liars), the totally unhosed(big fat liars), the despotically unhinged( see liars), the rationally impinged( see big fat liars)
    Right, right…. right, right, right.
    Right, wrong ….wrong, wrong, wrong.

      • Hmmm… i will give it thought

        happy you appreciated

        A channel for the angrys

    • Thank you bull with sting in tail.

      Waxing lyrical and dusting with the poetic. Catching your train of thought and really digging your honesty. Finding the state of where your at and owning it all. Not being owning by the road that was. Finding the way home, is knowing the depth and it is within and beyond.

  7. This full moon at 22 degrees Sag is exactly on my North Node. What does that mean?

  8. There’s a candle lighting ceremony mentioned in the Denise Linn – Secrets & Mysteries book that Mystic posted (She of smudging ceremony of la vaj – to do on a Full Moon. She suggests ”Choose a Goddess who has qualities you want to expand, for example if you need to release old negative habits and addictions, Kali from the Hindu tradition is an excellent choice because of her fierce quelling of impurities, or if you desire love in your life, Venus”. One of her suggestions is to write her name down, place it under a candle, invite her into you life.

  9. My muse will be Chariklo. The Moon will be conjunct her on the full as they both transit my Sun. I’ve also got a fair bit of significant Chiron action so the Centaur archetype is well at play and where I’ll send my dream self to gather vital info.

    7th, 10th and MC and Sun sitting opposite Hermes in Sage.

    Speaking of dear Hermes, he did a spectacular number on me with things in transit yesterday and I’ve navigated it quite calmly in the main and to my advantage.

    I can feel a slow boil out there in the world like lava under the surface ready to erupt. Yes, to some extent I can feel it within too but I also feel in control of the elements and in the eye of the storm with the power to instruct an unleash or not. I am finding it far more satisfying holding the opposing forces one in each hand and just sitting with that tension.

    • Yes. Slow boil. Or a pending volcanic eruption omitting small puffs of high pressure steam.

      Not doing anything to force it, just observing, and getting ready to run for the hills! lol

      Or put my fist in the way of someone’s face. Only if necessary and I’m pushed to the wall! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Meanwhile floating around, social arty event tonight and band event Saturday night… should be fun if I can stay out of a fight :mrgreen:

      At least I have goddess on my side!

      • I reckon you can stay out of any low vibe scuffles Gem … if they come your way just a give ’em a witty blast of Mercurial mind freeze musing and when they’re stunned into a stupor trying to figure out some sort of intelligent reply just glide on past with a sanguine smile and a little wave… ta ta… ;

          • Ha ha well avoided any conflict. Chatted up the artists and had fun last night. Tonight Friday 13 I’ll be lying low I think. But who knows what will happen?

  10. What an awesome muse!

    This MercRX and Neptune RX have been crazeeeee. (Virgo, Pisces rising).

    So much crypto stuff….so much mood oscillation….

    *takes deep breath and puts on poncho*

  11. So much to catch up on.
    Daisy Dog is taking up all my time and now she is PREGNANT. Luckily to her sire not a fluffy-white-dog-on-a-string but a pure bred. O FUQ.
    Due in the next few days, which means she was preggers when i got her.
    Astro wise, she is a Sagg, puppies will be Gems, a 6 monthly cycle at work. Hope only 3 pups come like her last time which was also not on purpose but this happens if out domestics are not spayed responsibly. Waay too young to be on her 2nd litter.
    My old fur coat will make a natural nest for her. GULP, i’m having babies!!

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ as Sphinx said ‘i forgot to have babies’ and now
        will be a surrogate to Daisy’s darlings.

    • Oh MY Goddess! How positively fertile and radiant your house will be Pegasus! There is no energy more divine than the nurturing spirit of the Creative Force. You may have forgotten to have kids but your Daisy is enabling this experience for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      A very Full Moon (Cancer) in Saggi gift to a Saggi person – your destiny to play Nana for a bit?!

      • Hey there Sphinx, lovely you replied ๐Ÿ™‚
        Yes, am besotted by Daisy, her titties make sounds as she runs, slap slap slap.
        They will be birthed in my bedroom, it will be an amazing experience.
        Send a pup to Melba for your boys?
        Do need to go there for a vistit soon.
        Her & her sire’s temperament is extraordinarily protective and affectionate.

        • Ha! I had a lovely low legged black lab cross that did that they touched the ground when she was preggers. I WISH I could say yes to a little darling pup, you know I do, but we are renting..
          And I reallllly love the am staff, it’s fave breed of mine.

          Sadly, my heart and imagination run with the Dogo Argentino, while my reality is a probably a Boston Terrier. Or a cat.

  12. Vanity Fair had an interesting article on Anjelica and her upbringing in Ireland. What a man her father was and Mother a beautiful ballerina.
    She maxed out the 60’s vibe.

    • Hey Pegs
      I love her too.
      Is it wrong that I think Jack Nicholson is prick?
      Like how could you leave a woman like her?
      Then again, what she was doing with him in the first place is beyond me.
      I on the other hand am perfect. Obviously.

        • Ah oui, mon ami, et toi aussi. Been busy with work but now on quiet time for mid winter.
          All copacetic in your newly designed world i hope and powering along to your wishes & desires. xx

  13. Well fuq a duq. I was like, oh yes a full moon trining my Venus, then oh I see, a square to my natal Pluto, then I noticed said moon will oppose my ascendant and Chiron is squaring. But am I going to lay down and die? No way, I don’t feel that great and a past love zombie had a crack but you know what? I like my brains buddy and you can’t have them. So there. Period. But nice try though, I’ll give you that. Thanks Pluto, thanks Sag, it’s all a bit X-Files but the truth is out there.

  14. Yes indeed, ’tis lovely. What a ponchissima poncho.
    Good luck with that IC biz.

  15. As to the Moon and it’s impact on my life.. it’s on my NN.
    Don’t want to think about it today.

    • Tell me about it dude.
      I just googled Galactic centre.
      It seems I have more in common with Sadam Husein, Hitler and Napoleon than I realised.
      errr yay?

      • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Well, I am not sure Napoleon was not an interesting one to be having something in common with.
        As to Saddam, he was trained by the CIA and was a great fave as a puppet. I am more concerned about the puppet masters and men in grey. But yeah.
        Hitler. Well. I am not sure he wasn’t pretty stupid. I don’t know how he got where he did, or why, but he was a channel for some dark force I guess.

        The alternate possibility is being a channel for some benevolent and powerfully loving force. So, focus on being a pure channel for light or something??
        You could take over the world energetically and while no one else will know, all the brownies and faeries will rejoice in your Maleficence. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ahhh… Friday the 13th with a Full Moon and I am flying home. I have moon walking by my 2nd and 3rd house.

    2nd House = $$$ & self-esteem, resources,
    Yup… money is extremely tight right now. My self esteem is a little weak right now but it’s pushing me to make some changes. Double thumbs up on that one.

    3rd House = Communications, glibness, eloquence, desire to write,
    Hmmm.. communications… feeling a little insecure with my communications lately. What’s making me feel this way???? … I have been drinking A LOT lately… Traveling stinks! So out of my routine and me being a Virgo.. it depresses me. I can’t wait to get home.

    Positive thoughts on a safe flight home on Friday is appreciated.

    Job is going well. Can’t wait to get busy when I get home!!


    • PS; The moon is right on the cusp line of my 2nd and 3rd house. NO other planets are nearby.