Da Vibe: Prepping For Jupiter In Leo To Make You Funky

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People it is less than a month before Jupiter is in LEO.  Yes, LEO. (Blocks ears to muffle Leo roars of approval). We’re maybe not appreciating just how much this will change things.  Obviously, i am going to start really fixing on this in the Daily Mystic but think about it: Jupiter into Leo and then Mars into Scorpio after months in Libra.

So we’ve had non-stop cardinal “starter” energy from Venus in Capricorn for months, Mars in Libra since last December, Jupiter in Cancer/Kataka, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn etc. It’s evolutionary but enervating. Now there will be this solid shift at at the end of July. Leo-Scorpio energy is snazzy and primal.

You will feel this.  See the July Horoscopes up over the weekend for more-more-more.

So how to prep for Jupiter in Leo? It could be fun to plan going totally Over The Top where-ever in your chart you are going to be having Jupiter in Leo.  That’s what intense Dark Moons like this are for, resting up and scheming your next series of moves or radical comeback.




Image: Helmut Newton – Cindy Crawford

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110 thoughts on “Da Vibe: Prepping For Jupiter In Leo To Make You Funky

  1. Ever since a reading I had a year ago, I’ve been dying in anticipation for Jupiter in Leo. I’ve got Sun in Leo in my native chart and have, for nearly 4 years, had a really tough time, first in love and then in career… To be real, at times, it’s felt hopeless (sometimes still so, lost my job earlier this month – first time ever!) but I’ve tried to keep the faith, praying it would all be karmic credit I could cash in when needed. I’m hoping Jupiter in Leo is finally that time… Please tell me I’m right here. More importantly, what else can I be doing now (I’m planning my own business venture now, even meeting with a small business counselor this week!) to almost set in stone the good fortune and rewards this astro can bring? I don’t want it to be another 2013 situation where my hopes seem cosmically shut down at every turn.

    • Also, I have Leo in the 5/6th house and also have mercury mars and Nessus in Leo as well.

      • What house? It looks like you’re set for a big expansion of some sort, definitely.

        • Yeah, it’s in the 6th… For a second, I thought it might be somewhere in the middle (it’s how it looks) but I’ve confirmed it’s 6th.

          I’m very new to this and trying to wrap my head around the aspects, so I’m sorry if I ask any silly questions. I just don’t want to make any karmic/cosmic errors.

          • Is not a mistake to ask questions 🙂

            You can also type in to google
            “Jupiter transit in the 6th” and you will get a whole lot of results from cafe astrology and other sites. Very informative.

            • Thank you so much, Veronica! The googling led me down a fun and informative rabbit hole 🙂 I’m excited!!!!!

    • I’m hearing u Hun.. Leo in sun, mars and merc.. My life has been much the same.. Lack of movement/motion.. Love and relationships been non existent, jobs with no substance or meaning. And it doesn’t matter what I seem to do, something always hand brakes it.. Ive felt like I’ve been walking around in a thick fog for the last few yrs.. I’m desperate for some solid, ground change xx

      • I’m sorry, darling – while I don’t wish this on anyone, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. Here’s hoping for better times ahead… Let’s get out of this funk and roar! I am so ready for a new me and I bet you are too. You’ve got my cosmic support 🙂

        • I hear you both too. Leo sun, leo north node, leo merc all in 4th house with Jup in 5th. Im new to this astro stuff but slowly learning. Kind of scared but excited…what amazing stuff is going to happen after a year of stunted breakdowns…..!!!

  2. lawdy….i can’t wait to see what this means to me 🙂 Leo Sun/ASC/venus/uranus….also 4th house scorpio moon conj neptune. (I’m really hoping the lottery is involved 🙂 )

      • when i was younger i was quite fiery …now I’m more relaxed and only have occasional flare-ups 🙂

    • Hey, I have Scorpio Moon conj. Neptune in the 4th too! And a Leo asc. And lots of other fire…

      Very excited about Jupiter in Leo. It’ll hit my ascendant at 5 degrees on the same day as transit Sun trines natal Sun. Early August has always been a good time for me anyway.

