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fashionable kimono clad woman in snow

When I wrote Fashioning Astrology, it was with the premonition that our fashion choices aren’t just determined by the latest trends or even by what suits our physicality, but by our sense of what looks and feels authentic for us. People who strongly identify with their astrology do cultivate the outward traits of a particular sign – you barely have to squint to see that Cara Delevingne looks leonine.

And, more uncannily, even folks who don’t astro-identify can unconsciously project elements of their birth-chart, so an astro-sceptic friend of mine with Scorpio Rising stands out in maroon and other Plutonic autumnal shades.

I found the comments about my article really fascinating. Lots of people identified Sun Sign/ Rising Sign conflicts, and I particularly liked one Sagg/Cap combo’s idea of wearing luxe yoga pants as a means of appeasing the Sagg need for free movement alongside Cap’s professionalism.

Where a Sun/Rising conflict can’t be so naturally resolved, I’d advise going with whatever feels most authentic. Cap people, including my lovely and stylish boss, often complain that astro-style pages reduce them to a sartorial diet of suits and oatmeal tones. But that’s the least creative interpretation of Cap style – you can try anything that’s sleek and well-made. My boss’s pixie cut, peach silk blouses and immaculate iridescent-varnished nails show how Cap polish doesn’t equate to beige.

Staying with the less flashy zodiac signs, another Mystic subscriber who described herself as a non-Leo-rising ‘ordinary civilian trying to work out what looks and feels right in the morning’ wanted advice for how to project her best self. It’s true that Leonine/ Fire types possess a demeanor that demands attention. But for those with a water or earth-heavy introvert vibe subtlety has its power too. Rather than blinding spectators with bling, quiet poise draws the eye in and lets it linger.

My favorite classic style icons burn with a quieter flame: just think of Audrey Hepburn (Taurus Sun/Aqua Rising) in Sabrina (1954), where dressed in white Givenchy with only her Pan-like eyebrows as a tiara, she manages to make every other woman at the ball look like a butter-cream tart.

Finally, as I wrote in my earlier article, fashion, like the planetary and stellar movements, is mutable. While I’m not an astrologer I’ve wondered if the Sun or other planets going into particular signs accentuates a certain part of your chart and makes you project those qualities, even at the level of your appearance. Being heavily air and water, I feel a Gemini sun or a Cancer moon acutely and on some level it does influence how I dress.

Every year the Gemini Sun makes me feel zippy and hyperactive and I can’t be bothered with anything complicated, dull or heavy. But a Cancer moon complements my watery aspect and calls for silver jewellery, a little lace and an iridescent colour palette. I think that attuning your dress to celestial movements is a wonderful way to stay fresh: after-all, you’re not equally one sign all year round.

Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

If you have any fashion dilemmas that you would like to be answered on the blog by our Libra Dress Historian (yes she is expert on men too), please send them to

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108 thoughts on “Astro-Fashion: Return Of The Libran Dress Historian

  1. Leo Rising (long mane), Aries Sun (prefer boots & sneakers over heels …also pinstripe suit attire for dress), Cancer Moon (comfort important with historic touches like Victorian jewelry & lace) conjunct Saturn in Gemini (practical price & use for clothes), and Venus in Aquarius (something unique or rebellious… purple highlights perhaps) here. Comfortable sportwear satisfies my Aries Sun and Cancer Moon.

    • Also forgot to mention Pluto sextile Ascendant. (Leo Sunlight meets Pluto darkness) My favorite neutral colors are black and grey. I also think my Cancer moon shows with my love for color pink and white gold/silver jewelry.

  2. 😯

    So cool! I love changing my style but do I actually change it? I’m mostly in jeans & a nice knit, layers for winter & a pair of white converse (Triple conjunct Gemini – Sun, Moon & Venus). When I go out, it’s heels paired with simple styling (a little conservative but not sure why?). Perfume is always Tom Ford Black Orchid (Neptune on MC). Always in blue, i have blue eyes & most compliments come when I’m wearing blue. Not much jewellery, only marine styled such as anchor earrings or rings etc (Pisces rising). I’ve recently discovered I have a natural Leo style hair (north node in Leo) & it’s changed my life, seriously! Oh & a pair of runners at the door (Mars conjunct Saturn in the 6th) 😀

  3. Capricorn moon: “LESS IS MORE” also, “Acrylic? you canNOT be serious”

    Progressed Leo asc: ROAR IS MORE also “you are NOT leaving the house looking like that, my god, do you hate yourself now or something?”

