Bitchcraft Extract: Lilith in Leo/the 5th House

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Marilyn Monroe Lillith

Lilith is in Leo until November…This is an extract from Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith.

If, by the way, you don’t know your Lilith sign, you can check it out on Astrodienst or use the Lilith ephemeris in Bitchcraft

Lilith in Leo or in the Fifth House or conjunct Sun
This is the showgirl Lilith; the ultimate diva whose creative output, talents and/or pure raw chutzpah work like a magic spell.
Here we find the true performers, those whose work is immortal, the showgirls and boys whose one love is their art. This Lilith has a psychic need to perform, to show off her Awesome and to transcend normal life. There is no comfort in the suburban, the trodden path or anything other than full on Magical Realism. She casts a powerful bright spell and learns early in life how to deal with the petty and envious. Superstitious as fuq, in the way actors so often can be.

If thwarted or low-functioning, this Lilith is the stage-hog, the addict, the do-anything-for- fame type person with no core psychological strength behind the glittering surface. She’s eaten up by envy and fear of being ousted by more youthful rivals.
High-functioning, she is magical, outrageously talented and adored. The art and the fans sustain her. The work lives on.
Lilith in Leo, the Fifth House or on the Sun needs an audience, art, beauty and live the legend that is her own life. They do their thing—because it’s damned hard not to when you’re rocking this Lilith and they become trail-blazers, game-changers or in the case of Marilyn Monroe, a woman whose appeal seems increase—not diminish—with every passing year. Seriously, how much footage/pictures were shot of this lady? New ones emerge all the time.

Lilith Rising in Leo alongside glam Neptune caused this bright star to shine so brilliantly but in the end she was sucked down by those lower Neptune fuelled drug and alcohol issues. Despite being one of the most loved and/or lusted after women in the world at the height of her fame, she had a lot of darker Lilith themes going on behind the scenes. Gynae issues, a suspected turning of a trick or two, casting couch crap in an era when your career was wrecked if you said no. You get the idea. She grew up in a series of foster homes, at least one of which was abusive, according to several biographers. Her breathy little girl act— think: ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’—hid her real commitment to her craft. With her, shall we say, obvious charms, it was easy to lose sight of her magnificent comedic talent and chameleon-like ability to lose herself in a part.

FYI the musician Miles Davis also had Lilith in Leo on Neptune—he composed tunes with names such as Bitches Brew, Nefertiti, Star People, Voodoo, Aura and Sorcerer. Lilith in Leo is a strong and demanding Muse. The art comes first.

You can also see the Ars Gratia Artis (Art for Art’s sake) vibe in the life of Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, France’s greatest woman writer. She astutely chronicled the demi-monde of Paris in the Belle E?poque—literally the ‘pretty era’ between the late 1870s and World War 1. Her fave characters were courtesans, jaded actors and precocious teenagers would-be con-people.

A superstar author celebrity in her own time—no posthumous discovery fame for her—Colette was as renowned for flamboyant love affairs as for her genius. She adored cats, gossip, cosmetics, theatre and intrigue. “Be happy,” she advised, “it’s one way of being wise.”

She was seducing, boozing, writing and scandalising right up to the end. Longevity is one of the secrets of this Lilith. Keep the dream alive and you endure. Model turned actor turned bona fide industry player Sharon Stone has been written off by the tabloids a 1000 times but still she comes back.

She has Lilith in Pisces conjunct her Sun—super-strength charisma. First she appeared as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fake wife in Total Recall and then as bisexual serial seductress/killer Catherine Trammel in Basic Instinct. Practically every other actress in the town knocked back that leg-crossing flasher scene. For Stone, it did the trick. Once, when accused of having slept her way to the top, she replied pithily that you can only sleep your way to the middle. She’s also frank about the sexist crap besetting female actors: “In Hollywood, if you have a vagina and a point of view, it’s a deadly combination.”

Lilith in Leo doesn’t just function in the arts and glamor scene: Billie Jean King was one of the greatest tennis players of her day. Her rad style bought a whole new audience to the game. She described tennis as, “the perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.”

She was also the first prominent female athlete to come out as gay. A serious proponent of Awesome, she is an American former World Number One, with 39 Grand Slam titles and is a staunch, vocal advocate of women’s equality. The genius comedian Tina Fey has Lilith rising in Leo. LOL that she called her (hilarious) autobiography Bossypants.


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57 thoughts on “Bitchcraft Extract: Lilith in Leo/the 5th House

  1. With my natal Lilith in 12th house Aqua, I guess I’m having a Lilith opposite Lilith sitch as she transits my 6th. Loving it. And how suave is Miles Davis?! Fab.