      I’m ready!!!

  3. I am a Cancer Sun/Moon with Pisces rising, but I was born with Venus in Leo – does this mean that Jupiter in Leo will be conjunct my natal Venus?

    • yes eventually depending on what degrees your venus is in.
      it’s a good transit time for meeting new friends and lovers for me. An artsy and fun time.

      • Wonderful, thank you! Excited to see what it holds in store…

      • what do you expect? can you guys give me your take on the Vertex? I never get it (or remember it)

        ps. EEl, I got some Seabuckthorn oil for my kid when you mentioned it re: acne treatment – that stuff is pure magic! I don;t know if it works for acne becasuse he’s never opened it, but I did, and wow for soft smooth skin!

        • I don’t expect anything where romance or love is concerned Calypso. I’ve given up. 🙁

          At least I have my art and some eye candy at art school. My venus in libra is content to admire from a distance. That’s as good as it’s gonna get. Maybe in 3 years time when I have my first big exhibition, some art lover / patron asks me out. One can but dream… *sigh*

          Nobody ever meets in the “real” world anymore and I’d rather dive into a bath of acid than do online dating again. UGH.
          The Jupiter transit (which was supposed to be the luckiest time for love for me) just brought an ending of a 3 year drought with the Katakan-hoarder-always-late-disrespecter-of my-time-dude. 😐

          Anyway, I think Sphinx explained Vertex really well but I think it’s like a sudden karmic encounter soul mate (pffffft – unicorn) situation.

          My one true love (14 years ago) – the Virgo had his Leo venus smack bang on my vertex but that could have been been a coincidence. I’ve met a few guys with moon or venus in Leo and it’s gone absolutely nowhere. So…

          Maybe I do some great artwork or really well in one of my disciplines. Or meet a great mentor/teacher. So far all my teachers have been so incredibly inspiring.

          • i really don’t trust jupiter transits and that’s coming from someone whose chart ruler is he!

        • glad the sea buckthorn is working for you! It did me some good to repair damage but ive got leaky gut repair to do to kick the rest of this.

          vertex is sometimes correlated with romance as it is an additional axis but can sometimes just mean a lucky break or maybe new pet or new money opp.

  4. Last time Jupiter was in Leo (my second house) , I think was around when I took up my first salaried job. The money!!!! I was rolling in it!! Relatively speaking 🙂
    Opposing my 8th house: hello to credit card debt too.
    Wiser about the debt now but would really quite like to land in a pile of money again! Ok this is my mission.. prepare the ground for more money to land.

  5. Sorry to ask a rookie question, but if there is a transit and it is that same as what you have natally, does that nullify it or exacerbate it? I have Jupiter in Leo natally (7th). I also have lilith in Leo (8th) and I’m pretty sure that has been happening recently too. I have my own suspicions as to what all of this has led me to but am curious as to whether I’m fabricating or not…

    So just does it make it stronger or cancel it out? Or neither (please don’t say neither as that will be too confusing for the rookie over here).

    • Girl On.. I am currently analyzing my chart and really breaking it down. I have Chiron natally and Chiron transiting my 5th house.. so your question is on my mind to.

      What does it mean when the same plant is in a house natally and now transiting.

      Thanks for posting..

        • Me too, please 🙂

          Total novice still learning aspects and really don’t want to blow this amazing astropportunity !

          • Me to..I’m still new to this..really find it difficult to understand how the chart works.. Wot way do the planted move?? I have leo on sun mars and merc, and there in my 9/10th house?? I think..so do I have to find out where Jupiter was when I was born? And them come July, when Jupiter is in Leo, do I pay attention to where it is in my house?? Wish I could do a course in all this..

            • Yes, you do pay attention to which house it’s transiting because that indicates how the transit will manifest.