    Pisces sun: “this colour makes my eyes look like the tropical sea. good. now to float past object of desire…”

    Aries venus: “just fuqing leave the house already, you know you can’t walk across town in those stupid shoes, they hurt your feet, you will never look sexy hobbling around like a three legged dog ffs”

  4. You can see my Gemini Rising with Mars conj. in my pixie cut and boyish clothing choices. My 10th house Aqua Sun likes it funky, weird, colored. But I think every now and then either my Cap Venus comes out or the fact that Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. I like clean lines. And I have days where I turn all chic and lady like.

    • We’re astro-twins on three accounts – Aqua Sun/Gem rising/Cap Venus here, too. 🙂

      I dress much more Cancer or maybe Libra than Aqua, and have always adored corset-style fashion, especially from the La Belle Epoque era of the turn of the century or so. I’d slip into all those Downton Abbey dresses and look like an Edwardian princess everyday if I could. Sigh. I satisfy my inner Victorian with lots of dangly earrings, granny boots, old-fashioned prints, soft bags, and as many roses as I can without looking like a sofa! 🙂

  5. Gem Asc: “Gotta keep moving!”. 😀
    My main look is super functional: Slouchy boots, western boots or moon boots, leggings & long jumpers & hoody dresses. Blue, green, black or oatmeal – no prints. Hippy, tree hugger mamma.

    Scorpio Moon: “Don’t fuq with me.. actually, no, do”. 😉
    Chunky boots, lots of eye makeup, black jackets & mini’s, undercut.

    Leo Sun: “I shall smite thy heart with a single glance of my cat-like eye”.
    Mega gold chain necklaces, or, byzantine gold hoop earrings/bangles.
    Super simple long dresses in black or white with sandals.
    (Jewellery nearly always ancient replica jewellery/simple chunky modern or rough crystals).

    My water trine + cancer stellium prefers water colours.

    • What ??? No poncho ? When I think of you I see you in a poncho.
      Omg with the mini skirt ! At the Harper Valley PTA ! I can see you now.

      • What the hell? Of COURSE I have a poncho. Please see the ‘functional/tree hugger’ category.

  6. Venus Leo – wardrobe busting at the seams; shopping for clothes a fave pastime. Shimmery & golds, and secret fetish of theatrical statement type pieces – without too much bling-bling though: my Virgo Sun used to live in Birkenstocks and unshaved legs, but I do still love my simple leather flats. Pisces rising – I fantasise about hardcore glamour siren-goddess attire to lounge around in with a cocktail in hand, preferably near an ocean. Sagg Moon+Mars = sportswear/beachwear/yogawear, or great jeans and leather jacket – and NO bra, all with a few exotic jewellery touches (Mexican silver rings and bracelets), is good to go!
    Am I confused?!
    Interesting post. Ever changing moods.

  7. I can relate to L Cat, with similar astro signature: Virgo sun, Pisces rising, Leo Venus, but Capricorn moon – quality and classy, and not too faddish. Asc rulers Jupiter in Aries, Neptune in Sagg = comfort!!!
    I’d also like to add that my progressed Sun has just moved into Scorpio in the last month, and I’m finding bits of purple and staple black more appealing than ever of late.
    I love this concept, I have long found that people (esp women) def wear their astro styles!

    • Interesting about your progressed Sun – hadn’t thought about progressions but I am wearing a lot more floaty stuff since my progressed moon went into Pisces..

    • Re scorp, I have noticed that whenever the moon is in scorp I only ever gravitate to two pairs of earrings: garner, and a pair with a little skeleton. Also wanting to dress less colour, mote unobtrusive. Could never work it out until I clicked it was a moon thing.

  8. And I’d also like to add – definitely NO synthetics!!! Urrgh hate them so much!!! Give me classic cotton, wool and linen any day!!!

  9. Cap sun, Scorpio rising, Libra Moon-Pluto conjunction, Scorpio Venus-North Node conjunction, Uranus on the ascendent. Only do extremes. It’s either jeans, a soft cotton top and deck shoes or a floaty boho dress and sandals or full-on black tie/cocktail dress/business suit. Nothing whatsoever in between – smart casual is hard for me. Natural fibres mostly dark colours. Very few clothes, all good quality. But get this, people either remember me for ever after one meeting or they can meet me multiple times without ever remembering who I am. WTF?

