Astro-Query: How To Handle Hideous Lower Leo Boss

Steve Martin Dead Men Wear Plaid

Dear Mystic And Fellow Subscribers,

I have a hideous boss i am going to call Entertainment Leo. He meets every single Lower Leo Astro-Cliche. So i am a Quadruple Taurus stuck as the executive right below Entertainment Leo. I work my arse off – easy a 60 hour week with this piece of business for no credit what-so-ever.

I update him that I’ve managed to organize visas for various talent to work in a semi-war-zone and stayed up all night to finesse the details of a ridiculously complex contact – he’s like “well done, did you change your hair color? I liked it brighter.”

Please don’t tell me to report him someplace. He never quite crosses that line (although his lengthy and probably fictitious anecdote about an encounter with a well-known porn star in the first class cabin of a 2nd rate airline came close) and i don’t want to become that woman. Apologies to anyone offended by that but i need to work.

So being insanely professional and hard-working is not making anything change here. I have even, to my shame, tried schmoozing him with compliments about his hair (fake) and outdated taste in movies. He listens to podcasts from that Wolf Of Wall street guy. He blames his bad decisions on me “that was Quadruple Taurus’s idea, i am going to have to brief her better on our corporate d.n.a” and takes credit for the good things i do.

This firm offers incredible opportunities and i have learned so much here.  But Entertainment Leo is a dinosaur – i need tactics to take him down and fast. Nothing voodoo but solid strategies. YES the Daily Mystic helps and i feel empowered hanging out here, BUT i need help from those in-the-know.  I can’t do any voodoo or even Feng Shui in the office. I need to be able to strut in there and say something. But what? 

I keep reading how Leos are going to amp right up with Jupiter in Leo and frankly i am terrified. I cannot spend my working life as chief gimp in waiting to Entertainment Leo.  I know, i know – i could walk away but i am locked in here. I want  to manage Entertainment Leo so he either supports my talents OR take him down.

If I hear him again say something like “Steve Spielberg is a bestie of mine” I am going to scream. He thinks everyone – share-holders, employees, the audience are “piss-ants.”  The only people he seems to unconditionally approve of and want to support are strippers or any talent resembling such. He constantly boasts about his property portfolio and bitches about my generation (X) and the one below as being losers “too interested in their smart phones to become successful investors.”

The Quadruple Taurus (staying up so can tele-conference while Entertainment Leo sleeps off his two bottles of Cab Merlot)

Dear Quadruple Taurus,

You suck it up, leave or attempt a leveraged buy-out of the firm/go higher than him to lay out the details of his apparent incompetence. OR is he competent despite a poisonous personality?  If he is reeling in the results, his persona could be literally repellent but barring lawsuits, he could probably stay, right?

Unless it is actually his company, there must surely be other people aware that Entertainment Leo is not all that. But i don’t work in a corporate environment – it is hard for me to think of a good solution for this.

BUT you have Saturn in Scorpio opposing Taurus (since Oct 2012) so maybe HE is your Saturn challenge – hard as it may to fathom, he could have vast lessons to impart?  Even if just in a how-not-to-be way.

Think also of the delicious possibility that Jupiter in Leo could inspire some sort of a Tree Change? He may suddenly up and decamp to Marrakesh – you could subtly work that angle with him.

How it’s the IT place, a creative hub with live music, a thriving local film industry and young actresses dancing naked in the street everywhere, because the Dreamweed grows wild there.  Say the sequel to Space Odyssey is being shot there.

But, seriously, what does everyone else think?

UPDATE: Dear Mystic and the Commenters, i am humbled. You people are flawless and i am so grateful. I showed this to someone I know who has spent $3000 on corporate mentoring and she said she wishes she’d just come to you lot instead. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to take a long weekend to integrate this wisdom and the ideas.