              Do your natal chart for free on astro.com or you can do a natal (that is your birth chart) plus transits chart and that shows what and where the current planets are transiting.

              For example – if you have natal Jupiter in Leo in the 4th house that means Jupiter will be transiting your 4th house – of family, home etc.

              The planets move in an anti-clockwise direction through the houses.

              Cafe astrology is a great website if you want to learn more about your chart and the houses.

    • I’ll take a stab at this tho I could be wrong so feel free to correct me ….

      As far as I understand it the Jupiter Effect is felt most strongly when conjunct personal planets – especially the Sun, but also moon, mercury, venus, mars and the ascendant point. Its effect also amplifies the attributes of the house it sits in.

      Jupiter transiting my 1st house Venus/Sun in Cancer was particularly powerful. Now it’s in my 2nd house which is a Cancer/Leo cusp house. It has brought more money making opportunity. Jupiter brings expansion – sometimes rapidly and unsustainably if you’re not careful. So you could take on a debt that seems ok when Jupes is hanging about and then becomes a real burden later. Generally though Jupiter is considered optimistic and positive in any area of life that it touches.

    • When jupiter returns to its natal position you will be having your ‘jupiter return’! Jupiter is amplified, in fact the whole year will have a jupiter flavour, fulfilling the natal indications of your Jupiter! Good times usually, a year of growth and expanding horizons, or whatever jupiter does for you normailly (for me its relationships – 7th house).

  6. Can. Not. Wait. I’m a 10th House ScorpioI with Jupiter in Leo in my 7th House. About to embark on a great project starting June 27th. Yay!!

    • Okay fantastic George. I have Jupiter/Leo/7th too. What does this actually mean in context?

      • It means you are having Jupiter return … where transiting Jupiter is conjunct your natal Jupiter. It’s a generational transit so everyone born in the same year will be having it. I don’t tend to put much weight on generational transits in terms of how they effect me personally … it’s more a mass consciousness thing. However having it transit the 7th house may bring expansion in relationships.

  7. Saturn/Uranus conjunction in 10th house opposite Venus trine Moon. Bit of a workhorse, really…

    • oopsies…commenting on a post from a while back it seems…

  8. Jupiter in the 10H and Mars in the 1H!!! Woop woop, ready for some hot action and recognition…truly deserved for this multi-Cappy 😉 Plus Jupiter is gonna oppose Venus, then Mars later this year…

    Also ready for Uranus to GTF out of my 6H so I can feel like getting down to business (for now just so dissatisfied with my job even though it’s a great position….).

  9. natal Moon & Jupiter in Leo in 3rd house of Communications, neighbours and short trips, plus that Mars moving into Scorpio in my 5th house…

    What I am PLANNING for this summer; since I’m Learning to balance out my needs with the needs of others (mars in libra transit) in my house of fun and love, I planned to go to couple of meditation slash yoga retreat.

    And as odd as this may sound; I am learning to have conversations with people… I used to always find human interactions so awkward, always thought people were better or worse than me (just never on equal grounds), starting to see humans for what they are; human beings, everyone has their own flaws, qualities, etc.

    It’s easy to move a lot and meet new people, its harder but so worth it though to build a community, neighbours, etc. and create a space for creativity, honesty and friendships. I recently moved in a little community, a lot of people just hang out outside on nice days and bbq, i am learning to have a good time at it… develop conversation skills, develop self esteem, etc. I am having a bit of a hard time explaining exactly how I feel… lol

    OH, and just moved in a “musician” loft, meaning in a month or 2 (right in time for Jupiter in Leo) I will be purchasing a drum kit, a piano and a guitar with amps and everything…. let the Leoness OUT 🙂

    Leo is Queen, I am Queen of myself and so darn happy about my palace

    let’s all be King & Queen’s 🙂

    • Here is a tip. You are no better and no worse than anyone else.

      Your musician loft sounds like fun..

      • True that Pi.