  10. Clothes should be comfortable (Kat Sun), cotton (Virgo Venus), cheap (Virgo Mars) & clean (Aqua Moon)? Its what l reckn anyway. I’m only a man.

    Observation; why do women wear heels???

      • Wow. My Virgotian brain still goes “Why?”. Heels, woman or man, looks wrong from physiotherapists point of veiw. Thanks for taking my inquiry with good humour. I was abit apprehensive of a hoity toity reaction.

        Don’t get me wrong l like watchn women walk; just not in pain.

          • Was being tongue in cheek. Cannot provide answers, though as a Piscean (feet ruler) can say i used to live in heels but cannot wear same style of heel now. Also was performer so amazed did not fall over in them w all my Sag placements. However:
            Sag Asc LOVES the stride of a good solid supportive heel which is not stiletto
            Scorpio for expressing sex
            Leo for glam
            Virgo for correct length and posture in the right clothing
            Capricorn for power and correct line
            Gem for the outfit if it so goes
            Aries for strut n kick (but they prefer speed).

            • I didn’t know all that. I can see how fire and air signs would be seduced by them. But earth n water signs not so much. You’d think Pisces woment would treat their feet better and that Scorpio women don’t need gimmicks.

              • Pisces: we learn (but we’re Mutable so we have to try everything…see Mystic’s old post in her Vibrams)

                Scorpio: not gimmicks but expression (possibly if evolved)

              • ON her Vibrams!

                Probs posts in her Vibrams too 🙂 Or barefoot when not in hipster cafe

                • Gloves for feet?!? My KatSun/Asc says no! Uranus 1st house n Aqua Moon go, “Can we try ’em?”

                  • oh god those foot glove things, make me vomit !! SO UGLY.

                    KatManDo (this is better name btw): I love heels in limited quantities. Because: make legs look twice as long, and because i am also then 2 to 6 inches taller, my ass also looks proportionally smaller lol. The line of the high heels that I like (at least) is delicate and in good proportions and *never ever cheap and nasty*. My other personality wears nothing but ugg boots, thongs, birkenstocks and bare feet. 🙂

                    • Ok. I concede wearing em ‘out’ but for 40 hrs at work. That defies logic. I’ll get sick of KatManDo soon enough.

      • The height of sophistry / sophistication, same thing.
        Total ridiculousness wrapped in a weird political statement… Just wrong, whichever way you look at it.

        • Sophistry- l know the generic meaning of; not sure of point you are making.

          And “weird political statement”? I’m not making an intellectual statement; more a passing comment. Maybe you could be more explicit.

            • Soz. I jumped to a delusion. I took it wrongway. Didnt know you were referrin to links. Links made my eyes water!

        • Sophistry! Some signs NEED that expression of an idea. (Mutables on occasion choose the shoe for that.)

    • Only wear heels if I am being chauffeured door to door. Otherwise need shoes I can comfortably walk in. But can still be stylish. Love boots with comfy hiking boot soles, currently in orange leather!

  11. Oh yes!
    I definitely need to dress for my rising sign and my moon rather than my Sun, Mars, Mercury Virgo.
    I waited MONTHS to cut my hair into a bob thinking I’d magically transform into a Virgoan of Fashion a la Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour (yes I know they are Leo and Scorpio respectively but you get the idea) A bob makes sense, it looks chic etc and every single person I asked told me what a vast improvement it was on la long tresses, how stylish it looked, how much it suited my face etc etc
    and yes, in theory it did. I even went so far as to get a few Breton stripe tops and re committed to the minimalist capsule wardrobe ethic, started wearing clip on Chanel style earrings -all about the half measures me, y’all know that right?
    The trouble was, I didn’t feel like ME.
    My “hey dude” identity was gone and I felt like I should be driving a station wagon on the school run or dropping off brownies at the charity fete. And seriously, these are not activities I’d mind at all. I just did not want to look like a woman of 41.
    Screw reality I’m 14 at heart and yeah..

    I missed my long and shaggy, messed up, sexy hair.
    So much so that I eventually went to a mate who creates hair extensions from recycled fibre optic cable.
    Plastic hair!
    I kid you not.
    The irony is, it’s cheap and lightweight, does not damage the hair, is super easy to style and looks amazing. I could NEVER wear someone else’s hair. Unless maybe I’d killed them myself and it was some kind of weird Blood Meridian, Cormack Mcarthy post apocalyptic type scenario, which fortunately it isn’t.