In gratitude, The Quadruple Taurus. “

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QT great advice above. espch love the brag sheet option. You can’t take down or ‘handle’ this idiot. You can only handle your self and the way you act. You will meet many idiot bosses like this one in your lifetime so learn. If its gets too stresful move on. No use busting yourself for no reward. I know it. My version was a she-devil scorpio boss who use to make me sweat in meetings. I learnt to be super duper prepped for her and that worked. She was still nasty but I got plenty of support from co-workers who… Read more »


I empathise… I worked with a bona fide psychopath for a number of years and know only too well how easy it is to get fixated on ‘them’ as the source of the problem and that terrible sense of powerlessness that can come with it. OK so astro-wise: you don’t mention houses, but I wonder on which axis your Scorp / Taurus opposition is happening? Is there 10th house pressure coming from Saturn? House placement could help you figure out what specifically is pushing your buttons about this sitch. Then look to Saturn because this is obvs a mother of… Read more »


Fixed Taurus versus Fixed Leo. Have you ever worked under an Aqua or Scorpio? Brilliant advice in many comments. Q is, can you genuinely follow any advice that requires a deep change of attitude? The attitude drives the interpersonal behaviour. When we’re focused on someone else’s behaviour we can fail to recognise our own, and that’s because our view is The One. A Taurus boss of mine had a terrible habit of physically throwing weight around when angry. Slamming things on desks, shoving rolly chairs out of the way, bumping into/walking right into people if they are in the way.… Read more »

unconventional Gemini

Have yet to meet a Leo who isn’t a major piece of work. 80% of those I’ve known/met are full blown narcissists and one might well be a sociopath. Interesting that in all but one, the sociopath, I sense looming just below their ME – ME surface an untreated (far too proud to ever seek help) but very deep melancholy/depression. All of them the very prototype of the Qi Vampire and every other destructive vampire imaginable. The only thing I can add to the advice is that this will pass. And in the meantime, you will have learned some extremely… Read more »

Leo Princess

Quadruple Taurus, you are clearly suffering in this situation. I offer some observations and suggestions, which are only to prompt further thinking on your part. Perhaps it’s time to focus more on your own behaviour and attitudes and less on your boss. Would you work 60 hours a week in a similar job elsewhere? Did you have to work all night because of time differences, or are you being a bit of a Low Leo yourself and creating some drama? It sounds like you really want his approval. My own experience as the daughter of a Very Low Leo father… Read more »

Sparkling Leo

All these comments are fantastic. The only question I have after reading them all in response to your letter, is “Do you want his job?”

bull with sting in tail

Have you heard the saying,” most in management are promoted one level above their competence” So for them, that is to say i think – when your rise is no longer possible for lack of demonstrable ability, the need to dig in and hold the ground you have means that you get more competent people to under-pin your efforts and live ( or die) on their effort Remembering always – the person on the next rung above him is also subject to the same analysis, and is in fear of their own position i.e. HIS boss is possibly quite aware… Read more »


As they say in Game of Thrones – Poison is a womans weapon.

Essence of something would be well masked in two bottles of high shelf cab-merlot…You could borrow the syringe from the Junkie on the corner…just saying 😉


Also what outcome do you actually want from this situation? Are you after his job? Do you like what you do, but just not as *his* underling? Who would replace him if his boss’s boss suddenly realised he was employing somene who should have retired in 1993? can you move sideways or look for other opportunities within the organisation? Maybe he brings in a packet for the company in client fees, or manages prima divas very well, in which case you are replaceable (are you…? Check) And he is more valuable. I am not sure about a multi toro being… Read more »



People, and r no better than me..I’m leo sun, mars and merc..pretty hard to sack someone because you’re spoken your will of pulled him up and given him something to chew I say just flat out have it up front with him..wot do u have to loose?? Ya job? Well just go get another one IF it comes down to that..but it probably won’t and you will feel better that it’s all off your chest 🙂