        It is hard for the Leo in me to rememberthat all the time

        I have been working on this, a quote that really helped me w this is (think its from the bible)

        Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

        Much love xx

  10. It’ll be in my 6th. Does this mean I should just go about business as usual, except wearing some sort of cape? Show up to the dentist dripping in jewels? Add Shalimar to my mop bucket? Buy my dog a Dolce and Gabbana collar?

      • Health, hygiene, diet, daily habits, service – yours and others to you, employment – employer/employees (cf career = 10th house). The sixth house addresses the daily dealings of life. It’s the natural house of Virgo.

    • Mabel, My Divine Darling, I believe all of those things, for everybody, is ALWAYS a good idea. And while you are at the Dolce and Gabbana, buy one of those crowns for yourself! Leo loves crowns, just watch out for no hair messing!

    • Cld put the emphasis on your daily routines, health management as mentioned above, Leo is about the Self / taking pride in … Creation… So… Spend this time polishing up your life details.. hey maybe you are on the right track 🙂
      It Wld also be opposing your 12th house, so take a look at how to shine a loving light on your deepest most dreamy existential matters… Yoga and meditation could be a good way to nail both 6th and 12 th house matters, to a point…?

  11. More funked than I already am? Far out.

    Jupiter will be in my empty 6th in Leo. And Mars into my 8th where my natal Mars lives… You bet I have big plans, but of course the cosmos has something else on the itinerary sometimes. I’m sure it will be big, whatever’s coming. Big & deep.

    I am definitely feeling the pressure to do something big with my hair. Like, pour red koolaid through it. S.O.S.

  12. Jupes will move through my 2nd & 3rd houses conjuncting Mercury along the way. Maybe I’ll becomes a famous writer?! At the very least it will help with all the essay writing required for my degree over the next couple of years.

    • Hopefully you will have all your Mercurial dreams come true. But I was hoping for more from Jupiter on my Mercury!
      Perhaps because I have it conjunct Saturn it just meant I was hardcore on writing a budget. Am sure it will do wonders for you essay writing though.

  13. Leo rising! Cannot WAIT! I’ve already found my perfect hairstyle and have been rocking it in anticipation. Can’t wait to just SOAR. Or is that roar?

    • me too Leo rising! i’m sick of this period of jupiter in my 12th house. it got me shy and hiding more than ever. i hope jupiter in my first in Leo will come out with a new version of me. really hope so… !!!

  14. Mmmm I am looking forward to these shifts – MM says Jupiter on my natal Venus in Leo will a relief after ages of Saturn transits!!! YAY!!!!

    I just wonder how this will play out in the. 12th house?

    My 11th house Jupes transit was a bit of a non event although I did meet people it was mainly through new work scenarios…. Yep zap zone dramarama but did make future contacts for my own biz plans sooooo

    I just want some to meet a lover of the non married variety

    • Oh, I’m hoping my Jupiter in 11th transit coming up is an event!
      Future contacts, new horizons, new people etc. (am actually meeting heaps on Instagram and loving it).

      Mainly hoping for a big partay or two…I have been staying home a LOT through lack of funds and while it is generally pleasant and peaceful, I really could do with a blast of Raaawwwrr

      • YOFTP, Leo Venus in the 12th?
        Pull out the long diamanté earrings and sparkle!

        • Haha! Yes will pull out the GLAMOUR accessories and grow mane longer to max out the possibilities.

          I have been a bit derailed socially also due to $$$/zap zone shizz…but have strengthened friendships that mattered

          Must say really noticed my 10th house Jupes transit – travelled o/s 3x for work which was exciting!!

          GOOD LUCK!!!

  15. This hits my north node (Leo 12th house). I need to be moving forward.

  16. Sun, mercury and mars in leo here. I have some new ideas for my business which I hope to develop in July and August. I do sort of feel this new confident mature self emerge for brief moments, in dealing with people of late, as if I am practicing for something? I am curious to see how this will play out, the astro change.

