Astro Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall As Alan B'Stard

Well THAT was sad.  Obviously. And kind of weirdly apt for Mercury Retrograde in that the passing of Rik Mayall prompts not so much a trip down memory lane as a full bore thrusters out charge down memory motorway.

His Rick on The  Young Ones was such an iconic portrayal of a pretentious young tosser (that show so GOT a certain era of share housing it was the illo to the zodiac flatmates post) but i personally loved Alan B’Stard, his ghastly and relentlessly amoral Tory (conservative) politician the best.

He was outrageously talented – Sun-Mercury-Lilith in Pisces,  Capricorn Rising and Moon in Libra. he also had Neptune on his North Node & Midheaven – that’s legacy talent (work that endures) and a major Muse right there.


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Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

I too loved B’Stard the best. I had never seen The New Statesman on Australian TV, and then one Christmas my brother-in-law lent me the DVDs. I just binged on them, watching 6 and 8 episodes a day.

If I remember correctly, the whole series starts with B’Stard at a brothel, but his usual lady is away. A fill-in comes by and placates him, saying she’s been told just what he likes, and starts whipping him. Horrified and frightened, B’Stard jumps up and into a corner and cries , “No! No! I hit YOU!”


I used to tuck my daughter into bed have a small puff of weed and laugh until I cried watching The Young Ones …my Thursday night ritual of feel good…my daughter (now 30)…is sad that Drop Dead Fred is of her favourite movies that made her laugh and giggle …it’s a nice memory that we both share (for different reasons)…RIP and bless for the laughter


Such great memories of his work. RIP to an amazing talent. Long live the laughter.


I made my kids watch The Young Ones instead of Sesame St. They are grown up ow, but we still refer to Risotto as Snow, and call everyone named Rik, Prik. The Peoples Poet will live on.


Similar age to me. You would have to say that when it comes to comedy and music the English have always been the leaders. The young ones were truly shocking and Ricks character so vile. Who else but the English could create such a show, shot in a couple if rooms and take it to the world to incredible success.
What is it in the English character or culture that births these unique skills ?


I love Little Britain too, speaking of vile characters : D
Saw them live when here in Australia, and was laughing til my eyes were streaming, and I was slightly hysterical.
I like the edge of darkness and satire to British humour


Another Neptune conjunct MC (but in Scorpio) here, and if you count 8degrees as being not too wide out of orb (I do), then my Moon is conjunct them both as well.

Sad news about Rik’s passing, I was a fan of the Young Ones, back in the day

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Aye. Sad.

He always had a pisces vibe about him…so fluid!


Neptune conjunct N Node and Midheaven? Same as me. I had to check his chart, of course he was born only a few weeks before me, but then the conjunct MC is a coincidence. Legacy talent? Work that endures? I should wish. But I noticed he’s a Pluto in Virgo, so he’s from the generation after me, even though I was born after him when Pluto retrograded back to Leo. Odd. And then I noticed. Uranus in Leo is its detriment?!? How come I never noticed that in my chart before? BTW I absolutely hated him in Young Ones, but… Read more »


Yes his character was poncy and excruciatingly try hard. I liked vyvyan and poor old hippy Neil best. But loved him as well!


He just had to flare his nostrils, and he had me


This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say, “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!”

Year of the Phoenix

Thanks for that!

Loved the Young Ones!!!

all tie up with being a teenager in the 80’s and not straight!





I loved Rik. Massive part of my childhood just left the planet. Way to early you genius bastard. My sister and I will not forget.

Cobwebs x



“You’ll never win Vivian”.. “Its only nine words.”


I just laughed out loud at the memory of that episode. Strangely brilliant writing. And such a huge part of my teenage years.

The Leo Socialite

I had the horn for him something chronic. Was he working these last few years? I hope he knew how loved and admired he was. Showbiz can be so brutal.


that’s just how Adam Hills signs off in his piece for the ABC News website too.
when he wasn’t playing a sneering snotty brat, he was a good looking sort wasn’t he!


actually, often even then too. Surely that’s the Pisces at work.


Oh, so did I. Utterly gorgeous man. Would’ve run off with almost all of his characters. Especially this one: anyone keen on archetypes and modern fairy stories have to slap your eyes on these grim tales – as you gaze lovingly on Rik’s ridiculously expressive and gut wrenchingly adorable younger face 🙂


pisces in a dressing gown. it’s a thing. Mystic even mentions it in her (actual hard copy published) book, Astro Signs (I think that is the title? it’s just fabulous, the most hilarious astro book I have ever read, and I’ve read three!)

12th house virgo

My whole day I am going to be plotting a reason to say “I had the horn for him something chronic.”

Triple Air Gem

OMG, I used to say “had the horn, something chronic”… WAS that from The Young Ones?? Strange, I’d appropriated it into my inner dialogue and thought I’d come up with it… LOL


Libra glitter on the moon then. I thought the guy was a raging Leo, the way he could light up the room/screen. Genius and talent for sure. Wonder what his astro says about his outer self v inner self, and also wonder about the astro for the zeitgeisty Drop Dead Fred – yes, a silly, disgusting, gurny kids movie, which also happened to boast layer upon layer of subtext about the pathologising of coping and mental illness, adult escapism, and cure-thru-pills of the 80s and 90s. Not to mention the mama-daughter issues. In DDF, Mayall played a pan-like being, a… Read more »


yep, defo the eyes


oh i loved drop dead fred!! 🙂


Lieutenant George: Why do you have no underwear, Lord Flash?
Lord Flashheart: Because the pants haven’t been built yet that’ll take the job on!






Blackadder: it’s like Crufts in here!


our loss is the Summerland’s gain! RIP Rik. I have to be honest though, i was largely unfamiliar with his work other than that fabulously wound up, acid-tongued creature on the Young Ones (and the odd film)… his voice will remain with me forever! (as will neil’s 🙂 )that show gives me hope that maybe I can be famous for being sharp-tongued, loose AND stupidly entertaining. yes even at my advanced age D: can I just, like, pause various planets as they transit my midheaven so I can be famous and loved and legacy-istic as well? does pluto opposite count?… Read more »


Love how you say our loss is “the Summerland’s gain”, Pi 🙂


Yes very sad. He was a big part of my life and brought so much fun to boring old white bread surfie life I had in my teens. So edgy , so not australian macho comedy made me want to get out and explore .the world.


A comic genius. Loved him as Lord Flashheart in Blackadder the best. Sad he’s gone so soon!


Pretty saddening, but as is the case with these things; in life there is life, and in life there is death.

The Young Ones were definitely pivotal in the development of my sense of humour from a young age, along with other British comedies such as Red Dwarf, Blackadder and of course, Monty Python. So yeah, this news has been a bit touching.

Definitely raising a glass to that complete and utter b’stard. Arohanui, Rik!


Yep, me too with the British comedies from a young age, esp. Young Ones and Blackadder 🙂

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