    So now I have awesome dip dude, music festival, recycled plastic, hippy hair. Does it get more Venus in Leo, Sag rising than that?
    I chortled when I heard MM’s apres le Zap Zone “hair cult” comment and thought “hehehe I’m such a trend setter!”

    It offsets the Breton stripes nicely when worn with Big Bold Bad taste leonine Bling and jeans so ripped they’re falling off me.

    I’ll be the 90 year old with a surf board under one arm rocking those denim cut offs.
    I feel like me again and I think my internet connection has improved as a result of my new hair 🙂

    • You have my FULL attention Invictus.

      I need extensions but do have fair trade concerns about where the hair is FROM.

      Great Lengths is Indian. Women there appear to be dealing with some severe injustice and sexism. The best is from virgin blonde haired Russians. I feel like DRACULA or whoever that lady was who bathed in blood to renew her youth.

      It is not good hair feng shui.

      how does the fibre optic FEEL for, say, a Leo having it off with a too young footy player who wanted to run is fingers through it?

      is this the new thing or a fad? Why is not damaging to hair? Normal extensions can cause traction alopecia AND breakage where they are attached, how come fibre optic hair is immune?

      #Excited. I intend to have the most nuts and embarassing uranus transit ever. pink glittery unicorn shirts. my boob lift. fibre optic hair and nails that mean that alien transmission intelligence search has to come to ME for the messages from space.


      • Yes!
        It comes in any colour you want and it is not damaging. I’ve had it before. It’s been around for yonks. I will do some research and get back to you but the dude who did it is a vegan yoga teacher. He would NEVER touch great lengths ugh!
        We are going to india together in Sep to do a retreat. I used to use the before when I was modelling for the shows as it’s better than messing up your own hair. It’s like a hair condom lol

      • Fibre optic extensions, not sure ? But fibre optic hair implants ! That could be really amazing.

        • davidl -artificial intelligence!
          I’m picking up intergalactic signals with my “hair”

          • Well if it was clear fibre you could sort of light your hair up with a few well placed LEDs. Could look really something
            You would only need a few clear fibres implanted.
            You know polar bears have black skin and transparent hair follicles. The white is from the reflection of snow, ice and sunlight.

            • Yep. I always knew Barbie was actually a genius David.
              Possibly even the Creator.

              As Iconography there are a lot more Barbies than Jesus/God figures around these days.

              Anway,interesting about the different aspects other than sun sign on personal presentation.

              I default to Johnny Cash black more often than not…
              1st house Pluto

            • …tho , the Dalai Lama has Pluto in the first too and his outfit isn’t very Plutonic..
              I guess it is a bit..

              Better get back sorting out my Aunts greenhouse with my old stick welder..
              Its great astroweather for welding I reckon ; scorp moon..a bunch of whopping solar flares about to hit.. My old dinosaur machine normally coughs ,splutters… carries on..
              but not today. a beautiful arc..singing

              anyway , I don’t think we’ve seen anything like the size of these flares for ages :
              Mama Sol must be a bit cranky about something.
              can’t think what.

              Or maybe she aint cranky at all and its the mother of all fireworks celebrations.
              That would be nice.

      • @TLS
        I just called my mate Ignathio the vegan yoga teacher who does my hair. He runs a little salon in Noting Hill but worked at Antenna for 13 years before that. He’s been doing my hair on and off for 13 years
        ( always go back to his after someone else messes it up!)
        He buys the extensions in New York and they are available from Pro Styles or Dom Cosmetics (lol) The only caveat is do not try to remove them yourself, use only the hairbrush they advise (soft, natural bristles) and never sleep with wet hair. Beasides that just care for it as you would you own hair. I sleep with mine in two plaits so that it’s curly when I wake up. It is a bit sore the first night as they attach them close to your scalp (only if you want but I’d advise that since they last longer and look better that way. They don’t use glue but rather a tight plait at the scald and then use a thing which looks like a large staple gun to fix the synthetic seal. When the remove them, they just snap the seal off and pull the extensions out. Removal can be a bit uncomfortable but still painless if you remove them too soon however if you leave them in for 3 months a lot of them will come out naturally during brushing depending on how much conditioner you use. I love them and having used them on and off for years can tell you that they have never damaged my hair. I can’t vouch for other professional stylists in other parts of the world but I’ve never had any problems with mine either from Antenna or 3V. Google 3V to see what method they use to fix them and don’t let anyone use glue on your hair xxxx

      • Oh and re the dude running his fingers through it. Ja sorry but no.
        Touch my hair and……
        Just don’t
        I mean IT’S MY HAIR!!!!