  17. This sounds great. I have Leo taking up most of my 4th — home, family, ancestry, hidden treasure. Sounds like some kind of inheritance is coming.

    Cancer is at the start of the 4th, and my Venus and true node are in cancer 3rd house, so Jupiter in Leo sounds like I’ll be lucky with home, family, wealth and love! :O

  18. Mind you, Jupiter in gem was supposed to be great for romance, money and me generally. But didn’t deliver! Lol

    • don’t worry. me neither. that was my 7th house and even in cancer covered part of my 7th house. NADA! zip. zilch.

  19. Cannot. Wait. Literally purred as I read this, haha. I’ve got my Jupiter in Leo in the 1st house (conjunct my ascendant, I believe), and the funny and serendipitous thing is that yesterday I met an astrologer who deemed me the “little Mick Jagger” as him apparently had this aspect. Anyway, feeling the Dark Moon so strongly right now and have been lethargic all day, but reading this post has put a little spark back! The first half of this year has been a hell of a challenge – exciting and transcendent at times, but boy am I excited for things to lighten up.

      • Same here, what an awesome board! I’ve repinned a couple of those colourful dreamy pix, hope you don’t mind. Am totally inspired by your Pinterest, want to create boards for each of my core desired feelings over the next week/ in prep for the New Moon…
        I also feel totally vindicated in wanting to chop off all my hair & dye it pastel shades 🙂

        Also, are you a poet? I am too.

        • Thanks! Please pin as many as you like- it’s the point of the site after all 🙂

          I think boards for core desired feelings is an awesome idea.

          Poetry is very close to my heart. I guess it comes across in my boards, huh?

      • There are ways to make green hair last. Do co-washes and colour will stick longer.

        • Just googled co-washes- interesting! Thanks for the tip. I actually swore off shampoo and hair products of any kind years ago, but am willing to try a natural conditioner on just the highlighted parts. Emerald green really is tempting right now…

  20. Leo straddles my 12th (where I have Mars, Venus and Uranus conjunct), and my first. Pisces and I (Gem, Leo rising) have put in an offer for our dream home … space for sheep and cows and chooks, and to plant fruit trees and a veggie patch … all in the most beautiful setting. the beginning of a new life together. If it goes ahead we can sign contract post Merc retro and prepare for the move in July and August. Feels good.

  21. YES, I am excited. In Cancer Jupiter has been too inward, too self-reflective, too getting-really-deep, journalling, reading strange self-help books. I am tired of it. I’m too inward-focused to begin with. I want to be creative…I want to be inspired…I want to have more fun…I want to stop thinking, start acting…I want Jupiter in Leo!

    I’m Cancer rising, but the last degrees of cancer, so Leo starts in my first house and is my 2nd house cusp.

    • Oh my god…this is only interesting to me, but I just peeked ahead at Jupiter’s path, and it will be activating my 4 virgo planets (which are at 7-22 degrees virgo) during my Saturn return (which starts in Feb 16). Wow, that will be an intense time for me! That sounds pretty lucky. Hopefully Jupiter on my side will make my Saturn return not suck too much.

  22. So Jupiter will conjunct my natal Jupiter (fifth house) while opposing natal Sun and Saturn (11th) and trine my Aries ascendant! This could get interesting

  23. Vesta, Saturn, POF, IC, Dionysis, and all the Egyptians for me! A degree away from entering my 3rd at the moment. Does this mean I’ll actually want to talk to people? Now THAT would be SOMETHING!
    I wore gold jewelery and lipstick the other day, and positively cackled with anticipation. Ha! Lilith, lead the way!

    • “Gifts or opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors”. This sounds like a great transit for Jupiter. 😉

      • It does sound excellent! I think it’s already beginning as I’m in my family home, visiting sibs and old friends. Ta, sphinxy!! xxxx

  24. Jupiter will conjunct (or conjoin?) my natal Sun/Hekate at 4 deg Leo.
    It will continue it’s journey through my 2nd House. (FYI I am not rich yet 🙂 ).