Cabernet merlot….I bet he boasts about drinking it too, some hideous second rate Australian wine no doubt …does he mis-pronounce nebbiolo? Rave about how great he is for drinking Moet? Shudder. Sorry. I have no solution ..unless you embarrass him by secretly arranging for him to order rubbish wine when you know his client is a connoisseur. As long as you weren’t found out. Which in these truth-exposing astro climes the could be fraught. Hmm. Sympathy xx


My general approach outside that would be to not suffer in silence like taureans love to do. Go and show other people how amazing you are. Or get a good pal within the organisation to do some secret PR for you to the people who count. You know, talking you up when in the elevator (casual conversation), mentioning something amazing you achieved. You can also do this in a cheery fashion throwaway line while waiting for coffee etc. If you want to give it a name. I would call this “positive undermining” perhaps. 🙂


lol, i was going to make a wine snob response too. merlot? 😉

oh, some Leos like to be the only one who shines. but you knew that. the actual advice above is so great that’s all I feel I need to add x


Yeah I figure if someone was reading my comment and rolling their eyes at my bourgeois wine snob notions or some shit, then srsly put it into context with the ego Leo. Fits the profile imo lol


Just have it out with him..always blows me away that people just don’t speak up..hang ya head around the corner of his office and say “dude, we need to talk” and spill ya guts..tell him that he’s pissing you off, tell him that your not gonna keep busting your ass like you are..when he’s boasting about the Spielberg friend say “ u realize how much you go on about that” ah kind of sick of hearing it. I don’t know, I’m a woman who won’t take shit from the queen, king, boss..they are just pee

unconventional Gemini

Appreciate the intention behind this advice but think this would backfire HUGELY with a low-Qi Leo. All Leos are into fantasy and bursting their bubble in such a direct way will bring out the attacking lion. No one wants that.


On a side note and as a gen-x’er on the borderline of y, this is a fascinating window into the worst of what’s going in the world in terms of leadership and power. It may be predominant in corporate settings but I have seen it in government, in ngos as well. Narcissist, self-obsessed, borderline psychotic (definitely empathy black hole) let’s call them Super Qi Vamp/Zombie Hybrids. I get really angry and really sad about ****s like this who appear to rule the world because, for whatever apparently legit reasons, people let them. I like to think of the great diy… Read more »

L Cat

RIght ON VirgoLibraScorp!! that whole idea is so uplifting and empowering! love it

L Cat

Loving the comments on this post – I can really relate – even in a non-work way: -Self esteem and confidence; real, grounded, and claimed. -Assertiveness not passive aggression and one-upmanship -Observing how one reacts to certain obnoxious characters, and learning from that. What it says about us, or is it a cue to move on? – Living a full life outside of the problem area; obsessing over it less. – using it (situ) for huge growth. Saw this quote today: “don’t worry about what I’m doing, worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing” Shine on 4Toro! Hope… Read more »

fallen angel

Ah, Leos.. they’re usually adorable, but the crap ones are well, magnificently crap. Think everyone has amazing pointers up there, I’m in corporate so won’t be going for the Quit-&-Desist line. Here’s a few golden (I hope) nuggets: One, accept that he is YOUR A-hole du Jour. In short, this is the time in your life when your work life lessons will be coming courtesy of his Leonine Prickishness. Two, try not to think in severely oppositional terms i.e. super black vs super white, there’s good and bad in everything. Even the a-holes that plague our lives. Not at all… Read more »


More gold from the FA wisdom tree x


As Lux mentioned ignore the Leo and watch him pace the cage, puffing out his mane and showing teeth. I’m currently engaged in this strategy with low Leo sun boss #3 (rising sign unknown) (alongside gem/leo rising #1, and cancer/scorp #2). lLeo boss thinks my ideas are valid because I’m a “hot chick” (his words). I’ve busted my tail to prove my technical competence and bent over backwards cleaning up the trail of chaos he leaves in his wake. I have internalized the need to GTFO, sourced a good recruiter and have things in the pipeline, but now it’s just… Read more »