        If a guy has a problem with my hair then I show him the door PRONTO
        Besides most straight guys leave a lot to be desired in the grooming/ wardrobe dept anyway so yeah.
        I’ve had lovers complain about my extensions, yes they shed but no one has ever left me because of my hair and if they ever did, good riddance!
        I once had dinner with a man at his luxury showy- iffy penthouse and the next day he texted me saying he was maniacally hoovering up my hair on the floor and comparing me to a shaggy dog. Turns out he had a gf he was living with so he was a man whore and not even an honest one at that. On the whole I’d say they are a fabulous douche deterrent – Love me, love my fake hair. I shed. Deal with it.

  12. I can take this down if it’s offensive – just saying
    Rising sign all the way!

    • Fibre optic hair…is Uranus transiting your 5th House of Creativity and Leonine Realms in General? Aaaaand, if it the 5th house, you made a video of it. AstRelevant, yes?

      • Yes!
        Uranus is TOTALLY on my Chiron in the 5th right now!
        I have Venus in Leo and Saturn on My Lilith
        So looking forward to Jupiter in Leo, just hope I don’t spontaneously combust from all the fire 🙂

        • yeah but prob gonna get an avalanche of haters now. 🙂
          Have to work now but will check in later and take it down if perchance I have offended xx

        • My Sag Moon Jupiter Neptune Rising is responding to this FULL MOON. Not fq the haters but use it to ping back on What Is My Truth. Good Sag is social. Not just things i wanna tell you but Things You Need to Hear.

          Your image is important, and the need to put it out there and have people understand it. Good messages aren’t combustible. For us fire driven peeps RESPONDING can take time and thought. Let that diminish the message.

          Afterthought: was revived by my visit to Virgo hairdresser today. Qi Vamped before that. Leo MC!

          But Pisces…i don’t even really KNOW what it looks like but it FEELS like me at my most superb under a cray-cray time.

  13. Aries sun .. Blue jeans white tee’s. A red or blue merino jumper in winter with comfy casual shoes, (expensive ones are acceptable anywhere) or my teva sandals in summer. If needed, a brown leather jacket. That’s what I’ve been wearing pretty much from 1973-2014.
    Saturn in Cap. A no. 2 all over, I always own a couple of great suits, 2 white shirts and one pair of black dress shoes. When in Rome.
    Jupiter in sag. Aha ! I work for myself so I can be myself. I can turn up to a client meeting in the city and do perfect suit and turn up the next day in white hemp open neck shirt, cotton pants, sandals, beads, after having a light j walking up George st in morning peak hour, ( …it’s the best place to have a sneaky…not lurking in some back alley looking furtive in your chunky basil beads and smelling of raw amber ) anyway.
    Gem Asc, gem moon. No labels. Dress appropriately simple and contemporary. . It’s amazing the effect it has on people when I put on my glasses. I need them for night driving but use them more for doing my gem thing. Which is to at least look intelligent when your weaving your web of ideas and words. They also
    help me to look mature and responsible when I’m being a naughty teenager.
    Venus in Taurus. Spongebob pjs, soft flannelette shirts. A great crimson ski parka. Ray bans, yellow brown or green.

    • From one aries gal with a packed third house to another aries sun with gem asc and moon


      YES. YES YES.

    • “When in Rome.
      Jupiter in sag”
      My Jup in Sag read that literally!

      “a light j walking up George st in morning peak hour…not lurking in some back alley looking furtive” SO freaking Gemini haha my Descendant! Still love Ms’s description of a Sag Rising looking like a horse with a box over its head saying Not Here.

      Jeans and white t carried off like James Dean forever is so Aries.

    • Nothing beats blue jeans and a white T shirt. Nothing.
      It is the coolest ensemble EVER.

    • That is my dream wardrobe dl – in spite of my fashion hoarding fluff as described above.

      If I ever sniff weed on George st morning peak I will track you down 😛

      • (Androgyne style is my fave. Is this gem rising or strong 9th house easy livin influence?) Ok maybe one femme fatale hr-glass outfit

  14. I find this a really interesting post. I have always been annoyed by the way I dress.

    Aries sun and asc. I mostly always end up in some form of leggings/trackless/lornajane somethin something And a loose fitted tee /short pastel or bright…. To accentuate the tan and show of my muscular/sporty upper body.