    • ..howevs I did decide to study in the near future, and cafe astro says, “you may choose to develop your talents in order to boost your earning power” with a transit of jup in the 2nd.

  25. I had a great year with Jupiter transiting my Ascendant and 1st house in Kataka. I experienced the ‘luck’ of this and I felt somehow ‘protected’ with Jupiter there.

    Now I will have Jupiter transit my 2nd house! I think this will be really good! It will also be opposite my Sun in the 8th, but if I remember the last time I had this transit, it was also a wonderful year! Looking forward to it as well as having Mars GTFO! of Libra and my 4th house and into my 5th! It’s got to be some good stuff ahead!

    I’m a fixed sign, anyway (Aqua), so maybe this energy will speak to me more?? Things have felt bogged down of late, but I think it’s the Mercury retro right now and the last dregs of Mars in Libra…..urgh…

  26. So, since I am working from home but my client doesn’t have any work for me I decided to spend time on my chart and see what Jupiter is doing for me.

    Jupiter (Natal) is my 9th house on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.
    Jupiter is obviously transiting my 9th house Cancer as well.

    To focus on Jupiter only this is what I see:

    Jupiter is about mind expansion. It relates to philosophy, religion, travel and in my personal area I could be successful in publishing. So, how does that relate to me in the current wave. I am trying to build a business that could focus publishing electronically. That is where most of my experience is from. Interesting that I am finally learning about this since a recruiter called me about a publishing position that would allow me to work from home. A full-time job working from home… “hello”… not saying I will get it but the wave of coincidences consistent with my planet placement. June 25 is pretty big for me in regard to Jupiter. Let’s see what happens. I need a job. This placement also talks about education. I have been thinking about taking an exam in September to help with my business. I have a study book ready to use. I better get started.

    Now the confusing thing is that Jupiter is near my MC / Midheaven and what I am reading is that the effect will be more in my 10th house than in my 9th house. SO.. it could mean something good for career because that is what the 10th house is all about. (let me add I got a great reading from Mystic who is very excited about my career prospects with my Jupiter placement.. I feel it)

    So far I like what I am reading about Jupiter in my 9th and 10th house. NOW, I have Jupiter placed on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer in the 9th house with Mercury and the Sun on either side. Not sure how that relates.

    Interesting times…


    • Now I see that Jupiter is actually in my 10th house. I think I was more focused on my natal placement. Either way.. I look forward to seeing what Leo is gonna do for me and my career!! woohoo!!

  27. Leo is so tricky for me. I have a natal leo moon, but it is in the 12th house. I was always, majorly more 12th house moon than leo moon. I do have hair though…lol.

    Hoping I will stop gaining weight. Jupiter through my 10th house, than back and forth across my Cancer sun and saturn, and I gained steadily the whole time.

    • gaining weight is normal and good when you are in a happy relationship. it means you are comfortable! 🙂

  28. Hope it brings benefits of the hard work during my Saturn-Scorp Rising transit. Been working my arse off. I keep telling myslef it’s the thin and rich transit. This Multi Leo has not even had a proper salon haircut since last July (OK- partially ‘cuz I’m control freaky and the cut SUCKED -she hacked my hair and I’ve been growing it out , trimming it myself. I knew I should have insisted on her NOT using the curling irom before i left – telltale cover up- you cannot see the cut.) but I hardly have time for a home pedicure. Leo sun-venus- merc-mars-midhaven. So, some fun and great hair would be appreciated, oh Jupiter!

  29. Jupiter in Leo is looking very good. Trines my natal Jupe in Sag and my sun. In fact I have a series of positive Jupiter transits coming up mid July that run right through the next 12 months. The only possible hitch is transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter in early Sag quite soon. Anyone had this transit ?