Hi Quadruple Taurus
This advice is coming from someone who has been married to a semi low Leo for 23 years. Use him as your Saturn as Mystic suggested because believe me you will come out the other side stronger, wiser and able to handle any shit that comes into your life from here on in. It’s not going to be pleasant but then that’s all up to you. Just know that you will be the winner on the other side. Good luck xx

electric eel libran

what an ass! I’d just leave. seriously. how are you locked in that you can’t leave?He have blackmail on you? Personally if you are even half as good as you say you will be able to work for someone else less onerous. You can’t change this one. He’s a for-lifer unless something happened like someone distigured his face or hair. and you can aleays bring it up as, “yeah since i make so many mistakes around here i ought to scoot and find a job that matches my skill more. You seem to handle everything just fine by yourself so… Read more »

Suddenly Leo

Hey girl, Leos can be annoying, totally. I dated a Leo guy once who even told me “give me compliments” because it turned him on. Like, his turn on to roll around in the hay with *me* was for me to tell *him* how amazing he was. Seriously, we’d be kissing and he’d tell me to compliment him. (And I was like, wtf, the kissing *is* the compliment, my friend, but hey, we can all be supportive of romantic “partners.”) He was also a major name-dropper and flirt. BUT I learned a TON from him, including how *not* to act.… Read more »


I really dislike Leo men and men with Mars, Venus or moon in Leo.

I dated one with moon /venus conjunct and he actually said to me one day “when I think of you I imagine you telling your friends how good i am in bed” 😯 I couldn’t believe it.

I said “that’s not about me – it’s about YOU!!!!”



The guy is obviously a major ass wagon. The first thing I would say is don’t look to him for approval or reward. Know yourself what a kick ass job you are doing. You are doing the job for yourself, to further your career and to showcase your talent, you are now working ‘for’ him. You have no respect for him so don’t pretend that you do. Become emotionally distant from him and self-contained. Focus on your own goals. He won’t be in your life forever but what you are doing now will remain as the structure of your career.… Read more »


soz “you are not working for him”


Simple: if you don’t get on with your boss you need to change jobs. Sorry, but the downside of your tenacity, work ethic, etc. provided by your Taurean Stellium is ..stubborness. Am not corporate at all, but, I am given to believe that to move UPWARDS you need to move sideways. Meaning: Scout out another job. Before you take the new job tell your Boss’s Boss that you are going and why and you may stay if they change things to suit you. (Whatever you do, do not PRETEND you have another job to go to!) But I don’t see… Read more »


This story is the cliche of what work in the entertainment industry was like in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Bosses were expected to act this way and the underlings expected to feel the way you do. He learnt to behave that way cause he was treated that way when he was an underling. It’s like a behavior passed down through the generations in certain industries. The heads of Hollywood studios in the 40s and 50s were famous for it. He is just continuing the tradition and in a weird way thinks that that is best for you. He knows… Read more »

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Hmmm…he takes credit, and also manages to blame you, so it sounds like he’s ‘higher up the ladder’ than you? I suggest making friends with whoever is higher up than him. Do lunch, network, whatever it takes. Once you have earned their trust (here’s hoping they aren’t arses too) then start to spill about E Leo’s incompetence. In a passive aggressive way. “I really wish I could do MORE about X, but unfortunately SOMEONE I work with is making X really difficult…” That or leave…there have to be other entertainment companies out there? Ignoring Leos seems to work too….going all… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

My dear Quadruple Taurus, i don’t work in a corporation but i know my Leos and i know entertainment. These are my suggestions for what it is worth. – Read Lean In. My corporate female friends seem to like it and it might put your problems with the Leo boss into broader perspective. Sexism. Ways to combat it without burning your bra in the office. Although you could pull a Femen on him? – Consider therapy because you DO sound stuck. No way should your options be as limited as you say they are if you are as competent as… Read more »

L Cat

Fab advice, so well put and sounds really useful, to folks across the board in different areas! Cheers to that!