    My cap moon gets embarrassed.

  15. Oooh I like these astro fashion thingies …

    Cancer sun/venus: vintage or retro looks, long hair, chunky silvery jewellery, A-line mini dresses with tights and boots, faux fur. Emphasis on cleavage flashing. I usually dress to make a statement about my mood and personality rather than to make a professional impression.

    Sagg moon: good legs=short skirts and hipsters as opposed to those ugly nanna waisted jeans and pants

    Gem asc: I may go for a lot of vintage prints and styles, but there’s always a contemporary edge to the whole ensemble. I have a lot of boots … all kinds of boots. Because they’re made for walking. 😉 Dislike “label” looks and brand shit emblazoned all over my rack.

    5th house Libra: fashion is a pastime but I don’t go for the latest look. I have my own look. I find people with no style actually offensive to my eyes. Like … Hannah from Girls. My god how did they let her into New York with such awful dress sense and horrible hair! I know … shallow and all.

  16. I dress as a Pisces/Sagg by day (asc & north node-MC, respectively), & a Scorpio by night (Uranus-Mercury, Mars, Sun-Venus in the 8th). It feels right. By dress, I’m almost a different person, almost unrecognizable, between sun up & sun down. Pisces/Sagg daytime me is photo’d on my LinkedIn. To the best of my abilities/knowledge there exists in circulation no nighttime pics of me. Phantom figment of your imagination style. My moon’s in Libra but as it’s conjunct Pluto, it has a very Scorp vibe, which I suppose I wear all day… hmm.

    • Do people react to your Moon-Pluto in Libra when you meet them, Scorp-vibe-wise? Possibly difficult for you to tell with all that 8th house action though..

      • If I’m doing it right, people have no idea of my Scorp-ness upon meeting lol. They see a Pisces; as my ascendant is conjunct Jupiter, it’s relatively easy for me to put that foot forward. Across the board, though, I’d say that people react (not just to me, but to anyone) from their own internal, subjective expectations/experiences/ideas, which has nothing to do with me or any people they meet.

  17. I definitely feel very much my astro in how I dress. Leo-rising — LOVE fashion, love luxury, [vintage] fur collars almost constantly in fall and winter. Mars-Venus-Lilith in Aries (love red and bright colors) trine Aries asc, trine Uranus in Sagg (rarely bother with make-up, except for mascara and bright red lipstick.) I’ve kind of always cultivated a slightly un-made high-fashion look, like leonine glamor and fashion loving with a hippie undertone. Think, gorgeous, high-quality dress but with no makeup and my nails are never done (because I play guitar, you see) and [strategically and magnificently, mind you] messy hair. I think the Aries part manifests itself in needing my shoes to be such that I can walk 5 miles at a quick pace in them. That and the bright primary colors.

    My Pisces sun manifests mostly in my jewelry — brass and crystals and sacred shapes. My Aqua moon comes out in my love for quirky combinations, and cultivating my quirks and contradictions (like the above) into a “look.” But I get what she’s saying about different times of year — there are days/weeks when I feel more Piscean and want to go fully Stevie Nicks with flowy things.

  18. Leo Sun (12thH), Leo ASC, Leo Venus and Uranus…..Big curly hair is my accessory I guess. I am known for it (hubby hates when I try to straighten it). My usual accessories are just diamond studs and diamond necklace…nothing too loud/big. I do like a little glitter or blingy flowing tops, jeans and shoes that show my pedicure :)…. i think i could be more glitzy but I always feel so obvious with all this hair

  19. So what’s everyone wearing to the Sagg full moon? I’m attempting to match the brazen Satellite with a bone white camisole with spaghetti straps and a gathered waist

    • Mickey Mouse vintage t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and berry coloured fake fur ugg boots (ugg in style but not made from dead sheep carcasses).

  20. This is going to sound weird but I’ve been working and even working out with my clients today. Despite being super tired from waking up nine times and sitting in bed convinced that if I fell asleep I would die, I managed to leg press 200kg six times after pyramiding up from 50 kgs 20 reps, then 100 kgs 15 reps, then 150 kgs 10 reps, 175kgs 8 reps and ending with 200kgs 6 times. Bizarre. Who knew such strength was within this tired little booty?
    I guess after you’ve dreamed you’re dying not much feels scary.
    The other really weird thing is not only do I feel “over” ML but I feel angry with him for no reason. It’s the craziest feeling.
    I’m like, “you’re ok with cheating on your wife? SUPER! What a great guy you are! Wow!” Then I run a list of all the other blokes I’ve wasted my time and energy on in the past and feel SOOOOO ANGRY.