    • Hey Scorpi
      I have Lilith in my 12th house natally too but in Scorpio
      I have always loved Marilyn & Miles too. Epic artists.
      Feel very 5th house-y as Uranus is transiting mine right on me Chiron. It’s an interesting time.

  2. agh. I’ll stick with lusty rebel Lilith in Toro/11th house thanks. Uranus in my 5th is enough for me 🙂 (for now 😉 )

    • Hey Pi
      So your natal Uranus is in your 5th eh?
      That must bode well for creativity !
      Mine is in my 11th natally which may explain why I have met so many famous or cool people even tho I’m basically a hermit. It’s as if they lay in wait for the odd time I leave the flat 🙂
      I’m enjoying Uranus transiting my fifth. It does feel like a creative electric shock. In a good way. Lol

      • Hey, yes I think I have recently discovered how it works in my 5th. I wouldn’tnecessarily say it’s ‘good for creativity’ (a lot of things are yeah) but maybe it orients me towards a certain way of doing my thing in the world, when it comes to expressing myself or flipping out over fab ideas in art theory etc ..

        Famous people lying in wait! Love it 🙂

  3. Scorpio Lillith in the 8th, which might explain why I’m always drawn to people who find me sexually attractive, even just as friends. Also find myself time and again in the kink bdsm community, even though I’m not really into anything but basic, monogamous and romantic sex. Feel like I don’t get along with my Lillith too well…

  4. Wow, thanks so much for this.

    I have Lilith in the 5th house/ Aries opposite Moon in Libra 11th.

    I definitely see their little conflict.

    Example: This weekend a childhood friend of mine is getting married. My whole teenaged tribe is going to be their, mostly still very dear friends of mine.

    Supposed to “look nice”. Started getting those kooky feelings. Decided I want to show up in drag.

    Sure, I love the tribe but I always end up rebelling and making their presence into my personal stage of here comes Miss Crazy, who isn’t like you. Ha!

    Long ago I established that art was my lover; art moves me, makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me get up and scream. I’ve never had a better romance.

  5. But my Leo is in the 12th house……..
    The opposite of showgirl, diva, entertainer.
    My moon is in leo in the 12th.

    • awe….yes, the similarities with the lilith conjunct neptune are strongly there.
      my natal lilith is in Pisces so yes…. I get that energy.

  6. Love Colette and Sharon Stone too.
    Stone is actually really dry and hysterically funny

  7. Thank you MM , gives one plenty to contemplate and innovate !
    Love you !!! And you’re Works

  8. Ah, interesting! Natal Lilith at 17 Pisces in 11th house — with Chiron transiting it NOW. Just as progressed moon and progressed venus are both transiting natal Chiron. Might that explain feeling insanely vulnerable and misunderstood?

    • Whaaat? Lilith in Torro?
      I’m lime green jello.
      As Debbie Harry said. “In the flesh!” Sighs. 12 th house Lilith is awesome but she dwells in the shadows. Enjoy the Torro manifestation of the Dark Goddess friend.

    • Hardly! Same with the person saying theirs is in the 12th! The delineations for house, sign, conjunct Neptune etc are in the book…

  9. i have lilith conjunct sun/venus/nn in 1rst house but all in virgo (although leo rising)

    i cannot understand or interpret the energy of this combo…

    my relationships with others are very important to me

    and art too…

    also, i think the sun/lilith conjunction may indicates a strong/model/loving father figure in someone’s life and the same time hate for patriarchical stereotypes

  10. Lilith in the 5th house, in Leo conjunct my sun and Regulus, square Neptune in the 7th.

    • Omg. Officially jello of you too.
      And for the record
      I don’t really do jello.

      • All I can say is I don’t do victim-hood or wallflower well.
        I want equal partnership in relationships and tend to scare off a lot of men by my opinions/fierce attitude. Sometimes I think it’s a blessing. And sometimes I think it’s a curse.

        • Aries Lilith in 5th- same deal with scaring men. Really keeps out the riffraff! Who wants a scaredy cat anyway?!

  11. I’d rather pay for my subscription to this site (and all it’s inclusive benefits ) than pay rent:
    Seriously. Armed with these tools you could pull a Forever Amber/ Scarlett o Hara with more Za Za zoom and aplomb than mrs jones the dutiful tenant Trust me on this non subscribers. I know from whence I speaketh

  12. Lilith (natal) in Virgo/10th House of Career, currently transiting my Leo in 10th right now…should I dress up as a librarian and wield a riding crop to keep my musicians inline?
    with great hair (nod to Leo)?