Iam having lots of probs at work. Taurus also. This week has been an eye opener about whether people are loyal and value me at work. They dont. I work very hard and am a Team player. But this week has been the icing on the cake as Mystic says. ‘Stay stuck and you are fuqued’. So true. I need to move on. Very hard for Taureans. So please get a better job where you are valued and have time for yourself.


Hi QT, Here’s the thing. You’re in an industry where who you know is everything. Your narcissistic boss claims to know everyone, and has the lifestyle to suggest (if not prove) it, while you’re slaving away behind the scenes for him — getting no credit and more crucially, making no contacts. Don’t slack off, that will get you fired. Instead, realize he can be very useful to you. Through some masterful combination of skepticism and charm, get him to bring you along to meet his famous friends. (His narcissism is the achilles’ heel which will give you the in. You… Read more »

Intransitive Verb

You gotta get out. I spent two years working under the most hideous, unpleasant, micromanaging boss who used to use her personal tragedies to excuse her *sshole-ishness. (She would literally have other people explain, “Oh, well, you know X had two of her children die, so that’s why she’s like that.”)

There’s no changing other people, only yourself. Know that you’re worth more, take what you’ve learned, and GIT OUT.


It sounds like a veiled Electra complex to me. Why are you so obsessed with his sexual choices? It’s really his business if strippers are his thing. And if he doesn’t appreciate your hard work, why continue? You think he will change and see the competent, poised, hardworking, dignified female you are? Probably won’t happen. Best scenario: continue, more low-key, while searching for alternative career paths. “Taking him down” will backfire, and is a waste of your energy.


I took it he boasted about his sexual life, as Leos tend to do. Toros are usually more quiet about this and we tend to get annoyed with people who brag about sex in public or the workspace.


Leave. Timing is everything.
That’s what I did with my multiple Low Leo. Maybe Jupiter will magnify the flaws.
I have my life back & it feels so good to be free of all that stress. Ok so the job I have now is ‘just a job’ not much career potential or fancy title. But I get days off, no compulsory overtime and paid holidays 🙂 I have other things I want to get on with 🙂
Sorry not the help you requested.


Yes I gotta agree with Willowwolf, I had one of these for a boss, they had only been there for one year, me for over 12 but I could see it was a fight I couldn’t win so I left (making sure to time it the worst possible, so that her incompetence would be shown up) – but she is still there. Her entire team left after I did, but Low Leo is still in place.
Cut your losses, bail out. You will feel so much better once you do.


I just fired my “best” PT client. He too is lower multiple conjunct Leo. When he is being good he’s a great client as he is super competitive so I like how hard he tries when he does try because of that Leo drive. However he is extremely jealous of my other clients and makes unreasonable demands on my time and attention, wanting to train at silly hours and at the last minute and then becoming furious if I won’t join him for dinner and drinks afterwards. When I point out the obvious he goes ballistic but he’s kind of… Read more »


Lucky escape! Be careful 🙂


wow, what a psychopathic control freak fuqtard. you did the right thing. break the cycle.
leave a trail of astral crumbs (even a little visualisation in a quiet moment) for your soul and your body to find each other in your dream. give yourself a big safe warm hug, on all levels. if that doesn’t sound wierd. XOX


Gosh what a scary dream to have repeatedly.
And what a horrible client. You did good getting rid of him. Super abusive.

Re the dream, something tells me to take it seriously. As Pi said give yourself a hug, plus maybe something else…. hmmm… thinking….
Maybe during your waking hours you could invite the soul into your body and mind. Say with great firmness ‘I welcome my whole self into this body and mind now!’ Picture the whole self as like the sun. Radiant.

Year of the Phoenix

Hi 4xtoro

couple of thoughts ….