    Fuq knows what’s up with my head today.
    I obviously have no intention of sharing this anywhere but here but fuq what a weird full moon this is.
    In the loo tapping into my iPhone.
    Have to go now but wanted to say. “Hello peeps I’m bats cray cray! How is everyone else feeling today?”
    I don’t feel edgy as much as I’ve slipped off the edge and into the black hole which according to Wikipedia I am. Lol xx

  21. Solitary confinement for me tonight.
    I feel like a black hole.
    With fibre optic rays obviously.
    My brain needs a wash.
    Off to find a swimming pool …..

  22. Virgo Asc/Sun/Pluto/SN conj – love 60’s Bridget Bardot /French film chic with a flat shoe! Yes I do wear birks but with beatnik style

    Libra Ura/Merc/Jup conj have created, sold, studied and been fascinated by style and fashion since a mod chick teenager

    Venus in Leo – yes my hair is the accessory I wear every day and has been everything from experimental blue as a rebellious 15yo (had a lot to rebel against with 10 years of catholic education) to my shamelessly glossy dark blonde glory I weld with all the power it possesses

    Scorp Moon/Nep conj obsessed with art subcultures cult films goldens years of Hollywood ROMANCE glamour music and love a dance craze

    • I do like a good beatnik look although I never been able to pull it off because of d-cup rack and non gamine features. However after a few months gym-ing I can now wear my old faded grey skinny hipsters without looking like an actual muffin. :mrgreen:

  23. Virgo Sun- Scorpio Rising- Pisces Moon- Leo MC-
    My style is very Pluto-Scorpio Rising, red, black, leather , animal prints esp. leopard, dark sunglasses, red lips.

    Not sure how to even begin to dress my Virgo or Pisces signs.

  24. Aries sun, venus merc, love a well cut jacket. I have quite broad, straight shoulders, so they hang well on me. Also neat, stretchy tight pants with nice boots or converse sneakers. Simple, bold geometric prints and crisp colours. That’s how I get around day to day.

    Libra rising, I love good quality materials, bohemian prints, embroidery, paisley, pashmina shawls, sequins and beading. Have some beautiful vintage dresses which I wear to an exhibition opening or a party. always get comments on my outfit when in glam mode.

  25. Like just about everyone else here, I now dress by the planets! (thanks to much study of mystics astro fshion posts).

    It has made such a difference! I feel much more confident and happy since I worked astro into my fashion philosophy!

    Virgo Sun=eye for detail, cut and fit.

    Pisces rising–hippie crystals, eyeliner

    Sagg moon–short hemlines/shorts to show off legs.

    Mars and Merc in Leo—leopard print, yellow

    Venus in Kataka–vintage pieces/look/feel

    One of my fave pieces is a yellow rawhide deerskin bikini top. Yellow for the Leo planets, rawhide for the Sagg moon, worn with crystals and eyeliner for the pisces rising and some sort of awesome short skirt or cut off jeans.

    • hehehehe … yeah my Sagg moon can’t wait to get its kit off and is always yelling at me to go shorter tighter and to get over the bag lady sack dresses already. 😉

      • Lilith in toro says no sack dresses!!! Ferk. Although to avoid *yawn* bodycon styles go short or tight but not both at once. Stay classy, etc 🙂

  26. In order of influence:

    Taurus Moon Rising: dresses and skirts in classic styles and good quality. Would a thing for shoes be a result of being hoofy?

    Libra stellium: i love a pattern or a print, and pretty colours (including pink, more than a scorp Sun should), but never cheesy, daggy or over-the-top. Japanese print especially. Cardis. Does vintage go here?

    Scorp Sun: black Ts and boots.

    Virgo Pluto: I think this plays a part, I have a good eye and am very fussy. People should not wear tights as pants.

    • classics do suit Librans. we hate having to buy new shizz because something went out of style.

      • Hi EEL, is that the Libra is it? I thought it might be Toro but that describes me completely. I am not ever dressed with the fashion of the moment, but in things from whatever time that I love or that suit me.