    • I have that too although natal Jupiter for me is in the last degrees of Scorp, followed by Neptune in the early degrees of Sagg. So Saturn will be conjunct both of those shortly …

      I think they are considered generational transits david and so not hugely influential in terms of the individual chart? But it doesn’t sound like fun … Saturn the constricter dampening Jupiter enthusiasm and Neptunian ideals with a “get real” vibe. Meh …. I’m turning into a born again atheist just thinking about it.

      • Thanks possum x I just had a good look at my chart and forgot that natal Uranus is at early Leo, so at some stage Saturn will be trying to constrict a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in my 2nd. No chance. I’m using that as an excuse to go totally big with my career. Put myself out there again. I’ve been hiding for 12 years. I can see myself now, round November, standing in front of the mirror in the morning saying “it’s show time folks” 🙂

        • Maybe Saturn will be the element of strong planning and tight focus. Time sensitivity? Structured something or other? Rather than out and out restriction.

  30. I am Leo rising, but Jupiter won’t hit my ascendant for a good while. I’ve been suffering with a chronic mind-body illness for almost seven years, & I’m seeing this as my opportunity to go deep & heal myself. Every attempt at escape or ‘security’ I’ve made in the last year was recently ripped away by the Grand Cardinal Cross, so I believe that now is the time I become self-reliant & strengthen my psyche, thru extensive hermit-style seclusion & maybe also travel. And of course my art. (My Leo-ruled 5th house has a Saturn-Uranus conjunction & Neptune, I am super fiery.) Any other recommendations for working Jupiter in Leo transit thru 12th?

    • Have you looked into the work of Caroline Myss? She’s a sort of medical intuitive. I just today saw that she is doing a workshop about chronic illness and self-healing: #register

  31. my mother in law has five (count them! FIVE!) planets in Leo including the Sun (in the fifth!) Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto (all sixth house). Any insights into this Jupiter transit of all of the above?
    With thanks x

  32. I have my Jupiter in Leo in the third house. What that means I have no clue, lol…

    • My Jupiter conjuncts my son, trines my moon and squares my venus AND mars. Again, no clue what that all means…

      • Hiya Highness 😉 check out the astro.com interactive natal charts, it’s VERY enlightening!

  33. Jupiter will be going over my 11th house where i have my venus aswell. Can’t wait although don’t know what it will mean. Finished exams last friday and went for an internship interview on monday and will hear if i have it in a weeks time. The internship will mean working across different departments and meeting famous, intellectuals etc should be fun and good opportunity to.network although its unpaid but hopefully will.lead to.much good later.

    jupiter over natal venus in leo in my 11th house..any thoughts?

  34. I’m a Pisces with Leo rising who happens to have Jupiter in Leo (00 degrees, 00 minutes and retrograde) in the 12th house conjunct my ascendant. Looking forward to having overwhelming confidence as it travels through my first house and hits my aries moon and sag Neptune, but my sensible Virgo Saturn will be cringing the entire time.

  35. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I have sun, ascendent, mercury, venus and mars all in Leo, and scorpio in pluto.
    can anyone tell me anything about this?

    I’ve been finding things very tough for a long while, am hopeful for bright positive changes..

    • also, sun, mercury and venus are all in the 12th house, and mars is in the 1st.

  36. I’ve been thinking for some time about a Leo Actress whom i saw on stage playing a Queen a little while back. A good solid indigenous Australian actress, but her acting style harks back to vaudevillian stylings….she was a bit much in that role for me personally but she’s so intriguing. her name is Leah Purcell and she’s DIRECTING now.

    I feel that as a director she is hitting her STRIDE. Wait til ZEUS hits her Sunny Leo!

    Maybe it was her name, but i always felt Leo vibes from her, and when you look at her face and her stage presence she is very Leo. Now in her new role, she gets to nurture others’ talent in a way that i hope might SHINE. In true Leo creative Arts style, she could do great things for Aboriginal story in the mainstream limelight.

  37. I have Sun in leo w/ Jupiter, Venus & Mercury in 1st House, and ascendant in Sagittarius…no clear idea what this Jupiter transit may mean for me, lets hope for the best!