Good on you for trying your best in bad situ! I love a good worker! (Multi Virgo 1sthse)

You deserve better

There is great advise above specially like the rave sheet/get another job/set up
A meeting combo

It’s probably a boys club in the top
Levels to but others must see what a drop kick he is and fab you are!

Best of luck had a very lower vibed cap BOSS (god so bossy and manipulative own biz so he was really yuck)


With Saturn in Scorpio opposing all your Taurus? I think any attempt to sling mud on his reputation/take him down will only wind up coming back at you, unfortunately. The question is: WHY aren’t you valuing yourself enough to pack it up and say “no” to an employer who discounts your contribution to his energy pool regardless of the “opportunities” at your firm, which you will likely be passed over for because he keeps throwing you under the bus and then taking credit for your work on top of that? Taurus *loves* to stay stuck in a rut – perhaps… Read more »




yes, and the similar ones that say “why kill yourself working for some ingrate egomaniac fop.”

Scorporation, Inc.

Have you no colleagues/cohorts on the job who share your frustration? Would be strategic to band together, network beyond the company, strike out on your own. You have the drive & the know-how. What is the point of busting your ass under this guy’s thumb? Exactly. Grab what you’ve learned & any like-minded connections: 4 Toro Productions, Inc. Or, LLC. Whichever suits your biz model at this juncture.


As tempting as it is to take down a blowhard fuqwad, anything underhanded you do to him, you do to yourself. Think about your permanent record on the higher plane. You want to black mark it up with something you do to a ground dwelling earth swine?

Yeah, the guy has something coming, but in infuriating situations such as this I have to have faith and let the Karma godz have a whack at it. They have far more resources for a proper comeuppance than I do.


Cont… You may not get him to change but sure as shit – if you change (stop expecting it to be different and face the need to be right stuff we all carry around to try to control situations to suit ourselves) you might just be able to laugh it off and feel more empowered about your options. A great technique is to acknowledge that your boss has different qualities and write a list of the good ones- do it right and you might find yourself admiring him and accepting his faults through the eyes of respecting difference. Everything you… Read more »


Stop making him look so good by working your arse off for him!
It is plain shit having a dick for a boss – but working 60 hours a week would suggest your only avenue to get your needs met is at work. Ease up on yourself and get what you need outside of work – the intensity in the relationship will reduce.
You may n


You are far more likely to be taken down by him than he is by you. He has the power, period. Unless you catch him stealing money, you are probably SOL. Being an asshole is, well, an asset in your industry, right?


Psychopaths rule the roost. Take him down or be taken down.
Maybe Entertainment isn’t the right field it’s filled with assholes like him. Or start your own company?


Dear Quadruple Taurus, 1. Create your bragsheet of accomplishments along with ways to document that they are yours (third party verification, files, etc). 2. Find another gig. You may not take this job but you will find it because it will remind of your incredible value (4X Taurus?#[email protected]*!). It will also give you leverage. 3. You set up a meeting with EL and his boss or bosses (couple of C levels or board members if that’s the station). You explain that he has been great and you have learned from him and you know he supports you in your push… Read more »

Lucy the Leo

To be honest, I think we all have to work with people who make us internally scream, but learning to detach from it and become a bit more serene is one of life’s lessons.
I think it’s not particularly healthy to be planning to take down your boss.
I think at least one Plan B would be beneficial here, other than ‘strutting in there and saying something’. Maybe stop working quite so hard and see what happens. If he’s not staying up late working, why should you?


Totally agree – that which you resist persists and the more energy and attention you give to this person the more you will both stick together like glue.


Very good advice. And i also have a theory that Leo’s make up more bosses than other signs. I’ve certainly had a lot. And all LOVE to take credit where it is not due them (and blame as well). I like the tip to slack off – he’s certainly enjoying his merlot – why can’t you? Foster nonchalance. You are already doing a brilliant job…
Oh and a big golden reiki egg of bullet-proof aura safety when you are around him…..

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