  13. So um
    I met a guy tonight
    I mean I kind of flirted back with a guy I’d never even acknowledged until tonight.
    He’s lovely.
    The manager at my local restaurant and wine bar on the river
    Smiling from ear to ear because ja. He’s straight, single and uncomplicated.
    He’s not the type I’d normally go for but that’s a good thing right?
    I was sitting at home feeling so depressed and stuck in a rut and on route back from buying garbage bags. ( yes I’m that glamorous:) he asked if I wanted a glass of wine .. Then he wouldn’t let me pay for it. Ok. Ok. I realise it’s not exactly Jane Austin but hey. It’s a start off to bed now. That glass of wine has knocked me. Hopefully I sleep without the “I’m dying” nightmares x

    • Well not everyone is an Austen fan anyway.
      Mark Twain said, “Everytime I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone”.
      So, y’know, kindness is a form of love anyway? *clink clink, glug glug*

      • Glad I am on the same page as the great MT on that one. I don’t care what anyone says: Jane Austen’s novels give me claustrophobia.

      • Belly laugh that scared my daughter.

        MT, He’s one at that dinner for six in my fantasies

        • lIlith at 23 Cap , third house, Comms

          Ok, my Lilith strength is bitching ?

          Let me outta here !!!!

      • I do love Austen. But I have to be in the mood. Usually I’m more GoT or breaking bad, under my cool professional exterior. 😉

  14. ..directed at a comment I think since deleted as it was not ok.
    Oh well, that’s my little monotribe for the morning then. 😀

      • Feeling recognised by one who I know gets it at least, haha! Heya V. Hope you are feeling ok after that full moon & all your happenings.

        • Better now, thankyou. Not as raw, and have decided the antidote is creative work, and more work (Saturn on moon after all and Neptune).

          Cant wait til it goes forward, same for you eh?

          • Yes, I have had to reexamine a few things with Saturn on my Moon. It’s made me realise how much I need to streamline my life energetically to achieve my goals.
            Also it’s made me consider that, while it’s my passion, one-on-one healing may not be the only, or best, avenue to achieve maximum effect in this life. Right now I am focusing on a project that will be several years to completion but will hopefully impact many lives for the better.
            Back to uni is part of that deal. Not way excited, but determined. Saturn style.

  15. Natal Cap Lillith in the 4th, loosely trining Taurus Jupiter in the 8th.
    oh, I just realised, exactly trining mars pluto uranus in virgo in 12th.

    my most ambitious work is done at home? by myself?
    Suits me, am an artist and I have really been powering up in the home studio. And I have big plans for the garden

  16. It looks like Lilith will be hanging out with my natal Ceres – I will imagine their conversation.

  17. Lilith in Aqua opposite my Sun in Leo. I do feel like they have that connection, yet undermine each other also. Like contrary sisters.
    I think my wayward Aqua 8th House Lilith still wants other people’s attention but on her terms at eccentric times.

  18. Loving Lilith in Leo….I listened to the mp3 on Lilith, and it was going to be a ‘fit bitch’ transit, and thought–yeah right.

    It was right.

    I am just mad about the core strength right now.

  19. Yussss Lilith in Leo babayyyy! Feel like I’ve won the astrological jackpot! Yeeha!

  20. Just looked it up…Lilith in leo in 5th house… o.O I think I just chose my career path

  21. I’ve got Lilith in 8th saggi but can’t read bitchcraft, middle of the night here, too tired lol

  22. My natal Lilith 1 degree 25 in Scorpio in first house. Clueless as to what to say about that even though I’ve read Bitchcraft. Am liking the Leo transit.

  23. Intriguing. I’ve got Lillith in Leo conjunct my natal Jupiter (retrograde), and my moons in Leo too, all in my 7th.

    Perhaps there is a reason behind my penchant for glitter 🙂

  24. Now I understand why I re-subscribed to your site, Mystic. For this posting alone, it is worth it for me.
    I have an unaspected sun but when I got Bitchcraft and went to astrodienst for my Lilith position, lo and behold, Lilith conjuncts my sun. Imagine my shock and awe (sorry about the phrase) to find this out after all my years with my chart and being so into being an astrologer myself.
    Then I see this posting and there sits my favorite author, for whom I named my Tumblr site, Colette. She’s opposite my Lilith and also an Aqua like me.
    You are the best, Mystic. I love and use your books and now I am back with joy to your site. You are posted as one of my fave links on Tumblr too, of course and have been for years.